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Metroid Dread Anonymous 06/18/2021 (Fri) 02:55:28 Id: 0e2eb0 No. 341325
Trailer calls it "Metroid" 5. But I thought all the metroids went extinct in Metroid Fusion (aka Metroid 4)
>>400569 So an evil Chozo is gonna be the new antagonist? Ok sure, why not. Also, nice to see my boi Kraid is back.
>>400569 >2 girls 1 morphball
>>400573 Wonder what his (?) deal is. Obvious explanation is an exiled criminal and/or guy who join the Talon IV Chozo in being luddites (like the Technocrat from Power Pack Holiday Special). That and/or related to the "Horus Rebellion" vaguely mentioned in Prime 3.
>>400575 I'm actually happy I never saw that video.
>>400593 It was fake anyway
>>400596 Was it? Really? Huh.
>>400598 >Was it? Really? Huh. they gave one of the girls a chocolate enema and made it look like it was shit. it's still degenerate enough in my opinion.
>>400569 Damn this is looking pretty good.
If Ridley is named after Ridley Scott, what's the origin of Kraid's name?
>>400569 Why does the gameplay look so rough? And are they bringing back that godawful parry shit again? >>400697 Douk cameo in metroid when?
(1.71 MB 743x1115 ClipboardImage.png)

>>400569 This looks like actiony made in Unity shit. This isn't Metroid
>>402668 But anon, what about the hype? If you don't buy this game they won't be able to butcher the franchise even more!
(149.27 KB 1280x720 seinfroid.jpg)

(113.22 KB 1089x613 7 robots in this pic.jpg)

(73.23 KB 960x540 evil chozo.jpg)

(75.22 KB 1200x675 kraid.jpg)

So the story so far seems to be... >Galactic Federation sends 7 robots to investigate a certain planet if has X-parasites or not >(pic related has 7 robots in the pic) >7 robots mysteriously stop sending reports to HQ >Galactic Federation then sends Samus to find out what happened to them >soon, she is being hunted down by these 7 robots (hence, the feeling of "Dread" that the player feels as you're being hunted) >she also encounters an evil chozo who seems to be the main antagonist (pic related) >(and kraid is back as one of the bosses)
>>414647 that's old info, a new report shows that there is a lot of chozos in the planet. and one them seems to be able to control the emmi it's also possible they are all X-clones of the chozo. https://youtu.be/AOvefm5U250
>>414869 there seems to be a warrior leader that fight samus at the start, warriors that follow him and you will fight as bosses in the game, and a good chozo that will help samus.
(22.08 KB 220x305 sfdgjfsguj.jpg)

I've never played a single Metroid game, but I have the Prime Trilogy rom sitting around. So... are the Metroid Prime games decent?
>>415137 No, they're not "decent". Metroid Prime is genuinely one of the best games of all time and still looks pretty. The sequels are steps back in many ways, but still way better than decent. I'd play Zero Mission (remake of the first game) and Super before the Prime trilogy though.
>>415138 This is the worst possible website to say this, and the worst possible thread on top of that, but I don't want to play another 2D platformer. I'll begin with the trilogy once I manage to get them Wii controllers.
>>415145 >rom >Wii controllers Use Primehack instead if you're emulating it anyways. Lets you play with keyboard and mouse controls. https://github.com/shiiion/dolphin >DL release >extract it to a folder >put a portable.txt in the folder (just needs to have the file present, can be blank) so it stays away from Dolphin's settings >set graphics to vulkan >check "Immediately Present XFB" >uncheck "Use PAL60 Mode (EuRGB60)" (even if you are using the NTSC-U version) >check "Load custom textures" and put the custom textures linked on Dolphin's page for the game in prime hack's user directory as it says to (fixes a minor but presistant graphical issue) https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Metroid_Prime_(Metroid_Prime:_Trilogy)
>>415145 You know how there's a game that's really good and everyone tries to copy it and it results in a flooded genre that makes everyone sick of it? Super did it.
>>415156 That's interesting. I'll look into it. >>415160 Oh, I bet. Still, when you see an old landmark movie, whatever it innovated is now a cliché.
>>415175 >>415175 > whatever it innovated is now a cliché. I'd say it's much rarer with games as the gameplay part of games is harde to make "cliche".
>>415180 I've played many metroidvania games, and I've never played a metroid or a castlevania. I don't want more of that, or 2D platformers. It just doesn't do it for me anymore. Maybe I'm just getting old but I don't have the patience for anything that isn't new. Mere competence isn't enough. I'm also getting a lot more intolerant with bullshit: I abandoned Doom Eternal a little after it first took camera control away from me.
>>414874 I always wondered if that kind of feet would actually work with an upright humanoid body.
>>415219 Probably not. The weight is being held by toe muscles. It also won't be able to run with those backward thumbs.
(167.29 KB 861x1300 island kangaroo.jpg)

>>415593 Bipeds with weird legs like that don't run, they hop. Those bodies don't look built for hopping, though.
>>416677 There's not much that one can do with that backfacing toe.
(458.37 KB 1500x1876 the gigaroo.jpg)

(73.84 KB 363x500 I sleep.jpg)

>>416677 Roos are the weirdest thing. From the waist up they look like furry OCs brought to life.
>>416679 The design in general doesn't look very practical, I think the artist wanted something that looked cool without caring much if it would actually work. Their animations will probably have them walking like humans but faster. >>416682 That depends what species you're talking about, I think most kangaroos look like overgrown rabbits.
>>416688 the devs have made kangaroos' back bones more functional then humans making less likely to to have back pains later in life Bipedism is a mistake
>>416682 Why would furries be drawn to muscular OCs? Is there a specific reason for that?
>>416787 >Why would furries be drawn to muscular OCs Because the majority of furries are fags who like bara.
>>416688 >I think the artist wanted something that looked cool without caring much if it would actually work. You see this everywhere in 3d modelling, like when a sci-fi armor has those stupid 3 holes, or helmets with impractical, bullet catching concave angles.

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