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(3.39 MB 1920x1014 hafen.png)
Haven and Hearth Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 20:11:45 Id:164b8e No. 158334
Hey frens anyone feel like playing some Hafen? Its bretty late into the serb already but feel like being comfy and relearn the game before the new serb comes out. I found an abandoned place where almost everything is decayed and looks like a good place to settle down in
>>158334 Last played on w11 i think. Any new changes?
>>158354 There is winter and seasons now, bodies of water freeze over dynamically (the amount of ice coverage varies throughout the days) which I think is pretty cool, makes for easy exploration during winter. I only started playing again yesterday since the last serb so idk what else they added My HS is Rustlemania if you wanna check it out

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