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Games that deserve remakes/remaster Anonymous 09/29/2022 (Thu) 14:00:49 Id: 22e27f No. 701371 [Reply]
Post games that deserve a remake, what things should be added, and bitch about bad ones
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>>701666 Fable 1 is. Fable 2 is not.
>>701670 I looked it up if it was on steam, only 1 was microshaft is a bunch of nigger jews typical.
>>701710 There's a shitty remake of 1, and there's 3 which I try to forget exists. 2 is arguably better than 1 in some ways but probably due to some licensing autism I don't think will ever get ported over.

(93.90 KB 1120x1008 Fa6JG8IXwAASJ4n.png)

(93.25 KB 1120x1008 Fa6JG8GWAAAbVT8.png)

Sexy Sprites (part 2) Anonymous 08/24/2022 (Wed) 10:00:42 Id: 349da7 No. 675497 [Reply] [Last]
Continuing from the old one >>516987 Here's what i spent working ALL DAY.
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>>694319 Weren't there some anons who wanted to take this and other sites down because loli isn't banned? >>695775 Sorry anon, i cannot get hard at seeing non-humans fuck females despite being a mentally challenged thirld-worlder
>>701196 >Weren't there some anons who wanted to take this and other sites down because loli isn't banned? They weren't anons.
>>701196 You must be confusing filth from Alogs/Tvch and 8kunt with anons, easy mistake for a newfaggot.

(215.16 KB 1067x785 anon proud to be a gamergay.png)

Meta Thread Anonymous 07/09/2022 (Sat) 21:54:11 Id: 5c9cb5 No. 640607 [Reply] [Last]
Keep all of the board drama, autism, site issues, feedback and shitting on the website administration here. Do not post about illegal topics, or you will be banned. Thank you.
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>>701647 Just a zzzigger/Alogs/tvch boogeyman who is/was the BO of /geimu/ on PLW, anybody they don't like is possibly him.
>>701661 ah, gotcha
>>701661 Henlo, Elden. (^:

Learning real-life lessons from vidya Anonymous 09/28/2022 (Wed) 02:48:54 Id: 920fd7 No. 700600 [Reply]
Have you actually learned anything from vidya? most I can think of is military equipment knowledge acquired from the various games based as well as a bunch of trivia and general information about a variety of topics you otherwise wouldn't hear about. for instance, the metal gear games had a substantial amount of legitimate information hidden in numerous optional codec calls which gave some interesting surface level detail depending on your current context in the game. like I didn't know rabbits ate their own shit, or that there was a mushroom that could recharge your batteries when eaten, or what the START treaties were, or that santa was real. What about you?
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(36.95 KB 640x480 lpshen_01_00b.jpg)

You don't learn life lessons from fantasy simulations. They can provide alternative perspectives and experiences, but that's about it. Faggots who think games can provide some kind of real-world value (beyond their market value, which is why you should pirate) is how we got into the mess of gaming being targeted by special interests as a vehicle for societal change.
>>700621 Everything provides real-world value. Sometimes the value is the lesson to have more discriminating taste so you don't waste as much of your time. Sometimes the lesson is that the creator of the work in question is a retard. The people targeting games that you mention are those retards. And they're largely retards for not being able to recognize the real-world value in the good games that came before them.
(115.76 KB 720x720 Benis.jpg)

>>700605 No My Summer Car?

(1.24 MB 1200x832 ClipboardImage.png)

Minor News Thread Anonymous 08/23/2021 (Mon) 22:32:02 Id: 9cb4c9 No. 396559 [Reply] [Last]
Basically this is a thread for those minor news articles that are interesting but not necessary big enough to have their own thread. We will be taking the bigger stories from these threads and making them into their own threads, Anons are welcome to do the same. We will NOT be heavily enforcing these threads, so please keep that in mind. Basically things like game announcements, live stream events, new gaming hardware, etc. should have their own threads while shit like NEW GUILTY GEAR DLC 3 "SLAYER" or something like that should be posted in this thread. While we won't ban anyone for doing the former, we encourage anons to use their best judgement when posting news content.
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>>701584 Literally "watch it fly by as it ports to PC". For the past few years the main factor in console gaming has been their price compared to PC. With the price of PC components finally falling again I don't see a reason to buy either an Xbox or PlayStation when they have less games than PC does. The main factor I hear now is "convenience" but with the Steamy Dork on the market that's not an excuse anymore. The only reason to buy a console now is brand loyalty.
>>701379 They're porting all the shitty games though, wake me up when i can buy ghost of sushi and buuradobon on steam.
>>701620 Ghost of Tsushima was in the Nvidia leaks, as was Sackboy. The only one not listed is Bloodborne, which will probably never be ported like how Demon's Souls wasn't. There's a PS4 emulator slowly making progress, so eventually it'll be playable on PC.

UMPC/Handheld and Lowres General Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 20:14:07 Id: feacdc No. 608298 [Reply] [Last]
Ontopic and with less brandfaggotry edition. NEW DEVELOPMENTS Steam Deck https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Game-Console/Steam-Deck >iFixit has started putting up Steam Deck replacement parts for sale. Smartasses disappointed to find that no, they can't just get the boards by themselves. Not yet. >SteamOS 3.0 available to install publicly through Github on all mainstream hardware. Cuckchanners elated only to discover they don't know how to use search engines, or install Linux for that matter. Anbernic >Working on a new low end x86 UMPC. If the Deck is analogous to a eighth generation spec this one seems to be targeting a seventh. AYN >Creating an x86 derivative of Odin in yet another announced line, the Loki. Lowest spec model is UHD 770 for $299, higher specs with RDNA2 that can compete with the Deck start at $499 and go to $799. OTHER https://gpuopen.com/fidelityfx-superresolution-2/ >FSR 2.0 unveiled and essentially brings temporal reconstruction from VP9 and AV1 to realtime graphics rendering. Higher performance hit than DLSS 2.0 but similar results. Possible to play at 33% your screen resolution. Unlike 1.0, with motion and chroma data needed it can't be injected and would most likely need to be implemented by a developer. Available soon on Github. <Deathloop is currently the only title to support it. Interesting, so the competitors are nudging themselves into the low-end and higher end segments to compete. Discuss all things sub-720p gaming here. My Deck unit is arriving soon.
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(17.03 KB 334x393 467197.jpg)

>>701462 >>701464 >>701495 >enter a thread for handheld PCs >recommend a console >one that's on par with a smartphone >and has none of the freedom of PC >get told these facts >P-PERFORMANCE DOESN'T MATTER GUISE
Second reply was meant for >>701486, not 701464
>>701495 >handheld PC No, it says "UMPC/Handheld and lowres general" What do you think the "Handheld" and "lowres" general means? The UMPC part refers to handheld PCs, the handheld and lowres part refers to handhelds in general, clearly. Unless you think the OP meant to say the same thing 3 different times and ways in the subject. >the Switch is a console Its a hybrid, meaning it's included as a handheld. >smartphone Most handhelds until this point have been weaker than smartphones. >freedom of PC Ah yes, SteamOS, flatpaks, and a touch keyboard is the pinnacle of freedom truly, even loonix shills who publixly defend and lie for shitty apps like GIMP aren't defending this shit as a fully functional PC, it's clearly gimped compared to any actual PCs and more advertised and used as a console with additional features.

DrawThread - Uncommon Locker Room Anonymous 09/07/2022 (Wed) 02:08:48 Id: 4ddc1d No. 685010 [Reply] [Last]
Last thread: >>653076 Archive: https://archive.is/LtcKW Thread making resources + the OP can be found here: https://mega.nz/#F!Suhz0D5Y!BSrBrV1kxK9B5G1SSiJmwQ Relevant Boards >>>/loomis/ smuglo.li/a/ - Drawing Improvement Club Books and Tutorials If you're starting out, just have as much fun as possible and give it your best shot. Don't worry too much about these as they're info overload for absolute beginners. Sometimes they get nuked but >we try to keep them updated. https://sites.google.com/site/ourwici/ https://www.mediafire.com/folder/5strtvods5gda/Drawgfag_Resources https://hubpages.com/art/how-to-draw-learn Helpful Resources

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>700869 >>700876 AI struggles so hard with anatomy that you have to make it as simple as possible or completely obscured from view.
(25.02 KB 330x310 erectus.jpg)

>>700788 >The tasteful thickness of the titties & slight chub to her bottom frame.
>>685012 Requesting a Vita-tan checking digits for the 700000 get. Or her just doing something cute involving anon, spending time with him in some nice way or teasing the viewer good-naturedly I just want more Vita-tan

(141.16 KB 750x625 nolan-bushnell-4.jpg)

(95.53 KB 779x1280 Signed_Pong_Cabinet.jpg)

(1.51 MB 1455x1500 ralph-h-baer.jpg)

(3.64 MB 5564x2208 magnavox-odyssey-3-full.jpg)

(158.43 KB 800x568 2017-05-03-image.jpg)

Video game history Anonymous 09/28/2022 (Wed) 18:20:28 Id: a8a262 No. 700915 [Reply]
Discuss old/ pre-2000s hardware buiseness decisions, video games and stuff related to them. I would like to start with obe simple question. Who do you anons count as the first video game creator Ralph Baer or Nolan Bushnell? Did you guys ever play any historic game systems?
14 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>701290 >fake quarters out of ice That's pretty amazing actually.
>>701381 I need to try this now...
I kind of miss the era of early computer magazines that would post pages of BASIC code that you would key into your system. You would spend hours trying to type parameters on a shitty chiclet keyboard and be rewarded with some simple arcade games, all to be lost the moment you turned the machine off.

(1.48 MB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Japanese games causing butthurt Anonymous 03/24/2022 (Thu) 02:52:29 Id: 661fa5 No. 561064 [Reply] [Last]
I've noticed in the past six years there has been a massive amount of butthurt towards Japanese games and Devs especially in the cases of >Nier Automata >Persona 5/Royal >Elden Ring Where the following sold millions of copies despite being weird or niche games that normally be only talked about by autist here or other sites. With the case of Elden Ring major 12 mill success you had Western Devs frothing at the mouth in sheer anger over it along with hating on the Japanese in general, it's been an interesting time seeing this all unfold in real time. Regardless if you dislike Japanese games or even the three heavy hitters listed you do have to admit this whole situation is a well deserved kick in the bollocks for the years of utter contempt the western industry has had for their base.
351 posts and 123 images omitted.
>>701049 Because it triggered their fragile hearts anon, and they need something to prop it back up, with (1)s coming together too, they can't find satisfaction in their own "home" so have to leech off somewhere
>>701049 fuck you i won't do what you tell me
>>701274 >their okay tranny

PC Hardware Thread + News: Battlestation Edition Anonymous 09/01/2022 (Thu) 15:56:48 Id: 104321 No. 680781 [Reply] [Last]
Share your build specs to rate and rig pictures if you'd like. Then others can rate. It's news time, no nvidia stuff this time around since there's no solid info. AMD Ryzen 7950X, 7900X, 7700X, & 7600X Specs, Price, Release Date https://yewtu.be/hVnJbiYOCq4 AMD Ryzen 7000 desktop chips based on Zen 4 architecture coming September 27th for $299 and up >AMD says when compared with a previous-gen Ryzen 9 5950X processor, the new Ryzen 9 7950X chip delivers <Up to 29% better single-core performance <Up to 45% “more compute for content creators in POV Ray <Up to 15% “faster gaming performance in select titles” https://archive.ph/spgRW >During its event, AMD made some bold performance claims versus Intel’s 12th Gen Core processors based on Alder Lake. First and foremost, AMD claims the entire Ryzen 7000 series line-up, including the lower-power, more mainstream Ryzen 7 7700X and Ryzen 5 7600X, will offer better single-thread performance than Intel’s top-end Core i9-12900K. >To that end, a Ryzen 5 7600X was shown running F1 2022 side-by-side with a 12900K, and the Ryzen put up an average framerate approximately 11% higher, though both chips were capable of hitting north of 350 FPS in the test. >On average, AMD is claiming about 5% better gaming performance with the Ryzen 7000 series versus Intel with the 7600X, with faster parts obviously increasing that lead. https://archive.ph/fhSAU

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

190 posts and 68 images omitted.
>>701353 Thank you very much anon
I'm building a new pc for my office and I was wondering if a 5600g would allow my kid to play shit like Fortnite and Fall Guys. I mostly play old stuff like Age of Mythology and Monster Rancher DX, plus a bunch of indies that run on potato machines. I'll just make sure to get fast DDR4 RAM, like 3200MHZ since there's not such a huge difference between that speed and higher tiers. At home I'm building a 3060+5600X.
>>701399 5600G is pretty decent, as long as you pair it with decent RAM there shouldn't be any issue with esports / low end indie stuff stuff (try to see if you can find 3600 CL16-18-18-38 that's usually the decent ICs CL16-19-19-39 isn't too bad either avoid 16-22-22-42 that's the real shit stuff)

(2.89 MB 1600x1200 sonia.png)

QTDDTOT Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 22:52:46 Id: 700bb9 No. 228459 [Reply] [Last]
you know the script, niggers for any 8/16bit and certain ps1 games, i've been using the 6 btn megadrive/genesis controller, love the d-pad and clicky buttons, so my question is, should i re-order another 6btn megadrive, or is there a better alternative?
597 posts and 194 images omitted.
So is there any resources out there for making your own vidya hardware from scratch? I want to make an open source console/handheld that can play its own unique games as well as ports and emulators, if these chink shit literally who companies can pop out of thin air and start making some handhelds then as an aryan i should be able to make better ones that them! I was just thinking about the vita and PSP go, how they released 10+ years ago and were able to play PS2/PS3 games no problem with no overheating issues and decent battery life, I was thinking that the time has come for a next generation of white aryan owned businesses creating their own handheld devices, after all it is the future by the looks of things, laptops are xbox heug these days for gaming and are extremely expensive, I want to make a device for the average aryan male to enjoy, imagine being able to play DOOM on the go without the need for faggotry. I want the least niggerlicious outcome of this, I want to make a device not only because I want to play X game on the go but because I want other people to have that same fun feeling I have when playing games around the house where ever i want because of the portability, even though these things are meant to be taken outside or for long journeys in cars, planes or trains I think it would be a good idea to make it somewhat resistant to outside forces such as the weather or water damage or dust/sand and just generally make it nigger proof so they cant bix nood their way in and demand a refund for a broken device with no receipt. So, is there anything out there for an aspiring entrepreneur such as myself looking to break into a saturated market? if these chinks can make gangbusters out of the handheld market from all these soy freaks then surely I can make a good system for aryan men and women right? is there even a market out there for non CIA infested gaming devices?
>>701159 Yeah. Its called a soldering iron and a motherboard. Have fun.
>>701159 > I want to make an open source console/handheld What you wanna do is well beyond an individual's scope unless you're willing to make some concessions on the open source hardware part, because GPU and CPU without proprietary drivers or firmware blobs are rare and generally not great If you truly want fully open source you'll spend your time writing drivers and firmware that don't suck dick, the rest is easy in comparison and the rest is already really fucking hard, also you have some considerations on whether you want everything to be open sourced, like say the actual buttons and analog sticks, because then you'll have to design that from scratch as well since there's no open design for those. The "alternative" is learning Verilog and creating your own shit with an FPGA then having someone fab the ASICs, you do have complete control but you have to reinvent so many fucking wheels if you want something that's on the level of even just 5th gen that I'm not sure it's worth it, though that in itself would be an interesting project, fictional console tend to stick to 3rd / 4th gen. If you're less autistic about it you'll just end up with Lakka / Retropie on whatever hardware is the least pozzed without going full tard pricing wise (or if you truly wanna design the board yourself whatever SoC is the least pozzed on your own designed board), chance are that would either be ARM or RISC-V (RISC-V would require you porting a lot of shit though). >and just generally make it nigger proof so they cant bix nood their way in and demand a refund for a broken device with no receipt. Take a look at ruggedized laptops, they're not perfect but you have to spend a hell of a lot more energy if you truly want to damage them. >So, is there anything out there for an aspiring entrepreneur such as myself looking to break into a saturated market? You're competing with chink ARM console and Steam Deck and while the FOSS community is full of tards that will happily throw you money on pure vaporware I don't think that is the goal here, though if you just wanna scam tards that is definitely something that'll work.

Fighting Game Thread: Pozzed Until Further Notice Edition Anonymous 08/16/2022 (Tue) 01:15:37 Id: 3eab6e No. 669173 [Reply] [Last]
Archive of previous thread: https://archive.ph/bIbYi Evo was last week and with it came some new fighting game headlines. >Juri and new character Kimberly announced for Street Fighter 6 >New Tekken project teased >New Garou/Fatal Fury project greenlit by SNK >Team Orochi coming to KOF15 >Bridget Released for Guilty Gear Strive >Marie, the final boss of Skullgirls, announced as a playable character as the last character of their Season 1 DLC pass <Multiversus (if any of you care) getting Black Adam (DC comics) and Stripe (Gremlins) as new playable characters. Morty to be released in August, Rick to be released in September <Fighting games pozzed to all hell by trannies and californians now and forevermore
315 posts and 187 images omitted.
>>700780 >How come it goes back to the foot fetish faggotry? That's a barefoot character fighting pretty much purely with legs/feet, even the win pose was about kicking in the camera's direction. It's not as blatant as Xrd's Ramlethal whose intro is the most obviously footfaggotty thing I've seen so far, but it's up there.
>>700780 >How come it goes back to the foot fetish faggotry? <Every time Juri is seen in gameplay or cutscenes the cameras always focus on her feet <Her battle intro in SF6 begins with a shot of her foot raised high in he air <Her projectiles are literally her throwing her balled purple foot stank at you <That one shot in SFXT of her putting her foot on Xiaoyu's face
I got into a slight altercation with Chames Jen on social media where I basically told him that he and the rest of the SoCal FGC personalities are obnoxious dumbfucks who are actively preventing people from enjoying the FGC. He kept trying to act like the good guy saying shit like "no worries I love you anyways" but I told him he made me feel unwelcome and I asked him to block me. I didn't fucking lie.

Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE 2: Electric Boogaloo Anonymous 09/11/2022 (Sun) 05:39:26 Id: 040c37 No. 687914 [Reply] [Last]
We coming back to SMT: IMAGINE niggers. Got no MMO to play? A fan of SMT? Want to just play a game and shitpost in chat with anons? Well come join us on this private server. The first thread was posted over a year ago and we got over 20 anons to join the game. Since then some have stuck around, some left due to burnout and some new have joined. If you join you can be invited to the /v/ guild right away and be geared and leveled. We got players knowledgeable of the game that can help you out. https://reimagine.online/ https://wiki.reimagine.online/Main_Page
161 posts and 84 images omitted.
>>700565 Code is defacto plain text, which is tiny (but there's a lot of it for anything full 3D). Models/textures, sound (particularly voice acting, since there's tricks to make music low filespace and sound effects don't need to be high fidelity) and especially FMVs make up the bulk of any game's size.
>>700203 It sued a fanserver hosted by one tranny faggot who made his own server because people (rightfully) hated him tried to claim copyright of it. Other(s?) took down server to lay low.
>>700203 >>701251 >Other(s?) took down server to lay low. Re took down theirs because he basically threw them under the bus, along with COMP_HACK, the team who made the SMT: Imagine emulator >>699715

Indie games Anonymous 06/24/2022 (Fri) 13:57:32 Id: c0f46d No. 629740 [Reply] [Last]
Evolution games >Thrive https://revolutionarygamesstudio.com/ >Elysian eclipse https://wauzmons.itch.io/elysian-eclipse Strategy games Lol don't remember. But anyone want's to post some they can.
48 posts and 41 images omitted.
>>675408 Looks really intresting. I like the graphics
>>688001 They previously made a Contra clone called Blazing Chrome and it has a similar art style.
New update, 5.10. They've added in: >Mucilage Jet >Time-Based Reproduction >Auto-Evo Exploration Tool >Auto-evo calculations have been updated to encourage sessility in AI species, and now runs 60% faster as well. >LAWK (Life as We Know) is now toggled on by default when starting a new game. If you want to play with thermosynthesis, make sure to turn this setting off before starting! >Glycolysis and respiration processes now consume less glucose, making life a little easier. Small Iron chunks now hold significantly less iron compound, preventing lithotrophs from fueling themselves indefinitely. >Entity limit is now weighted by size, so larger cells are less likely to spawn. >“Outdated” species should no longer show up in gameplay, this includes species meant to be extinct and the player’s own species being left behind as microbes after advancing to multicellular. The generation seed of your planet will now be displayed in the editor so it can be easily saved or shared. >The compounds and environment panels have become separate, and can be toggled separately as well. >The multicellular stage now has it’s own gameplay and editor themes. >Thrive is now available in the Norwegian, Vietnamese, and Croatian languages.

Game review thread Anonymous 08/09/2022 (Tue) 18:38:18 Id: b61764 No. 665319 [Reply] [Last]
Review games you've played and/or finished, either recently or if you just want to post reviews of games you played a while ago for whatever reason. Can say whatever you want about them, some basic ideas might be >what you liked about it >what you didn't care for about it >thoughts on the gameplay, story/writing, music, design, artwork/graphics >what the game does unique (or doesn't) >what made you decide to play it >any stories about the game or within the game that you created or happened to you? >how do you feel about it overall? >anything particularly memorable? Or whatever comes to mind If you want you could even do shit like post video reviews or in image format or something if you want to go to the effort, might be cool. I'll start with some recent Shadowrun games I've played in the next posts so the OP isn't too clogged or focused on a single game.
35 posts and 44 images omitted.
>>701072 I recently finished Blades of times and was about to start this one.
Advance Wars 2 >what you liked about it Very solid TBS with unit building. Most characters feel unique to play as >what you didn't care for about it Some of the more puzzley levels. The AI being dumb as bricks. The balances between characters is all over the place. >thoughts on the gameplay, story/writing, music, design, artwork/graphics Gameplay, music, design, and graphics are all great. Story barely exists. >what the game does unique (or doesn't) Outside of its series, nothing does TBS quite like it. >what made you decide to play it Saw a deathless run by someone who seemed to know all sorts of details about how to play the game optimally, and read some guides about really high level play figured I'd finish it since I only beat DS and DoR. >any stories about the game or within the game that you created or happened to you? None unique. Campaign is kinda static since the AI is shit and rankings are a bit strict on time taken meaning most maps have one real solution. Even a meh player like me can tell the AI makes some really dumb choices, and it's actually greatly improved from the prior game's. >how do you feel about it overall? Pretty good. >anything particularly memorable? Besides "The AI acts retarded if you do X"? It's a solid overall game, but I can't think of any moments that were super interesting.

Console-tan thread: Having fun with cuties edition Anonymous 01/22/2022 (Sat) 20:30:20 Id: f0e4f4 No. 518787 [Reply] [Last]
I can't remember the last time we had one of these, figured I might as well make one without the baggage of a gay console-tan like the steam deck thread was, plus that wasn't a general console-tan thread since everybody likes em, plus we could pool together >our collective creative juices for fun /ctt/ ideas, and hopefully fun things come out of it. Post your: >Favorite console-tan designs and artworks >ideas for new console-tans >why you like/dislike any particular ones >scenario/comic Ideas, requests, greentexts and drawings >OC >any related content (i.e. artist-specific consoletans) And really anything interesting you find or feel like posting about. Sites: http://consoletan.booru.org/ (general consoletan booru) http://ourobooru.booru.org/ (webring+8moe-specific booru)
250 posts and 517 images omitted.
>>699988 >someone actually noticed the small extras added to the cans You do not know about the biggest dumbest smile on my face that you caught this, thanks anon
>>699988 >Its funny how she's even still """alive""'. This is the Ouya from the 8chanmania timeline after Kiryu faked his death in Yakuza 6, now she's just another homeless person in Kamurocho with Akiyama coming to check in on her periodically as a favor to Kiryu.
(294.85 KB 960x1496 tan creation.png)

Lewding is alright, I guess, but certainly not something I would save. Kinda hoped to see more console-tan art with personalities interesting or just nice art without lewd-bait. Really hope to find some good SEGA console-tans.

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