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(20.00 MB 1280x720 A Caves - Cliffs Announcement.mp4)
Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Difficulties Anonymous 04/15/2021 (Thu) 00:17:55 Id:153a47 No. 285249
jeb_ fucks it up again! https://yewtu.be/watch?v=6YgKUZnUyak The upcoming update is going to be split into two updates because it's apparently just too difficult for them. Whats more is that the archaeology aspect has been dropped and delayed for some "future" update. Fucking Autismblocks. Archive of previous thread mostly because of that one anon's quest to personally update Minecraft himself https://archive.ph/wip/eNf8N
>>328959 I've never dealt with fabric, so I have no idea how it differs. Forge just had too much thrown into it, any time one of the popular mods wanted to do something unique, Forge added the hooks for it so that nobody had to implement their own classes, meanwhile Forge already doubled nearly the entire code base with all the hooks it added to vanilla classes/functions. The bigger vanilla got, the bigger forge got. A good test of how bad it got was running the FTB modpack from 1.4, then 1.5, then 1.6 and seeing how just between these 3 versions performance drops significantly. FTB for tekkit pre-1.5 could easily run at 200-300 fps with a handfull of mods, 1.6 with the same handful would get 90 fps at best while averaging 60.
>>328905 that's pretty awesome. Though in his thread for his compilation mod, he mentions no other mods are compatible with his mod, so does that legit mean *no* other mods like biomesoplenty will work at all with it? If so thats a shame, would be nice to have that optimization and features work alongside.
i just recently bought minecraft for the first time and only now catching up with all the BS with mojang, what's the best version to stay on thats the most modded? is it 1.6?
>>328959 >Is Fabric better? Yes. As anon already said, some of forges chief problems come from bloat. Fabric fares better because it attempts to be efficient, not necessarily easy. I'm interested in how the forge conversion toolkit for fabric (a toolkit that converts forge mods to fabric) fares. I'd bet that Forges whole methodology is busted compared to fabric and that's why the stark differences seem to come down to modloader bloat on Forge. Too much shitty code being ran at once. I think there are backports of Fabric versions, but the people who mod on those versions probably aren't interested in a modloader with little to no community support (for that given version)
>>285276 >Look at Terraria. For the longest time it had one dev (not counting artists), and he did more in two years by himself than the entirety Mojang has done since Notch left Someone has to tell notch about this. Maybe he left something in the sale contract he can fuck microshit over with. Having said that this thought about how little they do has to go to the mod developers. They are better off working on a clone than working with these grifters in microshit. We need to spam this message to mod makers. I told them years back to get thoir shit together and move on out because it was clear as fuck the mojang shit heads weren't doing jack shit.
>>327363 Microsoft made the classic mistake of trying to create a New Standard with the Bedrock edition. Instead of simply putting more effort into updating Java they completely rewrote the game from scratch in a different programming language (C#, of course, because Microsoft owns it). I can guess that the original plan was to drop the Java version once Bedrock was ready, but for some reason they kept both. Now they have two different engines that must be kept up to date with each other but have separate programming requirements and quirks. Instead of having a "Java" edition and a "Bedrock" edition, what they probably should have done is simply make the next major version for Minecraft be on the C# platform and quietly leave Java behind. For example, in the launcher 1.13 and beyond is Bedrock while 1.12 and below is Java. So everyone on PC would be on the same engine going forward and development would be unified. Of course this would have been extremely unpopular with the community because Bedrock edition sucks dick when it comes to modding, but that could have been resolved by just creating a dedicated and high quality modding API like Fabric built into the game. That's all people have wanted for years. So let's recap what Microsoft did after spending $2.5B on Minecraft: >completely rewrite the game from scratch on a different language >even though this engine rewrite is a perfect opportunity to implement a fully featured modding API, don't do it. In fact, make the new engine WORSE for modding than the old one >make the new engine a separate product which must be purchased again, thus splitting the playerbase in half >support updates on both engines anyways so now you need extra developers with a different experience-set just to maintain things. Fucking retards I swear.
>>328959 >>328973 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=0fAB6pJK6U4 Sodium is a major improvement over Optifine but lacks mod compatibility.
>>329157 >i just recently bought minecraft for the first time What the fuck is wrong with you why did you do that?
>>329210 Hum. You should be able to "mod" C# in the same way people modded Terraria. It can be decompiled and you can fuck with the IL. I think this library was used: https://github.com/pardeike/Harmony Is the issue that they've made provisions to maintain code integrity or something?
>>329154 None at all. >>329157 1.7.10, because it's older, "more stable", and for years it had more piled up mods than other contemporaneous versions. 1.12.2 is quite a bit newer, more bloated, and it obtained a similar amount of mods to 1.7.10.
>>329179 >clone I wonder if they would waste their efforts by updating and polishing Minetest. It lacks so much finnesse compared to Minecraft.
>>329475 if they would be wasting their efforts*
>>329210 >but for some reason they kept both People refused to move I think. Mod compatibility was one thing and possibly the C# version was either Win10 only or needed the stupid microsoft store.
>>329179 For 2 billion dollars they get the right to the game AND your first born
>>329154 The lack of compatibility I'm sure is because he's rewrote much of the vanilla code like what I'm doing, it's the only way to make real improvements without inflating the codebase with new classes to override original classes. It's why forge is so bloated, everything forge implements is made to not outright replace existing classes. >>329475 Something interesting I found was a minecraft clone written entirely in C with (I think) opengl and a couple libraries to avoid having to completely reinvent the wheel. It was written in a weekend and while it lacks most features I'd say it even competes with minetest. https://github.com/jdah/minecraft-weekend
(48.87 KB 720x511 D2FEhRmWwAI_Oz-.jpg)
(667.20 KB 1615x993 crying homo.png)
My neice just tried out the update on the switch and all she fucking did was shit on it. As a minecraft kiddie, minecraft is only one of the handful of games she plays yet she actually sees the writing on the wall about the update and she sees it along with the game for what it really is, SHIT. PICS RELATED They're anyone in denial enough to still think minecraft is a good game. >>329179 >telling modmakers to get their shit together and make their own game Thats exactly how Hytale is happening except the devs Hypixel are the owners of minecrafts largest server. The dev for Vintage Story also used to be a minecraft modder working for Hypixel and hes making his own minecraft like game, its too damn slow for my tastes though god damn. Its real telling that minecrafts most successful content creators server wise got sick of its shit and are now making their own thing due to their discontent from dealing with minecrafts shit.
>>329764 Hytale is chinkshit so discarded. I have never played Vintage Story, it may be good, I heard its admin helps you add your server to the directory if you have issues. Also you can play old versions forever and mod them. MCP has existed since Alpha v1.1.0 or so, take your pick.
>>329771 Modding and coremodding old Minecraft presents more outwards quality than minetest or whatever.
One thing we may need is alternate login servers. Yggdrasil, Minecraft's login protocol, can be implemented (it's basically open source). I know of one of these servers, called Nojang. You login into it (selfhostable too, i think) instead of Mojang's servers. It allows for setting skins, just like Mojang's servers.
>>329774 A server might choose to use Nojang, then authentication is done through it.
(413.82 KB 1280x800 Market_Place.jpg)
(185.86 KB 2220x1080 micoin.jpg)
>>329210 >even though this engine rewrite is a perfect opportunity to implement a fully featured modding API, don't do it. In fact, make the new engine WORSE for modding than the old one >make the new engine a separate product which must be purchased again, thus splitting the playerbase in half I wonder why they decided to make a bedrock edition exclusive for wangblows 10.
>>329796 >I wonder why they decided to make a bedrock edition exclusive for wangblows 10. Probably because they've hit rock bottom
>>329796 The amount of people supporting the Minecraft mod community is truly staggering to me. You've got maps, skins, content mods, visual mods, overhauls, enough shit to shove on top of your game to make it almost unrecognizable, but it's all directed at a shit game like this. May Vintage Story deliver us from this Microsoft-inflicted child hell. Please filter out all the faggots and kids too dumb to spend 30 hours making a single home with autistic and loving detail.
>>329818 Vintage Story just filters everyone from playing it by being a game that fills an unbelievably tiny niche of players for the game it's competing with instead of just being Minecraft but more open and less shit.
>>329818 >Vintage story Had fun playing on the sleepychan server Looking forward to how it progresses beyond being Terrafirmacraft with a better engine and graphics
How would you even improve on Minecraft's core formula? Because as it stands right now it is a pretty barebones action/adventure game with randomly generated world and very minor construction and automation elements. I'm not sure what could be added outside of more shallow adventuring content without the new things being completely superficial or completely shifting the focus.
>>330013 AI rpg elements and tools.
>>329749 why do these idiots not just work on one project? no one is going to play a half dozen alphas, when they could create a 1x full release. We need no get these knuckleheads in here and drog their noses through this thread. They never understand.
Have all you anons sent messages to the ex-Minecraft mod creators? The message is to all work on one project so we don't have a half dozen alphas. I mean, there should be enough indians and chinese programmers wanting to upgrade their skills to help out and crush Microshit. Even without white ex-mod creators. If not you aren't helping
>>285594 best post itt unironically. we need to get this out
(105.93 KB 800x528 oh shit nigger.jpg)
>>285249 This is what happens when hire hags and fags
>>330094 How is Microsoft surviving this? Investors must surely be angry or being contacted by ex minecraft mod creators....

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