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Special Requests Thread 9: No Shame in Stealing Anonymous 08/23/2022 (Tue) 15:14:08 Id: f6d60d No. 27476
Last one reached the bump limit. You know what to do
all of you are fucking artists and I love it
>>29738 *autists
(145.88 KB 462x296 1660706730277.png)

Does anybody have the full pic?
>>29791 Thanks a lot mate
>>29732 That actually is a funny idea. Anytime somebody ask for stuff, she/he must call himself Lapis
>>29817 Good idea, Lapis posting is now a thing Anyone got any of Arlioth's comics? No way Im paying for any of them
Genuine question, who is lapis, and why do they have such a bad reputation? Side question, who is erick?
>>29821 Lapis and Erick walk into a bar. He orders a drink.
>>29822 Okay so theyre the same person then, but who is lapis? what did they do to become such a laughingstock?
>>29824 Would constantly bump multiple threads begging people to update a certain artist's Patreon.
(251.42 KB 393x264 1641354709179.png)

Anyone have the full picture? This old picture is harder than other old ones to find…
>>29821 Lapis apparently spammed for god knows how much time begging to TKgeek update. The main reason he actually became popular (in my opinion) is because there was a bunch of users bullying him in. Like, death-threat level. I personally think it reached a point of obsession because the abuser started hallucinating and asuming everyone who asked him to calm down, was indeed lapis
(73.40 KB 619x767 ctukjezvzvi51.webp)

>>29819 I agree with the arlioth stuff. Also can someone please update badbadfish pixiv fanbox?
>>29819 Good idea So does anyone have these
(398.84 KB 758x1200 fullresanticipation.jpg)

(555.78 KB 758x1200 fullrespitviolation.jpg)

(74.10 KB 910x653 teasing.jpg)

>>29829 >>29839 Full/Full Res images + a little teasing from the manga (I think) If anything, for showing off these pits all the time, she deserves it.
(158.90 KB 1200x630 0OrCiPB7X4BJm3KoDqfTVqjc.jpeg)

(69.62 KB 1200x630 jSFctikCZrhnlBzmId481uX3.jpeg)

https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc Anyone has these?
(446.52 KB 451x539 sketchy3.png)

Does anyone have bebob's Sketchy Vol. 3?
>>29443 The full version of this is on his kemono page. Very nifty concept. Shiki of the Void doesn’t normally show herself, and Shiki isn’t aware of her existence at all through the series. So how does Jager get around this? By skimming through it, it seems like he does so by making these sessions happen within Shiki’s subconscious and making her forget them whenever she wakes up. Meaning she will get tortured and driven mad by her ‘self’ every time she falls asleep. It’s diabolical and hot.
Anyone have this? please
Anyone have the uncensored version of this? Its an old piece from CollaredKid, around 2017, and the only link I can find for an uncensored version is for Tumblr but I think it probably got deleted from there since I can't find it anywhere on there.
Anybody has Missfortune pack?
>>29956 Scroll up. Note the Juri image. Click the mega, it has what you’re looking for and more. There you go.
>>29593 seconding this request
>>29596 It's on Kemono.
>>29999 It's not only 2 of the 7 pics are
Does anyone have the new pirata sketches?
Someone have Prisoners Of Laughter from mtj pub pleass?
Hi, Someone has pictures with frankie foster from home for imaginary friends tickled by a thing and Bloo is behind a door. I see them on a thread, but I don't where. Thx
Pure torture #1-2-3 someone have them?
Nor sure if this is tickle pic, but anyone got this one from CollaredKid? Also, isn't there a CollaredKid thread on here, or am I imagining things?
(10.43 MB 2449x2653 FootFeed.png)

>>30041 Do u have this
>>30049 No. :(
(229.05 KB 1080x807 Screenshot_20220929_124641.jpg)

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