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Fire Emblem Tickling Anonymous 11/17/2021 (Wed) 22:09:48 Id: 505941 No. 7085
After all the Robin, Lucina, Camilla, and other FE posting in the favorite girls thread, I figured the series has earned its own thread. A blessed franchise with copious ticklish cuties
>>28099 source for the corrin (middle) one?
>>15612 I never noticed before the difference in size between the sister's pussies
>>28182 I can't remember for the life of me, think it was a thread here?
>>29014 Damn, that was quick lol
>>29014 Sasuga Cofu lol
>>29022 >>29041 I am SPEED.
>>29014 Toothpaste-chan deserves to be tickle bullied. She just gives off that energy.
>>29056 Alear “Toothpaste” Fire Emblem deserves to be tickle bullied all the time. I bet many find out quickly that a minute of tickling her sides makes sure she never disagrees with you~
>>29014 BASED
>>29100 Thanks a bunch!
I was thinking of cooking up another post for the caption thread, but I have a hard time making a decision about which image to caption. I do think I'd like to do a Fire Emblem one though. Does anyone have an image they'd really like to see captioned? Feel free to suggest multiple options.
>>29244 Here I’ll give you four
(7.85 MB 3840x2160 FireEmblem_New1.png)

(7.96 MB 3468x1896 FireEmblem_Final_5.png)

I’m gonna do an FE Tickle Inktober (but only sketches cause I don't wanna die) and I need y'alls assistance on scenarios and characters! Nothing you suggest will have a 100% chance of making it, but a chance is a chance if the idea is good enough!
(469.80 KB 2106x1500 thebox02skt.jpg)

(454.78 KB 2142x1500 thebox01skt.jpg)

>>29697 So we pick a character and one of these suggestions on the list?
>>29705 Pick a character and scenario based on the prompts! It has to make sense, no Camilla Armadillo or anything like that!
I suppose an example is in order? For 'Farm,' I chose Mozu and Donnel for obvious reasons (I know Donnel isn't a farmer but I can stretch villager to farmer)
>>29707 I pick Corrin in Uh-Oh. Just a standard girl about to get tickled.
>>29709 No offense, but there isn't enough meat on that scenario for me, and the character choice isn't exactly justified without a good scenario for this prompt.
>>29697 Eagle. A student from one of the other classes is recruited into the Black Eagles, where Dorothea initiates them with tickling. Even better if she uses an eagle feather to do it.
>>29711 Ooh, that's a good scenario! Definitely something Dorothea would do, and it sounds like a fun scenario! Any preferences on who?
>>29712 I was trying to think of who the most popular recruits into the Black Eagles are, I know it's mostly Lysithea but who else is there? I know Shamir and the female Ashen Wolves are up there.
>>29714 Shamir doesn’t exactly work due to her being a staff member assisting the class rather than a student, but Lysi and the female Wolves work well!
>>29697 How about for "Tempting" you have one of Byleth's students (could be anyone, but Dorothea immediately comes to mind) tickling her 'tempting' bellybutton after being fixated on it for so long
>>29724 That one could definitely work! I’ll put it down on the list, though it is facing tough competition-
>>29697 I'll throw in some suggestions if it's okay to suggest more than one: Byleth, Trip - Byleth in her swimsuit from Heroes gets pinned down and tickled at a trip to the beach. Kagero, Heist - Kagero is captured after failing a stealth heist and tickle tortured. Hilda, Uh-Oh - Hilda is stripped naked by Disrobing Gale from Fates, and realizes her most ticklish spots are exposed to enemies and allies alike. Hilda is my personal choice, but you could use a Fates girl instead if you want game accuracy.
(651.60 KB 768x1024 101515966_p0.png)

>>29918 This has been a fantastic year for Lucina tickling content.
>>29697 Here are three ideas I just made up while in the shower 16. Fowl: FE Awakening Lissa and Maribelle are tasked to hunt up some food for the Shepherds and upon encountering a large flock of wild peafowl they try to hunt them, only to find their roles reversed from hunters to the hunted, Tickled on their helpless soles, pits, thighs and bellybuttons by the vengefull birds. 19. Ponytail: FE Fates Camilla, Elise and Selena are trying out a new spell that should strengthen their hair and style it in a in-season ponytail only for the spell to go awry and ending up tying them with their own now lengthen up ponytailed hair which proceeds to tickle their soles, pits and other defenseless spots until they are rescued. 28. Camping : FE three houses Manuela and Bayleth are teaching important camping knowledge much to the charging of the three houses students that are trying to have some fun horsing around competitively and believe that the 2 teachers are being sticks in the mud. They decide to teach the teachers on how to have fun by wrapping up their arms and legs in the sleeping bags and tent fabric, basting their bared body areas in honey and special herbs and letting the forest animals have a great time lickling their teachers for the rest of the day.

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