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(1.14 MB 1189x5470 E3 2021 Bingo Card (1).png)
(82.89 KB 1152x864 Squilliam (1).jpg)
(246.98 KB 410x321 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.39 MB 281x199 SgfAtE8.gif)
(1.93 MB 1350x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
E3 TIME Anonymous 06/10/2021 (Thu) 15:23:27 Id:54fb2d No. 327500
ITS DONE TILL 11AM EST https://watch.8ch.moe/view/26985367-f948-4c5a-8da9-bc85a4cdb21d/ June 12th Guerrilla Collective Day 2 – 11:00 am. EST. Wholesome Games Direct – 1:00 pm. EST. Ubisoft Forward – 3:00 pm. EST. IGN Expo – 4:00 pm EST. Devolver Digital – 4:30 pm. EST Gearbox Entertainment – 5:00 pm. EST Upload VR Showcase - 6:00 pm. EST June 13th Xbox & Bethesda Showcase – 1:00 pm EST. Square Enix Presents Summer 2021 – 3:15 pm. EST. Back 4 Blood Showcase 5:00 pm. EST The PC Gaming Show – 5:30 pm. EST The Future Games Show – 7:00 pm EST. June 14th Take-Two Interactive – 1:15 pm. EST. Freedom Games – 3:30 pm. EST. Limited Run Games - 4:00 pm. EST. Capcom – 5:30 pm. EST. Razer E3 Keynote - 6:00 pm. EST June 15th Nintendo Direct E3 2021 – 12:00 pm. EST. Official E3 2021 Awards Show – TBA. Bandai Namco Entertainment – TBA. Yooreka Games – TBA. . GameSpot – TBA. . June 16th Steam Next Fest – 1:00 am. EST to June 22nd. July 17th TennoCon 2021 – TBA. July 22nd EA Play Live – TBA. IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN Make sure to catch all the action with /v/ as we'll have a live thread with BINGO, a livestream and tons of drunkposting. Remember to bring your own Squilliams. Additionally I'll be doing restreams and/or movies upon request for those who don't want to use YouTube. https://watch.8ch.moe/c/mark Hope you have fun!
Edited last time by Mark on 06/11/2021 (Fri) 21:13:38.
>>329684 >If a woman is going to be the protag they better be hot! I'm just hoping for some game with a hot big titty girl stealing the show, but everybody knows anything beyond a C-cup is haram.
>>329694 Might as well list everything and get it over with, anon tastes are subjective. Yeah Skylands looked like it might have promise.
>>329694 >The Koch stream shouldn't have happened It got a good laugh out of me, when they got the attention of people for the very first time, talking about payday and then blew it by not showing off gameplay, not showing off a trailer, no not even in game pics or a teaser but A SINGLE FUCKING JPEG and then cut away real fast
(7.39 KB 426x95 koch.png)
(179.20 KB 1024x951 Fio.jpeg)
>Thanks to Metal Slug Tactics artists are now drawing fio as a chubby musclegirl with abs Thank God. Honestly something like pic related is too muscular for my tastes but I'm all for the abs.
>>329699 Anon, nothing happened for the entire two hours. Normalfags have bad taste but even they wouldn't put up with this shit. If anything I'm surprised the dislike ratio isn't even higher.
>>329701 Western artists just don't give a shit.
(18.40 KB 480x360 unf.jpg)
And, for those of you hoping for a new Metal Slug, GOOD NEWS: SNK wants you all to go fuck yourselves https://yewtu.be/watch?v=mF4K3GxWQbE
>>329715 I retract my earlier comment.
>>329715 The art looks really good, and a metroidvania metal slug could work, but I'm really not getting the best vibes from the low damage and high hp.
>>329719 >developed by tencent nevermind I hate it
>>329715 Is it supposed to look awful? >>329720 Oh that explains it.
>>329715 >Literal Tencent mobile game This is just like that shitty Chinese mobile version of the original Contra that released a few years back, did chinks even ask for this?
(233.79 KB 600x331 fuck_you.png)
>>329658 From the pic I thought it could be a cool historical game. >see filename >surely you jest >it's worse than I imagined
>>329658 >King who gave people rights and improved France is the villain. >Queen who embezzled money and told starving people to just eat cake is the good guy. Fuck this woke shit.
The year is 2016. Overwatch has been released to great backlash as people around the world attempt to outlaw lootboxes and gear up for lawsuits against Blizzard. You hope this menace will be nipped in the bud. This is the last time you will ever have hope for video games.
>>329715 Nigga this was announced ages ago, hell it was announce before Oda did an interview talking about bringing back Metal Slug
Here's the template Report Card for those that care.
>>329820 Anything good so far? What are the days to tune in?
>>329825 Definitely of interest: Elden Ring trailer, Metal Slug Tactics. Maybe: Forgotten City Skyrim mod is remade as its own game, Two Point Hospital spinoff as campus management.
(50.37 KB 200x289 Ernest_P._Worrell.jpg)
I'm not even looking forward to new games anymore. I'm just looking forward to getting mad.
>>329865 How new are you? This has been the case for like 7 years
>>329825 That depends on your preferences. In my opinion, the New Game Expo +, Indie Live Expo, and BitSummit are always gonna be worth watching. New Game Expo + is over 7+ hours worth of goodness, and Indie Live Expo is over 5+ hours to watch. Definitely better than last year, that's for sure!
>>329865 I wish there was an Ernest game, combining elements from all his movies. You'd have shooting, driving, basketball, stealth sections, electric powers, crazy gadgets, disguises as different characters (who could all have their own minor abilities), and the enemies and levels could include things like Halloween and Christmas themes, going to Africa, etc. Ernest is truly underrated, and I'm shocked there was never a Super Nintendo game about him.
(287.51 KB 1918x1080 E20ukGmXMAMqLG-.jpg)
>>329865 I'm bored of getting mad, I just play what I think looks fun. Theres plenty of games out there that interest me and they are often all indies or nip shit. The mainsteam gayming industry is fucking dead, gay and infuriating but niche games still kick ass.
>>329925 So in other words, you're saying that you're a Niche Gamer?
(60.60 KB 896x896 E13qTBjXMAEiXq6.jpg)
>>329929 Oh yes I indeed am a Niche Gamer with a fat 8 inch cock and daily marragie offers from women trying to take away my game time how did you know?
>>329931 >fat 8 inch cock lewd >daily marriage offers from women trying to take away my game time If two of those things are a problem, I'm not a w*man and I can make a marriage offer that won't eat into time spent gaming. We can play vidya together, like couch co-op or PC split screen games.
(123.38 KB 494x411 8589130429320.jpg)
>>329701 >something like pic related is too muscular for my tastes I disagree, that definition is just right. She's just a big girl for you.
>>329315 I think metal slug could translate well into 3 dimensions. A 3d platformer run and gun.
>>329931 The best wives play vidya with their husband. It's a fact.
>>329995 There was one in 2006 on the PS2 that never released outside of Japan, it was English audio.
(142.46 KB 1089x613 20210612_073514.jpg)
Nintendrones btfo

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