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(2.68 MB 1132x10706 92u3hWKYYIfgg.jpg)
(115.66 KB 1100x904 chrome_RrVFX2B5rU.png)
(92.69 KB 401x305 ClipboardImage.png)
Epic vs Apple : Week 2 begins - Epic still faces an "uphill battle" Anonymous 05/12/2021 (Wed) 18:26:48 Id:d9f319 No. 307849
>"Where Epic describes the iOS and App Store as 'the plan' to lure in developers and users alike with conveniences and other benefits before locking them into their 'walled garden', Apple, of course, frames the exact same behaviour as offering benefits and opportunity to consumer and developer alike," he says. <"At times, it seems like Apple's counsel have been helping Epic up that hill." >"Apple slinging mud [at Epic] and getting it all over themselves in the process." <"I don't know what Apple's lawyer was thinking," says Buscaglia. "But they sure missed making any points with this lame argument and lost credibility in the process. It also shows that Judge Rogers is sharp and not moved by bad arguments or impressed by sloppy 'gotcha' questions." >"If 'a hardware manufacturer that controls access to the software that runs the hardware' is a monopolist by law, then ALL of the console manufacturers might have problems" >"If you think of a game or app, games are incredibly dynamic," he said. "Games have a beginning and end, there's challenges in place. I look at the experiences that are in Roblox similar to the experiences in Minecraft." <For Buscaglia, this was "some of the dumbest testimony" so far, adding: "Their definition of what a game is was laughable in today's world, trying to distinguish 'games' from 'experiences'. A big shitshow of a legal battle - people Epic, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Stadia?, itch.io, Google all called up for witness, Since trial was open for view, children started singing "Free Fortnite" and shit, Lots of confidential legal documents were uncovered like epic games is still on loss and expected till 2023. This is a fun shitshow if surely I've seen one, I just wish I they streamed it live on video. https://archive.ph/S2a5c
https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/20705652-epic-games-store-presentation >Page 151 Confirms Tim is paying for shills, not that that is a surprise, but it is funny.
(44.95 KB 660x396 Tim Cook.jpg)
>>309514 >Tim is paying for shills
>>309404 It could raise the barrier for entry somewhat. If new companies are not allowed to use the walled garden approach, it may be even harder for a new company to actually compete with an established one as they can't bring anything "unique". Essentially it would have a similar effect as banning exclusive games (in fact that could be exactly what ends up happening). How can you force people to buy your new console if you can't offer any games that aren't on other consoles as well? In my opinion however, even if this does somehow help Apple, it's still preferable.
>>309514 Influencers are a thing the world didn't require.
>>309561 Influencers is a marketing term. Even if it's legally distinct, they're paid shills.
>>308358 Look at Angry Jew, just sitting there rubbing his hands and thinking about how he's going to suck a tranny's dick as soon as filming ends.
(3.56 KB 240x240 digimonslopixels.png)
>>309439 >Everything about Fortnite is retarded, I guess.
>>307940 >They'd do the exact same shit if they were in Apple's place. But they aren't and they won't be. If they were fucking with other software on purpose, it would be malware and even punishable by law in a lot of countries. Apple just isn't officially malware by selling the phones and preventing their customers from installing anything else in the first place.
>>309404 >with said competitor entering, it will result in a "market war" of sorts where Apple and Google try to maintain the status quo of their business model, meanwhile the new entree fights back with a business model that better benefits the customer and developer. That literally never happens. Apple must go down completely. The market is already shit. At least Apple will go down from all of this, bringing all leftards occupying it to porerty overnight. If the chinese dominate it, so what? It is already a lost market full of SJWs. It is better to have nothing than to have SJWs. And it is better to have China controlling and/or destroying everything than to have SJWs getting money.
>>309768 This. It sounds faggy but a return to phones being perceived handheld computers and me having the right to do what I want to do on my computer is necessary. It's a net negative that computers are easier to use for normalcattle. It's a net negative that Apple has normalized the idea of a locked down fischer price phone, particularly "for our safety". It's a net negative that Apple charges and has normalized charging such high rates to publish on its store. It's a net negative that Apple is advancing the American puritan agenda by moderating it's store as it does.
(68.06 KB 450x200 computers-are-racist.jpg)
>>309944 >It's a net negative that computers are easier to use for normalcattle. What do you mean? They finally made computers not racist. Now people in the community can get good jobs and get ahead now that the white man and chinese can't hold them down no mo.
(290.36 KB 649x828 apple.png)
https://archive.is/2GYU8 New news >apparently Apple's Ceo doesn't know how much money the App store makes. he only has >"a feel if you will"
>>314989 >we're protecting our customers against security threads and privacy intrusions >now buy our Minecraft 2 >and let's ignore that the first popular viruses were written for Mac A lot of retards still think there are no viruses for operating systems other than Windows. They don't need to install an antivirus on Windows either. Just don't fall for phishing and you're as safe as possible. Nothing can protect against driveby exploits.
>>314989 >apparently Apple's Ceo doesn't know how much money the App store makes. I wouldn't actually doubt that, Apple makes more money than most countries and from a lot of different sources. At massive tech companies like Apple the job of the CEO is to lead the company and generally increase profits across the board, the nitty-gritty of exactly how much each venture earns would be the job of an accountant or sales analyst.
>>314990 Well its tiring arguing against those types of people. jut be happy its not your info on the line >>314991 I don't buy that for a second. If someone can't even give you a rough estimate they're hiding something. How the hell are they going to increase profits across the board when they don't even know how much money each venture roughly earns Are they losing money? Should the venture be supported? Should it be cut? No apparently this ceo doesn't know he has to rely on his feeling.
>>314991 Nigger that feel is a 64 000 000 000 dollars application monopoly. That's not nitty-gritty and he's just playing stupid. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/08/apples-app-store-had-gross-sales-around-64-billion-in-2020.html
>>314991 It's the job of the CEO to make decisions for the good of the company. To make these decisions requires at least an understanding of the bottom line. The analysts would put together the information that summarizes the bottom line, but it is still the duty of the CEO to know what that bottom line is. What Cook is essentially saying is that he has no idea how successful his own company is. It's absurd no matter how you slice it and if I were an investor I'd be getting pretty anxious right about now.
>>307948 This is bait, but Epic actually intentionally targets developers publishing games to other services to sell Easy Anti Cheat to, because they think crippling linux support harms Valve long term.
>>309297 >with optional crypto donations to the crackers Because selling copies of games (no, it doesn't matter if you call it donations) is headass faggotry >or devs >implying developers want your shitty funny money
>>315026 >they think crippling linux support harms Valve long term. I doubt they actually think that. It also harms them long term, because it helps Microsoft, who have their own distribution platform.
>>315065 Microsoft primarily makes money as an OS distributor. Windows store is a post scheme for people that they couldn't scam into permanent subscriptions to office from.
>>315075 >Microsoft primarily makes money as an OS distributor. Probably not for forever if their business model plan goes through. They've said before that they plan for Windows 10 to be their "last OS" and are just going to update that from now on and possibly shift to subscription. I don't know if they'll stick to that but it shows they aren't afraid to shift away from distributing licenses of Windows. It certainly reflects in the way they maintain its code, which is to say "don't touch the poop from 3 decades ago because Pajeet can't figure it out."
Would be an interesting ruling if hardware and software manufacturers had to support sideloading in some form. Could be a golden age for pirates depending on implementation. Could also be a preservation nightmare if they had to go more hardcore on drm to compensate. I doubt there would be much of a change as far as what is on the official store vs an alternative platform even if it happened, even for consoles. My reasoning being Android already allows sideloading, there are reasonably popular alternative store apps and webstores that support Android, but in reality they don't seem to get a lot of use by devs. Consoles have the issue of dev kit licensing terms which would probably only get changed through yet another legal battle. So something like this could be mildly beneficial (you can already sideload by jailbreaking or cfw) or extremely bad (heavier drm inhibiting game preservation) for us. It would probably be safer for Apple to win here. Epic's full of shit anyway. Would be nice still if both sides were told off and nothing changed, because this whole case and their arguments are fucking retarded.
>>315004 > It's absurd no matter how you slice it and if I were an investor I'd be getting pretty anxious right about now. Valve made a similar statement earlier this year when the court was asking for records in regards to stats recording some of the profits made from Steam games within certain dates. When I brought it up that it could be showing that Valve is hiding something, some Anons defended the act stating that it was probably deemed as "irrelevant information" for tax purposes. Then, surprise surprise, Valve announces the move to New Zealand a couple months later. >>315093 From hearing about how the actual court case is going, Apple is going to win it, no question. However, despite they're victory, the judge may end up ruling that Apple has to allow developers the ability to list alternate platforms for in-app purchases. As of this moment, all iOS games manage in-app purchases exclusively through Apple, and you cannot list alternate sites or platforms where those same purchases can be made. You can still make purchases on said alternate platforms, and have the effects of these purchases carry over to your iOS version of the game, but developers cannot mention that this is an option per Apple's ToS. AFAIK, that may be the only change as a result of this case. But, remember, Epic may appeal this, so the changes could become more extensive as time rolls on.
>>315095 >Valve announces the move to New Zealand a couple months later. They announced a TEMPORARY move to NZ not a permanent one, specifically due to quarantine shit, it's like you only read parts of headlines you want to read.
>>315075 >Microsoft primarily makes money as an OS distributor Not for a long time. They earn their money now selling "enterprise" business packages to businesses. Basically companies pay MS a contract and MS takes care of shit for them. At this point they'd be happy to give the OS away for free if it locked people in (and they did with all those free and all-but-mandatory Windows 10 "updates).
>>315102 >They announced a TEMPORARY move to NZ not a permanent one, specifically due to quarantine shit https://archive.vn/OPELz <Oct 20, 2020 <Gabe applies for NZ residency https://archive.vn/88ine <January 22, 2021 <Gabe Newell And Valve Are Genuinely Thinking About Moving To New Zealand https://archive.vn/Pw9O7 <MAY 20, 2021 <And if you're trying to plan where is a safe place to have a workforce, New Zealand has proven that it is, if not the best, certainly in the top three places in the world for hosting high-tech workers, where you're going to be able to distribute risk. >it's like you only read parts https://archive.vn/XgZLX <New Zealand is not looked upon as being a traditional offshore financial center, nor is it known as a tax haven, yet the country provides all of the advantages of an established offshore jurisdiction. For those looking to go offshore in a country where English is the principal language in business and government, New Zealand has much to offer. https://archive.vn/bzwRj <Tax Haven New Zealand <Tax haven New Zealand’s economy is mainly based on the service sector which contributes 68.8% of GDP. https://archive.vn/P6QuJ <Is New Zealand a tax haven? <Are the foreign trust rules a tax haven? That probably depends on what you think a tax haven is. If you think that a tax haven is a country that explicitly sets out to create a benign tax system and enable people to hide assets and minimise taxation, then no, we’re not a tax haven. On the other hand, if you think that intent doesn’t matter, and what really counts is the way the tax system and secrecy rules operate in practice to allow people to avoid and evade tax, then we are a tax haven.
>>308708 Why don't you make your own plataform then? i mean that sounds like lazyness at it's finest Then again, Sony is building their consoles with a kill switch, maybe in the near future every component on every device will have a kill switch and we will not be allowed to own anything.
>>281239 I remember being spawn camped by like 12 minisentries on Thunder Mountain while someone mcspammed a radio show host, I think his name was Ghost or something, being trolled by MLP.
(674.57 KB 960x720 Cans.mp4)
>>316243 >Ghost Damn, I forgot about that guy. I'm still convinced that his "rage" was faked for entertainment.
(151.85 KB 478x324 laughs.png)
>>308575 >Nintendo turned down and laughed Microsoft Anon it was more funnier than that. They flew Microsoft suits out to their HQ to make Microsoft think they where accepting their deal then spent A WHOLE FUCKING HOUR just sitting at the meeting laughing at them. >Microsoft suits took a 16 hour flight to Japan just to get laughed at.
>>316294 They were real alright, at least until his popularity with reddit started increasing (around 2015~2017 IIRC) and eventually he became too self-aware and interacted with the fucktards too much. Everything before he returned right around 2015 was genuine I think, though he did like to play around occassionally like with his Engineer and Boss Nigger shtick. That's probably when he and the trolls peaked in quality. t. started listening to him when he was first called True Conservative Radio and hadn't introduced Radio Graffiti yet
>>315102 >it's like you only read parts of headlines you want to read. t. propagandist projecting. >>315284 The elites will be killed before that.
(27.57 KB 496x377 1508653066.jpg)
>>315126 I didn't see any of the follow up articles so I was going off of the one where they just talked about temporarily moving so they could "work", this is fucking clownish.
>>309153 >ccp lovers Sad.

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