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(2.82 KB 200x200 questionmark.png)
/t/ech Questions and Support Anonymous 04/25/2020 (Sat) 07:16:43 No. 3
Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.
>>762 # software mixer for sound card pcm.dmixer { type dmix ipc_key 1024 ipc_perm 0666 # allow other users slave.pcm "snd_card" slave { period_time 0 period_size 1024 buffer_size 4096 channels 2 # must match bindings } bindings { 0 0 1 1 } } # software mixer for loopback device pcm.dmixerloop { type dmix ipc_key 2048 ipc_perm 0666 # allow other users slave.pcm "hw:Loopback,0,0" slave { period_time 0 period_size 1024 buffer_size 4096 channels 2 # must match bindings } bindings { 0 0 1 1 } } # allows multiple programs to capture simultaneously pcm.dsnooper { type dsnoop ipc_key 2048 ipc_perm 0666 slave.pcm "snd_card" slave { period_time 0 period_size 1024 buffer_size 4096 channels 2 } bindings { 0 0 1 1 } } #this is where the pain all begins pcm.!default { type plug slave.pcm "dues" } pcm.dues { type asym playback.pcm "multi" capture.pcm "dsnooper" } #this is where your headset is pcm.snd_card { type hw card "Generic" } #audio goes in #pcm.loopin { # type plug # slave.pcm "hw:Loopback,0,0" #} #audio goes out pcm.loopout { type plug slave.pcm "hw:Loopback,1,0" } #this is a splitter, it moves the audio it's given to two outputs (output, and loopin) pcm.multi { type plug; slave.pcm { type multi; slaves.a.pcm "dmixer"; slaves.b.pcm "dmixerloop"; slaves.a.channels 2; slaves.b.channels 2; bindings.0.slave a; bindings.0.channel 0; bindings.1.slave a; bindings.1.channel 1; bindings.2.slave b; bindings.2.channel 0; bindings.3.slave b; bindings.3.channel 1; } ttable.0.0 1; ttable.1.1 1; ttable.0.2 1; ttable.1.3 1; }
(802.46 KB 2272x1704 1562802550039.jpg)
Just a heads up: Since the site has been going offline for random periods of time, and because not everyone wants (or knows how) to use the onion address on Tor, Acid has deployed a Tor2web proxy that allows anyone to access the onion link through their regular browsers without the need of additional software. The proxy is located at https://redchannit.net/, and from there you can access to and post on /t/ or any other board without problem. Proof in case you don't believe me: >>>/site/532
Is it appropriate to make a single /sci/ thread here? I want to talk about some specific science things again, but /sci/ is fucking dead.
>>790 Should be fine, but i don't think you'll get much of a response anyway.
>>790 Go for it. /sci/ is pretty niche but we may be able to get some discussion going.
I need to fill in a form it's a pdf, is there any good pdf editor for linux? libre office seem messy also can you trust the AUR ?
>>802 There's Sumatra and Foxit. LibreOffice Writer indeed does a poor job. AUR is generally trustworthy, especially for popular packages.
>>803 >There's Sumatra and Foxit that's for windows only no? sumatra is only a reader too.. guess i'll use foxit with wine or something, i was hoping for a libre editor but couldn't find anything.
>>809 I think Foxit has a Linux release, but I haven't used it. Sumatra I think you can edit and save fillable fields. I generally just groan and whip out LibreOffice Draw if someone sends me a PDF without fillable fields. They usually expect me to print it out like I'm some caveman.
>>3 I have a computer with Windows 10 pre installed. It is a pirated version like everything in this 3rd world country. One day, I installed Office and now WIndows is asking me for activation. Anyway, I want to buy one of those cheap licence and update my windows. My question: Do I have to install Windows all over again or I just buy and put the licence? I am asking this because I know that pirated versions of Windows have to do a lot of things in order to make them work, and I don't want my computer malfunctioning in the future.
>>825 You could probably just enter the key in the existing install. It would be better to download a original version and reinstall it though, you never know if there isn't some kind of malware hidden in the cracked version.
>>825 Just enter the license and activate it. Microsoft's long-standing policy ids that piracy is inevitable, so they don't try to bork your install too hard over it. They want to encourage people to buy keys. They only hold back their utility software and major products (like Office) from unverified installs. You could also just install LibreOffice, or maybe switch to Linux, which will work out of the box without asking you for money.
(579.71 KB 800x792 1368378094229.png)
Gentoo fag here with a question on updating, how is anyone supposed to break the cyclic dependency block caused by dev-qt? So many programs use Qt now that I don't think it's feasible to exclude it from the system, and I absolutely cannot resolve the cyclic blocking caused by it to update my system. Even the gentoo wiki (wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Qt/FAQ) recommends removing everything from the dev-qt atom and re-emerging as the newer versions, but even after removing everything from that atom it still tries to emerge the pre-existing versions (5.14.2). I've attempted to use --complete-graph and --backtrack=99 to 999 to resolve the issue and accomplished nothing.
>>829 Can't this be resolved with slotting?
>>830 I don't know, I only just read about slotting and I'm not totally sure I understand how it's used. I have managed to update my system except for everything in the dev-qt atom and two other packages that rely on updated qt packages, which I can live without updating for the time being. I just hope it didn't break anything else in some way. One of the suggestions I saw for this was to check use flags with grep -r "dev-qt" /etc/portage/package.* and it showed a bunch of matches in files like: >._cfg0000_xterm >._mrg0000_xterm >xterm.bak >._cfg0000_xterm.bak where it shows the atom/package-version useflag and then #required by packages but I would be hesitant to touch these files and potentially break the system
>>829 emerge --unmerge packages that depend on qt. Then update qt and reemerge those packages.
>>841 Disable use flags that makes qt depend on those packages that you unmerged first. >Qt(USE:stuff) <> stuff >unmerge stuff >Qt(USE:-stuff) >Qt(USE:+stuff) should pull in stuff
Is the Signal app as privacy respecting as they say it is? You know for a phone app.
>>846 Open source, messages are end to end encrypted. It's based on the US and has centralized servers, so could be compromised. I don't use nigger phone "apps" but if it requires a phone number instead of just an email to create an account that's also an inherent anonymity flaw. "For a phone app" I guess it sounds okay. I wouldn't be using a standard proprietary jewgle or apple phone to do anything that I want to remain private.
>>846 >Privacy I trust that it can't read my messages. It seems to be doing a good job at also not collecting metadata although that's hard to prove. They had a court order a couple of years ago and could only give a teenie tiny amount of data. If that is still the case who knows? I suspect if it weren't then something would've leaked that that has changed. All of Signal's new features focus on minimising/nullifying Signal's ability to collect any data about its users. >Anonymity Signal is awful. As of writing, you require a phone number to register. This was done for accessibility reasons i.e for getting many people onto the service and as a natural way to stop bots. You didn't have to create a username. Your contacts were all connected to your number so Signal didn't need to store anything. The issue is it's starting to get harder and harder to get SIMs/phone numbers that aren't connected to you. Many countries require ID cards to purchase SIMs you could always find a Cryptoparty and trade SIM cards. >Security It's promising that their E2E encryption protocols have essentially become the standard for secure messengers. The client and server code is open source. Signal has been audited. >Principles From having used it for a couple of years and reading about it for some time now, I would say Signal has two main focuses: Privacy + accessibility to normalfags. That second point is good and bad. It's a lot easier to get your group of friends onto it because it's "like WhatsApp" apparently. I don't use WhatsApp so I don't actually know. However, it also means that sometimes work goes into adding stickers and private ways to get Giphy previews in-client instead of more important improvements. The clients aren't great. It can sometimes feel a little slow to sync up. The desktop one is Electron, so it's basically running a full browser for a messaging program. The project is also just another walled garden (you can only communicate with people inside it like WhatsApp and Telegram) and the project is hostile towards user run versions on the grounds that having many clients/servers means that some won't keep up with security/privacy standards/features. >Future Signal is currently in the process of coming up with a way to remove the reliance on phone numbers and a way for new/lost phones to get all the data back and the current situation has caused a bit of turmoil. The current solution is to force users to make a PIN basically a password, although many will just have a 4 digit number because it's called a PIN and the default input interface is a number pad from which a strong key is derived in an Intel "enclave" an isolated location for code to run where not even the programmers have access to it and that's used to encrypt lots of user data like contacts/settings so that when someone loses their phone and gets a new one they can have all their data back instead of starting from scratch again. This has two issues. Firstly, reliance on the enclave's being actually secure - it has been shown to have security issues. Secondly, this is a shift in the project philosophy. They used to store basically no data about the user and will no start storing basically everything although it will be encrypted. The first issue can easily be overcome by just having a strong PIN e.g. 20 digit alphanumeric random string, but then again 50 year old Bill won't do that will he? The second issue is interesting. Having an encrypted user account stored on the server means you won't need phone numbers and can seamlessly use it on new devices but like I said it's stepping into something it said it won't. If you want to get your friends/family off WhatsApp/Messenger because of privacy reasons, this is currently the best way to do that.
Anyone know of a program or script* that can sort duplicate pics and webms/mp4s by identical thumbnails and/or image hashes? I have literal tens of thousands of pics from varying imageboards going back almost a decade in one folder and doing this manually is murderously tedious. *I know nothing about scripting but am willing to learn
Is there something like nitter but for facebook? >>858 You could try a bash script that takes hashes of every file and removes duplicates, however many sites re-encode images when uploading so it wouldn't be perfect. But it's the best you can do without some kind of AI
>>858 I was actually just organizing some files of mine this week and had to do part of what you want. My use case was to compare different folders for duplicates by hash and the easiest way I found was to do this: #calculate hashes of the files inside some folder and its subfolders: md5deep -r <folder 1 path> > hashes1.txt #compare a second folder with the hashes calculated on the previous step md5deep -m hashes1.txt -r <folder 2 path> | tee diff.txt This should spit the files on the second folder that also exist in the first one. You can also ask md5deep to spit out more info (look it up in the manpage) and you can also use the diff.txt to rm the duplicates. It's not the best but it works and md5deep is likely on every distro's repos. I haven't yet needed to search for duplicates inside just one folder so I haven't researched a way to do this. I imagine it'd be possible to do the first step to get hashes of all files inside of it, then pipe it to awk it to obtain only the hashes, then pipe it to sort and uniq to get the duplicates, and maybe grep after that against the original file to get the paths and filenames I fucking love the shell, pic very much related. >>859 I don't much into twitter, what's special about nitter besides not being actual twitter.
>>842 >>841 I'll give it a shot, checking with equery shows these packages rely on the specific version (5.14.0/2-r1/r4) of qtcore: >PyQt5 >PyQtWebEngine and everything else in the dev-qt atom, more is listed as only depending on qtcore:5 >>858 I recommend gthumb for finding duplicate images, it's not perfect though and you'll probably still spend a while checking if the images are actually duplicates and comparing file sizes.
>>862 >what's special about nitter besides not being actual twitter. More lightweight and native support for RSS. Plus like you said, it's not actually twitter
>>863 >gthumb Forgot to mention that I'm on Windows 7. That doesn't seem to be compatible. >>862 Thank you for the effort but I haven't a clue as to how to implement any of that. Then again, I did say I know absolutely zero about scripting. A program may be my best bet.
>>866 >Windows faget >A program may be my best bet I've used JAM Software TreeSize Professional to do hash comparisons back when I was still on Windows.
When i go into YouTube (TV app) i get recommend clips of movies i've watched on my PC? I'm on windows 7
>>877 Watched how? Google is notorious for doing anything they can to target recommendations. If you have done any kind of search or visited a website where they can track you, then they may be aware of what you've watched and will recommend it to anyone with your IP. Alternatively, their machine learning is so good that it can detect your interests from other data.
>>877 No shit retard. Jewgle creates a profile of you based on your IP and plenty of other factors.
>>877 >win 7 digits checks out welcome to the b07n3t, newfag
Is it safe to open torrent and magnet links on Tor?
>>882 Your IP will be exposed to the swarm, but you can solve that with a VPN.
I have an issue with an absolute fuckton of my video files, a few song files corrupting themselves, and couple RAR files somehow. My 1tb and 2tb external drives have had almost all of these files from before 2016 and a handful of 2017 things corrupted. My question being how did this happen and is there anyway to recover these files? I have unplugged the drives without ejecting it in windows like you're supposedly supposed to and I also have has a few instances of power going out, these are the only things i can think of that maybe could do this but I've never heard of this actually happening.

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