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e-celebs, STAs, etc Anonymous 12/04/2021 (Sat) 06:23:25 Id: fa281d No. 8466
what are the ethics around tickleporn of ecelebs/their avatars? is it much different than that of normal celebs or vtubers? and who would you wanna see get it?
>>24486 Aza, this isn't a meme, she's legit one of the good artists who doesn't care
definitely need more Elyse Willems art, fics, etc.
>>24490 I don't see a way to directly commission her. Just to vote on her discord poll which is stupid.
>>24498 >Elyse Willems Add Barbara Dunkelman to that list and you got a good blonde duo that would be great to see.
>>24510 Did you try DM-ing her?
>>24514 I did on deviantart. She hasn't responded yet.
>>25177 Who's the artist for this one, did you make it? Kinda reminds me of Monokron's style.
>>25189 Yeah I made it, I have more katzun stuff but I can’t find it right now for the life of me. Maybe I’ll take some YouTuber requests in this thread, if it’s easy enough.
>>25194 Cool. Nice work, by the way.
>>25177 Tbh my retarded ass really thought this was real and I was momentarily happy
>>25208 same, would be way more interesting than the "I am schizophrenic and visibly pooning out" video we actually got a few days ago
>>23674 Yup, that's definitely submissive tickle/milking slave material right there. Thank you for granting me the new minor obsession of imagining this cutie being tickled into hysterics anon.
>>25214 Digging right into her arches a la picrelated.
https://twitter.com/soleilestelle/status/1543612513132093441 soleilestelle can't tell if just memeing or not anyways I would love some art of this cute moth girl
(346.86 KB 2250x2700 FYCHa8LacAE7JDs.jpg)

Eri just showed off a new oc based on her irl sister... she said she wouldn't make lewd stuff which makes a lot of sense, but... come on. the potential here is too good. lewd the sisters
>>25224 I agree. Feels like kind of a waste if you’re not gonna have the two sisters getting the fuck tickled out of each other. I agree they should be lewded. Shame she won’t do it herself
(230.26 KB 1001x1808 EdoekLdXkAUAju6.jpg)

(154.35 KB 900x1200 FQAJHq2WQAUEQIp.jpg)

(60.59 KB 680x508 media_FLreAbvVQAAd9ax.jpg)

(126.69 KB 1200x894 D2ye_3TU0AofNrg.jpg)

I would tickle the everloving fuck out of meowriza. this buff trans slut needs to be put in her place IMMEDIATELY i want to hear her boy voice fuckin explode with laughter
>>25477 the image that's coming to my mind here is a sort of trophy wall set up where her whole upperbody is exposed sticking out of a wall, and right next to her is F1NN5TER's bottom half they're both getting 11/10 tickle hell whilst getting milked on breasts and dick respectively. Could plausibly go the other way around now that I think of it seeing as Finn is getting kind of sus but muscle girls hot hrnggh
>>25479 yes. muscle girls hot. and when they are unbearably ticklish it's even hotter
>>25479 Muscle girl + Femboy is a amazing combo ngl
>>25479 also i would commission the shit out of that, i would love to fuckin see that in art form holyy
>>25570 ikr!?? Aza-chan and ArisuYoku come to mind for me personally, I feel weirdly confident either could pull it off really well.
>>25224 least coombrained /tkr/ user
(14.38 KB 350x196 1_tsprz70r9q3flcxlcby3ra.webp)

Izzzyzzz deserves to be tickled on their (probably) big feet.
Not much of an E-celeb really, but I think Stevie from GMM is pretty cute and, by the looks of 17:24, she's very ticklish too: https://youtu.be/f_KynzsMRWs?t=1044 Too bad Link next to her was... being Link.
>>25210 damn we need some tickle content of him immediately
>>29587 she's also painfully aware of what the internet is like and goes out of her way to not be barefoot on the show like theres episodes where they're standing in pools of water and she still has socks on she will NOT let us see her feet
>>23674 just wanna say I love how each pic sorta emphasizes a different region 1. feet 2. armpits 3. belly Too braindead to write up fleshed out ideas but gonna go ahead and actively encourage others to bring them up if you have any. It's a good trio and I'm a coomer, mmkay.
>>29595 Fucking tragic because she's really cute
>>29595 Tragic. But also? Fair. Doesn't help that she's a lesbian and thus has as little patience for weird guys on the Internet as one could possibly be.
>>29597 > Too braindead to write up fleshed out ideas but gonna go ahead and actively encourage others to bring them up if you have any. It's a good trio and I'm a coomer, mmkay. Least childish and cringe ticklefag.
(214.96 KB 1284x2778 4ldgocdl2r981.jpg)

Caroline Konstnar deserves to have her soles scrubbed

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