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(72.49 KB 836x836 3070ti Evga.jpg)

PC Hardware Thread Anonymous 09/11/2021 (Sat) 22:04:07 Id: 4d0df2 No. 413503
Think we could use a PC hardware thread on /v/ right now. >What have you bought recently? >What Specs is your Rig running? >What peripherals do you use? >What Monitor resolution do you run? >Storage >PSU wattage I recently by some miracle snagged a 3070 ti for a somewhat reasonable price in Leafstan and now am looking for a reasonable priced 1440p 144hz monitor.
>>417552 Do it, 20-30% faster is well worth it if it's only $60 extra.
>>417553 yeah, seems like a good deal how'd such a setup fare with PS3 emulation, you reckon? Tried emulating DeS last week, just to see what would happen ayylmao, that was choppy
>>417562 Not bad, not ideal, but DeS 60fps stable should be achievable, to get much better you'd need a 11700k/11900k.
>>417503 >a 5600X It's the best midrange CPU currently.
>>417503 >>417496 i5 11something is good price too if you find it bundled with "compatible" mobo, but have to put with intel jewry
>>417933 It's worth getting a 11400/11600 if you can deal with the following >need to buy pricier mobo because even low-tier 6 core can pull 200w and low end VRMs can't cope, can't OC on B560 either >need to buy separate heatsink because the stock one hasn't changed from the shitty dual and quadcore only day, meaning you'll spend most of the time riding hte throttle temp if you actually use it. >it's still 10% slower even with power limits pulled than a 5600X in anything that can't use AVX512 You're saving maybe 50-100 bucks and the end result is less appealing to use, also no good upgrades kinda stings
(63.87 KB 812x587 ClipboardImage.png)

Not sure what to upgrade next, if at all. No vidya from the last 5 years excites me, and whatever does, is either indieshit that doesn't need it, is actually optimized (Factorio), or graphics don't matter. Maybe the processor? I'm not upgrading to W10, and I heard some newer hardware requires it.
>>417496 At $215 the I5 10600K is worth mentioning as a good price for power CPU. A decent upgrade from what you have. Still >>417553 and >>417933 are right because both the 5600X and the 11600K have faster clock speeds and are still below $300. Since they're closer to $300 I figure why not mention you could go closer to $200. Either way you'll still need a new mobo.
When am I gonna get a 2060 Super or similar at a reasonable price in Germoney? Everyone is asking over 300 Euro for it. USED For 300 I could have bought a better GPU new if it wasn't for the scalpers who buy them up full auto.
(2.70 MB 954x720 хуйлодец.webm)

(153.60 KB 657x552 1532997956625.jpg)

>>414438 It's over bros.
>>418022 A 2060 in Canada is 800 used your Lucky
(225.55 KB 1424x390 totally-not-a-scam.png)

>Little-hope It's nice of this seller to use his name to tell you how much chance you'd have of actually getting what he claims to be selling.
>>418103 I mean at least he's honest.
>>418071 Na, Ebay prices are just higher than real prices. Don't buy GPUs on ebay.
>>418132 I wonder if anyone can get a GPU that's not 1000+ dollars for a mid-range card
>>414438 Just stop being poor lol
>>417137 Performance-wise the SSUPD Meshlicious has MAXIMUM airflow perhaps at the expense of dust. It's not cheap. I've heard the Cooler Master NR200 is easy to work with, has basically the same layout as the nCase M1, but cheaper than the M1 and has a bit more space so it's not as much of a struggle to cram things. The Cougar QBX has a similar layout, even cheaper, uses a lot of plastic to achieve lower price. I own an nCase M1 which is too expensive to recommend, but the layout is something I CAN recommend. Just get a cheaper case using that layout because for ITX builds that layout "just works" and you don't need a PCI-E riser cable to do that layout. I also own a Cougar QBX. There are some things I dislike about it, like the side bracket blocks too much airflow with the way it's designed, the 2.5" drive mount behind the motherboard can only fit the slimmest possible 2.5" drive, it has no motherboard standoffs instead it has these weird bumps punched into the steel, all that aside it's the cheapest means I've seen for getting a similar case layout to the nCase M1. Lastly, I own a Sliger CL530. Like the M1 it is too expensive to recommend. There are many things I dislike about it, like it doesn't utilize the space very efficiently so you have gaps that don't benefit you much unless you have many extraneous cables to route, forces you to mount side fans in a specific way, can't access the back of the motherboard once installed (if you need to reach the back of the motherboard for nvme or cpu cooler installation, then you have to take out the entire fucking motherboard), front USB port setup is not optimal, PSU only exhausts INTO the case (there's a fan mount close to it, still a fucking stupid decision). There's a lot of dumb decisions in the design of this case, but the space makes it not the hard to work with and the layout makes it possible to have the case slim enough to slide into a backpack. The handle is also very nice, but costs extra.
>>418144 Not wanting to overpay for something doesn't make you poor. I wouldn't pay for a $30 meal despite being able to afford it and I wouldn't pay for a $3000 graphics card despite being able to afford it because I'm not a consumerist degenerate.
>>418022 You won't be able to get a good deal on used GPU's until crypto completely crashes and burns. Literally your only option until then is to get lucky and find a good MSRP deal on a new GPU.
>>415255 It's not crypto. It's the stupid quarantine. People have been mining and scalping for many years before the quarantine, and there was never a shortage of this magnitude. If you want to point fingers, do it at the governments
>>418206 Ethereum was anywhere near as profitable to mine before as it is now. It's equal parts a crypto issue as it is an issue with normalfags buying up the parts instead of going to restaurants and traveling. When ETH drops the ebay prices for GPU's drop in sync, the markets are very clearly linked.
>>416598 I hope none of you anons have cuck tiny speakers like those.
>>418198 Laughably the only option for MSRP was a lottery system like Newegg since EVGA's queue system is an absolute joke. Trying to compete with bots when anything stocks is an exercise in futility. Last I checked, even brick and mortar stores started forcing you to make an order online even if you're going to show up in person. Everything is just thoroughly fucked into the ground by bots. Lucky I managed to get any 30 series cards at all and got multiple 20 series cards before crypto fucked GPU price/availability (as it has in the past even before covid). I'm reluctant to sell any of my GPUs because of how bad shit is; there's so little hope of getting a GPU again at MSRP so I should cling to any GPUs that I have left.
>>418217 Why do you need multiple GPU's?
>>418211 When Bitcoin was getting really profitable to mine on GPUs before being dominated by ASICs, there was also no shortage. It's not just normalfags, although that is a factor. It's also workers all around the world being forced to buy PCs to work at home instead of the office. It's kids not going to school or playing outside having their parents buy them PCs to shut them up. It's logistics being fucked due to difficult travel due to Covid policies. It's the fucking quarantine, man.
>>418223 I forgot to mention factories of components having their work thwarted due to covid policies, logistics of components needed to be assembled also being affected, etc.
>>418223 >>418227 Yeah man, zero correlation.
>>418217 >even brick and mortar stores started forcing you to make an order online even if you're going to show up in person. Even brick-and-mortar, you have scalpers bringing friends to get around one-per-person limits. When Best Buy has inventory drops, you can go on Ebay or Kijiji and they will literally be taking photos in their cars and posting the auctions before even leaving the parking lot.
>>418233 I don't think that's correct. I remember GPU prices staring to go insane much earlier in 2020 According to your graph, they only got a bit pricier towards the end of 2020
>>418245 You can find dozens of people mapping the data for these things quickly. It's pretty obvious there's causality.
>>418249 I don't think you're getting my point. You posted a graph of 2021 where there's still Covid policies. I'm saying if Ethereum had become as profitable as it now, but a couple years ago with no lockdown, it wouldn't have caused a shortage (or at least not one of this magnitude). In fact, your previous graph showed a spike in 2018 that did _not_ translate into a gigantic spike in prices, only a minor one. I'm not saying crypto is entirely blameless right now. I'm saying covid policies is the much bigger culprit, to the point where a hypothetical scenario of high crypto profits with no lockdown wouldn't have caused as much shortage.
>>418259 It was a big issue in 2018 too, you've just memory holed it. I could probably go back and find youtubers talking about the issue because I remember it being a rather significant concern at the time. A 60% increase in GPU prices is not a minor spike, it's a significant one. It only looks minor compared to the absurdity of the current market. So if we ignore your inane dismissal and accept that you've conceded the price of ETH does directly influence the price of GPU's then ETH is clearly a major factor in the price of GPU's today. The fact that there's also an increase in demand compounded on top of this issue only further exacerbates the problem making the price of ETH an even more significant factor in the GPU market. Because consumers get priced out of the market for new GPU's, forcing the demand for used irrelevant GPU's to sky rocket because of consumers trying to avoid the scalped new GPU's. The prices of these GPU's aren't swinging around in relation to COVID policies, there is no data backing that up. There is data showing them swinging in near perfect harmony with the price of ETH, a lot of it. It sounds like you're just fixated on a narrative rather than taking in reality for what it is.
>>418279 >memory holed it Is the term "forget" not cool enough for kids nowadays or what? >A 60% increase in GPU prices is not a minor spike Fair enough, it's considerable, but the Eth spike at the beginning of 2021 was exactly the same as the one in 2018 , and translated to a 130% or 140% increase, not even in the same ballpark. If the profitability was the same, what was different? Right. The lockdown. >you've conceded the price of ETH does directly influence the price of GPU's I repeat. Never said it didn't. Just said it wasn't the biggest factor. Your own graph proves it. >The fact that there's also an increase in demand compounded on top of this issue only further exacerbates the problem making the price of ETH an even more significant factor in the GPU market We don't seem to disagree much, only to what degree each factor plays a role.
>>418304 > If the profitability was the same It isn't the same, it's significantly more now. >I repeat. Never said it didn't. Just said it wasn't the biggest factor. Your own graph proves it. I think it's half and half.
>>418312 >now I didn't say now, I said beginning of 2021. Here, I marked both points at with eth was priced the same, with drastically different results in GPU prices. >I think it's half and half. I guess.

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