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WEBM/MP4 Thread - White Women Making Games Edition Anonymous 08/23/2022 (Tue) 04:00:19 Id: 207872 No. 673938
New Saints Row is out, and boy is it something All Vidya related webms/mp4s welcome, bonus for triple A western cringe like vid related
>>697617 The only cucks on /monster/ are all 2 females that post there.
(205.65 KB 2158x2158 Cu Smuglainn.jpg)

>>697617 >Cucks >On a board that treats any insinuation of NTR with overt hostility and scorn The only cuckoldry is like >>697623 pointed out, the "femanons" who like fantasizing about their boyfriends getting fucked by monster girls (and most of them were /cuckquean/ crossposters anyway)
>>697637 >>697635 >>697634 This counts as porn dumping.
>>697638 >some didn't even need spoiler <HUEHUE I REPORT YOU Kill yourself.
>>697640 ><HUEHUE I REPORT YOU What? I literally never said that.
>>697634 Source on Pantsu.webm? I recognize that style as the same studio that did the Aneki, My Sweet Elder Sister series, and I absolutely love how juicy it feels. Didn't know they did any loli works. >>697640 Welcome newfag. Three or more posts in a row containing porn is a porn dump. Go to /loli/ or /h/ if you want to do that.
>>697686 What was the webm?
(7.79 MB 854x480 Pantsu.webm)

>>697691 Anon had good taste. It's a shame he was a newfag and dumped shit here rather than /loli/.
Porn dumps are allowed "one thread at a time" though
(8.46 MB 476x268 Mating dance.mp4)

(11.22 MB 704x396 pringle eat speedrun.mp4)

(779.98 KB 476x268 pokemon.mp4)

(3.92 MB 956x506 1662019359474510.webm)

>>697693 mfw had step sister who acted like that, but i reacted like the fag in the video and missed my opportunity
>>697632 If they're men accepting lesbian monster girls then they are cucks.
(2.52 MB 1280x720 Unovengelion.webm)

(65.86 KB 1280x720 froppy (1).jpg)

>>675354 >Black Souls III confirmed planned
(4.00 MB 1280x720 tutu papa.webm)

>>697815 >>697817 Snooping my one month old posts as usual I see. Glad someone replied to them
>>697848 You posted the original uno video in the goober thread. I felt the urge to post unovengelion in this thread, which upon ctrl+f-ing to see if the file already existed, I found your post, which contained most of the same videos you posted in the GG thread. Then I happened to notice a Black Souls webm just below it. All pure cohencidence. I swear.
>>697817 Did you honestly think it was gonna end there? With all the teasing with Hastur and Azathot?
>>697950 Inform me. I would have missed a whole bunch of context had I not read all of Lovecraft's short stories, shit like the primordial Nodens, a.k.a. Node the White Rabbit. Is Grimm similar to that one guy, I forget his name, that is at once a human and a cosmic entity that jumps bodies across space and time and one time gets stuck in some alien insect on a doomed planet and has to get the fuck out of there and go back to Earth? >Azathoth For all we knew, Mabel was bullshitting. The ending that time sure felt like it could have been final.
(63.93 KB 558x639 endermen.jpg)

(14.28 MB 640x360 honey select review.webm)

(7.83 MB 1920x1080 Killer_Queem.webm)

(6.13 MB 854x480 magician taa daa.webm)

(3.96 MB 480x360 1652310404540.webm)

(206.07 KB 640x582 member happy days.mp4)

(15.82 MB 1222x720 Cute Lamb Needs Attention.mp4)

(5.10 MB 1280x720 Lazy Fucking Donkey.webm)

(851.10 KB 352x480 Sleep bleating.mp4)

(6.60 MB 480x320 YMCA Jumping spider.webm)

>>698229 Gore usually doesn't bother me much, but the cat parasite one, damn. Nature is just wrong, we should get rid of it. Is it australian or something? Would explain insects that unpleasant. Maybe a pallet cleanser after that.
(7.14 MB 406x720 harem protagonist.mp4)

(1.85 MB 854x480 norm welding.mp4)

>>698347 It is the larva of the rabbit bot fly or whatever people want to call it. The larva lays it's eggs in an animal and can kill smaller ones like cats, rabbits and other rodents by laying its eggs around the face neck or stomach. When the eggs hatch and the larva start growing it can kill its host if put in a certain spot like the neck. These fly's are also predominantly in South and North America not Australia. Don't worry about getting these fly's as you have to be as dirty as an African nigger to actually get one.
(15.15 MB 854x480 HandRubbing_champ.webm)

(245.60 KB 404x270 Bear in Blue House outtake.mp4)

(17.04 MB 640x480 Make your Mind.mp4)

(9.56 MB 880x720 yugo.mp4)

(8.76 MB 960x720 ww2 bombing.mp4)

(7.94 MB 960x720 hevans gate.mp4)

(6.42 MB 1280x720 isreal is a great country.mp4)

(21.03 KB 389x388 Zoro Unbelief.jpg)

>>691583 >The One Piece is real! >The One Piece isreal! >The One Piece Israel! Fuck off, KIKE!
(1.90 MB 480x480 vita tan meme 1.mp4)

(12.91 MB 1280x720 sam hyde hype.mp4)

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