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(1020.75 KB 797x1798 Norma_Nativadad_.png)

(1.22 MB 1275x1075 trap vs goblino.png)

WORST Girls Anonymous 08/11/2022 (Thu) 00:28:05 Id: cd41ab No. 666194 [Reply] [Last]
Starting off with Mr. Shitface's totally relevant diversity hire. >Obnoxious passive aggresive jew bitch >does fuck all for the main plot >wants to fuck razputins dad throughout the whole game and keeps sucking up to him >doesn't know when to fuck off yet stays in one area throughout the whole game >has literally nothing to contribute until ONE scene in the final boss phase >locks razputin in the closet and gets him naked >barely makes any other impression than what I listed It's just not very funny, everything she does feels devoid of substance and meaningless. It's the quirky valley girl archetype but just comes off as so unlikeable. Splatoon 3: >Chinese Tranny and Shantae Chihuahua Not much is known but they uggo
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(30.91 KB 600x608 Dumbmutt.jpg)

(521.08 KB 572x662 Lacreatura1.png)

(994.58 KB 1205x688 Lacreatura2.png)

The worstest girl from the worstest game to ever worst
>>666914 I have no idea how she is in everything.
When I thought Cavas might have something interesting going, dumb bitch simply stole his place and made Synthesis about herself instead. "I've fallen and I can't get up" doesn't work when the old man saying it is permanently replaced by her saying all his voicelines in his place.

(21.91 KB 329x302 Daily Dose.gif)

Dose thread Anonymous 08/27/2022 (Sat) 02:19:31 Id: 6d5076 No. 677817 [Reply] [Last]
Thanks doc, happy birthday!
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(854.11 KB 606x1214 bottom botox.png)

Thanks doc!
>>692016 >>692018 Might be better than wearing diapers.
(399.38 KB 401x779 octopus worried.png)

>>692072 >"Not sure why we're framing it as negative, though."

(697.51 KB 1920x1080 Realms Deep.jpg)

Realms Deep (faux classic FPS showcase by 3D Realms) live from September 16th to 18th Anonymous 09/01/2022 (Thu) 20:32:26 Id: 9b1392 No. 680909 [Reply] [Last]
https://archive.ph/FITNn WE'RE LIVE https://www.twitch.tv/3drealms/ For any Euroanons, they're also hosting a LAN party in Aalborg.
Edited last time by Mark on 09/16/2022 (Fri) 19:04:00.
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>>692957 >Also where the hell was Core Decay? Where was the Fallout inspired RPG they're making? Not to sound like a greedy shitter because they did show a ton of games, but there are some surprising omissions. But to answer your question, the Core Decay dev made posted an update blog a few months ago. It doesn't sound like Core Decay is anywhere near complete.
>>692994 >Kingpin reboot Literally all I care about. I have dropped video games long ago, but would come back for this.
>>680909 I wish peripedia is is fully released soon. I am looking forward to that game. :D

(320.28 KB 854x480 buren.jpg)

(662.09 KB 1920x1080 media_EqHOHfEXYAEWQIe.jpg)

(5.20 MB 1280x720 Van Buren.mp4)

Fallout thread Anonymous 06/26/2022 (Sun) 20:18:05 Id: a251eb No. 631196 [Reply] [Last]
Old one is old The guy behind the Van Buren project has gotten the original art style down perfectly, he still doesn't have any ETA yet and a playable demo is still probably years away. The Van Buren project is trying to recreate the original Fallout 3 before it was cancelled after Bethesda bought the IP, as many of you know Van Buren was later reworked into New Vegas but had many core differences from the base game. We still have the game's design documents, which in combination with New Vegas is being used as a reference for recreating the game. The occasional videos Lacko releases are very promising, so far he's been working on this for 3 or 4 years now.
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(61.41 KB 992x992 todd who is laughing now.jpg)

>>691890 >for what fucking purpose
>>691890 He doesn't go into detail on how much chance actually affects it, so I wonder how much there is. It might be something as simple as an interval between detection checks producing a different detection distance depending on the timing as they slide along his test apparatus. If it only checks, say, every half-second, that would produce noticeable randomness across multiple trials in the exact distance it reports. On the other hand, it's not unreasonable. Saying "the distance is based partially on random chance" makes it sound dumb, but saying that in a given set of circumstances (specific lighting, specific movement, etc) there is a chance they will detect you, it makes more sense, and isn't at all unusual. All it basically says is that in marginal cases you can get lucky. Like how a fortuitous well-timed crit can win you a dangerous fight. Again, that's if the randomness is baked into detection rather than being testing error.
(52.37 KB 640x727 misinformation.jpg)

>>691899 Todd works in mysterious ways >>692108 This isn't really related to what you're saying, but it got me thinking about all the misinfo around how NV's stealth works. For years and years people were going into forums and just making shit up for no reason. Nobody bothered to fact check any of it Some of this was sitting in Nukapedia for a decade

(65.86 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpeg)

Anonymous 09/16/2022 (Fri) 22:29:07 Id: 0d3fd4 No. 693016 [Reply]
The developers missed a great chance to make one of the ending scenes to be set inside Vito Scaletta's kitchen and its him making you some fresh bucatini as a token of appreciation.

Piece of shit games you instadropped and why Anonymous 07/01/2022 (Fri) 01:20:19 Id: 270811 No. 633637 [Reply] [Last]
Subject >Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 I thought it was going to be like that sniping mission in cod 4 but with cool deeper sniping mechanics and figured that if they made a 2, surely the 1st one must've been good enough to sell a bunch and warrant a sequel but no. It is like that one mission in cod except with none of the charm and cool action sequences, and the mechanics are no more complex than battlefield 3. Played the first mission, followed the AI like a puppy for a while, went through what might as well have been an on-rails shooting gallery with no challenge, died to AI bullshit a bunch of times, got bored, uninstalled about 30 minutes in. >Dead Island Saw a friend of mine playing it on his 360 several years ago and it seemed cool enough, over the years I kept the name pop here and there and said hell, let's give it a spin boy, was it total uninspired ass tripe. It starts of with a first person cinematic which they couldn't even be assed to make unique for each of the characters you have to choose from. Speaking of which, one the most boring cookie cutter "diverse" possible cast of assholes, consisting of >roided up spic loser >chink woman >giga nigga >a fourth one which I can't even remember and after you pick one of these you embark on a quest of boredom with boring npcs that give you boring fetch quests through boring dialogue I don't want to listen to, but sure, that's just the dressing, how's the meat of the game? IT'S BORING. It's melee focused but the mechanics suck, hit detection is shit, every fight is the same, the inventory system is shit, the skill trees and upgrade system is shit. I played it for 1 hour at most, did like 2 quests, hated every second of it, uninstalled. >Dragon Age Origins A friend of mine lent me a bunch of games and among them this piece of work, "it's good" he said, but it was a trick. I made my character look like the oldest man in existence and it turned out he had a father who ended up looking younger than my newly made avatar. Nothing short of incredible Oblivion tier UI and the first goddamned quest was to kill some spiders or wolves in a cellar or something which was just about as exciting as it sounds. Great fucking combat for a 2009 game, because who doesn't love standing still clicking on other characters and watch them fake real time fight just like in my korean mmorpgrindfests. I read it was inspired heavily by the LOTR books but fuck off, even the fellowship of the ring licensed game on PS2 was better.
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>>692515 nigger autismcraft was never on steam, early access didn't even exist in steam.
>>692472 >game doesn't used my desired input method >that means it's a piece of shit I don't even like Dark Souls, but you're a retard.
>>692606 But you did pay money for an unfinished game to "fund its continued development," only to later get shafted by a bigger fish that buys the property and shits al over it

Guess the Quote Anonymous 09/08/2022 (Thu) 05:05:48 Id: 3e974c No. 685835 [Reply] [Last]
You, me, let's play a little game. Post a quote from a game you know and see if anyone can guess what it's from. Then try to guess where the quotes other people post are from. Going to start off with some easier ones which I hope you'll be able to guess. >I'm a professional, you can't fool me, old man. >I've been dead for 35 years... today is the day I live. >Your health is low. Do you have any potions? Or food?
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>>690776 Half-life 2
(370.45 KB 807x1140 starshekelzen2.png)

>>691312 >Abandon all delusions of control Dragon's Dogma "Kinetic damage is good against shields, while high-explosive damage is good against armor"
I spill my drink!

(445.41 KB 541x840 UNLIMITED SKELETONS.png)

Dragon's Dogma thread - UNLIMITED SKELETONS edition Anonymous 06/15/2022 (Wed) 21:06:48 Id: 559999 No. 623936 [Reply] [Last]
We got blueballed out of DD2 at the Capcom showcase, now we must suffer. The 10th anniversary video is releasing tomorrow, it'll probably be something stupid like season 2 of the anime or a clothing line. Anyway, on with the thread >post your pawns >rate 'em >post your builds >rate 'em >think about DD2 never ever >cry
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>>692394 To say that it was in development after it got leaked and people kept prodding about it? Why did you expect news this soon?
>>692394 It'll most likely either show at E3 or Geoff's Show
>>692409 It won't You might get a showcase next year but don't expect it at either of those.

Klonoa Thread Anonymous 07/07/2022 (Thu) 21:38:11 Id: 367ea5 No. 638359 [Reply] [Last]
Well boys, you know the drill. The Klonoa remakes have just been released. It's time we talk about these remakes that will hopefully revive the series. I was playing the Wii version earlier but I was told the game was dumbed down, so I hope to have a better appreciation for these games with the remake. Something of note is that the Switch version apparently it runs like shit, so you may wanna buy this game on Steam instead. Are you ready for this blast from the past /v/?
149 posts and 85 images omitted.
>>668846 >Gotta test the waters first and see if the markets ripe Selling a compilation of games people may already own is NOT testing the waters.
>>642975 Yes a bunch of 12 year olds clicking their tongues and pretending they understand obscure movie references is cringe and I will enjoy my nude Klonoa models. There's still plenty of shitposting and micspamming in public worlds though >>650760 Hell yeah >>651380 >klonoa is so cute i want to fuck him >DUDE OMG WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU AAAAA >haha look at that guy if i act like i want to fuck klonoa too maybe he'll freak out more it's half unironic and half trying to get reactions out of people, just like everything else >>651741 >pedo >goes to chinese cartoon forum and still doesn't understand wanting to fuck cartoon children
Can you clear the special stage in the first game without double tapping the jump button for enemy jumps? The delay between landing a wind bullet and jumps being registered means you'd constantly have to gamble your life for maximum jump height.

(27.67 MB 3210x5955 Finished list (Final test).png)

/v/ makes a chart: Recommending western games the Nips should play - THE FINAL ACT Anonymous 08/27/2022 (Sat) 05:58:13 Id: da72eb No. 677916 [Reply] [Last]
And, here is the final version of the chart! Unless anyone has anything that they would like to correct or change about it, it looks like it's just about time to distribute this baby. Also, in case anyone is curious, here is the what the intro in the header says: This is a list developed to inform Japanese players of 150 of the best video games that the West has created over the last 30 years. Some of the games listed may conflict with your perception of Western titles. If you live a busy live and cannot analyze the list, here are the games we advise starting with: Original OP: Calling all anons! Let's make a chart together of your good western games the japanese audience should play! >why? There's an increasing effort to get the Japanese to play Western developed games. And, rather than let companies decide which games should introduce those players to media, we can develop a chart consisting of the "better" games that the West has released over the past 20-30 years, with five of the "best" or "most recommended" titles released every year. >ok I'm in, what are the rules? - The first version of release counts as the game's original release year, unless you're referring to a specific version of the game. - It is a good idea to prioritize games which either already have a Japanese translation or received a Japanese fan translation. - Each year must have 5 games total. - For variety's sake, try to keep it to one title per platform every year. - Only add games that you have personally played to this list. - The years will span from 1992-2021 Discuss with other anons what games you think should/should not be contenders as the games of the year!

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

126 posts and 46 images omitted.
>>691112 >Did you hear it from the same people who told you that Iron Man: The Game was a worthy addition to your chart? out of curiosity, did you actually play the Iron Man game by A2M?
>>690108 Sonic Mania is quite interesting because it shows how a bunch of Western indies can treat Sonic way better than the famed Sonic Team.
>>690108 >What fuck happened to the Country Flags Inkscape wasn't compatible with them.

ID@Xbox showcase for the 14th of September at 9:30 AM PST Anonymous 09/08/2022 (Thu) 16:44:02 Id: e59d60 No. 686081 [Reply] [Last]
>E3 never ends https://archive.ph/1mWZA >Look out for new announces and trailers, what’s coming soon to Game Pass, a deeper dive with developer interviews, and gameplay of Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed + other titles >The main showcase itself will feature updates for Metal: Hellsinger, You Suck at Parking, and more. Look out for new announces and trailers, what’s coming soon to Game Pass, a deeper dive with developer interviews, and gameplay of Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed (plus a couple other fun titles) Will be 120-90 minutes depending if you watch the pre-show. Will be live at https://twitch.tv/twitchgaming, https://www.twitch.tv/xbox and https://www.twitch.tv/blackgirlgamers
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>>690612 I don't, I always hated these cunts, and them putting themselves against the same wall as the other undesirables is fine by me
>>690612 They're selfish cunts who were indoctrinated hard by those hippies who went to the farm end from the 70s. Never feel pity for Greenies.
(1.00 MB 2081x2442 Nuclear_Environmentalist.jpg)

>>690612 >I feel terrible for anyone who calls himself an environmentalist Fuck 'em all. Well, almost all of them. Just ask one question - what's their opinion on Nuclear? If they're against it - then they don't actually give two shits about the environment, and are just in it for the high of moral righteousness. If they are for nuclear energy, they might still be morally righteous cunts, but at least they're not in complete denial of reality.

(27.47 KB 550x307 wagglin.jpg)

False predictions by the industry Anonymous 08/05/2022 (Fri) 15:50:15 Id: 92e87b No. 661821 [Reply] [Last]
Over my many years of gay-ming I've noticed many devs and studio heads have proclaimed very publicly the future of gaming with great confidence. Usually these predictions have been hilariously wrong in hindsight. I wanted to catalog some of these, anybody else wanting to give more examples or more insight is free to. >Motion controls are the future of gaming! This was one of the hardest memes the industry pushed for years, the Wii was such a surprise hit it gave them temporary psychosis. Everybody was trying their hand at it, Sony had the Move, Razor had the Hydra, less than 10 years ago Microsoft tried to make the Xbone Kinect-controlled only despite the thing not fucking working. Of course motion controls never went anywhere, they were a gimmick that took off and people eventually got tired of said gimmick. Few games used them in a meaningful way and usually they were a bad replacement for a traditional controller. The kinds of games you could even make with motion controls is also extremely limited. They still linger on here and there in some titles, usually Switch games or VR, but they never hit the mass adoption studios hoped for. >Singleplayer is dying, multiplayer is the future!/Every game will be online This was probably something execs wanted to be true rather than something they actually believed. Even Gabe Newell said this which is kind of shocking considering how plugged in to the industry he used to be. This was also around the time microtransactions and DLC were becoming common, it was harder to sell singleplayer gamers on a useless $5 skin or $2 lootbox key. People wanted to maximize profits, and the way to do that was to make every game multiplayer. This led to a wave of terrible online games and singleplayer games with tanked-on MP elements for a few years, it saturated the market and none of them took market share away from Halo, CoD, TF2, WoW or the other popular games at the time. This meme died quietly but humiliatingly. >The Japanese games industry is finished This was a weird one, for underageb&s anybody too young to remember; around the late 2000s and early 2010s there was a lull in the Japanese side of the industry. The Wii had nothing but garbage outside of Nintendo's own games, Wii U was a massive failure, a lot of Japanese companies weren't doing so well and there was a general perceived lack of quality in some Japanese games at the time. Phil Fish's infamous "Japanese games suck" quote was said around this time. Now, why this made every gaming pundit claim the entire Japanese industry's days were numbered, I have no clue. It's especially silly in hindsight as this was only for a few years and not some decades-long decline. >PC is a failing platform

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(77.89 KB 282x300 questionmark.png)

Where do I find and read these pulp french and english comics?
>>669887 Everything's just on here: https://readcomiconline.li/
>>665154 This reminds of an intern that was a while back at my work. All employees have mini PCs at their desks. >Intern has PC issues >IT tells him to reboot the PC >The intern turns off the screen >>668243 >I take it that you haven't seen how the "Comicsgate" crowd are pushing the same narrative, but from the opposite end. In that they also declare that Japanese writing is terrible, but give it a pass for becoming popular because everything else is so shit. A lot of people in comicsgate are the same ones who in mid 2000s argued that manga and anime will never catch on. All while bookstores were making more room for manga, manga sales were on an upswing, and Marvel was experimenting with mangaverse. Most of them never read anything outside of capeshit and GI Joe comics. >>668353 Even the SJWy ones are far less preachy than western equivalents. And there aren't many of these in French. Quite a few of them would be seen as problematic in the U.S. in fact. >>669371 English digital translations sell well enough for publishers like Image to betting on publishing physical versions of them. European Conan comics were outselling Marvel's version, and that's in spite of zero marketing and bing unable to use word "Conan" or "The Barbarian" on the cover.

(81.64 KB 820x761 a2.jpg)

SS13- Space Station 13 General Anonymous 09/05/2022 (Mon) 13:36:55 Id: a2364d No. 683780 [Reply]
Any SS13 players left? I miss old fullchan server anons. It was the funniest SS13 experience I've ever had and most anons were either semi-competent or greytiding without blowing the round. All servers listed on byond are way overpopulated with 90-120 people rounds that last 15 minutes. Mods are absolute gaping axewound trannies that ban people over shooting 'Trans rights are human rights the clown' character on /tg/ (tranny golem) station. Situation on beestation is fucked as always, newfags only 24/7 amateur hour. Can't say nigger on fulp anymore, RP stations suck cock and are spaghetti code. Get in here faggots and let's do something together, we can't let SS13 die like this.
31 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>688926 >Cult is in Ah okay, their wiki needs updated then I guess. I really wish there was someone running a detrannified Beecode server. They had a lot of QoL stuff I liked.
>>690398 https://ss13.moe/wiki/index.php/Cult Maybe you were looking at a different article. The current state of cult is somewhat controversial and it's been reworked several times. Right now it's pretty open ended with a few randomly generated goals like "sacrifice John Smith on a blood altar" and such. I personally like it because last time I played as a flying demonic sword that my wielder could throw and have me fly around and kill for them. Something about /vg/station is that most of the antag roles have become somewhat freeform, basically saying "do whatever you want" and letting the player do whatever.
>>689446 >>689451 >>689456 "Talented" coders are not taking years to update something as simplistic as SS13 or other scripting based BYOND games because that would be retarded i.e. a form of mental illness. Now, a hobbyist or enthusiast might spend the time doing that for others- OH NO, someone posted a picture of a player using the N WORD in your GitHub project! Sorry, (not sorry) we're going to have to lock your account...what, you have other projects that serve as a work portfolio in their? Well, we take harassment VERY SERIOUSLY here and I'm afraid that unless you can prove that our justified actions are negatively affecting your livelihood (by giving us your employer so we can try to get you fired) our hands are tied. I'm certain another service can host your project, we even took the liberty of announcing this moderation action on social media so (our sycophants can hound you and sabotage your efforts) other services can see how (much of a liability you are, marked man) popular your project was. Long story short, this is like someone living in Persia in the aftermath of the Arab Invasion and wondering why only Arabs know how to write during the following centuries of silence.

(318.78 KB 350x498 spin.gif)

DOOM/Retro FPS thread Anonymous 08/18/2022 (Thu) 02:35:42 Id: 6b45c6 No. 670247 [Reply] [Last]
Baronspin Edition Previous thread was >>484680, after almost a year it finally hit the bumplock (you will be missed) Also visit our sister thread, the New FPS thread >>648605 Post anything relating to >DOOM >its wads >its sequels >its community >its copycats >all 90s FPS related accessories
75 posts and 22 images omitted.
>>690228 >muh slaughter shit enemy count >muh bullet sponges because i don't know how to use the proper weapons git gud doombaby
Bleh I died I think 4 times already on 2 different maps with my edited juvenile power fantasy mod. The monster really are awfully agile and hit way harder, on small cramped maps it seems to just work right with my modified lambda mod but on fall of society wad second map while I didn't tried it harder I died on that part 2x times already because how fast the monster move and their attacks are much faster and damaging too so I don't think it can even beatable in the first place. Well shit looks I don't have much choice now when I just want a slightly buffed monster pack mod.
>>690347 Cracking open Slade3 and modifying your own monsters is always an option.

(77.67 KB 1632x918 play.jpg)

Surprise PlayStation State of Play announced for TOMORROW, 13th of September at 3PM PST | 12AM CEST Anonymous 09/12/2022 (Mon) 23:01:31 Id: 27ed13 No. 688852 [Reply] [Last]
It's roughly 20 minutes long and will be live at http://twitch.tv/playstation and http://youtube.com/playstation
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>>690152 When did Ninja turn into a nigger?
>>690141 Eat your heckin' McBurgers, Kiryuburou
>>690141 >Judgement and Lost Judgement just got released on PC Waiting for someone to crack it.

Nintendo Direct - Winter 2022 Edition Anonymous 09/12/2022 (Mon) 19:01:37 Id: ff22be No. 688735 [Reply] [Last]
WE'RE LIVE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ9Iz7HhU-I >Tune in for a Nintendo Direct Livestream featuring roughly 40 minutes of information mostly focused on Nintendo Switch games launching this winter. It's that time again. Pic probably unrelated. (Golden Sun would be a good option for "HD2D" treatment, just up the drop rates, and fix the first game's really bad translation that makes the dialog five times longer than it really is while having a bunch of serious errors and censorship.)
Edited last time by Mark on 09/13/2022 (Tue) 13:36:58.
236 posts and 55 images omitted.
>>688964 Stop in the name of the law! >>689228 It's absolute shit, I hope it's canceled.
>>689347 Yeah no shit. It still looks too much like dlc for a game from 6 years ago. They better start blowing us away with new details soon. Cause everything they've shown so far is completely uninspired. I mean you can still barely even tell the games apart at this point. There was so much wrong with botw that was either unrefined or seemly never finished. And so far not a single thing shown in this new game inspires confidence that any of it has been reprimanded.
The Direct was pretty decent imo >Rune Factory 3 Special >Pikmin 4 >Radiant Silvergun >Factorio >Octopath Traveler 2 >Zelda Tears of Kingdom (if the devs implement the possibility to prevent your equipment from breaking at least) >Fit Boxing Hokuto no Ken - You're Already Thin (お前はもう痩せている) >Fatal Frame remake >Tales of Symphonia Not touching Atelier Ryza 3 with a 20ft pole, Sophie 2 was the much better Atelier game after the casualized garbage that was Ryza. TGS is just around the corner, and I'm waiting more info on Samurai Maiden and the Switch port of EDF 4.1 >>688952 >In slightly related news, Splatoon 3 is now if the fastest selling game in Japan. First pic related

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