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(460.10 KB 418x600 zolo.png)
What is the deal with Halo? Anonymous 05/03/2021 (Mon) 11:03:51 Id:0a5434 No. 300304
Is it just me or did anyone else noticed how bad the Halo series actually is? Aside from the graphics and soundtrack it just feels like a gimped version of quake. Seriously half the missions(regardless of the game) make me feel like they are severely... "out of sync". You know like all the projectile weapons are meant to encourage you to go in aggressively forward while dodging through them but MC is just too slow to do that without dying instantly. Like when there is a section of a level that seems to want you to engage in some long range battle but the whole level does not have a single weapon that can accurately shoot across long distances. Or how on higher difficulties half the weapons deal basically no damage(a.k.a it takes a full clip to do anything with them). It makes me feel like I am playing some "worsening" mod for a actually competent game.
>>304221 >but I don't know of any others out there that has the same kind of vehicle combat on top of foot combat. You should look into the Tribes series. Using vehicles in those games is widely underappreciated for how powerful they can be.
>>304277 >Dubs of truth Perhaps not all torpedos are niggers.
What's the deal? Babby's first fps for zoomer faggots that didn't have a pc.
>>304483 Halo came out back in 2001, when most zoomers were just an idea
(405.75 KB 812x462 greasy smug smile.png)
I like Halo. I like Half-Life. Bite me.
(13.54 MB 150x134 Beavis on the Keyboard.mp4)
(922.25 KB 490x353 Beavis on the Keyboard.gif)
>>304515 I like neither
(89.51 KB 566x356 Back to cuckchannel.png)
>>304483 >>304511 Go back faggot
>>304511 Gen Z is 1997-2012. So maybe a really enthusiastic 4 year old played it. i'm actually fucking annoyed that gen Z are being called zoomers cause in reality all the fuckers that are "zoomers" are born past 2012. You know the sterotypical fornite kiddie.. which means they are Gen Alpha not, Gen Z.. once again this generation has become the dumping ground for yet another shit meme. I liked it back when it was Gen Zyklon before reddit decided to hop on the bandwagon with their unfunny shit
>>304483 >>304511 >zoomers Go back to cuckchan. Also both of are you are retarded, because Gaylo players were Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Xers. Ziggers were too young to have played both Halo CE and Halo 2, waiting in incredibly long lines to get their copies of the game on release day, and old enough to be apart of the fanbase while hyping up the game like a bunch of cultists during E3. Most of them were playing shit like Pokemon and Mario during that time. Although the third game had a good number of ziggers playing it on xbox-live along with COD when they were around 10-14 years old.
Zoomers are boomers that are 60+ and physically active, theres a fucking print magazine about this
(29.12 KB 400x343 jerry.gif)
>>300304 >What is the deal with Halo?
>>304641 Haven't been there since 2014 and I ain't goin' back any time soon. Galo was a faggot kids game for 6 year olds whose first console was Kikecro$oft cuckbox (the cancer that destroyed the industry) when it first came out. No boomers or gen xers played it because they had access to real FPS games as they could afford PCs. Face it. Galo was the Fortnite of its day and anyone with fond memories of it is a filthy fucking zigger.
>>304649 >Zoomers are boomers that are 60+ and physically active No they aren't, le zoomer is a word referring to Gen Z who act like boomers thinking that they're living in a golden age of culture like boomers did during the 50s-80s. >>304656 Trying replying when you aren't a niggermonkey Lucaino.
>>304609 Fortnite kids are probably 15-17ish by now I bet. Don't remember when it came out but it's been years for sure. I remember someone gave me a key to the pay to play version years ago. Zoomers have been young people entering their 20s for years, so 1997 makes sense. Crazy how fast they came and went.
>>304671 >Fortnite kids are probably 15-17ish by now >Fornite released: July 25, 2017 No, they are literally 9 year olds. From what i know the generation that gets called zoomer are defined by two major things: tiktok and fortnite two very recent things both which are much more popular among Gen Alpha then actual fucking Gen Z. I'm sick and tired of this cuckchan shit that has no basis in any form of real demographics. The same unfunny faggots who spread the zoomer shit are the same retards who spread the "30 year old boomer" shit.
Online, multiplayer PC gaming was at its loftiest height before 2007ish and anyone who was screwing around with xbox live instead missed out big time. A lot of the hype comes from people who fit that bill I think. Suckers. I would recommend the campaigns to people however. They're not perfect. I remember the vehicle sections in halo 3 especially putting me to sleep, and for some reason they make up nearly fifty percent of what is already a short campaign. Stupid shit.
(6.87 MB 480x360 GALO_SENGEN.webm)
>>304656 >Galo
>>304480 Tribes does have cool vehicles (fun fact, Tribes 2 was marketed as the "Halo killer") but they are used much more slowly and strategically than in Halo. In Halo you try to powerslide your Warthog into two dudes at once because it's cool, in Tribes you try to maneuver your tank onto a mountain so you can shell the enemy base from 800m away.
>>304856 >In Halo you try to powerslide your Warthog into two dudes at once because it's cool, in Tribes you try to maneuver your tank onto a mountain so you can shell the enemy base from 800m away. Someday someone will figure out a way how we can have both in the same game.
>>304403 Good work, anon. I'd be interested to see more translations like these.
>>304557 >>304684 Do you guys live under a rock? Zoomer is a completely mainstream term to refer to Gen Z, which starts around 1995-1997. Some of them are kids but a lot of them are teens and in their early 20s. The oldest millennials are heading into their fucking 40s now. AVGN is a millennial. The RLM guys are millennials. The youngest millennials are like 26. >>304480 >>304856 >>304866 What happened to Tribes? I remember there were threads for it years ago but now anytime it's brought up it's usually in the context of nostalgia or rage.
>>304915 >What happened to Tribes? I remember there were threads for it years ago but now anytime it's brought up it's usually in the context of nostalgia or rage. The community has stagnated hard and they're slowly dwindling. T2 for some reason has always been less popular among the hardcore holdouts -- never really understood why. Probably something to do with retards who whine about the missile launcher. Nowadays even T1 has a hard time. The only consistently populated server is an LCTF server with its own faggy Discord, which sucks because the entire base defense and different armor roles doesn't even factor into the game. I have to wonder who these people are who hate that part of the game.
>>304915 Ascend killed itself by adding premium classes with hitscan weapons and speed limits.
>>304940 It wasn't pay to win exactly, they just watered down the game with sidegrades which weren't perfectly balanced and unlocking them was grindy as fuck. They fixed the grind, but it was too little too late, and when the infiltrator class came out it made the game very annoying because of how good the weapons on that class were. You essentially walk right up someone's ass cloaked and then unload an SMG on them. The game was in a decent state when they released the last update, but the speed limits are still arbitrary and annoying. It didn't help that the bullet weapons were actually hitscan when the beta first launched, rendering the default soldier loadout the most powerful in the game. Afterward the only hitscan weapons were the sniper rifle variants.
(1.06 MB 2452x1496 The Coomer Meme.png)
>>304915 >Zoomer is a completely mainstream term to refer to Gen Z The word and all it's variations are a Discuck psyop pushed on cuckchan and spread trough mainstream social media cancer. Now fuckoff
>>304973 I hate you braindead ni/gg/ers so much...
>>305138 cry more /cow/ cuck.
>>304915 >Zoomer is a completely mainstream term to refer to Gen Z, Yes and? Normie is a mainstream term to refer to normal people, but we use normalfag here.
>>305182 Transition for me anon?
>>305187 You have to translate for me first.
>>304917 It's just attrition. All communities suffer from it when there's no active attempt to bring in new blood (with, admittedly, all the shitheadedness that comes with those attempts). Vanishingly few gamers who never played it are ever going to: hear about old Tribes in a context that gets their attention; have the patience and desire to set it up, even as straightforward as the game is; and actually have the game hit their sweet spot such that they continue to play it regularly and contribute to the community getting larger.
>>305470 The games are really easy to set up and work well on modern machines, it's actually the skill curve of the game has a wall to break through. Most people expect that when you push forward (or any other direction) and hold jet at the same time, that you'll maintain your altitude and go forward at the same time. Not the case as this would increase your overall thrust (but this is much more forgiving in Ascend). Instead the thrust is vectorized and pressing a direction moves your jetpack "nozzle" to thrust in only that direction. So you need to stop holding forward when you want to gain altitude and so on. Even when you figure this out, hitting people with projectile weapons can be quite difficult at first. Fighting other players is like a game of "the floor is lava" and waiting for the other guy's jetpack energy to run out so you can anticipate him touching the ground and shoot at that spot. It's also a matter of positioning, being above someone is a huge advantage in Tribes because you don't have an angle to shoot on the ground he's standing on. Most people will get owned by a heavy standing on a hill or be totally unable to hit a guy in light armor and quit the game.
(74.64 KB 705x810 meme.jpg)
(316.55 KB 1120x684 halo Infinite Razorback.jpg)
(416.03 KB 1920x1200 Orion Dino Beatdown.jpg)
(12.32 KB 300x225 hellbender2.jpg)
>>306138 Anon I hate to break it to you but after Halo 1 came out, virtually every game with guns and vehicles has a utility vehicle with a gun mounted on the back. You could just as easily say Orion copied Halo. This is a vehicle from UT2004.

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