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(656.59 KB 700x393 ClipboardImage.png)
Little Witch Nobeta Anonymous 06/08/2021 (Tue) 08:01:52 Id:a2b210 No. 326096
Thoughts on this game? Is it worth buying? It's dirt cheap and EA so I imagine that it probably lacks content but the loli is cute.
(172.40 KB 444x444 Face39.png)
>>326534 Okey, dude. Listen to the lyrics and find the band by that alone. Just try it. fucking amazing pic. btw.
(88.28 KB 1024x517 23866905109_a05b31ebd9_b.jpg)
>>326536 Listen here buddy, I'm not new, just lazy It's FGFC820, fuck you
(614.43 KB 911x666 smugface2057.png)
>>326540 Thanks. Seriously. Outside this thread this has been bugging me a little. Care to say how you know this? You made the mp4, you are part of the band, just a casual listener with good memory on music?
>>326540 I'm ok. Good shit.
(76.21 KB 250x417 Headstick.png)
>>326544 Lyrics Been doing that shit since a wee lad, I've found way harder stuff, this was Kid Mode.
>>326096 I'd surely play it more if not for my shit controllers
(94.43 KB 590x500 noface.jpg)
>>326556 Good job dude. I'm gonna be honest and say that I tried and could not find the band. Lucky me, your random requesting triggered >>326540 to just tell it to me. It's a weird band, because to me it sounds like old (90's) german/baltic gabber HC with metal, but there is way, way more to it. It's like before Rammstein spoiled everything. Going to have to have a listen on their work. I cannot believe this happened, I finally found the band, I fucking love the internet.
>>326186 follow ypur principles anon
>>326333 >a private island full of child prostitutes I thought you were dead, Jeff.
>>326700 That doesnt make sense from an economic point of view and shows why monopolies cant function. Okay you own the island and the child prostitutes. But if you give them money, it goes directly to you. And if you don't, you're only hurting yourself and your business. Thus in a market, you want more participants so you can actually acquire money. It should be a semi private island, or else have them as sex slaves rather than paid prostitutes.
(14.33 MB 853x480 Hello_Dystopia.webm)
>>326728 >sense from an economic point You are saying that slavery did not work for thousands of years? Because the slaves did not take part of the economy? Are you retarded? You need to leave, right now, and never come back. I'm fucking sick of you kids that play google intellectuals. Accept that you do not know shit about the world and everything you say is wrong. Fucking leave, now. You are an embarrassing piece of shit. Go, and take your friends with you, you cocksucking little fuck.
>>326736 >Accept that you do not know shit about the world and everything you say is wrong. the irony
>>326736 Slavery is jewish
>>326738 based
>>326787 on what?
>>326138 >>326098 >anime before the game is fully off the ground I'm getting serious Inafune vibes -- he tried a similar trick with his stillborn (as in, didn't even make it past kikestarter) Megaman Legends ripoff Red Ash.
>>326736 Tornigger once again proving why he should be filtered on sight. Slavery did not actually work. Every empire that tried it eventually crumbled because they have a very, very tiny middle class and the lower class is even lower. Theres no room for industrialization in a society that does not consume en mass, there's little to care about your country when you're either someone else's property or defending it just for the cash. Every empire that tried Slavery had a few years of cheap shit moving their country but as soon as someone outside came along to mess with them, it was easy as shit. Egypt with Greece. Rome with the barbarians. Aztecs with the Spanish. Americas civil war. That last example is even a better one because you had equally advanced civilizations on both sides and yet there studies today showing that the South was economically hampered by Slavery, that they'd eventually dop it just because industrialization was more efficient. Also,congrats Tornigger. You're trying to turn a thread about loli Dark Souls into politics again. This is why nobody likes /pol/. Not even /pol/.
(123.19 KB 572x303 9e2-1.jpg)
>>326270 I found the guy who was apparently in charge of the character design but that's about it. https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/4393615/illustrations
(130.02 KB 904x663 ClipboardImage.png)
66 posts and we went from talking about lolisouls game to discussing slavery. >retard complains about tor guy making thread politics >while simultaneously typing a huge walltext about politics you're the one feeding him stupid. its as much your fault as his.
>>327025 Then why dont we discuss enslaving lolis to anons cock
>>327252 Lolis (M)
(203.26 KB 1222x607 onirism.jpg)
Well now that's sorta relevant, what about the frog made game Onirism? The gameplay is not souls-like but more like a third person shooter.
>>326345 >is lost ruins good game can easily be broken / easy to cheese scythe & invisibility, it has some neat interaction between the elements of fire, poison, water, lightning, etc. It's like the other dude said, bit janky especially on the melee, boss mode is actually way more interesting than the main game but under-explored, etc. >>327315 it's not just a third person shooter, there's gimmicky moments in the game where it changes from racing, doing random shit, etc. purely to be a reference to some other videogame although i haven't played it myself
>>327366 The publisher, DANGEN has also been accused of fucking over a few devs, namely the ones making Fight Knight and Devil Engine. https://archive.is/arVF7
(289.31 KB 650x497 60401745_p0.jpg)
>>327315 >The gameplay is not souls-like but more like a third person shooter. >tfw no Loli Souls
>>327366 >game can easily be broken i kinda like this aspect of the game how you can go from a wimp to overpowered by the combination of weapons and spell.
>>327369 anymore details what this is about?
>>327408 This has most of the relevant information, with archives. Shitty site, but they seem to have been the only ones that reported on it https://archive.ph/nVepQ
>>327405 but it's painfully boring overpowered, you're not even interacting the game properly, the game does have moments where you can outthink the game like shooting lightning into a pool of water while wearing a swimsuit to not be wet for example but that's only early on and until you get those two god items it invalidates any other playstyle unless you hold yourself back - the boss mode is a bit better in balance until your mage idol autist gets noticeably way more stronger
>>326912 >Theres no room for industrialization in a society that does not consume en mass Uh, what? Industrialization CAUSED consumerism (not as an inevitability, but rather simply because it couldn't exist in a preindustrial society). If you're talking about subsistence consumption (as in: things everyone needs to survive), you still have no argument, as industrialization of merely THOSE jobs are what CAUSED the end of slavery. Mass human labor wasn't needed for subsistence living anymore (and people could move beyond subsistence thanks to the increased output and increased free time). Moreover, industrialization, once it has done this, is perfectly capable of keeping up with and providing for an increased scope of goods which are "necessary for life" (not everyone used to need a toilet, now we have no problem providing them for everyone; not everyone used to even want a radio; now they're pennies on the shekel).
>>327578 I'll try and not repeat the same mistake again, so here: >>>/b/20886 If you want to discuss it any further, let's take this away from Loli Souls. >>327315 I tried it okay. It's okay-ish. There's some fun to be had there but the main character is very irritating. Stuck up bitches do not make good lolis. I actually switched the audio to French because it's more bearable and she's at least in character. The game is decent and there's some interesting ideas with different ammo types and several weapons sharing the same ammo but you're able to carry only a few so you have to strategize what type of weapons you bring based on ammo and range for instance. The consumables and gadgets are possibly one of the newish concepts that I really liked. It's probably something that some other game has done before (Castlevania comes to mind) but still it's great at making extra items being useful but not necessarily overlapping with the weapons you have. It's still a bit too easy, especially with the amount of tools you are given. Some collisions are a bit wonky, the movement could be a bit better but it's good enough and the fights really need a lot more enemies.
>>326096 >Thoughts on this game? Pirate that shit. It was shilled like crazy on 4chan when it came out on steam, sales exploded and the dev then made a patreon to milk the users and locking stuff behind patreon goals. As you can see he is not in rush to finish this game now, in fact it would be more profitable to shitpost all day and get more patreons instead of finishing it. If you want to play it => pirate. You can buy it when it's finished. (pro tip it won't)
>>329071 >and the dev then made a patreon to milk the users and locking stuff behind patreon goals. Okay, what the hell is behind the patreon goals?
there's a video posted in march that shows a bunch of new enemies, so i have a little more hope for it now.
>>329095 Okay after looking it up it seems to be bonus material like the ost and a comic. I thought it was game content, my bad there.

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