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BRAVELY DEFAULT 2: THE THIRD GAME Anonymous 03/04/2021 (Thu) 07:19:59 Id:9e9384 No. 252371 [Reply] [Last]
I'm been playing Bravely Default 2 a bit and so far I'm having fun. I've unlocked the Thief class now and have discovered there are items that give permanent buffs to stats and they can be fucking stolen. Guess who's going to grind like a cunt to max out his stats now? Thief also has an ability that allows you to deal extra damage based on your speed stat, and one of the first stats you can farm items for is the speed stat. Shit is about to get broken as fuck. Graphically, it's disappointing. I don't like the deformed characters and chibi shit in this case. I get they were going for 16-bit-but-3D or something, but it doesn't look good. That and the over-reliance on post-processing to add fucking bloom and depth-of-field and all this shit just...why. The framerate is shit too, with frequent stutters going in and out of battle. And it's not even 1080p. I don't know why they compromised resolution and framerate so hard to make something so fucking ugly. Music is at least tolerable, and there are some homages to traditional FF in here. The crystal music isn't identical but definitely similar, and the battle-start swipe is a nice touch. Parts of the translation are enjoyable but there is one character who talks like a faggot and his shit's all retarded, and that's Orpheus the bard. He even manages to not only use a meme but does so in the wrong context. It's fucking aggravating. I understand he's supposed to be a hateable character but you can make characters that are actually fun to hate and do so with writing that isn't intentionally rage-inducing. So despite all those problems, it's actually a decent traditional JRPG with a nice job system and some real potential to break the game in half if you know what you're doing with cross-class skills (all passives, once learned, can be equipped at any time regardless of job, but you only get so many slots to use). I'd say it's worth a play if you're the kind of anon with patrician taste who consideres FFV the best FF, but don't expect quite so much depth to the job system here as I'm not far enough into the game to say one way or another just how insane jobs and abilities get.
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It was so close to being great, but it has too many flaws. It's just good, maybe very good at best. >Adelle and Elvis are amazing. Gloria and Seth underwhelm a bit but they're okay >some asterisk bosses have very good sidequests after they're beaten, especially Dag and Selene >story is pretty good, lots of great scenes >combat is very fun by itself >less grind needed to max classes, which I like <bosses are weirdly designed. Counter and +1BP for the boss, often for attacking a weakness just because he always counters X class. I found myself just cheesing all the bosses with Godspeed Strike to not have to deal with the bullshit. They're not even hard, just annoying <Adam gets fucked over by the story not giving him time besides like three scenes where he does nothing besides being a douchebag to his subordinates, so there was no way to care about him much. Not even comparable to Braev <non-existent class balance. It feels worse than BD1 <classes have a shit ton of worthless skills that do little but bloat the list <I prefered Octopath's reveal skill for actually telling me shit about the boss, especially with how fucking retarded they are here. If a boss can counter something he's weak to and almost take all HP from my guy as a result, I should at least be informed he posseses that ability if I scan him <Norende was far better than this voyage thing Octopath and BD1 did combat much better because bosses here are garbage. Too much arbitrary "weak against fire, but only if you use class X - if you use class Y, counter +1BP". Too much randomness, a character can counter if you attack his weakness, but he doesn't have to. I'd get it if it was a boss like the Swordmaster from BD1 who has half of his moveset be about counters, but here that's almost everyone.
>>287300 More points I remembered. >the music is amazing. Tons of tracks, everything's good, distinct, with common themes where it makes sense. Really nice >cutting grass is fun and was a good idea, the drops range from shit, okay to above the chapter which should be the case. Importance fades every chapter until 4th/5th where it's unlikely you'll get anything worthwhile, but that's fine, the game is almost over >interaction with terrain by abilities the pig guy helps unlock was also a step in the right direction <chests are shit. They typically have a pittance of ethers, a drop in the bucket of gold, or equipment that's worse than what you can find cutting grass, fighting monsters in the same area or stuff in the current chapter's shop. As an example I remember Wiswald's tower where monsters dropped a great Shield, and the same area had a chest that had a much worse shield, comparable to shop's. What's the point? <there's also chests that require minutes of walking and pressing switches, like in the Hellblade's dungeon. Yes, they also had trash contents I preferred Octopath. If the bosses weren't so trash, if the class balance wasn't so bad, if most classes weren't one-trick ponies with just 1 good skill (if that), BD2 would be better, but that is not the case. What the game needs is a class rebalance patch with bosses being modified and classes adjusted, but it won't get that.
(10.88 KB 236x236 Bravely Default.jpg)
>>287300 I'd argue classes are actually decently balanced before getting the limit breakers from the gauntlets with some niche uses and viability if you don't abuse speed buns for Godspeed Strike or HP Ultima Sword. Only real broken classes I'd call are Bravebearer, Vanguard, Shieldbearer and Bulwark. Bravebearer has too much control over BP, with passives that give too much good shit and stats that are too good. Depending on stats it also provides consistent damage but thats neither here or there. Once you get Vanguard's second specialty you get stupidly high attack values way too early allowing you to get shit like 10+k damage really early due to armor naturally granting targetting chance. Shieldbearer with two shields becomes way too good of a tank and could even become a crutch for getting shit done on the more bullshit bosses like the Oracle and once you unlock the second specialty you just cant die. Bulwark is too good late game, with Sanctuary, high equip limits and Rampart/Magic rampart along with self defense buffs and a decent I tried to play the game rather minimalistically besides grinding low level areas for JP and I got decent usage of most classes and strategies even with the class railroading: The salve-maker, while more limited than in BD, has decent utility in the form of the BP tonic and the special and the variety of moves can be used throughout. Second specialty also provides stupid amounts for support, like free BP removal with Dragoon or Free moves with monk abilities, bringing back the old spam of the phoenix dive in a way. Painter is THE debuffer and purger of the game with it providing decent damage early game with its multi-hit and Light/Dark spells. White mage is only useful for AOE heals,Arise and Esuna. Dragoon is niche but definitely usable if you want a good all-rounder with lightning attacks. Native dual wielding with the second specialty does open up physical damage capabilities. Arcanist was most useful for Dark magic spam and rarely big magic damage if you set shit up right. Swordmaster was most useful and interesting when you used it with Vanguard's Enrage and stacked counters to drain and gain BP. Thief outside of Godspeed Strike gets rendered irrelevant by Phantom outside of rare utility provided by stealing. Oracle has useful buffs and reflect was useful on occasion.Black mage has decent coverage when needed and Toxic is useful as ever. Red Mage's doublecast is just strong and the lack of groupcast on the strongest spells, along with the flat heals, can make it useful for both healing and dealing with undead. Archer is the same as it ever was and Gambler is just bad unless you're grinding. Monk is just a pit-stop until you get good gear and for Default piercing faster than Berserker.

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Old Anime Games Anonymous 04/18/2021 (Sun) 23:23:22 Id:c3fb68 No. 288340 [Reply]
I find that older anime games were actually good and not shovelware shit for the most part. Everything nowadays has to be a variant of the same thing, like anime arena fighters and anime musous. Bonus if you can find some lesser known anime games based on lesser known anime. I doubt many people know about Go Go Ackman and 3x3 Eyes.
29 posts and 30 images omitted.
>>289143 Oh, so just food play? That's not cursed. She's pretty cute I guess.
(6.15 MB 1771x2742 popful-mail-pc98-300dpi.jpg)
Ive always wanted to play popful mail, does it count if it was made into a manga after the game was release?
>>289318 No, if that were the case then all Japanese games would technically be "anime" games. And only got a manga, so it really doesn't count.

(159.81 KB 1400x1400 ring.jpg)
Amazon's LotR MMO cancelled Anonymous 04/18/2021 (Sun) 11:24:30 Id:7950ed No. 287667 [Reply] [Last]
https://archive.is/oqy79 >Talks with Tencent over development have broken down. >A report has detailed how contracted developer Athlon Games—a subsidiary of Leyou, which was acquired by Tencent—won't be moving forward with the game. Contract negotiations between Amazon and now-owner Tencent seem to have broken down, causing a dispute. >"We have been unable to secure terms to proceed with this title at this time," an Amazon spokesperson said. "We love the Lord of the Rings IP, and are disappointed that we won’t be bringing this game to customers,” they continued. >It looks like the Amazon-based team which had been collaborating on the game will be moved to other projects. It's not too surprising, given the nature of Amazon, which doesn't particularly play well with other megacorporations, and Tencent, which likes to have a finger in every pie. Add that to the troubled nature of Amazon Game Studios and this is pretty much what you get. There's not really much to the article. Amazon's attempts at breaking into the industry continue to fail.
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>>288808 >Aragorn and Arwen are actually related because the founder of Aragorn's line was Elrond's brother who refused the immortality of the elves and became mortal so it's not really race-mixing as it is "magical people have magical incest". Elrond isn't even a real elf, but just a man who was given the choice to be immortal, and then started going around saying "I was elves 'n shiet."
>>288808 >magical people have magical incest They're like first cousins 23 times removed. That hardly counts as incest by any sane metric.
>>287667 >a foul alliance of two dark empires >the infighting broke them down before it was unleashed on the world of men Today is good day.

(481.54 KB 930x830 DKDevilKing.png)
(47.90 KB 1280x720 onimusha oda.jpg)
(357.66 KB 1280x720 nioh 2 oda.jpg)
Different interpretations of real figures in vidya Anonymous 04/06/2021 (Tue) 17:42:09 Id:17ee78 No. 278958 [Reply]
What video games feature the same person but each are designed differently in terms of looks and personality. An example being Oda Nobunaga in pics-related. Could also include nearly every other character in Sengoku Basara and Samurai Warriors. Are there any different interpretations of characters from other series? As a side-note, Sengoku Basara Oda is the superior Oda.
26 posts and 39 images omitted.
I don't get it, why do japs portray oda nobunaga as a Bad guy so often? Didnt he play an integral part in ending the Sengoku jidai?
>>280318 And it was one of the worst Pokemon games ever.
>>288824 he was both a hero and a villain of history he sought to unify Japan but did so by bloody conquest. In part, he waged war on the emperor himself, which would be considered heresy at the time as the emperor was thought to be descended from Amaterasu (analogous to waging war against the pharaoh in Egupt)

(6.09 MB 4096x4096 map_annotated.jpg)
(42.46 KB 661x505 modlist.PNG)
(6.63 MB 720x576 crabsnack.gif)
(284.43 KB 474x474 autism.png)
WURM MOTHERFUCKING UNLIMITED: WORLD AUTISM DAY EDITION Anonymous 04/02/2021 (Fri) 21:57:49 Id:5e37f9 No. 276024 [Reply] [Last]
SERB IS UP YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH IP: PORT: 3724 PASTEBIN - zyz9BmQ3 PIRATE CLIENTS: https://mega.nz/folder/SZwDDZqY#SOBwLZAq4_HuixQPZX45wQ https://www.mediafire.com/file/hclcos0toe7j4qq/Wurm_Unlimited.zip/file >What is wurm unlimited? Autistic building game, come join in we probably need your help. Newlads are always welcome, just say hello in global/village chat and ask someone to walk you through making a cart. >Why should I play this and what can I do? Because it's a fucking awesome game and your /v/ros are having fun RIGHT NOW and want you to join. You can build, craft, explore, fight, shitpost, undertake autistic mega-projects, doompost, die, shitpost more, call the admins niggers (they love that), and a million other cool things.
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>>290282 >>290309 Revalidating steam files seems to fix it. Steam users please do that, make sure to back up your mods folder beforehand just in case. I know this is a weird fix but never doubt rolfcode, it probably won't make things worse. Serb has been up and steady for maybe two hours, we're aiming to keep it up. >>290339 Kind of doubt they'd want to or care, but I guess I'll wonder now.
>>290323 >bad crash There is not a single instance of this string on the java source for the server. Can you give me the whole stack trace? I assume it's a mod doing that

(81.41 KB 270x333 metro.jpg)
Metro thread? Anonymous 03/12/2021 (Fri) 11:53:44 Id:4f6f26 No. 258209 [Reply] [Last]
Metro 2033 is currently free on Steam if anybody wants it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/43110/Metro_2033/ Whats your opinion on this series? Which is the best game? What do you think of the books? There's an absurd number of them There's supposedly a film adaptation of the book coming out next year by Michael De Luca, who I'm not sure is the best candidate. For reference, he's the same person who directed The Suicide Squad and the Fifty Shades of Grey movies.
64 posts and 12 images omitted.
>>262254 I've played Last Light but not Exodus, LL was if anything worse for stopping the game constantly to storynig/throw modern console FPS style setpieces at you and on top of that both the story particularly the fact they basically forced in a good/bad end compared to the first game's more subtle approach and the atmosphere were shittier. Gameplaywise, when it actually lets you play, they sort of improved it by just dropping the pretence of being survival/scavenging and going for more generic FPS gameplay which was less interesting but easier to do. Funnily the bit I enjoyed most of Last Light was that one piece of DLC where you got to just go out and explore a mini open area above ground but then that's just showing what it could have been if they'd had more ambition. At the end of the day they were both fine but broadly forgettable outside of the big story moments. Not all time classics and they'd probably have faded into the background if not for riding off the coattails of stalker's popularity but coming out on consoles where that setting was still more unique. Also SoC had, by that point, pretty much taken off on places like /v/ so fags who weren't playing on PC jumped on the chance to play something like it.
>>262254 Don't get me wrong, I do like 2033 and I didn't mind any of this the first time I played it. It's on subsequent playthroughs that the constant waiting really bugged me.
I wish the shotguns in 2033 weren't actual dogshit. Literally the worst guns in the game, I did a shotgun run recently and had to stop halfway through because of how bad the shotguns are. Other guns are decent.

(31.34 KB 724x543 currencyacquired.jpg)
(31.07 KB 626x417 gibmoneypls.jpg)
Mercantilism, ho! Anonymous 03/07/2021 (Sun) 19:32:42 Id:6deb58 No. 254873 [Reply]
I've been really itching to play some games where making bank is the whole point. I already played Starsector to death it has been ages since it last updated and I am not fond of Recettear since I don't enjoy sitting on my ass pretending I work sales at a used car dealership. I much prefer the cycle of buying low, travel/explore/fight/whatever, then sell high. Planning trade routes is immensely more satisfying than waiting on RNG customers and the tedium of a day-based gameplay cycle. I liked Adventures to Go! since the protagonist understands the motivation of dungeoneering in the first place, but the game isn't hard at all and everyone throws money at you to the point you can't even lose your cash at the casino without trying. I've also tried that classic drug dealing text-based sim whose name I can't recall but it was very shallow--only good for an hour at most. I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point so I'm even considering This Merchant Life, even though it's indie pixel shit and ticks off every item on the cancer checklist. At least it's only 200MB, thankfully. Please discuss games that let you channel your inner Mark. Bonus points if the games run on a potato. I tried getting into Anno 1404 but the installer from the one torrent I found freaked out on me.
21 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>257273 Wait, do the English isles actually have that peninsula jutting up east of London? No wonder naval warfare was huge in Europe, that's a massive choke point

(225.46 KB 800x1122 snowball run.jpg)
(84.93 KB 800x1132 cat in the hat.jpg)
(547.60 KB 1600x1070 madagascar.jpg)
(22.37 KB 408x292 nanosaur.jpg)
Good Unpopular game recommendations Anonymous 03/16/2021 (Tue) 05:12:01 Id:ce008b No. 261291 [Reply] [Last]
Recommend games that are actually fun that you don't see people talking about. I'll start: >The cat in the hat Based on the film and plays like Klonoa. Good level design and music. >Snowball run You like monkey ball? why not play that as a penguin. >Madagascar 3d platformer plays like its supposed to. The real bread and butter of this game are the unlockable mini games. You will know the epitome of comfort once you experience them. >Nanosaur Play as a velociraptor from the future with a gun. Your objective is to collect all the eggs before the timer runs out. (downside is that you need access to mac os 9) the good new is that its free if you go to pangea softwares website.
37 posts and 19 images omitted.
>>265624 My issue with Gungeon is there is never a feeling of "well I just broke the game" due to items you get. Also enemies have too much health.
>>287348 There does seem to be a class of roguelite where you're never really able to have a gamebreaking run. These also seem to be the ones where you have lots of resources that are mostly limited, and you need to expend and refill them frequently--like gun ammo in Gungeon. The other kind seem like they have fewer of these limited resources, and they are ones that you can usually carefully weigh when and how to use--like bombs and coins in Isaac. It's probably not deliberate, and there are probably plenty of counterexamples.
(1.11 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
(887.60 KB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Not sure Trespasser is that unpopular but don't see it talked about that often. I really liked it. I played it a few years after it came out so I didn't have the performance problem that apparently plagued its release, due to the hardware of the time. Everything else was great. The levels were really big and some quite detailed. I actually liked the noddle arm mechanics because it was stressful trying to get a box in the right place before a raptor would kill you. That combined with the lack of a hud meant enemy encounters were actually scary because you'd not really know if you'd have enough ammo to kill them. When you picked up a new weapon Tits McGee would say something like "feels full", "about half", "empty". and you'd have to work out in your head what that might mean for each gun. The story was quite simple, just get to the mountain helipad but it had a narration from Richard Attenborough telling some back story of them setting up the park. worth playing just for that to be honest. box physics could be a little annoying sometimes and limitation of the day meant that the ai was quite basic but it was bearable. everything else was great.

(91.63 KB 1280x720 slut.jpg)
Dragons Dogma thread Anonymous 03/05/2021 (Fri) 04:55:19 Id:376f9e No. 253012 [Reply] [Last]
Surely this thread will be filled with nostalgic replies when I wake up. You are replaying the game, right anon? It's been 5 years since the PC release. I hear there is an anime out too. And leaks confirming Dragon's Dogma 2. Get hype!
98 posts and 33 images omitted.
>>286543 Thanks for the bitterback advice >>286577 I have seen quite a few males ones, but ration of female to male pawns is around 3:1 for levels 30 and up in my experience. Things were more even at lower levels. I addition to pawns >>286589 mentioned, I also saw ones clearly made to resemble: >Male GoT characters >Link >Conan the Barbarian >Characters from Princess Bride >He-Man >Jules from Pulp Fiction There was no shortage of big guys with heavy armor, generic handsome knights, and bearded dwarves. At lower levels there were more meme characters. It seems that higher level you hit, the more female and loli pawns you will see.
(85.52 KB 313x248 what.png)
>>286708 >Anon lists obvious fantasy characters that would be made by people with no imagination. >Anon then mentions the following. >Jules from Pulp Fiction What?
>>286708 >It seems that higher level you hit, the more female and loli pawns you will see. Since you bring up loli pawns, I find that they run too slow. I even edited a loli pawn I had to be older due to this issue. I wish there was some way to make loli pawns faster and hope this is fixed in Dragons Dogma 2.

(480.70 KB 541x640 2275989-box_eye.png)
Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 16:06:15 Id:2b1896 No. 205604 [Reply] [Last]
I am about to get into this game. Should I try and mod the translation so that it makes more sense or should I just play with the original version to be more confused and piece the story together? Also any advice on how to build my character and such?
107 posts and 67 images omitted.
This game is an abomination, I regret purchasing it much like VtM:B which you retards used to shill all the time, it has the right ideas but does fuck all with it and plays like ass. At least the stages are fuckhueg and look nice.
>>284924 You just sound like you have shit taste, honestly.
(134.34 KB 492x359 Granting it divinity.png)
>>284853 >but I feel like I'd lose all my energy using that on the levels where it really matters from running around Convert life to energy and ammo on the ground to life.

(228.19 KB 840x560 Tales-Of-Vesperia.jpg)
(160.01 KB 284x351 Red_Dead_Redemption.jpg)
(43.21 KB 250x310 DragonsDogma.jpg)
Games you wish you could experience for the first time again Anonymous 03/07/2021 (Sun) 06:23:15 Id:a9bbf7 No. 254530 [Reply] [Last]
We all have those games we think about from time to time. The thought of "man I wish I could enjoy those for the first time once more". How about we pick 5 games? Post those games that you loved so much you wish you could experience for the first time again and give a reason why. >Tales of Vesperia Has my favorite cast of characters in a JRPG. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the music. Out of all the Tales games it's also the most aesthetically pleasing. The graphics are even better than Tales games that released afterwards. I'm glad I got to play the definitive edition which had content I haven't played before. >Yakuza 0 Admittedly my introduction to the Yakuza series. After playing most of the others I can say this by far has the best combat and a top notch story. A lot of people would probably say it has the best story but for me personally I like Yakuza 4's story a lot. Yakuza 0 also has some of the best mini-games and substories. >Yakuza 4 As I mentioned it's probably my favorite story in the series. Honestly a bigger train ride than Yakuza 0. Akiyama and Saejima grew on me right away, already love those characters. I also loved how the game redeemed Hamazaki. I won't get into spoiling that but I thought it was bittersweet. There damn sure were some emotional moments in this game that felt different from the other Yakuza games. >Red Dead Redemption The best Rockstar game no arguments. I never thought I'd love a western setting in a video game until I played this. Loved the story and John Marston as a character. And the moments in the game like entering Mexico for the first time, it was perfect. >Dragon's Dogma The only RPG I've played that really felt like you were going on an adventure. Has the best music and my favorite combat of any RPG. Going on the journey to Bluemoon Tower and slaying the Griffin for the first time will forever be one of my favorite moments in this game.
44 posts and 25 images omitted.
>>286363 >Crash 2 Mah nigga. I liked other games before, including Crash 1, which I loved, but Crash 2 hit me on a whole other level. Might like 3 even more, but I'm not sure. 2 was the first that I loved on that level, though.
>>286363 Crash 3 was the first one for me and I loved the shit out of it, but when I replayed the trilogy I prefered by far the second game, it has the perfect balance between level complexity, variety and challenge.
>>286372 After playing the remakes with the time trials added to Crash 1 and 2, it gave me a new appreciation for Crash 1's level design. It's much more intricate than Crash 2's, and feels a lot better at very high level play. I think it's due to Crash 1 being a remnant of an older era, when level designs were made with that level of deliberation as a rule. Games were rapidly becoming easier, and Crash 1 feels like it was made with an early '90s design philosophy, while Crash 2 feels like it was made with a late '90s design philosophy. That said, Crash 2 is better in a lot of ways, with much more 3D gameplay, and nicer aesthetics in general. Crash 3 has very intricate level designs, thanks to being designed for time trials, but it's also like 50% non-platforming levels. I like all the other levels, like the Jet Ski and the airplane and all that, but I don't think I could say I like them as much as the platforming levels.

(100.33 KB 1280x720 20210414_113046.jpg)
Nintendo Indie World Anonymous 04/14/2021 (Wed) 15:32:08 Id:8daf20 No. 284954 [Reply] [Last]
Starts RIGHT NOW. Don't go in expecting too much. https://www.twitch.tv/nintendo
Edited last time by Mark on 04/14/2021 (Wed) 15:58:28.
47 posts and 7 images omitted.
(5.97 KB 276x182 STOP!.jpg)
>>285004 >Talking shit about House of The dead Overkill.
>>284959 Shame it looks like Marvelous put Nitty Tinjas on ice. They could've had a solid hometown on Switch after getting shafted by Sony. We got pinball Senran, at least.
>>285423 Overkill had no right having such an awesome soundtrack. The characters were funny, too

Pokemon Thread Anonymous 01/15/2021 (Fri) 19:13:49 Id:7562a6 No. 207943 [Reply] [Last]
Why has this series seemingly downgraded over the years despite being one of Nintendo's biggest IPs, next to Mario and Zelda? I'd honestly rather play Diamond and Pearl over Sword and Shield and I'm unironically saying that. It seems like X/Y was the beginning of the downfall in the series. Mega evolutions? Alolan forms? Gigantamax? Who the fuck asked for this shit? I'd rather have all the old side-content like hideouts, spelunking, Pokemon fashion contest, and shit like that than trying to reinvent the wheel.
203 posts and 71 images omitted.
>>284197 I never tried anything else than red, gold and tcg for gbc because I'm stuck on the visuals having to be like that. Some 2nd gen pokemons were already trash and the newer generations are disgusting caricatures ever since.
>>214036 And it even learns dragon rage too. Gen one was such a clusterfuck.
>>284242 Yes it is and always will be, just too bad that they locked most legendaries behind some event. At least in D/P you can obtain them through glitches.

(160.51 KB 1422x800 Diablo.jpg)
Diablo 2: Resurrected early impressions Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 04:32:55 Id:9d11ba No. 280981 [Reply] [Last]
Since there seems to be some gameplay of it out now, any thoughts? I'm watching Botan a vtuber playing it and it seems alright. I'm usually the jaded type but it doesn't scream disaster like Reforged did. That could change when the actual game comes out for now I'm on the cautiously optimistic side with emphasis on the optimistic. It's helmed by a different team so there is a chance that it will be decent at the least.
83 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>284560 Well I kind of agree with your earlier point that this genre is mostly shit, but I thought that TQ/GD had a good structure in place for interesting character builds. The problem is as you said there is too much focus on only a few use of skills. It's more a problem with the game loop or balancing rather than the character building itself. PoE would be enjoyable if the skill web wasn't cluttered with uninteresting nodes.
>>284814 t. jew.
I hate chinks.

(12.31 KB 194x260 linglingmissingposter.png)
Higher end vidya recommendations Anonymous 04/13/2021 (Tue) 21:43:55 Id:1a148b No. 284365 [Reply]
welcome faggots I just recently got a upgrade for all of my parts, having gotten a hand-me-down toaster in 2014 I actually was able to buy a new PC which is comparably miles beyond what I originally had with: I7 core 10700 Processor 2.9ghz RTX 3060 12g 32G DDR4 1T SSD I was hoping I could get some recommendations, if any, from anons regarding what the fuck I can now run with this thing as I am obviously a late bloomer when it comes to parts and settings for games. So far I have ran M&B Bannerlord at max everything with no issue and as fun as that is it gets boring after a long session so I was curious if there are any other worthwhile graphically demanding games out there I am otherwise unaware of. pic unrelated
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
(220.60 KB 1200x675 monster hunter world.jpg)
>>284365 If your looking for eye porn and pure spectacle I would say Monster Hunter World. It is a bit too fucking easy by MonHun standards but it is pretty. Would advise on mods that fix the handlers fat fucking face (there is fucking tons of those mods seems to be the first thing modders fixed)
>>284365 >this faggot killed a thread for this This shouldn't even go to QTDDTOD. If you're looking for general recommendations there are at least 2 threads in the catalog that could help you. Just go here >>278238 or here >>250310
I also built a pc and didn't have to make a thread. I just pirated every eye candy game and tested how they ran.

(416.39 KB 830x561 fanfiction.png)
Vidya Fanfiction Anonymous 04/13/2021 (Tue) 01:38:03 Id:d19a9b No. 283774 [Reply]
Do you read any vidya fanfiction at all? Do you write any? Got any favorites, or ones that you'd much sooner make fun of?
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do games that are essentially giant crossover fanfics count?
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I've read a few Pokemon ones that were pretty OK and one or two from Final Fantasy Tactics. Fanfiction can actually be pretty COOL like .0000001% of the time
Do mods with new story content count?


no cookies?