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Video Game News General #3 Anonymous 05/01/2021 (Sat) 11:03:38 Id:707ff6 No. 298763
Konami skips out on E3 stating that due to “deep development on a number of key projects,” in the coming months. https://archive.vn/0VX8P Last Thread News Range from 03/22/2021 till 04/26/2021 https://archive.vn/SAF3h
>>305743 An exclusive DLC for FF7R.
>>305743 Final Fantasy 16
>>305752 >>305750 Both of which are coming to PC and possibly the SexBox. Remember that FF hasn't been exclusive to one system since FF12, and Sony fans were autistically screeching over SquarEnix announcing a 360 post of FF13.
>>305763 Dear god, I remember ff13. I bought it. Years after it came out! I was completely unaware of what I was getting myself into, I just looked at it and went "Huh, ff13. Never played final fantasy before, so this should be good. There are 13 games in the mainline series, so surely something must be good". Boy, was I wrong. I couldn't finish it either, both because I got bored halfway through and one cd got a perfectly round scratch mark on it, so some parts of the data couldn't be read 360 version. The director reeaaaally had the hots for Lightning, huh. Or is it just normal to whore your video game character out to do commercials in Japan?
>>305778 It's fairly normal when a character from any type of media is successful in Japan but Lightning never was succesful. That was just the director.
(14.22 KB 466x326 dualsense.jpg)
>>305737 Good fuck Kusony. I would at most be interested in the DualSense to try on PC but they haven't been released in other colours besides pic related.
(2.01 MB 2096x2696 dualstick.png)
>>305953 At least there's a lot of porn of it
>>306060 Apparently not good porn though
(17.95 KB 300x232 koko.jpg)
>>306062 >he can't appreciate robot yuri I fucking hate how spoilers toggle
>>306067 >he values shit if it's the right kind of shit Shit is shit
>>305737 This can't entirely be because of scalpers, is corona really cucking their supply line this hard? >>306062 I wouldn't say there's any such thing as "good porn" outside of being well drawn, porn is inherently filth
>>305017 Nope. Shame, too, it'd be nice to have a place to talk about monster girls and related things without people sperging out.
>>305953 Don't it's pretty much no better than a DS4 on PC right now.
(278.44 KB 854x810 1355501687274.jpg)
https://archive.ph/wip/S23hP Remember the Saints Row 2 remaster that was coming? The guy that pushed to find the source code and was the main guy coding the remaster has had a resurgence in his face cancer and expects to die soon. He loves the game so much he's spending his last days working on it and the studio will finish it without him, but damn...
(72.50 KB 401x480 travis.jpg)
>>306432 Face cancer? Why not just get it removed?
>>306432 Criminy what a shitshow.
>>306469 I don't think getting cancer counts as a shitshow
>>306465 I hope you get facecancer too from the Brazillian sun Luciano Mendez of OAG.
>>306432 >Going to die. >Dying just an inconvenience to him guy wants to finish what he started. Absolutely fucking based.
I don't know if any of you faggots noticed but the sequel for Judgement has been announced recently with a 3rd style and some Asscreed faggotry like climbing and parkour. The upside is that you can explore a highschool and over-world has other means of traversal such as the skateboard and the aforementioned parkour. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=FWBIGVew6Yo
>>306702 Yeah, I also saw that they apparently want to keep the rpg format in the main series and only the spinoffs will be the action fighting games. It is clear they are tired of doing the same game, but then stop making them instead of making a hundred more. https://archive.vn/35jkn >>306702
>>306448 He did, it came back. He did again, it didn't go away. Hard to not die when your face cancer becomes other-chunks-of-your-body cancer.
(2.68 MB 1132x10706 92u3hWKYYIfgg.jpg)
(115.68 KB 1100x904 chrome_RrVFX2B5rU.png)
Epic vs Apple : Week 1 review - Epic still faces an "uphill battle" https://archive.ph/S2a5c >"Where Epic describes the iOS and App Store as 'the plan' to lure in developers and users alike with conveniences and other benefits before locking them into their 'walled garden', Apple, of course, frames the exact same behaviour as offering benefits and opportunity to consumer and developer alike," he says. <"At times, it seems like Apple's counsel have been helping Epic up that hill." >"Apple slinging mud [at Epic] and getting it all over themselves in the process." <"I don't know what Apple's lawyer was thinking," says Buscaglia. "But they sure missed making any points with this lame argument and lost credibility in the process. It also shows that Judge Rogers is sharp and not moved by bad arguments or impressed by sloppy 'gotcha' questions." >"If 'a hardware manufacturer that controls access to the software that runs the hardware' is a monopolist by law, then ALL of the console manufacturers might have problems" >"If you think of a game or app, games are incredibly dynamic," he said. "Games have a beginning and end, there's challenges in place. I look at the experiences that are in Roblox similar to the experiences in Minecraft." <For Buscaglia, this was "some of the dumbest testimony" so far, adding: "Their definition of what a game is was laughable in today's world, trying to distinguish 'games' from 'experiences'. A big shitshow of a legal battle - people Epic, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Stadia?, itch.io, Google all called up for witness, Since trial was open for view, children started singing "Free Fortnite" and shit, Lots of confidential legal documents were uncovered like epic games is still on loss and expected till 2023. Gonna need more people's opinion on this since I can't understand all of this.
>>307518 i have been out of the loop for sometime now WTF is all this hsit about?
>>307552 If I remember correctly, Epic did not like that Apple takes a cut from digital currency sales for games from the Apple Store, so Epic tried to skirt around it by selling shit for the Apple version outside the store and got slapped. So they threw a fit and decided to sue Apple for "muh monopoly" bullshit like how they claim Steam is one.
>>307581 wait wait wait, i think im retarded and im getting this wrong. epic didnt like tha apple was making money on the apple store by selling games so did they try to sue them?
>>307617 No, Epic got upset that when people buy e-money for (((Free to Play))) games on the Apple Store, Apple gets a cut of that instead of 100% going to Epic, so Epic tried to skirt around this and Apple slapped them which led to this lawsuit.
>>307518 >children started singing "Free Fortnite" Literally and unironically burn those children alive.
(49.23 KB 619x676 erect donkey dong.jpg)
Fun rumour: New Donkey Kong 3D platformer from Super Mario Odyssey dev team Honestly not sure how to feel about this, but it would explain the lack of a follow-up to Odyssey (I was really hoping for some post-launch content like Isle Delfino or something), and because Retro is busy remaking Metroid Prime 4 after Bamco botched it. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/05/rumour_the_next_donkey_kong_is_being_developed_by_the_super_mario_odyssey_team And still Archive.is has me on the fucking infinite captcha I swear this is bullshit.
>>307706 Wow I can't believe Nintendo's finally making games with black protagonists.
>>307712 I can't believe Nintendo is finally making games.
>>307706 It will be cool to pirate it. Maybe even play it.
>>307706 >Kong has white skin. >Black protagonist. Do not insult DK Anon.
>>307706 This really deserves it's own thread
>>307518 I have no idea why Epic even filed this suit. They very clearly broke Apple's TOS, there isn't much room for debate about that. It's like they thought outrage from Fortnite kiddies would sway a lawsuit.

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