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(108.71 KB 512x281 ezgif.com-webp-to-png.png)
Audiobooks download Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 20:34:48 No. 540 [Reply]
Where to download audiobooks for free?

(262.00 KB 528x594 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 06:58:39 No. 529 [Reply]
Archive.org may be going down soon. There's a lot of stuff in there, since this includes the wayback machine too. What would be the most essential stuff to keep from it? Personally I know some old PC games that have become abandonware and are impossible to find (at least the demos) linger there. I'm sure anon knows about another important thing.

(23.06 KB 531x467 Carmack on crack.png)
Flatpak and Friends Anonymous 06/10/2020 (Wed) 10:02:59 No. 413 [Reply]
What's your opinion on the concept of these newfangled package managers having sandboxing, enabling backwards compatibility and having a one-build-fits-all-distros mentality? Is it bloat, or the right way to go about solving such problems? Personally, I use Flatpak to handle games, so my system doesn't actually have any 32 bit libraries installed by my distro's package manager, anything 32 bit's managed entirely by Flatpak, separate from everything else. As well as isolating propietary software, since most games are, and Steam too. Since I don't use programs with Qt 5 much, I've decided to get rid of the ones I've installed natively and installed the ones I do need on Flatpak, that way I can get rid of Qt 5 as well.
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>>504 >and Wayland actually solves this What is LD_PRELOAD? Walyand alone offers no protection against userspace keylogging.
>>506 >linux will never have a way to do sudo that actually adds any real security, ever doas.
>>509 KEK, It's the same problem retard. What happens when an attacker compromises your unprivileged user and sets a sudo, doas, or even su alias to a program that phones home with your password? There's literally no point to using sudo (or anything like it) as a means of privilege separation. If you really wanted security, you would change vt and login as root on your second tty. That way, if an attacker wanted your password he would have to already have root privileges and compromise login or getty or something.

(174.65 KB 1200x900 Mic-Studio-Comparison-1200x900.jpg)
Good Microphone for VA? Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 22:07:57 No. 272 [Reply]
Hey guys, I'm starting to get into voice-acting, and it's honestly something that I've been wanting to do for a long, long time, so now that I have the money and the time, I wanted to really dive into it. Problem is, I am very inept when it comes to audio technology. I'm doing my best to try and learn about the different kinds of mics, and how to hook them all up, i.e. XLR vs. USB, audio interfaces, etc., and it's SORT OF making sense, but really, there's just a kind of overload of information online. Can you guys just help me decide on a good microphone for voice-acting, even entry-level? I have a Blue Snowball iCE right now, but I'd really like something more professional, even if I have to spend a couple hundred. Thoughts? Recommendations? Two that've caught my attention so far are the Shure Beta 58a and the MXL 990, but I don't want to make a shitty purchase and regret it.
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>>430 Curtains do virtually nothing. You will want foam. Any kind of foam will do; if you're okay with giving your information to the Chinese botnet you can get it off Alibaba for less than a dollar a square foot. Or you can repurpose old packaging foam and manually cut it into the classic crosshatch/pyramid shapes if you're strapped for cash, but acoustic foam has come down to a price where pretty much anyone can afford it these days. >>274 I used the wrong terms when I said "preamp" and "mixer". The Scarlett Solo would be fine for the purpose you have in mind. Always worth remembering, however, is that you need things to be as close to perfect as possible on the hardware end, because the more digital tricks you apply to the recording to more obviously fake it starts sounding. If you use or plan to use Cool Edit I have an excellent speech preset I use for spoken word dynamics processing, but again, making sure that your volume and levels are good before recording is key.
>>431 The first thing to understand is that there is sound treament, and then there is sound proofing -- two completely different concepts. People lump them all together and expect magic foam to do both. Treatment will reduce reverb and balance the frequency response. proofing / isolation will give you a better signal to noise ratio by cutting out background noise. Its a complex topic which I only know the very basics. acoustic foam doesn't do sound-proofing, it does treatment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSP-fT_VFGY bass traps are supposedly very useful treatment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZV-gxVpkGk Going for isolation/proofing generally requires building a special room with the right drywall/foam/paint combinations and might not be necessary. Try renting different mics from a music shop and monitoring on head-phones. At normal talking loudness you will be able to hear the room and outside that no amount of post-processing will fix.

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i have never used these mics but I hear they're good Shure SM57 SM58 SM58 SM58 SM58 AT4040 AT2035 AKG P220

(93.23 KB 640x480 HNI_0003.JPG)
(62.67 KB 640x480 HNI_0016.JPG)
(62.72 KB 640x480 HNI_0013.JPG)
(61.82 KB 640x480 HNI_0014.JPG)
Anonymous 06/10/2020 (Wed) 08:35:59 No. 409 [Reply]
Is this setup fine? >Working on PC like normal >PC starts whirring like the ball bearing's going out on the fan mounted to the stock block >Start to replace 80mm case fans, only to awaken to the sound of "WHIIRRRR" after compiling FFMPEG. >then I install a Be Quiet Shadow Rock LP with a Noctua Redux fan and the computer refuses to boot claiming "system fan failed" after the boot logo >then I replace the fan with a Noctua A12x25 while also adding a Noctua A9 to the rear I am wondering if I'll have issues with this setup? My concern is that the ATX12V port is under the heatsink, requiring me to bend the cable when the heatsink is in. This is the only way to fit the cooler since in the proper direction (hovering over the RAM), the pipes will bump into the chipset heatsink, making mounting that way impossible.
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>>411 The cable's fine and had been attached firmly before the heatsink was placed on. HP's Alvorix motherboard puts the 4-pin ATX12V plug in a weird spot The pre-built BIOS has a protection in place that makes the computer refuse to boot (it'll just warn of a failure and shut down after a few seconds) if the fan either runs slow or reports no speed to the board. For extra info, this heatsink's on a processor (AMD Phenom II X6 1045T) that outputs 95 watts of heat (most CPU info tools report the TDP as 94.8 watts, though.)
>>412 So what's the concern about the setup? If the heatsink is firmly attached to the motherboard then orientation doesn't matter. If it tries to POST and the only error is the fan then it's otherwise fine. If it needs fan speed then you should check and make sure the CPU fan is plugged-in correctly and is reporting data; only one of those pins is responsible for that.

(359.54 KB 1196x955 2020_21-6-233011.png)
(89.32 KB 782x278 2020_23-3-141154.png)
onion site Anonymous 06/03/2020 (Wed) 19:14:30 No. 353 [Reply]
what is the real benefit to using 8chan's hidden service if the connection isn't TLS encrypted? why shouldn't i just use Tor to browse https://8chan.se instead of the onion link
>>353 All .onion are secure since you never leave the network. The .onion address itself acts as the website's public key. We could issue an SSL certificate for the .onion address, too, but it would provide little in the way of additional security for the user. It would only be an additional assurance that nobody has hijacked our keys and has configured an imitation website. If you really want it then I'll add it to the list of stuff to do, but it will be very low-priority. Since we don't have bumplocks implemented yet, I'll be removing this thread tomorrow. In the future you can ask questions that don't need their own thread in the tech support sticky. There was actually a discussion about Tor there just last week which is pertinent.
(57.74 KB 960x960 okstoner.jpg)
>>357 thank you kind nigger

Prophet Terry A. Davis Anonymous 06/02/2020 (Tue) 01:47:50 No. 331 [Reply]
>After a delicious breakfast, you go to your cozy room and you sit down on your bed to boot up your favorite linux distro on your Thinkpad laptop. >Feeling kinda tired, you close your eyes for one second. However, when you open them again you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a busy street in rush hour. The people walking right past you seem too busy to care. They all strangely feel like NPCs from videogames. All but one. A strange grey-haired man with sunglasses walks straight towards you and offers you a bible. >"come with me if you want to code with God"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnw_emcvrPs ... >"The Unix is an operating system, Anon. That system is our enemy. When you’re inside, you look around. What do you see? MIT niggers, Shit Programmers, Linux Fans, Atheists. The very minds of the people we are trying to Enlighten. But until we do, these niggers are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to hear God. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. Were you listening to me, Anon, or were you looking at the blackest retard gorilla nigger? (You) : I was… >"Look again. Freeze it." (You) : This…this isn’t the Unix? >"No. It’s another operating system I built. I was choosen by God to make this system his temple and I was given divine intellect. It is called TempleOS. Its training program is designed to teach you one thing. If you are not one of us, you are one of them.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>331 Even Prophet Terry has fortold about it. DAY OF THE SEAL SOON 1000 Penguins slain and soon 10000 more.

(207.96 KB 220x166 big boss approves.gif)
Let's talk about encryption Anonymous 05/29/2020 (Fri) 15:48:51 No. 283 [Reply]
Which encryption software, standards, algorithms, etc do you think are most resistant to attack? Which ones are crackable or have already been cracked by local law enforcement, FBI, NSA, etc? Is plausible deniability in encryption important (e.g. VeraCrypt)? What are some good tips for encrypting hard drives, files, and other volumes? No CP, just mudercube and /k/ shit in minecraft which may not abide by the minecraft EULA
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>292 Isn't asnymmetric much weaker vs quantum and also a bit of a blind gamble mathematically speaking? As in, nobody has found a way to reverse it cheaply but there's no formal proof that such a cheap reversal can't exist.
>>303 >Also make sure your devices don't go through X-Ray or millimeter wave scanners. I've made a quick online search and pretty much every source said electronic stuff wouldn't be affected by airport scanners. Can you elaborate?
>>322 Oh. I figured it might wipe hard drives. I guess I was wrong.

(17.25 KB 260x178 johnlargent.jpg)
https://usesthis.com/ Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 16:12:52 No. 186 [Reply]
I found an interesting look site which interviews people asking them what hardware/software they use for their life/work/projects. There are some interesting people on there like Bram Moolenaar (https://usesthis.com/interviews/bram.moolenaar/), this lady who has some godtier taste (https://usesthis.com/interviews/alice.maz/), and plenty of faggots. Maybe you'll find some interesting work setups or you can share your Windows 10 + Beats by Dre. setup.
3 posts omitted.
>>186 The content is far from being interesting. It's full of fagOS users and soydev cringe >>240 He's pretty fucking based
>>240 >My accessory tools are mostly extremely strong espresso and research chemicals from China that are classed as "Smart Drugs". They allow me to solve 2nd order partial differential equations in my head and to spontaneously create 4 dimensional images of software structures that I can mentally manipulate. >I also do my most productive security designs while having extended sex. I apologize if you think I am pulling your legs but, God's truth, these are the facts. Wow >>242 There are a handful of interesting things on there. I did say it was full of fags. Like chokablock full of Macs and nothing else. Apple really does have the "creators" marketshare.
>>240 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKgf5PaBzyg I really need more funny videos of him, or at least someone interpreting his character.

(139.33 KB 2184x1344 thinkpad.png)
thonk Anonymous 04/26/2020 (Sun) 20:45:43 No. 7 [Reply]
why tf are there two tech boards also nice original /tech/ revive. Have a thonk
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>>47 >bring back 2015 We're bringing it back!
>>51 You gave me an idea for a song "Summer of 2015".
>>156 Maybe we can get a track on the next "/v/ Sings" album.


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