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(13.87 KB 297x170 12-25-04-9k=.jpg)
Cyberpunk 2077 leaked once again Anonymous 06/03/2021 (Thu) 09:28:09 Id:f29382 No. 322268
Cdpr paid ransom but leakers didn't keep their promises. What a foolish company. http://wavbeudogz6byhnardd2lkp2jafims3j7tj6k6qnywchn2csngvtffqd.onion/
>>326031 >even had a segment in the recent Indie Showcase where some polish dude spoke in Japanese speech Give link. And about the game and expectations... I already knew that it was going to be a mess, considering them going woke. But my expectations were still too high.
Did no one post this? video footage of the bugs and issues made by devs themselves https://siasky.net/CAAXFUADHdvsGU6erHgTORj9kkejY4Ak9IJO9ItCDkWl7Q >>326093 I don't have any links, sorry. Just remembered from the livestream. >>325481>>325471 Damn, think about having a multiple Big levels like in Deus Ex, hitman rather than openworld like gta. You could put way to details and having small size means it'd feel crowded like an actual cyberpunk city. >>325492 pastanigger why isn't there any games from your country if its all about art and culture there?
>>326099 >pastanigger why isn't there any games from your country if its all about art and culture there? you answered your own question.
>>325481 I tried to get them small enough to fit them in a single post without looking too crappy but the latter two ended up near the file size limit anyway.
>>326125 >>326128 >>326129 Really interesting stuff, this game looks like it suffered from massive scope creep.
>>325486 Activision-Blizzard got $228,000,000 in 2018 from the Federal Government because of tax credits. Not exactly a donation for stimulation of an industry/culture, but still pretty goddamn egregious if you ask me.
>>326125 >>326128 >>326129 I was going to compress these for upload as well but decided against it. >>326134 I think it's more to do with the rushed and aimless development. As mentioned earlier in the thread, the game shifted direction several times. The final major change was in 2018, so they effectively had 2 years to tie everything up which is not enough for a AAA open world game. Instead of the devs polishing and improving mechanics, they had to deal with the constant design changes. Had Cyberpunk stuck with the pre-2012 version, or the 2013 version, or the 2016 verison it could have been a good game. Instead the devs spent almost ten years in preproduction and core development and never once getting the game to a MVP state.
A new video by the guy making the unused content series. https://files.catbox.moe/ayk7bt.mp4 This one is the longest by far featuring the most stuff.
>>326198 Is there a link for people without autism?
>>326199 What?
(783.27 KB 1250x705 arasaka.png)
The old weapon system leaked https://streamable.com/ecz7bj Was considerably more in-depth and contained more stats
>>326225 So the thing we saw in the 2016 pics and short clips?
>>326229 Seems like it. This leak is really showing how utterly gutted the final release is. I'm not surprised so many devs towards the end of and after development, they couldn't have been happy about this.
>>326225 That looks way, way better than what we got, and it actually makes me angry looking at it. I enjoy a good and deep customization of my weapons. I wonder if they had other heavy weapons than that one machine gun.
(123.22 KB 680x910 Esteban Travajo.jpg)
>>326232 Why gut the release like that though, it really seems they were trying to make it more akin to Deus Ex back then, even if it meant the city was closer to a hub or had the "Sleeping Dogs type of charisma" where the streets were somehow empty but the moment you dismounted and went in the claustrophobic environments and out them, suddenly you had Yakuza 5 levels of retarded NPC walking around you or at least hubs like in D-Ex1 with each hub having NPCs doing very specific programmed tasks to lift the heavy memory loading and processing. It really seems like them making it an entirely open world with >MUH NO LOADIN TAIMEZ that normalniggers creamed themselves over, really did fuck the final product. And I'm pretty sure the devs leaving mid-development isn't exactly a rumour anymore, given that the gun menu posted above is of such a higher caliber compared to what we got in the final release and it doesn't come down to money and graphics so much as much as passion and talent, something that CDPR was probably liking in ounces back then. It also showcases a much better understanding of how to make an RPG combat based around firearms than the Mass Effect 3 shitheap CP77 currently is now, even though that's what the normalfags like to pass around as "RPG Shooter" due to >MUH GUNZ ARE NOT AS REALISTIC AS CAWADOOTY'S
>>326225 The videos of all the cut areas are interesting, but this makes me genuinely upset.
>>325677 >everything wrong with modern game production It didn't have microtransactions
>>326184 >people haven't learned from Duke Nukem Forever I bet Bitchford had a good laugh.
>>326287 >>people haven't learned from Duke Nukem Forever What lessons can one take from Forever other than not allowing a single man's autism to dictate a game for 15 years?
>>326225 I preorder this game in August of 2019. And see this in comparation of the bullshit we have now... I only want see CDPR burn.
>>326296 >I only want see CDPR burn Something tells me they'll be alright. Despite The Witcher 3 currently having twice as many players as Cyberpunk 2077 (on steamcharts), Cybperunk 2077 has more than twice as many positive userscores on metacritic. And that's AFTER it came out. The hype train was a massive success, and the people who played Cyberpunk 2077 thought it was a flawless masterpiece. CDPR is the God Emperor of the games industry and can do now wrong etc. The next game they make will be even more broken, and sell even better, because advertising is the only thing that matters. >>326287 lol yep. The creator of such amazing games as Aliens Colonial Marines, Battleborn, and Duke Nukem Forever, and he's still going strong.
>>326317 >Something tells me they'll be alright. I only wait to see what happen now with China and the theme of "Winnie the Poo". China ban Cyberpunk 2077 and CDPR? Plus, there is still the demand of the shareholders towards CDPR. That if I remember correctly, it will be presented this month.
>>326317 >metacritic Critics are becoming less relevant rapidly.
>>326551 Critics and journos are seething that they aren't gatekeepers of opinion and news anymore. The rise of social media had one positive effect and that was giving voices to actual everyday consumers who can tell people that shit sucks and not to believe hype. They spent decades copy/pasting press releases and writing opinion pieces and now that YouTubers have more influence and credibility than them they double down on their divisive political shit which only drives more people away which causes them to block people which increases the pressure in the echo chamber which causes them to double down which- It's all a massive death spiral at the moment. And I think Nintendo is partially to credit for it too. After all the bullshit journos have thrown at Nintendo (they've been sucking Sony feminine male penis since PSX days and Polygon was outright funded by Microsoft for its opening) and all the Nintendoom about them going third party since the N64 was a "failure", Nintendo decided to skip journos entirely and go directly to their audience with Nintendo Directs, so journos couldn't adulterate Nintendo content unless readers actually wanted to get a second-hand opinion. Sometimes it's nice to sit back and remember that, as fucked as this world is, and as crazy as this timeline is, the faggots who would be king still seethe that they are becoming less relevant despite how loudly they screech.
>>326199 Its a catbox link, just a .mp4 file. >>326293 >What lessons can one take from Forever other than not allowing a single man's autism to dictate a game for 15 years? You tell me anon, aside from not to make "best Biggest Game EVAAR", not to step aside from the original base vision, and most importantly don't hype your game. >>326562 What actual games news and happenings is left now? Aside from following twitter handles>>326562
>>326293 Create your design document before starting production of the game. After starting production, you are NOT allowed to add things to the design. You may (temporarily) remove things or do small changes depending on how production goes, but don't add anything. If you read stories of DNF's development, you'll quickly notice that it spent forever because the autist in charge saw some game and decided "we need that".
>>326719 The entire debacle of Forever could be summed up as nobody having the balls to tell Broussard to fucking stop adding shit and switching engines for no reason.
>>326719 Also, write down the ideas for shit you would like to add (but aren't going to) and keep them in a design document for the sequel. Instead of doing a constantly updated GAAS, make an actual game that is finished and then make an actual sequel with those other ideas that also gets finished. Or create a spin-off game with a side character built around that mechanic of "wouldn't it be cool if..." >>326665 >What actual games news and happenings is left now? Aside from following twitter handles There are a couple of websites I find tolerable which I basically just use as news aggregators (though that's decreasing since one of them hired a fucking feminist columnist that admits she can't finish E1M1 of Doom) and a couple of youtube faggots whose tastes seem to overlap with my own. Other than that, if there's a game I'm interested in I'll wait for a release and check gameplay footage and find someone who doesn't have a black mark against their name (make sure they're not a retard or a shill) and watch some actual gameplay before I make up my mind. And even then, I'll buy the game in a way that makes sure I can refund the fucking thing.
>>325287 >the driving in that first mp4 it's like something out of half life full life consequences
(5.67 MB 480x360 America USA.webm)
>>323322 The ones that know what they are doing are usually creepy shits too, had a neighbor who powered his way through sheriff leapfrogging to being a fed, fucker was always taking inventory of various neighbors friends and he was a home owner association cunt. Fuck him as a person and as a representative of my fair land.
(840.00 B 245x16 speed.PNG)
How has anyone downloaded this yet
>>324989 It's like Raphael started a masterpiece and then halfway through decided to change from oil on canvas to shit on wall
>>324989 >2013 footage What, the teaser with the sexy cyberlady? That doesn't show anything what the game should be like.

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