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(22.32 KB 512x384 sketchful.jpeg)
(26.94 KB 800x600 sketchful-1587336779243.png)
(30.58 KB 800x600 sketchful-1591405551928.png)
(33.71 KB 800x600 sketchful-1592444728572.png)
(29.40 KB 800x600 sketchful-1593053259727.png)
SKETCHFUL.IO Anonymous 10/11/2020 (Sun) 01:15:07 Id:b8fa08 No. 125169
THE GRAND RETURN Welcome back to another installment of Sketchful.io! Sketchful gamenights will be coordinated here. >What is this? It's pictionary on your browser. >How do I play? I'll schedule times we'll be playing this and when the time comes, I'll drop a link. Follow the link and you'll be taken to the private lobby for this game. Only certain browsers work according to some anon experiences. Pale Meme has trouble but most chromium browsers will work, as will IE and Opera. >What's the deal? This will be pictionary but with video game words only. There may be a very few number of imageboard culture words, some are in the process of being purged. This includes games from decades ago to games from months ago. >Do I have to be a drawfag? No, and we get a lot of non-drawfag anons playing. As long as you know what your word is, you'll do fine. Hope you join in! Times will be in CST so make sure to translate to whatever third world country timezone you niggers live in.
(31.46 KB 800x600 sketchful-1593055018723.png)
(27.42 KB 800x600 sketchful-1594256963494.png)
(22.90 KB 800x600 sketchful-1594257771883.png)
Man, I really fucked up that formatting. Serves me right for copy+pasting. Anyways, here's the lobby code. Get in now. https://sketchful.io/room/DqbZd https://sketchful.io/room/DqbZd https://sketchful.io/room/DqbZd https://sketchful.io/room/DqbZd
Thanks for attending tonight, we'll have another tomorrow.
(30.42 KB 386x198 1433887791881.gif)
>>129626 >you will never talk a last boss into suicide ever again Why live
(37.75 KB 534x483 rMrSCfVJA9.png)
I know sketchful.io is a regular around here but would it be possible to find a less cancerous online pictionary game.
>>129648 What happened to jackbox nights?
>>129648 unfortunately there isn't one that I know of with as much functionality. We did start with skribbl.io and gladly moved when this one appeared, so if you can find a better one, I'm more than willing to move
What imageboard is this room from? The guys seem to be talking about a completely different thread in chat
>>129660 these started on PLW and branched out to zzz and then here
>>129662 >PLW We've had similar threads for years, though.
>>129665 yeah, and I was the one who made those back then as well - but you're asking which thread this room is from, and that would be PLW. I also posted these threads on fatchan (for the one week it stayed up), vch, and 8chan before that.
Very cool game
>>129626 This game still going?

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