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(1.49 MB 1000x732 star fox 64 n64 cover.png)
(233.16 KB 608x450 sf64 dorisby.png)
(360.46 KB 607x451 sf64 cacti.png)
/gameclub/ Thread - Star Fox 64 Anonymous 04/30/2021 (Fri) 03:01:57 Id:dd39ce No. 297931
Welcome one and all to the first installment of the /v/ /gameclub/ thread! The idea of these is to have everyone involved play the chosen game for the week and try their hardest to beat it. Maybe you'll be the first, maybe you'll be the last. You might have the highest score or the lowest, but you'll have played another game. If you're real lucky it might even be something on your backlog. Alternatively, it's a rotating topic that provides a game for people to discuss. Was it good, was it bad, does it hold some place in your heart or not hold up at all? Is the soundtrack composed of total bangers or does it make your ears bleed? Did it turn you into a furry? Don't answer that one. GAME: This week's pick is the space shooter classic, Star Fox 64! >Star Fox 64, known as Lylat Wars in the PAL regions, is a 3D rail shooter video game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 console. It is the second installment in the Star Fox series and a reboot of the original Star Fox game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. (via Wikipedia) FUN FACT: Apparently the game was also praised for its voice acting at the time. All memes aside, there recently was a release of the uncompressed audio files and the level of voice acting an N64 game had is actually impressive: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=SE1pKOJY66U SAD FACT: It also holds the place of the best-selling Star Fox game of all time. DATE: Since this is the first time I'm trying this, consider the week for this game as starting early. Completing Star Fox 64 will be the goal until midnight on May 9th, and on Monday May 10th the next game will be assigned. >How does this work? You find a copy of the game of the week, boot it up, and try to get through as much of it as you can. If you beat it, that's great! Post about your progress if you want - screenshots are appreciated! >Will this be every week? Maybe, probably not. Please feel free to provide input on how long games should be selected for, what games you'd like to recommend for the next thread (it'll probably get chosen through a strawpoll or something throughout the week), or even if we should have some sort of leaderboard included for times/scores. I'd like to keep the time frame consistent (so regularly 1 week or 2 weeks) and the games on the more realistic side for completion (so no hundred hour rpgs or MMOs). Additionally I'd prefer any recommendations to be games easily obtainable for emulation or purchase.
>>299809 Still not a bad run, especially with Corneria.
(60.25 KB 1081x720 info wars dot esp.jpg)
>>299498 >I just don't feel like a week would really be enough for it. Depends. If we're willing to have the games go for a month at a time there wouldn't be any problem with longer games or ones with extensive replayability. Initially I wanted to start with a weekly schedule to keep the games rotating and short enough for most people to have the time and interest in playing them. So, more arcadey titles like N64 classics or shorter PC games. Then later on include more variety with more obscure and longer games. Should we go for a time span somewhere in between, like two weeks? >It's a game that takes a lot of time, unless you go out of your way to cheese it. And just beating the main quest isn't even really scratching the surface of that game. Yes and no. If you're familiar with Morrowind it doesn't take that long to get through the main quest. Even if you're not, having an established time frame would encourage you to focus on it or a specific few guilds/factions rather than aimlessly try to 100% the game over hundreds of hours (like I always do). >>299532 If anyone wants to set up a gamenight for OpenMW I'd be down for it! >>299561 >>299562 Jesus dude, it took me at least three runs before I could get the alternate route on Corneria. Those arches on the water always fuck me up.
(173.51 KB 1503x454 Capture.PNG)
The redemption run, sort of, I went to Sector Y instead of Macbeth on accident whoopsies
(86.13 KB 495x521 1522792593048.jpg)
>>299763 Yes I have been.
>>300126 You mean Z?
(44.74 KB 811x809 photo_2021-03-11_16-02-56.jpg)
>>300146 Yeah, I get those mixed up.
>>300254 You realize the clouds in their backgrounds are in the shape of their letters, right?
(554.38 KB 892x750 ClipboardImage.png)
Star Fox 64? Seriously, Mark? Try not picking such a boring ass game that everyone has played already next time.
>>300462 Star Fox 64 is great.
>>300466 Overclocked Star Fox 2 is better.
This would be better with obscure games, to share the discovery/exploration of a game with other people. The only way this game suggestion could be worse would be M64 or OoT or some other such shit.
>>300462 Given OP had a pretty low score his first go round, and we had someone that actually got a game over, I think it's safe to say we have people that have never played it.
>>300531 I've played it, I just suck at it.
(164.78 KB 1280x960 sf64 cum third run.png)
>>300531 It hasn't been my first time playing the game but this was my first time playing some of the levels, mainly the harder route ones. As a kid I would just watch my older brother play them. Would have gotten a medal on Venom too if Slippy didn't get fucked in his frog ass. Aquas sucked but Zoness was fun. >>300462 >>300470 I was considering Moon: Remix RPG Adventure but figured more people would be interested in giving Star Fox 64 a go for competition's sake. Again, I'm not exactly sure what a good game length/time investment should be. Please feel free to recommend games you feel would be interesting for anons to have a go at. The more variety these threads have the better! Also I'm not Mark. Also, would it be worth hosting a poll off-site like via strawpoll for future games or just include choices in a post further down the line and see what people are interested in? Otherwise I'll just toss them all in a hat and pull one out.
>>300736 I don't think RPGs are a good idea at all. Arcade/racing/shooting or anything with scores sounds better but SF64 is just too fucking normalfaggish and overdone.
>>300736 Some Treasure games would probably be cool.
(763.38 KB 800x527 ClipboardImage.png)
>>300747 Mischief Makers would be fucking awesome.
>>300531 I have played it many times in the past, I just went with the cockpit view gimmick run. >>300736 Super Monkey Ball would be a good game (Not so much the sequel because it can easily get cheesed). I would be impressed if anons got to the extra stages and Master which is as difficult as it sounds
>>300795 Isn't the PS2 version better?
>>300795 Oh, I wasn't talking about you, your score was decent, especially considering the cockpit view challenge.
>>300797 Fuck no I played that one and it's so fucking dogshit rolling the ball with the Dualshock 2 and 3 controllers. It also has loading times that the Gamecube games lacked. Now if you were to say the Xbox version instead of the PS2 than it's not as bad as it doesn't have as bad of loading times compared to the PS2 version and the Xbox controllers handle the ball rolling just as good as the Gamecube. While Deluxe is a good game it has the same problems as 2 because you can easily cheese the game with having 99 lives as soon as you buy them. This is more applicable to Deluxe but in the case of story mode you have more stages to choose from and only 10 need to be cleared to advance to the next world whereas with 2 you were required to finish all 10 levels before you were allowed to advance and you weren't allowed any other option. I'm also not a fan of the gimmicks they used in the newer games where you had to push a switch to activate something to get a goal.
(1.59 MB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>300812 Man the loading times are something no one talks about with PS2 vs. GC. It's kinda why I like the GC version of Killer7 so much. Like yeah it's on 2 discs, but when you see the PS2 loading times, that's preferable. Also as an aside about controllers, I grew up not playing much Sega (until the Dreamcast) and never experienced the unsung hero of a controller that was the Saturn 3D control pad. The weird concave analog...ball was so nice. It's really smooth and comfortable to use. It's especially good when you consider the N64 analog stick made by Satan himself to give children carpal tunnel as young as possible.
>>301230 >Man the loading times are something no one talks about with PS2 vs. GC then That's because you use the HDD when you don't want loads.
Just got a run in on normal because I haven't unlocked expert yet on the emulator. Little hard to play on a dualshock 4. I've forgotten how to block charge shot lock-ons so I can spam them. I used to be a lot better. I think my record on hardware is in the 2300s on expert. This was a medal run.
So what are we playing next week?
>>303186 Super Monkey Ball and Mischief Makers were both suggested and are pretty good picks. If I had to choose I'd go with Super Monkey Ball since that's easier to get into and keeps up the competitive feel following Star Fox 64. That said I'm a total retard when it comes to filesharing and don't have the slightest idea where or how to do so beyond finding something through the share thread and linking it.
>>305238 Vimm.net is a good site.
>>305704 Thanks for just directly linking the download like that without warning.
>>305706 It really doesn't matter where it's from as long as the fre download option is decently fast and the hash of the .iso matches redump. >>305238 I mean gamecube emulation is starting to stray into less accessible territory bbut then again N64 is no walk in the park and specifically Mischief Maker is an issue prone game. Though if you're undecided I can link the undub romhack for Mischief Maker.
>>305706 It's not bad. Downloading Super Monkey Ball from there may actually be better as it has been converted to a nKit ISO which has the dummy data removed to conserve space and it will play fine on real hardware or dolphin.
>>305785 >>305706 Wouldn't it be a bad idea to link a specific site for the download? I would think what >>305704 posted would be better since archive.org likely has a ton of shit that gets removed regularly for legal reasons.
>>306032 Stuff on Archive rarely ever gets removed, usually it gets restricted
Thread for this week is up! >>306144

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