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(320.16 KB 1200x867 cnc.jpg)

(98.43 KB 916x449 D5uTFuNWsAAavRW.jpg)

(1.14 MB 2646x3174 rts chart updated.jpg)

(2.85 MB 2961x3015 1624466000.970726-.jpg)

RTS Thread Anonymous 09/12/2021 (Sun) 07:19:08 Id: 7336d4 No. 413839
Shill some good newer under-the-radar RTS games, discuss the classics, recall fun online matches, how to get good at APM, and argue for the 9014th time on what killed the genre Also shill some older RTS games you've never seen mentioned. I've never seen anyone in these threads talk about Blitzkrieg or Sudden Strike. If you ever feel worthless, remember, at least you didn't buy Warcraft III Reforged
>>413985 You're replying to a tornigger attentionwhore who keeps shitposting on this board and starting random fights other retarded shit while avatarfagging with his edgy capeshit waifu. Just report and ignore.
I've been playing mods like SupCom FA Forever with AI mods, DoW2 Vengeance of the Blood Ravens, and CoH Back to Basics. Also a bit of vanilla AoE2 with an AI mod that is kicking my ass at the moment.
Taking away SupCom, C&C and anything Blizzard, what's a good RTS for non-competitive people who like to turtle against easy AI?
>>414919 Creeper World 3
>>413839 I always liked Warwind I & II but, unfortunately, I was never able to get my friends interested in it back in the day. It had some neat mechanics that I suspect Blizzard may have nicked for Starcraft and Warcraft III.
>>414927 Shit bro I've been playing that already. Beat Most CSM maps out there, too.
>>414919 >>414927 Adding to anon's mention, Creeper World 4 too. It's not an RTS(more an RTT I guess?) but Infested Planet might be up your alley.
>>414964 Anon, thank you, but of course I'm playing the sequel too (FPS maps are fun).
>>414919 Company of Heroes
(121.67 KB 300x206 ClipboardImage.png)

(137.40 KB 300x168 ClipboardImage.png)

(251.76 KB 512x512 ClipboardImage.png)

>>413843 >SWARM ASSAULT That kind reminds me Backyard Buzzing, a flashgame about insect warfare, it was pretty cool, I think you didn't gathered resources instead you got points from killing enemy insects which then you could invest into better army, towers and barracks. The problem with this game the map is very bland and there was a point where no new enemy bases could could anything against your big ass insect army. >>413839 >Also shill some older RTS games you've never seen mentioned There's this Warcraft 3 map which I and a friend are really big suckers about: Imperia, it's basically like AoE but you end with mechas, planes and nuclear bombs in late game. The resources come from fathering lumber but the gold came from taxes on your houses, you can also get gold from a fraction of the global demand (generated from all the house from building industries which get revenue from a fraction of the global demand (generated from the houses), so you are not only fighting your enemies military but also economically, a player can build a big ass industry and let everyone else without their industrial income so forcing them to starve. Another cool feature is that you can turn other players into vassals instead of destroying like in most RTS, so they could exists and give you a bit of revenue as exchange, they can still liberate themselves and fight you back so you'd have to be careful. The late game units are my favorite part, there are nuclear bombs, ships with big range to destroy inland settlements, tanks, giant robots, spies, planes and zeppelins. I'm pretty sure this game had a decent niche back in Ombu server (since the author mentions his Ombu nickname when the game starts and there were tournament versions of the game), sadly my friend and I got into it when it was already dead, so finding people to play with it's a bit hard (especially because the game is in spanish), we moslty play 1vs1 matches.
>>414979 That's more of an RTT, isn't it? I never did tryt hat franchise. Checking it out.
>>414996 >That's more of an RTT No, it's a full on RTS, one of the best out there despite some heavy emphasis in RNG.
>>414976 >but of course I'm playing the sequel too (FPS maps are fun). Wait, sequel to what? Is there an infested Planet sequel or are there FPS maps for creeper world? Because both sound exactly like what I'd like.
(199.04 KB 1280x720 CW4 FPS.jpg)

>>415006 I meant CW4 is the sequel to CW3, and CW4's community have and are making a bunch of maps where you fight creeper in first person. Honestly, the general CW community is awesome. They put out so many cool custom maps with fresh ideas.
>>415006 Never heard of Infested Planet but it looks promising. Thank you for the suggestion.
>>414996 COH has base building so it's leans more on the RTS side, a game like World in Conflict is more RTT since all you do is control units with no base building
>>415308 But it's a micro-centered game, isn't it? The whole appeal of RTS was the macro to me. Marching ants and whatnot. Each successive Dawn of War game has appealed less to me because of that.
(6.44 MB 800x600 Burgers_Play_C&C.webm)

(1.38 MB 320x240 NOTHIN_MEANS_NOTHIN.webm)

(316.75 KB 626x846 I see you.png)

(194.79 KB 1112x951 pillbox_outta_bushes.png)

Threadly reminder
>>415364 What makes stealth tanks useful? Fast speed? Glass cannon?
>>415375 The lack of mobile detector units and detector defenses until Cnc 3 helped the tank more that it should. Not to mention it can easily destroy buildings with only a small squad
>>415347 Yeah you're right about that, looking back at it now the base building could only really be done on one tiny section of the map, with only outpost and defences buildable elsewhere. Are there any proper RTS WW2 games that are Macro? I remember Axis & Allies but can't remember how that game worked
>>415402 >search "Axis & Allies" <Watch Beamdog Developers play Axis & Allies 1942 Online
>>415428 >beamdog God why does that version pop up when searching up A&A pc, I just want my old 2000's RTS vidya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWI2rIxJTbg
(1.07 MB 755x2361 ClipboardImage.png)

Age of Empires 4 is doing a stress test this weekend: ageofempires.com/news/ageiv-tech-stress-test/ No NDA either so even if you don't play you can likely see it soon. Will Relic save the themselves or pay with their blood?
>>413839 >third image No chart that recommends DoW:III can ever be taken seriously.
>>415428 >>415402 Axis & Allies is the boardgame that's like Risk but good no? If that's what you're after TripleA is the peak.
Found an obscure game called Warfront Turning Point, set in an alternate history WW2. Anyone played it, and was it any good? Looks like it plays similar to Generals/Blitzkrieg 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9spFL6iADLA
>>417093 I was going to post that one, but all i know is that it seems next to impossible to pirate now due to some obscure DRM it has that hasn't been cracked.
>>417582 What a shame, can't even get an actual copy anymore either it seems
>>417093 >>417582 >>417861 WTF are you talking about? Not 5 minutes of search and I found a seeded magnet. Downloading now. 1AA5AE32
Apparently it came out around C&C3 and SupCom, so it got completely ignored. People write it was like a Generals clone.
been working on C&C ZeroHour Shockwave fanpatch for couple of years on & off Recently learned some 3dsmax modelling & made these https://www.moddb.com/members/sibilantscream/videos
(77.90 KB 375x375 Engineer.png)

>>418011 (checked) Good job Mr. Saddam.
>>418011 What a king among men. Thank you anon.
>>418002 Let us know if it's any good

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