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(707.15 KB 2048x1154 1-Tgpa-sq09Rdt1-IDVRSX3g.jpeg)
(1.40 MB 1456x2348 1567802366935-2.png)
(2.99 MB 3166x1568 1567802366935-1.png)
NIHON FALCOM THREAD Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 12:46:29 Id:12de89 No. 281116
Trails of Cold Steel IV releases on PC and Switch today! >Latest News -Ys IX: Monstrum Nox will get an English release by NISA in 2021 on PS4, PC and Switch. -Trails of Cold Steel IV will get released in English on PC and Switch today. -"Hajimari no Kiseki" was released on August the 27th in Japan. -"Kuro no Kiseki" will be released in Japan in 2021. >Fan-translations -Trails from Zero got its last update on March the 14th. -Trails to Azure is completely edited and has entered the testing phase. The old leak got a few updates, including updated NPC and item names, that now fit the other games, and a lot of bug fixes. (https://imgur.com/a/bQOs4kX) -Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga is completely edited and has entered the testing phase. >Undubs Mega of every undub: https://mega.nz/#F!k5ZjwTCD!A4Uyb67OpQQ_qCoB-zvx0g Merge the JP voices and Dummy files into one folder and dump that folder into the voice folder. >Falcom pastebin (download links for scans, Falcom Magazine volumes, soundtracks and more) pastebin.com/G2mswYCt
Also, considering Kuro's a new engine(? or at least introduces new gameplay mechanics), is it safe to assume Ys X if it ever happens changes shit from the party system?
>>324872 >is it safe to assume Ys X if it ever happens changes shit from the party system? Ys and Trails use different engines regardless as far as I know. That aside Kondo has already said he views Ys in eras and considers Ys 7-9 an “era” and that X will change things. Whether or not that means getting rid of the party stuff, dodging and blocking or not is unknown for now. We’ll likely be in Trails for a while regardless . At the very least Falcom has never started a new trails arc and not followed it up with a sequel the next year before.
>>324759 >Geofront was cowardly and took out the smell line It's senseless. >>324759 >>324795 I believe. Zin will stick around long enough to satisfy me. >same old double ambush reversal character introductions No more, please. Surely that tapers off in Hajimari. It was so obnoxious in IV.
>>325079 Trails has used the “saved by character they’re trying to make look cool” since Sky. It happens plenty in Crossbell too. No idea why people act like Cold Steel invented it.
>>325102 I didn't think I were acting so. Cold Steel is when it wears thin and I only felt that it was particularly tiresome in IV. That might have had more to do with how clumsily Falcom catered to their large roster than the repetition of their narrative beat, though.
>>324108 >little intoxicating being this close to Tio iirc the Japanese version says "she smells nice"
So wait, is ao's ending supposed to feel really abrupt or did I do something wrong with the installation? There was no ending cutscenes, no credits, not even an epilogue for what happens in Crossbell, just a really low res picture of the entire cast. Also while I didn't like the entire OST, the highlights for me in Ao were the best in the entire series. >>325114 I don't mind the large rosters the way Sky/Crossbell implements it, which is the large roster comes into play at the final chapter and you can switch in and out of certain characters for big scenes against bosses as you please. If it's something like the Third I'm honestly not a big fan of that, even with how convenient the Third tried to make it. >>325191 I'm not really sure why that was changed.
>>325197 Did you get the closing narration with Lloyd? He says what happens to Crossbell at the end. It is pretty abrupt. It doesn’t get resolved until the second half of Cold Steel and Hajimari. The first half of Cold Steel happens at the same time Crossbell is happening.
>>325203 Nope, suppose it was missing.
>>325203 >>325207 I looked that up, talk about even more abrupt. Love how the brights and the church just went "see you guys, call us when you manage to pry that golden stallion horsecock out of your asses", that was hilarious in how it was presented.
>>325197 >There was no ending cutscenes, no credits, not even an epilogue for what happens in Crossbell That happened for me as well, I assume it's a version problem. Here is what is supposed to play after you defeat the final boss https://yewtu.be/watch?v=nGu3OR1ufGk I'll point it out anyway, but spoilers for the Ao ending.
>Cold Steel 1 >Huh, cool 3d graphics, rough animation but I can deal with it >ENGLISH VOICES >TERRIBLE FUCKING ENGLISH VOICES Son of a bitch, I still need to download more shit?
>>325649 >plays non-fan translated nip vidyer >doesn't reflexively check for undubs and uncensor patches Setting yourself up for fuckery in general right there, anon. At least shit for CS is right here in the OP so you don't have to hunt it down on obscure ass registration-only forums with mostly dead links and whatnot.
>>325674 >>325649 >Undub Dual audio has been on Cold Steel pc version for years.
Well I for one can't get that Kuro trailer music out of my head, I hope the rest of the soundtrack will be just as good.
>>326250 Probably will have lots of stuff like what was heard in that Hajimari epilogue scene. Hilariously enough despite Elaine appearing in that trailer she has been completely forgotten in the wake of Hime. I don’t think a single person has drawn her.
>>326443 Japan loves their white haired swordswomen I guess, and I think her tits are bigger.
I like Colesteel 1 so far but I have a couple of concerns >Arcus/Link system breaking the fuck out of combat(yeah it was broken but never off the bat like now) because everyone can effectively hit twice with unbalance/detector. >Sepith Masses breaking economy(Again, was always broken with shit like the EBC but at least you were giving up your chance to synthesize quartz in the process >Quartz being nerfed by placing absurd importance on master quartz giving you the bulk of your arts and not what type of quartz you have slotted, I liked the Ao system of master quartz+quartz more. >Animations a bit awkward. Sky/Crossbell weren't the best lookers but they at least tried their best with the artstyle they had and I actually liked some animations like the troupe ones or the combat ones against ouroborus. Here everything seems very stiff, like an old animatronic. >While on the subject, everyone(sans gaius I suppose) in class 7(and a lot of people outside of c7) seems to share the same facial and body structure in terms of model. This is something I've noticed with the portraits in Crossbell(how Lloyd and Elie share the same face/eyes and the only difference being their hair) and the party Ys games(Laxia sharing a face with Adol) Laura's supposed to be a built amazon according to the dialog from the gym but she's practically a slightly taller alisa. Fie's a scaled down alisa and emma's just alisa with glasses. Rean and the other boys are just alisa without breasts and pants instead of a skirt, it just gives off the same model being reused over and over.(Which yeah, sans a few exceptions like Zin in Sky was the case in Sky but then again not much you could have done with that artstyle) I know the last two are graphics whore shit but it's hard not to notice, especially since they went with a neat little 3d engine and all and I guess that's not changing until Kuro.
(1.25 MB 960x960 Aurelia pathetic.png)
>>327402 Don't worry, combat gets even more broken in CS3&4 with the power of evasion and the Sirius master quartz, and the models get better in CS3, but you are going to have to wait until Hajimari for animation. >This is something I've noticed with the portraits in Crossbell(how Lloyd and Elie share the same face/eyes and the only difference being their hair) That could be consequence of the evolution artstyle, it suffers a lot from sameface.
(512.15 KB 835x1200 trails emma r34 1.jpeg)
(367.17 KB 850x1202 trails emma r34 2.jpg)
(258.31 KB 850x1133 trails emma r34 3.jpg)
(245.92 KB 850x1133 trails emma r34 4.jpg)
>>327402 >emma's just alisa with glasses YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH Best girl is absolutely not Alisa with glasses. She also has thicker thighs and bigger tits. And glasses. And magic powers that need to be recharged through sex by taking on the vital life force of the male due to succubus blood in her family lineage. That last bit it my head-canon but it's fucking hot. Laura also has an inflated rack compared to that flat-chested tsundere.
>>327412 I don't know if evasion was always broken but I've noticed how ridiculous it is when paired with someone like Lloyd who has a built in Dark Matter, guy can just pull the fuck out of bosses into the a corner and pummel them with counter attacks while the rest attack from a distance with arts and guns.
>>327402 A lot of companies do this with art assets where you make a base model and then use it to make a lot more models. 3d modelling takes a lot of time so it makes sense to cut down the work load as well as it means your animations are going to be a lot easier to do as well since you can use the same skeleton and animations. Even a game like Hades where the modelers made one model for females and males and then modified them to make the other characters. For reference it would probably take about a week to do one decent model you multiply that by potentially hundreds of character models in an rpg you gonna have to cut corners somewhere.
>>327423 I get that. Maybe I'm just being an autist but I feel like the model between characters isn't being modified enough to make everyone feel unique. At most what's changed is hair and eye-color, I feel that there just isn't enough playing around with face structure or body structure. Someone like the fat noble in the cooking club visually stands out for more than just her hair style/color. It's not a deal-breaker but it feels like far less effort was put into the visuals than anything else which is of noticably higher quality, the music, the gameplay, the fights, etc.
(1.70 MB 2078x2092 Caster by Ishikei.jpg)
>>327418 > That last bit it my head-canon but it's fucking hot. Whatever you say Kinoko Nasu.
>>327429 >Kinoko Nasu Considering you pretty much have Neko-Arc and vampires in CS, he mind as well be involved.
>>327429 >Kinoko Nasu I don't know who that is. A quick search tells me they're an author? Or are they a character in the later games or something?
(34.57 KB 378x252 AJ_Dubs_community.jpg)
>>327433 Lol nice. >>327435 >Not knowing Fate/stay Night How new are you?
>>327440 >Not knowing Fate/stay Night Oh right. It's one of those things I never got into. I did look into it once but there's a whole fucking bunch of it and I just didn't know where to start so I just shrugged and contented myself with a vague understanding of what "saber face" is.
(74.05 KB 633x456 nice memories of 2007.jpg)
>>327446 It's also part of imageboard culture. Don't you remember how "GAR" started. Fun times.
(90.38 KB 770x1100 celine_route.jpg)
>>327447 >oldfag type-moon maymays At least post the topically relevant ones.
(28.20 KB 500x366 Sex Ed for Sword Autists.jpeg)
(97.96 KB 680x482 The Legend of Shiro.jpg)
>>327474 >Not posting the klessiks Come on now.
>>327491 >jam it in Fucking hell, where did the years go?
>>327495 Nowhere, we just stopped enjoying things because the world decided to have a giant piss'n'shitfest in 2013 and it has soured everything. It's why it seems so long and why time moves "faster" after you realize it. Compare to when things were actually fun back in the day and everything was so jam packed that you thought time moved faster but it turned out every day was so packed that you thought ages had gone by. Yeah, it sounds nonsensical but it is what it was.

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