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(207.70 KB 900x1180 2310.jpg)

Vampire: the Masquerade Anonymous 07/30/2021 (Fri) 10:03:14 No. 331
The game that became infamous when some florida kid killed his GF parents an drank em. Ah. Good times the 90's. The lore that would get its own apocalypse and relaunch (which sucks). The series that gave the world two pretty good pc games. So fucking good. I love this rpg.
(40.08 KB 500x512 SymbolClanToreadorV5.png)

Tories are crazed artists who gotta role not to be entranced every time they see a painting. Not really but kinda. More or less sane. Idk I played brujah
Malkavians are mad bastards. Easiest to play poorly. Who hasn't been stuck with some chick someone brought along trying to play a version of harely quinn, or the dreaded fishmalk. Lorewise they are fascinating. Old malkavian himself is probably in torpor as opposed to diablerized like so many of his brothers. And the malkavian madness network is a very useful tool for a GM. Malks are cool.
>>332 They are fascinating.

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