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(2.82 KB 200x200 questionmark.png)
/t/ech Questions and Support Anonymous 04/25/2020 (Sat) 07:16:43 No. 3
Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.
I'm using qemu/KVM for my virtual machines and every one I've created (Linux or Windows) has this issue where the first 2 turns of the scroll wheel in one direction don't get delivered to the guest OS. So if I want to scroll down, I need to turn the scroll wheel 3 times for the guest OS to register the first wheel turn and then scrolling downwards works okay, but if I want to then scroll upwards the same thing happens and the guest OS only notices after the third wheel turn. I've read from the mouse device on the Linux VMs and also used xinput to check whether the VM is receiving the missing scroll events but it seems it's not, they don't register at all, and searching for answers is difficult given that the problem is very generic. Any ideas?
>>17 Is the mouse USB or PS2? Does the issue happen on any other virtualization software? For example, does a VirtualBox VM have the same problem? Do you have any issues with any other inputs? Keyboard or other mouse events? Or solely scroll wheel?
>>18 The actual IRL mouse is USB, but as far as I've researched KVM forces you to use a virtualized PS2 mouse in the guest. As for other virtualization software, none are available in my distro as far as I know (yes, not even VirtualBox) so I haven't tried that, but it would be a good test. No issues with other inputs that I've noticed, everything else works great.
>>19 Have you tried using a different mouse? Some mice handle signals differently, and pretty much only Mouse 1 and Mouse 2 are universally supported with no differences. Could also look at your mouse drivers. If you're on a distro that doesn't support VirtualBox then I'll hazard a guess that you could be using drivers that are outside the standard generic set. If those aren't the issue, then I'm really not sure unless there's some configuration in your VM software that is trying to handle scrolls for something. Perhaps it's mapped to something and the software is eating the first couple indicators? Given your specific configuration, your best bet might be to drop into the qemu/KVM IRC rooms and see if one of them can direct you. If it's an issue with your configuration then they would be best-equipped to diagnose it.
>I'm looking for software that can open PDFs, ePubs, djvu, and (optionally) mobi files. I'd like it if it could have multiple files open simultaneously at the same time (like how Acrobat can have multiple PDFs open at the same time). Any suggestions? I kinda want a universal application but I'll use separate software if there isn't an application that supports all types.
>>44 I think SumatraPDF has support for all of those. I've also had an okay experience with Foxit. I also occasionally use Ice Cream eBook Reader on Windows but it's kind of a shit experience and they want you to pay to fullscreen. There's also some Firefox add-ons that support most of those, if you're into that sort of thing.
>>45 SumatraPDF seems to fill all my requirements. Thanks for the suggestion anon!
What is a good free software for editing large PDFs? I've got a 532 page PDF with high resolution backgrounds that I would like to shrink so ti loads faster and Libreoffice draw creates too many issues.
>>69 LibreOffice Draw is definitely pretty shit for anything but a quick edit job, unfortunately. Per >>45, I've had a lot of good luck with Foxit, although that was mostly on Windows. It's very feature rich and you can find a crack of it. As far as I know only their reader has been ported, not their editor. If you need a Linux solution, I've heard of both MasterPDF and Qoppa, but they're closed-source and I haven't used them. Open source options are pretty limited, unfortunately, and OpenOffice might actually be the best.
(269.70 KB 1280x1600 1468453037180.jpg)
I keep getting >SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN on a bunch of places in the internet and it's getting me mad. How do I fix this so that I can access these sites normally?
>>78 Does this mean that lynxchan is unsafe? I just want to post there
>>87 No. >>77 Either you're visiting sites with self-signed or expired certificates or your clock is wrong.
(1.05 MB 500x552 asdasda.png)
What is wrong with using Epic Privacy Browser as a free VPN? Also is it better than using free proxies from search engines that die within a few days?
>>89 With a VPN, you route all your traffic through them. All sites you go to, chunks of data inside sites, etc. Free VPNs are free because they bundle up all the data and sell it. VPNs are, in the end, about trusting someone else. I used to recommend PrivateInternetAccess but they got bought out by an Ad company. They at least had proven they had no logs in court cases. New recommendation around the block is Mullvad, 5 bucks a month I think.
>>90 Thank you.
I'm broke and I can't afford even a cheap vpn, also tor is not good to post here because I can't upload any images. How much of a bad idea is to post here with my real ip? Besides from talking about censorship and posting archive links I wouldn't be doing much else
(1.50 MB 1292x1292 unnerving scaruffi.png)
https://archive.vn/vgffM How fucked are americans?
(663.13 KB 2560x3116 1471026572415.jpg)
>>95 $5 is pretty damn cheap for Mullvad already. I'll reach out to Acid about uploading images soon; probably waiting to ensure we don't get hit by a Tor CP raid immediately. >how much of a bad idea is it to post here with my real ip? Depends on if you fear reprisal from your government or someone else and if you trust the admins to not intentionally leak or give it away without a legal fight. >>96 Not entirely. House still has to pass and it still might be challenged. They re-upped existing Patriot Act provisions for the most part, so there's still hope it gets torn down. Should probably post in the news thread for real discussion, though.
(899.67 KB 250x188 1-800-KEK.gif)
>>96 There are people alive, RIGHT NOW, who use their ISPs DNS settings.
>>3 Need new terminal. Any recommendations?
>>101 ST? it has scrollback support now
(25.94 KB 115x206 1404770163845.jpg)
>>90 >Free VPNs are free because they bundle up all the data and sell it. Does the same thing happen (having your data sold) when using proxies found on search engines? I'm considering using Tor, but i'm heard stories of police raids on people who have exit relays. What is an exit relay? Sorry i've never used it very much out of reckless ignorance. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=8PO6qQHygFo
>>109 If you use Tor like a regular user, your computer will not be an exit node. Tor works by tunneling the user's traffic through multiple nodes. The first node is called an entry node, and the last node is called an exit node. The nodes between entry and exit are called relay nodes. A malicious exit node can read all unencrypted traffic that goes through the tunnel, so don't send any personal emails unencrypted via Tor. As a regular user, you will only get busted if you do something illegal and get caught, or if you live in a 3rd world shithole where using Tor is illegal.
>>110 A slight pedantic correction: The entry and exit are called relays as well.
>>109 10-20 years ago those free proxies were full of ads and probably tried to infect your computer. IE6 was swiss cheese and nothing was HTTPS. Now they probably still try to MITM you, but between better security and adblockers the best they can probably do it try to read any data sent. You're better-off just using Tor. Or if you're trying to tunnel through a firewall at work, just configure your own proxy or ssh tunnel at home at route all traffic through there. You won't be an exit node. Exit nodes only get raided because cops are dumb and just see an IP associated to some activity and go after them. Most attacks on Tor are speculative and not an issue if you're just a regular user. If you do anything illegal via Tor then make sure you don't associate your identity with it in any way. You get busted by, for example, collecting a package that the cops are watching, or by having a payment linked to your bank account. Avoid all of that and you're untrackable.
What is some good, cancer-free material on web development? No pajeets, no faggots.
>>113 >I need my educational material to pander to me Pay for college. >I need to learn stuff STFU and look at pajeet videos, those guys made it from zero which is more than what can be said of the average CS teacher.
I'm looking for good privacy-preserving web browsers for normies. Ideally I don't want to cover anything which is more difficult than plug and play. Thus far, I've got IceCat, Firefox ESR, and Tor Browser with proxies disabled
>>112 Is it safe to download game roms with Tor?
>>124 Depends what kind of safety you're looking for. If the rom comes preloaded with malware, there's no scanning service in Tor that I know of so you might be screwed there. If you're just trying to make sure the gubment can't see your downloads, you should be fine. Tor is mega slow, though, so you'd be better off with a VPN or a single trusted proxy.
>>110 Technical question here: the entry node should be able to see your IP right? So using a VPN - > tor connection should prevent a potential breach in security if this is a concern, correct? Also, wouldn't using a tor - > vpn connection prevent exit nodes from viewing content? Assuming you're not connecting to a website which requires a tor connection, of course.
>>125 Okay, thank you for answering my questions.
On the topic of Tor, I also have a question. When you browse clearnet sites over Tor through HTTPS you have end to end encryption because of SSL so all your traffic should be safe. What kind of security is there when you browse onion sites (like randomrandomrandom.onion)? Do onion sites offer the same level of security? >>125 I'm actually surprised at how fast Tor is. I know we're not talking about multi-MB/s speeds but 10 years ago shit was around 10 to 50 kpbs and now I can browse imageboards at good speeds and can get 500+ kbps downloads. >>126 Yeah, the node you connect to would see your IP and if you put a VPN in the middle then your VPN provider should see your IP (and that you're connecting to a Tor entry node) but not the entry node. >wouldn't using a tor - > vpn connection prevent exit nodes from viewing content? This should only be a concern if you're trying to access a plain HTTP site as HTTPS already encrypts end to end. I'm not sure how you'd connect to a VPN from Tor, but yes, that'd likely work, however the VPN provider and all the hops between it and the target server would still see all traffic in plain. tl;dr: use sites that allow HTTPS.
>>116 Poo in loo.
>>134 Traffic via Tor is encrypted anyways so that hosting a relay doesn't allow you to MITM everyone using it. A .onion is only resolvable within the network itself, so all traffic should be encrypted. HTTPS is just a hack to do something similar for clearnet sites, so it would be redundant with a .onion. And if it wasn't redundant then the TOR foundation would have hacked a fix on like a decade ago when HTTPS caught on.
>>140 I imagined something had to be in place, but I couldn't imagine imagine how it could work without certificates, and all the articles I could find seemed to target end users so there was nothing concise. For (((some))) reason Google also finds less than 10 results for some my searches. Wikipedia says something about the addresses themselves being the public key or related to it, so I imagine that's how the scheme gets setup.
>>142 >the address itself is a public key Exactly. The .onion itself is the public key and there's a private key held on the server to authenticate with. It's secure as long as that private key isn't leaked. If it is, then another site could impersonate yours, just like a leaked certificate could allow a malicious site to impersonate a legitimate one.
I have a script that uses the output of zpool status | grep ONLINE | wc -l. When I run the script from a shell it works just fine, but running it from a cron job always returns 0. Why is it different when running via cron? forgive the cross-posting
What's the tech of the future? The deepweb through tor seems like it's mostly dead/bait at this point. Probably because normies started hearing about it and a bunch of 16 year old edge lords with no tech knowledge started using it to order pot. Is there any up and coming technology that will replace onions?
>>150 Pretty sure cron is going to run it as its own shell with its own environmental variablesand possibly not as the same user. You might want to debug by having cron run each of the intermediary outputs and seeing what is different from what you expect.
>>164 I think a bigger problem with tor is simply that people are not producing interesting content, which can be a problem on clearweb as well. If you want things to change, it's best to be the change you want to see.
When on tor, could my Mom's bossware could see that I am on tor? My moms is working in the other room on a different computer.
>>150 100% sure it's because cron doesn't know 'zpool'. Just write the full path to that binary.
>>177 If it's monitoring executables then it will probably see "Tor Browser" If it's just monitoring network packets then it would be much, much harder to detect. One thing you can consider to circumvent this is a USB boot drive with Tor on it; some privact-centered ones exist. You should then be able to boot into a different OS without monitoring. Then, if you're paranoid the network is monitored or firewalled, you can also use Tor to punch through it. You'll probably need BIOS access to disable Secure Boot and maybe change the boot order, though. If she was smart enough to password your BIOS you may be able to revert it to default settings (and wipe the password in the process) by removing the CMOS battery. But some laptops now (including newer Surface laptops) are aimed at enterprise customers and thus are resilient to attacks like that. But most common desktops and laptops will respond to a battery reset.
Is there any way to improve GIMP? As in, can plugins be added to it like paint.net? If so, is there an essential plugins list for it?
I'm sure I'll catch shit for using Wordpress, but I'd still like some opinions on best practice is for securing it. Appreciate it, /t/.
Is Avast a good virus program for windows?
>>189 WordPress is easier to get started and secure than a site you rolled yourself. There's too many small things to mention, but the first thing you need to do is disable basically everything. Then, enable stuff as you need it. Second thing to do is to change default configuration. Any additional services should run on a non-standard port. That or have an aggressive firewall. "Secure" also depends on different things. Do you care if you leak IPs? Or are you just trying to stop someone from getting root? You need a threat model. What data is on your site and how can you secure it? If you're just worried about someone getting access, then limit the ways to get access and secure them with strong passwords and 2-factor authentication if you can. >>194 Not really, no. It's bloated and I believe has tons of ads now. If you really need security on Windows, Windows Defender is decently light. Kaspersky used to work, but it might be backdoored by Russia so look out. >>185 There are plug-ins, but off the top of my head I can't name any "must haves". A lot of them add a feature of improve the interface to make is usable. Unfortunately, there's no central GIMP plug-in site that I'm aware of. Maybe someone has a directory repo somewhere.
Does anyone know if windows 10 force you to make an account to use it?
>>208 Apparently they removed that in an update. They literally make you sign-in with a Microsoft account on first boot. The absolute state of Wincucks. It might be possible if you make a custom image. Knowing Microsoft, there's a registry tweak or service you can remove that would stop it. But I haven't used Windows in years and I'm unfamiliar with Win10-specific hacks.
Why is Invidio.us running slow on the clearnet? Works faster when I am on tor. I am blocked 8chan.moe and archive.vn for some reason.
>>211 >I am blocked 8chan.moe forgot to menton I am using the onion site to post this, 8chan.moe .cc or .se doesn't work.
>>212 Only one that can diagnose that is yourself. I can post fine over clearnet. Try to see if it's a DNS problem or a connection problem for starters.
(78.55 KB 966x828 GPD Pocket.jpg)
>>209 I ask because i was thinking of getting the GPD Pocket, and i'd use windows 10 offline for some games, but if i have to sign in then no.
>>215 If you want to keep it offline, why do you care about accounts? Also it should let you make a local account anyways.
>>211 >>212 It's possible your IP is associated with a bot or spammer and ended up on some kind of blacklist. That or your DNS isn't resolving. >>215 There might be a way to just make a local account without it, but I'm not sure. I heard they made it mandatory. And they're putting stuff like Python on their store, which requires an account. Why not just install Linux and get your money back for the Windows license?
Is there any practical way to use tor or a VPN on Fedcord? Are there client forks that are less pozzed? The reason I ask is because someone I follow is insistent on putting content on that platform, but I don't want to compromise my infosec just to view it - much less participate in any dialog.
>>223 Don't see why a VPN with a throwaway e-mail wouldn't solve this. There's some alternate clients, though, including a terminal-based on. Still pozzed but at least you don't have to load up their data tracking website.
>>224 I tried to sign up using their website and a burner email via tor, vpn, and then complimentary wifi. I kept getting flagged and kicked to their sms verification nag page. None of the free sms sites worked, all blacklisted. They double flagged the account if I tried to sign in via different connections and got a location verification nag email in addition to the sms demand. I guess I'm wondering if they have the site signup locked down more than standalone clients?
>>225 Definitely. Probably worried about spammers making accounts. Unfortunately, all the privacy tools can also be used to work around account limits. You could try getting your own Twilio number. Or an actual burner phone. Or use a burner Google account to make a Google Voice number; I think they accept those. If the phone number is the major hang-up then one of those ought to work.
>>221 >It's possible your IP is associated with a bot or spammer and ended up on some kind of blacklist. I could see archive.vn, I manually archived sites a lot but why does Invidio.us and 8chan.moe think I am a bot? Jewtube works fine. I never seen a captcha under my end.
>>227 Nermind 8chan.se works fine now but I still have issues with Invidio.us
>>227 >>228 It's possible you're in the same sub-range as a bot and the entire sector got blocked because it kept hopping IPs. But it sounds like it's probably a DNS issue. I know archive sites have an ongoing dispute with Cloudflare and others over some configuration detail. Not sure about Invidious. Maybe try changing DNS providers and see if that helps?
>>189 As long as you don't install any plugins, Wordpress is secure enough. Once you start installing random shit, it's only a matter of time before you deploy a compromised plugin that will let third worlders access your docroot with a backdoor and start uploading even more shit.
(451.12 KB 680x929 pyra shirt.png)
>>219 >If you want to keep it offline, why do you care about accounts? True. >>221 >Why not just install Linux and get your money back for the Windows license? I'll take that into consideration.
>>116 Fuck you.
I'm thinking of starting an online blog but this guy (https://vriad.com/blog/devii/) says the Ideal Tech Stack for a blog is Next.js + React + TypeScript + Markdown. I'm pretty certain that in the modern web, the number of views on my blog is directly proportional to the number of frameworks I use. Dear 8chan.moe, is there a way I can fit in more frameworks or maybe bigger ones?
(8.57 KB 207x200 jc.jpg)
>>236 needs moar microsoft
>>236 This is an essential presentation: https://idlewords.com/talks/website_obesity.htm
(262.25 KB 620x387 Pikmin thinking.jpg)
So, question. I have a non-gaming laptop that I can use to watch videos, has a functions disk drive, etc. I recently got a DVD of Dink the Dinosaur as the only other version of the show I could find was of super shit quality on a remote website, but I found that the dvd won't allow it to be played on anything but sony brand dvd player systems. needless to say I'm pissed. Is there any manner of program that could allow my laptop to pretend to be a Sony DVD player or otherwise allow me to, say, rip the info off the disc for better quality episodes?
>>243 Install Gentoo
>>243 Does it open with VLC?
What's the best way to follow JewTube channels via RSS now that invidio.us is kill?
(7.33 KB 679x205 1.png)
(43.29 KB 642x470 2.png)
>>245 No. All I get is a folder showing audio or video files. The video file folder looks like pic 2, the audio file "looks" empty.
>>250 Did you try opening VLC and selecting Media->Open Disk and then pointing it at that directory? DVDs are a collection of files. I'd be surprised if VLC couldn't open it when imported properly.
>>248 What happened to invidio.us? It's up for me.
I was an idiot and deleted the partitioning table on one of my drives and then tried to put a new partitioning table on it and create a partition under that, TestDisk won't work to rebuild the partitioning table because of that and I don't know what I can use to try and recover the data on it. Recuva is bad at recovering files and RecoverIt requires you to pay to recover any data, along with that RecoverIt detects some files and the full contents of them while scanning and yet doesn't display them when done scanning so you can't recover files it knows are there but won't display, perhaps because it doesn't actually see them as deleted because they haven't been, they just won't display because they were on an old partition I stupidly deleted. tl;dr I idiot and deleted partition then made another one on top of that and now I can't access any files on the old one. Is there any way to get back the old partition or view the files on the old one even though they haven't technically been deleted?
>>255 You don't need file recovery, you need partition recovery. Try looking around for tools that can do that on whatever fs you're running. There's a good chance you're totally fucked, though. Especially since you made a new one on top of it.
>>252 I always get errors saying the instance is blocked. My RSS feeds haven't updated in Days
(131.09 KB 544x277 slap my ass.png)
>>251 Well I'll be a mother fucker, it works! Thanks a fuckload. Now the hard part: >friend have frequently streams >they frequently play shows to laugh at them or have nostalgia >they have the shit quality version of the series >want to send this series to them I don't suppose there is any way for me to copy the information from the disks and have it work, is there? If not, I suppose it's no harm buying another copy.
>>258 You can either use VLC to save/convert the stream. I've occasionally had issues with that because VLC isn't really a transcoder, but it can sometimes get the job done. Alternatively, learn how to use ffmpeg to just rip the files directly. I'm sure if you use some combination of "ffmpeg" and "dvd" in a search you can find a guide.
>>256 Tried TestDisk, a partition recovery program, before making the post and it says it can't recover it, possibly that saying it doesn't need to be recovered because there's nothing on the new partition. I'll try other software but it sounds like I am totally messed up though, any recommendation for other software that might work? Also, think it would work if I just deleted the new partition and tried recovering the old one?
>>261 The problem is that a lot of that software works by either un-marking data as "for deletion" or otherwise by trying to piece together what it can. Without a proper partition structure, are your files are useless blobs of data with no name, date, access rules, etc. Without the data, your partition structure is just a bunch of metadata for non-existent files. Neither can used to recover the other, but if one breaks you can sometimes piece it back together again. Short of finding a graybeard who is an expert in your filesystem or sending your drive in to a data recovery service, I think you're screwed. Try not to overwrite your partition next time and always keep backups of important files.
>>255 Which filesystem and which OS? And why don't you keep backups?
>>262 >>264 I kept backups that are a little bit old at this point but of the most important files at least, was just hoping that I wouldn't have to use them. Also, Windows 7 and the partition was a GPT partition table formatted under NTFS
>>265 Yeah, I would venture to say you're screwed. You may have been okay if you had just deleted it. After all, you just need to restructure it. It's hard but not impossible. Overwriting it almost certainly has put you beyond the point of recovery.
>>267 Well, I have a few tricks I can still try to fix it. If they don't work, still have backups of the most important stuff.
(1.99 MB 245x230 freakout.gif)
>>259 Hmm, this seem reliable to you? And I know jack shit about ffmpeg. is it already on my system or do I need to download it somewhere?
>>276 Seems fine. I haven't used ffmpeg on Windows but if you can figure out how to get it running then it should work.
Are there any FOSS language translating programs out there?
>>265 If you have backups just restore them, you've already screwed things up well past the point where a fix is easy (if possible at all). Also update to 10 unless you have good reasons not to.
(68.40 KB 399x649 how to doug.png)
>>278 All right. Thanks for the help. Now I just need to know where to get ffmpeg for Windows. I found some links but the sites seem dubious at best. FYI, I have scriptblock in all my browsers to prevent me from being assaulted by bullshit.
>>282 Can I recommend you install or dualboot Linux? I realize "Install Gentoo" is a meme at this point but literally any linux distribution will have ffmpeg in their repositories and you can install it in one command.
Neet here, My mom is threatening me to cut my internet because her internet connection and calls keeps dropping . She called someone at work for the tech guy and he said to call internet service provider to have only her hardwired Ethernet connection to run. The tech guy said there is too much internet activity. I won't be able have internet while she works Monday to Friday 9-5. Could they actually do this? I don't know what to do. Should I apply for section 8 or what? I am not willing to put up with this bullshit and I don't have anywhere to go.
>>295 Internet speed/plan? What all do you and her use the internet for?
>>295 Are you downloading things constantly? I find it hard to believe it's an issue if you're just browsing imageboards. >Could they actually do this Whoever controls the router can unplug the other ethernet cords. You could connect via Wi-Fi if you want. It sounds like they called their work, and work IT gave them the most basic troubleshooting advice which is to isolate the connection you want to diagnose. If she continues to have issues then she may just have to accept the internet sucks and it isn't you. On the off-chance it is you, you could find a way to surreptitiously connect. If they're gonna monitor you for activity, set up a device to generate/reroute traffic and then go chill somewhere else and connect remotely. When you come back a few hours later, she'll probably still be having issues, but now it can't be traced back to you. The alternative would be to buy your own internet line and have it installed. Depends on your area, but you can get a decent connection for <$50 a month most places. Even Gigabit is often <$100 now. Maybe you could also offer to pay the difference for an internet upgrade.
>>294 >2000 + 20 >dualbooting Shiggy diggy. Also installing Linux to have "easier" access to ffmpeg is like cutting your legs off to get a weelchair instead of buying a bike.
>>294 >>300 Well, all I need is a reliable place to download ffmpeg for windows 10 . I only have my laptop due to my current living situation.
>>302 Just get it from ffmpeg.org?
>>298 >>299 >Internet speed/plan? I don't pay for it but 33.6 Mbps download/ 4.37 > What all do you and her use the internet for? Shitposting and watching crunchyroll or jewtube but my internet speed is slow as fuck when she works, I don't know what she's sending. >Whoever controls the router can unplug the other ethernet cords. You could connect via Wi-Fi if you want. I am already on Wi-Fi but I am worried they could disable my Wi-Fi ,the work IT said the Wi-FI but she has to call my internet provider. I don't know if the IT guy is bluffing or not. There was a threeway call between the work IT and my internet provider but I think my internet provider didn't want to pull that off. >The alternative would be to buy your own internet line and have it installed. I could have two internet lines in same home?
Anyone have a good porn site. Good here means that it works without javescript, doesn't have trackers, the site is lean and well designed. Eporner is okay but I wonder if there's anything better.
>>302 Literally one google (or even Yahoo) search away: ffmpeg.org Also stop blocking all web scripts blindly, of course you'll break almost every single web page if you do that: you're supposed to build a whitelist of trusted domains.
>>304 >>308 Thanks again. I'm also aware that it breaks certain webpages.
(88.92 KB 1688x616 1.png)
>>308 >>304 Apparently I'm fucking retarded and can't do jack shit with this. >get ffmpeg >get vob files from dvd >even put a copy of ffmpeg.exe in the same folder as files >try to open command window via shift+right click <it's windows 10 so the command instead makes me open Powershell <powershell is fucking retarded >use start menu and open command prompt <will only open one specific folder and I don't know how to tell it to fuck off with that command and do what I'm fucking telling it to do >say fuck it and put a copy of ffmpeg.exe and the vob files into the directory it's pointing to >copy and paste the directory instructions word for fucking word >get this shit instead I MUST be retarded as I don't know what the fuck I'm doing wrong.
>>312 Jesus fucking christ.... just learn to use a computer. Search for PATH in windows and then figure it out.
>>313 WINDOWS FUCKING 10 IS FUCKING RETARDED Regardless, I may have found a workaround.
>>300 >installing Linux to have "easier" access to ffmpeg is like cutting your legs off to get a wheelchair instead of buying a bike See: >>312 >>313 >>314
>>314 Seriously, if you take anything away from this thread take this away. Learn things. I don't mean search up "how to convert in ffmpeg". I mean learn encodings, learn file formats, learn and practice with FFMPEG. AND THEN start converting shit. It sounds like this is autistic but it ends up being better in the long run. Just understand how things work. Don't copy and paste shit.
(80.73 KB 1920x1080 waning hope.jpeg)
>>315 >>316 Seems an easier way to do this is by just using cloud convert, converting the vob files to mp4, and then I have video files I can use and share in vlc which is all I wanted in the first place.
(24.15 KB 941x620 cunlaw.png)
>>317 Fuck off. It's taken you 4 days to rip a DVD.
(2.86 MB 720x480 soap.webm)
>>318 Not without saying thank you.
(47.91 KB 373x367 1456114845777.gif)
>>317 We can tell you that something is possible. We can tell you where to look for resources to do it. We can't just teach you how to use a commandline in five seconds. You're basically trying to learn cmd, ffmpeg, and how media formats work all at the same time. Either try using VLC's convert/stream options to save the output or rip the DVD and post it and I'll see if I can find some time to encode it for you.
>>320 This is what happens when you spoonfeed retards. Either ignore or tell them to fuck off and RTFM. They should not be allow to post in the first place.
>>320 >>321 I'm actually successfully ripping and converting the files myself at the moment, although it's through strange means and, for most of you, likely ass backwards. >get vob files off of disk >convert vob files into mp4 >have mp4's that can be shared and played in vcl Honestly, I did learn about vob files and what is important in regards to ripping the actual program off of the dvd, which is something I didn't know about before coming here. I'm aware I basically was trying to force three things at once, but I found out I had a backup plan that I didn't even know was possible until I tried it out. So I'm still thankful even if I was a pain in the ass retard to you all. I don't come to /t/ very often unless I honestly have hit a retard moment. So, thanks. Now I'll quit shitting up the thread and fuck off.
>>315 That's my point, you shouldn't be asking some guy who has trouble with basic CLI tasks on Windows to jump to Linux on the sole basis of Linux having a slightly easier ffmpeg installation. >>321 RTFM is valid in theory but mostly UNIX cope in practice.
Is there a way to stream audio from a server to multiple clients while keeping them all in sync? Everything I've tried so far has all of them slightly off.
>>324 No it's not. It is a mindset where a person solves a problem on their own, without asking other people questions. This is such a basic yet missing skill for posters who litter the forum with n00b questions. Example: >want to rip dvd >got suggested ffmpeg >search: ffmpeg rip dvd >got http://www.tech-g.com/2017/01/15/converting-dvd-to-mp4-h264-on-windows/ as th 4th result >oh no it says >>ffmpeg installed and in your path >search: windows use ffmpeg >got https://video.stackexchange.com/questions/20495/how-do-i-set-up-and-use-ffmpeg-in-windows as first result >follow steps >copy vobs to folder as told in first link >oh no something something file not found >search: open command prompt folder >got https://helpdeskgeek.com/how-to/open-command-prompt-folder-windows-explorer/ >use command >done All without even touching the manual. Being spoonfed since birth, shitposters never got the chance to develop such skill. Only by banning, saging and outright BTFOing them will they start to learn or fuck off to other charity sites. Good forums are getting increasing rarer. Even if you manage to get a n00b to pro. The same question will be repeated thousands time more. Because they never learn. Because they place their ignorance as everybody's problem at the cost of a forum's quality.
>>327 You'd probably need the devices themselves to sync. So it depends on what your clients are. Can you provide more details? Syncing audio is a non-trivial task. If it's streaming then a delay might cause one to de-sync and in general most music playing software isn't designed for that.
Can people in the Tor circuit see what i'm doing in the Tor browser?
>>333 No, your requests are encrypted and then bounced around a bunch of nodes. Finally, it reaches an exit node which decrypts your request and makes it to a clearnet site. The exit node then receives a response, encrypts that, and sends it back to you. It can only be sniffed between the exit node and the destination. If your destination is an onion address then it will never leave the network.
Not so much a /t/ question, but more of a meta question since there is no said thread; why are ID's disabled?
>>339 Why would they be enabled?
>>328 >It is a mindset where a person solves a problem on their own This is the "valid in theory" part. In practice, it's an excuse for social outcasts to create garbage tools to satisfy their immediate needs, document them poorly, act like cunts when improvements are suggested, and finally be all smug when "casuals" can't be bothered to deal with all their garbage and go back to whatever they were using before. >>339 >wanting IDs They bring nothing but drama.
>>332 I want to stream music from a server to several clients throughout my house simultaneously. Clients can be anything, I wouldn't mind buying new hardware to get it working.
>>341 >baby duck syndrome >excuse Nice bait. >poor document True. Most docs can use some help. Where is your pull request? >act like cunts Some are cunts, sure. I doubt most reject legit contribution though, except fags and sjws. >smug when casuals You mean being smug when a person not willing to learn? This is free software. No warranty is provided. If I share my new tool with you, and you don't even bother figuring out how to use it with the least amount of effort, don't. If the tool is really powerful, then its learning curve is justified. At least it is powerful enough for you to complain. Go be a bitch at GeekSquard or RedHat. If you are so confident that an improvement could be made and the dev is a cunt, fork it, or even make you own with colorful toy UI and zero learning curve. Don't forget the time you spent on learning the old stuff. You are not born with the knowledge; and you expect completely different things should work in the same way? I get it, you don't even try to appreciate what others have done, because you just want to do the job. There is not even a spark of curiosity and passion. You just bitch why things don't just werk, in a place dedicated to the interest in technology.
>>344 >Where is your pull request? Case in point: social outcasts who don't understand why nobody wants to contribute to their garbage without any effort on their part.
>>342 All the solutions I'm aware of, in terms of buying hardware, are closed-source. I've also never used any of them so buyer beware. I think Chromecast Audio does this but I don't know how well it syncs. If Google and Apple are doing it then Samsung might have a third-party version. No promise it's less pozzed. You could also just look for products like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmDAIeWDqt0 Bluetooth speakers are popular among normies and they like connecting them together like that so it's definitely out there. I don't really feel comfortable recommending a particular product or brand when I don't use any of these.
Just out of curiosity, What happens if you open an onion link with a non-Tor browser? Do you get swated?
Aside from switch proxies, is there another way to get around "Too many requests" error that occurs with YouTube-dl?
>>360 You literally can't resolve the address. DNS servers can't route there. >>361 You need multiple IPs in some way. VPNs are just the easiest option for most home users.
Is DuckDuckGo safe to use? i usually use qwant.com.
>>368 On one hand, it doesn't appear to track you and it's never asked me to make an account. On the other... >Owner got rich selling user data from his previous product >It's not open source, so you can't verify the code yourself. >It's not self-hostable, so you can't just run your own instance. Maybe it's viable with the ads and that's good enough for the founder. Maybe he genuinely doesn't want more money. I use it, but I have a bunch of other anti-tracking measures. I haven't used Qwant, but I have used Searx. The results are worse than DuckDuckGo (which I'd now put on-par with Google around the time it started getting big) but you can self-host, which is a big plus.
>>369 Have you ever used startpage.com? >Searx I'll give it a try, thank you.
>>370 I've heard Startpage is owned by an ad company but that was only from one anon
>>369 I saw a billboard for DDG while driving home, makes me even more skeptical then I was before.
>>368 Works over tor, so it's as safe as it gets as you can always stick to "safe" seaches only on clearnet.
Should I risk using Nim with Godot? Should I rather use C++? https://github.com/pragmagic/godot-nim The project is non-commercial.
>>379 It's your project. You can use whatever bindings you are most comfortable with. The underlying engine is the same. That said, some projects have incomplete bindings, so you should make sure it has a 1:1 functionality match or verify that nothing you need is excluded.
>>380 >make sure it has a 1:1 functionality match Thanks for pointing that out, that's why I ask, so I don't paint myself into a corner.
I finally deleted facebook.
I hate dealing with Nvdia, it doesn't recognize my video card ever since I downloaded updated patch for the driver, I tried reinstalling to the previous version but that doesn't help. Don't know what to do.
>>422 I feel retarded, I put the monitor usb in the wrong port.
>>428 You know, I'm laughing, but good on you for realizing and fixing it yourself.
>Building a rig >PSU (Seasonic Focus GM-750) passes paper clip test >No power when 24-pinned into the mobo (ASRock X570 Pro4), though >Not even when the board was tested outside the case Please help
>>438 Are you sure the problem is the PSU and not the motherboard? Have you tried another Power supply?
>>438 this >>439 Definitely a motherboard problem
>Are you sure the problem is the PSU and not the motherboard? I haven't any surety towards this problem. >Have you tried another Power supply? First build, so I've no substitutes. >Definitely a motherboard problem You're probably right, but the odds of a dysfunctional and brand-new mobo are considerably long. Is there any diagnostic technique I can apply without software? I could ultimately return it, but I should at least attempt to obviate any amateur mistakes.
(94.03 KB 571x540 1426363039343.jpg)
>>441 Ideally you would test the motherboard with another PSU that is known to work. Since you only have the one and thus cannot do this, my recommendation would be to just consider it DOA and RMA it. >I should at least obviate any amateur mistakes You verified the PSU powers on and you don't have a spare to troubleshoot with. Motherboards are super complex and basically impossible for an amateur to fix, and since it's brand new you shouldn't have to. If you're not even getting any kind of LED turning on or signal that it's receiving power, and your fan doesn't spin up, then that's a good sign it's dead. Hell, even a board that does light-up and turn on might be dead. I built a new Ryzen build just a few months ago and it would not POST. Very infuriating. Turned out the motherboard was fried. I would just assume it's bad and return it. If the replacement also is bad then maybe there's something you're doing wrong, but it sounds more like you got unlucky. It happens.
(25.87 KB 500x375 1420901022455.jpg)
>>442 I see; thanks for your time.
>>3 Is there any good Firefox addon or greasemonkey script to force a dark theme on all websites, including New Tab?
(91.12 KB 640x400 darkreader.png)
>>446 Dark Reader works surprisingly well, and is considerably lighter and less broken than competitors. It's still bloated, but it doesn't just invert all colors and call it a day, so it's not bad for what it has to do. It does not work with new tab pages, though. As far as I know, because of the new Firefox permissions, the only way to alter that is via a theme. You could use a Firefox theme that's darker, or you could make a version of the default with a dark new tab page yourself.
So there may be a Solar Flare happening in this year, which electronics of mine will be affected and how can I protect them?
>>459 Likely all of them. Disconnect them from power, take out their batteries if you really want to, that way you should be safe. If you're paranoid, put them in a refrigerator that's turned off or on low cooling, but any actual cooling or freezing will mess over electronic parts. If you're super paranoid, put them underground through like, a hole you dig in the ground or something, if you have access to it, an underground area or vault. But all of that is assuming a solar flare happens anyways.
>>459 I imagine it should be fine and it shouldn't affect us given Earth's magnetic field or whatever it was it had that protected us from Solar disturbances. >>461 >put them in a refrigerator that's turned off or on low cooling Are Fridges good Faraday cages?
>>463 >Are Fridges good Faraday cages? No. You'd be better-off wrapping a small box in tinfoil, or if you have any large metal buckets, sticking a box inside of them and covering them with foil. You want a metal layer which is insulated from that which you desire to protect. >>459 Anything could die but most consumer stuff will be fine. You can grab some battery-powered devices and leave them without batteries. You may want a backup generator if you can afford one. And some gasoline to run it. On the topic of fridges, those tub-style freezers are very efficient and even without power can probably go a few days without thawing. Not a bad investment if you're worried about being without power for some time.
>>459 As with all EM pulses, the bigger the conductor the worse the damage. Your power lines and house cables will burn long before your phone suffers any damage. >>461 >Disconnect them from power, take out their batteries if you really want to, that way you should be safe. Completely wrong, the damaging effect would be (as with all EM pulses) joule heating and overtensions created by the sudden potential gradient: devices being on or off won't change a thing. >>465 >a small box in tinfoil This might work, have some insulation to protect the device as the tinfoil may get hot or even melt in some points.
>>341 >lists a bunch of irrelevant drivel The anon literally posted a step by step process of searching and reading. Of typing in what you want to know about in Jewgle then reading it. The initial retard somehow got here, was able to click reply, and complete a captcha. If he could do that, he could search for his problem of.... making DVD stuff to MP3 stuff. Fuck me, why would you even attempt to defend that?
>>483 >why would you even attempt to defend that? It's nice to see how freetards always drop the mask early.
Is it safe to open pdf files in the Tor browse? it seems to have it's own pdf viewer.
>>500 PDFs are potentially insecure and once upon a time could execute malicious code. To be safe, I'd download the file and use a minimal PDF reader. No risk of your browser getting compromised. And if the PDF is hosted over Tor then there's a chance it's designed to expose your IP. 99.9% of PDFs are probably safe on a modern install, but if you're paranoid then why risk it?
>>501 Okay, thank you.
>My computer's stock fan died in March >changed fan out with Arctic P8 >Later switched the cooler entirely for a Be Quiet Shadow Rock LP (mounting a 1300-rpm Noctua P12 Redux) due to the stock cooler not being that effective with the new fan >Turn the computer on, only for the system to POST with a system fan failure I know that bending the EPS 4+4 cable like it was Beckham isn't optimal, but neither was where Foxconn placed their ATX12V lead on this mainboard. For record, this is cooling a Phenom II X6 1045T and the mainboard is a HP stock Alvorix mainboard. And no, it can't fit over the RAM since the pipes collide with what I believe to be the chipset heatsink.
>>522 Another piece of info, I recently swapped the fan out with a Noctua A12X25 (and the rear of the case out with a Noctua A9) and I know that both can reach max speed on my fan hub connected to a jumped PSU. I don't know if this fan will make the computer pass POST, though.
I have a large amount of data that I would like to backup to BDs. Is there any software that will easily split up the data among multiple discs? Bonus points if I can do incremental backups ie I can backup new data to new BDs without needing to copy what's already backed up?
Have you ever used Riseup ? https://riseup.net/en/vpn
(63.52 KB 680x951 3a4.jpg)
>>3 Is there a way to download an entire twitter gallery? Bonus points if it's with the :large or :orig size.
>>587 I don't know of any good solutions to this; Twitter's API is limited and introduces breaking changes often. There is this: https://github.com/Jelly-Fish-Dev/Twitter-Image-Scraper Which I could not get to work, probably because the API has changed in the past eight months and the dev hasn't updated it. It also targets a user's uploads, so it might work if you target the user. If you want to fiddle with it, you may be able to get it working again, or get in touch with the dev and see what the issue is. Looks like he hasn't been active since April, though. Generic image scrapers won't work because Twitter deliberately hides links behind javascript specifically to obscure them from scrapers. If you're just trying to decode one gallery from one post at a time it's probably not that hard of a problem to solve. This guy claims to have reverse engineered Twitter's frontend javascript API so he could scrape Twitter with no limitations: https://github.com/bisguzar/twitter-scraper But it appears focused on scraping text and not images. Still, it might be a good starting place. Additionally, there are multiple contributors and the developer has provided their own Twitter profile for communication. Perhaps they'd be willing to develop an image scraping feature, or at least offer you assistance in extending the functionality they already provide. If you need help with Python, I can offer support for that, as can others in the /prog/ general. If I had more time or Twitter didn't deliberately obfuscate their API to prevent this then I would offer to just write you a scraper.
I noticed that my usb 3.0 external hard drive dock had Quick Removal as the default setting. Is it okay to use that on external hard drives/docks or should that only be used for USB flash drives?
>>590 Quick Removal on Windows is a misleading name. What it does is disable the OS write cache. This means it's almost always safe to disconnect a drive, but you will take a penalty to write performance. If you want better write performance on your drive, then you should disable it, but then you will want to manually unmount the drive before unplugging it.
>>591 I don't mind it being active, but didn't know it was enabled for my hdd external dock. I just did some research at the time because I connect my 2tb hdd, put some files o it, then go to safely remove it and it won't remove. Even though I'm doing anything with it. I even signed out of windows then back on and still wouldn't remove. Once I found out that Quick Removal was enabled I just turned off my hdd dock.
>>3 Is there a reliable way or a firewall on linux that can block internet access to certain applications? I am thinking all of them by default and only allowing some to have internet access on windows i use simplewall , i am considering to switch to linux but i haven't been able to find a reliable to do that..
>>594 You could use something like ufw to block all ports by default and only open the ones you want traffic to go through, but I suppose that still leaves the risk of software utilizing common ports (like 80) that you would need to leave open. To my knowledge, the solution on Linux is not a firewall but a permissions manager such as SELinux. You could set a policy to deny network access entirely for all but a whitelist of approved binaries. SELinux has a reputation for being difficult to work with. I think this comes solely from the difficulty of knowing what permissions software will need. Users often spend time debugging an issue caused by a poorly-configured permissions list. Since you only care about network access and you only want to maintain a whitelist, you should have a much easier time of it. Still, it's not as straightforward as something like simplewall. The problem is that Linux does not register every binary the way Windows manages installed software, so it's not as simple as generating a list of executables and then selectively firewalling them. You need the inverse approach.
>>587 youtube-dl will handle videos but I don't know anything that grabs images.
Pixiv has this proprietary animated pic format called .ugoira. For a while I was able to view it with Honeyview. Honeyview updates one day and now it can't view it. Just an X on a white backdrop. Is there another image viewer compatible with the ugoira format until Honeyview gets its shit together?
>>599 I didn't find a viewer that explicitly opens them, but I did find a tool (also called Ugoira) that claims it can download Ugoira files to more common image formats. So you could simply convert them to gif or apng with this. https://github.com/item4/ugoira https://ugoira.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ Also found a website that will convert them to webm or gif http://ugoira.dataprocessingclub.org/ You could also roll back to an earlier version of honeyview.
>>600 Rolling back doesn't sound like and option. The website lacks the older installers. Fortunately, Pixiv Downloader has some options in its config.ini that'll tell it to merely convert incoming ugoiras into webms. Size is just about the same (earlier attempts into gifs and apngs were bloated as fuck; from 7MB to 35MB!)) and it plays just as well. So far at least. I know some ugoiras pause for a few seconds so time will tell on how MPC-HC will handle those. Also a little inconvenient to have to switch between that and an image viewer if pics are in the same folder. Simply put, I'll stick with the webm conversion until Honeyview's next update fixes things. I hope. Searched around and I'm surprised literally no one complained.
>>595 Thanks anon! i think i'll just grab a book on SElinux >The problem is that Linux does not register every binary the way Windows manages installed software. Can't they all be found in $PATH ?
>>342 Vember VBAN, pulseaudio/avahi, or JACK (net-jack).
>>607 There's no guarantee that a binary will register itself with $PATH. And sometimes a binary is actually just a driver that will activate other binaries. It's true that some software on Windows will likewise opt-out of registration (you will occasionally see software not appear under Add & Remove Programs, for example) but most software will add an entry to the registry and make its presence known. The $PATH is just an environment variable that programs will extend with a binary, and perhaps an alias or two, just to make it convenient. A firewall working like a Windows one would need to be called every time a binary launches to see if it matches a list. This is, effectively, what SELinux is capable of. Otherwise it's non-trivial for one userspace binary to monitor another or prevent it from executing arbitrary code. Perhaps if you had a program that launched every binary as a child, but that would be needlessly complex when SELinux solves this problem and is well supported. Even if this were doable, the $PATH is not the best way to form a list of binaries. Some entries are drivers that will selectively launch other binaries depending on what is needed. This may be an issue on SELinux as well, where some software fails to get network activity permissions despite being whitelisted, because the binary doing the actual requests is hidden and not whitelisted. At least in the case of SELinux, you would probably be disabling by default, so the worst-case is a binary fails to get network permissions and you have to diagnose which binary is actually making the call and whitelist that. The alternative on Windows would be you fail to blacklist it and it's actually sending data. You may not notice until you spend time logging all activity.
>>618 >The alternative on Windows would be you fail to blacklist it and it's actually sending data. Windows has default-deny rules too as an option, but the firewall interface is pretty shit so it's usually not worth the effort.
I've got an audio file that lasts for 20 minutes. I chopped off the last 10 minutes with ffmpeg using "ffmpeg -i track.mp3 -t 600 -acodec copy track1.mp3" command. It worked well but when I play the track it shows that its duration is still 20 minutes while it is 10 minutes. How should I modify the ffmpeg command to make a player show the correct duration?
>>632 First verify the file actually stops at ten minutes. If so then it probably copied the file data and the index got included. I don't know of a built-in "rebuild index" option, but you could force a transcode and will be forced to build a new one.
JS or PHP? Why?
>>637 PHP isn't nearly as bad as its reputation suggests. Spaghetti PHP forms the same way spaghetti C does: by giving developers enough rope to hang themselves by it. Properly-written PHP is clean and performant. Especially newer versions of the language, which is still being actively developed. JS was developed in a weekend to solve a totally different problem and was not designed for backend or even most modern frontend work. The true answer is neither. You're better off writing your web server in another language entirely. If performance isn't a concern, Flask exists. Some people like Ruby (although it also has issues). You could also just write your site in C++, although that sounds like a special kind of hell. Most modern languages have networking support and some form of async baked-in now. Take advantage.
>>638 I can understand how you can really easily make a UI if you're making a website. I don't understand how you can easily make a UI if you're trying to write a webserver... (go easy on me, I'm a newbie, obviously)
>>639 You asked about PHP, so why are you designing a UI around that? PHP is for backend work.
>>637 Try wt. C++ from front to back.
>>641 Not that anon but damn, that's interesting. Do you know any interesting projects regarding REST APIs implementation in C/C++? I came across ngrest some time back and the projects is super interesting but unfortunately dead.
>>636 Thank you. Now it is how it should be.
How come when I put my computer on hibernate it closes my photos but leaves everything else up?
>>640 Because I'm...I'm...*sigh* ._. I'm wrapping a web browser around everything and using a bunch of cludgy HTML+PHP to be my UI because I have no idea how else to make a UI. The last time I used QT I got this absolutely godawful looking UI.
>>648 Are you using Electron? At risk of giving you a StackOverflow-tier answer, the "solution" here would be to learn how to use QT to make a native UI. A lot of good programmers are poor UI designers, but that's no excuse for using the wrong tool for the job.
>>649 It really is so much easier that I have to question: is it _really_ wrong? There are so many CSS templates, themes, libraries, etc. that are available everywhere I look if I try to have the UI built on something web-based.
>>651 I'd say it's definitively wrong. You're sacrificing performance and interopability for portability and faster writing. But if you're dedicated, then you should consider that the backend can be literally anything and your frontend will basically just be a webpage that operates with it. You should probably just stick a lightweight web server on top of that and write in whatever language you're comfortable in. If you like JS, stuff like Node is designed to run locally. If you like Python, try Flask. If you like Ruby, try Ruby On Rails. You have so many options for writing the backend. All the frontend has to do is access and present the data. You're writing the frontend and the API. That being said, people will groan when they find out it's an electron app (or similar). >>647 What OS?
>>652 >What OS? Wangblows 10
>>653 I'm not too familiar with Win10 since I've never used it, but hibernation is usually tied-in to battery/power settings. Perhaps there's something in there that's messing with it? Another option would be that Windows is killing parts of the OS when it hibernates, and Photos, being part of the system, relies on one of those. In which case it's just bad design by Microsoft.
>>652 >But if you're dedicated, then you should consider that the backend can be literally anything and your frontend will basically just be a webpage that operates with it. I know this sounds stupid simple to you, but I think that opened a door in my head.
>>647 >>653 First of all, stop using the default photo viewer because it's slow as shit. That said, that program is probably crashing when waking up from hybernation, so there's not much you can do.
(232.46 KB 960x680 oh wa ah ah agh.jpg)
Got myself a mouse with 5 buttons for graphical editing, but I can't assign the shortcuts (gimp) I want to use to my buttons. What can I do?
>>675 Use macro software. Assign your mouse keys to some obtuse combination of keys that you would never accidentally hit. Then assign your mouse buttons to do that keypress. Another benefit of this method is that you can making pressing combinations of mouse buttons (or regular keys) press different buttons for you, beyond what GIMP or other software would allow. I usually do this with video games to put more controls on the mouse. Helps with games designed for controllers.
>>3 does anyone know how to make openvpn work (client) on runit? i enabled the service (it was in the artix repos), but i get this error when i try to use any configuration file >Options error: --up script fails with /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf': No such file or directory (errno=2).
What's a good photo viewer as an alternative for Window's built-in photo viewer? My biggest feature would possibly be support of viewing GIF files.
(47.55 KB 458x750 15953324067180.jpg)
Why displayport cables does not have ferrite beads?
>>3 Okay, here goes nothing. A year ago I accidentally dropped my 2 TB external drive like an idiot and was able to create a 700 GB incomplete image file from it using ddrescue. Now, I would like to either browse the incomplete image file or at least extract all the recoverable data files from it. ddrescue output a 700 GB .img file, exploring it with 7zip shows a 0.ntfs file which claims to be 2 TB long. I cannot extract it or browse it with any means I know of, BUT, I can view it with an hex editor and by knowing the file signature I could manually extract a file or two. Is there an easier way to do this?
>>712 Oh yeah I should mention, trying to pry 0.ntfs open with 7zip leads to a "Can not set length to output file: There is not enough space on the disk", even though the disk image is only 700 GBs (I'm assuming that is because the copied file system still thinks it has 2 TBs worth of shit in it?)
>>712 Have you tried using testdisk? I've had really good luck with data recovery using it.
>>710 Irfanview. >>711 I'm going to speak fully out of my ass here but I'm gonna say the ferrite might interfere with displayport's higher bandwidth/frequency.
>>714 >testdisk On which of the two items? The 2 TB image?
(1.29 MB 1200x900 type-c.png)
>>715 I'll consider your post as complete answer, makes me calm down. Thanks.
>>712 I haven't done what you did, so I am making an educated guess here. Can you mount the .img? If so, you may be able to load it like a normal drive. Assuming you had ddrescue skip unreadable blocks. You will still need to look through and try to identify corrupted files (or script that somehow) but it's certainly better than trying to clone 700 GB via hex. Are you on Linux? Or was the ddrescue via a livecd?
>>719 >Can you mount the .img? I hadn't tried it yet because I was afraid I would cause irreparable damage to the HD it's currently residing on. Is there a safe way to do so? >Assuming you had ddrescue skip unreadable blocks. Yes, I do believe I purposefully instructed the program to just skip broken blocks. Add to that the fact the drive had been defragmented just a couple of days prior, with most of the files residing in the top half of it. I used a Mint distro on a computer that no longer works, I can probably boot another one and install another. Thanks for your input, I'll get back to you if anything changes.
>>722 >I was afraid I would cause irreparable damage to the HD it's current residing on Which HDD is the .img on. and why is this a concern? You should be able to just mount it like it's a normal drive. You can also try running dsck on the .img file. Long story short: you can treat it like a virtual clone of your broken HDD, faults and all. Please let us know how it goes.
Is there anyway to create a jewgle account without a phone number? Any of the ways to bypass it no longer work for me
>>725 Your option would probably be to buy one off somebody who made it years ago and never put one in. Although any account with an active Google Voice number requires a (real) phone number attached. That or buy a burner phone and just use it to activate. Or use a friend. Or your grandmother's landline. But basically every online service now requires a phone number to utilize, and they maintain lists of number blocks owned by various web providers like GVoice and Twilio.
>>726 I dug up an old phone with gapps, factory reset it and created an account with that. Didn't ask for a number.
>>725 Buy a cheap android phone, connect to wifi, create account on it: no need for a SIM.
Does anyone have a working asoundrc that has a proper loopback device that is capable of capturing desktop audio without fucking up the application audio in one way or another? The current asoundrc i'm using is from the ffmpeg wiki, which "works" but i can only have a single application audio stream active at any time and it's a real headache to use. I have given up all home on trying to figure this black voodoo magic on my own and this has been the bane of my existance for over 3 years, someone for the love of god just help me.
>>653 install nomacs imageviewer. It's probably just win10 default hitting the shitter.
>>438 >>441 >>443 Me again, with a new mobo (MSI X570-A PRO) and a new problem. >PSU now works alone and with mobo >rig assembled and activated >get to Wangblows 7 pre-installation screen on a Rufus'd thumb drive >can't interact with known-working keyboard or mouse >weird >plug mouse into new USB port while still on pre-install screen >computer instantly turns off >open it back up, double check and re-plug every wire I can see >not even an error light on the mobo >computer refuses to activate unless I first unplug the PSU for a few minutes >even then, it deactivates after one second
>>735 >Win 7 If you're gonna be a faggot might as well use LTSC, that'd solve your keyboard and mouse problem For the power issues, you can try unplugging everything, then plugging in only what you need to post and see how that goes
(434.01 KB 333x1000 1570607942184.png)
Is using qemu+kvm with virtio drivers for windows a security issue for the host machine ? for example if i use cracked software or windows get infected ?
>>737 >look up "ltsc" >results dominated by Win 10 (NOT WIN 7) references I appreciate that this is free tech support, but at least make an attempt to be helpful. As for the post, not even unplugging everything but the 24-pin yielded any tangible result.
>>741 LTSC is Win 10, just a slightly less shit version. If you're gonna infect yourself with AIDs might as well get security updates and support for newer hardware. Did you try maybe reseating you RAM and CPU? It's a long shot but you never know. It's very possible you fried something on your MB and fucked it up beyond any repair.
>>742 Both components re-seated, no effect Do I really need to buy a THIRD mobo? If I had known they were such finicky cunts, I would've just gotten a pre-built.
>>739 It's definitely not impossible for malware to escape a VM, but I am doubtful you could get something like that from pirating games or Sony Vegas or something. It's more likely that files in a shared folder between the two system become infected, or that a worm can spread through any network it is connected to. The most secure thing would be to have a completely separate system, but that's definitely overkill for most people.
>>745 >It's more likely that files in a shared folder between the two system become infected, or that a worm can spread through any network it is connected to. I should have noted though, that even though it's "more likely", getting a virus in the first place from pirated games doesn't appear to be that common to me in the first place, I mean you'd think more anons would have mentioned viruses over the years, but I didn't want to sound like I'm encouraging you to pirate because who knows, it could happen, and I don't want to be blamed.
>>743 >Do I really need to buy a THIRD mobo? If I had known they were such finicky cunts, I would've just gotten a pre-built. Wait, did you get a new PSU as well? If you're expecting a new PSU, definitely don't plug your old one into your new motherboard. I'm not an expert or anything, but it sounds like your PSU is fucking up your motherboards.
>>747 >>735 >plug mouse into new USB port while still on pre-install screen >computer instantly turns off >computer refuses to activate unless I first unplug the PSU for a few minutes >even then, it deactivates after one second Okay, I was bit hasty before, motherboard could be fine actually (or maybe not), but yeah it sounds more like a PSU issue to me. Dumb question, but you're sure your PSU has enough wattage for your rig? Weird that it turned off after plugging something in, but that could have been coincidental. I know that with a failing voltage regulator, the problem will persist if it's re-energized while hot, but will work fine for a bit if you let it cool down first. Again, not an expert. Good luck with your build, shit happens.
>>743 I've built many PCs and I've never had this much trouble with motherboards, IDK what the fuck you keep doing. You can always try returning it and claim it was DOA.
>>745 >>746 okay thanks I'll be careful
Back earlier in July, I tried my Noctua A12X25 on my CPU cooler (Be Quiet! Shadow Rock LP). The computer failed POST with "CPU fan failure". I saw the fan run as the system POSTed, so it wasn't that. I have a 3000rpm Noctua NF-F12 IndustrialPPC in there now, after recalling that the last fan that ran had a max speed of 3000rpm. Yeah, I really need to build a more recent PC. I'm so far back that I need a new processor and RAM for a new motherboard, however.
Anyone know how to fix this shit? pcm.multi { type route; slave.pcm { type multi; slaves.a.pcm "output"; slaves.b.pcm "loopin"; slaves.a.channels 2; slaves.b.channels 2; bindings.0.slave a; bindings.0.channel 0; bindings.1.slave a; bindings.1.channel 1; bindings.2.slave b; bindings.2.channel 0; bindings.3.slave b; bindings.3.channel 1; } ttable.0.0 1; ttable.1.1 1; ttable.0.2 1; ttable.1.3 1; } pcm.!default { type plug slave.pcm "multi" } pcm.output { type hw card "Generic" } pcm.loopin { type plug slave.pcm "hw:Loopback,0,0" } pcm.loopout { type plug slave.pcm "hw:Loopback,1,0" }
>>3 How do I delete a glitched email account on W10's mail app? I click account settings but nothing pops up for it when I do. It's like it's not really there.
Snagging some videos with Youtube-dl. Latest version. They play just fine and the audio sounds okay but I'm worried about the warning that shows up after each download. >WARNING: Malformed AAC bitstream detected. Install ffmpeg or avconv to fix this automatically. I did download ffmpeg itself. Is it just a matter of putting the .exe in the same folder as Youtube-dl to prevent this? I know fuck all about command line type programs. All I do is just paste the URL of a video and hit the enter key.
>>766 >Is it just a matter of putting the .exe in the same folder as Youtube-dl to prevent this? If it said that then it's not finding ffmpeg, otherwise it should say something like "fixing malformed AAC" etc etc. The surefire way of getting it to work is to use the --ffmpeg-location option when calling youtube-dl. You could also encapsulate some default always-present options like these in a bat file if you know what you're doing.
>>762 # software mixer for sound card pcm.dmixer { type dmix ipc_key 1024 ipc_perm 0666 # allow other users slave.pcm "snd_card" slave { period_time 0 period_size 1024 buffer_size 4096 channels 2 # must match bindings } bindings { 0 0 1 1 } } # software mixer for loopback device pcm.dmixerloop { type dmix ipc_key 2048 ipc_perm 0666 # allow other users slave.pcm "hw:Loopback,0,0" slave { period_time 0 period_size 1024 buffer_size 4096 channels 2 # must match bindings } bindings { 0 0 1 1 } } # allows multiple programs to capture simultaneously pcm.dsnooper { type dsnoop ipc_key 2048 ipc_perm 0666 slave.pcm "snd_card" slave { period_time 0 period_size 1024 buffer_size 4096 channels 2 } bindings { 0 0 1 1 } } #this is where the pain all begins pcm.!default { type plug slave.pcm "dues" } pcm.dues { type asym playback.pcm "multi" capture.pcm "dsnooper" } #this is where your headset is pcm.snd_card { type hw card "Generic" } #audio goes in #pcm.loopin { # type plug # slave.pcm "hw:Loopback,0,0" #} #audio goes out pcm.loopout { type plug slave.pcm "hw:Loopback,1,0" } #this is a splitter, it moves the audio it's given to two outputs (output, and loopin) pcm.multi { type plug; slave.pcm { type multi; slaves.a.pcm "dmixer"; slaves.b.pcm "dmixerloop"; slaves.a.channels 2; slaves.b.channels 2; bindings.0.slave a; bindings.0.channel 0; bindings.1.slave a; bindings.1.channel 1; bindings.2.slave b; bindings.2.channel 0; bindings.3.slave b; bindings.3.channel 1; } ttable.0.0 1; ttable.1.1 1; ttable.0.2 1; ttable.1.3 1; }
(802.46 KB 2272x1704 1562802550039.jpg)
Just a heads up: Since the site has been going offline for random periods of time, and because not everyone wants (or knows how) to use the onion address on Tor, Acid has deployed a Tor2web proxy that allows anyone to access the onion link through their regular browsers without the need of additional software. The proxy is located at https://redchannit.net/, and from there you can access to and post on /t/ or any other board without problem. Proof in case you don't believe me: >>>/site/532
Is it appropriate to make a single /sci/ thread here? I want to talk about some specific science things again, but /sci/ is fucking dead.
>>790 Should be fine, but i don't think you'll get much of a response anyway.
>>790 Go for it. /sci/ is pretty niche but we may be able to get some discussion going.
I need to fill in a form it's a pdf, is there any good pdf editor for linux? libre office seem messy also can you trust the AUR ?
>>802 There's Sumatra and Foxit. LibreOffice Writer indeed does a poor job. AUR is generally trustworthy, especially for popular packages.
>>803 >There's Sumatra and Foxit that's for windows only no? sumatra is only a reader too.. guess i'll use foxit with wine or something, i was hoping for a libre editor but couldn't find anything.
>>809 I think Foxit has a Linux release, but I haven't used it. Sumatra I think you can edit and save fillable fields. I generally just groan and whip out LibreOffice Draw if someone sends me a PDF without fillable fields. They usually expect me to print it out like I'm some caveman.
>>3 I have a computer with Windows 10 pre installed. It is a pirated version like everything in this 3rd world country. One day, I installed Office and now WIndows is asking me for activation. Anyway, I want to buy one of those cheap licence and update my windows. My question: Do I have to install Windows all over again or I just buy and put the licence? I am asking this because I know that pirated versions of Windows have to do a lot of things in order to make them work, and I don't want my computer malfunctioning in the future.
>>825 You could probably just enter the key in the existing install. It would be better to download a original version and reinstall it though, you never know if there isn't some kind of malware hidden in the cracked version.
>>825 Just enter the license and activate it. Microsoft's long-standing policy ids that piracy is inevitable, so they don't try to bork your install too hard over it. They want to encourage people to buy keys. They only hold back their utility software and major products (like Office) from unverified installs. You could also just install LibreOffice, or maybe switch to Linux, which will work out of the box without asking you for money.
(579.71 KB 800x792 1368378094229.png)
Gentoo fag here with a question on updating, how is anyone supposed to break the cyclic dependency block caused by dev-qt? So many programs use Qt now that I don't think it's feasible to exclude it from the system, and I absolutely cannot resolve the cyclic blocking caused by it to update my system. Even the gentoo wiki (wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Qt/FAQ) recommends removing everything from the dev-qt atom and re-emerging as the newer versions, but even after removing everything from that atom it still tries to emerge the pre-existing versions (5.14.2). I've attempted to use --complete-graph and --backtrack=99 to 999 to resolve the issue and accomplished nothing.
>>829 Can't this be resolved with slotting?
>>830 I don't know, I only just read about slotting and I'm not totally sure I understand how it's used. I have managed to update my system except for everything in the dev-qt atom and two other packages that rely on updated qt packages, which I can live without updating for the time being. I just hope it didn't break anything else in some way. One of the suggestions I saw for this was to check use flags with grep -r "dev-qt" /etc/portage/package.* and it showed a bunch of matches in files like: >._cfg0000_xterm >._mrg0000_xterm >xterm.bak >._cfg0000_xterm.bak where it shows the atom/package-version useflag and then #required by packages but I would be hesitant to touch these files and potentially break the system
>>829 emerge --unmerge packages that depend on qt. Then update qt and reemerge those packages.
>>841 Disable use flags that makes qt depend on those packages that you unmerged first. >Qt(USE:stuff) <> stuff >unmerge stuff >Qt(USE:-stuff) >Qt(USE:+stuff) should pull in stuff
Is the Signal app as privacy respecting as they say it is? You know for a phone app.
>>846 Open source, messages are end to end encrypted. It's based on the US and has centralized servers, so could be compromised. I don't use nigger phone "apps" but if it requires a phone number instead of just an email to create an account that's also an inherent anonymity flaw. "For a phone app" I guess it sounds okay. I wouldn't be using a standard proprietary jewgle or apple phone to do anything that I want to remain private.
>>846 >Privacy I trust that it can't read my messages. It seems to be doing a good job at also not collecting metadata although that's hard to prove. They had a court order a couple of years ago and could only give a teenie tiny amount of data. If that is still the case who knows? I suspect if it weren't then something would've leaked that that has changed. All of Signal's new features focus on minimising/nullifying Signal's ability to collect any data about its users. >Anonymity Signal is awful. As of writing, you require a phone number to register. This was done for accessibility reasons i.e for getting many people onto the service and as a natural way to stop bots. You didn't have to create a username. Your contacts were all connected to your number so Signal didn't need to store anything. The issue is it's starting to get harder and harder to get SIMs/phone numbers that aren't connected to you. Many countries require ID cards to purchase SIMs you could always find a Cryptoparty and trade SIM cards. >Security It's promising that their E2E encryption protocols have essentially become the standard for secure messengers. The client and server code is open source. Signal has been audited. >Principles From having used it for a couple of years and reading about it for some time now, I would say Signal has two main focuses: Privacy + accessibility to normalfags. That second point is good and bad. It's a lot easier to get your group of friends onto it because it's "like WhatsApp" apparently. I don't use WhatsApp so I don't actually know. However, it also means that sometimes work goes into adding stickers and private ways to get Giphy previews in-client instead of more important improvements. The clients aren't great. It can sometimes feel a little slow to sync up. The desktop one is Electron, so it's basically running a full browser for a messaging program. The project is also just another walled garden (you can only communicate with people inside it like WhatsApp and Telegram) and the project is hostile towards user run versions on the grounds that having many clients/servers means that some won't keep up with security/privacy standards/features. >Future Signal is currently in the process of coming up with a way to remove the reliance on phone numbers and a way for new/lost phones to get all the data back and the current situation has caused a bit of turmoil. The current solution is to force users to make a PIN basically a password, although many will just have a 4 digit number because it's called a PIN and the default input interface is a number pad from which a strong key is derived in an Intel "enclave" an isolated location for code to run where not even the programmers have access to it and that's used to encrypt lots of user data like contacts/settings so that when someone loses their phone and gets a new one they can have all their data back instead of starting from scratch again. This has two issues. Firstly, reliance on the enclave's being actually secure - it has been shown to have security issues. Secondly, this is a shift in the project philosophy. They used to store basically no data about the user and will no start storing basically everything although it will be encrypted. The first issue can easily be overcome by just having a strong PIN e.g. 20 digit alphanumeric random string, but then again 50 year old Bill won't do that will he? The second issue is interesting. Having an encrypted user account stored on the server means you won't need phone numbers and can seamlessly use it on new devices but like I said it's stepping into something it said it won't. If you want to get your friends/family off WhatsApp/Messenger because of privacy reasons, this is currently the best way to do that.
Anyone know of a program or script* that can sort duplicate pics and webms/mp4s by identical thumbnails and/or image hashes? I have literal tens of thousands of pics from varying imageboards going back almost a decade in one folder and doing this manually is murderously tedious. *I know nothing about scripting but am willing to learn
Is there something like nitter but for facebook? >>858 You could try a bash script that takes hashes of every file and removes duplicates, however many sites re-encode images when uploading so it wouldn't be perfect. But it's the best you can do without some kind of AI
>>858 I was actually just organizing some files of mine this week and had to do part of what you want. My use case was to compare different folders for duplicates by hash and the easiest way I found was to do this: #calculate hashes of the files inside some folder and its subfolders: md5deep -r <folder 1 path> > hashes1.txt #compare a second folder with the hashes calculated on the previous step md5deep -m hashes1.txt -r <folder 2 path> | tee diff.txt This should spit the files on the second folder that also exist in the first one. You can also ask md5deep to spit out more info (look it up in the manpage) and you can also use the diff.txt to rm the duplicates. It's not the best but it works and md5deep is likely on every distro's repos. I haven't yet needed to search for duplicates inside just one folder so I haven't researched a way to do this. I imagine it'd be possible to do the first step to get hashes of all files inside of it, then pipe it to awk it to obtain only the hashes, then pipe it to sort and uniq to get the duplicates, and maybe grep after that against the original file to get the paths and filenames I fucking love the shell, pic very much related. >>859 I don't much into twitter, what's special about nitter besides not being actual twitter.
>>842 >>841 I'll give it a shot, checking with equery shows these packages rely on the specific version (5.14.0/2-r1/r4) of qtcore: >PyQt5 >PyQtWebEngine and everything else in the dev-qt atom, more is listed as only depending on qtcore:5 >>858 I recommend gthumb for finding duplicate images, it's not perfect though and you'll probably still spend a while checking if the images are actually duplicates and comparing file sizes.
>>862 >what's special about nitter besides not being actual twitter. More lightweight and native support for RSS. Plus like you said, it's not actually twitter
>>863 >gthumb Forgot to mention that I'm on Windows 7. That doesn't seem to be compatible. >>862 Thank you for the effort but I haven't a clue as to how to implement any of that. Then again, I did say I know absolutely zero about scripting. A program may be my best bet.
>>866 >Windows faget >A program may be my best bet I've used JAM Software TreeSize Professional to do hash comparisons back when I was still on Windows.
When i go into YouTube (TV app) i get recommend clips of movies i've watched on my PC? I'm on windows 7
>>877 Watched how? Google is notorious for doing anything they can to target recommendations. If you have done any kind of search or visited a website where they can track you, then they may be aware of what you've watched and will recommend it to anyone with your IP. Alternatively, their machine learning is so good that it can detect your interests from other data.
>>877 No shit retard. Jewgle creates a profile of you based on your IP and plenty of other factors.
>>877 >win 7 digits checks out welcome to the b07n3t, newfag
Is it safe to open torrent and magnet links on Tor?
>>882 Your IP will be exposed to the swarm, but you can solve that with a VPN.

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