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(2.04 MB 1679x942 FFXIV announcement.PNG)
(36.09 KB 737x341 timezones.PNG)
FFXIV Thread Anonymous 02/05/2021 (Fri) 01:47:35 Id:8a5f56 No. 228640
New thread since there's an announcement regarding the game which is 99% gonna be an expansion which is pretty major plus the old thread hasn't been bumped in a while. The announcement is gonna be tomorrow and there may also be news of the next major patch. Any predictions for the expansion? Perhaps we go to Garlemald? Sharlayan? The Moon? As for jobs maybe we'll get a Beastmaster or Chemist?
>>315555 Nice quads, but where? I'd say Exaclibur but you know.
>>315610 I actually will consider it. Excalibur is a standard world so that means it's somewhat populated. Is there a preexisting FC one of you anons have on the server or would we make a new one? I checked on the lodestone and I wouldn't have to change my name if I transfer there which is good. Can we get a confirmation on how many anons are up to playing together? Reply to this post if so.
>>315610 >>315615 im down for anything.
What ever happeend to those "limited jobs" they were planning some time ago? Blue Mage was the only one to ever "happen"
>>315855 I remember they said eventually Blue Mage will be caught up in the level cap with the other jobs and become an actual job. So I guess whenever that happens they'll work on the next limited job.
>>315615 Quite a few, some who don't even go in chans anymore are in my FC, which in itself isnt ran by anons, but autistic spics. They're friendly enough though.
>>315855 They are probably going to add more one day, I heard beastmaster was going to be one of them.
>>315857 With how op it can be, i don't see that happening
>>315615 It should be much easier organizing things when cross data center travel is added. I think they said it's coming pre 6.0. You can't cross world FC or anything but we could still party up and do content.
(93.30 KB 640x147 patch 5.58.png)
>>316085 it'll need some level of coordination to pull that off and get everyone into the same party. So if tomorrow is patch 5.5 then probaly june? i dont l know im guessing
>>315875 There's no normalnigger trannies in your FC is there? I'm weary about joining an FC not ran by an anon from /v/ because they might've let in members who are reddit faggots. >>316085 It'd be better to organize before Endwalker because they're reducing damage numbers in 6.0. So before that it'd be easier to run unsynced content and help each other get stuff like mounts or whatever.
Patch notes are out. Don't have screencaps but the triple triad award is a literally card as a mount. Still hoping the Cruise Chaser isn't PVP...
>>316423 It could be a Gold Saucer reward as well. Remember the Make it Rain campaign is coming up so it could be a 3 million MGP mount.
Fuck my resistance rank is 13 and I think the patch notes are saying I have to be 15 to go to Zadnor.
>>316423 >triple triad award is a literally card as a mount Thats chuckle worthy. Wonder whats on the face side of the card
So Zadnor is pretty cool. They brought back some Eureka bosses with added mechanics. The new relic glow kinda looks like shit to be honest. All weapons have the same glow effect. It sucks they stopped designing them differently after Heavensward. Hell the Heavensward relics still look better.
>>316822 Hows the new patch
>>316824 There were some cool moments in the MSQ cutscenes. Besides that as I've already said Zadnor is nice. It feels better in terms of how it looks and the CE fights compared to Bozja. I don't think anyone's gotten to the instanced dungeon in the zone yet. Also Zadnor gives out a fuck ton of mettle for ranking up, way more than Bozja does.
(2.53 MB 1920x1080 ffxiv_25052021_143413_334.png)
>>316824 Only played the story but its quite nice, has a quest battle which was fun if a bit easy (only died once because I wasn't paying attention). its setting up the new expansion and us going to sharlayan and its doing a good job of that. still no idea how were going to the moon but it hints towards that too.
>>316829 >>316832 Worth a resub?
>>316833 If you care about the resistance content then yeah I'd say it's worth a resub. Next patch is around June/July. Though I would resub once the Make it Rain campaign comes sometime in June because you never know if that Cruise Chaser mount might actually be an MGP reward and it'd be the best time to grind MGP.
>>316835 >If you care about the resistance content I do kinda care but i think ill wait till june
>>316098 >There's no normalnigger trannies in your FC is there? As far as I know no, and even if so we would still make fun of them publicly. Even if the fc leader didnt like it, we are generally valued. Hell there is a anon who has said nigger quite a few times in the chat who got temp banned for calling someone a fag in msq, still in. I wont push my luck, but even if I was banned not the end of the world.
>>315485 >>315555 >>315610 >>315615 im currently on exodus, so same data center as excalibur. i definitely have a leaning towards exodus as some orignal anons are there in the original fc
I'm only going to reinstall this game to mess with mods. Don't see myself getting past free trial content if I manage to make it that far.
Anyone have any tips for playing RDM? currently level 51 and doing palace of the dead for relic shit. I dont really feel like a hybrid melee/caster class i just feel like a caster, is that normal?
>>321825 yes, youre just a caster only after several rotations can you actually use your melee dps, and using it carrys a risk of death if you arent careful. >>316968 wish i knew this before creating and maxing an account on crystal
(30.08 KB 128x128 milk.png)
I don't know if there's an FFXIV conspiracy/lore iceberge out there, but I'd like to propose a modest theory. Night Milk, simply, does not exist. It is in no way dissimilar to typical yak's milk, and is trick invented by the rootless Merchants' Guild purely for profit. DO NOT BUY NIGHT MILK. Buy regular buffalo milk for 1/20th the price. Ignore the merchants and their schemes.
>>328844 but i buy NightMilk to support the poor Sagahin outcasts
anyone notice a tick in players that don't know mechanics?
>>328892 Yes and they're always Miqote players.
>>328893 I've seen some roe. But everywhere feels a bit more crowded. That endwalker trailer seems to have a drawn a new crowd.
>>328899 i though it was the extended Free-trial
>finally get to the end of ARR >last dungeon is so utterly fucked by powercreep you don't even get to fight the boss feelsbad how the fuck do i find a minimum il group for old content or any group for old content
>>328910 Been noticing alot of sprouts i can't even remember a time where there was this many honestly.

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