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(99.65 KB 811x456 geralts-gaming-versions.jpeg)

Online Tabletop Campaigns Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 06:20:18 No. 309
If you guys wanted to play online, how would you go about it?
Play with friends, not random 80iq people you find online.
I don't know, I'm more interested in doing things face to face but I keep searching for a virtual table top. A new thing everyone recomends is Owlbear Rodeo, which doesn't require registration and can set up online sessions.
>>315 Really? We should see if anyone on the board wants to play a rpg. I'm down for any cwod white wolf product, and could probably learn the rules to anything else provided I didn't have to GM. Some of those warhammer rpgs looked fun too.
>>315 Is there no chat function? Only audio share? So. We have to hear each other speak? How horrifying.
>>325 >>327 Never tried it honestly. I'm mostly searching for a virtual board to set in a screen when playing with my group.
>>419 Oh that's an easy one. Roll20 has what you need fren.
>>420 But Roll20 is full of commie faggots.
>>421 Correct, but you said you already had a group so you don't need to invite the commies. If you are asking for software free from judaism to accomplish the task of a digital board... Well fuck anon I just don't know. I suspect their tendrils are already well into every online community.
Self host a VTT server, or just use Roll20 for laziness and ease. This on top of only playing with friends and mutuals. I don't ever play with randoms.
>>458 Pretty much yeah.

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