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(753.05 KB 851x710 friday.png)
FRIDAY NIGHT, MUTHAFUCKA Anonymous 05/07/2021 (Fri) 17:12:35 Id:e9e355 No. 303280 [Reply] [Last]
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>PLAYAN VR Kanojo, Binding of Isaac, Warframe >WATCHAN nothing >LISTENAN A story about a girl who wrote to satan instead of santa >READAN A shameful fanfiction >EATAN Pizza >DRINKAN juice >FAPPAN An audio recording of a slutty Toriel getting fucked by her son, played by You, the listener. Apparently also loli bears >FEELAN Got paid yesterday so I'm feeling good.

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another friday night down the drain
>>304314 >Can you give details on this? look up the artist rb on inkbunny

(28.50 MB 800x450 radmodintrocompressed.mp4)
Joint Operations & RADmod Anonymous 04/27/2021 (Tue) 03:41:16 Id:306152 No. 294930 [Reply]
Born from some thread shitting on the first EA Battlefront game, Joint Operations was a staple of many a gamenight in previous years, with the last one having seemingly taken place in early 2020. From those gamenights a modification was born, first just a general modification to make gameplay a bit more exciting that grew into a lot more over time, that mod being vmod/RADmod, which in its 2.7 release is quoted as: >A mod that started out as a small quality of life modification specifically for JO Gamenights. It was a simple creation; allowed the JO team to have access to the rebel weapons and vice versa, allowed sniper scopes to display range, colored smoke, etc. It was generally still a vanilla Escalation experience, with the players adding in their own twist of hilarity, chaos and radicalness. Then we came along and decided to expand upon the idea, turn it into something bigger and much crazier. But that still begs the question: What the fuck actually happened to RADmod? I managed to find a few things: >The original JO:CAG download posted in the old threads >vmod 2.5 >RADmod 2.7 >Server fix files >Hostfag files Though this is seemingly fine for archival/gamenight purposes the RADmod 2.7 installer is seemingly supposed to update version 2.6 (as when extracted it only has 2 files, which don't seem to work on their own even when a RADmod shortcut is made manually, which the installer, despite claiming otherwise, doesn't create automatically), and there's currently seemingly no version of 2.6 left up, even while looking through 8kunt archives, so anyone that still has a copy may have one of the last ones that's actually accessible without contacting the RADdevs themselves.

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>>304471 >three years since Radmod devs were last spotted They did an impromptu rad ops gamenight on zzzchan earlier this year, but it was only one night and they announced it at the last minute so barely anyone got the chance to play.
>>304502 That's what happens when they insist on being autistic about mark.
>>304564 >He doesn't browse both I pity the single boarders who will never know such joys.

(3.23 MB 1493x843 derlead.png)
(96.38 KB 600x338 fairy-fencer-f.jpg)
(366.53 KB 1920x1080 omega-10.jpg)
Idea Factory International games Anonymous 05/05/2021 (Wed) 19:00:36 Id:c31f18 No. 302029 [Reply]
Are any of these games besides the Nep ones worth getting into? I never really hear much about them. Death end re;Quest got noticed a little and a sequel released last year so I guess I should check that out. I heard some shit about having to make multiple save files in Death end re:Quest because you can straight up get a game over just for picking the wrong dialogue choice or some shit.
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>>302271 >How would they characterize Noire especially with how much of the fanbase of weeb games hate Sony now? It could make an interesting character arc. I'll spitball an idea <Noire reaches a breaking point where she is tired of Nep's playful jabs of having no friends <she has also gotten more cocky as a result of her nation's prosperity <she makes a special appearance at Lastation's Basilicom where she outlines her plan of a new Lastation being a movie-making studio. She slanders her otaku followers as a bunch of pervs who have no life and go against the values of Lastation. <her CPU friends attending the meeting make a note of her passionate new plan. Blanc is indifferent as it doesn't affect her, Vert wishes Noire would come to her senses but at the same time would love to absorb her otaku followers while Neptune thinks this is some bad comedy <her little sister Uni doesn't like the direction the nation is going with her ideas in mind and calls her out of her hypocrisy in the slander against the otaku while being okay with being a movie-making studio which will inevitability be rife with scandals, abuse and nepotism <Noire orders her little sister to be escorted out of the meeting, her guards are hesitant at first being that it's her younger sister but they dutifully obey and take her out of the building <later that day Noire and Uni get into a huge fight over the future of Lastation and the role it plays in GamIndustri. Kei is overseeing the siblings fight and demands they stop before they get hurt <Noire remains adament in her new plan while Uni decides she doesn't want any part of the this and runs out the door <now that Uni is walking in exhile Vert takes it as a chance to be the best big sister she can be by offering Uni to stay at Leanbox and play games with her while Noire is busy with the construction of Lastation <meanwhile Noire hires a bunch of sketchy film-makers to help promote Lastation <Noire makes a post on Neppit that encourages her new followers to create content that sparks conversation across GamIndustri and to promote Lastation as a place to make movies <somewhere along the way Noire is removed from being the leader of Lastation. As a consequence she loses her HDD powers due to her followers that lost faith <a new antagonist that could serve as Noire's shadow of wanting to achieve perfection takes over Lastation. They plan on expanding their influence to other nations and to tighten the grip on GamIndustri <realizing the grave mistake made she calls for Kei to help her in her quest to restore faith and to repair the severed relationship with Uni
The 2nd Zenke fight in Fairy Fencer F is filtering me. Looks like I'm gonna have to grind some levels.
>>302300 >Mary Skelter wasn't piss easy I'd say It was after you realize Mortal Force can end most fights in a single move. MS2 fixed the issue.

(707.15 KB 2048x1154 1-Tgpa-sq09Rdt1-IDVRSX3g.jpeg)
(1.40 MB 1456x2348 1567802366935-2.png)
(2.99 MB 3166x1568 1567802366935-1.png)
NIHON FALCOM THREAD Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 12:46:29 Id:12de89 No. 281116 [Reply] [Last]
Trails of Cold Steel IV releases on PC and Switch today! >Latest News -Ys IX: Monstrum Nox will get an English release by NISA in 2021 on PS4, PC and Switch. -Trails of Cold Steel IV will get released in English on PC and Switch today. -"Hajimari no Kiseki" was released on August the 27th in Japan. -"Kuro no Kiseki" will be released in Japan in 2021. >Fan-translations -Trails from Zero got its last update on March the 14th. -Trails to Azure is completely edited and has entered the testing phase. The old leak got a few updates, including updated NPC and item names, that now fit the other games, and a lot of bug fixes. (https://imgur.com/a/bQOs4kX) -Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga is completely edited and has entered the testing phase. >Undubs Mega of every undub: https://mega.nz/#F!k5ZjwTCD!A4Uyb67OpQQ_qCoB-zvx0g Merge the JP voices and Dummy files into one folder and dump that folder into the voice folder.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Can I ask for that one DL for Nayuta no Kiseki with the english patch? I keep misplacing the fucking thing and Nayuta's finally came up in my backlog.
>>304386 Thanks anon.

(13.24 KB 236x358 d2h8.jpg)
Fantasy Games in which you play as monster Anonymous 03/18/2021 (Thu) 16:22:43 Id:abbf0f No. 263259 [Reply] [Last]
Are there any fantasy games where you play as a race which are most commonly the monsters? Most fantasy games follow the formula of the good guys you play as being shinning clean knights with medieval european aesthetic and the things you kill being filthy club weilding brutes in loincloths Is there any game where you do the reverse? Play AS the club weilding brute? I dont mean games where there is like one orc option in the character creator or one proud warrior race guy in the party In fact since orcs are pretty widespread and playing as an orc is pretty easy thats not what Im looking for And I dont want games were you play as a human barbarian either Specific types of monsters I am intrested in are all types of Beastmen (Gnolls, Wolfmen, Ratmen, Lizardmen you name it) more barbaric demons, kobolts and generally anything else that has this whole bugbear-esque "thing that lives in a hut in the forrest" vibe to it Monsters I dont give a fuck for : skeletons, vampires, zombies, eldritch shit, the generally more mystical ones Being a primitive tribal/animalistic monster is as important to what I am looking for as being a monster at all To clarify even more What my fantasy is Its NOT "I wanna play as a fantasy dark lord"

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>303981 It's by Cyanide, that's all you need to know. I don't know how that studio keeps getting work, they've literally never made a good game. >>304013 Saging doesn't work, anon. It's been broken for awhile
>>304029 I knew it looked familiar, Of Orc and Men also had that same shitty animation too.
>>263381 The Demon's Crest series is fucking great, top tier, would recommend. I dunno if Altered Beast counts. There was also a PS2 game but I dunno if it's even any good or not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMv0lKL_bio

(15.10 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
AGDG 2/2 Demo Day Anonymous 02/02/2021 (Tue) 19:14:29 Id:bffba5 No. 226400 [Reply] [Last]
It's demo day, post your game demos, play anon's games and shit on it, today is the day. <Your thread is shit, it's not like last demo day Well maybe you should've made one yourself about 12 fucking hours ago.
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(1.89 MB 804x626 jSJp6ZT1C0.mp4)
(8.67 MB 934x770 b0h45l.mp4)
>>304949 >are the player models replaceable at least? They are. Despite being aimed at kids, their map editor in combination with Lua makes it very easy to throw dumb shit like this together.
>>305208 That's good if that part works, I will fiddle around with Roblox first then. It takes a while anyway till OpenMW has better lua documentation.
How retarded is it to detect input at the very end of a frame and process it in the next frame? Here's the issue I'm having. I'm using immediate mode GUI, so I'm calling it as the very last thing so it draws over everything, so far so good. Except I need to consume inputs so it's not clicking through the GUI and affecting the game at the same time. For keyboard input I can just set up a flag to disable keyboard for the game if there's a text input box on screen, but I can't do the same for the mouse. It's also not error prone because the input will still go through in the very first frame. A half-assed solution for the mouse is to setup dead zones before processing the game. But it adds more problems than it solves. I just like the simplicity of the immediate mode GUI, I don't want to use objects and deal with updating hierarchies and whatnot. Any other ideas?

(86.45 KB 1921x1125 E3 logo.jpg)
Online E3 2021 announced for June, backed by Nintendo, Microsoft, Ubisoft and others Anonymous 04/07/2021 (Wed) 14:31:12 Id:495438 No. 279824 [Reply] [Last]
https://archive.is/dNHA6 >E3 2021 will return this June in digital form, and has been backed by Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom, Konami, Ubisoft, Take-Two, Warner Bros and Koch Media. >It's a strong line-up, especially with the two platform holders on-board, however there are some notable absentees, including Sony, EA, Activision Blizzard, Sega, Bandai Namco and Square Enix. The event takes place between June 12 and June 15, so there is still time for other publishers to sign up. >This year's show will be online-only, but very little details are available besides that. The press release states that developers will be 'showcasing their latest news and games directly to fans around the world', with the ESA working with media to 'amplify and make this content available to everyone for free'. GamesIndustry.biz understands this may take the form of media-only days and streaming technology. >"For more than two decades, E3 has been the premier venue to showcase the best that the video game industry has to offer, while uniting the world through games," said ESA CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis. >"We are evolving this year's E3 into a more inclusive event, but will still look to excite the fans with major reveals and insider opportunities that make this event the indispensable center stage for video games." >It's been a challenging 12 months for the games event business, but E3 was under pressure even before the pandemic, with long-term supporter Sony announcing it wouldn't be attending the show last year (prior to its COVID-related cancellation). The PlayStation company joined EA, which also hadn't supported E3 for several years.
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(51.30 KB 680x514 doomfist.jpg)
>>303655 Tigole (Jeff Kaplan) left Blizzard recently, he was the vice president of the company and lead designer of Overwatch. Do you know what the funny thing is? He was one of the few people still at the company trying to fight hard against the overt over-monetization of ActiBlizz, he didn't like the paid skins or lootboxes that ended up in the final version of Overwatch and is credited to be the reason you don't have to pay for new heroes and having all skins achievable via gameplay. Nobody knows why he left, especially halfway through the development of Overwatch's sequel, but people think it has to do with clashing heads with Activision suits.
>>303931 Rotten Human >>304017 I know, and I don't care It's shit people being fucked by shittier people.
>>303549 >>303555 I co-wrote half of it while drunk I don't even remember what that box meant. It all made sense while watching tho since it's for drunken bingo :^)

(795.82 KB 940x528 ClipboardImage.png)
(900.73 KB 678x452 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.79 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.48 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
(152.80 KB 400x240 ClipboardImage.png)
Mecha Thread Anonymous 04/02/2021 (Fri) 20:55:15 Id:355533 No. 275964 [Reply] [Last]
Like em big? Like em small? Let's have a thread about everyone's favorite mechanical palls and the games they star in. Personally I've been considering getting back into Daemon X Machina since I heard there was a secret mission regarding solomon since he was only brought up once and never mentioned again. I've also been playing a bit of the Arcade mode in Custom Robo as well as the campaigns for both Slave Zero and Metal Wolf Chaos. That said if you're gonna try out Slave Zero, I HIGHLY recommend playing the GOG version as the steam and dreamcast versions are broke to all hell.
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>>287503 >I have no fucking idea how I played this game as a kid, the controls are insane and I'm not able to get used to them Stick with it a bit and it will grow on you again. The initial shock of the controls dissipates after a few missions for me.
>>287503 >>287511 I'll give credit to AC for being one of the few series where it actually feels like you're piloting a giant robot, everything from the weight to the controls.
>>275964 >Small mecha games are a lost art by now >TFW no more Little Battlers >no more Medabots >no more Gocha Force >No more Custom Robo >No more The Great Battle It fucking hurts. At least Mevius released a good Gyrozetter game so I can check out a "good Transformers JRPG" for the list of good thing to happen in mecha. >>276867 Bless you anon for remembering it. Brought a tear to my eye. >>280370 >Tank Mechs >Tanks > Mechs >>282110 A mecha game, no but the Blaster Master Zero games are /m/ rated especially due to the toku elements.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(78.48 KB 1280x720 1619070492706.jpg)
Anonymous 04/29/2021 (Thu) 03:51:16 Id:805fb0 No. 296869 [Reply]
>Portal Reloaded is an upcoming single player mod for Portal 2 created by Jannis Brinkmann set to release on April 19, 2021, exactly 10 years after Portal 2 originally launched. The mod gives players the ability to fire a third portal, the "time portal," that allows players to travel between the "present" and "future" versions of each test chamber. It's free faggots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LGFzEWwgyE https://store.steampowered.com/app/1255980/Portal_Reloaded/
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>>296876 Wouldn't it be just the long waited Assportal?
This has been out for a couple of weeks now, have any of you played it? Is it good? I heard about this and I was interested.
>>297245 Map 17 or 19, which ever, the one with the energy pushy anti gravity thing, in the Wheatly part, where he says he read "The Prince" by Machiavelli, actually stumped me pretty hard. Still can't recall why, I just know it took me longer to complete that map than the rest of the game combined.

(57.04 KB 493x370 mpv-shot0021 (4).jpg)
Autism Thread Anonymous 03/15/2021 (Mon) 08:03:20 Id:000000 No. 260296 [Reply] [Last]
What are the most autistic things you've ever done related to videogames, anons? Can be everything, from a incredibly convoluted self-challenge to simply doing some extremely cryptic 100% or some even more autistic shit like fanfiction, shipping and stuff like that. I'll start >Playing the pokémon games up to gen 6 (and by that I mean every version) in "autismlocke", aka a series of nuzlockes where once you've used a monster in your endgame team it can't be captured in the following games >caught feebas in Sapphire >playing Grand Strategy games which is a feat in autism on its own >can't get into a random game in a series without first playing every title preceding it, even the shitty ones >played Shadow the Hedgehog 10 times in order to reach the true ending and was disappointed >when I was a little kid and had only a GBA, Gamecube and a N64, I did speedruns of the fucking Open Season licensed game for the GBA, along with Rayman Raving Rabbids (which was actually a decent platformer in the vein of Rayman 1), and the shitty GBA spyros >was scared shitless of Mario's gigantic head in SM64 and had nightmares about it Tell us about YOUR autism now.
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>>304060 The true solution to the WQ is to kidnap a woman and keep her in your basement. Prove me wrong.
I've been assembling and curating massive playlists of music to listen to on shuffle while replaying certain games I enjoyed. Nothing against any of the games' original soundtrack and sound design, I just want more variety, kinda like how Jet Set Radio and a few others had playlists instead of just set looping themes. I'm also doing self-imposed challenges, so getting a new experience out of something familiar is kinda what I'm going for right now anyway. Part of where it gets autistic, is that instead of just one big playlist per game, I'm breaking it into multiple playlists sorted by how they fit into different parts of the game. For just Persona 3, I've got four playlists for each season, six for each block of Tartarus, one huge one for the Velvet Room, one for Tartarus minibosses, one for full moon Shadows, one for the three-ish times you fight Strega, one for the final boss, and one for the extra boss. Some playlists have under 100 songs, most have around 200, some have over 200. I originally intended to just have a couple playlists full of videogame ost remixes for this, but life kept getting in the way of vidya, and listening to music and curating playlists was all I could do while exhausted in every sense of the word. It's been two years since I started doing this, and I'm only just now starting to have time for my backlog again.
(184.62 KB 600x684 Kirby_Phone.png)
I've recently gone into the habit of "playing my role". If a game nudges or its narrative pushes me to a specific party set or using characters in a specific way I will do that. Dumb shit like having appropriate units fight each other in FE(Ashe kills his father figure in 3H,), having the characters that would be most relevant or have the most beef fighting a specific or avoiding shit that wouldn't fit in a fight going currently. I tend to fight bosses fair and square and deliberately avoid insanely broken shit or completely trivialize them. So I try to avoid healing items or cheap items in non-turn based RPGs.

(2.60 MB 1024x1536 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 16:45:03 Id:81aef8 No. 281242 [Reply] [Last]
Is there a bigger hack then Yuji Naka? Other big names are like they write some pretentious shit but this dude just pumps out straight trash for over a decade and a half and anything that's even half good with his name on it is more inspite of him then because of him.
209 posts and 43 images omitted.
>>293194 They did the same thing with Mancucked Divided. The game flopped, but the Steam version still has Denuvo lodged in it. They even put it on gog without Denuvo but can't be bothered to remove it from other versions.
>>283749 I think they were referring to the movement and the speed momentum gives. Marble zone is a great example of that. they are showing how much more dynamic is compared to a mario game, which doesn't have those types of physics. In general sonic games are mario games but with extreme momentum and gymnastics
>>293164 It can be both, you know. Naka was making terrible games for years before joining Square Enix. Left Alive was such a strange game. They tried so hard to make it like Metal Gear for a series that isn't even remotely like MGS. I can't believe this was the first Front Mission game in almost a decade, and it's likely to be the last we ever get.

(85.74 KB 616x353 PP77.jpg)
Aftermath of Cyberpunk 2077 Anonymous 05/04/2021 (Tue) 15:43:34 Id:dcc404 No. 301111 [Reply] [Last]
It seems universally agreed upon this game was/is mess, albeit a financially successful one. What I find more interesting is how, unlike The Witcher 3, nobody is really talking about this anymore only a few months after release. CDPR has since >lost dozens of major employees including several studio vets >put virtually the entire studio on bugfix mode >gotten served class-action lawsuits >cancelled the planned online game >delayed the current-gen console versions (which still aren't out yet, no ETA either) >reorganized their entire marketing strategy >got investigated by Polish authorities >probably lost years of internal productivity just from trying to fix the game and deal with the fallout Remember when Sony removed CP77 from the PlayStation store last year? It's still gone. They never re-added it. There are videos with millions of views cataloguing every cut feature, empty promise and outright lie from 2012 up to release. Speaking of which, did you know the game didn't start development until late 2016? Yes, they had four years to try and make all of that. This comes with the other realisation that there was no game before then, everything from 2012 to mid 2016 didn't exist. All that existed was concept art and a rough game idea, said ideas ended up being totally scrapped when development started anyway. That's why the final game looks nothing like the famous CGI trailer. The game was recently nominated at two separate award shows for a total of seven different categories, where it won exactly 0 awards. It's so rare to see this kind of thing happen to such a big project . What do you anons think? What's the future of this game and CDPR in general?
89 posts and 32 images omitted.
(19.51 KB 418x344 vavra around Mafia2.jpg)
>>304046 Yes, it is. I remember that around the time Mafia 2 was released Dan Vavra made a blogpost or a article (published it in Level magazine, I am not sure right now) about how poorly AAA companies are structured. Basically he explained that for him it was normal that one person in the studio would take multiple jobs based on what was needed. So programmers would occasionally help with textures or modeling miscellaneous objects or go look up reference material and so on. However AAA just give everyone one task and one task only. Separate everything into departments and sub-departments that are basically never in contact and on top of that they have several layers of supervisors that not only supervise the teams but also each-other. Naturally this explodes the budget just on wages alone as stuff that could be done with 100 somewhat versatile teams has to be done by 500-800 tunnel vision clowns. Its also why modern games have so many bugs and obvious design fuckups. Because the people working on them have effectively 0 real communication between each other. So the guy doing particle effects has little to no idea about the game mechanics and this is done by design. Basically half the budget is consumed by people pretending to do shit but whose contribution to the project is effectively 0. And that was around 2010. I can only imagine how much worse it has gotten since.
(70.51 KB 1280x720 E3.jpg)
(88.64 KB 1200x675 final game.jpg)
>>304070 >had a two man team that only made item models, like guns, crates, etc. One guy created the mesh, the other textured it. for a big production doesn't stuff like that make sense? on movies they have main effects guys and prop masters and they delegate smaller tasks to assistants (or that's what they used to do). the worst story of wasting time and resources I remember hearing about was the interview of some lady artist working on final fantasy xiii (before it came out). the interviewer was shocked to hear that for the last several months she was just working on a rock. (one that would likely never even be seen by players).
>>304075 Such specialisation does make sense to a point, but in the video I saw the two guys responsible for items had literally left work and gone on holiday because their job was done. Their only job was making inanimate objects. They didn't help with level design, play-testing, scripting, balance or anything else. One guy made a box, the other painted it. Compare it to the golden days of id where you had Carmack as programmer and a handful of guys as level designers, one guy who did sounds and music, and Donna as the office mom who made sure everyone was looked after, but each of them would do other stuff too, and they worked together as a single group of about a dozen people, and they were all on a first-name basis and had lunch together and shared common interests and all that got poured into the games they were making as a group. Doom didn't happen because some mid-level manager at Microsoft saw what was trending on Twitch, it came from renaissance men, guys with actual talent, who shared interests and passions and played D&D together when they weren't working. And to add to your movie-making analogy, I remember when Lucas started filming Star Wars episode 2 here in Australia, and they came over and they had basically a skeleton crew of Australians running the whole show because each Australian didn't work in Hollywood where everyone had "one job", here everyone had to pitch in with everything to get shit done and they were blown away by how much got done by so few people because there wasn't all that time spent waiting for "one job guy" to do his thing so the other "one job guy" could do his other thing and all the HR bullshit that goes with managing such a big crew.

(2.71 MB 1265x1413 Caligula 2 combat screens.png)
(5.69 MB 1266x3527 Caligula 2 demo screens.png)
(684.24 KB 1920x1080 Caligula 2 - Causality Link.png)
Caligula 2 Anonymous 02/27/2021 (Sat) 21:25:17 Id:101d8c No. 248826 [Reply] [Last]
I guess this thread was inevitable, so let's just get it over with. I need to vent for a bit about this shit. Caligula 2 had its official livestream earlier today, showing off a surprisingly substantial gameplay trailer and a brief demo. They say the livestream recording will remain up for about a couple of weeks, so feel free to download it if you want to keep it for study or whatever. The game's debut trailer from the latest Nintendo Direct a while back left the worst possible impression any game trailer ever gave me. It looked absolutely terrible and made me mad as fuck. But with the unexpectedly large info dump they just released today, including a more proper trailer, I decided to try my best to suppress my anger, minimize my bias for just one day and conduct an in-depth analysis of everything I've seen: First off, there's still a party of 4. Okay. Don't know what possible reason the Direct trailer had to leave that out, but the less I think about that trash fire, the better. The Risk level mechanic remains, and seems to work the same way as always. Maybe the meter goes down a little bit faster, but I could be wrong there. Out-of-party members (i.e. the ones you've benched) can passively gain a small amount of XP. On combat speed and space: The attacks themselves are decently fast, but the characters' running speed is embarrassingly sluggish to match the tiny combat instance confinement. Exact same problem Overdose had. Just a small, shitty circle with no variety. No corners, no chokepoints, nothing. The one thing that surprised me most by far is that enemies no longer immediately disintegrate on death like they did in Overdose. Their bodies stick around for a little while and continue to take hits, as you can see at 45:50 in the livestream recording. Although I can't tell whether or not the combo counter keeps going because they conveniently panned it out of frame. Looks like the world select screen will be the inside of a subway train. Seems to be just a cosmetic change, but either way, I would prefer having a bird's-eye view of the city, personally. Your top combo affects your battle end results (along with Risk Breaks), but you don't get a rank/grade letter. On field, some characters's names are blurred out. I assume it's a replacement for the lock icons they used to have in the first game that would indicate you can't befriend that individual yet. The game has multiple types of currency: ¥ (yen) and χ (chi). Looks like χ can be used to buy stigma/passives. There are consumable items (shown in combat UI), which I assume can be bought with ¥. There are also star icons you can collect, which I assume are skill points as in the first game. All of the UI looks like soulless cookie-cutter trash made in some sort of document software, same problem as Overdose. Maybe slightly less ugly though. Obviously, WIRE and the Causality Link are still present as always. All in all, having gone over all the details I could find, I'll admit C2 looks like it might not be completely terrible after all, but I certainly wouldn't call it good either. I'm seeing some unexpected improvements over Overdose, but the company's got a long way to go until they remember why the original Caligula was as good as it was.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>303939 Is there a western release planned? I'm going through the trails series right now and if there's going to be a release soon i might have to drop it to finally finish this game.
Continuing. Pic 3: QP: >あなたのこと好きなの。 >他に理由いる? >I like/love you. >Is there any other reason? QP: >条件はね、ココアと付き合うこと。 >The condition is that you go out with Cocoa. QP: >そうだ、海外転勤の可能性があるのかも教えてほしいな。あってもいいんだけどその場合は単身赴任してもらうことになるんだけど……。 >Yes, I'd like to know if there's a possibility of transferring overseas. I don't mind if there is, but in that case, I'll have to be transferred alone. ......

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Pic 5: X: >……オマエらは、何が目的なんだ? >メビウスの悲劇を繰り返す気なのか!? >というか一体リグレットはなんだ! どこから出てきた! >...... What do you guys want? >Are you trying to repeat the tragedy of Mobius!? >I mean, what the hell is Regret? Where did it come from? Bluffman: >リグレット様こそ、新時代の女神。 >今度こそ完璧に理想郷を創ってみせるよ。 >Lady Regret is the goddess of the new age. >This time, I'll create a perfect utopia. Marie:

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(160.14 KB 1024x869 Waifu Emblem in a nutshell.jpg)
Fire Emblem's weird direction and a possible future? Anonymous 03/13/2021 (Sat) 15:47:02 Id:d8e458 No. 258955 [Reply] [Last]
I haven't seen much discussion here or previously about Fire Emblem 3 Houses and its weird, jumbled identity. It's certainly a fascinating case when you take in account the history of Fire Emblem and ignore the localizations, because I think we're seeing a very hard shift in both stories presented in FE and developers. All this is speculation mind you. Old Fire Emblem >Made by nerds who liked 80s and 90s fantasy anime and DnD >Series from 1 up to 10 were about fantasy Europe being the good guys mostly and fighting against dragons, undead and some dark priests mostly >Series jerked off fantasy France mostly >In an ironic twist, they depicted Macedonia as megalomaniacal and later humbled as a nod to Alexander the Great >Big bad was mostly Fantasy Britain but thanks to Alm this stopped >Fantasy Skandinavia got two games and somehow was connected to fantasy Thrace >Fantasy Greece also got two games and was connected to Arthurian / Roland legends fighting against Messopotamian deities and dragons >FE9 and 10 were fantasy Crimean recreating Crimean legends featuring Guts from the Berserk series >The games are loved in Japan, many series exist thanks to Kaga's idea of making Lazer Squad into an RPG as well >Fire Emblem grows by adding Kaga's ideas and by trading ideas with the series that sprouted thanks to them, like SRW <FE11 and 12 were remakes <We all know how uber shit 12 was and how it almost killed the franchise <The less said about Kris the better

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>>303211 >record stream Why not just set up RSS downloading for torrent client then? Shit pretty much could insta-grab anything the moment somebody puts it up.
>>303198 Non-official streaming is a form of piracy though. In fact shits about to get real fucked for them or might already be with a recent bill Trump signed a stupidly huge bill in December with some copyright bullshit snuck in that affects illegal streaming sites; basically they're completely fucked In terms of piracy, people are fucking lazy and awful when it comes to torrents, only the highest rated rips are seeded which are usually just BD rips with official subs, almost no good fansubs are seeded long after their release Whereas certain streaming sites will have some old-ass, good fansubbed episodes when you won't find them anywhere else, and you can download them from the sites in question.
>>303211 Why the fuck are you streaming anime in the first place?

(1.94 MB 1400x5800 cuhrayzee.jpg)
(5.23 MB 5748x6740 PS2 2.jpg)
(4.98 MB 3028x7396 xbox.jpg)
Chart Thread Anonymous 03/01/2021 (Mon) 23:10:00 Id:e4534a No. 250310 [Reply] [Last]
Haven't seen one of these in a long time, post your charts.
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>>303674 Eh, you can see what happens in the court cases and attempted seizures like for example, expressVPN being raided by the turks but their servers didn't have logs so the government got fucked.
>>303174 >>303674 >>303679 Isn't Mullvad VPN one of the good ones?
>>303679 You can vet a VPN provider to some degree yes, but companies change and can always be infiltrated/leaned on quietly or technically compromised by competent non-roach government agencies if needed. For the average consumer you'll likely be fine with almost any paid provider (otherwise they have serious motive to make cash off you another way) of reasonable reputation but if you're dabbling in things that are locally illegal or otherwise questionable to a degree you might be targeted specifically I wouldn't trust a VPN alone. Of course if you start getting very high profile there are a few semi-practical ways to try and deanonymise TOR users too but that's really far beyond what most people need to concern themselves with. So you'll be fine if turks try a mass data seizure against your provider but if you're worth watching enough I can almost guarantee you no anons are that a western agency quietly asks or otherwise forces their way in to watch what specifically you are up to things are different. I mean I personally use a few paid VPNs myself so I should probably have been clearer that I didn't mean they're worthless, just that you're then making your provider the likely point of failure rather than your ISP. >>303680 From what I know yes but I've never really looked into them at length.


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