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(31.67 KB 513x177 Minecraft_Live_2020_Logo.png)
(702.04 KB 1170x500 Mclive_mobvote_header.png)
MINECON 2020 Anonymous 09/30/2020 (Wed) 19:52:08 Id:a7ef63 No. 117888
Oh fuck me I don't know if I even care about this at all but we've got to do something for the next 30 days while we wait for the fucking civil war to start. THE FAGGOTS AT MOJANG ARE HOSTING AN ONLINE "CONVENTION" ON OCT 3 Are you ready to be forced to choose another single addition where as if they weren't such lazy fucks then they could just implement all three? FUCK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fl5SBgJNwXs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Puk8EeTl8tc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U54zrTLwdWQ
HOLY FUCK MINECRAFT I just want fucking functioning furniture. That's all. We have like 2 mods for them but maybe something new would be nice. At least my magic mods are fun
(80.54 KB 318x408 jeb.png)
>>117894 No furniture. Furniture isn't creative guys. You can have a fucking goat instead.
(1.09 MB 864x861 ClipboardImage.png)
>>117911 I c-c-can't wait for my friendly new cow mob, Microsoft overlords
(43.09 KB 525x429 a drink for you.jpg)
I got a Black Lives Matter! splash at the title screen yesterday.
How old is that dedodated wam kid now?
>>117991 Nearly old enough to vote in the states. Seven years. Assuming he is 10 yrs older, that is 17+.
>>117957 >>118037 What do you expect from a Microsoft game?
(879.07 KB 957x900 3b9.png)
>>117888 >but we've got to do something for the next 30 days while we wait for the fucking civil war to start. What do you mean by this? US civil war or something else?
>>118129 It was in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale mode. It made sense at the start but doing it now when it's mostly a domestic terrorist organization, admitted marxist, the rioters are mostly rich white karens, and even one of the Atlanta organizers used $200,000 in donation for personal use. The only ones supporting BLM at this point are virtue signalers, those ignoring current news about what they're doing and those with severe TDS. They're the same people who said Biden won the debate when he says stuff like "Antifa is an idea" and was protected by Wallace most of the night.
>>118149 Said Modern Warfare reboot glamorized Commie Kurds fighting against mean old Russia, and don't forget the Highway of Death.
>>118141 OP is obviously talking about a supposedly US civil war after Trumpstein gets reelected. It's not going to happen though, even after Niggers start dragging Germoids and Angloids out of their homes by niggers and commies, cuckservatives and lolberts will just pretend like they're just a few bad apples and watch it unfold. >>118149 And yet these companies are still virtue signalling and pretending like the slogan doesn't put niggers on a pedestal like they're the only ones getting murdered and in poverty out there. How can you Americunts even hate spics as much as you do when these fucking pavement apes and kikes pandering to them exist?
>>118151 >The Ruskies did Highway of Death What's funny about that is that the game was released on the same month as Bush Seniors death, which happened the previous year. But then again, CoD has been ZOGbot propaganda since Modern Warfare 2. Infinite Warfare was probably the biggest propaganda piece following Ghosts. Even ignoring all the diversity bullshit, that's tastefully done outside poo in the loo woman, the fucking game is literally nothing but an ad telling you to die for your country and that the enemy is a Bond villain. It was that fucking blatant. Just fucking sad to watch man
>>118162 i need to stop using quick reply Goddamn
Icelodger is a stupid name and would make traveling across ice shit. Mooshroom looks fucking useless besides bee bait. Glowsquid is the only mob in there that looks actually good for the game, fuck everything else. And it might result in a actually decent lighting API for minecraft.
>Recolored cow >Recolored squid >Recolored villager wow guys, so much work goes into this shit
>>118167 >>118168 Funnily enough, most of the mobs here are from minecraft earth and dungeons. There''s no reason for mojang to not add all of them
>>118168 >Recolored villager Actually it's <Recolored pillager
(20.03 KB 916x1200 Cluckshroom.png)
(10.00 KB 1000x600 Purple_Cat.png)
>>118181 And they didn'y even give the choice of things like the endercat or mushroom chicken or all these other mobd. Most of then are just texture changes so there is zero fucking reason they couldn't have added 95% of them in a simple overnight update. Those swedish faggots are the laziest fucking devs in the entire world holy shit.
>>118186 What's aggravating to me is how easy it would be to implement most of these. The entire first row save the Entity is basically fucking recolors of existing mobs. No behavior changes. Easy bitch shit. A couple of these might drop one or two extra things. That's it. Same with the dungeons mobs too. Hopefully someone shits out a fabric mod that just adds all of these to the main game. Minecraft modding has been improving ever since Fabric came out. Best API improvement since the original Forge. Fast and more stable. Maybe one day we can get a small nigcraft server up and running on the latest version, might be fun.
>>118183 Putting aside how autistic you are for knowing that, at least the recolored pillager would be the best choice since it's a new enemy to fight
>>118204 It's probably not the work of implementing them that they don't want to do. It's probably the work of balancing them, or something more nebulous like a desire to not drown out the traditional monsters with a bunch of new variants. Since it is so little physical work to implement them, it's probably not that keeping them from doing it.
(387.94 KB 320x179 TIME_FOR_VACATION.gif)
>>118037 >>118129 I think this just completely dissuaded me from continuing my project to refactor minecraft 1.2.5 with a native mod api. Fuck everything.
>>118429 I don't even blame you anon.
>>118429 Are you the modded server hostfag?
>>118272 >a desire to not drown out the traditional monsters with a bunch of new variants You could have variants spawn by biome, like you only see the yaks in cold biomes, rams at high altitudes, glow squids in jungles etc. Just seems like such an obvious straightforward improvement to the game.
>>118141 Mostly US elections with how unstable a bunch of shit is right now here. Mentally most people are fucked due to many reasons and there is a fear of people breaking depending on who wins the election. I bet nothing is going to happen other than some major riots that would be forgotten after a month.
(791.53 KB 498x280 Thicc Steve Minecraft.gif)
He's In
(117.61 KB 502x404 Chuckle.png)
>>118648 I'm still fucking laughing.
(28.74 KB 450x450 download-10.jpg)
>>118648 >first nigger in smash >it's steve
(8.78 MB 640x360 I Am Done.mp4)
>>118648 >It's real
>>118667 >First nigger in smash is steve No that's Donkey Kong
(1.10 MB 1280x720 AFRO-NAZBOL_GANG.mp4)
>>118731 >Comparing gorillas to niggers Don't insult Gorillas like that you faggot
>>118736 I don't know whether to say this either gayer or dumber than actual nazbol.
I find it really funny that Sakurai knows more about what makes Minecraft Minecraft than the people that made Minecraft Story Mode
(33.72 KB 1238x152 ClipboardImage.png)
>>118037 >>118129 There's even more than that.
>>118667 Ganon, Inkling, Villager.
>>119663 It's sad isnt it? Not just because of that, but because he has to shove unrelated shit into the game. At least he's professional about it all
>>119699 >BIPOC Someone please nuke the USA
>>119773 >see thumbnail with those colors >it's not humanized Fluttershy FML >Someone please nuke the USA Hopefully it'll happen soon. >>119699 How do you strip out the splash screen text again?
>>119773 Specifically California.
>>119789 >How do you strip out the splash screen text again? minecraft.jar/assets/minecraft/texts/splashes.txt IIRC all splashes are seperated by an exclamation point. Bedrock edition uses JSON format.
>>119699 >>>118037 When a shit meme becomes reality.
>we were so distracted over the BLM shit and Trump meeting Corona-chan that we forgot to check out the stream fug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWZIfsaIgtE
(272.71 KB 1158x321 Caves_&_Cliffs.png)
(213.10 KB 700x389 Warden_concept_art.png)
(915.19 KB 1920x1080 Dripstone_caves_concept_art.png)
(1.03 MB 1920x1080 Axolotl_Concept_art.png)
For those who don't care to watch the squid won and the next update is a cave update.
(69.21 KB 477x483 bluepumpkin.png)
>>120621 >half a page of things that can be implemented in a day because it's copy/pasting existing content and renaming/retexturing it >most of the page is things that modders have already implemented so can just be copy/pasted from their mods >only unique things are axolotl, warden (damage sponge that guards candles), copper that oxidizes because who didn't wish they had a building material that gradually turns to shit?
(16.38 KB 300x300 Block_of_Copper.png)
(14.27 KB 300x300 Block_of_Copper_Age_3.png)
>>120637 >because who didn't wish they had a building material that gradually turns to shit? Ideally there will be a way to freeze it at any stage but being that this is Mojang I won't hold my breath. At least the oxidized copper block is really pretty.
>>120621 >lighting rod They stole that from don't starve
>>120621 >Copper is now a resource >But no means to build motors or at least electromagnets from said copper Well that's disappointing. Would be cool if you could build electromagnets in a rail gun configuration to propel iron blocks to ridiculous speeds and cause penetration damage to terrain.
>>120656 Or from Starjew Valley. >>120666 You can't even use it to make copper equipment apparently.
>>120568 It's so fucking mass media appeal bullshit that I missed the old Minecons where Notch would insult those fucking goons and their ginger faggot retard.
we gonna make a server sometime? Or play some other comfy building game?
>>120652 They still suck at texturing too, why is there just a random line going through it? >>120656 They stole it from the gregtech mod. But seriously I don't have a problem with the lightning rod because drawing lightning strikes away from important shit is useful, but less so when lightning doesn't do anything but start fires that extinguish themselves, but lightning rods aren't ever made of copper, because that's expensive and the copper will, surprise surprise, oxidize quickly and it's a soft metal, iron is strong, resilient, and conductive, which is all the more reason it should be used to craft a lightning rod. If they're gonna make copper blocks oxidize, why would the lightning rod be exempt?
>>120685 >They still suck at texturing too, why is there just a random line going through it? I guess they're suppose to be copper metal roofing or something.
(103.11 KB 866x1300 Lightning rod.jpg)
Is that Minecraft competitor in the shitter now? I haven't heard anything about it. >>120621 Oh wow, new fucking mobs and biome details. They've really been slacking on this over the past few years and it's made a lot of the game really barren. >>120656 >>120674 >>120685 >lightning rod >being stolen from another game/mod >as if lightning rods aren't a real thing C'mon anons
>>120711 >minecraft competitor which one? >as if lightning rods aren't a real thing isn't it tradition to say mojang ripped off content from other games/mods? I've never seen one like in that picture though, I've only seen steel poles with a single point used as lightning rods.
>>120748 I think it was called Hytale.
(2.84 KB 125x111 1601741608322s.jpg)
Is minecraft still shit or have they actually made the game enjoyable after all these years?
>>121110 Still shit because performance is ass, because they havent bothered to fix anything. Besides that, 1.4.7 is the last decent moddable version before it became irredeemable to me
>>121110 Still shit, there are still only two bosses, two alternate dimensions with nothing in them, and they have done nothing to improve exploration. One update I recall simply added bees and some honeycomb items. No beehive dimension or boss, just a few items and a new mob.
>>121110 the game is still in the same design direction it was since 1.8.0 beta, so survival mode sucks also redstone is too versatile for my liking now; its not just hardware now, but also software
>>121122 >>121133 >>121156 In other words the game is still shit and they haven't done anything at all to make it worth my pirate and then money. How sad. Has the modding community at least improved the game?
(26.67 KB 281x454 Markcraft.PNG)
>>120680 It would have to be pirate friendly
>>121133 >>121122 >>121162 Now its a different game. performance is okay past 1.13. Latest update made the Nether far more interesting. Lately the modding community has been going through a shitfit of sorts. Forge head is shitstirring and shittalking mods and devs. Dev's don't like the immaturity and have been jumping ship to Fabric. Anyway, what most people get wrong when returning to Minecraft after a few years i the misconception that it's still the same game as a few years back. Sure, some of the core gameplay loop from years of yore remains, but only some. It is not Minecraft. It is whatever crappy sandbox Jeb has wanted to make. It looks, feels, and plays different. Especially after the fuckin 1.13 update holy hell. 1.12 looked like Minecraft but with extra features, 1.13 to 1.16 is dramatically different. Regardless, the average challenge driven anon will not like this game (excluding Modded installs. More on that later.) It's a casual sandbox with cheap challenges. If you don't take it slow, you can take advantage of the exploration "features" and get to the End and back within a hour. This includes a Nether trip, because they added surface ruined Nether portals. Fabric currently has a set of three mods that optimize the game to hell and back. (A magnitude larger than Optifine. An improvement on the level of taking 70 fps to 300-400~ fps without compromising any actual behavior.) In addition, the Fabric loader is more lightweight and a bit more modular (and less intensive) to work with. This makes 1.16.1, in my opinion, the starting point of a very nice hayday for Fabric modding. At this stage, a Fabric modded install will run far faster and more stable (even with 150+ mods) than a vanilla Minecraft or Forge installation. I mention Fabric specifically because there is a host of mods that can improve the game to a very fun state. One of which is Better Nether, Origins, and Immersive Portals. Better Nether does what it says on the tin. Origins let you start in the Nether. Immersive Portals fix portals (allowing you to have multiple portals in one Chunk, generated portals will always match shape of the original portal.) and additionally makes them seamless. (As in Portal style.) Anyway, I went through the mod install process (made easier by Fabric and lately these mod loaders have gotten mod dependency crashes and crashes to be more descriptive.) and found myself having a lot of fun starting in the Nether instead as a Blaze-born before popping out into the over-world and dying because it was raining. (Blazes are weak to water.) >>120680 >>121172 A couple of anons are working on a Maid mod for the latest release of Fabric. It's over on the smugloli minecraft thread. Could ask for a server there since every once in awhile serverfags appear there when theres interest.
>>121082 Isn't that a chink owned game?
>>121272 I have no idea.
>>121259 I had put a server back up several times, but I keep getting cucked by the electric company. Seems like every time I put it back up there's another power outage, at a random time in the day. I have a backup power supply but the battery is dead, and I have to exchange it for a new one but the pandemic fucked that all up.
>>121288 >running a home server for the notorious terrorist known as 8moe Bold move
>>121259 >>121288 I would say if you plan on making a minecraft server, put it on hardcore mod. We could make graves when players die, and stuff like that.That kind of autism would make it a more fun experience then the base game.
>>121133 >No beehive dimension or boss, just a few items and a new mob. <just making random one-off meme items and bosses is creative This is what Terrariafags actually believe.
(65.53 KB 960x798 the_blue_bee.jpg)
>>121304 A giant hornet mini-boss would be nice though. >This is what Terrariafags actually believe. Minecraft could do a whole lot worse than ripping off Terraria. In fact I would encourage them to rip off Terraria in any way thay saw fit. Ideally not 1.4 Terraria.
>>121302 I liked the idea of minecraft in space, with mods to emulate a ss13 experience. Power needed to maintain oxygen, cloning vats to mitigate perma-death but the threat of meteors and sabotage taking out generators and cloning bays, genetic modification, but it would be impossible to have specific roles without writing a mod to add a role system that locks players out of performing certain actions. I had a half implemented method of mobs dropping corpses because I prefer the idea of being able to loot a body instead of a puff of smoke and an item dropping, but that was all without forge.
(206.00 KB 1920x1080 EBixyjnWkAAb6D8.jpg)
(314.29 KB 1920x1080 EaAMuyfXkAA0DCx.jpg)
(356.67 KB 1920x1080 Eak4969WAAIO2EC.jpg)
(255.11 KB 1920x1080 EPdztxKWsAcYPgI.jpg)
>>121272 Yes it is. I been looking into it for the past two years and from what I've seen its better than minecraft in every way, its pretty much minecraft but not shit or minecraft 2 in a way. They even had lively and vibrant oceans before MC even had its aquatic update judging from its announcement trailer with over 50mil views. Just so you know this is what Minecraft could have had the poteintal to be like if it was actually being made by comptetent devs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o77MzDQT1cg Here are some screenshots of the game. It comes out in 2021, but its 100% owned by riot which is owned by tencent therefore its chinkshit. I would pirate it on release but there may be a chance for some sketchy shit to be installed on my computer.
(103.10 KB 717x429 LOL.png)
(90.57 KB 874x813 BLM.PNG)
Speaking of current year modding. LOL
>>121386 When will this shit finally end?
>>121411 When the hard times come that sweep aside the weak men.
>>121386 I feel only hatred and contempt. That second one especially for this: <We're all here to enjoy that same blocky game we all know and cherish, so let's enjoy it all together, without judging others for expressing who they are when their choices don't affect us which roughly translates to >We're here to enjoy this blocky game, except for the trannies who have are here to tell you all they're trannies and you have to accept them or else and this line <when their choices don't affect us roughly translates to >their choice affects you because if you don't support them you'll be kicked out of every community you've ever been a part of and you will be hunted down, have all your personal information exposed, and be perpetually harassed and fired from every job until you or they join the 41% club even the first sentence reads like a cult <some people still don't consider some LGBT members like they should, i.e. as actual people who want to live how they want >some people still have not joined the collective and accepted their tranny overlords as they should, i.e. as their rightful oppressor
>>121386 The ride never ends.
>>121386 >supercoder79 lmao. That's the nigger developing an unofficial version of a certain tech mod, which the own original developer won't even acknowledge due to how shitty said port is. >delicious dishes Haven't heard of it, but it reminds me of Pam's diabeetus bloatfest >no name shining particles mod Don't care. Still, trannies/nogs and mediocrity seems to go hand by hand.
>>121386 Wait, is the first one in Vanilla Minecraft? Or if not, what mod?
>>121577 Never mind that I'm blind
>>121577 >>121569 Even better, it was from Vazkii. All supercoder did was port that tranny guide book mod to fabric. All his mods now contains that message.
>>121679 I was making a reference to his shitty gregtech port to 1.12, Vazkii is a well known faggot who put his own (unskippable) BLM pandering message that made you wait 8 minutes before playing the game in his quark mod. After some backlash and a couple of mods developed specifically to disable said propaganda, he caved in and made it skippable at the cost of being told of how terribly racist and bigoted you are for not caring about an overdosed nog.
>>122067 > Vazkii is a well known faggot who put his own (unskippable) BLM pandering message that made you wait 8 minutes before playing the game in his quark mod. Im suprised that faggot isn't vilified to the point of being another flowerchild/greg just for that retarded stunt. Guess being a tranny lets you get away with everything. > to his shitty gregtech port to 1.12 Which one? the GT6 or the community one?
>>122067 >>122089 Isn't vazkii the dev behind botania that couldn't keep memes out of the instruction book for flower power shit? I don't know what the fuck it is about minecraft that it attracts the most unbearable faggots to mod it.
>>122103 Have you ever considered that certain fans of Minecraft will never reach their growth spurt, even after 5-8 years?
>>122089 The CE. GT6 is being developed by Greg himself, and has an unofficial continuation (GT6U) being worked on by some chinks. >>122103 Yes he is. Some MC modders have some really serious ego issues, vazkii being number 2, and flowerchild number 1. I still remember SirSengir faggy feud against technic pack devs
>>122156 I still think the exploding bee hives was hilarious.
>>122159 Please explain
>>122164 The bee mod author did not want his mods in the technicpack launcher, or there was some other drama about using mods without permission. In his next update, if the mod detected that it was active in technicpack, the beehives in the world would explode.
(27.65 KB 622x568 minecraftchina1.jpg)
(34.63 KB 628x682 minecraftchina2.jpg)
(55.32 KB 1080x371 minecraftchina3.jpg)
Stolen from smug/a/. Chinks are mad at Mojang.
>>122219 >chinks still think they can get people to larp with them
>>122219 I was about to ask if you've ever seen a Chink standing against this bullshit, and then I got reminded that all that did got arrested.
>>122229 >arrested No, they got massacred. Fucking turned into paste by tanks then flushed down the street drains.
>>122334 I wondered why you just said that and then I just looked up Tiannmen Square. Jesus fucking Christ I knew it was a thing but I never knew what happened there. Fuck China and their communist governemnt.
>>122353 >Knew Tiananmen Square is a thing >But didn't know it was about fucking tanks rolling people over How?
>>122356 American education is a travesty. The only two history topics you are lucky to learn about is the civil war and the revolutionary war. That's it. WW1 and WW2 can go fuck itself unless you take German and have to learn the history to understand the current culture. Which is a nonstandard language class that is barely offered past French and Spanish. Maybe ASL. It's a reason why Colleges are so fucked. Schools are headed by propagandist retards who produce a generation of ignorant fuckwads which is then used as a excuse by colleges to produce more communists.
(51.40 KB 745x480 EjmJaYQXYAMfQEz.jpg)
>>122359 We learned about the holocaust and some other parts of world history. We just didn't learn about Tiananmen square nor did I give enough of a shit to look it up until now. >>122359 Schools (colleges) are fucked because retards take retarded classes. Pic related.
>>122359 Schools in many parts of the USA are essentially places for unruly kids to be stashed while their parents work to afford their mortgage, car payments, luxury bills, and college for their older kids. They're increasingly places that teach kids only how to pass state-mandated standardized memorization tests in basic math and English because the higher-ups in them will get kicked out if they can't meet standards. I know one school where P.E. of all things is an elective. Nobody has any workable ideas on how to educate kids with actual skills like critical thinking while also ensuring they're literate. It's like any other major problem in the USA: nobody knows how to fix it, there's no money available to fix it, and if there was money it'd be wasted because nobody would know what to do with it.
>>122359 >American education is a travesty On the subject of public schools, have gone to shit because Clinton, Bush, and Obama all fucked with The Elementary and Secondary Education Act when they reissued it as part of the neoliberal attack on public education. As for colleges, the main issue isn't a communist conspiracy its the fact that tuition isn't being subsidized by the government to the same extent that it used to be; more neoliberalism ironically enough, and when you force people to take out massive loans to get an education you are predisposing them to ideological systems that include free higher education, and there are oddly enough not a lot of conservatives out there that support free higher education. >used as a excuse Sounds like your education was especially bad.
>>122359 >>122363 >Colleges are fucked because retards take retarded classes Yesno. Colleges force retards to take classes they don't need. Classes are usually loaded with bullshit. This is justified by them, by the retarded school system involved. Colleges then get funding, and instead of improving anything for the students, they buy a new swimming pool. Or a gym. Or anything instead of funding or ensuring competent management. Typically is compounded worse by the fact that if you're taking classes for a practical degree, the shit you learn will be years out of date. Meaning companies will have to train new hires anyways. Meanwhile technical schools get so successful because they teach the degree and nothing else. Community colleges can get within the ballpark (but not similar) in terms of results. Either way with murican history classes, you have a fat chance to learn about the french revolution, about anything before the 1500s (lol. Maybe Christopher Columbus, but you'll only get about how racist he was. Not about how retarded he actually was.), WW1, or anything about WW2 that wasn't the holocaust. That's the conditional- you might learn a little about WW2, but I guarantee in mutt schools the holohoax takes the center picture.
>>122367 Schools fail because they don't teach you to learn, they teach you to memorize facts so you can pass test so you learn to pass next test. They are also vicious propaganda machines.
>>122382 Yea, I didn't mention the actual teaching method involved. I'm more talking about what they teach is insufficient and poorly structured. The actual teaching methods is exactly what you say. Completely memorization based. >>122366 >used as an* excuse Fuck off I try my best.
>>122366 >neoliberal there is no such thing
Terms like neoliberals are just Trotsky terms to excuse socialists and leftists bullshit. The new America are a combination of liberalism and socialism working together.
>>122391 >The new America are a combination of liberalism and socialism working together First and foremost, are or is? Is English not your first language? Second, if they are working together then why is it that Obama care, one of the most recent socialist policy to be successfully introduced has been under constant attack from neoliberal politicians and think tanks? If they are working together then why is there a vitriolic push to repel Obama care? More importantly, how can policies that rely on wealth redistribution via taxes for funding work together with policies that opposed the very notion of taxes? >>122383 >I try my best. Are you two fucking Russian or something?
>>122402 >repel repeal
>>122402 >opposed oppose
(15.38 KB 158x251 6.png)
>>122405 >>122404 >>122402 >Shitting on others because of language errors >Isn't any better himself.
>>122410 So thats all you can critique my argument about? My overreliance on spellcheck?
>>122218 Oh, that's not even the best part. All of the bee species were renamed really melodramatic things like "vengeful bee". It was quite blatantly a temper tantrum in mod update form.
(26.09 KB 680x362 mc (3).jpg)
(32.22 KB 363x572 minecraft (3).png)
(234.60 KB 1280x930 Minecraft (19).jpg)
To be honest I don't even enjoy minecraft anymore. I'm so fucking sick of the game just looking and it or thinking about it drains my mind and soul. I'd rather talk about anything thats not minecraft in this thread. The last time I even played the game I was on SalC1's server where he found the pack.png or some shit and all I did was walk around, shitpost and make fun of some dumbass horny kids ERP'ng in the public chat. I hardly even had the energy and enthusiasm to do anything else.
>>122430 >To be honest I don't even enjoy You mean like everyone else in this thread?
(211.72 KB 400x400 1443791591842.png)
>>122436 I was really excited for Hytale which I described in my post >>/v/121335 But around over a year after its development was made public (Early this year I believe) RIOT Games (Tencent) decided to buy the studio out completely making the game 100% chink owned. It killed any hopes I had for getting the game. So much things I love and look forward to in life end up being shit or taken away from me outright I'm looking at you CubeWorld. At least I still have Dragon Quest Builders although I beat them both over a year ago and have no reason to play them anymore. But you know which game is ALWAYS fun and never fucking dissapoints? Mother fucking Terraria. Is tmodloader updated for 1.4 now?
(86.91 KB 1920x1080 zamassmug.jpg)
>>122422 >Critique your argument >Never made a conflicting argument, just said some things and called out writing errors while making writing errors himself. Good one. >>122464 There is beta versions but it's not done yet. There was talks of waiting for 1.4.1, which is supposedly the final build anyways. Terr aria modding looks cleaner even though mods really hammer home the inventory problem. Makes shit like that smart storage mod required.
(60.97 KB 1242x1130 oops.jpg)
>>117888 I kinda gave up on Minecraft ages ago due to the following. >Be on a server where you can not build on land claimed by another player. >OK cool, claim my little bit build a farm. >Some fucker somehow claimed on 1/4 of my farm. >Stole a shit ton of wheat. >Dumb bastard built a mine all the way back to his base. >I fucking follow it. >He had a treehouse. >Cant mine on someones land so he thought he was safe. >Fucking wrong. >Fire still spreads in the surrounding area. >I set fire to the the surrounding woods. >Burns his base down. >I'm like get fucked faggot. >Fag reports me. >Mods are like do not care. >Five minuets later some random kid is crying his wooden fort is burning down. >He built it not far from the faggot wheat thief. >yeah
>>122495 You did nothing wrong >try to be comfy >shitter circumvents the rules >you exact revenge in a direct and meaningful way If some other faggot got set on fire too, its likely that treenigger set up a tunnel to their base to fuck with them too. How could you know this?
>>122502 I am normally cold as fuck when dealing with other people in games but when a little kid starts sniffling on chat and I know I am going to get shit for this I just feel fucking bad. That kid did nothing to me Anon. I did leave the kid a shit ton of diamonds before I fucked off though.
>>122504 Anon, just because he suffered as a consequence of your actions doesn't mean you are responsible for what happened. You didnt build a wooden tunnel to his base, treenigger did.
>>122518 No anon the tunnel was no where near the kid. The kid was in the middle of the woods and I could not see his place. When I burnt down tree niggers place I accidentally burnt down his as well as the fire spread through the trees. I went fucking ballistic over wheat without thinking and I think I might have burned down more than the kids place as well as a lot of WTF and ??? appeared in the chat around that time. Anon I think I am just Aqua tier dumb when it comes to online games.
(22.51 KB 450x347 DOtdX97W0AIyldw.jpg)
(863.65 KB 426x240 blyat.mp4)
>>122522 Who gives a shit about some dumb ass faggot kids house? Burn em all down for all I care, seeing kids cry over their vitrual legos is fucking hilarious. He can just build another one in like 10 minutes anyways its just a videogame.
>>122522 They both learned the hard way to build fire proof bases then. But I understand, making people feel bad makes me feel like shit. Reading stories of kids who's parents deleted their minecraft worlds to punish them and other insane shit makes me want to gouge their nigger brain eyes out. Though I doubt a single base burning down on a server would bother a kid that much unless it was his first ever time playing the game.
(30.75 KB 400x400 byleth.jpg)
>>122528 Oh for fucks sake it was probably the kids first ever foray into online games and I wrecked his shit accidentally.
>>122534 Even if it was reading stories about malicious parents that have deleted minecraft worlds kids showed off to them proudly to punish them makes anything you or I might have done to accidentally upset them pale in comparison. There's real evil in the world to direct your hatred towards, best not to direct it at yourself for mistakes.
>>122522 >>122534 Look, it's a silly video game. You did not irreparably harm the kid or fuck his life. He more than likely got over it and built something else. May have even taught him a valuable life lesson that shit sometimes happens that you just can't help and you just have to learn to move on. It's a lesson you sound like you might still have to learn, as well.
>>122561 Children, though, are pretty much defined by not having the ability to reflect maturely on things like this. Hopefully the kid had a parent who could help him understand that.
Why the fuck are you autists taking a childrens block game so damn seriously jesus christ.
>>122495 Did you offer to help rebuild his fort?
>>122567 Minecraft is a little unique in that it's often used as a form of self expression for kids rather than being a run of the mill game. A kid having their neat little creation destroyed is sad. It's not a big deal in the case of a single house burning down, even if a kid threw a tantrum over it which I doubt they did. But a kids world getting deleted by their parents is like having your mother burn a painting you made at school and showed off to her. I think getting over happenstance burning down your base on a multiplayer server is to be expected from a child, which is why anon shouldn't be concerned with it. But betrayal from your parents through them destroying your artistic creations even if they're in minecraft is worth putting a bullet in their heads. They lack the empathy to be considered humans and so they should be put down.
>>122573 Don't delete kids shit no shit but why are you guys taking burning a kids house down so seriously? Griefing is part and parcel a part of minecraft you guys are acting like as if its something new. >>122569 He gave him diamonds and left learn how to read.
>>122573 You were sounding very rational there until you started implying that it's okay for children to shoot their parents if they think that their parents are disrespecting their artistic expressions (read: things made in a video game). It's pretty fucked up to equate "parent doesn't understand child's artistic expression" and "parent (read: guardian and provider) is a soulless husk whose death should be welcomed." I'm guessing you're still mad that your dad burned your Twilight poetry, but he almost certainly thought he was doing it for your own good, anon. >>122580 Remember that griefing may actually be new to the kid who had his shit burned. It's entirely possible that this was the kid's first exposure to it even if it's been going on forever in the game. Very few children have thick skin. That's not a reason to coddle them, but children need to have adults (their parents, not us) help them understand new experiences like a person turning something they worked hours on into dust. The kid can build another sand castle, yes, but kids are stupid, impulsive, and impressionable, and he may very well never realize that on his own.
>>122580 Everyone is saying that Anon shouldn't be upset from accidentally burning down a kids house though. No one is taking it very seriously at all. >>122583 >You were sounding very rational there until you started implying that it's okay for children to shoot their parents if they think that their parents are disrespecting their artistic expressions (read: things made in a video game). If I spent months making a painting and showed it off to my parents, and as a punishment for not doing homework or some stupid shit they burned it in a fire without warning they would no longer be considered humans and an individual would be entirely justified in dispatching them from this reality. Lacking that much empathy makes them a legitimate risk to society. >I'm guessing you're still mad that your dad burned your Twilight poetry, but he almost certainly thought he was doing it for your own good, anon. It isn't projection. I've never even created anything worthy of giving a shit whether or not it was destroyed, and my parents aren't sociopaths so they wouldn't do it to begin with. I could go try to find the exact story I'm referencing and maybe the context of how fucking retarded it was will help you understand why some of these people deserve to be swiftly shot and killed. Keeping these kinds of degenerates alive because the contrast sounds spooky is what has made this world so filled with misery.
(66.97 KB 978x344 mc.png)
>>122587 >Destroying a canvas covered in paint warrants execution You think like a nigger
>>122593 Being a degenerate sociopath warrants execution. You're fixating on the object rather than what destroying the object represents. The object could be a pebble collected on the side of the road and getting rid of it would still warrant an execution if the parent was well aware of how much it meant to the child. Actively choosing to emotionally scar a child through inept and ineffective punishments makes you a subhuman. You clearly don't have the faintest clue how niggers actually operate if you think they dish out death based on whether or not the person in question exhibits the appropriate degree of empathy towards their children.
>>122588 Well that's quite disconcerting. Less so because of the act itself and more so because of the trivial nature of the "infraction" and because the parent can't understand what it did was wrong.
>>122566 Children reflect on these events later in life. As a kid I got scammed and murdered for my items in Runescape all the time, which taught me to be careful around strangers online and vet who I trust. I'm not going to advocate the bullying of children, but it's important that they learn these things early so they don't get scammed out of real world money and objects.
(81.99 KB 780x585 what-the-fuck-am-I-reading.jpg)
>>122587 >There was a post about how an Anon felt bad about accidentally ruining a kids Minecraft fort and feeling bad about it. >Some random TOR nigger takes shit too far and contemplates what chain of events could justify an Anon killing their own parents. >TOR nigger's justification would be his parents burned his scribbles.
>>122612 To be fair, what kind of lesson can you learn as a kid after having your autism fort burnt down in an unrelated accident between 2 people
>>122644 Bad stuff happens even to bystanders
>>122644 To build in a different dimension than the rest of the chucklefucks on the server. If it were Terraria the lesson would be to always carry an unreal sniper rifle loaded with explosive bullets.
>>119773 >not toy chica
(842.33 KB 326x240 everyone was harmed.gif)
>>122588 That parent sounds retarded as fuck, to the point where I'm wondering if the story itself is even real. I don't have kids, but I don't think "waking up early means I won't piss off my old farts" is any better than "waking up late will make me waste my time". The whole idea of waking up early when you don't have any obligations is to actually put your time to good use, rather than doing it because "mom said so", and then idling until lunchtime. What is a 9yo kid whose school has ben cancelled supposed to do? Play even more brown brix? Pretty sure this kind of parent won't even allow him to go outside and play due to muh kung flu.
>>122588 my money's on roastbeast mother
>>122588 Reading shit like this makes me so thankful for my non-retarded parents. Deleting a kid's main Minecraft world is fucking cruel, akin to burning a sketchbook or smashing their lego collection. And for something as trivial as sleeping in while school is cancelled... unreal overreaction by the parent. Given that the post doesn't even mention a husband and the writing style sounds like a woman, I'm going to guess "hysterical single mother". God help that poor child.
>>122952 >read as my money's on a rollercoaster monster >wonder what the fuck thread I was reading Guess I'm retarded
>>118153 >How can you Americunts even hate spics as much as you do They are the biggest demographic problem in America. >>118162 Not just die for your country, but someone else's. Also that torture is a-OK to use on people, gotta normalize that post-gitmo war crime streak. >>122901 >be kid in 2020 >don't go outside you'll get wuflu >don't go outside The best part is that it's only going to get worse.
(27.53 KB 1108x150 1.17_copper.png)
>>120637 Good news.
>>126458 oh boy now we can make the statue of liberty!
>>124142 >Not just die for your country, but someone else's Source?
>>126458 But w h y t h o u g h? Why have the copper blocks oxidize at all, and then make it require more work to stop them from oxidizing if they're purely cosmetic in function? All it does is make it annoying to use them as a building material, and it's not like they're breaking new ground with blocks that change because grass/mycelium blocks already update after so many ticks. There's seriously such a lack of direction with anything added to minecraft.
(510.99 KB 1920x1019 factory blocks.png)
>>126458 I wish copper was used more in making industrial blocks like those in the chisel mod. But no, minecraft needs to have fewer options because the game needs to be simple for some reason
>>126498 >There's seriously such a lack of direction with anything added to minecraft. Blame jeb. I sure do.
Anybody here actually play minecraft I wanna play the game with people in my world that say more than "hmm" and try to scam me out of emeralds
>>127433 Back in old 8/v/ and /vg/ there were serbs up and running. We even had a (short-lived) modded 1.12.2 serb I think. Also, there was an anon developing a proper modpack for an 8ch modded serb, but he disappeared before summer. After that, I myself started making my own pack, intended to share and maybe even play it with local anons, but I only work on it from time to time due to the sheer amounts of autism involved into making a good pack and the ever-growing checklist of tasks still pending, so its gonna take a long while. If you want to play with anons, go on and make your own serb, maybe even make a dedicated minecrap bread while you are at it.
(155.54 KB 1160x629 aipac.jpg)
>>127433 >>127455 There is a modded 1.15 server over on smug. If you want a CAKE exclusive modpack it wouldn't be hard to shit out a decent Fabric modpack. Usually the 'hardest' part with these things is making it work on piratefag systems.
>>126498 >There's seriously such a lack of direction with anything added to minecraft. I blame 1.8 for shifting the focus to exploration and survival which is the path it's been on ever since. Their focus from the start should've been better mining (more underground content and variety, better cave generation, more ores etc.) and better crafting (an actual tech tree, expanded agriculture, more decorative options etc.)
>>127750 I wish the game had added exploration and survival but there's nothing to explore because there's nothing special to look for not even by random happenstance because they have improved the world gen to the point where it's boring. There's nothing to survive either because they have steadily made it easier and easier to obtain food and you can sleep anywhere and avoid the few meager challenges that the game has. To feel challenged at all I have to make a single biome world and play on that.
>>129236 Exploration can't exist in a randomly generated world and focus on survival is pointless if there is no set time to survive. It will just become tedious and boring. >>127750 I completely agree. I'm also unsure whether half slabs and stairs where the right direction. Switching to 1/8 blocks with a button for certain blocks would have allowed for a lot more creative freedom and not wasted as much inventory space.
>>129333 >exploration cant exist Glacier seed and FLAOT come to mind. Though in a different vein, exploration only matters if theres context to make it worth it. As it is there is nothing worth finding. Changing the game to have more items, stats, materials, adding more structures, would help with that sort of thing.
>>118181 I was thinking, why not dump all that into the main game? Mobs and blocks etc.
>>129336 And you need to find back to where you're building. Compasses really suck. They always point to 0 0. What if you're not building there? How will you find back? Kill yourself? What if you slept in a bed on the way and thus changed your spawn? What if you carried a bed with you and slept in it and picked it up again? I always used F3 to orient myself when I played that game. Fucking retarded. They should have just added waypoints. Maps are also useless. What use is a finite map in an infinite world? It would also help if the terrain didn't look so generic now. While the amount of terrain types increased their size also increased and the differences between equal terrain types decreased. >more items I agree. >more stats I disagree. If you mean stats like in potion stats and enchanting stats than no. If you mean player stats then maybe. >materials Again, why? Minecraft lives from it's roughness. >adding more structures No prebuild shit. It ruined the entire game. The first thing players do now is looking for a village to raid and to expoit trading with villagers. Trading with NPCs is a bad idea in general as it removes scarcity. And what happened to gold anyway? Is there any purpose left in it? Minecarts were really cool but they ruined it with horses. They should have made the minecarts faster or made something that makes them faster like superpowerrails. Wouldn't that be cool? Horses shouldn't be much faster than walking or you don't have to build infrastructure anymore and just pick your bananas from the tree like a nigger. Back in the day there was a mod you could use to make custom boats and planes and so on with a control block. That was also cool. Good design in general. Like LEGO.
Radioactivity, nuclear power, industrial stuff etc was also a really nice idea.
>>118673 >that mp4 >he realises it now >not aeons ago like 2010
>>129351 Industrialization / tech progression fits the game so much better than the light RPG elements introduced in the Adventure Update. The end goal should have been something like building a spaceship or a nuclear warhead, and you'd have to build up to it from the stone age.
>>129350 I really liked the way bibliocraft handled maps and compasses, you could set your compass to a position anywhere and it would always point that way, then you could take your map, frame it, and click it with the compass to put a tack on it in that location, it made for actually useful navigation. I agree that horses really killed minecarts, there's literally no reason to use minecarts any more because between the cart and the rails you use so much iron, when now you can just get a horse or a pack mule and it's quicker and cheaper to transport everything. I remember when furnace carts were first added and I thought "oh fuck yes I never have to walk again!" and it was actually so weak that it would fail to push an empty cart up a slope after a while. Now there's hoppers and chest carts where you could in fact automate sending resources out of a mine to be deposited, but if you already had the resources to set all that up then you didn't need to do that in first place, because there's nothing else to do with those resources so you may as well just build a rollercoaster. It's annoying that there's so little to actually use resources for other than building useless shit like automation that you don't need once you have the resources to automate anything. The problem with traveling by cart is that loading terrain takes so long that you'll end up falling into the void after a while, which seems stupid because back when modders had to make changes to the server separate from the client, terrain loaded so much faster that continental sized railways were actually feasible.
>>129354 Play terrafirmacraft based packs (PFAA for example if you can run it), or stuff like manufactio or gregtech new horizons. Those are the only "good" tech progression packs that I know of, and by good I mean properly scripted and designed with a clear vision in mind. Avoid FTB memepacks and specially SevTech at all costs. Or wait until my pack is finished, circa 202X :^)
>>129354 And enchanting and potions were absolutely shit in my opinion. What's even the point? Normal swords and bows were already enough to fight monsters.
>>129377 I will happily wait years if you can make a pack that's 1) Properly integrated and doesn't feel bolted together 2) Free of mystical magic dumb shit everywhere 3) Doesn't turn into 200IQ redstone computer science >>129400 I remember before enchants and potions there were a few mods that added stuff like diving helmets (for water breathing) and rubber boots (for fall damage). It seemed like a way more natural way to integrate that stuff into the game, rather than bolting on a useless mechanic.
>>129409 I liked Mystcraft for generating new interesting maps and Runecraft(?) which let you make 5x5 circle glyphs on the ground, mostly as teleport waypoints. Very comfy. >comp shit BC and IC2 basically inspired Factorio good shit
>>129409 Yeah I remember those too. They actually added a water breathing turtle helmet which looks really stupid in the newer versions. >>129409 >>129417 Do you guys remember computercraft? It integrated lua into minecraft and you were able to write scripts with redstone input and output. A lot more sensible than the command blocks Mojang introduced.
>>129417 I think it was called runic dust, which has been revived by another dev I think, but it didn't do much of anything except allow you to make decorative runes on things last I checked. It really seems like innovation in mods has evaporated, like how thaumcraft used to have something like runes and would chunk load the opposite portal where you could actually see through to the other side (which portalgun did but then stopped doing at one point). Would be nice to play some of those old mods/versions again but then there's the problem of stability, lag, some mods I think are just broken because they would phone home to check for updates but break when the github link dies I'm looking at you, Reika.
>>129409 >>129417 Modded tech progression is shit in its own right, but only because the game isn't built around it. >reach "tier 2" >more expensive crafting recipes all around >every mod has a fetish for Iron so theres nothing there >scratch that by tier 3 every vanilla material is going to be extremely scarce >and by tier 4 the mod exclusively uses it's super special materials that have no use past a crafting recipe >by said tier every previous machine is now invalidated and mostly useless It's shit. Crafting materials should be kept to a minimum and if they are exclusively for crafting then they should have a fuckton of shit that require it. Or have one item that doesn't need to be mass produced like armor or something. Industrialcraft, Industrial foregoing, and to a lesser extent of Mekanism, are mods that mostly do well on this front, requiring reasonable amounts of materials, integrating with vanilla, and not having truly ridiculous (and useless) materials in the endgame. Gets worse in non-curated tech/magic modpacks because you're floating around about a dozen or so modded resources that are used in relatively small or specialized capacities. In some circumstances the mod devs wish for you to actually invest in automation and they force a playstyle. I will never understand modpack devs that add Twilight Forest and something like gay ass Astromine in the same damn pack. They're mods that gear the user experience towards two very different playstyles and trying both will never jive. I mentioned Mekanism and I'm honestly upset at Mekanism for being "ruined" by not adhering to the KISS principal. Generally Minecraft design adheres to that, and the best mods usually also adhere to that. Every mod that I dislike I've found generally turns Minecraft into something it isn't by ruining that principal. Mekanism for doing the tech mod sin of increasingly expensive and rarely needed crafting materials, Astromine by requiring every process to be eventually automated for autism tiers in a game that is absolutely not Factorio, and so on. Industrialcraft should've been the gold standard for tech mods, but they all go on their own progression autism that without a modpack codefagging tying shit together doesn't even jive with vanilla. Magic mods have it worse though, except for Thaumcraft a fat chunk of them are just tech mods with crafting recipes that make them a pain to work with. Even worse in any sort of progression based modpack. The best magic mods are those without tiers, streamline shit, or are research to gimmicks mods.
>>129426 I remember computercraft vaguely, but "we added lua support with a block" is a probably a little too sterile and unimmersive for a game like this one, so they had to of course implement an obscure and less functional derivative.
>>129336 If it were like an actual 3D graphical version of Dwarf Fortress and the game spent an hour generating other civilizations and cities and ruins then it would be enjoyable to explore.
(228.15 KB 500x333 monke.gif)
Just for shits and giggles, I decided to open my eclipse workspace to look at minecraft's old code again and refresh my memory of what I changed before I stopped working on it. I remembered I had changed wool to only use one grayscale texture and added opengl calls for applying color on render, which required modifying sheep to drop my own wool implementation and changing sheep's coloring code, which also required modifying village structures to use my wool for lamp posts. Also added a single hashmap to determine what items any block drops, but it requires painstakingly weeding out the existing code of every block added to it. Added a single ore block class so ores are all on one ID but use metadata to determine their type (gold, iron, diamond, coal, lapis), and fixed the naming of different types of leaves and wood because they used the same generic "wood" and "leaves" in this version. Then I figured out where I stopped, furnace recipes. My implementation of ore wouldn't smelt, "no problem" I thought, I'll just go into the craftingmanager class and... oh, furnace recipes aren't in the crafting manager, oh there's a class called furnacerecipes this should be it. Sure enough there's a function to put item to be smelted and resulting itemstack into a hashmap, oh wait, none of these items have metadata, I'll try changing the function to include a 3rd parameter for metadata, oh wait now it's all broken, I would have to rewrite this and several other classes to be able to handle input items with metadata.
I wish Minecraft additions weren't so fucking retarded. The closest thing to a good update that I can recall is the addition of two hands and making effective farming harder to do so that you aren't immediately settled on food within a couple ingame days. They really ought to just take cues from modpacks and add shit like thirst bars and packpacks. The more practical shit you add to Minecraft, the more fun it gets 'cause you can actually DO MORE and have more shit to manage. The Twitch launcher is good at letting you make your own modpacks, and lets me play what's probably the best version of Minecraft that's never been officially made.
(294.32 KB 1280x1436 the_Game.jpg)
>>133926 Apparently I missed my own comment explaining I copied how furnace recipes are stored to implemented the method for defining block drops. Still no idea how I could implement a new method for smelting blocks with metadata, since furnace recipes are added to a hashmap as an integer value of the block ID (key), and the ItemStack to return (value). BUT I can't figure out how it's even handling the itemstacks in the tile entity. All I can figure out thus far is that stacks in the furnace slots are all stored in a list named furnaceItemStacks[] where furnaceItemStacks[1] is the fuel stack, furnaceItemStacks[0] is the input stack, and furnaceItemStacks[2] is the output stack, where it first checks if input is null, then gets the smelting result from the list created under the furnace recipes class which is cast to an ItemStack, then it checks if the itemstack is null, then it checks if the output stack is null, then it checks if the output stack's item is equal to the itemstack, then it checks the stack size of the output item is less than the inventory stack limit as well as the stack size is less than the max stack size of the item, then it finally returns furnaceItemStacks[2].stacksize < itemstack.getMaxStackSize() this is just the function that checks if the furnace is capable of smelting, it hasn't done anything yet then it creates the ItemStack as it did before by getting the smelting result, then it checks if the output stack is null and copies the ItemStack to furnaceItemStack[2], ELSE if the outputstack itemID equals the ItemStack itemID it increases the stack size by 1 in the output stack then it decrements the input stack size and finally checks if the input stack size is less than or equal to 0 and it sets the input stack to null I still don't understand how it gets the input item.
>>134157 Well, I almost feel smart. Through much fidgeting I worked in a method to the furnace tile entity that checks if the item being smelted has subtypes (meta) and gets the correct itemstack result from a second hashmap. The problem with this is that if there are more things with different smelting recipes based on subtype, then there will need to be another hashmap added, unless I can store more than one key:pair value in a hashmap more like a dictionary or even json format, which would make more sense. In any case, this shit is too complicated.
(92.70 KB 854x480 2020-10-24_18.36.32.png)
(98.50 KB 854x480 2020-10-24_18.37.35.png)
>>134583 I don't even know what I'm doing any more.
(249.15 KB 854x480 2020-10-24_18.47.53.png)
(303.71 KB 854x480 2020-10-24_21.57.19.png)
(218.28 KB 854x480 2020-10-24_22.13.12.png)
(410.43 KB 854x480 2020-10-24_22.24.13.png)
(237.32 KB 854x480 2020-10-24_22.30.48.png)
>>134696 Well this has been a complete waste of my time.
>>134856 >been a complete waste of my time Well you've gotten the full Minecraft experience then.
A fat chunk of what you've done has been officially done in the 1.13 update and with datapacks. I guess for a earlier version it might be nice but you'd probably be better off taking the latest version and then just backporting/removing features rather than adding in optimizations and shit from later versions.
>>134948 meant in response to >>134856
>>134948 Yeah I knew about the datapacks thing, but the last good version in my opinion is 1.2.5 since it was fast and could still run on anything, and while the downside is that changes had to be made to both client and server code, single player was still efficient for not running a local server. It's no wonder that forge became popular, it had to have been easier than deciphering everything yourself. In those last two posts I was trying to recreate this feature from an april fool's update where you could feed animals and they'd get bigger until eventually they exploded. Well, that's a hell of a lot harder than you'd think, I spent hours looking through classes that extended other classes, that extended other classes that extended other classes etc etc and abstract classes that maybe did 1 thing. Worked by way backwards from EntityCow which extended EntityAnimal which extended EntityLiving which extended Entity to add a variable for how overfed the animal was, then looked at ModelCow which extended ModelQuadraped which extended ModelBase, trying to figure out how the hell the size of the model was handled, and eventually ended up copying code from ModelChicken because it had method overrides to rendering chickens if the boolean "isChild" was true, but spent a while tweaking it because I don't understand the GL calls it was making to change the size of each part of the model. Since every part of the models are individual boxes, you have to change the rendering on every part if you want to make a model bigger or smaller, but if you just want to resize one part of a model you end up having to run GL calls to push/pop from the model matrix I guess, which is why baby mobs always have heads bigger than the rest of their body. I also ran the issue of parts of the models rotating, as you can see in that one image, or being rendered far away from the rest of the animal. Then the problem is that the hitbox isn't tied to the model size in any way, so if you want to make mobs bigger or smaller you then have to make changes to the hitbox wherever that might be defined.
>>121335 >It comes out in 2021, but its 100% owned by riot I thought they used their own money initially then a few months or later they announced tencent gave them a fuckton of money but they were still in control 100%. Also last i heard the game still has no confirmed release estimate. Could be misremembering or new info came out that I'm unaware of. Game is still looking to be good. Is there an easy way to make a server? This shit is pants on head retarded difficult. I also haven't played in years is there a good video or info-graphic on the new shit? And why do we not have a server are any of the old servers still active? I never joined.
>>121484 good post. saved
>>135000 Regardless of what a company claims installing proprietary software on your computer that was funded by the CCP is pants on head retarded.
>>122588 i hope they get cancer and then survive chemotherapy and then die by falling down the stairs i hope they break their brittle bones and the fragments cut into their internal organs but it's not like a quick death it's a shitty agonizing one like i definitly know they don't objectively deserve that but it's more of a personal thing like a nigger would think the guy who took trayton and made him into traytoff deserves crucifixion
Does anyone think that the cave update and the vertical biomes thing is going to change the game in a substantial way?
>>135023 No, most likely not. All this cave gen and mojang won't add fun tools to traverse and explore it. >have a giant cavern with a very high ceiling and varied terrain <you need an elytra from the end to traverse it properly. >Theres a steep wall blocking my path in the big caves <No grappling hooks or even climbing gear to go use. >flooded caves are now part of normal cave gen <no diving suit to help, the only gear to help with it is endgame enchanting, by that time most players wont even bother with caves >add cave biomes <just run in get some shulk sensors and then get out of the ♂ deep ♂ dark ♂ caves >add copper ore <no bronze tools to bridge the gap between diamond and iron. Instead have some copper blocks which looks like shit over time
>>135011 I thought the game was coming out on steam but probably not. I feel like the game won't have much for DRM and pirate severs won't be an issue. At least the twitter and their site hasn't supported BLM.
>>134985 Oh I forgot a detail here, while the overfed variable is only ever changed by interacting with an animal entity as you feed it wheat, the variable is not saved when you leave the world. So while it made testing it easier after changing anything, it would never be a permanent alteration. I have no idea how information like that is saved, since obviously it remembers if animals are babies or not.
>>135000 They announced in one of their blogposts that they had a buyout or some shit and since then they were completely owned by riot games. >>135069 I have no fucking clue about the game being on steam or DRM but the lead dev (Noxy) retweeted a guy who donated 10k to BLM who did it because he "didn't know about the struggles of black people". I don't think that guy knows about black people much at all or what kinds of people he was really giving his money to. What a poor (but also rich) son of a bitch. >>135023 Anything Mojang adds to the game Modders already done it and most likely done it even better than Mojang ever would.
>>135041 It's pretty insane how some simple additions would end up affecting the game so positively. >>135183 >most likely done better than Mojang ever would Putting too much faith in modders there. Most mods usually feel pretty disconnected from things and even vanilla. Vanilla+ type mods really are the way to go. >>135178 Just pointing it out since my cursory dive into Fabric modding for the latest version showed that a lot of shit is offset to datapacks. Anyway, latest performance has been very nice ever since Sodium/Lithium/Phosphor came out, which drags raspberry pi performance of the latest version to around 50 fps from 20. (for comparison.) >Increasing head/hitbox for overfed Yeah that's decently easy with Fabric. It has a mixin library which makes putting shit inside vanilla code much easier. As for models/hitbox unless you find a library for it, it's pretty standard across versions.
(378.88 KB 854x480 2020-10-27_03.42.17.png)
(282.43 KB 854x480 2020-10-27_03.42.24.png)
(368.21 KB 854x480 2020-10-27_03.42.49.png)
>>135178 I finally figured it out, and aside from just looking weird on pigs because they're shorter than other mobs, overfeeding works on cows and sheep and technically pigs, so their midsection enlarges like in the april fools update, after a certain point the heart particles disappear and smoke particles spawn the more you feed them, and eventually they'll just die from explosion damage but it wont damage anything around them. Also realized it was actually easy to save this as nbt data by just adding a new tag to the protected methods for writing/reading nbt to disk, so now extra data persists after close save and reloading it. Now I need to go re-evaluate the choices I've made in my life.
>>135311 Its retarded how mojang is spending time revamping combat mechanics again rather than expanding survival mechanics.
I hope Hytale comes out and completely blows BrownBricks out of the water, I'm sick of how lazy Mojang was with it for years and how the recent updates have mostly been meaningless shit except for the Nether update. >but the Riot purchase! don't care lmao
>>136278 What about Craftopia? The game released in early access to no fanfare at all, and I recall it being one of the more interesting looking games during the very first E3 shows, although I admit that's because it seemed like they put every game into it than anything. I haven't even pirated yet.
>>136232 Oh yeah, I forgot about the absolutely awful json library minecraft uses, that has such barebones documentation that nobody else has ever used it, in anything, ever. The lib is hosted on sourceforge, and their "forum" has barely any posts at all. I can't even make a functional example of json using this lib, where my json is stored as a string: >{ "test": {"0": "Item.ingotGold", "1": "Item.ingotIron"} } I cannot parse this at all, literally cannot extract anything from it, and that's trying to follow any of the example snippets I could find. This is what notch used to store player stats, like number of blocks mined, distance traveled, etc.
>>136278 >how the recent updates have mostly been meaningless shit A lot of changes have been for the worse imao. Hunger is completely pointless since you'll always have enough to eat. There's absolutely no food scarcity and it's not hard to produce more then you'll ever need. The new combat system is also worse than before. I just don't like how it turned into a waiting game. I'd get if there was some fatigue or something but just making less damage if you don't wait x seconds for the next swing is stupid. >>136280 I already made a thread about that. >>136547 It is okay for what it is but not finished and more of a BotW and Satisfactory clone. Sure the ores require the right pickaxe but that's where it stops. Building isn't very mature either. You got some walls and floors and angled walls you can use as stairs and roof parts for two roof sets. Overall it's unfinished and no contender for building games because it's not a building game.
>>136278 >>but the Riot purchase! >>don't care lmao You should because there may be microtransactions for ingame cothing, epic store exclusivity or DRM and a clientside anticheat that spys on your processes is already confirmed. Maybe we can get Russians to pacify that shit like always and play on cracked servers instead.
The Hytale devs have some extreme obsession with cheaters because a lot of them are Hypixel Minecraft server developers.
>>120685 >but less so when lightning doesn't do anything but start fires that extinguish themselves Exactly. It can only occur when it rains. So what's the fucking point of a lightning rod?
Why arent there more minecraft alternatives? Good ones? Ita just a 3D game with blocks how hard could it be
>>137261 1. it isn't, most people who want to be gamedevs are just that shit at it. 2. the few that make the cut are probably too small to get noticed. And Minecraft wasn't just a block game, it was a pretty decent survival game that didn't get to autistic in mechanics, so just about anyone could get into it fine enough, and there mods for in case you wanted to make it more than it already was. For a good Minecraft clone to exist, you'd need to maintain that balance or at least give people a lot of modifiers they can change before world generation. You'd also need to make updates to both major spectrums fairly even, right now the creativefags have completely subsumed the survivalfags, leaving them with barely anything. Creativefags get a bunch of decoration, redstonefags can make their own vidya in Minecraft at this point, survivalfags get a half-decent combat update and some padded out progression (I actually mean that in a good way, since making earlygame items a bit harder to get can make progression more rewarding, even if it's just through adding a bunch of crafting stations and making them more rewarding than the old methods and not phaisng the old methods out completely). That's about it mainly, aside from the padding out of farming it's been the same shit every time for most updates.
>>137271 >>137261 There is Mini World:Block Art for example. Made by Chinese full of microtransactions. Or Stuxel which is a Minecraft farming simulator.
Just tested Mini World and it was pretty shit. First thing that starts up is a "Protection System". Probably anticheat so you can't get stuff they're trying to sell to you. There's custom assets you can download but only 20 a day or you have to pay. Fucking chinks. It even crashed while I scrolled through them. Do not recommend. Fuck the chinks that shilled that mobile garbage on here. It even has the touchscreen controls on the PC version.
Next I'm trying Staxel
>>137333 >It even has the touchscreen controls on the PC version. To play devil's advocate for a moment, that could be used for accessibility, and that some laptops are touchscreens but we all know it's used for mobileshit trash
>>137339 That think ran at 70fps on my machine. It's super trash. worse than minecraft.
>>137261 Try out Blockland which is a 3d block game or wait for Hytale to come out which seems to be the lovechild of Minecraft and Terraria.
(85.54 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Anyone remembers Blockscape? It looked pretty good at first but then the dev ruined the graphics and never added anything so it just stayed a building simulator. I mean you can build very detailed things in it but that's it. There is no game.
>>137354 looks like fucking Roblox.
>>137261 Minecraft's success is its lack of focus, really - it has just enough of everything to appeal to everyone. Terraria has the exploration/combat/boss system down and it's much better than Minecraft's, but I'm a redstonefag so Terraria's not that interesting to me.
(1.35 MB 1920x1040 Staxel.png)
Okay Staxel is a piece of shit too. It seems to take inspiration from gay shit like animal crossing. There's a place where you can buy furniture. You probably buy all kinds of shit after waiting hours for your crops to grow and reading all those worthless NPC text bubbles. Nothing for me.
Anyone know of any mod packs like rlcraft but better for survival?
>>137414 There's 'rebirth of the night' which me and a couple other dudes played. Huge ass exploration focus, makes going around very interesting, also a building focus as well. Has the zombie siege mod which means zombies, spiders, skeletons all work together to break into your base, meaning how you build and what you build affect shit. Main issue is despite the focus and mechanics making the game very comfy it has a wave mechanic which forces you to be stationary and make a fort in the overworld. We tried making a fort in the Aether (annoying because birds would pick at light sources, but otherwise very peaceful and even more comfy) but it just shot us towards the fort in the Overworld instead (that was underdeveloped.) when the wave came. I'd recommend it for the novelty and the near hit of a almost perfect minecraft modpack but some of the mechanics are really retarded and bring it down.
I like the idea of a survival game like Haven and Hearth (or possibly hermit mode Wurm), but once you have a shitty shelter and reliable source of food, there's basically nothing to challenge you
(735.09 KB 768x432 Vintage Story.PNG)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAsc8_Srx-c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqtUW53Ix-M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwXvoBDLuu0 Anyone play Vintage Story? It really focuses on the survival/farming elements. Progression feels slow, but steady if that makes sense. The community is really tight and reminds me of the one that surrounded Minecraft Alpha back in the day. Also, starting on a server mid-winter really gives you an idea of what it's like to be fucking broke while others live in wood and stone manors living off their food reserves. As fun as it is, I don't know if it's worth $15 since it's essentially just well optimized and put together modpack.
(404.64 KB 769x646 roblox (2).png)
(46.44 KB 720x693 roblox (2).jpg)
>>137360 Yeah or you can also play Roblox itself. Anything to whet your appetite for block game autism really. I got reminded of Trove which was a shitter version of Cubeworlds alpha. Don't even think about playing modern cubeworld though, that game is a fucking mistake.
>>138238 >Roblox I fucking loved that program when I was 5 or 6, but it's just had the same kinds of "obbies" and tycoons for years, with some of the best ones just being clones of existing FPS games.
>>138238 >Don't even think about playing modern cubeworld though, that game is a fucking mistake. Yeah I bought Cubeworld when it was in alpha for 15 euros. It was years ago. Can't even remember my login stuff. It didn't get any better. Nothing got added but it's now on steam and you can't log into the site where I originally bought it anymore.
>>138235 Looks nice, I'll try.
>>138235 It was muh. If you got a high framerate monitor it will use up all your GPU power, so uncheck vsync and limit frames. It looks okay but not overwhelming. The mechanics aren't explained in the game at all. I have to check the wiki for every little shit. Apparently there's a handbook but how does that make it any better? Further the items have to be arranged in the exact manner as on the wiki. If you don't put it into the exact fields it won't work. The controls are shit too with every action requiring a keyboard combination involving command or shift. I finally figured out how to make a lighter like tool and logs to staple and set on fire but now I don't know how to set it on fire. 5/10. May sound harsh but it's not even as fun as Minecraft. I'm uninstalling.
>>138296 Understandable, but personally, most of the things you disliked about it are the reasons why I like it. I like that there of things you don't understand that surprise you when they appear (like Minecraft Alpha) and to figure things out you have to use your imagination. >Apparently there's a handbook but how does that make it any better? It gives you guides on each progression tier and the recipe for every item. >Further the items have to be arranged in the exact manner as on the wiki. If you don't put it into the exact fields it won't work. It's definitely missing a lot of QoL features, but I feel that comes with a game in alpha. >The controls are shit too with every action requiring a keyboard combination involving command or shift. There's only one keyboard combination in the game and it's shift+rightclick, which is hardly limited to just this game and doesn't seem that complicated in my humble opinion. >I finally figured out how to make a lighter like tool and logs to staple and set on fire but now I don't know how to set it on fire. If the "shift+rightclick to ignite" message didn't come up you probably did it wrong and didn't make a firepit. >5/10. May sound harsh but it's not even as fun as Minecraft. I'm uninstalling. I'd give it another try because it seems like you really didn't know what you were doing and suffered because of that. Next time I would try playing on a server and not being afraid to ask questions because like I said before, the community is superb. But if you really don't care about second chances, then you can get a total refund before 2 weeks after purchase OR before 10 hours of playtime. https://www.vintagestory.at/refund.html/
>>138322 >shift+rightclick to ignite It did no matter which direction I looked. But all it did is pick up the small campfire logs again.
>>138322 >But if you really don't care about second chances, then you can get a total refund before 2 weeks after purchase OR before 10 hours of playtime. Fellow game developer. I just torrented your game. I don't need to refund shit.
>>138322 Well I also got firewood and paced it down but it stacked in rows and not like a tent as can be seen in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mM9Ine9Tw4 I see what I did wrong. I didn't place down hay but just placed down the firewood. That's why it didn't work.
Still the game has bad performance (GPU-wise). You should fix that.
>>138391 :( >>138419 I'm glad you got it working. >>138421 How so? It runs pretty good on other machines. Are you sure it isn't a problem on your end? Have you updated your drivers recently?
>>138448 >I'm glad you got it working. I already uninstalled it. >How so? It runs pretty good on other machines. It shouldn't use up my entire GPU for running at 144Hz. It's not just the performance. A lot of it seems unpolished. How would anyone figure out you make tools by placing flint on the ground while holding shift? Or placing down hay, so you can stack the firewood on it? Why is the firewood made of logs and hay when you place it down on hay anyway? Coming from Minecraft I thought you'd make wooden tools first. Maybe a tutorial for new players might solve some of those issues. The crafting grid needs a serious overhaul. Minecraft originally didn't feature a crafting book. That's pretty new. It was easy to discover items and blocks because of very simple or repeating schemes. If you have to look up every recipe and put it in in the exact tiles then how is it superior to Minecraft PE's crafting system where you just click the item you want to craft from a list of items you can craft with what you have? Either get your crafting system fixed or switch to the crafting buttons. Further in one of the videos I watched I heard that a lot of decorative blocks are uncraftable in survival. If that's still the case you should add recipes for them.
>>138448 Look the game seems to have a lot of nice aspects like SSAO build-in, water shaders, chairs, tables and all that stuff that is missing from minecraft, more realism and other things but if you don't know what to do you're just smashing grass and small stones until you give up and look up every little step on the wiki.
I hope my criticism was helpful and didn't discourage you.
>>138803 >Why is the firewood made of logs and hay when you place it down on hay anyway? That was the firestarter.
>>138803 >>138810 >>138812 >>138820 Thanks for the feedback, I'm writing all this stuff down. I hope you can it try again sometime... maybe with others on a paid account?
>>138322 >>138448 I can't tell if this guy is actually the game dev who tried to act like a Totally Real Anon™ or decided to play along for fun
>>138905 That's some neat fog, and in fact reminded me I hate the whole distance fog thing in minecraft. If there could be something like rolling fog rendered in, that would be pretty cool and spooky, but when it comes to distance I wonder how rendering could have been handled differently. Would minecraft have been better if it could render the furthest chunks around the player as a low-res skybox or even just have a static skybox?
(263.44 KB 854x480 2020-11-03_17.59.57.png)
(453.71 KB 854x480 2020-11-03_18.00.07.png)
Oy vey.
(1.94 MB 667x1000 clouds_that_dont_suck.gif)
>>139502 A lot more can be done with Minecraft weather in general.
>>142050 Wasn't there a mod that simulates clouds and made weather localized? Also tornadoes
>>142231 Yes there was, it could end up being really destructive but it was pretty god damn cool. It was kind of weird though because it was like the weather was always following you, but it was cool to see wind effects.
(6.87 MB 854x480 this_sucks.webm)
This is horrible and I don't know why I'm doing it.
>>143832 Are you going to give the bears a fedora and small, blue, and bitchy too?
>>143832 dobson please ciircuit please
>>143836 Those aren't in 1.2.5. >>143841 I'm not dobson I swear God help us all if I figure out a way to simplify model definitions.
Trying to figure out how to make mobs do like, a shivering animation? Took me down a rabbithole of reading various classes and trying to name the generic variable and function mappings to something coherent. Not sure if it makes more sense to have an AI routine that makes the entity sit idle and change their "look" vector back and forth so the whole entity oscilates around, or have it as a render method that just rotates the render back and forth. Found that the chicken entity has a boolean, and 4 float values that are unnamed and thus make no sense. The unnamed boolean value doesn't seem to be used anywhere except in the public EntityChicken method as the entity is initialized, but it's set to false and this is the only place in the call hierarchy I can find it. The 4 unnamed float values seem to relate to rendering wing rotation, only 2 are initialized as 0.0F and 0.1F, let's call them value A and B, in the update override method for the entity, it sets value C = A, then it sets value D = destPos which was initially set as 0.0F destPos is incremented by (double)(onGround ? -1 : 4) * 0.29999999999999999D if destPos is < 0.0F then destPos = 0.0F if destPos is > 1.0F then destPos = 1.0F if onGround is false and value B is < 1.0F then B = 1.0F then it multiplies B by 0.90000000000000002D then it increments A by B * 2.0F in the RenderChicken class it uses value A, C, and D, casting to two float values f = C + (A - C) * inputvalue f1 = D + (destPos - D) * inputvalue and returns (sin(f) + 1.0F) * f1 this is handed off to the doRenderLiving method in the RenderLiving class which goes into opengl calls that I don't understand All of this tells me nothing, I have no idea how the tamed wolf even sits down, I can't find the code responsible for it.
>>143832 Can you replace the villager noises with the jew voiceclips from angry goy 2?
(3.43 MB 854x480 lucky_plucker.webm)
>>144365 Why have I done this?
(350.98 KB 854x480 2020-11-10_01.36.48.png)
>>148390 and just like that I figured out how to scale an entire entity, but I'm not sure if the hitbox scales with it
>>148525 Okay, so finally figured out that the setSize() method is for changing the collision box for entities. So just to test this, overfeeding a chicken makes it gradually grow larger, normally it should be able to walk through a 1 block space, so I made a 1 block tunnel from a fenced in area, and it follows the player holding the wheat, so it follows through the tunnel until it gets to a certain size and then will not follow the player because setSize has increased the collision box to be greater than the 1 block space, but can still fit through a 2x1 block space. It seems like there's still some factor I missed though, because when the entity walks into a wall it takes damage, so the collision box is bigger, the render has scaled up, but it ends up clipping into walls just enough to get hurt.
(231.85 KB 854x480 2020-11-12_01.26.47.png)
(232.04 KB 854x480 2020-11-12_01.26.48.png)
>>149841 Again I must ask myself, why did I do this? I think maybe I'll fuck around with changing how zombies spawn because I think I've exhausted my stupid ideas with this.
>>150783 Just for shits and giggles I made it so chickens without any feathers fall at the same rate of any other animal and die to fall damage.
>>150799 Now make it so that each stack of feathers you have lowers your fall speed by 5%
(6.37 MB 854x480 slowfall.webm)
>>150800 That was actually easier than I thought it would be. First had to figure out how to check if the player is holding a specific item, then had to figure out how to count all of that item in the player's inventory which was a matter of iterating over every inventory slot, if the slot isn't null and if the stack id matched feathers, then increment a double value by the stack size, then divide the double by 64 to get a close value of the number of stacks, divide again by 10 to shift the decimal point and then subtract that value from 1.0 to create the value multiplied to the motionY value to slow the player's fall speed.
>>150846 berry cool anon, great job
I'm supprised no one is talking about how Microsoft is making you have to use their shitty accounts to play Minecraft past 2020.
>>150904 Even for the java version?
>>150981 Yes, they made an announcment of this several weeks ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9cqIwrgz7w
>>150904 >>151217 RIP Minecraft.
>>151217 This makes me more curious as to how I could get away with distributing my modified version... I still haven't gotten to modifying the server code though, my changes are only client-side.
>>151340 >>151310 >>151217 >tfw now have to answer computer phone calls on my landline phone to play Minecraft Hytale can't be developed fast enough. I hope the chinks don't do put some extreme DRM on it or overdo it with the clientside anti-cheat they already announced. We already know that mods outside of what's possible in their custom content framework won't be allowed.
>look, all your freedoms are now gone >no location verification that tells us where you are, no Minecraft for you >but you'll get a free cape Are you fucking serious? A cape? I could have just donated to Optifine years ago if I wanted one or installed a mod.
>>151379 At this point we might as well just use Minetest instead. https://www.minetest.net/ I'm not sure if I'll let my current account die or do something else with it. Honestly I'm supprised they didn't allow people ot have multiable Minecraft accounts tied to one Microsoft account, that would have been better than a shitty cape.
>>151409 Minetest is absolutely shit and has bad performance on high end PCs
>>151409 My problem with minetest was a complete lack of features with which to extend. Without so much as a base game to build off of, you're stuck having to implement features inherent to minecraft but with using the limited lua API, or trying to implement core mods for the engine from scratch. At least with minecraft you can decompile it with MCP and get some semblance of an idea how things work, like I've been doing. With minetest, well you're stuck figuring out how you could implement any feature on your own. It also amazes me how everything in minetest manages to look so much WORSE, you would think that with native support for higher resolution textures that it would look at least a LITTLE bit better
Only JUST now figured out how the fuck textures for models work, as I was messing around with the model file of the chicken, just changing the wings, ran into the new boxes not being visible because the texture not lining up. I understood the texture x,y offset, where it would get the texture quad starting from pixel x,y in the texture file, but the texture file for the chicken was impossible to figure out how it wrapped the texture around each box added to the model. So, the texture map is always arranged like this: >[_][T][B] >[R][F][L][B] The first row being an empty space, the Top texture, then the Bottom texture. The second row being Right, Front, Left, Back. Now that I actually understand that, changing models or making new ones should be trivial.
>>151542 Decided to try implementing a means of rendering corpses so the player can loot bodies, but it's been a complete crapshoot so far. I thought I could take code from how boats are spawned in and rendered and use that to spawn in a corpse with a copied model file, but it ended up just spawning what I assume was the model of a boat, disregarding the model file, so then trying to just copy the rendering methods for living entities lead me to spawning a PLAYER from the item. Not only does it spawn a player model, but the player model also spins, looks at the actual player, and the head goes apeshit looking up and down. I have no way to explain this.
>>151409 I'm going to let my account die, screw Microsoft. Already firewalled the launcher and java so the game has no access the internet (only play single player anyway). From what I read, it only needs online access for the first time after install, after that it can run offline indefinitely. Guess I'll eventually find out if that's wrong though.
>>150904 That is some kikery. Isn't this illegal in the EU?
>>150904 Yea i saw this, even Java edition is fucked now, it's so they can link everyone up to the botnet then start massbanning people from online servers.
The worst part is the fact they placed the account migration right before updated caves and a seemingly massive update, with features people had been asking for 5+ years. It's obviously predatory given how young the majority of mc active usebase is. It's not really surprising though, I assume Microsoft is going to use the mass signups in new MS accounts as some proof of fake growth akin to what google did with YouTube, then the whole thing will crash and burn when people solely use the accounts to play minecraft and no other MS services.
>>151605 >Isn't this illegal in the EU? Why would it? There not storing cookies in your browser and not telling you after they stored them already, so they're fine.
>>151611 >then the whole thing will crash and burn when people solely use the accounts to play minecraft and no other MS services. That's not the point at all. Microsoft accounts require two factor authentication which will reveal your location to them. Information can be sold. Further MS accounts are probably easier to handle in MS transaction systems then separate accounts.
(99.24 KB 1280x720 vbucks.jpg)
>>151617 Microsoft is more likely to recycle that location data back into it's own services compared to selling it to competition. Not to imply that a slightly smaller company wouldn't do that or they wouldn't immediately give it all to any generic government agency. However it's more likely they'll just try to use all the extra data to inflate the results and projected size and value of their own services and artificially boost their share price. I agree about ease for transactions.
Because a ruling of the EU supreme court says that software without an expiration date counts as "bought" no matter the what bullshit the company puts in its license agreement. Now they're taking away the game you bought unless you agree to Kikerosoft's terms.
>>151760 They're not taking it away, they're just requiring your phone number. The EU won't do shit. >unless you agree to Kikerosoft's terms. All kinds of DVD games had you agree to terms after you bought them. Has anyone done anything about that in the fucking days were DVDs were a thing? No.
Why hasn't someone just made an new Minecraft? It can't possibly be that hard for anyone with any programming experience to ape Minecraft and even exceed them. If anyone's got the notion to do so then now would be the time.
>>151825 Because anything similar to Minecraft (Mainly the block based world design and pixel textures) is labled as a "Minecraft Clone" and is often ignored. Even if one is successful, you can bet your ass Microsoft will abuse the DMCA to get it removed. The only future I see to play Minecraft without a Microsoft account is via piracy, and a community developed service for multiplayer (I.E IW4X for MW2).
>>151839 >you can bet your ass Microsoft will abuse the DMCA to get it removed. Only if it used textures/models that were too close to Minecraft's or had product identity like creepers or something.
>>151839 >pretending for even a second they could DMCA a fucking completely independently developed game not using their code because it has similar gameplay are you retarded?
>>151825 Well, there's Minetest, which is both an engine and a game. There's been attempts, which have usually failed by either a lack of game design competency or programming competency or a combination thereof. The thing is, Minecraft's game design is weird, but it works. There's very little danger from mobs beyond the first night, but just enough to keep you on your toes and make it exciting, rather than just pure autismblocks. I'd argue that creepers are what carry it, because creepers are the only real danger you are forced to face. Replicating but changing that balance is hard. Add too much adventure in and you fuck up the creative aspect of survival mode. Add too little, and it's just a shittier creative mode. The same goes for the crafting system (best exemplified through the myriad mods which fuck it up). Then there's the issue of code: Add too many special blocks, and the game slows to a crawl, which means you need good optimization. There was at least one space voxel game that died to this. It's harder than you think to make a good minecraft clone. But give it a try, maybe you'll manage.
(26.07 KB 761x167 ClipboardImage.png)
>this long to release some world gen shit This is just silly now, there are multiple world gen mods that already cuck them out of it anyway. >>151825 There is that one coming that's made by people who ran some custom server, Hytale, but I think there's tenbugs involvement.
>>151879 Minecraft's balanced has been broken towards the "survival is shitty creative" since they added XP and the hunger meter. Starting from beta Minecraft's balance and then making tweaks would be a good way to keep the gameplay good. I've been interested in Minetest for a bit and might put my own game mode together for it. Something that can be an actual survival game with crafting elements.
>>151879 > Replicating but changing that balance is hard. Add too much adventure in and you fuck up the creative aspect of survival mode. Add too little, and it's just a shittier creative mode. The same goes for the crafting system (best exemplified through the myriad mods which fuck it up). Terraria and DQ Builders do a pretty good job at changing up that balance.
>>151911 doesn't terraria somewhat shit the bed and become somewhat tedious once you reach hard mode?
(262.52 KB 854x480 2020-11-13_17.26.56.png)
(252.63 KB 854x480 2020-11-13_17.27.00.png)
(253.71 KB 854x480 2020-11-13_17.27.01.png)
(262.75 KB 854x480 2020-11-13_17.27.06.png)
>>151587 OKAY I learned some things about how adding entities works. In order to add a new (living)Entity, you have to do these things: >Create the entity class, as this will handle any special logic for your living entity, such as adding AI routines, overriding health, size, interact method, update methods, etc. >Create a model class, this defines the boxes that make up the model of your entity. >Create a render class, this handles how your entity will be rendered. >Add your entity to the EntityList, so that it is assigned a number ID and optionally a hexidecimal color pair if you intend to have a spawning egg for it. This list includes all entities, even thrown potions, boats, falling sand, etc. >Add your render class to the RenderManager, this links the Model class for your entity to the Render class for it. Without this, it renders the "default". I think because I switched to extending my entity class from EntityLiving it by default adds some basic AI to it and that's why it still looks around. >>151839 >community developed service for multiplayer but literally anyone can run their own server
>>152175 Early hardmode yes. It gets better again in mid through late hardmode.
(763.90 KB 1273x768 2020-11-12_22.33.58.png)
Are there any decent modpacks right now? I'm running Quark + all the additions and Stay True textures, testing out a new PC build. This Quark pack isn't too retarded on resources at least.
>>151825 Nigger, in every single minecraft thread in 8/v/ since 2019 I mentioned Hytale. Look at it already. <<121335 Perhaps I shouldn't have spoilered those images.
>>152292 Are you its dev? I don't like the default player skin, is there a way in game to change it or will that be added later on?
Oh wait nevermind i found out that you can customize your guy. When I have more time thats not either wageslaving or studying then I will try out your game whenever I can, it looks cool!
There should be a dedicated minecrap bread. >>152199 If by "right now" you mean the current version of the game, then probably not. Mods still need to update, the problem is that most popular devs are also incredibly retarded and have spent these recent years chasing short-lived versions instead of just settling in 1.12.2 or even good ol' 1.7.10 until a long lasting one (1.16.X for example) were to be eventually released. So now a big chunk of them are too burned out and progress is really slow. If you are okay with older versions then yes, there are good modpacks out there, look out for packs that are at least minimally scripted and configured, and avoid anything sponsored by the FTB team dildonics ovulation in any pack may also be a big red flag.
(242.21 KB 854x480 2020-11-14_00.48.53.png)
(339.67 KB 854x480 2020-11-14_00.49.08.png)
(292.93 KB 854x480 2020-11-14_01.17.10.png)
Seems like I might have to implement a whole new entity class just for this, the issues I'm running into is that in using the EntityLiving class for this, the fucking thing keeps turning and trying to 'look' at the player, but if I use the Entity class like for boats and minecarts then I have to add this entityInit method which is supposed to add objects to the datawatcher list but going by the boat entity class, the 3 values used by datawatcher is DamageTaken, TimeSinceHit, and ForwardDirection which really isn't needed for this but is required by the base Entity class. The rendering class is another beast, I thought by only using the base Render class it would work, but it's even more fucked because it wouldn't render at all without copying most of the rendering code for boats, problem now is that the fucking model ends up rendered either under the block that it's on or floating way above the block it's on depending on what I pass to the GL11.glScalef method (-1F, -1F, 1.0F) ends up rendering it underground (1F, 1F, 1.0F) renders it in the air Anywhere between and it gets closer to ground level but the model is scaled down because that's what glScalef does. Correction: turns out I could remove most of the rendering code copied from boats, and it keeps the model from rotating as well, problem was with the model file where I copied most of it from the chicken model, which has an inherent Y offset of 16, which is why it rendered in such a weird location. Now it might actually be easy to just change it so that it either positions in the direction it's placed, or make it change direction just by pushing it.
>>152408 Was 300 the bump limit? If so a new thread is in order Also >dildonics ovulation Whats wrong with the mod? Besides it being in every modpack to justify endgame content and crafting creative items
(98.57 KB 1015x532 snow.jpg)
>>152292 Did you add the snow effects you showcased on your YT channel, upload more experimental stuff there, it was pretty cool. You should add different sized snow particles if it's possible for more variation.
>>152519 Its the minecraft equivalent of a sanic fanfic. Apparently the dev goes long stretches to make sure his mod is the most powerful and broken thing ever made without any consideration for balance. Near-endless energy storage and production, invulnerability, instakill and so on. Fun fact, players clad in draconic evolution armor are, or used to be, immune to the /kill command. On top of that, the items look terrible, lacking any aesthetics. The worst part is that most "pack makers" will throw it in without any tweaking, allowing players to run around in draconic armor in a few hours, usually invalidating the rest of the pack. The only pack that I know that has it integrated in a non-obnoxious way is Gregtech New Horizons, since its so late into the tech progression and the pack itself is so long that most players will never be able to reach it, and at that point it would be pointless. >creative items Ah, I almost forgot about avaritits, another big fucking red flag.
>>152613 That pretty well sums it up, there's only one thing I give it credit for, that it's oen of the few mods where the reward for doing something isn't vastly outweighed by the effort needed to do it. You think about potions and how fire resist potions need you to do something you would need fire resist potions for, it's a completely inverse progression/reward, same with beacons, the effort to kill a wither is far greater than the reward for the nether star needed to make a beacon and the beacon would be most useful for fighting the wither which you no longer need to do. At the very least, draconic evolution balances risk/reward where getting your first set of armor will be essential in fighting the dragon again and still wont protect you from a chaos dragon. It is still completely overpowered but then people complained about equivalent exchange years ago too and said "may as well play creative" because at that time EE armor was like draconic armor. Then you have the power stuff in DE, sure it's cool that you can store near infinite power, but what the hell would you use it for? There's the draconic chest which holds a huge inventory, retains inventory, and even smelts items. Also the draconic reactor which the greatest time sink is making sure you gradually get it to a stable state where it produces more power than it consumes, but is the most destructive thing compared to any mod to where it may not even be worth the risk of having it become unstable and wiping out a radius of like 10 chunks.
(265.40 KB 854x480 2020-11-14_10.47.36.png)
(288.89 KB 854x480 2020-11-14_10.47.40.png)
(292.28 KB 854x480 2020-11-14_10.49.58.png)
I wondered why it floated above this makeshit table, then I had the 'duh' moment and realized it's because of the fence post. Despite having most of the exact same code from boats to implement this, it wont rotate no matter what.
(235.38 KB 854x480 2020-11-14_18.42.50.png)
(239.57 KB 854x480 2020-11-14_18.31.29.png)
>>152960 Figured out what I did wrong, aside from doing all of this, changed a value in the glRotatef call that stopped it from rotating. Now at least it's no longer using the entityLiving class as a base, so it wont fucking spin around on it's own, maybe I'll see if I can remember how I used gl calls to color wool blocks to change the color of the texture for this so it looks cooked.
(4.75 MB 854x480 corpse_spawn.webm)
(3.10 MB 854x480 corpse_spawn2.webm)
>>152971 I think it might be possible to implement an empty model class that simply copies the cubelist and rotation points/angles to implement lootable bodies. Also this is my hilarious attempt at getting mobs to drop a corpse model on death. I fixed it in my next try thanks to there actually being a method performed after deathupdate has finished.
(4.18 MB 854x480 cookin.webm)
>>153122 Now it can be cooked with a flint and steel, and drops the cooked item when right clicked. This could be changed so that it checks for an adjacent fire source or maybe a fire source 2 blocks down and runs through a timer before it flips the cooked variable, then starts to darken before being destroyed from getting 'burnt'. I think I'll move onto something else, I want to see if I can change some rules for spawning zombies, namely: >zombies only spawn under full moon >zombies have a spawning animation where they rise up from the ground I think it would be easiest to get their model to slide up from the ground in a vertical position.
>>153229 Are you on the version with campfires, you could have them get cooked over one.
>>153247 I'm on 1.2.5, but it would be very simple at this point to implement a campfire. Or I could probably even implement a spit like that one mod that died back in 1.6.4 Also figuring out how the game decides how mobs can spawn was HELL. I kept looking in the world class and biomegenbase class and spawneranimals and could not find any hard set rules for spawning hostiles, then I figured out it was defined in the mob entity class, which has a method getCanSpawnHere() which returns isValidLightLevel() && super.getCanSpawnHere() which is the super method for spawning living entities. So now I can override that in entityZombie as soon as I figure out how this method to get the moon phase works.
>>153229 >>zombies only spawn under full moon Are you going to have zombies attack player bases in waves?
>>153286 it would be doable, I looked through the code for village sieges pretty extensively, it would be matter just getting a 3d vector to the player and passing it to the entity object before spawning so that the zombies make a beeline to the player, but I really want to figure out how to add a spawning animation I also toyed around with alpha blending to make entities transparent, but it ends up looking really weird I guess because of how the entity lighting is handled.
Though I had really messed something up, I loaded a different world to test spawning rules for zombies and every chicken spawned without feathers. Turns out it was just that one world that was messed up.
>>153259 And I managed to figure out how moon phases work, which I feel stupid for after realizing I could have just referred to the texture file for each moon phase, where the moon phases start at 0 (full moon). It actually should be nothing at all to implement a blood moon special event. It's pretty easy to make changes to rendering calls just to shade everything in a different color. I just wouldn't know how to apply that color filter to the player camera like what the one mod did, but now that I think about it, being underwater probably has code for that.
>>153789 I think the best way to handle zombie spawning will be to add an AI routine, as I understand it there's a "mutex bit" that determines if the routine can run parallel with other routines or block other routines until it's done executing, and make the yOffset the determining factor for no longer executing the "Spawn time" routine. So when the entity is initialized, the yOffset will make the zombie render below ground, and I can change it's update function so while yOffset is less than 0 it skips everything else and gradually increases yOffset and spawns particles around it until above ground I guess first I'll try to make the AI routine work
>>153874 It seemed like I was on the right path with this, although the yOffset was the wrong thing to use, the yOffset value will actually cause the entity to be inside the blocks and die from suffocating in a wall, as I watched happen to a zombie that was previously in water. So I added a new float value, which should be the negative height of the entity, and change the rendering method to translate where the model is rendered, but this caused some very weird behavior. First, the model was invisible, then the model was upside down with their head in the ground and their texture was glitching, then they were invisible again and rendered upside down on the player's head, finally got them rendered right-side up but their rotation wont change at all once I initialize their AI routines. So I've only gotten around the rotation thing by switching back to the super doRender method once the offset value is equal to the entity's height. I've tried to apply a rotation to the model as it rises from the ground but I can't seem to get it to rotate correctly, and I found out that while rising they copy the jumping of the player. Another issue is since I tried to add the AI routines after the zombies rise from the ground, the AI routines do not save when the game closes or the world unloads. I guess I could get around that by just writing the "risen" value to nbt since it adds the AI if "risen" is equal to the entity's height but only once thanks to a boolean I added.
(3.96 MB 854x480 gamers_rise_UP.webm)
>>154664 This actually doesn't look too bad! I still have no idea why it renders the zombie synced to the y position of the player, you can see it in this video where if I stand 1 block higher the zombie is rotating in mid-air, then drops down when i go down 1 block.
(2.70 MB 854x480 zombies_rising.webm)
>>154685 Okay, turns out it's because I was changing the value passed to GL11.glTranslatef(fx, fy, fz), when I change fy to calculate in the risen value, it somehow links it to the player model. Without changing the default value passed to it, the model doesn't appear to move with the player movement but also isn't vertically offset like it should be.
>>154685 >>154714 Now i wanna see a creeper spawn in by slowly rising like an erection
>>154740 >>154714 So, it seems like there's a value from the player being passed to the rendering method for zombies, and no matter what I can't seem to stop it. I created an override method for doRender in the class for RenderBiped, since zombies don't have their own render method. It checks to see if the entity passed to the doRender method is an instanceof EntityZombie, and if the risen value is < 0. It will call the renderZombie method which passes the entity and all other variables passed to doRender, specifically par4 handles the vertical position. if I pass par4 unchanged, then the zombie will rotate in the ground and it's vertical position remains static until it's done "rising". If I change this to be the 'risen' value the zombie will slowly rise out of the ground as it shifts to a standing position, but then it is tied to the player's par4 value somehow. I can't make heads or tails of this.
(2.60 MB 854x480 kinda_works.webm)
(2.64 MB 854x480 better_spawning.webm)
>>154750 OKAY, I KIND OF FIGURED IT OUT. In trying to fix the rotation angle of the zombies as the animation plays out, the direction in which the rise from the ground doesn't look right. If I disable this rotation then they will all face the same direction but the animation looks better.
(332.88 KB 854x480 2020-11-18_23.10.10.png)
(537.87 KB 854x480 2020-11-17_20.57.08.png)
(493.76 KB 854x480 2020-11-17_20.57.24.png)
>>154880 It took me DAYS, to figure out how/why pumpkins are allowed in the player's helmet slot. I checked like 4 different GUI classes, I checked the pumpkin block class, I checked the Item/Block constructor classes, I checked the Inventory constructor class, I checked the RenderLiving/RenderBiped/RenderPlayer class. I finally found where it makes the exception for the pumpkin block, in the SlotArmor class, a public boolean called isItemValid() returns true if itemstack you try to put into any armor slot contains a matching armorType to the slot's armorType, or it returns true if the shifted index of the item equals Block.pumpkin.blockID it returns (armorType == 0) which will only be true if the slot matches 0 (for helmet), otherwise it returns false and will not transfer the itemstack to the armor slot. Then the rendering of the block on the player's head is handled in RenderPlayer with a void method renderSpecials where it first runs the super.renderEquippedItems() method and then checks if the item shifted index is less than 256 (I guess all blocks are under 256), then if the renderItemIn3d() method returns true with getRenderType() on the block's itemID, sets up the gl translate/rotate/scale and calls renderItem(entityplayer, itemstack, 0) My fucking head hurts. Also a couple screenshots of uber-scaled zombies rising up.
>>156309 Could you add dirt particles or particles matching the corresponding block the zombie is rising from to the rising animation? I imagine you'd use the same particles as blocks have when they're broken.
Did I ruin Minecraft for myself by playing Terraria first? I only very recently started playing Minecraft and it seems utterly dull and pointless in comparison, meaning I really don't want to spend hours digging mindlessly for a really low chance of finding materials to create tools that help me kill enemies that pose not much threat to begin with. What is the draw of Minecraft if not a building tool?
>>156525 Terraria and minecraft are vastly different games, the former being an exploration rpg with resource gathering and building components and the later a lego simulator with minor exploration and rpg elements. The appeal of vanilla minecraft (and modded too, actually) is to embark yourself in large autistic projects, and develop a plan to complete them. Which resources do I need? Is there any efficient way of gathering them? How to manage logistics and transport? Any way to automate any of this? And so on. Creating a new world only to make a dirt hut and a wheat farm, then gather enough shit to kill the dragon is just wasting the game's potential.
(44.32 KB 640x640 7ngVtXy2yZAkeRCD.mp4)
(692.30 KB 400x400 ss76J4w01WOWB1Wn.mp4)
>>156525 >Did I ruin Minecraft for myself by playing Terraria first? Yes. When it comes to gameplay, atmosphere and content Terraria blows Minecraft the fuck out of the water no questions asked. The only thing Minecraft has over Terraria is its stupidly large worlds and that its in 3d instead of 2d, which gives the exploration and building a whole new perspective to it, but it still ain't shit when compared to Terraria. I haven't been able to enjoy Minecraft in years because of how downright fucking boring and stagnant it has become. The only joy I find in Minecraft nowadays is shitposting in the chat, 2b2t videos and some memes that come out of it.
>>127750 >I blame 1.8 for shifting the focus to exploration and survival which is the path it's been on ever since. <thread is filled with people bitching about how there's not enough of that in Minecraft and shilling chinkware alternatives that focus on that more heavily <every MC and Terraria thread devolves into inevitable comparisons where Terraria is cited as the better game specifically because of having far more adventure and survivalshit Are you at all surprised they'd focus on it if that's what people demand?
>>156650 I feel like you're personally calling me out anon. You got something to say about it? Am I wrong when it comes to any of that by the way? Minecraft is fucking shit and has been nothing but wasted potential for years, copetent developers like Relogic and Hypixel actually can take its formula and make what Minecraft could have actually have been years ago if not made by a bunch of homosexual troglodytes. But no everybody has to rely on mods to have the game not be shit and thats fucking sad don't you think?
>>156514 yeah that would be doable, I used portal particles just because I thought it would be more visible >>156525 I think the draw for most people early on back when Notch was only getting feedback from 4chan's /v/ was the prospect of what it would eventually become everyone wanted to see it become dwarf fortress in 3 dimensions, then Notch started getting money for it, then the weekly updates became every other week, secret friday updates stopped, then the biggest letdown was the halloween update and I think that was about the time that hope for the game started to die, but mods kept it all on life support, so nobody cared what was added any more because a mod would add something better, if something was broke then a mod would fix it, etc. Mods were the only reason I kept playing, but it felt like creativity there died as well when every mod developer adopted the same power API, implemented machines that did the same thing as every other mod, tried to outdo other mods with their power level like it's fucking Dragonball-Z. I wish I had the autism of the guy who made the 'betterthanwolves' mod since he could actually understand how this code works.
>>156647 I actually ruined it for myself the other way around. Getting into Redstoneautism and building in Minecraft meant that building in Terraria was not nearly as satisfying, and the lack of anything similar to redstone aside for very basic shit pretty much kills any replayability that Terraria might have. Doesn't help that I never played either of these games for the adventure or bosses, and since that is the core goal of Terraria, it just fundamentally isn't for me. >>156654 You're not entirely wrong, no. Minecraft's updates have been barebones for the longest time and their excuses are worse. While I don't really want them to go full CURAYZEE and add a hundred needless, indistinguishable armor sets like Terraria would, nor go full Tekkit, various mods have showcased what should be possible. Hell, they hired the Aether guy and that is a perfect idea in retrospect - anything you have so far is useful and probably OP in the overworld and Nether but useless there, so you have an entire new branch of adventure that doesn't nerf or screw with what you already have. The Cave update is much more like what most updates should have been and I think they finally picked up on it. Really, Redstone is probably the most enjoyable thing for me in any of these games. Never gave a shit about the bosses or the adventure aspect of it. Minecraft could add ten new dimensions and fifty new bosses, all well designed and well thought out and I wouldn't want to see any of them more than once. It's why most of these ripoffs and similar games always drop the ball for me - Terraria gets praised for its bosses and adventure aspect but I have no intent or interest to do any of it more than once. I beat the game and there's little more to do in it, other than build which is far weaker than it is in Minecraft. My post was mostly just pointing out the silliness of >these threads always demand more survival and adventure content >normalfags in general always demand more survival and adventure content <anon is confused why they would focus on survival and adventure content
(341.30 KB 200x200 bedrock edition.mp4)
>>156660 Yeah all I wanted out of Minecraft was more content, more adventure, more major and meaningful features much like magic or steampunk stuff to vary up the gameplay, more lands to discover, more mysteries to be found to boost that sense of adventure, more cool shit to find and use and outright more memories to be made but doing the same exact shit with hardly any variation and updates over the years REALLY starts to wear down on a man and it did so to the point where I feel mentally drained whenever I even so much as open up Minecraft. And no mods won't fix it since its inherently shit in the first place, covering a log of dogshit with sprinkles won't stop it from being dogshit. A game shouldn't have to rely on mods to finally become a good game. I don't even give a shit about the cave update I want nothing to do with the game anymore and I'm even considering giving my niece my Minecraft username and password (Which I had since December 20th 2010) since I won't really even be using it anymore.
Well I finally figured out why the animation for zombies spawning was so fucking goofy, so the rising direction always faces the block they're spawning on and they face the same direction as they rise. Turns out when you want to apply rotations and transforms, you first have to pass the default parameters to glTranslatef and glRotatef, because that sets up any future transforms before rendering the model. I also added something stupid but I'll save that for later.
I got so caught up in implementing new shit that I forgot to write documentation for how I did it. Just learned how to add new achievements today so I wrote a document on how to do it.
aa983a is going to Make Minecraft Great Again.
I figured out how to make eating instant, it would require a little more work to completely rip out the hunger saturation mechanic but I'm sure given enough time it would be doable. Also was trying to change food items in general so that that have a durability like tools, instead of having to carry stacks of food you could just munch on the one item a few times. Also trying to tie that in with in-world models for food items so that you don't have to even waste inventory space with food.
>>159884 So far I got at least one food item that has durability, just have to make it so the interact method feeds the player now that I got the whole item damage thing working. Also worth noting, just for right now, if a chicken is overfed with that april fool's feature I implemented, the corpse model that spawns will be approximately the same size they grew to, and this even carries over to when you pick it up, so the item damage will equal that of the overfed value and the size remains when you place it back into the world. AND of course if the chicken dies from fire damage they will drop the roasted looking model. This is just barely getting easier.
>>159805 Overhauling Minecraft to not be shit would take a monumental amount of work, dedication and autism anon. I'm not sure one man can handle all of that weight on his own.
Currently trying to figure out assigning nbt tags to normal items. While I was able to set a damage value to food items, and have it carry over between placing an in-world model down and picking it back up, I thought being able to set extra data would be useful, like if I wanted the render size to be bigger based on a 'weight' value and use the 'itemdamage' as how many times the player can consume from this item, then I would likely have to expand on the ItemStack class. The ItemStack class defines methods for writing nbt data to items, such as "itemDamage", "itemID", "stackSize", etc. Trying to redefine ItemStack seems kind of complicated, I may have to copy the stackTagCompound methods for something like that, because I think otherwise it would mean I'm putting an extra value on every itemstack. Then I'll be stuck modifying every ItemStack method for just for that.
(153.56 KB 854x480 2020-11-23_22.32.56.png)
(146.31 KB 854x480 2020-11-23_22.33.05.png)
>>160516 Well, I went with just adding 'weight' to itemstack anyway, there weren't as many things I had to change as I thought but it would probably be better to use nbttagcompound anyway just because it looks like nbttagcompounds can be easily expanded judging by the method for adding enchantments to items. Even so, the way I've done it right now is fine and works for setting the render scale of the model. I even have it so it shows this 'weight' value when you mouse over the item in inventory, and while every other item has a weight of 0 initially it wont show unless the weight is set to 1 or higher. Now I'll try implementing a new mob and giving it AI.
Trying to create models is such a pain in the ass because of having to define them with commands like: head.addBox(float, float, float, int, int, int, float) head.addRotationPoint(float, float, float) and then not having a means of seeing it without an existing texture to wrap it, I started implementing a means of modifying parts of an already defined model by storing the necessary floats/ints in a hashmap of an entity, where just by interacting with different items in-hand will change the values in the hashmap and flip a boolean to indicate the values updated, then the model class checks the boolean before trying to update the actual values and flips the boolean back so it doesn't try repeatedly iterating over the hashmaps. Texturing is sitll an issue I'm not sure how to fix. In fact I wonder if I could just forgo this convoluted nonsense and just create the model in blender.
(111.29 KB 854x480 2020-11-26_01.10.39.png)
In the spirit of thanksgiving, I'm adding turkeys.
>>161756 Nice.
(112.57 KB 854x480 2020-11-26_02.28.06.png)
>>161756 Now the other version.
>>161772 You prove on a daily basis just how incompetent and lazy jeb, dinnerbone, and the rest of Mojang actually are.
(2.49 MB 854x480 turkaggedon.webm)
>>161772 I MADE A MISTAKE I fixed it shortly after, but I had to record video of this happening. Basically I was trying to implement sex based changes to the model, both to see if I could and also because I could then fundamentally change animals to impose roles like only female cows can be milked, steers can be used to plow dirt, roosters attack players, etc.
>>161772 They look like they belong in the game, nice stuff.
(86.17 KB 854x480 2020-11-26_13.59.51.png)
(113.65 KB 854x480 2020-11-26_14.04.45.png)
(115.42 KB 854x480 2020-11-26_14.04.53.png)
>>162017 Made the model look a little more accurate. Also ended up with this ridiculous shit when I added the method to set rotation angles as the entity moves. Now I understand the rotation point logic better than before, any parts that should move the same way need to have the same rotation point. Like the head+neck+beak+waddle of this model should all move in tandem together, so the rotation points must be identical and during head rotation all other parts need their rotation angle set to that of the head, which I didn't understand and originally used it to offset the x/y/z position of the parts. Now I know better.
>>162094 Maybe for Christmas you could add the reindeer that jeb promised 5 or 6 years ago but never got around to.
>>162125 I can do that and make it fly too. Currently trying to figure out why these custom sounds I added aren't working for this turkey mob.
>>162131 Okay I seem to have figured out what the issue was. MCP sets up a resource directory for minecraft where all the sounds should be, Minecraft.java sets up a data directory and calls it mcDataDir which is then tied to the instance of the app, it passes mcDataDir to the ThreadDownloadResources file where it sets the resource directory for all the sounds, either to create the resource directory or load from it. For SOME reason, it doesn't get the correct directory from this and I can't figure out where it's pulling files from, so I had to add my own method for loading the resource folder where it actually is, and it has no problem afterwards. What's stupid about my fix, is that I'm just passing (new File(mc.mcDataDir, "resources/")) to the existing method for loading resources, and printing out "resourcesFolder" and (new File(mc.mcDataDir, "resources/")) show they're the same damn thing, so I have no idea why just the resourcesFolder variable doesn't get any new sounds in the directory.
>>162219 As a bonus I now know how it applies the render overlay of pumpkins on the player's head as well as rendering the dragon health bar and text.
(197.68 KB 854x480 2020-11-27_16.23.21.png)
(138.25 KB 854x480 2020-11-27_16.23.25.png)
>>162608 Tested to see how my overlay would look, it sucks, but it works.
>>162955 Actually now that I think of it, this gives me an idea for dealing with undead mobs like zombies and skeletons. I'd have to implement mob heads because they're not in this version, but letting the player wear a zombie head or skeleton skull as a means of sneaking past undead would be an interesting mechanic, like wearing a jack o' lantern for endermen. I think I'd want to make it more difficult to deal with zombies and skeletons though, zombies I think should be able to take a lot of hits but be weak to magic, unless I can figure out a way to detect headshots. Skeletons I feel should be easily disabled by physical damage, but be able to resurrect like the drybones from mario. So maybe after one hit the skeletons drop into a pile on the ground, then after a couple seconds re-assemble, and only if the player attacks them with magic like a splash potion or maybe something else I come up with later do they finally die. Maybe even zombies could do something similar, like after so many hits they drop to the ground and then the player has to set them on fire to destroy them, otherwise they rise back up. Since I already have the code written to make them rise up upon spawning it shouldn't even be difficult to make them do that, just gotta set a value to indicate they're KO'd, and update their rendering class to set them to a laying position and add a timer to update their rising animation again. Oh right, and the mob heads would have a render overlay so players appear to be looking out through the eyes of the mob head.
(3.84 MB 854x480 shrunkitize.webm)
>>163067 I went back to trying to implement a scale modifier for players since it seemed to work fine for mobs, and I've hit the same wall I did before. The player's model appears to shrink, it's rendered as such, and I even figured out where to alter the player's camera view to match their scaled size, but their bounding box doesn't change. When mobs grow from being overfed I call this setSize() method that seemed like it was expanding their bounding box, so like the chicken could normally walk through a 1 block height hole for how small it is, once it's overfed it's size is set to match that of the value it has been overfed, in which it can no longer pass through a 1 block high space, this also leads to it clipping into surrounding blocks for some reason and taking damage. With the player model, this doesn't work at all. I added a value called "scaleModifier" to the player entity class, the render player class has it's own render scale method for the player so I just add the scaleModifier to that and so the player's size renders correctly, and it's under the EntityRender class that I add the scaleModifier to the value used for setting the yOffset of the camera. But nothing has worked to change the actual bounding box of the player, so the player still cannot pass through a single block space.
I kind of fear your efforts will be in vain when we move on to better games.
(6.48 MB 854x480 shrunkitize2.webm)
>>163441 I kinda got it working but not really. In changing the bounding box maxY value to be the minY value + new player height, the player still collides with the block along what seems to be the X and Z axis. Here you can see the player can now jump higher under a 2 block tall space, but has to sprint to get under a 1 block tall space. Then depending on the movement of the player, it pushes the player out of blocks that he isn't collided with, or shouldn't be collided with, and while under a one block space ends up bounced around randomly, or ends up walking right through the blocks.
(1.71 MB 854x480 immortalzombies.webm)
>>163502 Alright I'm gonna set that aside again because I'm not getting anywhere with it. Started implementing methods for zombies to revive after getting KO'd, works so far, and after their death timer ticks up to 60 they pop back up in the correct position with full health, but they drop rotten flesh even without despawning so I have to create a few more overrides and also change the rendering methods, since whenever mobs die it renders a red overlay on their models and rotates their model in a random direction but always turned on their side. I'm gonna make it so the zombie model only rotates straight back onto the ground to make it easier on their revive animation.
(4.21 MB 854x480 improvedZombies.webm)
>>163652 So far pretty good results, now zombies arms slowly rise up as they emerge from the ground, it's tricky getting their rising animation above ground when they're knocked down because they keep ending up floating a bit. They cannot be killed unless they're set on fire, you can incapacitate them with normal attacks but you have to finish them off with fire. I have absolutely no idea how I'm gonna handle skeletons collapsing into a pile but it will be easy enough to implement the same "resurrection" thing with them.
Alright, got it so zombies are now non-collideable while spawning or resurrecting, if they are killed while on fire they wont resurrect, if they are set on fire while their corpse is on the ground, they will despawn after a few seconds, their rotation arc while standing up from a knocked down state now looks a lot better, no floating mid-air, but I still have to fix them dropping items when knocked out because it turns them into an infinite item/xp farm. I don't think it should be too difficult, looks like I only need to override maybe 2 methods that call the onDeath() method which sets the entity state to "dead".
>>164844 And that quick I've fixed it, now zombies only drop any items if they've been dispatched by fire.
(1.07 MB 320x180 zEbYSx.gif)
>>122588 Well you done did it, now I'm angry.
>>122588 >>122608 >>122901 >>122952 >>123201 >>135021 >>164926 It's a Minecraft world. Some day you won't even care. Trust me. Further that could have happened without his dad too. What if the HDD failed? He should have just made a backup.
>>165160 Some day you won't care about your first pet dying either, doesn't mean you shouldn't be upset about that.
>>165162 My second pet already died. And your minecraft world is entirely a virtual game save. It's not art a cooking recipe or anything valuable.
>>165166 You might as well tell a child whose sand castle was kicked over that the castle had no value, despite his having spent an hours working on it. I hope you aren't so devoid of human empathy that you can't understand that.
>>165177 It's part of growing up.
bbb7c2 is the anti-aa983a
(72.10 KB 750x400 beerus-dbfz-hakai.jpg)
>>165408 Before creation... comes destruction.
>>165408 >>165747 You guys are such goofs. You guys must be a blast to play vidya with.
I had an epiphany in trying to think of how I could get a hit detection on a zombie/skeleton's head, since I want it to be the player's means of obtaining zombie heads or skeleton skulls. Originally I thought I'd have to somehow compare where the player is looking and the player's current vertical position to the vertical position of the zombie/skeleton and do a bunch of math to get whether or not the mob was attacked at head height, but that seemed completely beyond my scope of understanding. My epiphany is that I could potentially just make a second bounding box at the mob's head height to be able to register a hit against the mob's head and knock their block off, literally.
>>167747 Well I discovered my first major oversight, even though I had implemented a new mob, the new mob would not spawn anywhere, and I figured I must not have added it to the actual spawn list wherever that was. It took two days to figure out that the spawn list was in the BiomeGenBase class where it adds each creature capable of spawning in the level. It separates the lists by the enum type of the creature, where there's only 3 enum types: >monster >creature >waterCreature So there's 3 methods to create a list for these enum types, and if I look into the other biomeGen classes, they have their own spawn lists, like BiomeGenEnd only has the spawnableMonsterList with endermen as the only entry. Really there should be one separate class entirely that contains a hashmap of these spawn lists with their spawning weight, min/max group count and entity classes. It's completely unmanageable to have to edit each biome class individually to change what mobs can spawn where, so I think I'll implement a class just for that next, since that will make things easier to update in the future.
Out of curiosity, why is modding for Minecraft harder than modding for most other games? I get that they break mods with every update, but I vaguely recall other reasons. Was it the lack of a true modding api?
>>169037 Minecraft's code is obfuscated and compiled, and there is a lot of encapsulation because it's very heavy on the "object oriented" paradigm. The team behind MCP (minecraft coder's pack) decompiled the code and worked on deobfuscating the variables and functions so that when an aspiring modder wanted to start changing the game, much of the code was already "de-mystified" with comments added to properly named variable/function mappings. It's still difficult because there's code for things in places you would not expect (like I didn't expect that biomes created their own mob lists instead of referencing one global list), and without understanding this data encapsulation of "private/protected/public final/static" and getter/setter methods for private or protected values, you can't actually do much or you break things. Every single version update meant that the coder's pack had to update, because the obfuscated mappings of variables and functions changed, so too much the coder pack's mappings of the obfuscated code, they would have to spend their own time figuring out what changed where and how or what new mappings were for. Mojang provided the MCP team with a few key mappings for the obfuscated code but not most because of legal reasons. So you have one team that has to reverse engineer every version, then you had forge which was meant to provide hooks of base classes that modders could use/modify/override without breaking functionality for other mods that also wanted to use/modify/override base classes. Forge had to wait for MCP to update, so modders had to wait for Forge to update, so players had to wait for modders to update. The problem with forge was a lack fo documentation, and constant changes that meant the modder would have to relearn forge every update. The timeline became: >Mojang releases update > MCP reverse engineers code > MCP releases update > Forge changes their code > Forge releases update > Modder reverse engineers Forge > Modder rewrites mod from scratch > Modder releases update > You are here And nothing about the deobfuscated code is easy to work with because the majority of the code is only good for one thing and cannot be expanded upon easily, like adding new mobs to the game. >Create entity class > create model class > create texture > create renderer class > modify EntityList class > modify RenderManager > modify BiomeGen class so it actually spawns And you think to yourself "surely someone has a tutorial on how to do this!", and you spend an hour googling an acronym salad with "minecraft" thrown in to figure out how to add a new mob/rideable entity/item/food/biome/block/tool and you find a mountain of garbage youtube videos "How to do X part 1" and there's no part 2 or you find tutorials for a version you're not working on or you find an actually decent tutorial on an obscure website that covers everything EXCEPT what you wanted to do and hasn't updated in 2 years, and everything else is youtube Lets Play's, and then you give up and start a patreon for minecraft porn because it's easier to animate cubes fucking in blender.
>>169083 Dont blame OOP for being bad, when the person using it shoved variables and classes everywhere they dont belong. Dare i ask how many nested classes the game has?
>>169086 There are 1000 items in the src directory of the Client code. Only a few of those are classes I've written myself. Almost every block has it's own block class (exceptions are blocks that vary on metadata). Every biome has it's own class and extends from BiomeGenBase. Every ENTITY has it's own class, this includes particle effects, those are also entities. Oh and entities are real fun, entityChicken extends class EntityAnimal which is an abstract class that extends EntityAgeable which is an abstract class that extends EntityCreature which is an abstract class that extends EntityLiving which is an abstract class that extends the abstract class Entity. Of course it has to send packets from the client to the server, so the client code has packet classes. 70. packet. classes. I have not even begun to look at the server code to make any of my changes or additions work in multiplayer.
I think in order to make this spawn registry for mobs tied to certain biomes, I'll have to expand upon the EntityList class so that it creates another map for which mobs are Hostile/Peaceful/Watermobs, since my idea of iterating over the existing stringToClassMapping and getting entities by superclass doesn't work since there are mobs that extend from other mob classes like magma slimes are extended from the slime class, but slime is extended from the entityLiving class, and mooshrooms extend the cow class but cows extend the entityAnimal class, etc. So by adding another Map that specifically maps entities to one of the 3 enum types will make it so my spawn registry class can just iterate over the string name of mobs and add the value paired to the string key to a list of a specific enum type and return that to the biome class.
>>169083 is that mostly for minecraft CLIENT mods? i saw some dude wrote some server plugins and that looks a lot easier
>>169751 It depends, what were the plugins? Were they written using that Sponge/Bukkit api? What version of minecraft? Like, I remember this really old server plugin that would register configuration of blocks as a 'rune' and perform some action if the player clicked the center with an empty hand/item to activate it. The clients didn't need the code because the functions of each "rune" was purely vanilla, like teleporting players from one point to another (which I think the server code kept a list of teleport runes created by players to manage the waypoints), place/remove blocks, build structures, maybe trigger a storm, spawn a tree, etc.
(779.60 KB 1280x720 OH_SHIT!..._I'm_okay.webm)
Well I thought I had made a spawn registry class pretty competently, but ended up stuck in nullpointer HELL, and only now have broken it down enough that I see where it's not working. Going by the entitylist class I had made most everything static, but then found out that if one thing is static then everything should be static because you cannot make static references to non-static methods, unless you create a local OBJECT of the non-static object in the static method you're trying to reference it from. Making sense yet? No? Good. Then, even after figuring that out I am still stuck in nullpointer HELL because even though I thought it was enough to instantiate a private ArrayList for each biome that would contain a list for peaceful/hostile/watermobs and would be easy enough to reference, the ArrayList is not actually instantiated. So looking back at how the MapGenNetherBridge class handles it's own spawnlist, first it instantiates the list before any methods are created, as >private List spawnList; then in the public MapGenNetherBridge() method makes the spawnList a new ArrayList() >spawnList = new ArrayList(); before adding the spawnlist entries into it. So if I tell my method for adding entries into the hellBridge arraylist that the list = new ArrayList() first then I avoid that nullpointer exception, but then I ALSO have to re-instantiate the hashmap of the entire registry which was meant to be a single reference point to get every biome's spawnlists. I would love to know why it is that even when this lists and maps are declared at the start of a class that they still have to be set to the collection type before they're populated. And I realized that it was completely unnecessary to add the enum types of mobs to the entitylist class and would actually be better to just add a value to indicate if the entity is "spawnable" or not.
Any hope for Hytale?
(3.93 MB 700x700 hype_vs_delivery.gif)
>>170143 Well, I've managed to implement my spawn registry class without errors, no nullpointer exceptions, but, it seems to have fucked up default spawn rules. Now I'm getting ocelots and wolves spawning everywhere, and I'm not sure why because all I've done is set the 3 normal lists in the biomeGen class from a list returned from my class. There should not be ocelots or wolves inside the "base" list.
>>170215 They said its coming out in 2021 anon. That means December 31st, 2021. They gotta milk the disappointment for as long as possible to make the hype train completely die out so they become irrelevant and have their game flop as a financial fuck you to Tencent.
>>170745 Okay, figured out that in my spawn registry class it was apparently adding more elements to the base spawnlist after building the other biome lists. The base spawnlist should only have 5 creature entries, but when I printed out the size of the list it returned 7, so it had added ocelots and wolves to the base list after I initialized the forest/taiga/jungle lists. I'm still not sure how this happened, like for example the jungle arraylist is created by calling clone() on the base arraylist. >jungle = (ArrayList)base.clone(); MAYBE it's because I would then set the peaceful/hostile arraylist for that biome by getting it from the base list >ArrayList peaceful = (ArrayList)base.get(0); instead of getting it from the cloned list >ArrayList peaceful = (ArrayList)jungle.get(0); I'm still not totally sure how well my class is working, while I do now get the appropriate mobs spawning without initializing the other lists, it doesn't seem like they're spawning in the correct numbers.
(41.07 KB 679x867 you_can_build_ANYTHING.gif)
Today I learned that eclipse (used for working on this shit) has a dark mode, so now hopefully I don't develop eye cancer. I also got my spawn registry class to work to initialize the spawn lists inherited by all biomes, but have not yet finagled biomes to get new entries from the spawn registry. I have to rework the class because I feel like I've got a lot of redundant code that can be hammered down into an object to by called instead, but I have to look into how I can instantiate it because it really is just lists containing lists, and because some biomes inherit the spawn lists from BiomeGenBase and only add entries in without clearing the whole list, there should probably be a more efficient way of handling how it extends the inherited list instead of creating it anew every time that biome is generated. Still, a lot closer now to having an easily extended registry for where/how rare/how many mobs spawn.
>>170749 >That means December 31st, 2021. No, in Dec they'll realise the game needs more time and move it to April when they'll move it to Juli and then the game will finally release on the 6. Juli 2022.
>>171515 Fucking java, what the hell. I thought I had improved my code that sets up the spawn list, where instead of having List base = new ArrayList(); List peaceful = new ArrayList(); List hostile = new ArrayList(); List watermob = new ArrayList(); Followed by a method that inserts every spawnlistentry type into the appropriate list, before adding all 3 types into list 'base', then mapping the 'base' list to a string name in a hashmap, I would initiate the list like this List<SpawnListEntry> base[] = new ArrayList[3]; for (int i=0; i < 3; i++) { base[i] = new ArrayList(); } and then run the same method as before but pass base[0-2] as the list parameter to my method that would insert the spawnlistentry for any mob into the appropriate sublist. This resulted in a null pointer exception, I couldn't tell why, so after fiddling I tried changing it to manually enter spawnlistentry types this way: >base[0].add(new SpawnListEntry(mobclass, int, int, int)); I still got a null pointer exception, and found it was in trying to add the 'base' list into the hashmap where it was failing. Seems I cannot add the list object to the hashmap when it's initialized like this >registry.put("base", base); worked before, where base not-in-quotes was the actual list object that had 3 sublists, but now I can't add it at all, so what the fuck java? I was hoping I would be able to create each collection of lists by way of making an object for it but either I can't do that or don't actually know how to do that.
>>171954 Okay I think I got it this time. I've simplified it to having a final Map object that returns a hashmap of 3 arraylists "peaceful", "hostile" and "watermob" to method that's called by a method to set up the registry hashmap. Here I just define a Map named after the biome as this other Map object and put that map into the registry list with the string name as the key. From here it seems easy to add entries with separate methods per biome, where I get the biome hashmap from the registry, then set a sublist with the string key of the mob type, add all the entries and change the sublist object to the next mob type, etc etc. It's probably a lot more heavy data-wise but still it drastically reduces the effort needed to add new entries. Also, since I implemented male/female turkeys by adding a boolean to determine their texture, I went a step further and made it so mobs will spawn with a ranom 'sex' type, so mobs spawn randomly as male or female, and I'll change the method used for mating to take that into account.
Testing other biomes with my spawn registry seems to work just fine and I worked out how to go about adding them per biome so now I just have to add a function into the base biomegen class that iterates over the specific list and adds it to the correct spawnable list for that biome. This has come together pretty well all things considered. After this I'm going to implemented the flying reindeer mob.
(442.19 KB 854x480 2020-12-09_17.30.59.png)
It seems I have fucked up... I didn't think about pigzombies being an extention of regular zombies, but now it should have been obvious. So when I made all the changes to the normal zombie and changed their rendering methods, I fucked over the pigzombies.
>>173194 >I fucked over the pigzombies Look on the bright side, you still didn't fuck them over as hard as Mojang did.
>>173507 I still can't believe they never did anything more with them, they had a skin for pigmen and never tried to implement them. Now we have hoglins. Well since I've fucked up the pigmen zombies this gives me an opportunity to do something more interesting with them. They now inherit the same 'revive' mechanic as zombies, so when they're slain they'll eventually get back up, but unlike zombies they're immune to fire so they obviously can't be removed by setting them on fire. I guess I could make it so they would have to be killed either with a potion or an enchanted weapon, other than that it's just a matter of fixing their pose in the rendering class. Although, apparently pigmanzombies are not in the render manager... jesus just when I think I have shit figured out.
>>173550 >the reason swords end up shifting position from pig zombies arms is because of my render override of zombies >my render override specifically checks if the entity string is equal to "Zombie" >pigmen zombies should return "PigZombie" >pigmen zombies actually return "Zombie" instead This should, in fact, not be happening. >Add EntityPigZombie to renderManager class since it didn't exist there already, so it calls new RenderBiped(new ModelZombie(), float) >fixes the position of the pigzombie sword Well alright then. Now I just gotta decide if I want to expand on the revive mechanic for pigzombies or disable it for them. I should probably also add a method of turning them back into pigmen.
>>173671 > I should probably also add a method of turning them back into pigmen. I like that idea. Maybe add pigmen villages in the overworld like what was suppose to happen too.
Started to implement mob heads, I'm not implementing anything in any particular order, just whatever I think I can do first. I couldn't figure out a way to either determine where a player hits a bounding box when attacking or how to add a bounding box just for the head and detect when the player hits that, every method I've found that deals with attacking/damaging entities does not seem to get bounding boxes at all. So failing that I at least found where it applies critical hits based on player's movement, and added to the critical hit method that spawns particle fx to check if entity is instance of entityZombie and call a method in entityZombie which will at random drop an item representing the mob's head. I'll have to figure out how to hook into the methods of applying textures from entities so that I can just pull the head textures from the existing texture files, and also I have to implement a custom renderer for the item as the player holds it so it actually looks like the 3d head instead of a 2d icon. Also I want to implement random variations to the zombie model which should be pretty simple.
Well I'm having nothing but issues trying to make variations to the zombie's living stance, and really I had forgotten how some things worked and why I implemented it the way I did in the renderer. To make zombies raise their arms as they rise from the ground, there is a variable in the biped model class that gets applied only in the zombie model class which extends from the biped model class, and I had forgotten that when I first implemented it I had to set the modelBipedMain value in the renderer to "new ModelZombie()", otherwise every zombie currently rendered would have their arms set to that of the zombie that was just spawned. So by setting it to "new ModelZombie()" in my renderZombie() method, it only affected the zombie currently going through that animation, and each zombie would be rendered independently. This however creates a problem when trying to implement variations like if the zombie's head is tilted to one side or the other, if one of the zombie's arms should be "dead weight", because setting the values inside the zombie model class again affects every zombie, and setting the model in the renderer to "new ModelZombie()" every time it updates would reset that value, so the zombie's head would spastically oscillate back and forth and it's arm would oscillate between being up and down, which would make every other zombie do the same thing even if they weren't spawning. Maybe I have to just make an override of the render method in the model class like what animals use to transform models if they're baby animals.
(287.36 KB 854x480 2020-12-12_17.43.49.png)
>>177193 Okay I got zombies losing their heads working, it just gets really confusing because at first they all lost their head at the same time, because even though my condition was to check the entity is an instance of EntityZombie and !(EntityZombie)par1Entity.hasHead(), to which it sets "showModel" for the head to false before rendering everything else, it set that value to false for every zombie and I assume any entity that extends the biped class like pigman zombies and skeletons. I also made it so zombies hold a random item now, but I gotta tweak it because they will more often than not be holding an item instead of being empty handed.
(552.08 KB 1920x986 Bees.png)
>>121133 The bees are fun at least >Round up a few >Breed them on a mesa >Find the babies will float up and grow up inside the block above them, then fly off >Just stick them all on leads >It's turning night and I have no bed >Don't want the fuckers to get shot by a skeleton and kill themselves stinging it >Start digging a hole to put them in >Fucking hit a bee I spent the night sprinting around a mesa while a couple dozen bees leashed to me chased my ass around. They're stupid as fuck and the crop growth effect is a bit of a pain in the ass to exploit, but I had fun.
>>177577 One thing i hate about the bees is that they dont count time when inside their bee nest/hive. Meaning they grow up and reset their breeding cycle slower Do they still do that in 1.16?
>>177451 Well this ended up breaking more than I thought it would. The items a zombie holds ends up following some kind of arc as the zombie spawns or revives, and this also is applied to every zombie being rendered, so all items held by zombies start to move. I tried moving the animation cycle into the model class under an override of the render method found in other model classes. The gl transforms are all fucked up and result in weird shit that is probably gonna take a long time to figure out, like why the zombie model flew off into the distance while spawning, or why the model is now upside down, or why it still fucks up the held item rendered. Just about the only thing really working is the zombie losing it's head and dying properly without it. I have no idea how endermen are handled differently, because they also extend the biped model class but implement their own two booleans for if they're holding a block or attacking, and they don't all render identical to one. Maybe because of having a separate renderer class? But the renderer class extends renderLiving just like renderBiped.
we got a server going?
>>177596 I'm sure they do, but I think it just pauses it instead of resetting. Either way it's why I built a hiveless room to breed them in. I wonder if they fixed the bug where growing up puts them halfway through the block above them and lets them escape.
>>177604 Okay this problem seemed to fix itself somehow or I fixed it without knowing how, but whatever it works I guess. I went back to furnace recipes to see if I could fix the mapping of resulting itemstacks to blocks with metadata by mapping a list to a block/item id instead of an itemstack, which I was pretty sure was doable. Finally figured out that I can, but there was a few issues in that other classes had to be modified for my imrovement on the recipe map, first I ran the issue of StatList not being able to process the hashmap because it iterates over the crafting results and expects an itemstack as a value every time, obviously wont work if it finds a list instead. As a temporary fix I just commented out that part because honestly why does there even need to be crafting stats? Second issue was with the ContainerFurnace class, which specifically deals with shift-clicking items into the furnace input slot and checks to see if the smelting result itemstack != null, which throws an error if it returns a list instead of an itemstack. I think I can change this to first check if the value of the key is an instance of a list or an itemstack before checking if the value is null, but otherwise just dragging and dropping blocks with metadata into the input slot works just fine. So that's something at least. This also means I can fix up my class with the list of items that should drop upon breaking blocks, and will require a lot less fucking around since nothing but blocks are using it.
>>177630 Smug has a server going, I think. It's a modded 1.15.2 We could do something similar with 1.16 (Fabric) Fabric would make it fast for anons, but I wouldn't have any clue on how to zip and install and cracked launcher for others to get ahold of. Alternatively, just do vanilla, but I'm not sure fags would want to do vanilla with how tedious it can be.
>>177754 Now I've improved a few things: >any block that utilizes my blockdrops class gets the item/block that corresponds with that item without having to create an EntrySet or iterate over the list >furnace recipes use a similar method in setting up the list of itemstacks, either taking an itemstack or list object as a value, simple check if the item has damage/metadata and uses that to get the itemstack from the sublist haven't bothered fixing the crafting stats for furnace recipes, just because it seems useless so it's gonna take lowest priority I think I'll just start implementing the reindeer next, otherwise I'd go back to looking at how I could implement a new texturing method for ores so they can use just a few base textures and color in the ore pixels with a method like what's used for spawn eggs.
If I had the time and autism I'd just mod Beta 1.7.3 and improve on that. Hunger is still the worst mechanic added to Minecraft. Later versions definitely added some important QoL features, but at the same time they also added so much bloat or unnecessary shit. Current versions just look like a one of those old modpacks that included every popular mod regardless of how well they actually blended together. I wouldn't even mind playing an Alpha server for fun for a little bit, but I can't find a lot of the old plugins people used for hMod. It's hard to convince anyone to play an old (especially vanilla) version outside of nostalgia due to how featureless and unstable it is. (Alpha versions sometimes crash due to buggy code, and due to being designed for an old as fuck version of Java.) Speaking of old versions, has anyone tried ClassiCube? It's a port of Minecraft Classic and some servers actually forked the old modded Classic servers. They blocked disposable emails from signing up so I haven't bothered making an account yet.
>>179751 I plan on putting up a server once I get around to adding my changes to the server code, which maybe I should start on. I would like to get it to a point where the client will inherit the server's properties, but that might be a long way off, in any case the server will likely be highly unstable due to changes I'm making so a persistent world is no guarantee. I think cart boosting is still a thing in this version, but this was before hoppers were introduced.
>>179950 Minecart boosting was nerfed in Beta 1.5 and patched in 1.6. (or maybe 1.7, Beta 1.6 was notoriously buggy at the time despite ironically being a bug-fix update) Minecarts in any prior Beta version work the same as in Alpha, but as far as I'm aware there haven't been any major minecart glitches in the full release versions.
>>179950 >>180647 Speaking of minecarts, when ever you get around to it see if you can unfuck the furnace minecart. It would be nice to have actual trains of some kind i the game. >>177957 >I think I'll just start implementing the reindeer next That's wonderful!
>>180647 Even though I'm working on 1.2.5 the cart boosters don't work at all, I assumed this was a beta version. >>180668 >unfuck the furnace minecart I agree, that was one of the biggest disappointments, being so hyped for powered minecarts that you could just load up some chest carts and hop into an empty cart and ride out of a cave in style, only for it to be so underpowered that it literally couldn't push a single cart up a slope, it's definitely on my to-do list.
>>180668 >>180682 I think the community got so used to full speed carts that Mojang just figured powered rails would be better. I'd love proper furnace carts despite Mojang straight up abandoning them in non-Java versions. >1.2.5 Yeah, you're on full release. Any non-full release version will either be 0.x (classic/survival test) or be prefixed with Alpha/Beta/etc. Because you have detector rails available, I would suggest adding another rail for detecting only empty minecarts. One thing Mojang broke with fixing boosters was that some old minecart systems would detect empty carts vs full carts for storage or transportation, while detector rails just detect minecarts only with no easy way for detecting if they're empty or not. I'm not sure how, but I'd also love to see chest carts be better utilized. No one makes advanced rail stations anymore due to better storage/transportation with horses, elytra, shulkers, etc. It would be cool to see them make a comeback considering none of those are in this version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNhc4ZTv034 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC3d75qGBiA
>>180740 I could make it so that detector rails are made just by applying a pressure plate to a regular rail in-world, depending on the pressure plate added to it would control it's function. >wooden pressure plate detects any cart >stone pressure plate emits signal for x seconds >iron pressure plate detects full cart If comparators were in this version I would just make it so adding a comparator would emit a signal strength based on how full the cart is, but I could probably do that with repeaters for now.
>>122363 >fine arts degree What do they even teach to those people nowadays? That movies and cubes full of tranny piss are art?
>>122135 To be honest that was an epic backflip.
>>122135 >I don't believe in god, I believe in Notch >Notch sells Minecraft >his god abandoned him Poor soul.
>>180898 You can still emit varying signal strength for the rails. (Not sure why Mojang hasn't bothered doing that yet.) Even if you don't backport comparators, all that has to be done is just have your repeater X blocks from the rail to detect the correct strength.
>>122356 Until now I wouldn't have known either, nor would I have understood the significance of that one dude standing in front of the tanks after the protests had been suppressed. Tianamen was only ever mentioned to me, never actually explained.
>>181384 Oh yeah it wasn't an issue of not having the comparators, it just would have made more sense to modify detector rails with a comparator for that purpose, but implementing comparators would be more difficult since I don't actually understand the logic behind them. I'm keeping a checklist of everything to ensure I don't end up forgetting any of this, and marking off how complete any of the features are as I go. I need to switch to a spreadsheet because the list is already too big.
>>181534 It makes sense to me from a logic standpoint, but I've never looked at the code behind it.
Not a huge update but I figured out how to add new settings to the options menu. Required modifying 5 different classes, there was the EnumOptions class, then a helper class for the EnumOptions that is used for a switch case in the GameOptions class, and a GuiOptions class, the language file for setting the text on the button, and then figuring out which class to modify in order pass the setting to the rest of the game, which I think ended up being both the main class Minecraft.java to create a method that returns a public variable and then the World class so that everything else can easily reference it from worldObj
(636.53 KB 1280x720 its_awful.webm)
I tried getting all my updates implemented into the server code, and it's just one huge clusterfuck. Mining certain blocks causes errors, the 3d entity of raw chicken is broken beyond belief (it floats midair and cannot be interacted with and will disappear upon leaving the server), zombies rubber band like crazy and wont even spawn naturally (there wasn't actually a method in the server code to get the current moon phase, and for whatever reason I couldn't implement the client-side method). There's also the native problems of this old server code, where it has trouble rendering the world, often requiring a manual refresh with F3+A, but I have no idea how to improve this and no idea how to implement packets for handling new things I've added, so thus far the only thing that's functional is my spawn registry for biomes and the single new mob I added.
(238.66 KB 854x480 2020-12-25_11.19.19.png)
(365.33 KB 854x480 2020-12-25_11.19.33.png)
(260.39 KB 854x480 2020-12-25_11.20.01.png)
(271.24 KB 854x480 2020-12-25_11.20.22.png)
(284.31 KB 854x480 2020-12-25_11.20.41.png)
>>189507 I've found that of the things I've implemented these are the major issues: Many static blocks are implemented with my own class meant to be "standard blocks", this includes stone, cobblestone, dirt, the vanilla ores (at least iron/gold/coal/diamond/lapis) which I don't want to use anyway because my new ore class is better, and clay. Stone, cobblestone, coal, diamond, and lapis all function fine (I forgot to test clay), but breaking dirt, iron ore, or gold ore results in an internal server error that kicks players. Ores implemented from my better ore class are fine. I have no idea what's causing this. There seems to be a problem with sheep that I must have forgot to fix some time ago regarding wool color and the wool they drop. Chickens, as I had implemented a dumb feature that lets the player yank feathers off them, works fine, but the animation and particle affects to indicate the damage are constantly happening to every spawned chicken. I'm not sure why. Zombies, aside from rubber banding after spawning, simply wont lose their head no matter how many times you crit them. Then of course, the floating raw chicken. It doesn't obey gravity. You can stand on it. You can stand under it. If you bump into it, it starts drifting off in another direction forever and will not collide with blocks. There is no way to pick it up or interact with it otherwise. The bright side I guess is that the server uses less than 50mb of memory on average.
>>189690 Oh well I figured out the block issue. I forgot to add dirt and the iron/gold vanilla ore to the class which returns the item to be dropped from the standard block class. I should have put a case to check if a block implemented from the standard class does not have an entry in the drops list then just return itself. That way I don't have to actually include blocks that simply drop themselves in the list, unless they have metadata.
Not that any news about this piece of shit maters anymore, but I find it kind of funny regardless: >add what are parental controls in all but name to the game >even add an annoying as fuck pop-up for pre-1.16.4 versions >can't disable it entirely, left with no choice but to tick the checkbox every single time you make a new profile on the official launcher <all of this after shoving political bullshit into kids' throat with pro-BLM and other SocJus messages The absolute state of this fucking game. On a similar note: >Twitch moved their mod services to some extra bullshit program by CurseForge >bundled with Overwolf (former overlay, now some "framework that provides creators all the tools they need to build apps that benefit gamers", whatever the fuck that means) >installed it yesterday 'cause fuck it, I liked Overwolf back when it was some shitty 3rd party overlay >gives me a pop-up about it tracking shit and tells me I can disable it >fine, as long as I can turn it all off, it's fi- >there's a section where it says that it needs to keep track of all the apps I un/install and am currently running >even has the nuts to say "you can turn this off by uninstalling Overwolf". Not like I think the Twitch launcher was any better (fuck, I was actually excited that my primary reason to use the app was nonexistent at first), but what an immediate way to fuck up someone migrating to your new, shitty service. I've went to using MultiMC and downloading modpacks from their website, it works a lot better and I don't have to deal with the shitty "player safety features" pop-up; too bad the game itself isn't any good no matter how many mods I stack onto it (I had a custom modpack that was a nice "vanilla+", but I can't access it because the email on my Twitch account has been fucked for months, and I loathe this fucking game and everything involved with it too much to want to unfuck my account for it). I should look into those alternatives, I'd love a game that was as free as Minecrap but without the poz, feature-creep, and poor progression and incentive to keep playing past getting a farm going and a bed.
(122.07 KB 570x261 cats crash to desktop.png)
>>189690 >Stone, cobblestone, coal, diamond, and lapis all function fine (I forgot to test clay), but breaking dirt, iron ore, or gold ore results in an internal server error that kicks players.
Wash your hands! Soap and water! Support local businesses! Stay home and play games! Stay safe! Stay strong! Cough or sneeze into your elbow! Don’t touch your face! Support elderly relatives and friends! Prepare, but don’t hoard! Gamers unite – separately in your own homes! Save the world – stay inside! Shop for your elders! Hang out with your friends online! Thank you, Gates. I totally wanted you to buy Minecraft, so I can listen to your useful WHO Corona advice and getting the chip and the vaccine! What would we do without our favourite computer virus developer who now moved on to real viruses?
>>190947 the fuck?
>>190951 It's the splash screens from 1.6.
meant 1.16
>>190947 That doesn't even hold a candle to their addition of BLM support in the splash text. That shit is unforgivable.
>>191039 There were way more BLM splashes than that, someone posted them earlier in the thread. But yeah, fuck those cunts.
(229.92 KB 822x297 Capture.PNG)
>>191039 >Not using your own custom splash text
(191.43 KB 854x480 2020-12-28_00.25.55.png)
(189.76 KB 854x480 2020-12-28_00.26.15.png)
(201.32 KB 854x480 2020-12-28_00.26.47.png)
Here's a major milestone in getting an easily expanded ore implementation. By almost sheer luck I figured out how to make it render overlapping textures, so now I can tell it to just use stone as the base texture for all ores and have it apply the pattern that corresponds to the ore type (metal, dust, gems) overtop of the stone texture, and I already have a working method of coloring the texture at least for wool blocks that shouldn't be hard to apply to the ores. What you see in the images is the existing glass texture rendered on the top face after already rendering the stone texture, it works since the glass texture is mostly transparent anyway.
(216.71 KB 854x480 2020-12-28_01.14.49.png)
(187.84 KB 854x480 2020-12-28_12.20.39.png)
(257.99 KB 854x480 2020-12-28_12.29.26.png)
>>191577 I'm getting closer, I just know I am.
(200.88 KB 854x480 2020-12-28_13.08.41.png)
>>191768 Here I actually bothered to create the ore pattern overlay.
(54.85 KB 854x480 2020-12-29_13.40.12.png)
(578.02 KB 854x480 2020-12-29_13.40.22.png)
(547.54 KB 854x480 2020-12-29_14.34.41.png)
>>191806 I have to figure out some kind of gradient system for this, merely applying a color multiplier looks pretty garbage. It looks too flat. I also managed to get the alternate ore texture for lapis rendered on the correct block. I should probably implement an entirely separate method for rendering these ore overlays, but now it might be easy to implement connected textures for glass and such. Oh and the texture overlay seems to almost glow for some reason.
>>118429 But minecraft 1.2.5 was before that shit and if I recall correctly before Microsoft bought it, and doing that would give more reason to not play the version with the blm shit
>>118737 Well it’s clearly a joke nigger
>>191577 >>191768 >>191806 >>192368 Looking neat anon.
>>192608 Thanks m8. >>192368 While it's now trivial to add new blocks, at least as trivial as possible without the use of json, I forgot about adding ingots and ore storage blocks (block of gold, block of iron, etc). I'll have to implement an ingot class to do that dynamic coloring, since right now ingots are implemented just from the Item super constructor, there's no child class to modify, so of course every ingot ends up taking another item ID, which the ingot storage blocks also take up a block id for every variant. I need to refresh my memory on this so I went ahead and added copper/tin ore, corresponding ingot, and was about to add a storage block before realizing they don't use metadata either. I also need to refactor my ore class since I fixed my class that sets up items to be dropped by blocks broken, so that if the metadata passed to the class does not return a value in the sublist, it returns the block that was broken, this makes it so only blocks that need to drop an alternate item have to be added to the list, if an ore like iron/gold/copper just drop the block then they can be excluded from the list entirely.
(510.67 KB 854x480 2021-01-02_12.26.21.png)
(44.90 KB 854x480 2021-01-02_12.27.43.png)
>>192646 I figured out why the ores appeared to glow on certain sides and fixed it. I didn't realize I had messed up some of the parameters for rendering the texture overlay so while it still looks flat it doesn't glow at least.
(245.84 KB 854x480 2021-01-02_12.56.45.png)
(283.42 KB 854x480 2021-01-02_13.03.27.png)
(374.35 KB 854x480 2021-01-02_13.03.53.png)
>>195436 I sorta worked out a way of creating gradients by tweaking the colorvalues that are supposed to be multiplied by the ambient occlusion light variables for each corner of a cube face. It does this for all 4 corners, for red, green, and blue values. I added a grotesque green color to all of them. It still doesn't look accurate to the vanilla textures but I think the only way I'd achieve that is to actually get the grayscale value of each pixel and apply the appropriate color from a list of colors for the gradient.
Which of these would make more sense? >ingots, gems, and storage blocks are automatically registered from ores added >ingots, gems, and storage blocks are added in separately in configs
>>196194 I haven't been keeping track of this entire thread, but I assume you're making a framework for others to use to add ores. The second option will be by far the more versatile of the 2, and some items that get added through this method may not need a storage block. There just seem to be too many edge cases that could exist for the first option to be worth it to me.
>>196200 Ultimately I'm working towards a built-in sane framework where blocks/items are added in via configs and more gamerules for common things are added as well as little additions that put mojang's development over the last 10 years to shame. I suppose I could just include an option to auto-add those things when it comes down to it.
(506.86 KB 854x480 2021-01-03_20.42.45.png)
(550.24 KB 854x480 2021-01-03_20.42.50.png)
I partially implemented a multi-purpose block I had in mind. One feature of many is 1-way glass. Let's you see out but nobody can see in.
>>195442 That's actually kind of pretty.
>>127750 Ever since indev mining and spelunking has been completely forgettable and mind-numbing. I don't know how improving the "mining" portion of a game called MINEcraft wasn't priority number one since the outset. Underground biomes, waterfalls, ruins, villages, plants, more ores and metals. Literally none of these things were added in a decade of development. It's a wonder Mojang hasn't been investigated for money laundering at the rate they work.
>>202538 Play Terraria instead I guess, it has a pretty expanded underground including an entire underworld at the bottom of the map.
>>202538 The main constraint was the height limit making it difficult to add underground content. You figure that the ocean level starts at y-64, so to come up with content like ruins, villages, biomes or hell even waterfalls, that would fit in a 64 block height, actually you technically already have waterfalls in ravines by chance, but they're underwhelming since it's just that 1 block water stream to the bottom, no water particles or misty fog at the end of the stream. But then fluids are a hard thing to try and improve upon because of how easily it can be fucked up, like imagine trying to implement a geyser or a volcanic caldera, a geyser works by underground water being super heated till it erupts so how would that be implemented as game logic? You would need a underground pocket of water to be generated with a heat source around or under it, you couldn't have water directly touching lava because it turns to obsidian, so there needs to be a layer of stone between the water and lava, stone will need a 'heat' value that increases lava adjacent, then water source blocks need a heat value so they spawn a high pressure stream as long as there is an empty space above, the stream has to be a new block implementation that continues to branch upwards till it reaches a wide space to dissipate, then it has to update the neighboring blocks down to the source where it the water source updates to lose heat and have the cycle repeat. This could then be exploited for making elevators or traps to kill players and mobs. There's no excuse for lack of ores and plants though, other than a lack of creative direction, but we already saw how well underground ruins turned out with mineshafts and fortresses. Random structure generation in general is bad, but fitting it in a 64 block height makes it that much harder to improve upon it.
>>202579 I did, it was fun. Just bitching about the Swedes. Terraria quickly becomes way more combat focused though, whereas Minecraft is a lot more modular and open with its construction and exploration which is what I enjoyed most.
>>202582 You would actually just have to completely redo fluids from scratch.
>>202582 Your best bet would be to increase the build limit or have a separate dimension for underground stuff. (Kind of like the nether, but maybe more of an in-between layer and with actual content.) Maybe generate the bottom layer with obsidian or a harder (but mineable) block. Falling through it puts them at the top layer of the "deep underground" or whatever. Going through the layer transports to the respective X/Z coords (or multiplied/divided by whatever number) and respective top/bottom of the layer.
>>170215 >Hycuck >Asian Investors. I'm out see ya later nigger.
>>202538 I think they've just recently added a couple of new cave types. It's something I guess.
(993.38 KB 290x198 this_is_fine.gif)
I have no progress to report on improving and expanding on vanilla's code. My life is falling apart and I can't dedicate time to anything extra curricular now. I don't know how long it might be until I can work on anything again, if I can even get the chance.
>>230426 Don't feel too bad about it anon. It happens to every modder or dev eventually. Ganbatte!
>>230124 I'm actually looking forward to the caves update. Spelunking is my favourite thing in MC.
>>230124 >>230484 It took Mojang 10 fucking years to add a cave update to a game called Minecraft thats primarily about mining in caves? What the fuck? Words can't describe how much i hate this game now, I can't stand playing it more for 10 minutes now. All I can do is watch 2b2t videos about it and that server was a laggy fucking nightmare to actually play on. >>230426 >My life is falling apart You're not the only one. Its been happening to a good chunk of the world nowadays thanks to fucking China and corrupt/incompetent governments. I hope you pull through anon!
You know what simple thing that Minecraft needs and has needed for years? A vanilla, in game way to make custom paintings. I know we've got map autism but that takes a ton of work to get it to get it to turn out right and most people end up using map generators of some kind if they have anything very complex. >>230426 I'm wishing you good luck anon and I hope things start looking up for you soon.
>>230589 Mojang has updated the cave generation algorithm a couple of times, but this time the focus of the update is revamping the cave system, complete with new cave types and enemies and everything, and updating how cliffs are generated and adding props to them, like climbing vines and things.
>>230675 I'm really not sure why it took them so long.
>>230677 They know at this point that Minecraft survives more off mods and random gamemode shit then anything they do. So easier to be lazy and "hype" up a small update as huge and live off the money for another year til the next small update.
>>230677 >>230716 At this point I was waiting for Hytale until riot games bought it off. I beat DQ builders 1/2 and Terraria quite a few times and Vintage story is too slow going and early in development for me. I really have nothing to play when it comes to block game building autism anymore. I really wish I could still enjoy minecraft I really do but it just looks like, runs like and feels like shit to play, it drains the fucking life out of me the longer I go on in the game. Vid related. The game actually works and looks like complete and total aids, even when I'm in singleplayer what the fuck mojang? Hytale was a better all around looking game than minecraft but its never coming out, its just a chink owned proof of concept.
>>230725 You know what to take some humor out of my suffering someone should add eurobeat to that video whenever the dolphin appears. That would make me smile but not fix the fact that minecraft is a shit fucking game whose fame and profits are not deserved in the slightest.
>>165160 >someday you'll be an apathetic faggot like me Fuck you nigger, I hope you die
Well there it is https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-snapshot-21w06a >Build limit now goes from y = -64 to 320 >New cave gen <More water caves
>>234131 Ah fuck you beat me to it. Also it currently completely breaks compatibility with all previous versions. Because Mojang can't do anything without fucking something else up.
>>234147 I guess you can excuse it for still being a snapshot. Still i wonder how old world's will handle the new build height especially now old terrain gen has bedrock at y= 0
>>121110 Who is this animu girl and is there any r34 of her?
https://mc-map.djfun.de/ Is there an offline map item data editing program similar to this one? For the longest time I wanted to make a museum in Minecraft.
>>234196 Turns out, the -64 to 320 bit is specifically a compatibility thing. Lining up just the sea levels so older worlds can still be moved over and generate mostly fine. Though, as anon mentioned, they managed to break it anyways. I hope that what happens is that with the new terrain, it generates 'cliffs' of bedrock and leaves everything else the same. Again, the odd choice of moving the lower limit to -64 and the upper limit to 320 seems to be specifically because they want to keep compatibility somehow. Also when will fucking copper get more uses. It's just used for lightning rods and telescopes. I guess it means at least modders will add one less modded ore. >>236127 There are plugins that let you write images on the internet to maps. Old smug servers and others used to have 'em.
(953.18 KB 1619x885 map wall.png)
>>236428 I found a pretty functional and simple program called Image Map 3. The only thing is I wish it had an option for bayer dithering though. This may have been a bit of a mistake.
Is there a way to disable spawning of individual mobs?
>>238484 Use the Bad mobs mod by Darkhax
>>238648 I was kind of hoping for a vanilla solution.
(777.43 KB 2148x1221 new ore distrubution.jpeg)
Indasting. Looks like emeralds are about to become a lot more common.
>>240110 I'm really interested in the ability for modders to expand generation (and types of generation) downwards. With layered biomes being finally implemented in the overworld, this could be the start of being able to add Terraria-esque mini underground biomes or a full on Dwarf Fortress underground expansion mod.
(598.84 KB 1280x720 the main entrance - Imgur.png)
>>240421 I'm just imagining the amount of coal, iron, and coal that you could get if you made a single biome extreme hills amplified world. You could build a house out of emerald. Without a pillager autism machine I mean.
We have lush caves now and they're still tweaking the ore generation.
>>257211 >Diamond ore is now halved >Gold is now less exposed on cave surfaces >This also applies to redstone What was Jeb! thinking? Whats the point of the new cave gen if strip mining will be the most optimal way to get ores
>>257859 It wouldn't be a Minecraft update if Jeb! wasn't doing something retarded. Speaking of doing things that are retarded. Remember how they've had 2 or 3 votes about adding a new mob to the game and they go on and on how they can only possibly create one or maaaaaaybe 2 mobs at a time? Remember also added 24 new mobs to Minecraft Earth? Here's the kicker, less than a year after it launched they've abandoned the fucking game.
(143.63 KB 266x355 chair spin.gif)
>>257934 > Remember how they've had 2 or 3 votes about adding a new mob to the game and they go on and on how they can only possibly create one or maaaaaaybe 2 mobs at a time? Remember also added 24 new mobs to Minecraft Earth? Here's the kicker, less than a year after it launched they've abandoned the fucking game. Guess that 2 billion dollars pricetag on buying out Mojang has been money well spent for microjew. The mob vote was a mistake because we got the awful phantom as a result and why is the moobloom even considered a candidate for it? It could've just been a variant in the flower biome or whatever along with the rest of the mobs from minecraft Earth. But no, adding more mobs(even variants) will dilute the already barren game because the autistic fanbase says so. Meanwhile polar bears and pandas still have zero drops and nobody bitched and moan about it.
(163.10 KB 670x879 1582635379862.jpg)
>>258016 >Meanwhile polar bears and pandas still have zero drops and nobody bitched and moan about it. Dude pandas and polar bears can't have drops because what if the little kids that play the game would kill them in game and that would make them want to go out and kill pandas in real life. Dolphin riding is right out too because that would teach 6 year olds to abuse cetaceans in real life because they totally have access to actual dolphins. Same for sharks. In fact sharks can't even be in the game because we can't have kids either abusing or interacting with real sharks. Teaching kids that it's OK to make high explosives, mix and drink random chemicals, try to pet and tame stray dogs, and make battery cages for chickens is apparently fine though. >the autistic fanbase says so I think the autistic fanbase is going to shit themselves over the ore texture changes
(623.55 KB 2048x1536 82348978_p0.png)
(361.44 KB 625x352 thrasher.png)
>>258024 >Dolphin riding is right out too because that would teach 6 year olds to abuse cetaceans in real life because they totally have access to actual dolphins. Good, those ocean rapists deserved to be abused. >Same for sharks. In fact sharks can't even be in the game because we can't have kids either abusing or interacting with real sharks. Which is stupid when they could've just added a mob that behaves like a shark like the trasher from Upgrade Aquatic mod. But i guess a fantasy mob is too much work for Mojang >Teaching kids that it's OK to make high explosives, mix and drink random chemicals, try to pet and tame stray dogs, and make battery cages for chickens is apparently fine though. Dont forget making a villager concentration camp that makes Hitler himself blush just so you can get enchanting books. Why did Jeb! even bought the meme that minecraft should be educational and that it cant have fun gameplay and mechanics when the education edition exist
(732.37 KB 750x781 ClipboardImage.png)
>>258024 >Teaching kids that it's OK to make high explosives But it is. Chuck Yeager's dad taught him how to do it and he was one of the finest Americans in history.
(66.40 KB 1200x513 Ores.jpg)
No new ore gen tweaks but you get something even better all the ore blocks can now be affected by fortune with the new ore drops. Auto-smelt enchant when? Imagine using mekanism for the 5x ore output with the new ore drops
(49.36 KB 470x706 Bane_TDKR3.jpg)
>>117888 >we've got to do something for the next 30 days while we wait for the fucking civil war to start. >hitler trips Meme responsibly, anon.
>>280214 >7 months ago >Meme responsibly, anon. Anon, you're in one right now
>>280194 Fucking finally.
(3.93 MB 1876x3515 banebains.jpg)
>>280219 Sorry, I spend more time on /co/ and /v/. Nevertheless... what if me viewing it is the catalyst that sets of the 30 day countdown? Meme responsibly, everyone.
>>280194 Took all these years to add an actual item drop to gold and ore instead of dropping the block. Incredible. >mekanism for the 5x ore There was already a mod called fortune ores that you could even add modded ores to the config to make everything respect the fortune enchant which could be heavily abused by anything that added in fortune modifiers and ore multiplying machines.
It's kinda sad, but Hytale is going to kill Minecraft. At least for the main public, modders and other communities are not really impacted. And it's really good for a multiple reasons, but for me it's the minecraft servers that leech money from kids with the most abhorrent practices that I have ever seen in my life. Shits 100% illegal, but this is the world now, nobody cares. Kids are paying real money for better pickaxes, pressured by time limits and artificial "community needs", this is the kind of shit that terrifies me, it's nightmare fuel. If Hytale kills those terrible MC servers, good, very very very good.
(148.88 KB 1600x1600 fxf79ofnkyn41.jpg)
>>281648 Sounds like it wont kill Minecraft but rather it'll give Minecraft the chemo that it's been needing for years. >>281652 >and man did those kids ever fucking hate not being able to bust out mommy's credit card I don't understand this way of thinking. Not at all. If servers like Hermitcraft can roleplay an internal economy and servers like 2b2t can run an actual internal economy, based on glitches no less, then why would anyone play a Minecraft server with an external gatchashit economy? More over how did this shit even get started in the first place?
(32.22 KB 363x572 ED_MPndXUAAPhzS.png)
>>282070 I'm the shittiest Minecraft player ever and even I can manage to get a handful of diamonds just from playing the game as intended. Why would you want play a game like Minecraft and then want to buy your way instead of just playing? Little kids being raised on and even by mobile devices has fucking ruined a generation I guess.
>>282077 >Why would you want play a game like Minecraft and then want to buy your way instead of just playing? Because you're an autistic retard and want to be the best at the game but only have mommy's credit card to show for it. >Little kids being raised on and even by mobile devices has fucking ruined a generation I guess. Getting off-topic but the influence of mobileshit like this is worth an entire thread. I'm disgusted by how often I see children just sat in front of a tablet/phone at the store, I can't imagine how often children are just raised in front of the most cancerous advertising-heavy programs known to mankind. Mobile devices became commonplace by 2007, and that was 14 years ago. It has literally ruined an entire generation.
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