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GCN's 20th anniversary in a 4 months Anonymous 05/08/2021 (Sat) 05:02:14 Id:754d35 No. 303957
The GCN will turn 20 this year. The little "mauve" lunchbox was widely considered to have a very limited library, yet just a glance at its library shows it was still vastly better than what consoles have now! Good GCN Exclusives first year of release (based on region of game’s first release compared to console release in same region) >Luigi’s Mansion >Super Monkey Ball >Wave Race: Blue Storm >Pikmin >Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader >Super Smash Bros. Melee >Animal Crossing (Inferior N64 version in Nippon only) >Cubivore >Doshin the Giant >REmake >Lost Kingdoms >Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem >Super Mario Sunshine PS5+Xbox Series X exclusives for the first year regardless of quality (and I expect half of these to be delayed) >Astro's Playground >Destruction AllStars >God of War: Ragnarok >Gran Turismo 7 >Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart >Returnal >Xbox Series X exclusives regardless of quality >literally nothing ( No really, literally nothing. I went through MS's own list of upcoming games. Not a single exclusive. Don't know of any already released. https://archive.ph/zXCnK )
>>304362 I got the gameboy player. Still use from time to time. Good shit. Only problem is that it needs a disc to boot it.
>>304364 Homebrew called "Gameboy Interface" not only allows booting it without the original disc, but add a bunch of extra features (tas playback, screen shots, rom/save dumping and I think flash card). It has a leg up on emulator for certain purposes because it's actually running on original hardware (GBA emulation is pretty damn good now, but testing and some edge cases exist, plus console verifying TASs).
Do you think we will ever be able to have independently made new Gamecube games like how people are now making games for the NES and Genesis?
>>304389 I'll look that up sounds really neat. Thank you anon. >>304396 Sure why not? There is plenty of homebrew for the Gamecube as well as smaller games. Though I think the reason why people rather make games for way older hardware is because of the limits and workarounds. The gamecube/ps2/xbox made everything a bit more samey is what I mean.
>>304078 >First thing we had in mind was the evolution of videogaming itself: the reduced size of the GameCube allows you to carry it form room to room quite easily. So it started with Gamecube, evolved into the WiiU and ended in the Switch.
>>303957 Wind Waker was the best game on the gamecube.
(152.32 KB 400x514 Gamecube GBA Link.jpg)
(358.22 KB 500x375 Gameboy Evolution.gif)
(949.54 KB 950x809 wii u tv.png)
(1.00 MB 594x452 Nintendo console evolution.gif)
>>304422 Basically. The Wii U is basically an evolution of the GBA Gamecube Linking Cable concept of looking at both screens.
While the Gamecube had probably the most solid lineup for its generation it also had the most "niche" library. Aside from Smash Bros. everyone I knew wanted to play Halo or Mortal Kombat and very quickly after that the newest shooter that'd recently come out. There was only one friend I had who played Nintendo games but he only had Kirby Air Ride and Metroid Prime 2 and he'd always screenlook when we played it. The joke's on him though because he was a retard and didn't know Samus was a chick until I told him so. >>304078 >>304422 Never once in my entire life did I or anyone I know move a home console around the house like that. I guess it made it easier to take to a friend's house?
>>304528 >GBA Gamecube Linking Cable mgba can do that now
>>303957 Damn shame we don't get pantsu like his anymore in Nintendo games.
>>304364 Lucky you. I wanted to get one five years ago and even then it was around 140 USD, so I gave up.
>>304078 Star Fox Adventures was perfectly fine even if it wasn't a real Star Fox game.
(481.66 KB 1440x1080 GFTE01-68.png)
(238.52 KB 1440x1080 GFTE01-42.png)
(449.73 KB 1440x1080 GFTE01-5.png)
(152.91 KB 1440x1080 GOME01-5.png)
(1.13 MB 1876x1080 GXOE69-85.png)
>>304679 Agree. >>304598 Many of the games that use it are still a bit finicky. Give it a month or two. Speaking of Dolphin, they'll soon have gone 5 years without a stable build. Hopefully they'll just release Dolphin 6.0 by/for the anniversary. Having 5 years of SVN for 5.0 makes finding regressions and syncing stuff more of a pain than it should be. >>304683 Now that (one of?) the last Dinosaur Planet builds has leaked, do we know if it was better before having Star Fox slapped onto it?
>>304683 SFA was a rushed game, and this was no more evident than when one get's to the final quarter of the game starting with Dragon Rock
>>304735 From what I skimmed of the script that was uploaded and having not played the leaked builds it seemed pretty cool on its own feet before Star Fox was slapped on. Then again an interview from 2002 of the Star Fox director said that the franchise was going to have Fox McCloud having on-foot adventures anyway and Dinosaur Planet was being developed so it was perfect for them to slap the Star Fox name on it. https://archive.is/WzCc6 <Moving on from the N64 game to the Gamecube game, why did you decide to establish an eight-year time-skip? >Star Fox Adventures originated here in Kyoto: personally, I’ve been working on the series for a long time and am quite attached to it, so I went to Miyamoto like, “let me do it! let me do it!” and he replied with, “for this game, why not try an adventure-style game instead of a shooting game?”, and so Morita and I began toying around with various ideas. <What kind of game were you attempting to make, exactly? >Something where Fox runs around on foot, taking out enemies with his gun, but shooting games with the character displayed with that behind-the-back perspective can be tough to play, can’t they? You can’t always see the enemies because the player-character’s blocking your view, right in the middle of the screen. I was aware of these issues, but I really wanted to realize Fox fighting with a gun, so I continued pondering directions for the game to take. In the N64 game, there are those stages with the Landmaster—the tank—where the camera automates itself and enemies pour in from the sky, right? <So, you decided to take your Star Fox Adventures concepts and merge them into a game Rare was working on, Dinosaur Planet. >That’s right. Dinosaur Planet was also being made for N64 in the beginning, but it was fairly late in the N64’s life product cycle and people were already talking about Dolphin, and as we were asking ourselves whether to go ahead with our project internally, the staff were already being pulled away to work on big projects like Mario and Zelda, and so after work wrapped up on Majora’s Mask, the project was restructured. >>304741 My same sentiments on the matter. It was indeed a rushed game but to be a bit fair Microsoft purchased Rare around that period and any additional time that may have been needed to flesh out the story and polish the game were out the window.
(48.21 KB 574x345 dude its cool.jpg)
>>304758 Also in the same interview posted they eventually talk about Krystal and why they kept her in Star Fox. You can thank Miyamoto and the Star Fox character designer (not director) Takaya Imamura, for that decision <which of Adventure’s characters were you most attached to? >That’d be Krystal. Krystal is a character that had been around since the early versions of Dinosaur Planet, and as that game was making the transition into a Star Fox game, they asked, “so, should we get rid of Krystal?”. but I thought it’d be a waste to scrap her, so when I visited Rare, I drew a ton of pictures… <I think you made the right call (laughs). >There’s an American comic called Vampirella that I’m really into—that character’s a female vampire who wears risque costumes, and so I drew some quick sketches of Krystal with that kind of image and had a lot of discussions with Rare, and so this version of Krystal turned out to be much sexier than the Dinosaur Planet version. <I see. >Miyamoto and I were both aiming to add a little sex appeal, I guess? I think Miyamoto’s always wanted to add that flavor. <Really?! (laughs) >I think somewhere in his mind, Miyamoto’s always pictured Star Fox as somewhat mature, and he’s been saying things like “wouldn’t it be good to add a slightly sexy character?” since the beginning. Likewise, for Starfox 64, although the game certainly appeals to children somewhat, I think Miyamoto felt that leaning fully into that would be going too far, and he wanted to add some more mature touches where possible. <Katt Monroe from the N64 game did have a flirtatious, cutting personality, but there may have been a slight mismatch between her personality and her appearance (laughs). >In that respect, I thought Krystal was a better match. <Agreed. Of all the female characters that have appeared in Rare’s games thus far, this was the first one I really liked. >Right? I think I was able to come up with a design that Japanese people could latch on to. I don’t know whether she’ll continue to appear in future games, but since she was positioned as the heroine of Star Fox Adventures, it was important to design her so that she wouldn’t look out of place next to the established Star Fox cast.
>>304764 How many kids were turned into furries by Krystal?
>>304767 Probably a lot of them if they weren't already into them from the likes of Sonic or Sally Acorn. I recall Acid posting in Dino Language via Saurian Translator some time ago with pics of Krystal. Fun times.
(320.21 KB 780x615 ClipboardImage.png)
>people mocked the appearance of the gamecube back in the day >meanwhile in the current year
>>304795 Pretty sure it's not the appearance that is mocked, rather the faulty hardware that is sub par even if it works.
(40.09 KB 450x319 1420769700135.jpg)
Eternal Darkness 2 when?
>>304801 Does XSex even do 1080p 60fps for first party titles? I know they claim up to 4k and up to 120fps, but they've been saying their console runs at 1080p 60fps for three generations and fuck all games actually do.
>>304803 Probably never. Dyack had a spiritual successor pitched on Kickstarter (back when everyone was doing that) that didn't meet its funding goal after one of his employees got busted on CP and the press picked up the story. Considering that Nintendo has no shortage of series in their back catalogue that eternally lie, I don't expect them to do it on their own. Especially as Eternal Darkness was modestly successful in the West and probably completely irrelevant to the Japanese market, which drives most of Nintendo's decision making.
>>304422 >>304558 >Never once in my entire life did I or anyone I know move a home console around the house like that. I guess it made it easier to take to a friend's house? It's more of a Japanese thing. Lots of Japanese houses are tiny and you need a tiny box in your room as to not take up much space. But yeah, it's pretty funny how they've kind of been aiming for the Switch ever since the Gamecube was released.
Why does Sunshine's surround mix sound like it came straight from an N64?
>>305178 It uses MIDI soundtrack like most N64 games.
>>304795 I always thought it was the nicest looking console, still do sometimes and think the N64 was the worst I had seen-- so largely a massive improvement. People mocking hardware on appearance and not guts are missing the point.
>>305178 Most likely it's played back at lower sample rate compared to the stereo mix.
(7.18 MB 500x272 old matt damon.gif)
>>303957 >GCN's 20th anniversary in a 4 months OP, I say this with love, but you should pound rocks up your ass with a red stiletto heel pump.
>>304680 The actual attachment is very cheap, the disc is where all the value is but as >>304389 said, Game Boy Interface is better in every way anyways.
>>327466 Well, the prices for them shot up by over 300% recently, so unless you have a major nostalgia demon pushing you to play Game Boy games on a TV, the $60 people want is a bit much. Like the 32X jumping up from $10 to $200. Ouch.
>>304735 I loved looking up Peach's skirt.
>>329938 Sad that we can't anymore.
(59.81 KB 494x499 Gamecube-disk.jpg)
I have fond memories, but they were sadly cut short when my young sister kept biting on the discs. She thought they were donuts, and I was upset because she was too dumb to understand. The only thing that I've kept using without any issue was the Wavebird controller.
(100.21 KB 604x434 images (1).jpg)

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