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Unusual fixations in tickling Unusual fixations in tickling 09/21/2022 (Wed) 12:54:37 Id: 7bc871 No. 29569
Starting with the most obvious and most palatable incarnations of Candlegirl's Lumiere obsession. What are some other odd fixations people have with their tickle fetish?
Edited last time by Flatty on 09/21/2022 (Wed) 14:13:59.
>>29571 And that's not even close to be all of them
>>29571 Beat me to it. The worst part for me would be how her armpits get no attention and it´s only feet bullshit. First pic especially related.
The old lady / girl belly tickle scenario. Not sure if it's the same guy under multiple names or multiple guys with the same fixation.
(2.11 MB 640x640 cringe-anime.gif)

The tickling community is fixated on being childish and cringe.
>>29573 Rent free.
>>29574 >Queen dies >Prince Charles starts calling himself King Charles My fucking sides
>>29601 >prince charles >has enormous amounts of money to sink on tickle porn guys guys what if its actually him
>>29574 >"My little feet." >Draws them massive. Based Lewdy
I've seen people obsessed with Ultraman, Solar Flare from Plants Vs. Zombies, some bitch from Wild Kratts, some girl from that animated Chaotic show, you name it. You delve deep into the tickling rabbit hole, and you're bound to find some crazies. Or autists with no sense of self control. One that sticks out to me is the guy who's obsessed with Wacky Jackie from Kick Buttowski and Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z. He's been on the down low from what I've seen, but he got into a fight with another autist about whether the word "footwear" was a real word (it is, pretty sure everyone knows that). As expected from a fight between two people with low-functioning autism, it was... not pretty. >>29590 Went on that guy's discord server to call the artist and everyone who supports him a pedophile before leaving. Someone who joined and left before I did had the same thought too. Man tries to justify it, but you're still making a fetish account focusing on a child character, that's not something to be proud of.
>>29621 Ultraman is really popular with ryona/bondage fans in general. I couldn't tell you why.
>>29599 Actually no, I get paid whenever I type feet.
>>29575 It is one guy, his name's Karma Beetle or something
>>29621 >spend 15 minutes joining a discord server to just write "@everyone pedos" >get banned in 0.6 seconds you sure showed them anon
Not sure how this thread even made me remember the dude, but in the olden days there was a guy called tyrannosaur1984 who was obsessed with 80s cartoon Dinosaucers and drew tons of pictures of various girls being captured and tickle tortured by villains of the show. His DA is still up.
epluribusunumdeusex's obsession with water drop torture and drawing basically the same scenarios for nearly a decade. I enjoy his stuff occasionally though.
>>29659 I like his stuff just for the fact that he's literally the only artist I've ever seen do water drop torture.
>>29645 Left by my own accord, actually. And used a burner, so didn't really lose anything in the long run.
>>29725 what
>>29730 I think they're referring to that tickle belt thing from spongebob?
There was that one Tali'zorah obsessed fellow. I can get behind this one though honestly, just an honest to god waifufag.
>>29755 Remember seeing some of his pictures, what ever happened to him?
>>29755 Tali is the best waifu in any BioWare game, hands down. There's a criminally low amount of art of her.
You say candlegirl and lumiere, but I remember Rajee and his obsession with Kelly Ripa >>29761 maybe if she had human feet, she'd be on par with morrigan
>>29763 Can't believe I actually forgot about Morrigan, I'm a sham. But there's also a criminally low amount of tickle pics for her. Especially when one of your flirting options with her is literally saying you'll tie her to a flagpole and tickle her. And it nets you positive rep with her, so she's 100% into it.

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