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Shitposting thread Anonymous 04/05/2022 (Tue) 01:35:48 Id: 2eaddb No. 18404
If you want to debate whether foot fetishists are the master race or a blight upon the tickle community, or call people pedobears, or argue about whether or not Lapis is erick (he is), do it in this thread.
My favorite tickling position is considered the most cringe just because the references are: Furry M/M and MM/M... This makes me sad... :(
(22.86 KB 247x366 Brie foot.jpg)

(2.59 MB 215x219 Ali Brie face.gif)

(1.85 MB 250x247 Brie leg.gif)

What celebrity do you think would get into tickle fetish with the most enthusiasm, and why is it Alison Brie?
People who like Loli are closeted pedos Change my mind
>>18407 >muh thought crimes
>>18407 Some of it on Pixiv look creepy but I don't know if they're actually pedos.
>>18407 it depends honestly lolicon meh idc toddlercon straight to hell
10 euros say Sasha Shark is man
>>18445 SPEAKING OF, what are your favorite ticklefag conspiracies? Axethrower and Lord-Reckless are the same person
>>18435 Lot of lolifags get a benefit of doubt from me due to anime styled 2D lolis being so far removed from what actual children look like, but I don't extend same courtesy to people making even remotely realistic 3D renders.
>>18452 See now, that's a fair point But anime Lolis look too much like children for me
>>18409 No crimes for thoughts Jacking off the CP however, that's a pretty big crime
>>18454 It's not CP if its not real, anon. That's like calling a slasher a snuff film
>>18407 so you are the retarded that's writing in the loli tread? Mods, maybe this user needs to be banned
>>18440 Honestly this and when the characters look suspiciously realistic that's when it reaches the nope level for me
As long as the loli's aren't too realistic and not naked, I'm fine with them. Because even in 2D there is some art that makes you go "Alright chief, you need help". 3D is just an instant nope.
>>18407 Yo, OBVIOUSLY lolichads aren't more interested in actual children than any ticklefag would be interested in kidnapping somebody against their will and forcing them into a life of servitude as a tickle slave whose only purpose is to go insane with laughter and beg pathetically while being viciously tickle tortured at every waking second of their existance IRL. Oh. W-wait. Of fu- Oh no-
This entire fucking thread
All women celebrities should be forced by law to upload feet and soles pics. Just say its for verification purposes. Especially female youtubers. Looking at you jaidenanimations.
>>18474 This is why normies think foot fetishists are creepy lol.
(16.33 KB 239x400 443.jpeg)

>>18475 I also think I should be in charge of licking their feet for taste verification purposes.
>>18473 True!! I agree
>>18456 Yes, of course I am the retarded. I am the most retarded of the retarded In any case, I don't go into the Loli shit
>>18455 That's also a fair point But, sexual urges are much more powerful compared to violent urges Because of this, I think Loli is far more dangerous than movies
>>18483 yeah, cry about lolis pictures in an internet page, don't care about real children pornography
>>18489 The fuck you talking about? Loli is CP, dumbass
(2.86 MB 640x480 1647907692977.webm)

>>18404 8channers when pedophilia is, SHOCKINGLY, bad in the eyes of anyone remotely attached to reality and common sense
(31.48 KB 500x375 621.jpeg)

>>18407 Honestly, I don't really get people who morally crusade against lolifags in earnest. If you're shitposting or just don't want to see it because it's gross, that at least makes sense. The moral objection though makes it seem like the person believes the art is actively hurting real children somehow. Which, basic psychology tells us taboo fantasy is more often than not divorced from real action. Unless you think the 62% of women who have rape fantasies actually want to be sexually assaulted. Lolishit to me is like scat porn. It's fucking gross, but if someone objects to it in a moral sense I sort of get the impression that said person is a bit of a brainlet.
>>18500 agreed. the reason CP is bad is because it's actively harmful to the child in question, not because "it's icky" remove the child from the equation and all you're left with is the ick factor. which, at that point, who the fuck cares
>>18473 omg so true sister!!!!
(55.47 KB 600x872 93598292_p0_master1200.webp)

>>18483 yes, this is why every noncon/kidnapping/bondage/DiD etc fetishist is going around kidnapping real women right? if this is the case i think we should preemptively arrest every artist that draws any of this stuff, before they kidnap a random girl, tier her up, and put a home made pipebomb next to them with a comically large timer. everyone knows that the only mentally sane people are the ones who draw fully consensual human adult on human adult in a loving relationship having sexual intercourse in the missionary position.
>>18493 then say it in the loli tread, troll
I don't know if this fits this thread's theme, but can someone please explain to me what happened to repulsionswitch? I heard monokron had something to do with it somehow.
>>18518 iirc, a wrist injury made it harder for him to draw, and he was sick of dealing with all the unhinged autists in the community (monokron being one of the major ones, borderline stalker behavior with him) he just didn't wanna deal anymore, just shyed away. I hope wherever he is he's happy. If he's reading this, I want him to know we all miss him dearly.
>>18406 Thats a weird way of spelling Victoria Justice, anon
>>18521 What exactly was monokron doing to them? (Side question, i also heard mono's weird space-cat-army thing was somehow also related to repulsionswitch, is that true?)
>>18523 I don't know enough about the whole situation to give a definitive answer, hoping someone more knowledgeable will answer.
>>18522 Dan Schneider might be a grade A creep but the man had taste in the mid 2000s
(40.40 KB 400x260 aNKVbOK_460sv.mp4)

How effective would tickle torture be on the average person?
>>18536 Effective for what? Interrogation? General submission? Arousal? Do you just mean how ticklish is the average person?
>>18536 "average person" doesn't really work here, people have wildly different tolerances for it. if you find a particularly ticklish person who can't stand it, sure. But theres probably an equal number of people who either aren't ticklish enough or don't find it unbearable enough for it to be an effective torture method.
>>18535 Facts. Her and Miranda Cosgrove were excellent choices.
>>18537 >>18538 Interrogation and submission. From personal experience, the majority of people are very, very ticklish.
>>18549 Tell us a story Anon.
>>18523 i dont know if it has to do with repulsion but that shit was WEIRD. his self insert being the overlord ruler of everything and everyone? what kind of an ego do you need to have for that shit? I was in his server for the lulz before he shat the bed and deleted it. Needless to say, but he acted really weirdly on there. the announcements channel was full of shit like "@everyone something really really bad just happened to me. i need to be alone with god. do NOT ask me about it." he would always kind of bait for the "aww what happened" comments but he would immediately tell people to not ask... while @'ing everyone or here... very odd. that would happen like maybe once a week almost. it was always either that or he would constantly be begging for money too, he would always owe money and would find out "JUST now" and needed like 500$ asap. The worst part is, i think some people actually did believe him and sent him cash. i heard from a guy who was supposedly close to him he was lying about owing money and used it to go fly out to meet his e-girlfriend he met in his server. Hell, speaking of owing shit, as far as i know, the dude still owes like 3-4 people commissions they paid for from before he shit the bed and "quit" art. thats probably why the dude dropped the star wars ripoff shit and made an alt account that DEFINETLY wasnt him and denied it to no end despite having the exact same artstyle.
>>18553 The alt he used basically died out, and the Twitter he's using now is protected, so hell if we know what he's doing now.
(4.99 MB 640x360 prev_20260093.mp4)

>>18536 >>18549 I've wondered about this a lot too, and the answer I've come up with is that it'd be fairly variable depending on the person, as another anon pointed out: probably incredibly effective against certain people, much more effective than you (or they) would think against most people, and probably useless against a fair amount of people as well. Angelina is a good example of an absurdly ticklish girl that could be pushed to a genuine breaking point if she was submitted to intense, real, tickle torture for long enough (vidrelated I believe should be sufficient evidence). Plenty of other models, mostly amateur ones for obvious reasons, have (what appear to be) genuine panicked reactions during even small sessions, likely owing to traumatic past experiences relating to it from their youth (which are more common than you would think and in some cases a genuine form of child abuse) that make them more susceptible, or just natural outrageous levels of sensitivity, both of which would probably make tickling just as effective if not more than other 'traditional' torture methods on them. As for it being a lot more effective for most people than they'd think, I'd refer you to the Tickled documentary, specifically this interview with David Farrier, the creator, who I believe puts how a random, unprepared, averagely ticklish person who is not in on it at all would experience it best: https://youtu.be/D5fyIM0nk4g?t=306. Here's him talking about the experience in a Q&A, he sort of extends it to his crew too, which gives us a larger sampler of normalfags being tickle tortured to consider: https://youtu.be/yB5-rWi8kkQ?t=46. I think the last part is what sells this point for me, the idea of 'you think you're not ticklish, but then you're tied down in a room with a person whose profession is to tickle, and it's really bad' (paraphrasing that last bit). Lastly, while I believe every person is ticklish to some degree, some are really good at keeping it together and sort of blocking the sensation if they set their mind to it, which means tickle torture would be very ineffective against them. I should know, I'm one myself, and I've also encountered a few other people who can easily reduce it to something that barely makes them smile. Funnily enough, people like this can also let go of this self-control if they so desire, at which point the sensation overtakes the rational part usually in control and makes it very hard to pull themselves together and stop it from affecting them again while being tickled (this may or may not be the case for yours truly) so... There might be hope of breaking even for these supposedly not ticklish people if you can get them to drop their guard down. There's also, you know... Tickle sluts, who you might be better off torturing by witholding their tickles. But then again, those are hardly the average right? With the exception of course, of our lovely board~
(1.45 MB 1280x953 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18562 >posts a fucking essay in the shiposting thread It's just now hitting me.
>>18557 This upsets me because all his weird drama shit aside I really love Monokron's art style, and arguably the alt he was trying to hide was even better (honestly because he started to rip off how Switch drew feet and I could almost trick myself into thinking he was with us again) It's such a shame that the best artists are always the most unstable. >>18563 Eh, clearly the topic interested you.
>>18553 Wait, does he have an alt or protected account on twitter? I can see one of his accounts if thats the case, but im not seeing any others. The one i can see is @UnikranX .
>>18553 Oh since you said you were in his server, did he ever post any exclusive art in his discord for members only? If he did, could you post it if youve got it saved?
(12.10 MB 1280x720 russia.mp4)

>>18562 I agree with pretty much all that you said. I'm the closest I've ever seen to a non-ticklish person, and I can tell you that for me the sensation is just as intense as when I was a kid and any tickling would easily make me laugh. I got tickled so much that I eventually became super good at completely holding back my reactions, so now almost everyone I know believes I'm not ticklish. But if I get caught by surprise and someone tickles my armpits, I'll start laughing almost immediately. Most people see tickling as a childish thing and so they believe they're less susceptible to it as adults, but it only takes a few seconds for them to find out they're just as unbearably ticklish as when they were kids. Even girls that overall enjoyed getting tickled had off-limits zones where I wasn't allowed to go all-out since it made them completely lose it. General pain-resistance also seems to have barely any correlation with tickle-resistance, people that you would consider to be generally pretty tough were just reactive to tickling as anyone else. The only reasons I think tickle torture might not work is that the stressful situation might make people less ticklish and they would also eventually become accustomed to the sensation, but if the "normal" intensity of tickling could be maintained, I think almost all people will reach a breaking point and it wouldn't even take long.
>>18565 mans got an alt he called something else entirely and then abandoned, then he has another something-kron account that's protected, and he has his main unprotected is monokronX i think. >>18566 not that I'm aware of but if I'm being honest i wasn't looking for any either. not a big fan of the artstyle, looks a bit soulless and flat to me. more a fan of his spergouts tbh. if the tickling community was bigger, he would be good kiwi farms material.
>>18577 you wouldn't happen to have more videos of strong/fit looking girls getting tickled would you anon? this is my exact niche taste
(1005.97 KB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)

Tickling>Pain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmI6K4GvvjQ >>18577 Fair point about the stressful situations making somebody less sensitive, although I'd posit that that probably applies to traditional torture just as much, and it sort of ultimately comes down to a person's mindset about the whole thing. Like, the same way a girl in the middle of a MMA fight can take a lot of punishment and push through while she's in the spotlight and pumped up with adrenaline but might not be able to withstand the same amount of pain as easily if she was tied down and getting beaten up with the premise of being tortured until she relents, she'd probably find tickling annoying at best if she was tickled while in a hold in the middle of a fight, but might react very differently to it if she was helpless in the hands of her torturers and in a situation where it's clear she can't do anything but take it. It's the psychological aspect of it, you know? Realizing it's maybe a lot more effective than you thought, knowing they're not stopping until you break, feeling vulnerable and incapable of fighting back and humiliated... I think it'd get to you, and make it overwhelming. And about them getting used to it, I think it's definitely a possibility for people like us that can control ourselves, but really ticklish people that just lose their shit with it are probably screwed, and even we might be if we're in hands of a skilled tickler that knows how to keep every second of it fresh. Absolutely top tier ticklee btw, good god. It is insane how hot it is to see a beautiful tough musclebound woman screaming with laughter the moment someone touches her armpits (made much sweeter by all those pictures in tough and sexy poses that show off those big and perfect pits from the beggining lol).
>>18588 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xvFcE6xpQY Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but this ones pretty neat. There's a bunch of chiropractic videos with some great tickling moments; the girl in this one just loses it when her legs and feet get touched. I think the first ticklish reaction is at 13:40, best one is at 15:40.
>>18445 fr tho why her donate link go to matthew tho
(49.74 KB 534x467 4zextn.jpg)

Footfags btfo
>>19465 People kept spamming feet pics to her
>>19465 Fair. Footfags=/=ticklefags.
(1.44 MB 1280x720 She-Hulk feet.webm)

She-Hulk needs a tickle torture subplot. Some villain ganks her ass and straps her into some industrial restraint system and starts tickling her tiny human Jen feet, so she hulks out, but her giant She-Hulk feet are even more sensitive, and that pisses her off, so she hulks out harder, which makes her more ticklish, so on and so forth
>>27867 she-Hulk has to go into the fucking trash.
There isn't nearly enough love for tickling in the lotus position from this community.
>>27871 faggot
(324.73 KB 603x603 unknown.png)

>>27888 no, no, he's got a point.
>>27890 >Critical Drinker enthusiast
(233.81 KB 827x1025 IMG-7420.jpg)

>>27867 >tiny human Jen feet Not to cockblock you if you're into smaller feet but even human Jen Walters is 5'10", she's not exactly short and demure. I'm just saying you could argue human Jen could have some big feet herself that just get even bigger in She-Hulk form.
Here you guys go, no more boring feet
(464.63 KB 897x662 xzwBR1_WTeW7QwdiIjIx5Q.png)

>>27932 Nice. Foot-brahs rise up.
(5.20 MB 960x720 Tao_feet_stuff.gif)

>>27935 Feet are the shit
>>27936 Wow I’m not even a foot guy but that’s pretty cool.
>>18404 Am I the only one who finds the "pics and ticklish fates" threads fucking depressing ? I was going to ask there but I don't want to shit up the thread for the ones who enjoy it Like, you're talking to people, everyone is flirty, there are lees that post pics of their ticklish areas... and nobody's ever fucking getting tickled because you will never see these people irl ! You really have to forsake your life as a human and solely live through internet (or already have a fulfilling sex life I guess) to go post there, I don't understand what's the point in it besides reminding yourself that instead of writing about what you would do on the internet you could be actually doing it in real life Also since I kinda started the topic, how do tickle fetishists meet up ? I was always going just by trial and error, flirting with girls and finding out later on whether they are into being tickled or not. Unsurprisingly some hate it, most have mixed feelings about it and some dig it but I've never been lucky enough to find one who likes it...
>>28144 you’re not alone. even looking past all the awkward publicly drooling over each other in there, i just think it’s a mistake for anyone who aims to have a well-adjusted life, to form a sexually/romantically-driven pseudo-relationship/bond with someone over the internet you have no intentions of meeting irl. just leads to pain and disappointment down the line from all sorts of factors, and also—if you allow yourself to be content with just that—actively prevents you from and stunts your abilities to meet and actually interact with people irl. as for your other question, i said this before in another thread but i honestly think you’ll find that in any committed relationship, your partner will be down to try anything with you, including tickling. if they love you, they’ll love what you love. as far as meeting someone else who already has a pre-established tickling fetish, it’s possible, but the odds of meeting someone in the wild who’s compatible on all other fronts (ie physical attraction, age, beliefs, goals, whatever the fuck else) along with also having a tickle fetish to match yours, are pretty low. unless you go to the r/tickling personals page, or maybe do what these guys are doing and meet through discord then move it to irl. but yea all that being said, i think engaging into a long-term, exclusively-online, fetish role play type relationship, is not a great idea in the long run
>>28144 Also the people are gross. Hit the gym and eat real food God damn
>>28144 Its moreso about the attention youre getting. People arent just sitting there going to lala land thinking all those fantasies will come true. Getting attention like that on the internet is different than real life, because a. A lot of those fantasies wouldnt work in real life, and b. Meeting up with people presents completely different situations, and sometimes dangerous ones too at that. Its not a replacement for real life tickling, its just getting attention and feeling good about it (and reading hot fantasjes)
>>18511 Thank you anon for trying, but they'll never understand, mostly because their nevrotic culture tells them they can always yell what they want and be happy, right 'muricans? >>18407 >>18483 They always end up saying "change my mind" and "I think." Exactly, it's what you think. Nobody gives shit of what you think anons, grow up
>>28206 >hopelessly defending being attracted to little girls >tells anons to “grow up” you’d probably hate that though wouldn’t you
(193.80 KB 2667x2000 media_ESBqwdUVAAA2veE.jpg)

Every single fucking time I try to RP with a girl on discord I realize that it's a fucking tranny. I can't be the only one bothered by this gay shit, right? I have started asking for foot proofs but these fuckers still manage to trick me from time to time and I fear that it might be pushing away my chances with real girls. Do you have any suggestions? This is irritating me.
(106.19 KB 595x476 rule_30_girls.jpg)

>>28336 I understand your frustration, but how fucking old are you where you don't know the rule where 90% of "girls" online have a dick?
>>28336 Sorry anon, there are no girls who would indulge in a fetish as childish and cringe such as tickling
>>28336 this is the third thread today (so far) with spontaneous TDS, I'm pretty sure it's just one guy seething
(824.88 KB 800x1200 1662380149390141.png)

>>28336 I feel so bad brother these fucking faggots are killing society. the Jews and Pfizer want to make all the white boys into little twinks who crave bbc daily. it's fucking discusting I want WOMEN not fucking sissy hypno fucks Jesus fucking shit
(12.88 KB 468x425 1292879943586.png)

>>28336 >I have started asking for foot proofs but these fuckers still manage to trick me maybe because feet aren't a good indicator of sex, you fucking mong. I've seen plenty of dudes with slender 'feminine' feet, I've seen women with heftier 'mannish' feet, it's an incredibly poor litmus test of who has a penis and who doesn't.
>>28338 I just want to roleplay with girls, is this too much to ask? I don't want to deal with this shit. >>28346 I made only one thread. It is clear that there are many people who have the same issue. >>28356 Pretty much this, this is so tiresome. >>28357 What am I supposed to do then? Got a better idea?
>>28346 >TDS >Just one guy Firstly, not that anon. Secondly, since you troons and enablers keep using that expression, I'll use it here : Oh sweet summer child... Know this : The only reason you are still around and not constantly laughed at is because you autogynephiliac porn addicts would pay any price to see your garbage tastes on a canvas. Every single other artist laughs at you behind your back, and secretly spite everything you stand for. You are not, and will never be woman. You are nothing but a mockery of what you think a woman is, and none of your unfunny discord memes will change that. You can have your AnonBBs and Artofthevideo, I'll stick to actually talented people. >'seethe' >'mald' >'take your meds' Take a look in the mirror and see who neds to take their lithium. I don't take advice from manchildren. >>28336 I feel sorry for you. I take commission from them often. I can easily look them up on paypal and see the legal male name, but otherwise here's what you have to look for : > They really insist on being girls, they will often say it in the first few hours of conversation without being asked >Very specific fetish tastes - actual girls don't like feet AND tickling, nor do they like loli, nor do they like specific anime characters in these situations >Girls liking these elements individually exist, but I've yet to actually see one that wasn't 'made to like it kinda' by a previous partner rather than be a straight up degen like us. >Will extensively tell you about Pokemon/Fire Emblem/MMORPG characters >Has a female persona >Occasional trap/futa enjoyers >Strangely invested in the current Guilty Gear Bridget drama My tip for you is the following : If you want to do tickle RPs with girls, forget it and embrace how ambiguously gay it is and just accept you guys are just doing it to make a story for a quick coom. Either that or you stop RPing entierly. Not many options there sadly. Alternatively, you could start making a list of all the actual troons you have been tricked with, that would be pretty funny. Pic related is some fresh tickling discord women
>>28363 Jesus, he looks horrifying. Thank you for the list, it matches my experience.
>>28363 >Very specific fetish tastes - actual girls don't like feet AND tickling, nor do they like loli, nor do they like specific anime characters in these situations >Girls liking these elements individually exist, but I've yet to actually see one that wasn't 'made to like it kinda' by a previous partner rather than be a straight up degen like us. This is the only one I don't fully agree with. There definitely are girls who are total degenerates, but they are almost invariably have a nice little collection of mental health issues that make them sperg out if you don't do exactly what they want in the way they want. If you're lucky they might just be autistic, but that's really the minimum you can hope for. Also they will most likely be 300+ pounds and have severe hygiene issues.
>>28375 Yes, I can agree with that, Candlegirl and Homonculus are pretty good examples
>>28375 >If you're lucky they might just be autistic, but that's really the minimum you can hope for. >Also they will most likely be 300+ pounds and have severe hygiene issues. These girls might as well be honorary trannies. They probably look similar anyway.
>>28379 >These girls might as well be honorary trannies. Anon I know you're having issues here, but do you think about trannies often? are they frequently on your mind?
>>28359 >What am I supposed to do then? Got a better idea? get actual bitches retard
(186.27 KB 1045x1629 FAdFSSgVgAM31Ff.jpeg)

>>28359 As a bi fag, I've RP'd with both men and women, so my guess is you're approaching it like a guy. Why is that a problem? Because guys treat RPing like a masturbation method which, sure, it is, but women generally want the "getting to know each other" stuff at the beginning, more talking about yucks and yums up front, confirmation that you're not a creepy chan-board-poster with a chromosome surplus, and can actually write worth shit. That last one in particular is why a lot of even straight women don't like ERPing with guys because, having RP'd with guys too, y'all generally fucking suck. It's straight into asterisk tickles your feet xD asterisk shit and there's no scenario and character-building that actually makes for good erotic writing. If you genuinely want to RP with women that badly and not just whine about it on the internet, ignore the incels talking about girls on the internet like it's still fucking 2006 /b/, read a couple cheap, shitty erotica off Amazon, and learn how to not creep girls out and you can find a shit ton on TMF or Tumblr (which, laugh all you want, is basically the female version of 8chan if you're wondering why it's only guys and trannies on here). Or don't and leave them for me, I don't give a fuck.
>>28382 I only think about them when they try to force their crossdressing fetish on me and turn me gay. I clearly say in my discord posts that I am looking for girls to RP with. >>28386 Okay but how do I get trannies not to message me without getting banned from the servers by the SJW mods?
>>28392 Easy, stop looking on Discord servers where you're self-selecting for the fucking weirdos that go on tickling fetish discord servers.
(40.96 KB 125x136 1661652724424559.png)

>>28392 >>28395 come to think of it, are you even bringing anything to the table a real women would want? what makes you different from the other gorilian thirsty tickle spergs that women should RP with you, specifically?
(167.13 KB 600x600 1644917463997.jpg)

>>28382 I think about troons every single time they try to force their disorder onto any franchise and are extremely vocal about it. Let us look together at the recent contenders : >Guilty Gear's Bridget (not actually trans) >Splatoon 3's Shiver (not actually trans) >Blizzard's removal of 'sex/gender' in character creations for 'body types' >Nintendo's removal of sex/gender in character creations for 'styles' >the blue fairy from the latest Pinocchio adaptation But sure, these are all nerdy pop-culture shit no one actually cares about, surely this doesn't have any effect on peopl- >Quinn goes 'femboy mode' >vivi goes trans >artofthevideo goes trans >CaranNelle goes 'femboy mode' >anonbb goes trans >arisuyoku goes trans >KatyTK (lmfao) goes trans >MeiGonzales goes trans >erimoto and reati are huge catfishes and will soon go the trans route to avoid being called out If you faggots stopped having an epic wholesome coming-out reddit moment every week I'd think less often about how mentally unhinged you are. Does that answer satisfy you?
>>28400 mental illness
>>28401 Yes, you should have it checked out
(52.24 KB 600x860 FZp-lVxXgAE5ay.jpg)

>>28400 >If you faggots stopped having an epic wholesome coming-out reddit moment every week I'd think less often about how mentally unhinged you are. >you you may have been on to something there up until you accused me of being a tranny, as well. That tells me all I need to know. Take your meds.
>>28400 >Guilty Gear's Bridget (not actually trans) >When the game itself says otherwise >When the designer and developer of the character says otherwise This is fucking sad. But what's sadder is how you keep hiding your seethe behind smug reaction images No amount of cope will change the fact that you got sold out by your precious Jap devs.
(209.47 KB 244x398 1645160952871.png)

>Has the fucking androgyne symbol on his/her/their/whatever outfit >Theme song is all about coming out as a troon >Not actually trans Thank god I'm not an anime faggot so I don't have to be delusional about who my game's target audience is. Feels good to be an SNK chad. I can just fap to sexy ladies in peace without worrying about getting cucked.
>>28404 >Jumping on a bad ending as canon for validation Many such cases, SAD even. >>28403 >spongebob.png I accept your loss DQ
(1.81 MB 245x281 1427757399925.gif)

>>28406 >DQ I was gonna let the tranny accusation slide,but accusing me of being DQ? too far, man...
>>28407 I'm glad we can agree on DQ being a faggot
>>28400 >erimoto and reati are huge catfishes and will soon go the trans route to avoid being called out Wtf, I am going to delete all of their art. I hate this, I thought they were girls. I honestly feel tricked. Also, kinda curious how it is always trans artists that make pedo drawings, eh?
You're either literally retarded or didn't play the game if you don't think Cucksys intended for Bridget to be a tranny, but knowing rightoid NPCs the answer is probably both. Go inject yourself with more horse paste, the less of you niggers the better.
>>28406 post that fake email where Japan "confirmed" it wasn't a tranny, and then the company had to come out and state "We don't have these kinds of conversations with random faggots via email"
Why can't trannies/faggots stay in their containment threads? Why do they shit up everything? Like, you will never be a real woman and if you chopped your dick off no one will want to fuck your wound. Much less tickle or suck on your manly, disgusting toes.
>>28412 You're trying too hard to be cool, sounds exactly like a polack from bunkerchan. What a strange blend. Why is your frog beige? >>28413 >[unrelated event that doesn't change the outcome of the conversation] I accept your concession
(1.09 MB 849x479 1602006454838.gif)

it's every fucking thread man, it's like the worst of /pol/ and /lgbt/ being forced to live in the same appartment, holy shit.
(85.96 KB 1280x720 Pierce.jpg)

>>28419 >>[unrelated event that doesn't change the outcome of the conversation] haha seethe faggot
>>28419 Lethal? Is that you my boy? >>28336 >be me >trans >join a d*scord server so that I can easily get the latest tickling pics >soon after I select my role I receive a message from a thirsty user (well, more than one, but I will focus on the worst of them) >I try to be polite >he starts using the asterisks of cringeness: *tiggles ur feet* >I am feeling uncomfortable as I don't even like RP but I feel pushed into it and I don't want to disappoint >play along >waste an hour or two on this until he finishes >he then asks to see my feet >kinda creepy and I don't really want to do it but okay... >he seems satisfied >we talk for a few days, he is kind of a nuisance as he does not seem to have the mental capacity to understand that there are certain times where someone might be busy >he seems like a boring person with no hobbies or interests (other than tickling and playing cod) >he thinks that he is my boyfriend or something >at one point he complains about gays because someone he was RPing with turned out to be a dude (not trans apparently, probably not gay either because they played a straight setting) >I tell him that I don't think that the person behind the RP matters, only the story and the characters that they make, at the end of the day he RPed as a straight cis couple >he seems kinda pissed off >later on in the day he asks if I am a dude and if I have been tricking him >I say that I am a trans girl >he starts to endlessly seethe and cussing at me like a 5 year old >I block him and get on with my day >been avoiding d*scord ever since Was it you? The "foot proofs" thing got me a little suspicious.
(418.32 KB 925x263 1654386928221.png)

>>28423 if this is real Im gonna need chat logs
(394.13 KB 888x706 gone.mp4)

There's a lot of chronically online insanity in this thread.
>>28423 queen
>>28336 the most i will say about this shit is that at this point everyone has their own tranny story, even i got two of them, which i find weird because i just never expected to have them, and personally i don't get what's the fucking point of the whole "everything offends me" culture, at this point it's more like the anthitesis to culture, but as long as they're not trying to push me into their beliefs, i don't give a shit about what they decide to do to their bodies. >>28386 on another thing, roleplaying is nice, and it can totally lead to something good, you just gotta find good people to do it with, in a way i feel it evolves from being a fetish fantasy fulfilment thing to something more akin to collective writing, but finding people this terminally autistic about roleplaying (like me) is really difficult, sometimes some people do show prommise, but some others are just....yeah, i got stories about that shit too. >>28407 kek
>>28423 Don't talk to me tranny. >>28438 Kinda gay of you to play with them in the first place.
(60.61 KB 599x804 1526367482986.jpg)

>>28448 >he didn't say no
>>28449 It's not me, fuck off and dilate fag.
>>28451 once again, not a tranny take your meds
>>28452 You are still a tranny advocate and a fag.
(165.26 KB 516x568 12.jpg)

>>28455 I'm not an advocate, I generally dislike trannies. But theres a key difference between you and I you hate trannies because they aren't women I hate them because they are.
>>28375 >>28344 My gf is the tomboy from what’s always described on halfchan, loves tickling just as much as I do. You have no idea how good this feels.
>>28462 Link?
(34.89 KB 697x710 hnnng.png)

tfw no trans gf to tickle while she tries hard to keep her giggles in because she is worried about sounding masculine.
>>28336 It will always be a trans, make their feminine dick spurt anon
You guys got nowhere better to go since kiwifarms got downed, eh?
>>28501 We'll be back soon enough,
>>28462 Thicc is that you? Jesus man we get it you have a GF thats with you because you saved her from a toxic relationship. We get it, you can shut the fuck up about it now.
>>28400 >arisuyoku goes trans >MeiGonzales goes trans No shot, seriously? When the hell did this happen? >Quinn goes 'femboy mode' I thought he left that phase, or did he go back to it? >erimoto and reati are huge catfishes and will soon go the trans route to avoid being called out I can legit see this happening.
For real y'all just gotta find the right servers. Chicks who are into feet and tickling exist. It's just the law of large numbers. The thing is most of them don't just want to rp with a random stranger to masterbate once. They want to genuinely talk and be friends with people who share a common interest. Which is why they get creeped out by guys who come on too strong and just want to use them as a means to get off. If you behave like a decent human being, your patience will be rewarded.
>>28400 Shut the fuck up transphobe boo hoo there are trans people in video games poor you you little bitch
>>28541 A « « « «  woman » » » » wrote this
>>28514 >arisuyoku Long story, ari is a guy turned catfish turned trans by a groomer who happens to have quite a story with many people in the community, despite not being into tickling at all themself. It's been happening over the course of 5 years so I can't pin point when exactly. >MeiGonzales Literally started as a muskfag roleplayer pretending to be Rosa from pokemon. (pic related) Otherwise do you really think a stinkfag+footfag+ticklefag+pokefag would look like pic related 2? How gullible do you have to be?
>>28514 >>28550 >>28400 The pendulum is going to swing so fucking hard in the next few years. Normies are going to start resenting trannies like the plague. I can’t wait for either me or my children to see the fucking see the tranny is beat back into the closet. I never used to care about them honestly, I was indifferent, but they have made it GOD impossible to not hate them. Even my gay/lesbian friends fucking hate them, because they give the gay community a horrible rep with people already on the fence or who are against the idea of alternate sexualities. Troons are literally the most insufferable grouping of people that walk among the Earth.
>>28550 Who’s this groomer you’re talking about?
>>28400 based, look at all the seething you're causing, its a blast to read.
>>28562 Thank you king, I hope you're having a pleasant browsing session through 8channel
>>28562 Nigger
>>28563 You too sire, I hope all goes well on this wonderful forum. >>28565 have another one.
>>28400 On one hand, I don't agree with this. On the other, who cares? The following seething was hilarious.
>>28550 I didn't even know that Mei was into stink shit. Honestly I don't give too much of a shit about them to have known in the first place.
(419.14 KB 675x1200 poljak.gif)

>>28553 >The pendulum is going to swing so fucking hard in the next few years. Normies are going to start resenting trannies like the plague. I can’t wait for either me or my children to see the fucking see the tranny is beat back into the closet. >I never used to care about them honestly, I was indifferent, but they have made it GOD impossible to not hate them. Even my gay/lesbian friends fucking hate them, because they give the gay community a horrible rep with people already on the fence or who are against the idea of alternate sexualities. Troons are literally the most insufferable grouping of people that walk among the Earth.
>>28553 God I hope so, anon. It can’t come soon enough. The gays I can deal with but trannies keep thinking that their plight is of importance to put it out there. They think that people care enough to share it, make a big deal about it. Take pic included. Like, I wish I could draw as decently as BenisWaifu but this fuck keeps complaining about not being a good looking troon, and the magical pills isn’t going to make him one but AnonBB keeps egging him to “not care” and that “he’s good enough” and shit.
>>28580 >anonBB casually grooming this smoothbrain that is benis Holy shit lmao
(104.72 KB 446x631 211.png)

>>28553 Honestly, I believe the death of transsexualism as a topic of mainstream discourse is going to be a whimper rather than a bang. Body Dysphoria isn't really a condition that's common enough in its extremity to represent the large transexual populations we're seeing right now; that means it's largely a cultural matter. Not to say there aren't genuine transexuals mixed in, but when the majority seem to be emerging within insular online communties that venerate misanthropy and anti-social behavior, the amount of mental illness suffused within can have a good amount of overly credulous individuals (I.E Benis) think that a sex change really is the magic panacea for their long-standing feelings of loneliness and depression. But once the mystique of it all becomes banal (this is usually around the point capitalism acclimates fully to selling your once fringe identity back to you for profit) we're going to be left with a bunch of 30-60-year-olds with bodies that still disgust them while the zoomers find something new to deify. But, you know, autogynephilia will always be a thing in some measure. So I suppose the coomers win.
>>28586 Lots of fancy words just to say that these anti-social losers need to go out and touch some grass, or to just neck rope. Either one works.
Thanks to all the pathetic fags becoming trannies just because "I can't get a girlfriend so I'll be the girlfriend" are just gonna add to that infamous percentage before long. Sucks for the actual trannies, but it ain't gonna be long before trendy trannies bring their numbers waaaay up and beyond the 60%✓ mark
>>28598 You know this is the true reason why so many people in our community go tranny.
>>28586 Pretty much this. As usual, the terminally-online right grabbed on to the 50% of something that was true, specifically that a lot of transsexual stuff IS performative and not genuinely dysmorphia and is also probably dovetailing from the messy realignment of masculinity going on concurrently that borrowed the language of the trans community even though it's a separate issue. Ironically, the fierce opposition from people like the inbred retard that keeps shitting up a bunch of unrelated threads on a tickle fetish board whining about trannies is that he's the engine keeping "trans" discourse going. Propping up transsexuals as this big cultural force is basically free advertising. The silly extra cultural shit pushing random uggos to think they're actually trans because they hate themselves is going to melt away not when a critical mass of normies is mad about it - because mentally sane people that have normal Vitamin D levels rightfully don't give a shit - but when right-wing culture warriors stop building it up into a cultural force and let this stupid shit finally die.
>>28615 Man, it really sounds like you just hate rednecks and Steven Crowder fans. But also you sound really stupid. Honestly, I can see you’re trying to be a clever witty guy, but with a logic that stops at « It’s actually the right wing causing the tranny trend, and not the implosion of tumblr causing groomer/ fetishists on other platforms, especially twitter », I can’t possibly say you’re anything more than a retard. For as long as edgy kids laugh about them, it’s that many nerdy edgy kids that won’t get their lives destroyed by the likes of « take hormones behind your parents back to be happy » Keffals TL;DR : You can keep seething about mediocre right wing channels, at least some of them can define what a woman is.
>>28615 bro kids are literally having mastectomies at 12 forced on them by grade school teachers, I know you wanna be the epic centrist but it:s actually a huge problem
>>28628 >Waahh, kids are being stupid on a couple of niche fetish communities on social media Let the sun grace your skin for once you fucking nigger.
>>28574 Who made the blacks so ugly ?
>>28630 >Seething this much
Retards on a fetish board try not to devolve into retarded pants-shitting about trans people challenge (Impossible)
>>28633 Hey So basically I'm transphobic I Know..... UGH I know... It's just that you’ll never be a woman! So many of your favorite artists are transphobic. We come here to pent steam. Next time you like or retweet someone’s art on twitter. Just realize, we’re hiding our power level. C:
>>28633 theres nothing wrong with a bunch of freaks encouraging children to mutilate themselves because they can no longer reproduce naturally, of course!
>>28634 >It's just that you’ll never be a woman! Man I swear every one of you tards assumes every anon here who isn't transphobic is trans themselves lmao it's actually really fuckin funny
>>28634 No no, don’t say that, they’ll make us try and stand in solitary by starting some campaign and having us reblog some trans rights shit on twitter and everyone who doesn’t is le transphobe.
>>28636 Not either of these, but people who defend trannies are part of the problem. We shouldn't be pushing/pandering/accepting of something that is clearly a mental illness. That is the equivalent of telling someone to keep doing drugs instead of getting them help. I'm not saying "Bully the trannies so they are part of the statistic" (But by all means do if that's your thing) but we shouldn't be encouraging their behavior. Like, at all.
>>28639 Hard agree, I really do despise their ideology, (more so society’s response to it and propping them up on a pedestal) , but at the end of the day I feel like it’s just tragic. Society instead of trying to help these people, had chosen to feed their fantasy. Like, there are so many cases of people I know (in this community and out) where they didn’t initially hate trannies, but I see where they’re coming from because it’s everywhere and it feels forced. People can’t even lightly criticize it without being canceled, (I know I being an artist don’t want to be canceled for not agreeing to the trans mob) so I think it just breeds a deep internal hatred, and here under the guise of being anonymous, it allows people to just werewolf out, knowing they can’t be caught expressing internalized opinions.
>>28640 I really didn't care for trannies, at first. I joined Discord (Not a server but Discord in general) when it first came out and really quickly found out what a discord tranny was. And it just got worse and worse and worse. They make sure to tell you that they are trans, they make sure that, if you're in VC, to tell you about the pills they're taking, they'll make sure to make sure to let you know that they know other trannies and are part of their friends group. Hell, one tranny that I share a server with joined my VC with others while I was playing Apex, and they were trying to show me specifically a 'meme' about trans-coders, and how I've "probably heard of it" because "everyone has heard of it" despite me and the others never even hearing this was a joke or anything, and just to add insult to injury, it wasn't even funny. One of those people also tried to bait a friend of mine to trip up with their pronouns, trying to bait them to make a mistake, or to admit they are transphobic by purposely re-wording the same questions or acting as if they themselves hate trans people to get them to agree. It's so tiring. He (Yes, he) ruined Monster Hunter for someone I know, it got that bad. He wouldn't shut the fuck up about his trans problems, wouldn't shut the fuck up about the meds, about how his father shunned him (Don't blame him) and his mother looks down at him silently. And would vent about how Health care should cover what is ,effectively ,mutilation. And my god have mercy on your soul if you forget that they are a """""she"""""", because they will make sure to call you homophobic, make sure to call you this, that and it goes on and on and on. And now, my safe space from these people (aside making shitty fanfictions) has been infiltrated by these nonces. I scroll my twitter TL to get shit from AnonBB (Not his mid art, but rather shit about transphobes), get smoothbrains like Benis being groomed by Anon like in the pic above, Benis being absolutely smoothbrain and liking Vivi's feet pics, and even me marking them as "not interested" does not make them go away. I didn't mean to go into a rant but fuck did I just need to let it out but your last sentence just got me thinking about it.
>>28642 Yeah I see that shit on my timeline too, dunno if you know this artist but they liked this post and it showed up on my TL, All tranny all the time.
>>28644 >>28642 If I ever have a child and I see they’re starting to go down this route, at the first instance I’m taking their Internet away. My dad always used to block the Internet all the time, fucking hated him for it. Now I appreciate that he did.
You guys are so fucking annoying that I'm going to fucking start using furaffinity again instead of this site. What the fuck is wrong with you people. No wonder we have to have back-up sites, you guys are just as bad as the "TRANNIES" because *you won't shut up about them*. It's fucking cult-like, man. And I thought SomethingAwful forum shit was dead.
>>28560 Used to go by « Jane » a few years ago, actually unhinged.
>>28650 >FurAffinity And nothing of value was lost LMAO Take care!
>>28650 You are on chud territory, now SCRAM
>>28640 Don't fear the trannies. What are they going to do? Mass-suicide in order to cancel you? You don't want to be friends with SJWs anyway. >>28642 This >>28644 He looks so fucking ugly. I don't get why trannies want to show the world how ugly they are. Don't they get that this actually underlines their movement? >>28650 Go back to your faggot site retard furnigger.
>>28666 Die mad about it 😉
(171.11 KB 1000x500 image_2022-09-08_160329736.png)

>>28675 I think I'll be quite content laughing about it from my nice homestead away from manmade horrors beyond comprehension.
>>28580 >we will support you >"i don't wanna be a woman" >nono, you can totally be one Fucking, kek
Cool trend retards It's a good indicator of how desperate one can be to get a following
(291.94 KB 745x315 left wing destroyed.png)

Wow, really weird that you guys for some reason don't meet a lot of women into the same things you are. I wonder if there's some kind of correlation with your pathetic bigoted viewpoints?
>>28650 Damn, never thought I would call a furry based.
>>28681 the fuck is this?
>>28650 It’s easy, once tranny ideology is eradicated, we finally shut up.
(314.59 KB 598x506 tinsay.PNG)

>>28681 Trend/meme started by Tinsay to redraw this one scene from an anime. Some of them are actually good but it's also twitter so most are shit.
>>28629 are you joking or retarded?
(1.41 MB 280x210 out.gif)

>>28629 boy I ain't even a tranny but this is just pure, 100% unnleaded /pol/ meme right here. It's shocking retards like you actually believe this is happening.
>>28430 Any sexual perversion needs to be fed to get stronger so you’ll find fetishists spend the most time online indulging in porn and whatever they can that relates to their fetish
How come this board is full of autistic sperging and other fetish boards like vore1 and the adult baby diapers board are on-topic all the time? Is it because the mods suck?
>>28756 It’s because were an actually alive community
>>28756 Tranny groomers are a real issue in this community.
While I'm all for tranny hating, can I shift gears to the autism in this community? Not referring to the shit flinging in this thread, but like some artist/commentors on posts being legit on the spectrum? 5 years ago, you wouldn't see the comments you see now. Like, entire whole ass run on paragraphs. Not like devious drake, but some dude with no profile making the most...retardedly worded comment I've seen in my 3 decades of being alive. What caused this? I'm genuinely curious. And it's not just on tickling pictures/stories/posts but videos on youtube/dailymotion/ wherever they are posted before being taken down by a DMCA takedown.
>>28775 I literally just found this earlier today, incredible, sorry I had to zoom out so you could see how great is is.
>>28776 Yeah see this is exactly what I was talking about. I don't get why they don't put in that effort into just opening a Word Doc and making a story about it instead of dropping it in someone's comment section, at least then it has a reason to exist but here...the artist does not give a single shit about that. Like, at all.
>>28642 >I am angry that trans-girl are as annoying as cis-girls Anon... I think you are gay.
>>28756 >>28775 there's no way I'll ever be convinced that most ticklefags aren't legitimately autistic.
(1017.01 KB 1950x1262 256.png)

>>28775 >Don't really recall any >Happen to look at comments on an old-ass pic >See this I think you cursed me.
>>28789 The "tickle fetishes are childish and cringe" statement seems to be all too real these days. The vocal majority of the community are actually cringey children who don't know when to keep their mouths shut.
>>28789 He sounds like an autistic twelve year old that watches too much Andrew Tate XD
>>28400 >Guilty Gear's Bridget (not actually trans) Hey guess what you stupid faggot, surprise surprise you were wrong. Kill yourself. https://www.guiltygear.com/ggst/jp/news/post-2584/
>>29030 Bridget is horrible trans representation, why are yalls so excited about this? >forced to identify, dress, and act as a girl by their parents since birth >has a twin brother, who is still male >grows up, identify fully as a woman >"huhuh, grooming words, chud" This is basically John Money's wet dream. It;s like the story of David Reimer except without the botched circumcision and the suicide. yet.
>>29030 >never mentionned as trans whatsoever It's over for the troonies
(307.60 KB 2048x1306 ackbar'd.jpg)

>>29031 >why are yalls so excited about this? I don't think anyone is "excited about it", just that the "N-no the devs are lying Based Nippon says it's just a ladyboy!" cope is getting more and more desperate by the day. The real point of the matter is all of you need to be necked for being weebs.
>>29036 >>29036 ahh, owning the chuds by confirming that the childhood grooming victim has been made trans by her grooming. I getcha, I getcha.
>>29037 I have no emotional attachment to the videogame tranny, it being a "real" fake tranny or a "fake" fake one to the point people are lying about the developers reaching out to them to make sure (((they))) don't lie about it looks kind of retarded. If it was the same instance when that one monster kept screaming "Samus is transexual because she was muscular in one ad from 1993!", I'd be calling that retarded too. This time, it's you guys. I guess quit caring about this retarded faggotry in general, is the moral for today.
>>29039 I genuinely don't care about Bridget, I wasn't even aware guilty gear was a fighting game until like a week ago, I thought it was some jrpg. I'm just confused why they're so gung-ho about this, considering the circumstances of the character
(63.18 KB 610x637 1662847242178146.png)

>>29035 Why the seething?
(57.51 KB 621x481 fe22f22.png)

if only every one were this transparent & self aware
>>29047 >no mom, please, you don't understand, the person that I talk with on the abandoned 2000s mlp mspaint site who I will never meet MUST have a vagina or else it will ruin my tigglecummies :(( Simp mentality tbh
>>29044 Maybe the reaction towards the bridget incident should tell you a lot about how chuds aren't actually hateful because they're close minded, but hate change for the sake of pandering. Even if le based jappies come out and scream "GET IT IN YOUR SKULL CHUDS, BRIDGET IS A PROUD TROON", it won't change the fact yet another character was changed to appease manchildren, and so the cycle of seethe will be entirely justified. When the world comes out of this dark phase, I will enjoy the absolute massive attention whores spamming "HOW I WAS GROOMED INTO BEING TRANS BY SOCIETY" videos, with an epic smirk across my obese face thinking "I told u so"
You know why people have been telling you guys why you should go outside since the early 2010s? It’s because of retardation like this, and how interacting with normal people can make you realize that the world is not as polarized as the internet makes it seem, it’s because online echo chambers clashing has created a divide between the people and making shit seems like a black and white situation, where you’re the good guys and they’re the bad guys, and everyone who doesn’t agree with you are all incels, neonazis/ troons and rioters. There internet, while being a technological blessing, has warped the mind of highly retarded people like most of us in this thread into believing their own lies, and at this point there are a similar amount of “people” who go: >”REEEEE SHIVER FROM SPLATOON IS ENBYYY TRANS SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!” And the same amount of “people” in this god forsaken website who go: >”NOOOO THE OBSCURE ANIMOO CHARACTER IS NOT TRANS EVENTHOUGH THE DEVS SAID SO AAAAUUUUGH” The only way to know this kind of shit is the way it is, is, and always will be, talking to other people and understand social interactions, it’s the only way to understand that things like the little mermaid re-do or the saints row reboot is going to be pozzed trash, and how blm and lgtb was a good idea but eventually got corroded by awful people taking advantage of the situation for their own personal gain. So when people tell you to go touch grass, please, for your sake and the sake of people around you, please go do it. Blog over.
>>29060 >pretending to know what going outside is like for internet highground points I'm sorry but the past 3 years or so has been nothing but hanging around with people that can't stop talking about how much they are on one end or the other of the political spectrum. Twitter opinions are representative of real life opinions in young people. Sorry you had to learn it that way
(1.74 MB 1826x3026 200828_ToDQ.jpg)

>>29068 >validating twitter opinions sorry to inform you but twitter is one of the worst places to get your daily dose of the real world, half of the website got corroded when the tumblr exodus happened and tumblrites needed to turn another website into their safe space, the problem is they picked the worst website since twitter was already poluted by hardcore right wingers, that's why shit-flinging passive aggressive arguments happen all the time there, you're forcing the worsts people in society who actively hate each other share a room.
>>29055 Anon, you can do it without being obese, I believe in you.
>>29068 This. I don't know where you live, Its DQ, but for me it's like anon said. Every person I know (at least below 40 years old) is as retarded and brain washed as a typical Twitter user with just a handful of exceptions. And here I'm talking about: neighbors, ex classmates, colleagues, acquaintances, friends, old friends (over a decade or so), family members and beyond. I interact with like 20 people daily which can be extended to up to 100 people if you count not so close people too. People with, if I want, can argue for hours (but I stopped to do so because it's pointless). So it's not like the internet is a parallel reality, people "irl" drink from those waters and become as retarded. The only difference being that in person they can't pretend to ignore you when you're spitting facts, or camouflage between the spam of other morons. But retarded and brain washed people are real, sorry to bring it to you
(507.71 KB 835x852 1636124229086.jpg)

>>29081 well, that's just fucked up. i personally live in Colombia, so i really don't see much of this shit when i go out, probably because Colombian culture is more accepting than American "culture", we've had pride parrades, sure, but we have parrades for a lot of things in many parts of the country, not only that but when you see gay people or transvestites, they're usually just...normal people, they're not defined by their sexuality but by whom they are, one of my current friends at university is a lesbian and we're still pretty good friends. so yeah, thinking about it, i guess it's just an USA thing rather than a global thing, because you don't hear this shit from other advanced european countries or even third world countries, but i guess we're too busy dealing with corruption and paramilitary groups to deal with that kind of shit.
>>29086 I wouldn't be so sure about being only an USA thing. I have friends scattered all over the globe, and the ones in the USA have indeed a cronical mental disease which only worse with time. Not sure if it's the food, or the society is so brain washing, but nobody is safe. About my friends in Europe (Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc. etc.) they are also retarded. Not as much as the one in the USA, but they are. When I say friends I mean people I grew up with or that I studied with them for several years, but they end up moving to those countries, not that I met them online. I'm in Europe as well and I've local friends here, also retarded. Some less than others, and of course not everybody, but I would say that in general people is green quadrant. But I'm actually from your country's neighbor and certainly, even if people want to claim that we are also woke and shit, we simply have other problems in our countries that are more urgent and these bullshit propaganda is too much of a first world problem, meme aside. Yes, gay people are there, Trans included, and sometimes they have it rough and sometimes they just exist, but nobody is forcing you to eat their tranny dick. You let them be and they let you be. Of course, depending on where you live, some neighborhoods are more tolerant than others, especially poor neighborhoods might be quite intolerant. But yeah, in the "civilized world" we need to start killing people (not trannies, but green people) or shut down the internet. Irl people are getting too similar to social media people in the recent years (even close friends) and that's scary
>>29055 >my obese face trans hater is a fat, low testosterone, chronically online /pol/lack of course lmao t. /fit/ trans enjoyer
>>29060 this
>>29120 >t. /fit/ trans enjoyer Post gains

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