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(102.27 KB 225x225 image_2021-09-05_035627.png)

Goldmine Anonymous 09/05/2021 (Sun) 07:56:52 Id: abf37f No. 403
Post links to collections or anything you can find that isn't easy to get ahold of, let's make the ultimate stash
(79.77 KB 335x457 1618389258866.jpg)

Wew. I haven't got anything to post - just wanted to say thanks for the massive drop OP, especially Briel7s stuff.
>>4285 feat me
(497.75 KB 593x772 Cover.jpg)

(706.65 KB 1186x772 Page00_Page01.jpg)

(312.16 KB 1186x772 Page02_Page03.jpg)

(516.51 KB 1186x772 Page04_Page05.jpg)

(697.65 KB 1186x772 Page06_Page07.jpg)

May as well post these. Don't believe I've seen anyone else post them in many years.
(349.64 KB 1186x772 Page08_Page09.jpg)

(606.00 KB 1186x772 Page10_Page11.jpg)

(823.92 KB 1186x772 Page12_Page13.jpg)

(416.04 KB 1186x772 Page14_Page15.jpg)

(884.61 KB 1186x772 Page16_Page17.jpg)

(530.62 KB 1186x772 Page18_Page19.jpg)

(518.37 KB 1186x772 Page20_Page21.jpg)

(360.22 KB 1186x772 Page22_Page23.jpg)

(701.94 KB 1186x772 Page24_Page25.jpg)

(943.63 KB 1186x772 Page26_Page27.jpg)

(733.67 KB 1186x772 Page28_Page29.jpg)

(824.17 KB 1186x772 Page30_Page31.jpg)

(666.62 KB 1186x772 Page32_Page33.jpg)

Not as much tickling as I thought there was, but might be worth a share anyhow.
(752.53 KB 1186x772 Page34_Page35.jpg)

(586.02 KB 1186x772 Page36_Page37.jpg)

(734.43 KB 1186x772 Page42_Page43.jpg)

(804.01 KB 1186x772 Page40_Page41.jpg)

(1.16 MB 2428x772 Page38_Page39.jpg)

(1.12 MB 1186x772 Page44_Page45.jpg)

(894.95 KB 1186x772 Page46_Page47.jpg)

(460.11 KB 1186x772 Page48_Page49.jpg)

(403.49 KB 1186x772 Page50_Page51.jpg)

(812.23 KB 1186x772 Page52_Page53.jpg)

(923.26 KB 1186x772 Page56_Page57.jpg)

(870.75 KB 1186x772 Page58_Page59.jpg)

(348.66 KB 1186x772 Page60_Page61.jpg)

(690.39 KB 1186x772 Page54_Page55.jpg)

(709.12 KB 1186x772 Page62_Page63.jpg)

(666.52 KB 1186x772 Page64_Page65.jpg)

(621.41 KB 1186x772 Page68_Page69.jpg)

(1.07 MB 1186x772 Page66_Page67.jpg)

(811.06 KB 1186x772 Page70_Page71.jpg)

(911.14 KB 1186x772 Page72_Page73.jpg)

(440.22 KB 1186x772 Page76_Page77.jpg)

(648.14 KB 1186x772 Page74_Page75.jpg)

(1.05 MB 1318x858 Page78_Page79.jpg)

And that's the last of them.
>>4343 Anyone here want the followup Sleepover Shenanigan's? Because I have the full series; its 73 pages long however. Ya know Cheshire is a fucking freak but he did organize quite a few great community projects. Wish he'd do more.
>>4712 I say go for it. Well worth looking at and has a good set of pics from different artists, from what I recall.
(419.00 KB 593x772 Cover.jpg)

(547.02 KB 1186x772 Page000_Page001.jpg)

(675.26 KB 1186x772 Page002_Page003.jpg)

(712.96 KB 1186x772 Page006_Page007.jpg)

(778.10 KB 1186x772 Page004_Page005.jpg)

(330.98 KB 1186x772 Page014_Page015.jpg)

(621.43 KB 1186x772 Page010_Page011.jpg)

(620.61 KB 1186x772 Page008_Page009.jpg)

(705.32 KB 1186x772 Page012_Page013.jpg)

(836.03 KB 1186x772 Page016_Page017.jpg)

(373.43 KB 1186x772 Page020_Page021.jpg)

(497.10 KB 1186x772 Page026_Page027.jpg)

(554.22 KB 1186x772 Page018_Page019.jpg)

(576.42 KB 1186x772 Page024_Page025.jpg)

(707.33 KB 1186x772 Page022_Page023.jpg)

(436.94 KB 1186x772 Page030_Page031.jpg)

(536.76 KB 1186x772 Page034_Page035.jpg)

(631.70 KB 1186x772 Page036_Page037.jpg)

(668.60 KB 1186x772 Page028_Page029.jpg)

(662.12 KB 1186x772 Page032_Page033.jpg)

(388.26 KB 1186x772 Page044_Page045.jpg)

(515.89 KB 1186x772 Page042_Page043.jpg)

(645.97 KB 1186x772 Page040_Page041.jpg)

(816.67 KB 1186x772 Page038_Page039.jpg)

(864.67 KB 1186x772 Page046_Page047.jpg)

(609.65 KB 1186x772 Page048_Page049.jpg)

(730.17 KB 1186x772 Page054_Page055.jpg)

(794.22 KB 1186x772 Page050_Page051.jpg)

(777.58 KB 1186x772 Page056_Page057.jpg)

(1.28 MB 1779x772 Page052_Page053.jpg)

(794.22 KB 1186x772 Page050_Page051.jpg)

(1.28 MB 1779x772 Page052_Page053.jpg)

(730.17 KB 1186x772 Page054_Page055.jpg)

(777.58 KB 1186x772 Page056_Page057.jpg)

(858.31 KB 1186x772 Page058_Page059.jpg)

(564.64 KB 1186x772 Page064_Page065.jpg)

(553.51 KB 1186x772 Page068_Page069.jpg)

(539.64 KB 1186x772 Page066_Page067.jpg)

(768.46 KB 1186x772 Page062_Page063.jpg)

(956.98 KB 1186x772 Page060_Page061.jpg)

(386.30 KB 1186x772 Page074_Page075.jpg)

(540.25 KB 1186x772 Page070_Page071.jpg)

(549.99 KB 1186x772 Page078_Page079.jpg)

(553.87 KB 1186x772 Page076_Page077.jpg)

(758.77 KB 1186x772 Page072_Page073.jpg)

(531.13 KB 1186x772 Page080_Page081.jpg)

(577.78 KB 1186x772 Page088_Page089.jpg)

(665.74 KB 1186x772 Page084_Page085.jpg)

(780.38 KB 1186x772 Page086_Page087.jpg)

(882.52 KB 1186x772 Page090_Page091.jpg)

(467.49 KB 1186x772 Page094_Page095.jpg)

(489.68 KB 1186x772 Page092_Page093.jpg)

(648.87 KB 1186x772 Page096_Page097.jpg)

(810.05 KB 1186x772 Page100_Page101.jpg)

(879.13 KB 1779x772 Page098_Page099.jpg)

(673.27 KB 1186x772 Page104_Page105.jpg)

(658.42 KB 1186x772 Page102_Page103.jpg)

(724.27 KB 1186x772 Page106_Page107.jpg)

(774.29 KB 1186x772 Page108_Page109.jpg)

(1.00 MB 1186x772 Page110_Page111.jpg)

(604.25 KB 1186x772 Page112_Page113.jpg)

(605.78 KB 1186x772 Page114_Page115.jpg)

(697.59 KB 1186x772 Page116_Page117.jpg)

(673.64 KB 1186x772 Page118_Page119.jpg)

(645.67 KB 1186x772 Page120_Page121.jpg)

(592.23 KB 1186x772 Page124_Page125.jpg)

(674.74 KB 1186x772 Page128_Page129.jpg)

(879.36 KB 1186x772 Page126_Page127.jpg)

(849.30 KB 1186x772 Page130_Page131.jpg)

(982.27 KB 1186x772 Page122_Page123.jpg)

(371.53 KB 1186x772 Page136_137.jpg)

(480.99 KB 1186x772 Page134_Page135.jpg)

(812.14 KB 1186x772 Page132_Page133.jpg)

>>5112 Why are you spamming this mediocre shit, at least put it in a folder
>>5291 Nice! I enjoy his stuff but he shouldn't be charging what he does on patreon for someone who barely posts two pics a month.
I don't know if many have seen this since it basically got removed the same day. I just happened to get it before then.
(449.38 KB 429x709 1531453632609.png)

>>6283 >draw a character clearly as an adult >dA mods: "THIS IS A CHILD! DELETE! DELEEETE!!!" >nonces have full galleries of photos of real childrens feet >dA mods: "hmmm no problems here" gotta love deviantart
>>6286 DA's pedoshit reporting mechanism sucks, it practically requires the reporter to provide 3rd party proof (such as an official character bio or a wiki page) about sexualized character/person being underaged.
>>6286 Who cares DA's a private company they can do whatever they want
>>6291 I'm a private citizen and I can call you a faggot
>>6286 >>6288 That's part of why I gave up using dA as a resource for tickling content. You're gonna see a ton of pedoshit, MS paint scribbles or bad RP prompts for every actual good pic or story you find. Shit's rough man.
>>8053 dude, source?
Stupid question, but is there a way to look through the original 8ch.net/tk through an archive site? I was able to look at archived posts on wayback when it still online, but now none of the images load.
>>6288 >it practically requires the reporter to provide 3rd party proof (such as an official character bio or a wiki page) about sexualized character... being underaged This is good, the more difficult that they make it the better.
>>6288 To be fair a wiki link doesn't seem like an insurmountable burden of proof. You don't want it to just be "it's underage cuz I said so now delete their account," right?
>>11775 Especially when a lot of those "character profile wikis" have totally made up ages. >That one schizo who went on an autistic tantrum over Ashley from RE4 because some retarded wiki listed her as 15 when she's a fucking college student.
>>12224 Enjoy my collection folks!
>>12229 Based
>>11779 valid point
>>11779 >>That one schizo who went on an autistic tantrum over Ashley from RE4 because some retarded wiki listed her as 15 when she's a fucking college student. lmfao sauce?
>>12308 It was like a year ago and wasn't related to any tickling art, someone made an SFM animation with Ashley and some Twitter fag went ballistic over it. I tried to find it but I think they deleted after they got rightfully called out for being a retard.
Trying to give up masturbation and go clean, but I think it'd be waste to just throw this entire collection into the toilet. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13wuFCU7wq2yyG3W3d1x_fUXNnyrhIQW1?usp=sharing I haven't updated it in a while, but a good amount is from the original kusubooru site, though moving the files around may have messed up the assortment, so its very messy. I'll leave it for you folks to download or whatever for maybe or week before deleting the whole account. Have fun with it you horny bastards.
>>12627 Nice, thanks for the share. How many pictures do you have saved?
>>12631 However many about 7 or so gigabytes worth is haha. I'd check, but I'd rather not tempt myself by looking through it again.
>>12627 Thanks! So, what's with the extended NNN? Tired of hanging out with us creeps?
>>12627 >kusubooru Speaking of that, does anyone have a full archive of it?
>>12640 I've come to realize that I'm a total coomer, and I can feel that my brain has become mush from all the years of nonstop fapping. My train of thought is held together by spit and gum at this point, so I need to let my poor brain recover from the artificial dopamine spikes I've been subjecting it to. Nothing against you fine fetishists, I just need to establish some self-control. No matter much I crave tickling art of cute women orboysicanselfinsertaslmao
>>12652 Honestly I should be taking a page outta your book. I can feel myself getting dumber
>>12661 You and me both man. This fetish has definitely ate up much more of my sad, pathetic life than I would like to admit
>>12652 >orboysicanselfinsertaslmao Oops the idea of a guy getting mercilessly tickled and milked until his brain turns into useless mush (which he can actually feel happening but can do nothing to stop it) and he becomes a brainwashed slave is literally one of my biggest fetishes sorry bro
>>12665 Why must you tempt a man trying to go clean? I'm too much of a softie to get off to that level of torture though- I'd probably just cry lmao. Now light teases and tickle talk shit? That's brain-melting right there.
>>12652 Take up some mental and emotionally-stimulating hobbies or activities in the meanwhile. It's well and good to avoid things you think mess with your mind to recover, but the other half of that battle is using the time and energy previously devoted to porn to pursue stuff that improves your mind.
>>12703 To be fair, I was saying that seeing that happen to you would be a fantasy for ME, maybe not for you.
>>12716 Be that as it may, you totally intended to make me flustered you ass
>>12717 Absolutely, undeniably, and unrepentantly.
>>12669 Thank you very much! I'm speechless that you basically just uploaded an entire imageboard.
Anyone have any fm videos they want to share?
Anyone got this? https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/28730/15719830/anime-girl-light-home-tickling-hd-720p super old video that went around on PH before it got nuked. I remember it not being super popular in terms of like/dislike ratio but goddamn have I never busted a bigger nut
>>15653 Not the correct thread bud
shit my bad
Anyone have a video collection with TickleCentral, Shy and Wild Tickling or any other disappeared studio they'd like to share? Missing some of the old studios that went off Clips4Sale whose videos you can't buy anymore.
>>18525 Not the correct thread bud
made an archive backup of all the tk shit that i liked only makes sense to share what i have so enjoy https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7v03juccp7rqi/archives
>>19237 why do people host on mediafire, literally the worst site, no preview + bulk download so you gotta download one-by-one just to see if it's any good
Alright after some time of realizing how fucking god awful MediaFire was, I decided to cave and subscribed for Google One. Hope this works better! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AVciZ11wEqx2eoPA5jWSEjU0gCsLgBXN?usp=sharing
>>19670 Well, I'm not the one that complained about it, but I thought the same, this is much more comfortable. Thank you for sharing your collection! Over all for sharing the updates of Pecan and Drizzle story, with kemono down I haven't been able to follow it~
>>23800 >90% is his literal foot stank/gunk dogshit Actual waste of time
(119.44 KB 897x1404 FSo9hOGUAAI7Z5R.jpg)

The best goldmine is /tkr/
Oh Hot Damn! The S4 Collabs! Kudos to the anon who posted that! Hoping some Prospectors here might help me find work from a certain PreciousKaren/PreciousKaren MX. Specifically 'The Car Driver' and 'Biggest Fan'. This might be a big ask, but I'd be keen to share and share alike.
https://mega.nz/folder/aVcUVbQQ#mj9Pdp1cHVLeDYGumbqCFg A PolarbearNSFW drive but old. Maybe someone can make a more uptodate one
>>12669 can somebody post this via a method that doesn't require downloading?

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