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(4.06 MB 340x243 loss.gif)

Anonymous 07/25/2021 (Sun) 15:35:20 Id: f22e7d No. 371867
>>403471 >Some faggot on the internet's being a hothead because some characters in a video game are too big for him It all comes back to Baneposting doesn't it?
>>374322 >horsefuckers still exist 11 FUCKING years later and on a neo nazi larp site, they still FUCKING, FUCKING EXIST. WHY.

(135.88 KB 1024x576 GreatAuntTia.jpg)

(30.19 KB 511x416 5ce6adec2f6f5b21.jpg)

(91.29 KB 944x1024 5b667f81811ec0eb.jpg)

(278.22 KB 1200x1000 5bb98706a25f0411.jpg)

>>403544 Because unlike you, they make us smile
(91.07 KB 1000x600 tidus laugh.jpg)

(9.09 KB 268x284 laugh.jpg)

(37.08 KB 680x510 laugh at (YOU).jpg)

(66.20 KB 700x474 leon laugh.jpg)

>>403471 That Charus guy is a top tier faggot. I hope he gets bullied daily for being a short ass. Getting triggered by tall characters, what a fucking loser.
>>403572 I dont care what they make degenerates do, if its not kill them.
>>403572 Just ate some horse meat the other day, how does that make you feel?
>>403600 >Sucked a horse's dick. Anon what is wrong with you man. Jesus fucking Christ.
>>412879 I'm really glad that cat is okay.
>>412879 Not risking it
(1.28 MB 2000x2500 egzvfjnqxml71.png)

>>412947 I wonder what went to the creator's head and thought this was okay. If it were made in the 90s I could forgive this but considering the shit I find in other sites I doubt this.
(10.19 MB 1552x648 My Mouse Broke.mp4)

The real LOL here is that EC has officially died yesterday.
>>412965 That video I think is from early 2000. The website that had that also did like a feature length one where some space princess had to fuck a bunch of weird creatures and choose one as a suitor, and a bunch of short videos.
>>412965 the gif is from the early 2000's though. It's around on par with the era if you've seen early 2000's cgi.
>>380054 >>380055 >>380050 What's up with wahmen wanting to fuck men best friend?
>>413025 Daddy issues
>>413025 Because they are looking for some ruff sex.
>>413025 Can he still be called man's best friend, if he cucks his fellow man? The real answer, is that this is just some dumb meme propagated mostly by nonwhites. to demoralize white men, and hopefully indoctrinating white women into thinking that this is what they are supposed to do.
(19.75 MB 1280x720 Dungeon Keeper.webm)

Where's the LOL, anons?
>>413159 is that tgweaver
(216.18 KB 1149x1219 1.jpg)

(175.15 KB 1149x1336 2.jpg)

(182.48 KB 1149x1200 3.jpg)

(137.42 KB 1149x1119 4.jpg)

(97.95 KB 1149x786 5.jpg)

>>413835 You got it anon!
(191.66 KB 1148x1263 6.jpg)

(187.32 KB 1149x1066 7.jpg)

(154.05 KB 1149x973 8.jpg)

(61.65 KB 1149x525 9.jpg)

(62.35 KB 1149x528 10.jpg)

(167.63 KB 1149x1093 11.jpg)

(183.56 KB 1149x1241 12.jpg)

(154.37 KB 1148x1045 13.jpg)

(167.94 KB 1149x860 15.jpg)

(205.27 KB 1149x1236 14.jpg)

(19.24 KB 206x236 capcom.JPG)

>>414116 >>414117 >>414118 This isn't over yet. Right?
>>414182 Stop anon.
(201.70 KB 471x642 1609872220662-0.png)

>>371877 >>371986 The reason they try to appeal to the new wider audience (which are radical liberals now) is not because it looses them money, but because they make money off of them. Sure it fails sometimes, but when you try to appeal the liberal youth, you're casting a wide net.
(7.28 KB 212x237 1612102644262.jpg)

>>414320 The best choice for the smart, capable, white man is to build a pc and don't support any company any more. We have for the time being a huge amounth of free resources abailable that we can download almost instantly. From comics, to movies, books, lectures, games, every form of entertainment or culture is for you to grab freely. And instead people decide to go out of their way and actually buy stuff. You don't even have to spend a huge amounth for it. No reason to build something to play the shit they release now.
>>413898 Either that or an imitator, certainly.
>>414320 >fails sometimes Get Woke Go Broke is a phrase for a reason. Woke movies & shows fail constantly for good reason.
>>414320 >Sure it fails sometimes, but when you try to appeal the liberal youth, you're casting a wide net. 90% of the people they attempt to pander to don't even consume the product, so it doesn't just fail "sometimes".
Why are we talking about social engineering like it's actually meant to be effective marketing? They've learned that people will buy the shit up no matter what, so they can comfortably fill the rest of the adspace with their kike agenda. They know their shit is awful, they also know that if they do it enough they can trick people into thinking that it's normal. At the international level, the media shot-callers are aware that this creates a radical element out of the people who despise it. In fact they're counting on it, the acts of resistance committed by the "reactionaries" can be used to further legitimize the aggressive implementation of their designs. Western culture has been impregnated with the idea that atrocities justify acts of greater evil in response, and that wasn't something that happened by accident either. tl;dr: Advertising isn't the point of advertising anymore, also we're living in the Patriots' plan from MGS2 except it sucks because it's run by gigakikes.
It's always been "sex sells" and always will be. We got to a point where same-race hetero relations were too boring to keep people's attention so a shift yielded the dual benefit of something new and different for the normies and "inclusion" for the homosexuals. If it started anywhere, it was from porn vendors popularizing lesbian relations, normally white women, and pushing the spectacle on straight males, normally white. That shit used to be all over the place, so much so that a new observer would think it was always normal and they were just then being exposed to it. It wasn't. The idea that you don't need straight white men wasn't the long game; it was square one.
>>414327 And when you install your OS, always remember: the white man uses an .iso file.
(24.37 MB 480x320 Dop0p02.mp4)

>>412947 >gif >>412965 >>413018 My dates show around 2010 is when I got the files but I got them from an anon's offsite link. Some of them tried to tell a story, others were just one off goofy shit.
(10.72 KB 389x324 bird.jpg)

>>412947 >>416564 Some where out there someone unironically fapped to this, perhaps multiple people. May the Lord have mercy on their souls.

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