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(619.49 KB 1263x1032 Eeveepaws.png)

(357.57 KB 917x1197 1490036298.holdplacer_gad14.png)

(294.90 KB 700x900 1256932024.bigbang_mudkip1.jpg)

Tickling Pokemon Anonymous 09/13/2021 (Mon) 01:16:11 Id: 4b0fed No. 868
If making your pokemon fight eachother to unconsciousness is ok, then surely tickle torturing them for your own pleasure is perfectly fine too, right?
>>25011 audino with human feet feels kinda cursed, cant lie
>>25029 I have never seen this clip in context so I say this with utmost sincerity What did she mean by this
>>25027 Making Pokémon Mega Evolve to tickle them is such a fun concept imo, and I believe it should be explored more! Well for that, refer to >>11482 for my Clefairy tickle sketch! Though maybe I should do more Pokémon tickle sketches- >>25029 No comment on whether this is accurate or not...just that I'd tickle the heck out of every character that shows up in this animation- >>25031 It kinda does lol, but the pic is cute so I give it a pass. >>25032 Leaf is horny af and is definitely a ler.
>>25043 Oh, you did draw that Clefairy sketch. I'm a dumbass and didn't check.
>>25046 It's fine lol. Maybe I should do a Clefable one...
>>25008 I unironically fucking looove Jynx and would absolutely tickle the fuck out of one. I love this pic, wish some more cute art of Jynx existed but I understand why there isn't >>24967 Yes yes! Just absolutely ruuuuin an Alcremie, just lick her tummy until she's crying~ And I bet she tastes so sweet too~
>>25051 I bet there is more, I just haven't seen it. But yeah, Jynx would be quite fun to tickle imo! Just lickle her on all her tickle spots and just watch her scream in laughter, all the while you get a sweet taste. This is a laugh so sweet that you could get diabetes from it (or the constant consumption whipped cream-)
>>25032 In the game series, you supposedly catch Mewtwo before Leaf makes it to the cave (in which it is sort of implied that her and Mewtwo have a deep, underlying history to which having Mewtwo in her possession is important) Finding out that you caught mewtwo before her, she tries to throw pokeballs at you so that by being "her pokemon", Mewtwo becomes her pokemon by proxy, thus prompting her lines in the clip.
Okay so, I have another one Minccino and Cinccino
>>25060 Minccino and Cinccino are both excellent for tickling for sure (Iris’s Emolga can confirm that,) but they’re definitely glass cannons that can’t take what they dish! It’s especially bad if their opponent or trainer gets a hold of their tail(s) and tickle their ears or paws with it!
How about whimsicott?
(220.25 KB 1249x1029 20220720_123938.jpg)

(224.20 KB 1230x1192 20220720_123939.jpg)

>>25243 Ah, Whimsicott is yet another adorable lee! I love the lil prankster fluffball tree, especially since it’s great for being revenge-tickled!~
>>25258 I know right, but another great Lee would be Chikorita
Speaking of great lees, I'd also like to propose Flaaffy. An adorable sheep thing, wool-free from the arms down, chubby belly; i don't know, I'd absolutely tickle it as much as I could. I also really love its feet for some reason, would definitely start there. Also, Ampharos, for basically the exact same reasons except there's no wool at all and it has a better belly.
>>25265 As Ampharos is my favorite pokemon I have always thought of ways to wreck it through tickling... playfully of course~ That big tummy deserves all the tickles but I can't ignore the idea that it's big tail is also just a big weakspot either. Plus those big feet too! Perfect lee material right there.
>>25265 >>25271 Thirding Ampharos, I'd spend hours on that tummy alone.
>>25264 Gosh dang this is cute.
>>25263 Oh Chikorita is yet another adorable lee, a super-underrated one! A very underrated lee as well imo, I think her tummy would be a ton of fun to tickle~ >>25265 Flaaffy and Ampharos are prime tickle targets imo! Both have big tummies to tickle, but as >>25271 mentioned, their tails would be another fun spot to garner a ticklish reaction from!
>>25344 Definitely, Raichu has the most tickleable paws. I wish there was more art of it though.
>>25305 Okay so, another good Lee would be Blissey
>>25344 >>25349 Agree, Raichu's paws definitely deserve more love! >>25388 All that HP and that big tummy would be amazing to tickle the heck out of! No wonder she's so weak to physical attacks, she's just too ticklish!~
>>26618 the fuck does this guy do for a living to have this much disposable income I've seen him commission so many fucking artists, some pretty pricey ones, more than 100 per commission
(20.48 MB 6000x9000 101255812_p0.png)

>>29510 Who needs a special device to captures Dark Lugia when you’ve got a mon who can break her one tickle at a time?
Lurantis has a cute design... give them toes, and you've got a masterpiece. Here's a piece from ProRaindancer before he went... off the shits basically, according to the cringe thread. Would've posted another picture, but it got posted earlier in the thread so... Also Cinderace. Give me bunny. >>26619 Prince--Charles somehow reincarnated himself into this guy.
>>29713 Holy shit sauce?
>>29722 Marcosos on FA

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