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e-celebs, STAs, etc Anonymous 12/04/2021 (Sat) 06:23:25 Id: fa281d No. 8466
what are the ethics around tickleporn of ecelebs/their avatars? is it much different than that of normal celebs or vtubers? and who would you wanna see get it?
(61.88 KB 600x516 7e7.jpg)

This board is officially beyond salvation
(569.65 KB 1020x754 34704.png)

>>8467 >officially >mfw this same thread already existed back in 8kun
(115.63 KB 294x222 1540067209513.png)

>>8467 maybe thats the cue for delicate pearl-clutching vanillabean normalfags like you to fuck outta here, then?
>>8471 Keeping up with ecelebs is the most normalfag thing you can possibly do.
>>8472 I don't "keep up with them" you fucking sperg, I see one and go "hey I wanna tickle that"
(74.59 KB 225x230 red.png)

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about anything involving Red from OSP.
>>8474 Yehhh her personality is so snarky! She deserves a good tickle
>>8466 There are no morals. This is a sexual fetish. You're horny? Eventually you'll draw or have it drawn. Now if you want to be descent about it, keep it private, but that's about as moral as it gets. Anyone who says otherwise is a normy-retard who doesn't understand the basic universal concept of fetish porn in the first place: a fantasy that will never happen.
>>8474 I hadn't thought about it before but now by God I want that
(3.98 MB 406x302 1408743467900.gif)

>>8466 Of "real people" it's weird, of their cartoon characters who gives a shit. Also who gives a shit if you wanna be weird and do it with the "real people" too. But it's more weird with them than cartoons.
>>8511 thank you! finally someone says it! this is why i prefer to think of my sexual preferences with characters on the internet and not real people! cause if it's with characters that aren't real and you can only do them in your head with those characters, who gives a shit? you're not hurting anyone.
I mean, what's the difference between wanting to tickle a celebrity and wanting to tickle an e-celebrity? What's the difference between wanting to tickle Gwendoline Christie because I saw her on Game of Thrones and wanting to tickle Jaiden because I saw her on YouTube? Is it just that the e-celeb is more likely to see your degeneracy? Even if they do, people are gonna wanna fuck anything that's attractive. That's where fantasies come in, and what is art if not just a visualization of someone's fantasy? What's the difference between me fantasizing about Jaiden putting her feet up and begging me to tickle them and me drawing that exact same thing? So long as I keep that shit to myself, who is it hurting? So long as I don't ask Jaiden to do that for me, or send her fanart of that implying I want to do it to her personally, it never passes her field of view. When you directly involve the person in question, that's crossing a clear boundary, but what I do in my own time is my own damn business. People who send this shit to them hoping that they'll forbid it are just as bad as people who send it to them hoping they'll embrace it. Just let us sit in our own weird little corner and talk about who we think are cute. I don't feel like it should be a problem. I don't accept the "they have fans who are kids and the kids might see it", because there's so much worse shit out there on the Internet kids can see. I accidentally found a Flash game on Newgrounds where you brutally murder Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls. That was an accident I'll never forget. Kids will just wander into weird shit because they don't know any better. It's not on us to just not produce only kid-safe content, it's on us to teach them how to not walk into unsafe things in the first place. It's a hypothetical scare tactic used because the innocence of children is so emotionally resonant to people and I just don't accept it.
>>8521 I think the perceived difference is that "traditional" celebrities usually project just certain kind of public image, and keep their private lives so obscure that people feel that they fap to the glamourized idols instead of "actual" people. E-celebs are often projecting artificial imago and are playing roles as well, but it feels so much more candid and personals that people are more likely to get weirded out by porn about them. Using tickling fetish stuff as an example, fetish material (mostly stories) about traditional celebrities rarely goes into their personalities and behavior in any ways- both of those actually tend to be so distant that the stories boil down to a tabula rasa fetish doll having looks of a celebrity X. It would often make zero difference in them if celebrity's name was just changed into celebrity Y, and it's understandable since with the traditional celebrities it was always more about fapping to their looks instead of getting more invested in them as real people. There is less of a direct connection, and that connection is what can both make porn about them feel weird to some and to make some of their fans very sensitive about others sexualizing their parasocial Internet big sisters. Personally, I agree with you in that it is okay as long as it is confined in weird little corners of the Internet like this.
>>8528 and as said before, when it is being done to characters from said internet or any form of media that is not real. because if you think of your favorite fantasy with a character who is NOT real and can NEVER be real, or specifically for this page, with the cute drawn persona of a real person and not the real person itself, then what's the big deal? if it's real people or the real celebrity, then it's a boundary crossing. but all in your mind with characters and personas that are not real? who gives a shit? people do that all the time.
Oh it's definitely wrong, in some sense, when you're lewding a real life person's likeness without their permission. Do I care? Pretending to care certainly helps you survive in normie chats, but of course I don't care. Normies don't want you doing anything but consensual PG-13 tickle stuff anyway. In some corners anything non-con is somehow considered on the same level of degeneracy as underage stuff. When did crying over the fate of these characters who aren't real and pretty much never represent the real life habits of the people making the porn become so mainstream? I feel like half of it is just other people who actually don't care but just have to pretend to, lest a mob unites against them to chase them out of the chat.
If we're on the subject of e-celebs, why not YouTubers who are barefoot on camera? Sunpi is one whose definitely deserving of the attention. But might have ot keep it reserved for this corner of the internet. She's showing her feet a lot less nowadays because of heinous comments/dms etc.
(320.32 KB 1495x2047 Akidearest-Feet-5779955.jpg)

(438.60 KB 1920x1080 Akidearest-Feet-4433606.jpg)

(507.53 KB 1280x720 Akidearest-Feet-5537811.jpg)

Akidearest is one whose been asking for it too. She purposely poses like this and takes feet pics in order to become famous on Wikifeet.

(218.13 KB 422x604 emirichu irl feet.jpg)

Or if we're strictly animated avatars, Emirichu is another good option as she's seen barefoot irl but also has some of her fan art of her avatar barefoot as well. Another one that would have to stay reserved to here as she's caught on to the crowd that finds her appealing now.
>>8578 based
>>8577 >She's showing her feet a lot less nowadays because of heinous comments/dms etc. Many such cases.
(2.04 MB 350x197 1355346838.gif)

>>8587 I hate this shit so much, footfags cannot hide their fucking power levels. Lotta cosplay models n shit have started to go out of their way to not show their feet cause of you cunbrains. Was it worth it? >t. footfag
>>8587 >>8588 As a foot person this shit gives me second hand embarrassment Keep it in your fucking pants losers Like art on DA could show feet in any small way without intentionally being Foot Fetish related and there's always SOMEONE going "I love her feet!"
>>8588 >>8589 Yeah I hate this shit. This is why people look down on us so much. Imagine how much decent content we've lost because of these shitters.
>>8587 This must be the footfag master race I've been hearing so much about
>>8596 For the love of Christ, don't start this shit again
>>8597 kinda self fulfilling, innt
anyway temmie is a fucking cutie, irl, avatar, and undertale incarnation I'd be happy to see any of the three tickled senseless.
>>8632 I mean as far as the Undertale char, it prob exists somewhere. A lot of UT fans ate that shit up
>>8632 Where's the first one from?
>>8632 You might like this then. (I know the artist is an odd one, to say the least)
>>8588 This is precisely the thing that pushed away cosplay models like Shelle-Chie, Little-Finch, and many more were forced into retirement. The fetish community simply has the never ending ability to ruin itself at every given second. And with the end of photographers like everage, the pool of such content has more or less evaporated. We will never have concentrated quality content like that ever again.
>>8674 Like I said, imagine how much good shit we've missed out on because of these autists.
>>8674 Speaking of everage, got an archive of his works or something? There is one on exhentai but it is from 2012.
>>8632 Honestly? Same, she's so friggin cute and deserves a good tickling~
>>8716 I do and I don't at the same time. After it was revealed that he was selling feet pics of models behind their backs, many of them minors, I felt disgusted holding onto his work as I wasn't sure who was legitimate and was taken advantage of. Apparently he had withheld commission money from the various models too meaning he kept the money and the feet pics while they received nothing. That being said, I'm extremely hesitant to hold on to anything by him let alone share it as there could be serious liabilities in doing so. So until I am able to get some sort of confirmation about some of the models in question, I won't be sharing or compiling anything by him.
>>8694 My sentiments exactly. Its why I have been trying my best to archive as much content as I can so that I may share it on some platform someday. Quite honestly I wish that there could be a foot/tickle fetish equivalent to OnlyFans one day where girls can post their feet in cosplay and keep their anonymity while doing so. Tsunderebean on Reddit/Gumroad is the closest thing to that right now but she operates entirely alone. There is no main photographer for her who openly specializes in foot/tickle fetish photography and posts content of willing models. If there was there would be plenty of investment to be made.
(54.50 KB 720x720 cosplay cringe.jpg)

>>8763 >Quite honestly I wish that there could be a foot/tickle fetish equivalent to OnlyFans one day where girls can post their feet in cosplay and keep their anonymity while doing so. Would never work, the retards that comprise 60% of this fetish would download the content and fling it on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, ect etc. Something about these people compels them to fling this content on normie platforms, increasing the odds of the models being outed and leaving for good. The only way you're seeing this scenario work is having people in full facepaint or masks, because the second these mongoloids get their hands on it, they're plastering it everywhere. >Apparently he had withheld commission money from the various models too meaning he kept the money and the feet pics while they received nothing. That was the least pf the problem. The majority of them had no idea he was even deliberately focusing on their feet, much less was that he was selling the material. To top it off, a significant number of them were underaged.
(25.14 KB 580x580 1636693706766.jpg)

>>8474 I need it
>>8474 Trope Talk: Tickle Torture! Featuring 12 minutes of Red trying to narrate while being restrained and tickled.
(100.73 KB 1261x312 image_2021-12-13_022416.png)

>2 minutes and 15 seconds for 120 dollars Imagine being retarded enough
>>9152 Does she still make content? I wonder how much it would be to commission her to do a tickling vid
>>9153 Simps be on a whole new level of retard.
>>9124 Times like these I wish I had a single visually artistic bone in my body. The world needs this.
>>9206 >Red makes a trope talk about tickle torture >Her avatar is locked in stocks and tickled throughout the video, laughing as she tries to get through the narration >To make the effect work, she’s actually being tickled on her feet irl as she records >”So the fffffIRST instance of tickling used ahahas torture begahahahan to appear-eep! In ancient Rome ihihin 400 B CEEEEEENOTTWEENTHETOESFUCKINGQUITIT” >Her avatar shakes and blushes as the tickling intensifies, toes wiggling and tears streaming down her face >Occasionally she’ll be incapacitated with laughter, and whatever historical figure or character on screen gives an annoyed glance or a comment. >”Is she going to finish talking, or…” “Gonna be one of those days.” >”Damn girl, it’s just a toothbrush.” >”Oh come on, how can anyone be THAT ticklish?” >Tickling stops partway through >”Oh, oh thank god I think it’s o-“ >She’s suddenly forced up, arms tied behind her head >”…dangit” >Fingers wiggle against her sides and hips from offscreen ticklers, her feet still receiving occasional strokes and tickles as the video enters its second half >At the end she breathes a sigh of relief, before abruptly realizing that a long line of fiction’s greatest ticklers that she’d been laughing over has formed in front of her, ready to take their revenge >Red giggles nervously, before screaming in terror as they pounce and the video cuts to black >Thanks for supporting our patreon guys! Never ask us for anything ever again.
>>9266 And she has to get through the entire script before the video is allowed to end. A video that ordinarily could have been like 20 minutes manages to take closer to 80.
Idk if anyone here would recognize her but OneyNG's former girlfriend, VeronicaandJelly has a super cute avatar and her not having any tickle art outta change soon
(209.82 KB 665x1024 masae1.jpg)

(234.32 KB 500x411 masae2.png)

(6.66 KB 231x218 lucah.jpg)

(106.30 KB 956x935 lucah2.jpg)

>>9266 Wow, you guys really liked that suggestion, huh. I guess I'm just really glad I'm not alone in finding Red pretty cute. In that case, I'll confess a few more of my Internet crushes. I think Masae Anela is very cute and likable, and she's sometimes used tickling to punish one of her co-hosts when he gets too weird, so I want to imagine there's a just a faint ler streak to her. I wouldn't care if it was a depiction of her, or her chibi avatar that she redraws to match whatever game she's playing, they're both good. In that same general area of the Internet is Lucahjin, who's got such a blunt and open personality about everything which is really fun. I like her hair a lot, and I'm pretty sure she's pretty tall too. Again, whether it's a depiction of her or her vtuber model, I wouldn't really care. They're just both really pretty women who happen to create fun content. Also, all of these pictures I'm using are super public so don't think I'm weird for having them.
>>9281 Lucah's a cutie, but to be completely honest, I'm sort of acquainted with a few people in that circle through forums way back in the day, and some con meetups, and it's sort of weird to imagine any of them in a fetishy context. That being said, I could totally see "Lucah plays a tickling game for a 'What the heck' segment and discovers she's kind of into it" as a fun idea for a comic or set of pics. Or a "Masae and Lucah compete in smash bros while being tickled in the new TRG Coliseum segment. Donators control who gets tickled more and with what tools" idea.
>>9283 >I'm sort of acquainted with a few people in that circle through forums way back in the day, and some con meetups, and it's sort of weird to imagine any of them in a fetishy context. That's fair. I'm just speaking as someone who's a distant fan and figured I'd throw it out there because they were the only ones I could think of who stood out in my mind as wanting to see tickled. Don't tell them my shame.
God I had such a teen crush on lucahjin, she's just so adorable and a redhead XD
Lucahjin is so fuckin hot. Big tiddy thicc red head milf bitch who likes talking about sexual stuff? She needs to be tickled on those massive beautiful milky jugs of hers. Fuck
>>9285 >>9298 Yall need to calm tf down
(1.71 MB 498x264 krieger-archer.gif)

>>9274 I would pay top dollar to see Veronica get fucking wrecked with tickles you have no idea
(910.02 KB 2507x3120 IMG_20211220_225028_6~2.jpg)

>>9715 Blessed and based, hero
(1.79 MB 2392x3401 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8579 She needs to be tickled asap
>>8632 Decided to do a really quick drawing of three of the four Temmies here getting what they deserve~
(52.62 KB 522x397 1292879773509.jpg)

>>10108 BASED
>>10108 I've always needed this in my life! Is there a chance you can do a licking version?
>>10125 Here ya go! Was lazy and did it quickly, hopefully you still like it!~
>>10108 Absolutely, incredibly, undeniably blessed and based. You are a dream come true for this thread. We do not deserve you but we thank you all the same.
>>10127 Amazing! I have always wanted to see the bottom of her feet and this fulfilled it for me! I almost immediately started fapping as soon as I saw the first pic!
>>10151 >>10161 Glad you guys like it! It took be about an hour to make, so I wasn't too sure about the quality of it lol.
>>10127 Extremely blessed, this is the good shit
>>10231 Thanks a bunch!~
>>10246 I have searched her entire social media for pics of her soles and I couldn't find any. You have no idea how glad this made me!
>>10108 >>10127 Do you have a version with her bare feet by themselves?
>>10256 I did as well, unfortunately there were none around so I just made some that fit them. >>10279 Here ya go!~
>>10289 This is so good holy shit, do you happen to have a dA or somewhere you post art?
>>10337 Oh damn you're AconfusedTickler? I love ur ironmouse piece
>>10347 Yup! CoFu is just a much shorter AConfusedTickler! And thanks a bunch, I'm glad you liked that one as well!
>>10355 Maybe in the future? Her OC is quick and easy to draw, so I could do quick drawings of her.
(62.46 KB 220x272 laugh-anime.gif)

Don't know where this idea could have possible come from but would anyone happen to have any artwork of CoFu being tickled?
>>10371 Wha-That is not the subject of this board! And no, that doesn't exist!
(673.64 KB 480x400 10132091.gif)

>>10374 But you're kind of an e-celeb
>>10375 Not yet or ever! Anyways, back to ticklish content creators- >>10376 No I'm not! I'm just a small artist!
>>10377 It sounds to me like you're just scared of da tickles~
>>10378 Shut-
>>10380 Stooop you jerks! At least DM me on DA or something so you don't tease me in front of everyone here!
>>10381 Lol sorry
>>10383 It's fine lmao, y'all can keep teasig me if you wish to xD
(947.17 KB 900x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(12.98 MB 4074x3120 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.19 MB 1280x1706 ClipboardImage.png)

(849.60 KB 1280x806 ClipboardImage.png)

(762.87 KB 1280x1125 ClipboardImage.png)

>>10384 I messaged you on DA so we don't clog up this thread anymore, speaking of which I'm surprised there isn't more jaiden
>>10385 I think people have been avoiding her since almost everyone enjoys Jaiden tickles lol.
why would you faggots start roleplaying in the thread
>>10390 I remember trading with Matheow045 for that drawing of nuzlocke platinum jaiden. He's a cool dude.
>>10388 Because it was funny.
(454.12 KB 1570x2199 Patreon post image-54.png)

(651.31 KB 1570x2199 Patreon post image-57.png)

(489.95 KB 1570x2199 Patreon post image-52.png)

(485.94 KB 1570x2199 Patreon post image-53.png)

>>10413 Source?
>>10423 Kenzoe64, its a comic he's working on, releasing bits and pieces of it on patreon
>>10425 Thanks
>>9298 Yes.
(413.08 KB 402x396 Capture.PNG)

This Youtuber named Xploshi has a really cute sona who'd be great to tickle, I wanna see her fat belly getting it
>>8762 The ones on deviantart were not behind their backs. It was other "private" stuff as far as I know. If you can share please do.
>>8983 Sauce?
>>12264 This girl: https://www.deviantart.com/shelle-chii Mentioned elsewhere in thread.
(27.72 KB 919x142 tweet (2).png)

>>11757 Seems like she's asking for it...
(1.38 MB 1414x1414 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12644 >>10070 >>8579 A reminder-
>>12656 >I don't even wanna imagine how I'd attempt to sit through a pedicure. Well, clearly you'd have to be strapped in, miss. Once you're all locked in and secured, then we'll see about an "hour-long torture session".
I'm surprised people haven't brought up that SydSnap commissioned tickle art of herself and it's amazing.
>>14147 she commissioned a bunch of lewd art from different artists for shits and giggles and reviwed them on stream, this was the only tickle oriented one. IIRC she stated she would cry if she went through that irl. kinda hot.
>>8762 Please post it. >>11764 This is also how I remember it as well. >>8763 I could provide my server's storage space to share archived stuff.
(7.83 MB 1920x1080 tems.mp4)

>>10289 Congrats you have activated my monkey brain, have this.
>>14245 I pray for the day when Temmie shows her soles irl. I've been waiting years for it.
>>14252 One day man, one day
>>14253 I literally searched the entirety of her twitter. Couldn't find a single sole pic. Shit sucks. I swear it's either never gonna happen or it'll just happen randomly one day. I feel like she's too self aware to post pics of that include her feet on the internet. After all the rule 34 of her oc and all that.
>>14256 Can't entirely blame her when people like us exist so we just gotta make up our own feet porn
>>14253 >>14257 Yeah. Shit still sucks man. I'm hoping one day she does a live stream without her avatar and accidentally shows her feet or something.
>>14259 if another good temmie image comes to my attention i might be willing to do another animation, if i can get in contact with the artist at least
(589.01 KB 1570x2198 Patreon post image-72.png)

>>14266 I also wish there was a sole pic of Jaiden too. It amazes me how hard it is to find something like that.
>>14274 You're gonna want to delete that she said she was 17 at the time in a video she did.
>>14275 oh dang didn’t know how do i delete stuff here?
>>14276 Arrow left of anon
>>14277 yeah i dont have a password to delete it hopefully an admin or something can do that
>>14278 At least you have the decency to want to delete it.
>>14279 yeah i had no idea thats definitely not something i support, i absolutely want it deleted
Who did video at 17?
(17.17 KB 476x375 20220131_182110.jpg)

I'm here to also to a call for any and all armored tem tickle pics, if any do exist i need to know
>>14311 >Being such a shameless pedofaggot that you want to risk the board being shut down AGAIN just so you can fap to underage feet Neck yourself
>>14327 how the fuck is a 17 year old pedophilia? thats legal in most states in the US
>>14327 KYS retard, and it was not shut down before.
It is also a lie btw, she was 19 at the time.
who the fuck is it, use names you cocksuckers.
most peaceful day on a tickling board for some godforsaken reason
(2.56 MB 4591x2500 red.jpg)

>>15554 Oh yeah, it's based time.
>>15554 Man, sometimes the people here really are the best.
>>15554 Name your social media's so I can find your art
>>15586 deviantart.com/ticklespots Same name on Twitter etc.
>>15589 I thought it was you! Love your stuff!
im still just waiting for someone to bring up ginjaninjaowo aka rea im really surprised nobody has mentioned them their avatar is literally the most ticklable ive ever seen
>>15602 My gut instinct is that they'd be perfect as an upperbody lee. The 4th pic feels really easy to reimagine that way.
>>15603 shed be perfect for either body tickling honestly upper body is certainly cute but also those freckled legs are just begging for squeezes
>>15554 Incomprehensibly blessed
>>15603 So it's okay when you do it huh?
>>15609 ?????
(42.90 KB 345x166 redlaughsherhedoff.PNG)

>>15554 Hot damn I didn't realize people liked this idea that much. Much obliged, I love your monstermary stuff
>>15626 Glad people like it! I was forced to watch a bunch of her vids recently and it wasn't until I saw this thread that it occurred to me a hard tickling is the ideal response to all her sarcasm and snark
>>15645 What scenario involves you being "forced to watch" their videos? Now I'm curious.
>>15647 gf is a big fan haha. To be fair they're actually decent videos, the Journey to the West abridged thing is cool
>>15648 Oh, that does make sense. Yeah, I like their videos from time to time, they can be a lot of fun. I'm very glad you took it as inspiration to reach out and solve a problem (that is, no tickle art of Red)!
>>15602 “Wants everyone to laugh” Hehehehehe oh laughter can be arranged alright
>>15554 Omg this is REALLY friggin cute!~
>>15602 She really cute irl too she looks so squishable
>>15602 Also while im here some more cute avatar pics from her twitter the selfie one especially makes me wanna see that pit tickled
(324.63 KB 1369x1356 image0-364.png)

Ken ashcorps panda could count as one
I won’t say anything but…
the days of alpharad plus when ellie was a regular good times man
>>15602 Fuck it, this thread hit my nostalgia because these stupid youtubers used to be a specialty of mine. So have this.
>>15950 Isn't JellyBean a child
>>16505 Yeah >inb4 pedofags with a victim complex when they get called out for ruining another thread
>>16507 Agreed. We need to keep the minors out of this.
>>16022 Good times indeed. Gosh I'd tickle her for hours- >>16504 Great stuff, this is so friggin cute!
>>15554 This makes me wonder. Red has pretty much outright stated that she's an asexual herself. When it comes to relationships and sex stuff she just doesn't usually "get it." Is anyone else aware of whether or not it's popular to make lewd drawings of her? This is really the first I've seen. I wonder what she would think of it.
>>8579 Do you know what video that second pic is from?
>>15602 Okay she's way too cute and needs to be brutally tickled, If anyone can point me to a TK artist who can replicate her artstyle I'll commission them asap.
>>17252 BalkanPredator or BadPierrot
Do comic artists count as “e-celebs?”
>>17292 They do, and I wished there was an official comic where Sarah Andersen got tickled
>>17292 Now I wanna hear what other comic artists people wanna see tickled lol
>>17414 I assume you’re talking about e-artists in particular, but really any comic book artist out there I would love to see tickled. Female manga artists and writers too since a lot of great manga are written by woman. But I’m also down bad and would enjoy seeing even normal online artists tickled. Especially tickle fetish artists. You know for a fact most female tickle artists in particular online just wanna see themselves tickled
>>17414 Id definitely wanna see these ecomic artists tickled their characters are so cute
Especially Sarah Graley shes adorable and already has comics where she technically gets tickled
>>17419 Bev comics also has comics like that
>>16504 Fixed my shit
>>17926 Based as fuck. Dorky, thicc ginger redheads need to be tickle wrecked by law.
>>17276 >>17287 >>17289 All good options, but unfortunately they're all either closed on commissions or won't draw for moral reasons.
>>18237 Aza-Chan?
(3.28 MB 498x280 maybe-heavy.gif)

(27.78 KB 220x178 happy-anime.gif)

>>18254 >commissioning from Aza-chan...
(16.17 KB 680x378 27d.jpg)

>>17252 >>18257 >>18254 Good news boys~
>>15602 >>15736 lol she has every insane cunt red flag
>>18264 Dude this is 8chan, none of us (including you) has ever talked to a woman before lol
>>18266 >this is 8chan wrong this is not 8chan nor will it ever be
>>18267 >this is not 8chan >nor will it ever be https://youtu.be/X2WH8mHJnhM?t=19
>>18266 True, the closest I've gotten is speaking to a mirror.
(487.08 KB 746x541 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18268 Kick it anon! Let us start a band!
A Youtube/Newgrounds animator named AfroNinja360 has a bunch of cute OCs. Love to see some art of them.
>>18266 I spoke to girls (male) before!
Some cute pics I found
>>15950 jelly bean is a child and a morbidly obese annoying Mexican one at that.
>>18273 dressing up in your sister's dress and your mom's high heels doesn't count tranny
>>18761 You got any proof that CoFu isn't a femanon?
>>18761 >"no wait women don't exist, that isn't possible-"
(340.35 KB 1283x779 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18761 CoFu is definitely not trans.
>>18767 Source: I made it up + brain damage
>>18757 I'd tickle the heck out of Belle Delphine~ >>18761 I see that the long absence of not touching a woman has convinced you that they can not exist. I assure you, we exist. >>18772 Shit, the jig is up. I'm actually a penguin.
>>18782 NGL I am OK with the CoFu penguin lifestyle sounds like true bliss.
>>18783 It is. I just eat fish and waddle around. It's great.
>>18784 With each fish you are one step closer to complete global dominance. Or not, you're just vibing
>>18785 Oh no, it's both. Global Dominance and just vibing.
>>18786 How many fish must I donate to be left out of the global take over but also take part in the vibe
>>18787 Enough.
>>18788 Understood... I think
>>18789 Bring me fish and Belle Delphine in stocks. It's what all penguins desire.
>>18793 Belle Delphine did admit she was ticklish, especially on her feet on her onlyfans... so I'd like a turn as well
(848.27 KB 1920x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18274 We have nothing. But we have a dream.
personally I'm pretty sad no one did tickle art of hit or miss girl. i know she's doing a Nico cosplay but i like the idea of some dumb head empty e-thot cosplayer getting tickled.
(1.01 MB 2794x2927 Sarah.jpg)

Couldn't help myself. Sarah's tickles.
(87.06 KB 1042x968 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18804 If we become a band on Youtube, we are the e-celebs. Which means we are the ones who will get tickled!
>>18809 Nyannyancosplay definitely deserved a good tickling for that~ >>18810 Absolutely adorable stuff!~
>>18810 Hey, that art style is REALLY cute. I feel like I've seen it from someone, but I may be misremembering. Either way, I would love to see more art from you! I love the way you draw feet in particular, and that expression is really, really good. I feel like you nail the feeling of "this was fun but it's starting to get unbearable, oh no why are you not stopping".
>>18767 you got any proof he is? besides their word ofc. and your massive cope because you're so desperate for any female attention you'd believe a random tripfag online on a board that's full of trannies and tranny defenders?
>>18810 I thought this was extremely cute anon, and I got inspired, hope you don't mind
>>18905 Hey, there’s a board for complaining about tickle artists, right? Could you just take this over there? Thanks!
>>18905 femanon derangement syndrome, a tale as old as time
>>18905 How do we know that you aren’t trans?
>>18907 i wouldn't call a tracing tranny an artist, much like i wouldn't call a guy who dresses up as a chick a woman. either way i remember speaking to you before this whole catfishing for attention bullshit, i know you're not a tranny but you are pretending to be a chick online for attention. >>18908 i can also switch to my phone and turn on mobile data for a different ID. i don't think anyone is really buying your shit and if they are then that's just sad
>>18921 Alright lol but still the wrong thread, maybe the shitpost thread if you must.
(1.17 MB 2943x3526 Emirichu.jpg)

Emirichu's turn! If it's all the same with this thread, I think I will engage in a few more of these.
>>19269 Please do! These are very cute!
>>19269 Ah, now I recognize your art style :) thank you v much rain
(755.45 KB 1200x925 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18796 She's a ler!!??
(222.08 KB 594x394 ClipboardImage.png)

>>19481 >>18796 Guys she is back, less goo heres hoping for more art, if she starts up only fans again how much do you think it would cost for a tickle vid? Would probably cost a kidney maybe we can get a tickle studio to commission a vid
>>19616 i really hope someone draws her... drawfags hear my plea
>>19616 ticklefags should crowdfund a tickle video
>>19624 YESSS!
(350.65 KB 1312x1934 FQld_MqXoAA2QFr.jpeg)

>>19624 it's gonna be done badly like every tickling video is from people outside the fetish. she's gonna be loosely tied down on her bed not stocks or a chair, it's going to be weird unappealing angles and it's going to be like 80% upper body and when it is feet it'll be from a weird angle where you can't even see her soles. believe me, you either get non tickling fetish models into a tickling studio, or you get blueballed and your money wasted.
(1.03 MB 4032x3024 weeb.jpg)

(37.67 KB 900x900 Redbard.webp)

I did say I'd do more. With the thread lookin as dead as it is, I think this will be the last one. A bit more of an obscure pick, probably, but I couldn't let her slip through. >>19269 >>19271 Very belated thanks to both of you! >>19275 Naaw, I have absolutely positively no clue who you're talking about.
>>20344 Ooh, RedBard. That's a great choice, one I really like but wouldn't have thought of unless someone reminded me of her. It's unfortunate that you're gonna call this the last one, because I've been vicariously enjoying these cute avatars through your art, but I also wouldn't want to whip you into producing free art past when you enjoy it. Thanks for what you've given us!
(288.22 KB 800x966 2012-03-15-One_More_Week.jpg)

(105.37 KB 640x640 katie wat.jpg)

(377.58 KB 800x605 2012-03-01-Delay.jpg)

(511.17 KB 800x2100 2012-03-22-Screw_Up.jpg)

>>17414 If I could only go with one, it'd be Katie Rice. Only issue is which version to stick with, since she has so many different interpretations (can post more for reference if necessary). Given she used to draw Skadi menacing her as a representation of her deadlines, I could see her being the culprit behind it, give the "art vs artist" angle a cute spin. Have a few scenarios in mind, but I can save that until later.
(67.82 KB 510x659 katie food 2007_01.jpg)

(31.19 KB 594x1056 Jayus.jpg)

I wanna wreck this giant-footed bitch like you can't even imagine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNwpxQFeuPU&t=14s
>>20396 I love this art style and wanna try, so let's hear it if you have setups you like;)
>>20690 stuck under a bed with her legs out
>>20689 Based af. I agree tho. Big and soft. Maaaany tiktok stars that I just absolutely want to destroy with tickles.
>>20689 The way she leans back and swings them up in one swift motion is so funny to me. If she's this brave to show her feet on camera like that certainly she'd be okay with telling us exactly how big those feet are, right?
>>20690 Well the main one I had in mind just kinda plays into Skadi's personality. Was thinking of Katie being caught in a snare Skadi (or Diseasoid) set up, rendering her completely helpless to whatever the she-barbarian has in mind. Could be her stomach, feet, pits, anything could apply really. Could even get really dirty and have her tear her clothes off and just go hog wild on her helpless nude form, leaving her a squealing hot mess. Could even have a bit where she decides to keep her around since she was such a "good sport" about the whole thing.
(804.81 KB 800x756 2012-04-19-Delay.jpg)

>>20727 Just realized I didn't provide a reference for the little guy in either of my posts, so sorry about that.
>>20689 Not to be the guy, but she is 18+, right
>>20729 23 now. PRESUMABLY she was over 18 in that but I have no idea how long TikTok has been a thing. She looks like an adult, though, so I'm leaning towards legal.
(198.99 KB 800x1217 EAHTfHOXkAAyihF.jpg)

>>20728 >>20396 Skadi would be a damn good lee too. Granted it's canon her feet smell disgusting, but hey, just an excuse to scrub them clean.
>>20733 Quite true, especially the latter bit. Hopefully we see more of her and her creator very soon, maybe even being tickle tortured together. After all, "artists must suffer for their art," though luckily the implications are less grave in this instance.
(855.35 KB 1669x2838 VFLtoLB.jpg)

(36.22 KB 886x886 Karina_mic.webp)

(12.49 KB 307x280 Karina_New.webp)

Not sure if anyone will know how I'm talking about, but Karina (one of the hosts of Drawfee on YouTube) is fucking adorable and needs tickles immediately!
>>20740 Oh yeah, definitely. Karina is very funny and very cute.
>>20729 no she is 16 and i will still jack off to her because 16 is the legal age of consent in 90% of the world except the ass backwards country that is the US. where you can consent to basically signing your life away to the military at 16 but you can't consent to fuck someone else
(81.42 KB 704x231 JayusAge.PNG)

>>20750 Nice. Does she have a cartoon sona?
>>20753 No, it's just a normal e-celeb.
>>20750 I've seen exactly one picture of her foot but I'm definitely in the camp that thinks she deserves to be tickled hard. Her big soles could use a very long brushing
>>20689 https://www.tiktok.com/@onlyjayus/video/6804914990068419845?lang=en Here's another video of the tops of her feet. What I wouldn't do to get this bitch in the stocks for a video or something. I could see her being size 10
>>20747 Have fun in jail my friend
>>20740 I'm literally watching them right now. I agree. She needs to be tickled
(1.30 MB 3072x2078 20220518_170621.jpg)

Got a little inspired after checking this thread, have this
>>21589 Who dis?
>>21600 Going off what this artist has done in the past, it's likely Tabbes.
>>21589 This style looks new, are you new to the thread? I like your style but I don't recognize the person, so I don't know how much of that is how you draw and how much is just how the avatar looks.
(11.36 MB 4138x3672 Rae.png)

>>15602 >>18254 Commission from Aza-chan! Rea bound and tickled by the psychic powers of a mischievous Meowstic who seems to have a fondness for her cute legs~
>>21816 How'd you manage to commission from her? I've wanted to get or consider a commission myself but don't know where to find her current commission info or contact her.
>>21817 I talked to her on Discord
(3.07 MB 2586x2748 98627694_p0.png)

>>22432 only semi-related but it's wild how all Jaiden R34 is retroactively non-canon now
>>22438 How so?
>>22438 was it somehow canon before? what the fuck are you talking about?
I was about to write a similar comment but i just remembered that she made a video saying she's aromanitc/asexual, layman's terms, literally no romantic or sexual feelings towards people Which in some way could technically be defined as non-cannon but really man was her getting double deckered dick acting like a slut with the body of the average twitter oc really accurate in the first place
(39.00 KB 500x557 oohhhhh.jpg)

>>22443 that doesn't make them "retroactively non-canon", they were never canon, they're fanart
>>22447 I agree that they were never "cannon" in the first place. I understand anon's general line of thought that it "invalidates" the porn now because she doesn't have sexual feelings so now jaiden having the sexy sex with people doesn't make sense anymore. Which it never was in the first place but i sorta get what anon's saying.
>>22438 >>22443 Yeah, "canon" is an odd way to put it. I don't think you can technically apply "canon" to something in real life. And honestly, all of these fanart of Jaiden is definitely a manufactured version that fits with our fantasies, because the real Jaiden still would've had no interest in any of these even before she came out. That also brings to mind how asexuality even applies to fetishes like tickling if she wasn't the one with the fetish in the first place. Not ace, so I have no clue how that plays out. If she's ace, can I not convince her to give me a footjob? It's not like she was getting anything out of it before anyway. The only ones that are truly "outdated" now are any that involve her being sexually aroused during the tickling. But it is interesting to think about.
>>22450 i get "Weird but okay you do you" vibes from her
I have been informed by a friend that jaidens feet were censored in this video which is hilarious https://youtu.be/wJwnPY9yAEg
>>22477 Well fuck im stupid, it was really Birdee
>>22477 So close and yet so far. Fuck this guy. We could have finally had some great feet pics.
(1.12 MB 3072x1974 20220522_202510.jpg)

Finished version! >>21607 Sorry for the late reaply, but indeed i am kinda new to this site/thread, the character is Tabbes and a random OC i drew in her style.
>>22656 Nice! The style is very cute, I'd love to see more from you in general!
>>22656 that's pretty solid kiddo!
>>8577 Looks like she's really warmed up to us. https://youtu.be/fnBN_fqKKrE
Please feel free to shit on me for being a zoomer (18 don't worry) who unironically watches minecraft YouTubers but: Look at these people and tell me with a straight face you don't get any ideas. (please share if you do have ideas btw) In order assuming I don't get jebaited by 8chan: - Burssty, very much a small channel and very much getting shilled by me here but goddammit the pose in this fanart is making me think uncouth thoughts. - F1NN5TER, who is either a very dedicated femboy or imminently trooning out at this point. Either way, feeling a very strong desire for tickle-assisted milking here. - CaptainPuffy, the exposed midriff in this one pic only leads to one thought you can probably guess.
>>23674 Pretty sure finnster is just a cis crossdresser, but I could be wrong. I would be lying if I didn’t said I didn’t wanna see tickle art of them though. I swear femboys love thigh highs and skirts more than actual girls
Request of Jaiden and Emirichu I got from MaxHaZeo on DA. No idea if he will upload it but it's good work so I might as well share it here.
>>23674 Go outside kid Jesus
(196.17 KB 2064x555 HezuNeutral Banner.jpg)

(376.05 KB 2880x2880 HNSmileRange.jpg)

Feel like she could definitely use some art. Perhaps one of her hot takes regarding a recent Disney flick lands her in even hotter water with people outside of her fanbase and they decide. Would suggest stocks given the more "public humiliation" angle I was thinking of but it could be whatever one feels is best. Providing a full body ref and some decent references for her laughing/smiling for now, can post more if need be.
>>23854 Wow I stroked out and forgot to finish a sentence there. >and they decide to teach her a lesson about insulting their recent trendy film.
It's such a pain trying to find someone to draw e-celebs. Can anyone recommend me a good artist that'll draw them? I just want more Temmie Chang feet and tickle pics.
>>24486 Aza, this isn't a meme, she's legit one of the good artists who doesn't care
definitely need more Elyse Willems art, fics, etc.
>>24490 I don't see a way to directly commission her. Just to vote on her discord poll which is stupid.
>>24498 >Elyse Willems Add Barbara Dunkelman to that list and you got a good blonde duo that would be great to see.
>>24510 Did you try DM-ing her?
>>24514 I did on deviantart. She hasn't responded yet.
>>25177 Who's the artist for this one, did you make it? Kinda reminds me of Monokron's style.
>>25189 Yeah I made it, I have more katzun stuff but I can’t find it right now for the life of me. Maybe I’ll take some YouTuber requests in this thread, if it’s easy enough.
>>25194 Cool. Nice work, by the way.
>>25177 Tbh my retarded ass really thought this was real and I was momentarily happy
>>25208 same, would be way more interesting than the "I am schizophrenic and visibly pooning out" video we actually got a few days ago
>>23674 Yup, that's definitely submissive tickle/milking slave material right there. Thank you for granting me the new minor obsession of imagining this cutie being tickled into hysterics anon.
>>25214 Digging right into her arches a la picrelated.
https://twitter.com/soleilestelle/status/1543612513132093441 soleilestelle can't tell if just memeing or not anyways I would love some art of this cute moth girl
(346.86 KB 2250x2700 FYCHa8LacAE7JDs.jpg)

Eri just showed off a new oc based on her irl sister... she said she wouldn't make lewd stuff which makes a lot of sense, but... come on. the potential here is too good. lewd the sisters
>>25224 I agree. Feels like kind of a waste if you’re not gonna have the two sisters getting the fuck tickled out of each other. I agree they should be lewded. Shame she won’t do it herself
(230.26 KB 1001x1808 EdoekLdXkAUAju6.jpg)

(154.35 KB 900x1200 FQAJHq2WQAUEQIp.jpg)

(60.59 KB 680x508 media_FLreAbvVQAAd9ax.jpg)

(126.69 KB 1200x894 D2ye_3TU0AofNrg.jpg)

I would tickle the everloving fuck out of meowriza. this buff trans slut needs to be put in her place IMMEDIATELY i want to hear her boy voice fuckin explode with laughter
>>25477 the image that's coming to my mind here is a sort of trophy wall set up where her whole upperbody is exposed sticking out of a wall, and right next to her is F1NN5TER's bottom half they're both getting 11/10 tickle hell whilst getting milked on breasts and dick respectively. Could plausibly go the other way around now that I think of it seeing as Finn is getting kind of sus but muscle girls hot hrnggh
>>25479 yes. muscle girls hot. and when they are unbearably ticklish it's even hotter
>>25479 Muscle girl + Femboy is a amazing combo ngl
>>25479 also i would commission the shit out of that, i would love to fuckin see that in art form holyy
>>25570 ikr!?? Aza-chan and ArisuYoku come to mind for me personally, I feel weirdly confident either could pull it off really well.
>>25224 least coombrained /tkr/ user
(14.38 KB 350x196 1_tsprz70r9q3flcxlcby3ra.webp)

Izzzyzzz deserves to be tickled on their (probably) big feet.
Not much of an E-celeb really, but I think Stevie from GMM is pretty cute and, by the looks of 17:24, she's very ticklish too: https://youtu.be/f_KynzsMRWs?t=1044 Too bad Link next to her was... being Link.
>>25210 damn we need some tickle content of him immediately
>>29587 she's also painfully aware of what the internet is like and goes out of her way to not be barefoot on the show like theres episodes where they're standing in pools of water and she still has socks on she will NOT let us see her feet
>>23674 just wanna say I love how each pic sorta emphasizes a different region 1. feet 2. armpits 3. belly Too braindead to write up fleshed out ideas but gonna go ahead and actively encourage others to bring them up if you have any. It's a good trio and I'm a coomer, mmkay.
>>29595 Fucking tragic because she's really cute
>>29595 Tragic. But also? Fair. Doesn't help that she's a lesbian and thus has as little patience for weird guys on the Internet as one could possibly be.
>>29597 > Too braindead to write up fleshed out ideas but gonna go ahead and actively encourage others to bring them up if you have any. It's a good trio and I'm a coomer, mmkay. Least childish and cringe ticklefag.
(214.96 KB 1284x2778 4ldgocdl2r981.jpg)

Caroline Konstnar deserves to have her soles scrubbed

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