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The Money Shot Anonymous 01/08/2022 (Sat) 15:45:32 Id: 647a26 No. 11244
Alright, this might be too broad of a concept, but hear me out, I think it's fun: You know how in vanilla porn the climax moment is referred to as the money shot? It's what the whole video is building up to and is normally the hottest part. It's also tipically where you're supposed to finish if you can last that long. Well I think the same concept can be applied to tickle porn too. I'm talking about specific moments in videos where something goes horribly right and they turn so hot it makes it almost impossible for the viewer not to want to cum to that part in particular. It can be anything from a specific line of tickle talk, to a 'ler going for the kill on a 'lee's worst spot, to a particularly tough 'lee finally breaking and having to beg for it to stop. So! In this thread we can share those specific moments that make you go straight for that nut button. Ideally, there'd be a video link, a timestamp, and a short comment explaining why that's the peak of the video. Here's my first few contributions https://biguz.net/watch.php?id=2901211&name=nonstop-foot-tickling-sasha-foxxx 7:30 Tay's been using the comb on Sasha's feet for a while, making her grow a little too confident, then you see her pull out the massager and sneakily get it ready, you know where things are going for a few seconds even though Sasha doesn't and then... Boom! It's glorious, she goes from trying to laugh it up like a pro, to slamming her back into the chair while silently laughing in frustration, to cutely screaming "TAAAY!" and threatening to pass out, but it just DOESN'T stop. You know it's good if it manages to push a seasoned model like that. And then... Tay goes for the other foot. https://biguz.net/watch.php?id=3988756&name=real-tickling-brooke-hill-3 6:19 In one word, panic. She's been doing great the whole vid, then this tiny evil 'ler goes to town on her armpits, she realizes how bad it can get merely seconds in, and freaks the fuck out. I love the useless little hand movements and the extremely genuine "OH NOOOO!" towards the end. "This is legit a person you could get any info out of if you keep that up" is what it feels like. https://biguz.net/watch.php?id=843344&name=cali%27s-new-spot 2:52 You can actually pinpoint the second a new tickle spot is unlocked. And god is it a hot and underrrated one. What she's wearing makes it perfect to exploit too, it's so lovely. I'm not even a fan of Cali's but my god am I glad that was caught on video. Tasha teasing her about it and constantly going back to abuse it to keep her on edge is hot as hell too.
(64.50 KB 400x266 desperatebabyoilmerge.jpg)

Love the concept for this thread. https://m.tnaflix.com › video1669874 Desperate In Babyoil TNAFlix Porn Videos This one has tons of money shots, but my favorite is the first one at around 2:17. Tasha catches the girl off guard with the hairbrush and drives her apeshit. Shes already super ticklish on her soles, but the brush sends her screaming and convulsing like shes possessed.
(15.57 KB 550x350 images.jpeg)

https://biguz.net/watch.php?id=7599423&name=nonstop-foot-tickling-bella This video has more than one money shot, but in 5:00, the lee starts to bite the ticklee, and she goes CRAZY, begging for mercy.
(1.10 MB 1235x658 adastrapped.png)

Good thread, OP https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/819297 Check this out. CG video but still. The part at 3:21 where the straps are engaged and her bonage becomes THAT much worse? That was insta-nut the first time I saw it, and still brings me close on consecutive viewings.
>>11310 I miss BaronStrap, too bad he betrayed us.
>>11312 What'd he do?
>>11313 Stopped making tickling content to make vanilla shit
(146.17 KB 1231x666 laughing wrestlers.jpg)

>>11314 Ever wonder why? Because tickle autists are not as profitable and are entitled as hell. This board is testament to that. Good for him I say. Whatever tickle contents he throws out I will be more than grateful for. But I'm glad he's annoyed someone here to think he has 'betrayed' you.
>>11317 That's crazy but I'm not reading all that shit
>>11329 I never thought I would see a person who doesn't have the attention span to read more than a single line.
(2.92 MB 500x280 7.1.gif)

Glad the concept was well received! Here's another one of my favs: https://pornzog.com/video/11321022/ticklish-tattoo-model/ 9:06 Izumi the tattoo model is super cute and subby, but just look at all that ink, she can clearly take some punishment and is more than a bit into it: at some point Mia is tickling one of her feet unbound and she brings the other one up to her so she can tickle both, just asking for it, which Mia calls her out on <3 (worthy of being a money shot on it's own right really). The moment I chose starts at 9:06 when the baby oil is brought out and the massagers start working over those perfect taut pits, making her start falling apart, but the real pay off is at about 10:41, with just the total loss of control and gibberish as she's pushed to her limit and breaks. Nothing beats hearing that "YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY!" out of a punishment glutton like her. She's the absolute image of a ticklish sweaty mess towards the end there, and she deserves every bit of it.
>>11317 Found the vanilla faggot
Most good (old) TA videos had a moment usually before the first edit where the lee was getting it too hard and you could see on their face they legit couldn't take it. You'll know that's the case if after the edit the lee is getting warmed up for the same spot to get hit. I miss those old videos.
>>11244 The most based thread idea I've ever seen, and one I actually have a contribution for. Right around the 8 minute mark in this vid from TA: https://spankbang.com/5x2fs/video/crazy+ticklish+cherie+deville holy shit the way the ler pushes all of the lees toes back to get at her worst spot, and cherie just throws her head back in silent laughter. kelli's grin is the icing on the cake
>>11244 >6:19 Jesus, she sounds like she's being fucking murdered. You can't fake that shit.
>>11393 Think you replied to the wrong post bro
>>11394 I didn't actually but I wasn't paying attention to who you were actually replying to.
For the first minute he was going easy on her amd she still has been laughing like crazy. But at 1:11 the way she erupts into laughter when he picks up the speed right onto the balls of both her feet never fails to make me insta-nut. Also how the restraints are tight making her soles immobile, and that the video is amateur and obviously in a house. So fucking hot https://spankbang.com/67vzw/video/tickling+perfect+feet+and+laugh
Not only is the girl in this a cutie, but her feet are completely restrained to the max. Usually you see feet restaints loose enough to kick and wiggle toes. But her toes are tied back leaving her sole completely exposed and those feet don’t move an inch. Her hands are exposed through holes in the stock board. There are so many nuttable moments in this one. The tickler obviously knows how to use speed to his advantage. At 3:37 the way he surprises her by tickling up her soles quickly - the way you see the reaction in her hands along with the “ahohoho”. Just the way she uselessly attempts to slap his hands away in general is hot as shit. You can see with her hands when she makes fists she knows she just has to take the tickling My favorite moment is 4:03. The tickler uses only one finger up both her soles to tickle the bridge of her toes at the top with all fingers. Her “ahhhhhahahh” as he works his way up always gets me Then he uses a brush wich is hot in it’s own right. But I’ve spoken enough. The vid is gold. Only downside is that in the beginning we see the tickler is some weird looking fat guy. But then again- which one of us isn’t weird by literally just being here? https://pornzog.com/video/10083707/super-cute-girl-tickling-feet/
>>11314 He clearly has a kink for it in some copasity. He won't stop all together. It just isn't the only thing he's into.
(21.51 KB 424x238 scr-36-6_cropped.jpg)

https://videosection.com/search/sasha%20foxx%20feet%20tickle Sasha Foxx hardlimt 4:33 the chopsticks go for her toe stems where she seems more ticklish 5:04 where the ler goes for her long toe, sasha rocks in her binds so you know that tickles a lot
>>11479 Love this one. First time seeing that method of tickling and it looks crazy ticklish so maybe it's a first for Sasha too. Seeing such small movements on just a bit of sensitive skin drive someone wild is insanely hot.
https://txxx.com/videos/11158354/barefoot-tickling-2/?playlist=126829&pl_page=2 4:56 the tickler grabs a brush and tickles the lee feet, the way she goes crazy is amazing
https://pornzog.com/video/8126534/tickle-abuse-sexy-syrian-tickled-by-brooke/ This whole video is a classic, and has a bunch of money shots. My favorites are 5:35, when Brooke first gives her a brief foot massage to lower her guard, then brushes hard and Neela loses her shit. 3:09 is when Brooke first uses the brush and Neela screams like a banshee in response. 4:25 you can tell they gave her a break because she was getting desensitized. As soon as the video cuts back, Brooke has Neela cackling like a hyena just from her fingers under her toes. At 6:45 Brooke takes a bite out of her sole and Neela moans audibly. This is extra hot because Brooke had been doing that before and Neela would scream “what are you doing!” in between laughing fits. You just know the torture is getting to her head by that point. Whole video is incredible.
(55.84 KB 400x227 taglickmerge.jpg)

https://www.boundhub.com/videos/527568/tickling2/ If you know Prya videos, you know usually shell sit there that take the tickling while she giggles her head off. This one vid is where you see her freak out over how much it tickles. Best to watch from the very start to see to exponential buildup to 1:11 where you hear her laughter pitch up and get mixed with shrieks and shouts. Also whats unconventional of her is to curse. Imo this is the money shot hearing her cry "oh my god" to the loud "oh shit" to later trying to hold down a "fuck". Imo gold video
>>11618 > Damn, this one's really great. Prya losing her cool for once, you love to see it.
https://spankbang.com/4akhu/video/tickle+intensive+008 this one has a bunch, but 4:34 has to be my favorite when the brush is used for the first time. https://www.tnaflix.com/bdsm-porn/New-Tickle-Spot/video4684317 4:10 with the new tickle spot is so clearly bad https://pornzog.com/video/8162094/best-of-upper-body-tickling/ 1:26 i think the talking is what does it for me
https://pornzog.com/video/9404053/indian-tickle-legend/ 6:10 is great with the general attitude and switch from already being really ticklish to someone finding a spot that you just can't take
Bump. This thread has provided the best of nuts
>>12150 I couldn't agree more. https://pornzog.com/video/13098282/evil-sasha-tickles-helpless-lucy-1080p-hd/ One of my all time favourite vids, adorable lee, Sasha Foxx is obviously a goddess, but if I had to pick one money shot moment it'd be right around 6:02. I love that spot and I love how the lee goes from giggling, to hard laughter, to begging, to trying to beg but is laughing too hard. A+ nut every time.

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