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(2.82 KB 200x200 questionmark.png)
/t/ech Questions and Support Anonymous 04/25/2020 (Sat) 07:16:43 No. 3
Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.
(80.11 KB 1080x1080 1600828318146.jpg)
Do anyone of you use Concast xfinity as your ISP? How has your experience been with them, have they sent you letters for torrenting games? Image not related.
I don't know shit about phones, why is my number added to a group chat without my consent and why am I receiving random text messages? The first message is some random image and the rest have laughing emojis. I don't recognize any of these numbers although all the area codes except for one are the same. I didn't give my number to anyone either.
>>4329 That's just how sms works anon. It's literally the same as saying "why did this pajeet dial my number" or "why did this viagra spammer send me an email" The answer is because they can πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
>>4330 Can I at least make them not add me to random shit or remove myself?
>>4332 Just delete the convo until the retarded boomers stop responding
>>4291 >Going with AyyEmmDee other than their cpu and stocks don't buy. Or Wait for Driversβ„’
>>4324 blonde is cute but the fake redhead is hatefuck tier.
>>4336 >he's going to be stuck on x11 for the next decade lol
(117.16 KB 1093x757 Tyrone-Biggums.jpg)
I know this is a Tyrone-tier question, but I've got a 4th gen IPAD, model A1458 with IOS 10.3.3 with find my activated and someone's icloud account on it. I've obviously tried to get ahold of the person already, no response. I just want to use this thing to read manga and it's been sitting on my shelf for months now. There are far too many scams and overpriced software packages out there for removing these things, but there have to be some open source free options for removing this kind of lock right?
(26.29 MB 640x480 Ludicolo Bayou A.mp4)
>>4048 Okay, so, I got into talks with a friend of mine and he lead me to an editing program, so now I can splice music up with images/videos/etc and insert sounds and edit and so on, so that's all good now. However what I DO need is a good file converter so I can convert MP4s to webm, webm to MP4, Gif into mp4, mp4 to gif, and Vob into mp4. Is there ANYTHING easier to work with than ffmpeg? Something that is easy and similar to cloudconvert?
>>4377 The newer the gen the more unlikely it is to be removable Mr. Biggums. The official method for older apple things is to use the reset process along with iTunes to re-load the OS. Again: the newer the gen the more likely the account will survive the wipe. This is why the 'cheap' apple stuff in craigslist is for 'parts' (that is, it's stolen goods just like yours probably).
I am so far content with the PinePhone but the OS I put in, Manjaro Plasma, seems to chug every now and then. At least I'm able to make and recieve calls with it. The other OS I tried, Ubuntu Touch, wasn't able to make and recieve calls which is a shame because I really liked how smooth it was to operate with it. With Mobian, I was able to make calls but not recieve them.
>>4389 Could you share a bit more about your experience? What do you think about the app ecosystem? Have you been able to do everything you wanted with the phone? Would you say it's good enough for it to be your main phone?
(132.90 KB 1280x720 review.jpeg)
>>4390 My first time booting it walked me through a setup process that failed and kept me stuck on the terminal. I skimmed through some videos to get an idea on the PinePhone such as what OSs to try out and I looked on the web to see if others had my issue which some did. Installing OSs seem pretty easy as you would just need to have their images written to a micro SD card and then insert the card after the SIM card is already in. Now thankfully I didn't cause any damage to the pins but I wasn't supposed to insert the Nano SIM Card by itself in the bottom slot, I had to use the Nano to Micro SIM adapter included with the package. Putting the Nano card into the adapter though was a bit of a challenge so I used to use tweezers to make sure it didn't fall out. >What do you think about the app ecosystem? It looks pretty decent for it being neither an Android or iOS. I recognize many of those programs offered from using Linux Mint's software repository but I cannot vouch for how well they really work until I try them. I'm cautiously optimistic they'll function well but I'm judging them based on their usage in Mint as opposed to a mobile device. >Have you been able to do everything you wanted with the phone? It seems to have the basics down as far as calling and text goes but it still needs more polish if one goes in expecting it to work like an Android or iOS. Flashlight works and camera kind of works but you can't change the settings (you'll in fact be reminded if you get the beta edition that they aren't functional yet). >Would you say it's good enough for it to be your main phone? Coming from an anon who <isn't interested in those overpriced flagship phones <strongly prefers using flip phones even if they don't have the same features their 'smarter' counterpart does and are weaker in hardware <used a flip phone powered by an early KaiOS build that could not be updated and had the basic features in along with basic customizability with 4G signals <used a smart flip phone powered by Android and had better hardware and customiziability than the KaiOS phone despite only having 2G signals It grabs my attention but I wouldn't really push it on anyone. Here are the current flaws I have with it <not been able to send MMS with the default messaging application Spacebar because for some odd reason there's nothing to let one add attachments to their messages <also had no dice with changing the ringtone and notification which is a bummer <being able to remove the back plate without having to purchase special tools is great but it was a pain to open with long fingernails. For comparison, my previous flip phones were way easier to open even with cut nails <the UI and Icon designs offered at the repository aren't to my liking It's sad that I even have to say this due to mobile technology taking away features but I like that it still has a headphone jack. The adapter it came with out of the box seems pretty decent as I could plug my USB mouse in and navigate in areas I couldn't with touching. I also like the idea of the physical killswitches to turn off the Wi-Fi, cameras, etc. but they are hidden in the back area where the battery is which looks like it can easily be replaced. Overall, I would say it's not too bad for a non-mainstream phone. I don't know how LineageOS fares or other DeGoogled hacks so I can't make a comparison. If the issues get worked around, it very well could be a daily driver phone. Keep in mind everything I wrote mainly applies to Manjaro Plasma which is what the phone was presumably shipped with. I haven't tried Sailfish OS or the other operating systems beyond what I already mentioned. At least having choices of a OS to install and play with on the phone is wonderful.
>>4392 I forgot to mention where I said Coming from an anon who <prefers using a real camera instead of using the phone's cameras
>>4392 A+ for effort
>>4392 Hmm, kinda makes me want to get one since it's relatively cheap
(48.52 KB 620x336 ego.jpg)
(56.76 KB 1366x768 Figure1.png)
>>4392 Here is my second report. Once again this mainly applies to Manjaro Plasma. It bears mentioning that the PinePhone doesn't operate like your usual mobile device, one would be wise in referring to the unit as more of a hybrid between a mobile phone and a laptop. If one were to ask me 'Aren't you basically describing every flagship smartphone in existence', my answer would be yes and no. It is indeed a phone with smart features just like those Androids and iPhones people are used to seeing and operating, but do not be fooled by the mobile-looking UI and think it's going to be anything like those two popular mobile OSs. See figure 1 to get an idea of what I mean when I say it is a hybrid and read the next line. If you're used to operating a laptop or computer, you should be familiar with moving and resizing the desktop program windows, whereas a typical mobile OS doesn't offer the same flexibility because they use a more mobile design of having everything crammed in one area that cannot be resized or moved. I must also redact my previous statement that I had no dice with changing the ringtone and notifications sounds because I discovered by sheer accident that they actually can be changed, it's just not in the default pre-installed settings menu. No, I instead had to download KDE System Settings and here is where the problems came into play. When I first started KDE System Settings, everything looked like a mess which is due to the configuration being set to 'sidebar view' as opposed to 'icon view'. Now changing the configuration made it much better to navigate, but I still couldn't figure out where the sounds could be changed. One will be baffled to know it is not in the audio because that only changes the volume and output, but it is instead in notifications. Allow me to instruct those interested in changing the sounds like me. When you get there you will need to go to setting under the application area, then you will have a list of applications where you will then to go to their respectiveevent setting. Once you've arrived, you will finally see a little slot that has a play button to test the sound along with a button that will replace the default sounds with whatever you desire and have it saved at. This is a convoluted way of changing the sounds but I digress. I did a quick test run of certain applications I know from using them on Mint and will give a quick rundown. >FileZilla was able to transfer content from my other devices <I was unable to test Retroarch and it's ability to play games, especially N64. Attempting to download cores result in crashes. I would imagine it wouldn't have too much difficulty in running those games like Super Mario 64, but it is speculation until I can find a way of getting it to work <PPSSPP cannot be downloaded to play PSP games >Angelfish is OK as a internet browser but I used Firefox instead due to being able to install add-ons, at the price of the desktop window not showing everything >Deluge starts up fine. Haven't downloaded a torrent yet but I'm sure there won't be problems getting them working >Freetube was able to play a 720p video okay <VirtualBox can't be installed. DOSBox-X claims to have more features than vanilla DOSBox such as being able to run software for 3.x, 9x, and ME. I managed to get Win3.11 working with vanilla DOSBox before, so it would be a welcome surprise if I'm able to install Win2000, Win98, or Win95 and they don't hog up the phone's performance. I would even be more surprised if 3d games worked but I'm not holding my breath. The USB-C adapter included with the package has two USB ports, one USB-C port, one modem cable port, and a HDMI port. I hooked the device up to a HD TV and was bestowed at how much more room there was in navigating the UI. While I could see more that the phone screen couldn't without having to fight with the touchscreen, there may be some slowdowns because I watched that same video on Freetube and it was skipping a lot of frames even with 144p quality set. Do yourself a favor and get your favorite mouse and keyboard plugged in to the adapter if you want to have an easier time with exploring the PinePhone's nook and crannies. Before even commiting to buying the phone, you should double check that your carrier's network bands work with the unit. https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/PinePhone_Carrier_Support It is strange to say with my carrier being T-Mobile, the wiki claims that it is the best choice for band support on the PinePhone in the US, but I wasn't able to get my calls to work because I got errors saying that the modem was busy. If one looked at the chart of carrier support, it is even stranger to see that everything sans MMS seems to work fine. I did not, to my knowledge, grab the Plasma Dev version of Manjaro, but it certainly makes sense why Ubuntu Touch wasn't able to make and recieve calls, they're listed as buggy. I will eventually try Arch Linux Arm and see how that fares with the calls and general feel of using it. Mobian is listed as working which is strange as my experience with it differed, but I'll give it another chance. On a semi-related note, changing the language worked, but some programs don't pick up on that so you may have to go to the program's settings and manually change it if it doesn't automatically pick it up. I stand by what I say in that it isn't too bad for a non-mainstream phone, but you may need to exercise some patience in working with the OSs and handle the learning curve if you're used to working with mainstream phones.
Does anyone know how to change the UI font in Edge to Comic Sans? I want it to look more like what it is: babbies first find-and-replace rebranding of a web browser.
>>4425 No shame in dickslexya anon However, it does appear that Edge is even more retarded than I thought and that the default font settings are not applied to 99.9999% of webpages because their CSS gets a font online. Really shouldn't be surprised at MS retardation but they got me this time.
>>4430 theres probably a setting to disable custom fonts like in firefox with browser.display.use_document_fonts=0 and knowing microcuck it probably still has mozilla stamped somewhere in settings
(646.29 KB 1600x1200 285837.jpg)
Generally when it comes to piracy, i feel that repack sites that host the files on file sharing sites like mega.nz are safe to download with tor or a proxy. Would i be correct in thinking this?
Does it get rid of the exif data if you copy paste your print screen into a new image? print screens don't have exif data right?
>>4441 Yes, unless your snipping program is terrible.
is there any imageboard viewer like clover or kurobadev that supports 8chan? ive been trying for some days with no results, and using the website is a pain in the ass. i just want to browse this place when im shitting
>>4447 Haven't found one myself. There's kuroba on f-droid, but that's 8kun cuck-compatible
(2.82 KB 603x26 4702468547.png)
>>4449 I hate how on multiple apps they claim to work with 8chan, and don't even have an option to add the site
Before my family switched internet i downloaded a game on my bittorrent on the old router, and now i get a message from my new ISP to delete the game. Did they scan my computer, or was having bittorent open and the uploading/seeding what gave me away?
>>4451 Public torrents have bots from copyright companies that constantly scan the IP list of people downloading/seeding them. Those bots send emails to the ISP's of the IP lists they scan and bitch to them that one of their customers are pirating copyright content. That is likely what happened.
>>4453 The bittorrent client i'm using is Deluge, and it has a proxy plugin, but i guess that don't make much a difference?
>>4459 I'm not sure how using the built in proxy systems work. I just use VPN's for that kind of thing.
(36.99 KB 640x360 1622395701900.jpg)
When i use those torrent ip check sites, they just give me a torrent and then the torrent stays on the torrent client without any action, and the ip site never updates with my information. I'm trying to see what ip my torrent client leaks. I don't suppose you have a more reliable way to check if your torrent client is leaking your IP? Picture not related.
>>4463 Do you mean with the proxy settings? Unless there's a "force proxy" or "anonymous" mode you might still be leaking your own IP (like maybe it starts up, starts connections, and THEN applies proxy settings which would leak your IP for those few moments). That'd be more of a your torrent client problem than anything else. You could also just VPN your entire connection and avoid that problem.
>>4459 >>4463 There was a site called am i leaking or something which would show any torrents associated with your ip address, deluge didn't do anything to prevent that, so I ran my vpn app instead and nothing since.

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