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(1.35 MB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)

(101.55 KB 538x387 fuck_gypsies.png)

(567.90 KB 1024x730 svinfylking_goes_on_tv.png)

(36.27 KB 822x688 ferryman-alt.png)

Underrail Thread: Gypsy Edition Anonymous 05/01/2022 (Sun) 07:29:26 Id: d379ef No. 591381 [Reply] [Last]
Been a while since we've had a thread about serbian Fallout. Recently some anon on half/v/ did a lot of crunching testing gypsy charm effects. Turns out most of them actually do something, although the effects vary in power depending on a large number of obscure factors (like how much you treat gypsy magics as real during the dialogue with Coral) and depending on current time IRL they might not work at all. >Burrower Tarsus Charm: Increases critical chance of throwing knives when having high enough armor penalty >Coil Spider Tarsus Charm: Increases electrical damage taken, possibly increases maximum EK bolt jump distance >Death Stalker Claw Charm: Makes you slightly harder to detect >Hopper Foot Charm: Increases critical chance with weapons and unarmed attacks >Psi Beetle Claw Charm: Increases critical chance with psi abilities but reduces resolve >Siphoner Foot Charm: Increases chance to inflict bleed >Warthog Foot Charm: Increases Fortitude when under effect of food items, but reduces it when the duration of the buff is below 25% I hear that all charm bonuses are factored in somewhere in the middle of calculations for any given tick, so there's no way to see their effects in any of the stats windows. tl;dr <Gypsy charms have real effects, but they are extremely inconsistent and fairly weak still.
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>>686065 Why are you spamming bait posts?
>>686068 >post once about lack of modding as soon as I found out <nooooo stop spamming bait Are you fucking retarded?
>>686068 Did you nigger just fucking delete my post?

(321.68 KB 250x305 kirby.gif)

Vidya music soundalikes Anonymous 08/22/2022 (Mon) 14:04:20 Id: b4497d No. 673389 [Reply]
Post vidya music that sounds like non-vidya music (or vice-versa) and vidya music that sounds like other vidya music. Here's a few to get started:
11 posts and 6 images omitted.
DOOM also "borrows" a lot of elements from Pantera. DOOM 2 - Waiting for Romero to play https://yewtu.be/7pZpQ35SsyY Pantera - This Love https://yewtu.be/tymWpEU8wpM DOOM - E3M1 https://yewtu.be/S_6ChXTP9TA Pantera - Mouth For War https://yewtu.be/a3JSbOt7CLo?t=24 DOOM - Kitchen Ace https://yewtu.be/watch?v=43aj3ag3H1c Pantera - Rise https://yewtu.be/watch?v=NrMrF_k_fMo&t=21
>>679451 It "borrowed" from all over, might as well post the rest. Doom - E1M6 - On the Hunt (December 1993) https://yewtu.be/watch?v=QJzveo6IBsU Believer - Sanity Obscure (1990) https://yewtu.be/watch?v=scqwfnyOxJo&t=52 Doom - E1M9 - Hiding the Secrets https://yewtu.be/watch?v=tEAYqiKFk9c The Stranglers - Down in the Sewer (1977) https://yewtu.be/watch?v=wB3XGrWZQlM&t=10 Doom - E2M1 - I Sawed the Demons https://yewtu.be/watch?v=NlWDSvNSzlA AC/DC - Big Gun (May 1993) https://yewtu.be/watch?v=nLsXJitaiVo&t=16

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

No specific vidya tracks, but here's some songs that feel videogamey, like they influenced vidya composers. These sound like JRPG music: Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Tarkus (1971) https://yewtu.be/watch?v=WKNOlDtZluU Triumvirat - The Burning Sword of Capua (1975) https://yewtu.be/watch?v=q4Elb16xudU This one sounds like a lot of Japanese VGMs: Yellow Magic Orchestra - Tong Poo (1978) https://yewtu.be/watch?v=2T7TXVtGGFc

(11.67 KB 318x325 avgn.jpg)

Vidya Shit That Pisses You Off Anonymous 08/11/2022 (Thu) 21:25:11 Id: 9d9430 No. 666858 [Reply] [Last]
>launch game >launcher has to load >launcher opens >launch game from launcher >main menu has to load >choose save from main menu >save has to load >navigate through menus in game to get to actually select something to do >that has to load too This alone has been the reason I've completely dropped several games. An SSD might help but some games are just designed to take way too long to actually get into the game. Here's another completely unrelated one: >try clicking/choosing something in a game >but because it's on a grid/within pixels of other stuff you need to be pixel perfect to click it >fidget back and forth between the adjacent spots trying to click it >slightest motion from pressing my finger down to click the mouse moves it, ruining the selection
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(19.64 KB 280x373 dude_stop_2.jpg)

>>685435 second one is good, just wish these women didn't wear such awful shoes heels and tipped/tapering shoes are so ugly

/hgg/ - Hentai Games General Anonymous 09/06/2022 (Tue) 05:09:05 Id: d2730b No. 684337 [Reply]
Didn't see a thread in the catalog so I made it myself. I found this nifty little 'game' which is basically an evolution of that old flash game Super Deepthroat, the cum simulation is moderately amusing and hilarious at times. It's moddable apparently but there are no worthwhile mods for it (aka actually attractive characters) https://www.mediafire(dot)com/file/r55gdrj6nyu6wad/TrueFacials_Extra_0.42.zip/file Mods: https://henrytaiwan69.gumroad(dot)com/l/bekpd input 25, click "I want this" then enter 100% discount code mlr4taq (thanks kemono.party)
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(3.86 MB 728x720 Enemy_Encountered_SH.mp4)

>>684576 Josh isn't the only sizefag here, I don't think he's ever even played the game Never saw him express an opinion on it at any rate >>684579 Traditional top-down 2D JRPG with sideview combat, but actually well-designed The game design is quite strong, imo it competes with the best of JRPGs (the non-H ones) very well Plus it's actually difficult unlike a lot of them Its main selling points: >good dungeon design >strong focus on exploration and being thorough >lots of tools at your disposal, but you have to find and use them >combat is designed around getting the best tools, meaning if you're a retard you will get filtered out >interesting story and enjoyable, memorable characters >cohesively designed with the overworld doubling as a large portion of the overall game map itself in a clever way >tons of secrets and shit like optional bosses and areas and whatnot to uncover >decently tough puzzles (though there aren't too many of them) >most every item (besides bugged ones) has some level of usefulness

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Wait, Mark is a giantessfag. Why hasn't he played Shrink High yet?
>>685627 well there sometimes is serious autism depending on what kind of sizefag you are most sizefags don't give a shit but there are autistic subsets who mainly enjoy their specific things and have no tolerance for anything outside of it, Mark is strictly (or at least mostly) a growth and musclegirl fag iirc

Unsolved Gaming Mysteries Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 20:57:55 Id: dbf7c8 No. 608334 [Reply] [Last]
I posted this in the QTDglksgk thread but I figured it was an interesting enough topic on its own to warrant its own thread. Like the title says post any unsolved mysteries in gaming. Here's one that's been bugging me and hopefully you can help solve a mystery. Shenmue 3's kickstarter campaign promised capsule toys of backers, and it's understood that they mostly delivered on this part. I distinctly remember one Anon from 8chan claiming that he was going to pledge for a capsule toy of Vivian James. Now that Shenmue 3 has come out I have not seen hide nor hair of this Vivian James toy in the game. It's clear that he backed it as Vivian's name is on the Shenmue 3 backer page. Has anyone found it? Is it in the game, or has it all been a ruse?
103 posts and 36 images omitted.
>>667337 I love True Detective Season 1. The intro song is great, especially combined with the video from the intro sequence.
>>667212 Infidels! In the end times, Toed will call out: "Mario jew is behind me come kill him".
>>650969 Ape escaped.

(983.36 KB 280x216 giphy.gif)

(5.17 KB 287x271 yuzu.PNG.png)

(2.08 KB 108x163 yuzu2.PNG.png)

Optimizations & Tweaks General Anonymous 07/16/2022 (Sat) 13:03:12 Id: 8d703e No. 646022 [Reply] [Last]
I'm an obsessive autist for anything that's remotely performance boosting, whether it's how much paste you can apply to your processor to how to align your CPU cooler for best thermal contact, all the way to overclocking consoles, patching vidya games and enabling mods and hacks that let you play your previously 30fps game to a locked 60, to outright finding the best version of that fancy software that recently went to shit. I want to hear it all, this is what I have to share; in yuzu emulator, set the affinity to 4 cores and 5 threads for consistent and better paced scheduling, see pics 2 (Hyperthread/SMT ON) and 3 (HT/SMT OFF). By limiting the cores to what a switch uses, the emulator won't constantly switch between cores and threads, negating some performance issues felt when affinity isn't set, works better now. Yuzu also currently has a project called Andio, this WIP implementation currently causes problem behavior, such as loading screen stutter and performance hitches, so stay on version 2787 until it's fully implemented. Bookmark this page. https://github.com/pineappleEA/pineapple-src/releases/tag/EA-2787
49 posts and 24 images omitted.
(154.82 KB 446x274 1413597349001.png)

Turn off "Multithreaded RSX" in RPCS3 for a nice performance boost
On the off chance that pcgamingwiki doesn't have patches for higher resolutions than 1080p or Ultrawide, then you can use this tool to force the res/aspect-ratio setting you need. https://github.com/Zero3K/fullscreenizer/releases/tag/v1.0

(568.78 KB 2337x2878 cheeks grid.png)

Videogame thread Anonymous 08/30/2022 (Tue) 16:36:57 Id: 459116 No. 679568 [Reply] [Last]
What are you playing? >Playing Bannerlord >Playing Elden Ring >Playing Shredders Revenge >Playing Steel Division 2 Life is gud, I love videogames
69 posts and 34 images omitted.
(7.28 MB 1280x720 BERSERK, Guts.mp4)

>Finally fixed the fucking stutters on Elden Ring >Running it smooth as butter Fuck yes!
>>679777(Checked) Well shit, I didn't expect anyone to actually read my ramblings. Glad you're enjoying the game, I think more anons should give it a try, but I know it gives off a bad first impression. I very much wish it had modding tools tho, by now I think the balancing/lack of content problem could be easily fixed, ugly NPCs changed ect. and the game's community would be a lot more active. Shame how Obsidian just abandoned the game, I still remember how the devs meticulously did everything they could to optimize New Vegas after launch, even when they didn't even need to after a certain point(only so much you can do to fix the jankiness of gamebryo, especially on aging consoles) I myself will start playing Metal Gear games soon, but I'm getting all my games in order first. I won't be documenting anything here, but I might post some highlights in Friday Night Thread. Funnily enough, I am most curious about Metal Gear Survive, I will play ALL the games I can and I want to see if the game is anywhere near as bad as people make it out to be, I heard it actually has good multiplayer if you can grind out enough levels in single player to compete in it. I'm also deciding what kind of playstyle I will take: Sneak, Combat or somewhere inbetween, kinda like I had a Build for every Fallout game and kept it consistent between titles to see how they changed.
I kept on getting my ass beat lmao. My build compared to other peoples builds is a meme build but I have no doubt that I could still beat the everloving shit out of anon with no proper armor and fisticuffs.

(149.53 KB 640x891 sonic 2 american box art.jpg)

(290.79 KB 716x1000 sonic 2 movie poster.jpg)

Sonic Thread Anonymous 05/22/2022 (Sun) 19:33:34 Id: 9c3e59 No. 605815 [Reply] [Last]
Last one's bumplocked and has been dead for days, but I still wanna discuss one of the most autistic franchises in vidya history. Now then, some thread topics to get us going. >What games have you played? >What non-game media have you watched/read/etc.? >Are there any worthwhile fan works? (literature, fancomics, fangames with story, etc.) >Have you seen the newest movie, and did you like it? To prevent the thread from devolving into rodent furshit, please go to >>>/fur/2886 for all your degenerate needs.
505 posts and 298 images omitted.
(1.47 MB 1446x812 0.png)

(946.46 KB 1393x995 01.jpg)

(97.16 KB 814x602 02.jpg)

(2.40 MB 1080x1920 03.png)

>There are two Blazes >Blaze goes Burning Blaze when she powers up on Iblis power. Blaze's dimension was created from her sacrifice, and the Sol Emeralds contain the excess power of Iblis that Blaze couldn't handle on her own >06 takes place first, it's kind of the backstory of how her world came to exist. Blaze was originally from the future in the same dimension, same as Silver. Evidenced by the fact that Blaze never had a friend in the Rush games, but she was Silver's long time friend in 06. When things got reset and Blaze's world was created, she lost that connection with Silver. The reborn Blaze of the Sol Dimension first met Silver in Colors DS, and neither of them recognized each other, but they did become friends thoughts on these cookie conjectures i found?
>>684655 don't forget chronicles
>>634367 where in the absolute fuck is the full version of second pic? it not in e621, furrybooru, ourobooru or /fast/'s booru, where else should i have looked?

(123.05 KB 468x217 wurm.png)

(14.81 MB 4096x4096 render.png)

(578.12 KB 1680x987 goblin hunting.jpg)

WURM Serb: 6 months edition Anonymous 07/05/2022 (Tue) 20:08:26 Id: cd916d No. 636675 [Reply] [Last]
I think its time for more WURM >what is this Wurm is basically proto-minecraft but with 200% more autism. Instead of just slapping blocks down you gather resources, build walls/tools/weapons and improve quality based on skills. Be a magic priest, the local smith, make cheese, pretty much anything you could want. Everything is a skill grind, and the gameplay is very slow/low intensity. >ok how do I play Right now you don't, I'm still setting up/configuring server mods. This thread is going to be to discuss settings/configurations. You can pick it up on steam (or yarhar) and try hosting a local server or terrorize a normalfag serb for now. Launch will be August 2nd for now just to be safe, but if rolf code doesn't fuck me in the ass anymore than it already has, we could start sooner. CURRENT SERVER SETTINGS <These are all up for debate, looking for feedback this week on settings before committing to custom map content >2x action, 3x skill Can go 3x/3x, but was thinking some slowdown would add longevity. >priest restrictions disabled, cross deity linking enabled, NO DAILY/HOURLY PRAYER LIMIT This should let people that want to focus on magic do so. I'll be toning the gains down on faith so it feels more like a real skill to grind instead of a daily login bonus/requirement. I'll be adding runes of recall to smooth out channeling grinds between deities. >Everyone in freedom kingdom, all pvp enabled This lets everyone do whatever they want with priesting, and if you village has drama you can just make a new deed instead of having to jump kingdoms. This means PMK(player made kingdoms) might not be in. Open to feedback on this. >Wyvrnmods/duskcombat/treasuremaps

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>684073 anon it is a classic lesson that anyone with enough time to administrate all day is probably a power tripping faggot with nothing better to do with his time.
(1.46 MB 3840x2041 Bastardrycorner.jpg)

(386.08 KB 2163x1260 DeerCorner.jpg)

(1.29 MB 3840x2041 Ezmode.jpg)

(1.36 MB 3840x2041 Headinghome.jpg)

(168.34 KB 2294x1494 ShredderRocksteady.jpg)

>>680528 Looks like the serb is down, my dream of the SANICest cart evarrr fade into the distance at 31.37kph (could have been faster so easily). my place was a bit snazzier than in these earlier shots but you get the general idea.
>>684258 based mcB

パンツスレ Anonymous 09/06/2022 (Tue) 03:05:14 Id: 92f931 No. 684276 [Reply]
Post pantsu shots of cute video game girls. The more innocent and otherwise unsexualized the girl, the better. It's a dying breed that must be savored.
4 posts omitted.
>>684351 its just pantsu
We could've had this in the loli thread, god knows that thread actually needs the activity.
>>684276 > It's a dying breed On behalf of the non-pedophiles, let me just say how happy we are to hear that.

Resident Evil Anonymous 07/14/2022 (Thu) 20:46:12 Id: e0eecc No. 644710 [Reply] [Last]
Seeing as the thread we had for the last several months hit bump limit and is pretty much dead, let's have a new one! >What's New Resident Evil, the Netflix series, came out today. It looks like shit, but it apparently has the most faithful creature design of any adaptation. >What's Coming Up Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition, which will come with new Mercs characters, a third person mode for the main scenario, and a new scenario called "Shadow of Rose", focused on the titular Rose Winters. Resident Evil 4 Remake, which will launch in Spring 2023. Both of these titles will be "Receiving PSVR2 Support", no word on any VR support for other platforms, and don't get your hopes up since RE7's VR never left the PS4. Re:Verse... still doesn't exist! >What's Leaked From the Capcom leak that is now a year and a half old, we know the following; Resident Evil: Outrage, was set for Q4 2022, has since been delayed or outright cancelled, with no word on what the fuck it was. Perhaps an internal codename for Re:Verse, but who knows. Biohazard: Apocalypse is set for 2023, and is likely the elusive Resident Evil 9 considering the other leaked titles. Resident Evil: HUNK is set for the end of 2024, but is likely just a concept title. Keep your hopes exceedingly low for this project, as we have had a number of HUNK projects in the past (Resident Evil 3, cut Outbreak scenarios, Revelations, Not A Hero, etc.) and none of them saw the light of day. And finally, for any newfags >How do I get into this series Greentext for essential, pinktext for optional, optimal versions listed

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

244 posts and 111 images omitted.
>>683489 Is it funny even if it upsets you? I swear REtards are at the rock bottom of Crapcom's barrel.
>>683458 I don't doubt that pursuing a piece of that hearty Western audience was a major motivating factor for the direction of RE5 and 6. RE4 was a little more modest, like they still wanted Japanese audiences to appreciate that game, not "run and gun."
Also, being more bold with the John Carpenter influence, both The Thing AND Escape From New York, as if the audience hadn't seen those already.

(2.46 MB 2048x1536 tf2cliffhanger.png)

Team fortress 2 Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 15:56:21 Id: e0ce40 No. 608137 [Reply] [Last]
You think there is any hope /v/? the bots have been a problem for 2 years now and the community has resorted to spamming twitter to try and get a response out of valve. They're not even asking for an update anymore they just want a response.
395 posts and 103 images omitted.
>>683791 You're a beast among men.
>>683791 I quit TF2 when they shoved in sv_pure, now I'm back at Gang Garrison 2, they still have /pol/'s Israel map.
>>608212 Why would they do that when there is a thriving scene for selling and buying digital items? If valve said they no longer give a shit about tf2, that entire economy crashes and steam/valve loses out on money. Shit, it might even cause the economy of CS: GO to collapse as well, losing them their biggest digital items money maker and pissing off what remains of the valve cult.

(5.67 MB 2340x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.09 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Soul Hackers 2 - Cyberpunk Boogaloo Anonymous 02/20/2022 (Sun) 08:03:29 Id: eebea8 No. 538116 [Reply] [Last]
Atlus has put a countdown on the Soul Hackers site https://soul-hackers.jp/ They've also put a bunch of cryptic videos on YouTube pooling people for their opinions on SMT stuff (Law vs. Chaos) random stuff and the modern internet which occasionally show static images of... something. The only one that's of particular interest (and all that clear) are these two, which looks like a gameplay screenshot (which shows a PS controller button prompt) and a world shot. >PS exclusive or multiplat using PS version for best graphics in previews >will it maintain the 90s future the remake did absolutely nothing to change (they still said it was in the Heisei era!) or adopt a more modern view of the future >will it use the classic SMT combat or something else (since Raidou is half the Devil Summoner sub-series) >will it have a cute FeMC option >how will it be sucked
157 posts and 75 images omitted.
>>682215 It's aggressively bland. It will fade into the ether of forgotten games. You'll hear it mentioned one day and go "oh yeah, that did come out, didn't it?" Sales are mediocre. Not Tokyo Mirage Sessions bad, though that could be blamed on the wii-u and by the time it was released on switch the poison apple of censorship and the middling content of the game was already known to the public at large. I wouldn't be shocked if the TMS team was broken up after this and shuffled around to other Atlus teams. They certainly deserve it. Everything about this game is bland and forgettable. There's nothing for people to hook in to. Persona has it's life sim elements, waifus and style, SMT has it's presumed difficulty, oppressive atmosphere, ideological splits and "collect 'em all" gameplay. This has nothing but boring dungeons and a middling story of forgettable characters. Much like Tokyo Mirage Sessions the game flies middle of the road between it's various influences and demographics it's trying to bring in and thereby succeeds in pleasing none of them.
(6.00 MB 2896x4096 SH2 fanart by tomokoeshi.png)

>when the fanart looks more authentic than the official art
>>682637 >It's aggressively bland That's the best way to put with, with Denuvo as the shit cherry on top.

Mario Kart 9 speculation thread Anonymous 07/08/2022 (Fri) 13:52:41 Id: 6ceb87 No. 639095 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: post speculation and ideas about Mario Kart 9 Here are mine -Mario Kart 9 will be a launch title for nintendos next console. -It will be released in 2024 or 2025, after all the dlc tracks for 8 deluxe are released. -Since it can't compete with the number of tracks in 8 deluxe it won't even try and will focus on a gimmick. -This gimmick will relate to the gimmick of the next console, maybe vr. -New single player mode with a hub and missions similar to diddy kong racing. -Bikes are gone. so is zero g. Gliders might stay. -Nintendo kart concept will not happen because it doesn't appeal to the super casual audience -Small initial roster with extra characters being sold as dlc or released to promote new games -New battle royal mode added, similar to classic balloon battle but with more players
65 posts and 54 images omitted.
>>639095 >speculation and ideas about Mario Kart 9 They'll skip 9 and make it MarioKart X.
>>683614 >>683624 >wanting to fuck Tiny Toons You guys are disgusting. You need to develop a normal fetish, like me.
(89.27 KB 504x396 Same Fetish.png)

(31.62 KB 600x467 same fetish handshake.jpg)

(1.43 MB 4096x2607 wayward.jpg)

(366.70 KB 1920x1080 wayward2.jpg)

(1.60 MB 3186x4096 wayward3.jpg)

(3.62 MB 3840x2160 wayward4.jpg)

(876.68 KB 1991x2560 kangz.jpg)

The Wayward Realms Anonymous 08/01/2022 (Mon) 16:16:55 Id: 7d7034 No. 658576 [Reply] [Last]
What do you anons think of this? The skinny is old Daggerfall devs are getting together to make an RPG, leaning into the fantasy sim aspect of the original Elder Scrolls games more than the theme park design. There was some drama with a YouTuber who was on the team and claimed they were making no progress but that was awhile ago and they've been doing more regular updates since then. Rough outline of the game >set in a massive group of 100+ islands known simply as the Archipelago >diverse range of environments >dynamic politics and dynasty system >will use a procedural generation system similar to Daggerfall to generate the world, lore will be handwritten >will probably use a lot of prefab assets because the scale is too large for a small studio to do that much art creation >the whole game is planned to be a giant immersive sim with "reactive" gameplay Basically they want to make Mountain Blade Elder Scrolls. An article talking about more of their ideas - https://archive.ph/qH4I8 They're saying the right things but I've seen this exact story play out before, veteran devs get together to one up the modern industry only to lead a project that goes nowhere. I'd love to be proven wrong, it does seem like they're taking this more seriously than they were a few years ago. If you were going to do crazy in-depth shit with AI generation, Julian Le Fay is the guy to do it.
64 posts and 32 images omitted.
>>658690 I have to say, this all sounds like pie in the sky nonsense. Its very easy to talk about generating convincing cities and worlds but when it comes to actually pulling it off its very difficult and takes a long time. Like when he says poverty it will most likely simply turn out to be smaller houses, shops have less and shittier stuff, npcs have shittier stuff and less gold, etc. Maybe if your lucky you might be more likely to be robbed by a randomly spawned in mugger but I doubt it. Also judging by the video they have very little done so far. Dungeons are just square rooms placed next to each other, no hallways or real high differences between rooms either. Its going to take them a hell of a time just reaching feature parity with daggerfall to begin with I think.
>>680815 It'll probably end up like a modern version of Daggerfall if it ever does release. Le Fay's a great programmer who always lamented how limited DF was by the technology of the time, but I think he's overestimating how far algorithms can be pushed now compared to 1996.
>>680331 Try playing OpenMW. Not only is it more stable but the more complicated mods simply aren't supported because they're based on a weird third party scripting hack that fucks with the Gamebryo binaries. But it still has plenty of mods to choose from. >softlocked I don't think that's much of a problem in Morrowind's main quest thankfully. >>680304 And guess who designed these formulaic dungeon crawl video games? Yes, it's people who played and enjoyed that style of D&D. Where do you think DMs come from, fairy land?

Spongebob Thread: El Señor Krabeaner Edition Anonymous 08/24/2022 (Wed) 20:00:21 Id: 310c45 No. 676020 [Reply]
New 15 mins of Cosmic Shake gameplay releaved! I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready! https://yewtu.be/VzKKKzCDKyw https://yewtu.be/xN0y3esxM8g They used the Bikini Bottom Remake engine! I'm so glad it's a new platformer, I don't even care they're re-using assets, this shit looks tight as a toddler, yo! Can't wait to play it. Spongebob says "Jewcy" a lot in this game, I think it's a reference to mark manns behind, pretty cool obscure reference not gonna lie.
14 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>676769 I swear, I've had a Germanon give me the transcript for what Spongeberg is saying and even with the words clearly in front of me I can barely tell what the fuck is going on. German is one hell of a language.
(18.84 MB spongebob war.mp3)

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