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(104.25 KB 960x1209 960x0.jpg)
Elden Ring Jan 2022 Anonymous 06/10/2021 (Thu) 19:59:34 Id:aa3bf7 No. 328443
It's coming faggots. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=l6pCyV7PnqI Hopes? Fears? What do you niggers think?
>>328882 Isn't this supposed to be an homage to Guts?
>>328443 If this ends up as another Cyberpunk it will be really sad
>>329622 The trick is to not get excited for shit games, Cyberpunk didn't impact me at all since I realized CDPR only make trash long before then.
>>329675 >The trick is to not get excited for ANY game FTFY
>>329689 Good games are fine, but none of you can be trusted to pick them out.
>>329703 There is no way to know if a game is good until it's been released for awhile. Getting excited for any game is stupid.
>>329735 If you're some retard that doesn't have it in you to always guess and then be correct, maybe.
>>329736 Stop being stupid
>>329187 >some shitheel lurking this board that is going to pre-order this game You mean Mark?
>>329738 >can't successfully judge the quality of a game at a glance without playing it >I'm the stupid one
For once the tor poster isn't being a fucking idiot and has a point where this >>329703 half wit has zero brain cells.
Elden Ring just seems to be mashup of all the potential sequels for the stuff they have been doing since Dark Souls,kinda annoyed that they pull this shit after going "no more souls" but I can give them the benefit of the doubt and pretend that this is supposed to be wrapping it up even though I highly doubt that is the case.The horse gimmick is probably not going to be as good as they are pushing it to be,and I don't particularly trust Mr.Taxes-and-incest-man to pull a proper story since he isn't used to games as a medium. All in all,I have low expectations but am open to the possibility of being surprised. <new Armored Core never ever. >>328753 Oh fuck,it's Oathbreaker.Been a while since I saw that thing,surprised me that I recognized it instantly. Perharps it's bullshit contract breaking powers were real :^).
>>329821 >(1) Samefagging off tor confirmed.
>>329838 Not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person spergs McAutism.
>>329829 I don't think it'll be bad but it looks to be more of the same which while not a bad thing per say still is the same. Granted we might be surprised.
(133.78 KB 1280x720 Soyden Ring.jpg)
>>329857 Jesus Christ why would you post this?!
>>329829 >Been a while since I saw that thing,surprised me that I recognized it instantly. Learn teeline :^) >>329863 >Why would you post this If he has to suffer, so do you
>>329854 I totally believe you, torfag.
>>329876 Why are grown men acting like this?
>>329882 Just because they're physically old doesn't mean they've matured mentally, or are capable of it.
>>329884 I'm full of pure disgust at the actions of these creatures.
(587.92 KB 731x1300 E17xmEWX0AQ4h93.jpg)
>>328767 >I did want to like them but the whole diablo-esque loot grind just fucking irritates me to all shit Anon if you're thinking about the game in that way then you're playing it wrong. Who the fuck grinds for loot in a souls like anyways unless its for souls/amrita? Just equip the strongest kind of shit that you like, make whatever build you want, and beat the game, like basically any other videogame, retard.
>>329889 There is a certain joy to powergaming, taking routes early, and getting rare drops early on that lets you alter you playstyle before you've committed to anything
>>329202 >Everybody gets into Elden Ring once it comes out >To only realize the world along with the world map is only 75% there and the rest of it is missing for some reason. There should be a really long boat section as a homage to berserk, maybe then I'll pirate it and play it for 5 minutes. >>329891 Powergaming is fun but there is no need for autismgaming in Nioh or any other game, perhaps that was what caused anons downfall and not the actual difficult gameplay itself. I beat Nioh 1/2 plus all of their DLC, grinding for gear in your first playthrough is pants on head retarded and is completely redundant because in the next level(s) you will quickly find better shit. I wonder what the fuck that anon was doing to screw up something so straight forward?
(739.53 KB 4032x2268 12349879814732556887.jpg)
(49.07 KB 254x270 kornheiser-psychic.jpg)
>>329202 >>329895 >GRR's laziness + From always cutting content from their games there will be multiple Elden Ring sequels (with multiple DLCs each) just to fill in the gaps in the first game's broken lore
>>328443 Looks promising. I wonder if it is connected to the PS2 game, Eternal Ring, which I enjoyed. From sometimes makes use of the extra time allotted for next gen. Demons Souls was fairly polished for the PS3 if I correctly recall. If it looks rushed or buggy at launch wait for the Scholar of the Second Sin edition.
>new chromehounds never ever
Let me guess, the elden ring is actually a bad thing right?
>>329857 There's no way in hell that I'm going to watch that.
(319.01 KB 640x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
As can be expect, they get assmad when you criticize their sacred cow.
>>330093 Why are people like this? I personally don't have any real objection to From games and I'm even rather fond of a couple of them but I don't swear fucking fealty to them like these people do. They need to sort their shit.
>>330093 Hype is such a bizarre fucking thing. It's cult-like.
I like From's games, I'm even playing Sekiro at the moment and loving it but Elden Ring did nothing for me. I'm sure I'll play it and enjoy it a lot but it just felt derivative. I suppose the thing about Elden Ring for me, is how well builds are supported. They're bringing in a lot of previous mechanics and approaches. Would be nice if stealth had some proper support for a boss or two.
>>330111 >I suppose the thing about Elden Ring for me, is how well builds are supported. They're bringing in a lot of previous mechanics and approaches. Where are you getting this information? The game basically doesn't even exist yet.

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