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(619.49 KB 1263x1032 Eeveepaws.png)

(357.57 KB 917x1197 1490036298.holdplacer_gad14.png)

(294.90 KB 700x900 1256932024.bigbang_mudkip1.jpg)

Tickling Pokemon Anonymous 09/13/2021 (Mon) 01:16:11 Id: 4b0fed No. 868
If making your pokemon fight eachother to unconsciousness is ok, then surely tickle torturing them for your own pleasure is perfectly fine too, right?
yall are no fun
(1.14 MB 1180x1181 ClipboardImage.png)

(852.55 KB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.20 MB 1200x990 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.12 MB 960x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.17 MB 960x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

Not really my thing but here you go
>>1108 >Not really my thing >has 5 pics
(834.40 KB 1141x1169 image_2021-10-01_180034.png)

(207.67 KB 700x630 scor.png)

(373.81 KB 1200x906 77378796_p0_master1200.jpg)

(315.27 KB 1200x1056 77378796_p1_master1200.jpg)

(188.96 KB 2048x1364 E44IDSWVgAIdYv9.jpg)

(200.40 KB 2048x1364 E44IDS-VUAI8U-p.jpg)

(622.51 KB 1190x849 95165165_p0.png)

(385.74 KB 1190x849 95165165_p1.png)

(450.63 KB 849x1190 95220467_p0.png)

(423.20 KB 849x1190 95220467_p1.png)

(553.77 KB 1200x800 41375243_p0_master1200.jpg)

(702.77 KB 2000x2000 64872841_p0.png)

(488.01 KB 840x1200 75682422_p0_master1200.jpg)

(529.01 KB 856x1200 71777517_p0_master1200.jpg)

(474.88 KB 1070x948 80271692_p0_master1200.jpg)

(250.96 KB 577x1200 89055690_p0_master1200.jpg)

Remembered that I did some sketches of some mons cause I was bored and a friend wanted me to. Might as well post em here!~
>>11482 these are pretty cute
>>11482 Hey, those are really cute. Your expressions are golden and I think that's what really sells non-humanoid Pokemon tickling. So long as I can tell from their expression that it's ticklish, I'll buy it. Oh no wonder, it's CoFu! These traditional drawings are very cute. Do you have any way to scan these in and do some digital touch-ups and coloring on them? Honestly, I think they stand really well as just cute little sketches but some color and lineart could be nice. Either way, I'd love to see more Pokemon from you, and the "taking pictures of my sketchbook with my phone" aesthetic is quite charming as always.
>>11485 Thanks a bunch! >>11488 Thanks a bunch as well! I do my best to give them cute expressions, glad to hear that I succeeded! And yeah, it’s me! I do, and I might do it in the future cause these would be pretty easy to do imo. Glad to hear the blurry pics from sketchbooks is nice enough! Gonna drop a few more here cause why not?~
>>11497 Oh, what would a Z-Tickle move even do? That's a fun thought.
>>11498 Well in the acutal game it just gives an extra stat boost to the user's defense, but I guess here it lowers Mawile's to zero~
>>11499 Oh yeah, I guess you can just Z- any kind of move. But wouldn't it be MORE fun if it did something special?
>>11501 Well I'm tryna think of something for it. Perhaps it 'immobolizes' the targetted Pokemon?~
>>11514 My best guess is it lasts 2-5 turns immobilizing them, and every turn it lasts, it reduces their stats (like how Tickle normally does). The longer it goes on, the more helpless your Pokemon becomes!
>>11518 Oh, so it's like how Wrap worked in Gen 1! I love that idea! Also, I think it'd be even better if it also nullified Ghost-immunities and the Clear Body ability as counter-measures, and the more ticklish the mon is, the longer it lasts~
>>11520 New stat: Ticklishness, and if it's too high, the Z-Tickle move will cause damage and can potentially cause your Pokemon to faint from the torture!
>>11521 Yes, I love that idea! Tickle damage to HP are calculated by taking the ticklishness stat and like dividing it by the Defense or Special Defense, depending on if the tickler is using one stat or the other~ To train your Pokemon, you have to tickle them yourself!~
>>11522 Honestly, this feels like potential romhack/fangame territory where we just lean into the concept where Pokemon battles are tickle fights rather than elemental brawls.
>>11523 Gosh that would be so cute! I would absolutely LOVE to see something like that! Losing isn't even actually losing since your cute Pokemon will have been tickled until they fainted!~
>>11525 Well, of course if someone beats you they get to tickle half your money out of you. You'll need a night at the Pokemon Center recovering alongside your Pokemon!
>>11526 I was gonna bring that up! Not only do your Pokemon get tickled until they faint, you also get tickled until YOU faint! And not only that, but beat an opponent, and they have to let you tickle them till they faint!~
>>11527 There would have to be a lot of Jennies or something patrolling towns and local areas to rescue fainted trainers...
>>11528 They have to wear vests underneath their clothes as to not get tickle tortured until they faint themselves-
need more pics of human on pokemon tickling for reasons
(409.80 KB 1370x2048 Ey5b1IhVUAIT7dL.jpg)

>>11533 Trainers involving their Pokemon in their tickle fetish, whether they want it or not? I 100% agree~
(1.64 MB 853x480 121234578897.gif)

>>11537 Draw it and I'll color it
What is THE definitive best pokemon for tickle fetish purposes (either as a 'lee or a 'ler). Our Vaporeon of sorts, if you catch my drift.
>>11539 theres no singular answer to that question on either one the whole scorbunny line seems pretty popular lately though. big bunny feet.
>>11539 Honestly, any humanoid/biped pokemon works as a lee from what I seen (hence why pokemon like Lucario, Scorbunny, Sceptile, and Lopunny seem to be popular choices). Lers seem to boil down to pokemon that have defined tongues, hands and vines/tentacles (Lickitung, Tangrowth, Ambipom, Whiscash)
>>11541 But are there any Pokemon that are good for BOTH?
>>11538 Well which mon should I draw getting tickled by a trainer though? >>11540 Scorbunny line is pretty good for tickling tbh. >>11542 There's gotta be one good one!~
>>11543 Chefs choice. Would prefer one that doesnt get as much attention, just to mix it up, but I will honor your decision. Any cute peets are fine by me
(350.37 KB 782x1043 ClipboardImage.png)

(654.20 KB 970x1042 ClipboardImage.png)

>>11546 One that doesn't get attention? Sure, easy-
>>11527 Extremely cute. Would be even better if a hypothetical Pokémon tickle game had sequences for the gym leaders, rival, Elite Four, and Champion. Being realistic about how much or little effort would go into it, I'd say the rival would have six different tickle scenarios lasting 10 seconds for each of the fight victories, the gym leaders would have 20 second ones with the tickle animation changing to a different position at the 10 second mark, the elite four would have 40 second ones with tickle animation changes at the 10 second mark for a total of four laughing positions, and the champion would get the 60 second one with six laughing positions that cycle at the 10 second mark. Naturally, there would all be versions of these for the player losing as well. And if you beat the champion on the rematch, you get to unlock 2 minute versions of all the clips, complete with voiceovers you haven't yet heard, new positions, new tickle methods, and so on.
>>11565 Oh this would be perfect imo! Different trainers having different amounts of time their tickle scene lasts depending on their status is great! Honestly I wouldn’t mind there being mini scenes for beating the random trainers or losing to them or wild Pokémon! I’d also like to imagine that losing to the villain team results in a game over since they’d kidnap you and keep you as a tickle toy~
>>11565 >>11578 I actually had a similar idea a long while ago for a Pokemon AU where losing a Pokemon battle meant the winner got to tickle you for an amount of time based on your "status", and it increased to a dangerous degree pretty quickly. Random trainers get a few minutes, gym leaders get about an hour, Elite Four members get a significant portion of the day, and if you lost to the Champion, you were never seen again because you were locked in their dungeon and tickled for the rest of your life. I think it's pretty funny we both came up with a "bad end" but we assigned it to different groups!
>>11578 I was hesitant to mention normal trainer types since I know GameFreak wouldn’t bother with that level of detail in an endeavor like this, but there are plenty I’d love to see as lers and lees. Namely Swimmer trainers, twin kids (two mischief makers are better than one) and the ninja type. Every single battle girl should also get some. I love that last idea too, and think there should be game over screens for losing to grunts, admins, and the boss of the organization.
Sometimes Pokemon make the best tickle pets, and sometimes they think you'd be the better one to laugh~
(394.42 KB 678x819 95417248_p0.jpg)

>>11588 This is a hypothetical, so let’s just say that GF actually cared and put love into the game! Oh I’d love to see those and others like the lass’s, picnickers, and Hex Maniacs getting tickled by the player’s tricky fingers or the player getting tickled by them~ Yup, the evil organizations tickle the cuties and Pokémon they catch, so when you lose, you and your Pokémon are now tickle toys, hehe~
>>11611 Sometimes it’s the trainer that needs some training, and their Pokemon are more than happy to help them~
>>11657 Well I’m all for this concept getting the full love it deserves. Hex Maniacs would naturally have a shrill, wild cackle when being tickled, but them spooksters can be very evil ticklers for sure. That sounds adorable. Probably to cap off this tickle journey, the game would start with the typical mother wakes up trainer routine. Except this time, it’s a ticklish wakeup~
>>11611 Actually this picture brings up a great point. We're talking a lot about forcing our Pokemon into tickle play, who here would actually catch Pokemon specifically to be their lee? Curate your catches specifically to make sure they all have tongues, vines, tentacles, or psychic powers, train them very specifically, and then every night you send out all six, lay on the floor with your arms over your head and your feet up, and just accept your fate? With specific natures you could even run the gamut between gently teasing tickles and absolute torture.
>>11672 Next thing you see the new meta team of Pokémon consists of Gardevoir, Haunter, Tangrowth, Cinccino, Lickilicky, and Tentacruel ...for reasons

(304.54 KB 813x407 unknown-27.png)

>>11672 There are occasional threads on 4chan where peeps come up with different pokemon based on different fetishes. The fetishmon threads There are two tickling based ones that are pretty interesting
>>11661 They would either be so absolutely lovely lers who crumble after just a minute of tickling, or devilish lers who make you scream louder than any girl who just saw a ghost~ Perhaps the true boss of the evil organization is never revealed so you go home after the Elite Four and sleep…only to be bound to your bed and stripped to your undergarments, with your mother adorning a suit with the logo of the team on it. Before you could beg for an explanation, her hands have already descended upon you~ >>11672 My guess is the region limiting a portion Pokémon from being captured, leaving only the ones that can also be Lee’s as well. And while training a Pokémon to be a master tickler is great, the best offense is a good defense! Your Pokémon can be insanely good at tickling, but if they crumble to a single feather dance, then they’ll lose a LOT. >>11673 Tbh Gardevoir and Cinccino are definitely mixed choices as while they are excellent ticklers, they are definitely weak to tickling themselves~
>>11681 I would love to be tied up and have someone send their Cinccino to mercilessly brush their tails against my soles as a method of torture to get me to talk.
>>11687 Oh that’d be so great, tied down in nothing but my undergarments as the soft, cruel tails of a Cinccino stroke against my feet and body, the Pokémon not caring for what I said as I cried for mercy~ But then after I manage to turn the situation and make the trainer who did that to me pass out from tickling, I’ll take a long, soft feather and begin to tickle Cinccino with it, not caring for its ticklish cries of desperation as I stroke it’s feet with the feather and throw in a random raspberry on it’s tummy every now and then, just to throw it off~

(675.98 KB 1200x1125 80407144_p0_master1200.jpg)

(741.10 KB 1280x1024 char5.png)

(100.25 KB 994x803 char2.jpg)

>>11681 Hehe, exactly! You could even say they're scarily good at tickling you~ Oh goodness that is HOT. To think the true boss of the organization was the person who tickled you at the very beginning of the story, your very own mother, who made you squeal back then without even trying and is now ready to REALLY tickle you~ >>11678 These concepts are neat, and I would unleash both of these on various trainer types. >>11698 Lucario seems to be doing well so far, but we all know them thick thighs are dangerously sensitive.
Just a hot-take here, but I believe that raichu has the most tickleable paws.(tan soles with pink pads) I think raichu deserves a LOT more tickle art than it's recieved
(294.91 KB 960x1280 raichu.jpg)

>>11834 You're right, and you should say it. Whether Kantonian or Alolan, Raichu has big, plush paws that deserve a good tickle.
(93.74 KB 1280x648 1435292647210-0.jpg)

Original sketch by ChaosGreiga. Colored version by me.
>>11998 Thx for hopping on the raichu train! It means a lot since it doesn't get a lot of tickle art.
>>12014 No problem! Raichu's big feet do deserve more ticklish love!
>>12199 Based There needs to be more Caseytheii tickle art
>>12199 Considering Casey’s a chu, a chu with big feet, a chu with big feet in big sandals that fly off her feet, and is smug, she deserves every last tickle she gets.
(1.17 MB 1280x905 ClipboardImage.png)

>>14506 >>11697 >>11458 Yall need to be more original, this is the third time that sceptile pic has been posted
(260.06 KB 2048x1706 20220215_214431.jpg)

(348.41 KB 1280x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

>be me, a pokemon trainer >want to be the very best, yadda yadda yadda >enter tournament >opponent choses Delphox >Tangrowth I choose you! >opponent is smiling confidently >I obviously don't know what I'm doing >fight starts >Tangrowth used tickle! >Delphox fights back, giggling >Tangrowth used tickle! >the vines are tickling everywhere, it does no damage but it can't stop laughing >Tangrowth used tickle! >keeps burning them, but there's always more, absolutely hysterical >Tangrowth used tickle! >it's freaking out, Tangrowth just won't faint, and it can barely use any ability laughing so hard >whywon'tyoudie.png >HP EV investment paying off >Tangrowth used tickle! >it's crying and clawing at the ground, trying hopelessly to crawl away >Tangrowth used tickle! >Delphox is begging their master to make it stop >won't ever faint if the hp never reaches 0 >PP left about 25 >everybody stares in horror >"D-delphox, come back!" >Gardevoir comes out instead >she looks absolutely terrified >momentofexpectation.png >Tangrowth used tickle! >she's cry-laughing before she finally manages to bring down the beast, completely out of breath >next pokemon time >the audience looks at me in complete silence >grab next ball >Tangrowth I choose you! >her face when it's nothing but Tangrowth down to the last ball >I am a pokemon trainer.
>>14902 Extremely hot and funny. Love it

(108.11 KB 2048x1365 FFK2uLVacAEvbnJ.jpeg)

(2.53 MB 2560x2142 Sebafox_lucario5.png)

(5.48 MB 2200x1464 ex_lugia2.png)

I don't get the inactivity ITT. Don't people want to befriend sweet little critters and then give their lungs a ticklish workout?
(741.72 KB 1109x1103 ensj_Lucario.png)

(2.07 MB 2133x2043 pokesoles01.png)

(1.34 MB 1739x2748 Mew-Tickling-Revenge-redone.png)

>>21329 agreed
>>21334 Sauce on that mew pic?
>>21336 its a very old stormdragonblue pic, sadly he hasn't drawn tickling in like a decade. i found it in a huge archive of all his works
>>21329 Well said
>>21343 Do you have a link to that archive?
>>21329 it seems someone made a "small critters tickling" thread not that long ago and it has a significant amount of poketiggles in there maybe that's why this thread was inactive
>>21364 https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AImJN12T4Ftve8w&id=D4916EE010ED2ADB%2112897&cid=D4916EE010ED2ADB here it is. i already scoured it for all the tickling pics he had done over the years a while ago and made a folder, its small but very good. i can send that as well if you like.
>>21417 Yeah thanks, send the folder with the tickling
>>21471 Thanks!
(1.55 MB 2000x1889 Mishap_on_Route_121.png)

(1.02 MB 2149x2172 Sleep_Assistant.png)

(2.96 MB 700x800 BURRITO_BOY.gif)

>>21436 Pretty based to see that typh posted here. He gets into fun bits of cute trouble. Well, "trouble".
(265.92 KB 1497x813 ClipboardImage.png)

1. Go to https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/ and pick a game 2. Choose six of the cuties you'd most want to mercilessly tickle into adorable out of control laughter and tearful submission 3. Take a screencap of your ideal tickle slave pokemon team and share It's fun!
(179.67 KB 1188x307 ClipboardImage.png)

>>21622 this was not an easy choice, there are countless more I'd absolutely love to tickle absolutely out of their minds, but these are the go-to.
Alright boys, I have three teams of mons that I want to torture, let me know what you think
>>21622 Max points into belly.
In my opinion, chubby pokemon in stocks is my go-to. Actually, any pokemon in stocks is nice. Anyone wanna post some for reference?
(744.62 KB 765x950 1589445977043.png)

>>21633 REALLY wish there was a version of that first lucario pic with them breaking. They look SO close!
(297.18 KB 1522x802 ClipboardImage.png)

Each one of these silly things would spend most of their time either giggling themselves crazy, or as a twitchy blushy mess helplessly shaking their head in fear of my approaching fingers~ No mercy for the ticklish cuties! >>21622 Btb, selecting the 'home' option at the bottom gives access to all regions at the same time. >>21626 >>21632 Indeedee was MADE for tickle torture. >>21628 Based cute mon appreciator.
>>21622 Was a tough choice but ultimately these are my favs for torture~ And yes, I have a thing for cute paws
I managed to fit mine into the 30 I could fit into one post. My favorite is Alcremie though, like gawd, of course I wanna see all of them tremble and giggle and plead helplessly as I approach them, but Alcremie most of all, gosh >>21643 Super good picks! >>21632 Holy shiiiit I've never seen this before, thank you so so much for sharing! >>21628 Lots of super good picks here, great taste
(295.33 KB 1886x618 ClipboardImage.png)

(572.30 KB 1503x941 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.08 MB 1500x1125 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.77 MB 1600x1280 ClipboardImage.png)

This was my last team when I played SwSh, I'm always very carefull to always make a harem team I can imagine with off-model feet to throw in a tickle void. Gardevoir isnt there because she fills the same niche as Hatterene, but I value them both really high as potential victims. Same with Glaceon and Sylveon
(101.93 KB 861x1428 20220522_073402.jpg)

>>21622 Clef is a sleeper, but the idea of a big happy beanbag getting all squeaky and squirmy from some gentle touches gives the well-needed seratonin.
(196.21 KB 1538x403 Screenshot (63).png)

I think my tastes are fairly pedestrian. Gardevoir, Hatterene, Gothorita, and Kirlia are for really working over with tickle torture. Indeedee and Glaceon are for more cute and cuddly tickling. Imagine getting curled up with a nice cool Glaceon and tickling her paws while she squeaks and giggles in your arms.
I have now learned that most of this thread would utterly demolish 90% of Fairy types. Interesting.
>>21835 Most of the people in this thread are interested in cute Pokemon lees and most Fairy types are designed to appeal in that cute way.
>>21835 Lol and here the thing that was standing out to me was the supermajority of my picks being psychic type.
(358.12 KB 1462x2048 FTW1GQ-acAAZ0qi.jpg)

(145.12 KB 664x922 1619732815574.png)

(483.57 KB 1530x1341 vivian tickles giselle.png)

(114.98 KB 877x911 ych vivian.jpg)

(335.93 KB 729x613 Giselle_viv_tk_fin.png)

(796.68 KB 2095x1734 Giselle tickles Vivian(Barefoot).png)

(4.26 MB 2308x3029 gotcha!(sweat).png)

>>22004 Damn that Gengar girl’s got a thick ass and thick feet. Which is a winning combination in my book.
(37.24 KB 680x680 1233002275446.jpg)

>>22004 I see like three or four new pics of these two OC's every week how much money does this guy make?
Random Quick Sketch
(1.40 MB 1842x1383 ClipboardImage.png)

Why does this thread keep dying? :(
(1011.93 KB 2515x1758 3504144_LKIWS_myrcellavictoria.png)

>>24849 we don't have a constant dripfeed of pokemon tickling at least not good quality, anyway
Curious, which Pokémon would y’all tickle the most, and why?
>>24942 this is an incredibly difficult question there are so many cute paws and soft bellies obviousanswers are things like gardevoir and lopunny, nothing wrong with them, but they seem to obvious. I kinda wanna tickle the shit out of a charmander, of all things.
>>24945 Yeah, it is a really hard question! Charmander is a good choice! Forgot to mention this in the original question, but how would you like to see the Pokémon of your choice tickled?
>>24942 Charizard's built for a ruthless belly tickling. >>24945 Charmander's based too.
>>24942 I'm not really entirely sure why but I'd wanna tickle the absolute shit out of an Alcremie. Like just abaolutely relentless until she's crying and (probably) begging me to stop
>>24948 Charizard’s tummy just seems so tickleable, as do their feet! >>24959 Ah Alcremie is an excellent choice! So cute and adorable, I can imagine tickling her would be as sweet and licking her…though that could be an effective way of tickling her-
I would have to go with mew. Adorable little cat with long, push paws.
>>24981 Yeah, Mew is an excellent pick! They're so cute, and they have them long paws that look like they would be a blast to tickle good~
>>24947 Indeedee. She has a cute chubby tummy that looks really soft to tickle
>>24942 MOST definitely raichu, way bigger, chubbier, and cuter than pikachu. His tan paws definitely seals the deal that you'll most likely have the best time of your life tickling a raichu.
>>24987 That big tummy of Indeedee just looks soooooo friggin cute to tickle! Indeedee is also a great lee as the male and female versions have different personalities, but the same big tummy~ >>24988 While I like Pikachu a bit more and enjoy him as a lee, Raichu is definitely much more fun to tickle imo! He has that big tummy and those long paws, making him just so fun to tickle the heck out of!
Guys, guys I know a much better choice Audino
>>25006 I was actually about to post in the thread about Audino. Consider the facts: >Big round belly, cute little feet >Extremely passive, mostly a healer and supporter >Is so supportive that it will frequently heal you while you battle it >Exists gameplay-wise to be a sack of experience you beat on to level up your team and almost nothing else How could anyone call me a monster for capturing one and mercilessly tickling it until it faints, then reviving it and tickling it all over again, over and over reaping the experience gain each time, until the poor thing is completely spent? It surely must be better for the environment to milk one Audino rather than to wander around beating up a whole patch of them. I'd also like to put forth Jynx. She's a thicc bitch and I know she's got some wide feet for me to indulge in. Post design change, please, I much prefer purple Jynx over...the other one. (I would have posted an Audino tickle pic but I think I only have one and it's already been posted)
>>25006 >>25008 You both are absolutely right, Audino would be such a fun Pokémon to tickle, especially with that idea of constantly tickling one into fainting and reviving her! You did forget a few things though- >Has good HP and defensive stats, meaning it'll take a while to make her faint >Cute and definitely ticklish ears allow for another one of your Pokémon to be squeezed in to tickle her >Capturing one does allow for the tickling of Mega Audino, who's even tankier Jynx is also a cute lee, but yeah, definitely post-design change.
I know this is an unconventional choice, but I would really love to tickle Clefairy. It's a big, cute, fluffy pink marshmallow that looks like it would love to have its belly and/or paws tickled to oblivion. The same goes for Clefable as well. Such a shame that there aren't really any tickle pics of either, though (other than the one that was posted earlier in this thread).
>>25014 Unconventional, but a great one imo! It and Clefable just look like the type of Pokémon that would be a blast to tickle the tummy and paws of! It is sad that the only pic on this thread of them is just a sketch, I thought that being a semi-popular, cute Gen 1 Pokémon would've granted it some art-
>>25011 Making an Audino Mega evolve just to tickle the Mega seems incessantly cruel, which is perfect for this thread. What a power move! >>25014 Clefairy doesn't seem too unconcvential to me, but it is strange that it has no art. It's very cute! >>25017 Haven't you done some cute art for the thread, CoFu? Maybe you could fix the problem of no Clefairy art...
>Cofu attempting to catch her next victim
>>25011 audino with human feet feels kinda cursed, cant lie
>>25029 I have never seen this clip in context so I say this with utmost sincerity What did she mean by this
>>25027 Making Pokémon Mega Evolve to tickle them is such a fun concept imo, and I believe it should be explored more! Well for that, refer to >>11482 for my Clefairy tickle sketch! Though maybe I should do more Pokémon tickle sketches- >>25029 No comment on whether this is accurate or not...just that I'd tickle the heck out of every character that shows up in this animation- >>25031 It kinda does lol, but the pic is cute so I give it a pass. >>25032 Leaf is horny af and is definitely a ler.
>>25043 Oh, you did draw that Clefairy sketch. I'm a dumbass and didn't check.
>>25046 It's fine lol. Maybe I should do a Clefable one...
>>25008 I unironically fucking looove Jynx and would absolutely tickle the fuck out of one. I love this pic, wish some more cute art of Jynx existed but I understand why there isn't >>24967 Yes yes! Just absolutely ruuuuin an Alcremie, just lick her tummy until she's crying~ And I bet she tastes so sweet too~
>>25051 I bet there is more, I just haven't seen it. But yeah, Jynx would be quite fun to tickle imo! Just lickle her on all her tickle spots and just watch her scream in laughter, all the while you get a sweet taste. This is a laugh so sweet that you could get diabetes from it (or the constant consumption whipped cream-)
>>25032 In the game series, you supposedly catch Mewtwo before Leaf makes it to the cave (in which it is sort of implied that her and Mewtwo have a deep, underlying history to which having Mewtwo in her possession is important) Finding out that you caught mewtwo before her, she tries to throw pokeballs at you so that by being "her pokemon", Mewtwo becomes her pokemon by proxy, thus prompting her lines in the clip.
Okay so, I have another one Minccino and Cinccino
>>25060 Minccino and Cinccino are both excellent for tickling for sure (Iris’s Emolga can confirm that,) but they’re definitely glass cannons that can’t take what they dish! It’s especially bad if their opponent or trainer gets a hold of their tail(s) and tickle their ears or paws with it!
How about whimsicott?
(220.25 KB 1249x1029 20220720_123938.jpg)

(224.20 KB 1230x1192 20220720_123939.jpg)

>>25243 Ah, Whimsicott is yet another adorable lee! I love the lil prankster fluffball tree, especially since it’s great for being revenge-tickled!~
>>25258 I know right, but another great Lee would be Chikorita
Speaking of great lees, I'd also like to propose Flaaffy. An adorable sheep thing, wool-free from the arms down, chubby belly; i don't know, I'd absolutely tickle it as much as I could. I also really love its feet for some reason, would definitely start there. Also, Ampharos, for basically the exact same reasons except there's no wool at all and it has a better belly.
>>25265 As Ampharos is my favorite pokemon I have always thought of ways to wreck it through tickling... playfully of course~ That big tummy deserves all the tickles but I can't ignore the idea that it's big tail is also just a big weakspot either. Plus those big feet too! Perfect lee material right there.
>>25265 >>25271 Thirding Ampharos, I'd spend hours on that tummy alone.
>>25264 Gosh dang this is cute.
>>25263 Oh Chikorita is yet another adorable lee, a super-underrated one! A very underrated lee as well imo, I think her tummy would be a ton of fun to tickle~ >>25265 Flaaffy and Ampharos are prime tickle targets imo! Both have big tummies to tickle, but as >>25271 mentioned, their tails would be another fun spot to garner a ticklish reaction from!
>>25344 Definitely, Raichu has the most tickleable paws. I wish there was more art of it though.
>>25305 Okay so, another good Lee would be Blissey
>>25344 >>25349 Agree, Raichu's paws definitely deserve more love! >>25388 All that HP and that big tummy would be amazing to tickle the heck out of! No wonder she's so weak to physical attacks, she's just too ticklish!~
>>26618 the fuck does this guy do for a living to have this much disposable income I've seen him commission so many fucking artists, some pretty pricey ones, more than 100 per commission
(20.48 MB 6000x9000 101255812_p0.png)

>>29510 Who needs a special device to captures Dark Lugia when you’ve got a mon who can break her one tickle at a time?
Lurantis has a cute design... give them toes, and you've got a masterpiece. Here's a piece from ProRaindancer before he went... off the shits basically, according to the cringe thread. Would've posted another picture, but it got posted earlier in the thread so... Also Cinderace. Give me bunny. >>26619 Prince--Charles somehow reincarnated himself into this guy.
>>29713 Holy shit sauce?
>>29722 Marcosos on FA

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