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(22.99 KB 593x284 new vegas 2 tweet.png)
Fallout Thread Anonymous 09/27/2020 (Sun) 21:49:57 Id:bc737b No. 116152
What are you playing? Build? Favorite weapons/dlc/quest/waifu? Thoughts? Grievances? News: >Bethesda and Zenimax Media obtained by Microsoft, soyny drones on suicide watch https://archive.is/swDnN This could mean that M$ Might finally force todd to finally update the engine on his fucking game, more importantly, obsidian is also owned by M$, so pic related is a possibility >Mods AKA the only new brand new content worth a damn Links to various notable DLC sized mods or full conversions: >Fallout Miami(A bright and sunny DLC to F4 that tries to incorporate enclave as a playable faction, as well as the return of skill checks, actual RPG choice and reputation system) https://www.falloutmiami.com/ >Fallout Frontier(The only notable New Vegas project, focuses on a three way war between NCR, Legion and BOS in a snowy portland. Very large worldspace, from what I can gather) https://www.falloutthefrontier.com/ >Fallout Cascadia(DLC set around seattle. NCR presence and lots of nice woody areas, great music so far) https://www.falloutcascadia.com/ Note: Twitter page has been throwing around words "sexual assault", so the people making it might be degenerates or SJWs, don't pay attention enough to confirm >Fallout 4: Capital Wasteland Project(AKA Fallout 3 remake in F4 Engine) https://capitalwasteland.com/ >Fallout 4: New Vegas(Ditto as above, but with NV) http://www.f4nv.com/ Actual Game News >First DLC to Outer Worlds: Peril On Gorgon, released nearly a year after the game itself https://yewtu.be/watch?v=qQAU6rn5mS8 I guess if you still play the game, any new content is good content. Heard it's more of the same >Fallout 76 Still a godawful trashfire LMAO
(8.17 MB 480x360 Desert Wind.mp4)
Did you know about half of Fallout 1's soundtrack (and by extension large parts of FO2 and NV's soundtracks) either uses samples or takes elements from Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol.II? Desert Wind is probably the most egregious example, basically being a re-edit of Grey Stripe.
>>116152 Fallout 4 is a godawful trashfire as well though >>116180 No wonder it's so good
(18.19 KB 474x711 download (8).jpeg)
>>116180 Now we just need a game with Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never)
>>116192 its weird because characters obviously looked better and yet still remained terrible.
(192.03 KB 1820x822 Fallout_Worst.jpg)
(24.19 KB 314x218 fO4bad.PNG)
>>116192 >Fallout 4 is a godawful trashfire I take it mods couldn't fix that one this time?
>>116180 another little known fact, the three tracks that are included with the van buren beta that was leaked on NMA a decade ago are all tracks from a 2001 album: Funeral Songs. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Funeral-Songs/release/92304 Specifically, it's: A Funeral Dirge For B.R, Night Cortage And The Procession Of Souls(I added custom names to the ones I uploaded). I just found that out the other day, I thought those were tracks made by a professional composer specifically for the game, but it turns out they are independently made tracks that each celebrate the death of a loved one. That just makes them even more metal >>116192 >Fallout 4 is a godawful trashfire as well Yes, but whetever you like it or not, many people still play fallout 4 because fallout 5 will only get worse, and because you can play new vegas only so often before it becomes physically painful to continue. Also, with mods, it can be made halfway decent, and that's good enough for some people. I'm hoping that I can lead these people to mods that will give them content that might make the game halfway resemble an actual RPG one day
>>116210 Couldn't fix Skyrim, and it certainly can't fix FO4. It's a glorified loot and shooter and I wouldn't mind if it wasn't wearing a fucking Fallout skin over it.
>>116229 >>116221 >>116210 >>116192 >Fallout 4 >Bad Umm, excuse me, but it is MUCH better than you think! https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=JQr70sDtxsg
>microshit owns idtech now
Maybe Microsoft will fund a new Creation Engine for them to use ahahahah.....
>Mentioning The Outer Worlds in the OP of a Fallout thread when it's not a Fallout game and is also complete shit
>>116287 UnderRail is closer to Fallout than TOW is.
>>116287 Why anyone praised that shit game I will never understand.
>>116310 Don't you know, Anon? Obsidian made it, Obsidian made New Vegas so OW must be as good as New Vegas. Except it's not and it's a shitty game with walking Rick and Morty references and Babby's first anti-corporate rhetoric.
>>116290 Absolutely, far superior game too. There's also Wasteland 3.
(559.13 KB 3712x1286 Eternal Anglo.png)
>>116243 >Britbong Discarded right there
>>116354 >Cannot counter any of his many, many arguments LMAO, okay
>>116361 >The gayme is not a looter shooter wanker >Just like stop looting and miss half the game >The RPG mechanics aren't dumbed down and the difficulty trivialized, it's just nuanced see? Nuke the UK please
>>116243 >>116361 I hope Todd sees this.
>>116351 How's wasteland 3?
(29.33 KB 597x271 matn04.png)
>>116364 >No arguments >Greentext and childish name calling, just like to be expected from a cuckchanner It's okay, we've all been proven wrong before, but were too proud to admit it. Best part is that this 1 and a half hour beatdown to all the haters was just the BEGINNING. How will the new vegas babies ever live this down?
>>116374 Much better than the second game.
>>116361 >watching an hour and a half long video to refute it when the premise is facially absurd nah
Reminder that New Vegas's weapon design, while let down by the horrible combat, is perhaps the top five of all shooter/RPG hybrids. >weapons are never direct upgrades in everything, so there's generally reason to keep using your older weapon, such as lower capacity, rarer ammo, <while the 357 revolver has a much higher per shot damage, the 9mm pistol has a substantially higher magazine capacity and fire rate that give it a marginally better DPS against less armored targets <while the service rifle is better than the varmint rifle in fire speed and magazine capacity, the varmint rifle has a scope and suppressor >perk support from Cowboy, Grunt and Handloader allow a character to use "obsolete" weapons better than their "upgrade" at the cost of perks >not all tiers have each "type" of weapon, which combined with the above makes it less immediately obvious they're even divided into tiers >unique weapons break from tiers entirely and encourage exploration/quests >damage threshold system armor uses is less retarded than the damage reduction system nearly all such games use
>>116442 Adding onto that, nearly all of New Vegas's weapons look like actual guns that exist. Unlike the weapons bethesda came up with for Fallout 4
(132.58 KB 800x244 How to give k an aneurysm.png)
>>116451 Forgot my image
>>116451 Was going to mention that but forgot.
>>116243 My curiosity got the better of me. I skipped through to a couple of points and they're exactly as retarded as I expected >Diablo is an RPG, so looter shooters are RPGs Completely ignores the fact that Diablo and other hack and slash games (or ARPGs--unfortunately both terms have been raped by game journalists so no one knows what they used to refer to anymore) form a distinct subgenre of RPGs. If I play a sequel to Planescape: Torment and it's a Diablo clone I'm going to be disappointed. >perks are better than skills because a completely new ability is more interesting than making a number go up This would be a good argument if Fallout 4's perks weren't riddled with choices that just make a number go up. The reality is that sometimes numbers need to go up without doing anything particularly novel to represent gradually increasing competence. Perks (or feats, or edges, or whatever the system chooses to call them) and skills serve two different purposes and trying to cram one into the other is dumb. I can safely conclude now that he's just a fucking retard and not someone who's actually on to something.
(171.09 KB 1920x1080 Liberty.jpg)
>>116152 >Fallout Thread >What are you playing? Wasteland 3. It was mediocre up until you had to choose to side with the Patriarch(y) or help Angela Deth smash the system, at which point it completely went to shit. Still, 10/10 compared to Bethesda Fallout. Gameplay is expectedly simplified for the console market, but more or less balanced and passable until I got about half-way through Yuma at which point enemies started getting absurd damage output and AP pools letting them hit hard even through power armor - and hit up to four-five times in combat whereas I was lucky to get two attacks with maxed out Coordination, Speed, and Awareness. Even when taking advantage of charged shots to the body to take out enemy armor, it was a dangerous slog. Thankfully, enemy AI tends to target deployable gear first so my mechanic would just drop a few laser turrets and a spider droid thing while my team picked off enemies from a distance. I was also able to talk my way out of both final boss fights. Which wasn't hard to do since even with low INT, it's easy enough to max at least 3 skills on each character in a party of six which will cover most of your skill bases via specialists. I did skip out on Leadership and Animal Taming because they didn't seem as useful. As for the story: **I don't know if the game is pozzed or just badly written in a rush to meet launch deadlines. They completely fucked over Angela Deth's character and turned her into a hypocritical anarchist who's trying to get you to join her side by doing the exact same shit she's condemning the Patriarch for doing. Except he formed a stable society, and her revolution would just end up seeing both Colorado and AZ completely fucked by raiders in the name of "independence". She was full of big ideals about the people choosing for themselves, rather than be oppressed by a tyrant, but - and maybe this is just lazy writing - the people are pretty much all for the Patriarch. You do see rebels and discontents - but they're just generic filler characters when the story needs them. Their side is never really explored. Only one of the Hundred Families was really agitating for open elections, and they were eliminated - but you find out (after you've made your decision on who to support) that it wasn't even the Patriarchs fault or on his orders. Yeah, he had dirty dealings with raiders, but it kept the raiders at bay - he was hoping long enough to make Colorado Springs stable enough to fight them off. But while those deals were in place, he couldn't have free elections jeopardizing those deals coming to light and being dissolved. He always - and it's confirmed in the ending - intended to transition CS to a democracy after they could defend their territory. He turns out to be an honorable man in a distasteful situation, and when he is able to - he fulfills all of his promises to the Rangers and his people to the best of his abilities. And Angie would destroy all of that, using largely the same methods of cutting distasteful deals with raiders to get them to fuck off to Kansas - even when their stated goal is to come back and conquer when they have regained strength. Meanwhile, Colorado will still be fucked because she's happy with the "freedom" of a power vacuum letting everyone splinter off and fight each other. She chides you on the needless death that results because of your decisions, but then infiltrates and subverts your compound with spies and leads a civil war amongst the Rangers. And it's not even your goddamned fault that the Hoon family got wiped out. It was the fault of the Dorseys who raided it in response to you surviving their attack on the Ranger caravan. You (or at least I) just didn't respond in time because I was busy putting out fires somewhere else securing a convoy of Power Armor for the local police to defend CS against a Dorsey attack. Bitch, if you're listening to my radio chatter, why didn't you help them? Why do I get the moral blame for something someone else does? I have no idea what the fuck they were thinking with her character. She's presented in a way that she's intended to be the "moral compass" - and the last of the original Ranger squad from Wasteland 1 - the last of the old "true" ideals. But then she betrays all of those ideals, twists her morals, acts like a big fucking hypcrite who needlessly starts a war and kills tons of people - just so she can play the liberator against a "tyrant" that already had one foot in the grave. The Patriarch had a degenerative disease that was going to kill him in a few years. She couldn't just... you know, wait two or three years? Maybe help build up the Colorado Rangers, get the people on her side before deciding to liberate them against their will, get in good with the Patriarch - and then take an active role in the transition to a new government, which is exactly what happens anyhow if you side with him. I legitimately can't tell if she's supposed to be the bad guy in all of this or not. Some meta commentary on good ideals taken too zealously and to their extreme outcomes that only cause more suffering. But then... this is also the same game where you have to feed a Ronald Reagan AI construct to a hive of communist Robots where he suffers for eternity. Well, you don't have to - but they're written in such a way that the Gippers are religious fanatics that are unable to compromise, and the robot communes are all peace loving hippies that just want to help and get along. They were trying to liberate the Reagan AI for the sake of setting him free, while the Gippers wanted to transfer his mind into a human host and make him their god-king that would conquer the wastes. There is no peaceful resolution or middle-road, and it's a required story quest. You also have to side with the robots if you want to support the Patriarch because the human host the Gippers want to kill in order install Reagan into his cranium is the Patriarch's son - and returning the boy alive is a condition of his aid to the Rangers.** Still a much better story than Fallout 4 though.
>>116520 The best solution to reagan is to screw over both factions by holding the AI hostage at ranger base. The robots hate you, but they're inconsequential and the Gippers are forced to supply oil to Colorado springs while also not murdering the patriarch's son.
>>116525 Doesn't that also put you on shaky ground with the Patriarch, though? I thought that was kind of a bargaining chip move for making an independent power play if you wanted the Rangers to take over Colorado for themselves - but unlike New Vegas, that didn't seem to be a wise move. It would have made you the villain in a hostile land, and completely fucked over the Rangers in AZ who needed the aid. It's basically the "AZ is completely fucked - we're fucking off and starting over in CO" option.
>>116532 Nope, he doesn't give a fuck it's a completely win win situation for the rangers and the patriarch, you only fuck over the two factions that are small time players in the grand scheme of things. You can then go for whatever good ending you're aiming for.
>>116534 Well I fucked that one up royaly then. That disco bot helper did come in handy though, since I didn't have any ranks in Animal Friendship and he can heal, do decent chip damage, and disorient enemies.
>Todd Howard convinced the entirety of Microsoft to buy F76 OUTSTANDING MOVE TODD
>>116520 >played it >get this fucking faggot >uninstall
>>116229 >>116221 I'm so sick of the post-apoc meme. Why couldn't we just have a nice modern fantasy shooter with mods instead of le rusty metal shack meme?
It's too bad there will never be a RPG like Fallout 1/2 but with Jagged Alliance 2's gameplay.
>>116610 there is fallout tactics, you know. you should at least give it a go, not like anythihg else is going on with fallout atm >>116492 not him, but I don't remeber him mentioning diablo. And he's right that the game can be played without picking up loot, as 95% of it is either useless, garbage weapons and armor or literal garbage that only gets used in the town crafting minigame. Only a few weapons and armor are worth a damn, and once you get their upgrades, you don't need junk for anything, except for repairing your power armor, as you don't need weapon or armor parts anymore for standard equipment. I agree with you on the perks issue, the perk system in f4 was a good idea in a vaccum, but it simply wasn't properly implemented by bethesda. It could work better if it replaced the perk system, but the skill trees were still in the game, even in the same broken, easily exploitable way as they were implemented in skyrim(obviously, how nv and oldschool games handled it would have been even better) Overall, the video does bring up a few good points, but at the end of the day, he's still trying to defend a trash game, which is like trying to justify eating a turd
>>116180 I'm a massive Aphex Twin junkie I never realized this. What the fuck man.
>>116243 I feel bad for you.
(2.37 MB 1920x1080 F4DLC-8.png)
>>116243 Fallout 4 is a mixed bag. It has worse RPG elements and dialogue than Fallout 3 but a better world and gunplay. It has the worst Fallout expansion Bethesda has ever made (Nuka World) but also the best (Far Harbor).
>>116686 >It has worse RPG elements and dialogue than Fallout 3 but a better world and gunplay. Having worse dialogue than FO3 is quite the achievement, and having better gunplay than FO3 doesn't mean much. When you're sacrificing so much in the setting, story, and reactivity compared to an actually good Fallout game like New Vegas, going from being a terrible shooter to a merely below average shooter isn't enough to make up for that. FO4 does have some actual advances. The settlement system is a neat idea and modders have done some cool stuff with it. Crafting is better than it's been before, though for some reason western devs still have not figured out how to make actually good crafting systems (it should be easy, just rip off Atelier). >It has the worst Fallout expansion Bethesda has ever made (Nuka World) but also the best (Far Harbor). I disagree on both counts. Mothership Zeta is worse than Nuka-World and the Pitt is the best Bethesda Fallout expansion.
>>116686 but nuka world is one of their better dlcs. it adds a whole new faction you can side with(raiders aka fun minutemen), good amount of lore, fun locales and weapons/armor. it is also the only part of f4 where you can actually be evil if you want to talk about their worst expansions, that would be their workshop dlc, due to the fact alone that they add no real content, aside from what you can get for free on nexus. all of it should have been scrapped and the time and budget spend on making one more story driven dlc, where you ressurect your spouse(cut content) and get to see the institute fleshed out a little. or a post game dlc, which actually shows you what happens next, and gives you more missions for your faction, if you play as them
>>116707 >I disagree on both counts. Mothership Zeta is worse than Nuka-World and the Pitt is the best Bethesda Fallout expansion. Mothership Zeta is garbage but I think Nuka-World is worse because it actually could've been something. They made a huge zone with tons of assets and then just completely wasted it. Looking back I think they were testing the waters for Fallout 76 by making a DLC with barely any story or NPC's, just to see how people would react. >>116724 >but nuka world is one of their better dlcs They squandered so much potential. There's the main quest, where you just clear the five parks then storm the power plant, that's all the story you get. Then there's the Hubologist quest, which takes all of ten minutes to complete. And finally the collect-a-thon quest, which would've just been a secret in a better expansion. That's it, that's all you get. They made this great worldspace and then gave you no reason to give a shit about anything or anyone in it. It's a huge step down from Far Harbor.
>>116743 >They squandered so much potential. True, but that's par for the course in this game(and for bethesda in general), so this doesn't stick out so much >bland, boring quests like I said, they added in a whole new faction to the game(Raiders), so most of the focus of the DLC is doing the game's equivalent of their main story quests. They are the more "Fun" Minuteman alternative, so vast majority of their actual questline is just taking over settlements in the commonwealth(rather than building them up via boring fetch quests with preston), but the "interesting" quests, the ones that take you to the 5 park locations, I think it's more about exploring them than what you actually get to do there(collect x, kill y ect. just boring stuff you do in the main game anyways) When you look at it all objectively, it's bland and boring, but when you compare it to the rest of the content in fallout 4 itself, it's actually above average on all marks. I should mention that there are several mods that improve raider playthrus, like the "kill all NPCs" mod so you can kill preston and anyone else you don't like, nuka world plus that lets you actually take over the 5 parks and build in them(that includes converting them to raider bases later on), and a mod that lets you make your own "main quest". I forgot what it's called, but it basically lets you blow up other faction headquarters(minuteman castle, railroad HQ tunnels, the prydwen, the institute) as any character, so you can actually properly finish the game as a raider, but it also gives you a bonus in a form of being able to blow up diamond city, if you want. Speaking of F76, from what little I saw of it, I know you can now do quests for raiders, and properly side with them now. I hope they let you side with a proper raider faction like this in the future, so you can finish the game on your own terms as a raider warlord without a need for mods
>>116520 >and returning the boy alive is a condition of his aid to the Rangers. It isn't which is even worse.The conditions for the ending panels are ONLY who you side with a the end, and who you side with affects what you do with Liberty.You can kill both of his sons and still get the support ending.I left his son as Regan but I am worried it will lead to some wars later,on the other hand Rangers help every major faction in the region that means anything, so no matter who wins the Rangers will have their support.If you have the Marshalls at Loved lvl and talk to sherif Daisy she says she would support the Rangers if they start a coup. It's a CIA kind of play
>>116686 >image C-can I hug him?
>>116536 They fucked Animal Whispering if you give it to any of the companions instead of the 4 main characters.They will make your animal dissapear during the Ranger Civil War and you can't get it back.I had a honey badger from the Massacre Site as my animal and he was an unkillable beast
>>116376 >Calls someone a cuckchanner >Haters >Las Vegas babies You can stop trying to fit you low iq nigger. Fallout 4 is complete shit, the collecting shit is boring, the storyline is awful, the gunplay is medicore, and the dlc is literally needed to make the game even somewhat interesting without mods otherwise mods are a must to enjoy the game. He's shilling the game with subjective taste of his own liking.
>>117519 What's up with people in fallout(and stalker threads) replying to such obvious bait?
>>116180 Morgan was a hack who pretty much stole every single song in that game from something else. He also copied Brian Eno's work at least once.
>>117961 >I was pretending to be retarded >I want attention
(566.86 KB 696x391 ClipboardImage.png)
(72.48 KB 349x642 ClipboardImage.png)
>Last good Fallout game was 10 years ago How does it feel, /v/? <Nu-Obsidian talking about the possibility of making a new Fallout game <normalfags who didn't like Fallout 4 will praise it even if it turns out to be a mediocre piece of shit It reminds me of how some normalfags understood that Legend of Korra was a piece of shit with bad writing, but then they went on to praise "The Dragon Prince" acting like it was done any better, just because it had Aaron Ehasz' name attached to it. I'm sure if it comes out, it's going to have the same dialogue system as Fallout 4 and same lack of skills, and the morality is going to be black and white and the characters are going to be bland as hell, but they'll find some superficial reason as to why it "fixes" FO4's problems, like maybe there's more choices to be made or something. It just pisses me off when the bar is set so low that people are practically forced to praise and worship mediocrity. >What are you playing? Are any of the total conversion mods for New Vegas any good? If so, then I might reinstall NV and play one. >>117983 The only thing worse than pretending to be a retard is being an actual retard by responding to bait. When you do that, the "fuck off retard" comic strip becomes irrelevant
>>118004 >The only thing worse than pretending to be a retard is being an actual retard by responding to bait. Are you also pretending to be retarded with this retarded logic of yours?
>>118004 >I'm sure if it comes out, it's going to have the same dialogue system as Fallout 4 and same lack of skills, and the morality is going to be black and white and the characters are going to be bland as hell, but they'll find some superficial reason as to why it "fixes" FO4's problems, like maybe there's more choices to be made or something. except literally none of that happened with outer world, a game that came out of obsidian a year ago and is similar in both type of gameplay and quality of it(and much more polished on the technical level) . You retards have to give them a bone and not just automatically dismiss anything they made, just because OW wasn't as good as NV(And honestly, I doubt anything they make ever will be, including NV2, if it ever happens) As long as they have at least one competent writer(Tim Cain, for example), I have a reason to play thru their game at least once, even if it is complete dogshit at the end of the day
>>118004 The Frontier is coming out soon, look that up
>>118050 >it New Vegas, obviously. Hate for OW is easily exaggerated here, it's miles more competently made than Bethsoft garbage(including NV, which was on the same engine as F3, with such amateur fixes at times that a modder could do better, from a technical standpoint) No matter what your opinions on the game, that is an undeniable fact >>118056 >Frontier Not a total conversion, which is what he was asking. I believe Frontier is just a downright DLC mod that adds a brand new world and quest line, kind of like New California(It better be miles better, tho)
>>117516 That whole civil war bit was really contrived and forced. It would make sense if I sided with Angela, because most of the CO Rangers were either hand-picked out of Patriarch's Milita and CS Marshals - or they were locals who were loyal to the Rangers because of the Ranger's reputations or because they'd been helped out by them. It was obvious that going against the Patriarch would cause a civil war right from the beginning - but when your interests align, there should be no reason for dissent. Yet there I was, caught in the middle of it, because fuck you - we're not writing a whole new scenario just because you didn't do what we wanted you to. The whole idea that Connie Zeng could flip your Rangers so quickly is horse shit, unless Angela was stacking your recruits with undercover loyalists to her - in which case, that's even more evidence that she really was the goddamned villain the whole time. Almost everybody stationed there was a local who grew up under the Patriarch's rule - and while a lot of them were coming around to the Ranger's way of doing things - their newness to the ideals would have just strengthened their loyalty to my party as the fountainhead of those ideals, not to some random bitch who wanted to tear down the system. They even lined up the refugees I was taking in and putting to work, and just went down the line and fucking executed them. Yeah... that's Ranger ethics 101 right fucking there. Good call Angela.
>>118063 >OW wasn't a total turd Which dev are you?
>>118063 >Hate for OW is easily exaggerated here, it's miles more competently made than Bethsoft garbage(including NV Hey, did you know, that corporations, are bad? Wubalabadubdub, my fellow Redditors, I too watch Rick & Morty, corporations bad. Aren't your companions so quirky? :3 capitalism bad X3
(25.68 KB 506x960 cat8567465.jpg)
>Playing Another run at New Vegas >Build A pure Luck Gunslinger with a tongue of silver who so much as falls over should a Gecko slam into him with my low END and STR malus. >Fav. Weapon It's a toss between Pacienca, Medicine Stick, Survivalist's Rifle, or Anti-Materiel Rifle since I love pure raw force. >Fav. DLC Honest Hearts is always my personal favorite since I really enjoyed Keith Szarabajka as Joshua and the reading the Survivalist's notes. >Fav. Quest Boone's since I just wanted to see him smile again. >Waifu/Husbando Boone & Raul for peak bromance & ED-E for cute. Honestly, I don't have much hopes for a NV2 since most of the team left Obsidian besides Tim Cain, so there's a chance the Bethesda team will be transferred over to NV2 and make Skyrim playable on a Pip-Boy
>>118282 >ED-E for cute. Moment of truth, Anon Eddy or Edie? How do you pronounce it
>>118389 Not him, but it's totally Eddie.
>>118216 >>118236 >no actual counter argument >visible asshurt something tells me nobody here actually played the game on this board
>>118470 >has yet to reveal what hand he had in the creation of the game
(385.02 KB 1080x1920 Get Fucked.jpeg)
>>118470 I played it. I had fun for the first hour because the gun play was competent, but my interest in the game dropped off considerably after the first planet, hell, even during the first planet my interest was dropping off since I could only be bashed over the head with "corporations bad!" so many times. I realized this game probably wasn't New Vegas tier on story when it gives you feedback for being either a corporate stooge or a retarded hippy, where they should have just left it up to the player. Also, the side characters really grated on me. Like the poo-in-loo and her contrived lesbian romance Pic included so you can't move the goalpost and say I'm lying
>>118478 Nice touch with the finger there, Sonypony. I pirated the game myself. Played it for a few hours with a focus on heavy weapons. When the poo-in-loo wanted to bring her stronk indapendynt leader whamen friend on board, I told her no. She didn't like that, obviously. I decided to uninstall the game after telling her to get the fuck off my ship. Saw the endings on the wiki, they are NOT good. In one of them, she apparently starts a romance with the buttugly ship AI. This game was lacking in every way, especially the weapons. Hell, not even the philantrophists are written in an interesting way, just straight up "man bad, woman good", absolute bullshit. No, I can't say I liked it.
>>118502 Actually, that reminds me, after meeting the chinese lady who's in charge on that mining station, if you have Parvati with you, she'll comment on the chink's "strong arms", which actually made me mad, because I was a dude with max strength (for the heavies). She never commented on that! NOBODY comments on your stat choices except for picklerick in the very beginning. Then I found out Obsidian removed player romances because they thought it would, and I fucking quote, "limit player choice". well, fine, I only liked the priest and the robot anyway. To hell with everybody else.
>>118478 I recognize that hand.
>>118506 >Obsidian removed player romances You know I was going to say that Chris hated writing romance but then I remembered Chris didn't work on this game. At least I am fairly certain he didn't.
>>118506 Yea and then they lobotomized the priest half way through the game. I hated every goddamn character in the game. >>118513 They would have cut his content anyway for probably being too good compared to the shit that tries to pass off as good writing in the game.
>>118478 >PissPoor Post discarded
>>118513 >Chris hated writing romance >Chris has problems writing male/female interactions Huh. Kind of makes sense that he'd be bad at that. Still think that Microsoft should headhunt him, or at least give him an open freelancer contract, so that he can bounce between InExile, Obsidian, and Bethesda as needed. For all his faults, he's still got more talent than the vast majority of game writers out there. For that matter, Microsoft can surely afford to keep Kirkbride's cocaine closet fully stocked. He'd be another good semi-independent get. I'd still like to see what a Kirkbride/Avellone team up could look like with TESVI. Maybe Ziets too. I haven't played Torment or PoE, but I liked Mask of the Betrayer.
>>117983 >He's actually defending bait biting What's wrong with you?
>>118616 >Implying Kirkbride would be satiated with only a single closet full of cocaine
>>118478 >no timestamp I will give you the benefit of the doubt because you also bothered to make a somewhat coherent post Anyways, good for you. I don't care if anybody likes the game or not, but they should at least play the game fully once before making a point about it I liked it, and will continue playing it because it genuinely feels like NV 1.5 in space, which is exactly what I expected, and got. Poo in loo lesbian romance quest can be skipped for absolutely no downsides, and despite the game being much more black and white than the usual black isle/obsidian games, I liked that the game was less about muh capitalism vs muh diversity, like /v/ would have me believe, and more to do with literally everyone on the board, corporates included, being retarded and out of touch. it's less about them being capitalists and more about them being ivory tower elitists who starved out or killed/imprisoned anyone who was capable of running their society, and it is now falling apart because of it(maybe a bit more on the nose now than it was in 2019) Also, pickle rick is also not nearly as obnoxious as the game trailer would have you think. I still think it was wise to put him behind a wall of glass for most of the game, before he said something that would actually make him hate him. I hate the fact there is no reason to side with the board more, you should be able to assassinate or convince the divesity hire nigger in charge and take over for yourself and turn the colony around. The game even makes a point of letting you buy out senator rockwell in the final dungeon, so why the fuck can't I also do so with the rest of the board, and then keep all the colonists alive and find another way to deal with the crisis? Lastly, the game has a moon man mask(which will definitely be replaced with mac tonight, if it ever gets mod tools), and the game actually does allow me to roleplay as moon man and kill every single danger hair and non-white I see, so that's a bonus for me. Even if the rest of the game was shit, this would be the redeeming factor for me, very good decision for obsidian to not have a single invincible character in game If you disagree with me, that's fine too. hate it all you want, and if you do bother making a post about it, at least also bother writing why. bandwagoning and whining how you hate something you haven't even played is just as bad as mindlessly downboating on reddit, or the kind of posting you would find on cuck/v/ >>118514 >lobotomized the priest halfway thru I actually liked how he turned out to be a manipulative, thuggish pos, and that his whole "wise priest" play was just an act. will agree his quest was lobotomized, as rather than letting him make a choice on what he should do with the book, you get a lulz so random drugs sequence, and he becomes a nihilist(so deep). thankfully, something like this doesn't happen often, and I think I played thru every quest/resolution
(135.43 KB 960x540 modsb.jpg)
(105.35 KB 960x540 modsc.jpg)
(224.40 KB 960x540 modsd.jpg)
(126.65 KB 960x540 modse.jpg)
(77.73 KB 960x540 modsf.jpg)
Mods don't improve this game much at all. Not even a Japanese dub can save this trainwreck for me.
(326.39 KB 1804x2399 Todd.jpg)
Hey /v/, Starfield and TES6 on PS5 soon
>>120575 Why would a foreign dub improve it in any way
>>120578 >TES6 on PS5 Nice fan fiction bro.
>>120575 >Why are you even playing this shit game? Or worse yet, why are you playing with xbone controller?
>just found out that vault boy is in smash literally why is there even a single fallout game on the switch? why is it possible for vault boy, minecraft steve, sans from undertale and agent 47 to duke it all out on a nintendo console, of all things? this sounds like a /v/ shitpost
>>121127 Because Fallout has to be dragged through the mud as much as possible and Vault Boy being used as a lovable corporate icon unironically is just about as ridiculous as it gets.
(113.36 KB 1024x816 FUCKING REDDIT.jpg)
>>121127 Bethesda made Vault Boy into what he's supposed to criticize, but it's ok, its "ironic"
>>121127 Sans is just a costume
>>121144 >>121127 >literally why After Sonic and Snake proved to be such a success, Nintendo immediately removed any pretense of Smash being a fun Nintendo crossover and turned it into nothing more than the most normalfag, corporate-driven game to exist. And, it didn't help that Sakurai wanted to torpedo any and all quality the series ever had due to his autism.
>>121144 So it really isn't a joke, wow. They should drop the name Smash and just use a generic title for multiplat icons. No regrets jumping off the Nintendo ship back when I did anymore.
>>121224 Why would they when they're still making money?
>>121224 Why? Every Nintentoddler knows the brand Smash, they'll keep buying this shit just like Mortal Cuckbat fans buy guest DLCshit because it's so 80s. Hipsters have become the norm
A big problem I have with NV is how many of the guns really aren't worth a shit. You have to go out of your way to use the less-OP ones. I love the 9mm SMG but it doesn't hold up to a lot of the others outside of raw DPS.
(55.29 KB 257x179 kill yourself.png)
>>124846 Anon I was with you until reddit spacing.
>>124874 I hate this meme so fucking much Jesus Christ, it's called a paragraph.
>>124889 Paragraphs have, at least, FIVE sentences.
>>124892 No they don't. Read a book nigger don't just quote your elementary school teacher.
Reddit spacing isn't spacing your post out, it's replying to a post with a space between the >>post and your reply. This is because on Reddit quoting used to include your response in the quoted post if you didn't space them out. Funnily enough that's not even still a thing on Reddit itself anymore.
(284.20 KB 1009x1600 0a6752b7cd35fc441c1528ee5078384d.jpg)
>>124892 >>124896 Here, example. Paragraphs can be any length, whatever is required to organize ideas. It's quite common for them to just be a single sentence. I just googled "book page" by the way., this looks like it came from Alice in Wonderland
(3.17 MB 466x480 one word paragraph.gif)
>>124892 Even a sentence or a word can be a paragraph.
>>124874 I used it to accentuate my claim, but sure
>>124892 >Paragraphs are the building blocks of papers. Many students define paragraphs in terms of length: a paragraph is a group of at least five sentences, a paragraph is half a page long, etc. In reality, though, the unity and coherence of ideas among sentences is what constitutes a paragraph. A paragraph is defined as “a group of sentences or a single sentence that forms a unit” (Lunsford and Connors 116). Length and appearance do not determine whether a section in a paper is a paragraph. For instance, in some styles of writing, particularly journalistic styles, a paragraph can be just one sentence long. Ultimately, a paragraph is a sentence or group of sentences that support one main idea. This is a pretty solid definition. https://writingcenter.unc.edu/tips-and-tools/paragraphs/ With that in mind, I'd argue reddit spacing is when the same idea is spread amongst several single lines. The format isn't so important, but the context is. And even then, the extra spacing may be used to put emphasis on something. The problem is when the person is habitually adding those line breaks for no other reason than visiting Reddit too often.
(1.28 MB 1506x1439 merely pretending.jpg)
I really need to play through NV again.
>>129547 reminder that on the 19th, this monday, is the tenth anniversary of the game do please play the game, even if it's a quick speedrun. I know I will Still can remember my first run of the game. Got the limited edition box with chips, the comic, the playing cards ect, it feels like I opened it for the first time yesterday
and speaking of new vegas, there is a channel that covers a lot of new vegas cut content, that includes exclusive interviews with the devs themselves. I will link it here, since not many sources have even half the stuff this guy has(most of it is verifiable via geck, the in game editor), good time to be retrospective on what might have been, and how lucky we were to get what we did in the game https://yewtu.be/channel/UCR6TcjCA3M7L7JaClJ7ZpeQ
>>129547 is that the french teacher?
>>129573 It is.
>>129667 not gonna lie that's a nice beheading
>>129668 Fuckoff Alin Sabbin
>>129669 no need to be rude
Do you think the Wasteland guys will make a Fallout game? They're both owned by Microshaft now and both Obsidian and inXile have OG Fallout devs.
Should I play any of the Wasteland games? I really like Fallout 1 & 2 and would like to play something like it.
(506.33 KB 1280x1811 1_01NT.jpg)
>>130700 I said that in another thread If they were smart they would drop the Wasteland IP and just make it a Fallout spinoff, oldfags/posers who know Wasteland would be enough informed to understand what it is and it would attract a decent amount of Bethshit fans due to the brand.
(3.34 MB 1912x2028 8f0.png)
>>131451 Wasteland 1 if you're interested in seeing the roots of the two series. Wasteland 2 is kind of a mess, but alright. It's biggest problem is that most of the story feels like a puree retread of Fallout storylines and ideas, with Matthias being a mixup of The Master and Shaun/Father from FO4. Some of that is unavoidable given the history of the series, and some of it was deliberate decisions in an attempt to not stray too far from what they thought people expected out of a Wasteland sequel (that also scratched the itch for classic Fallout). It's a very "safe" storyline. Too much so. Wasteland 3 takes some very light inspiration from Van Buren as I hear, but is much more it's own beast. The problem was that it's rushed and developed for current year audiences. It's not nearly as bad as that sounds, but it's still pretty goddamned bad, and the bigger problem being that much of it makes no goddamned logical sense and characters are not written consistently. See: >>116520 >>118071 In terms of atmosphere, it hits the nail more or less on the head and if you're looking for a classic Fallout experience - Wasteland is about as close as you're going to come. Gameplay wise it's basically a slimlined Fallout classic mixed with nu-XCom... but it's not as robust or well polished as either of them. Wasteland 3 introduces vehicle combat in certain battles - but it's not balanced very well. Hell the whole game isn't balanced very well in general. I breezed through the vast majority of it, but hit a difficulty spike about half-way through dealing with the tribes gathered in Yuma County. But that's pretty close to end-game and by that point I had enough medical supplies and money to basically just tank everything, and I talked my way out of the final boss fight. At this point, the whole series is up on GamePass and you can check it out for $1, but if you don't want to go that route, then Wasteland 2 is probably the best bet for a middle-ground. If you haven't already had a free copy thrown at you from any number of promotional deals, then the GoG version should be floating around somewhere. Also, maybe I just suck with them, but I found shotguns to be completely useless. They're basically only good for clearing cover and inflicting bleeding status with certain perks. But battles seem to flow fast enough that bleeding is only a minimal help, and getting close enough for the shotgun to be effective is going to require a specialized build to tank damage. You'd be better putting those points into a heavy gunner/demolition expert and stocking up on grenades if you're going to get that close. It's been a while since I played WL2, but in WL3 they weren't very useful for crowd control and the AI was such that it almost always prioritized attacking deploy-able turrets/bots - so your best bet in those situations was to just throw out a turret near the mob and then run like hell, while another character popped a smoke grenade to your position.
>>131480 Shotguns are shit until you get the end game shotguns. The pancor jackhammer does a shit ton of damage as well doing area of effect.
>>131480 >KYM filename KYS
>>116336 >anti-corporate rhetoric >While made by and for the profit of a corporation >While spouting corporate rhetoric for corporate social and immigration policy Game developers are retarded, I can't think of a more stereotypical "corporate" product than muh stronk diverse women and fucking white males. Why would anyone holdout hope that these shitheads could ever make a good game again? >>116290 Underrail is the best Fallout game, and Galaxy Quest is the best Star Trek film. The only two examples I can think of where third party homages totally surpass in quality and perfect the spirit of the original.
>>131451 Wasteland 1 is fun but hard as balls. People act like Wasteland 2 is bad for some reason, I think they set their expectations way too high. Never played WL3
(1.50 MB 3024x4032 Fallout cookbook.jpg)
Any true Fallout™ fans buy this?
(654.63 KB 700x700 [12 years intensifies].png)
>>133701 >Fallout 1 parodied post-war American consumerism >Beth took it unironically as a celebration of 50's America >Fallout is now a self-parody
>>129669 You fuck off, that shit is clean.
(120.49 KB 960x956 1571262313455.jpg)
>What are you playing? Toddout 76 because of the free week >Build? Power armor heavy guns >Favorite weapons/dlc/quest/waifu? Survivalist's Rifle or A Light Shining in Darkness Dead Money For Auld Lang Syne or Arizona Killer and it's opposite quests Probably Christine, since Cass is just a whore, Veronica is voiced by Felicia Day, and Lily (thinks she) is your mutant grandma Thoughts? Between a map that isn't 60% water, or inaccessible, having honest to god skill/SPECIAL checks, and the second storyline actually having choices to make, and tangible consequences to those choices, and finally, having a bunch of opposed factions with only one of them ending up unreasonable, impossible retards, I honestly think Toddout 76 is the best RPG bethesda has made since Morrowind. That is when it actually wants to work and doesn't bug the fuck out, of course. Grievances? It's been a bit over 10 years since Obsidian has made an actually good videogame, and I want them specifically to not make a New Vegas 2 or remake. >>133691 I think people are so hard on Wasteland 2 because the first half of the game is really good and shows some real promise, before promptly tumbling down a flight of stairs and never getting back up as soon as the second half starts.

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