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Vidya elves. Anonymous 12/21/2020 (Mon) 00:26:45 Id:dc5d73 No. 185520
what game has the best elves? I like Night elves in warcraft. They've got a very cool moon motif and i have wanted to fuck one since i was a small boy playing WoW. The elf from dragons crown is pretty cool even if she is the weakest in the game.
>>185520 >Last Pic Marcille is a mutt
(160.63 KB 787x1015 night_elf.jpg)
>>185522 Yes she is, but cute nonetheless. As for best elves in a game that's a hard one. I am partial to the drow because they are the smallest.
(753.43 KB 1252x1800 Shinkei-Jime Marcille.png)
>>185522 Well, she'd dead right now in the manga choking on that dragon poison. Will probably be back in the next chapter that comes out somewhere in February 2021 since you can revive in a dungeon. It just won't be her since she's the usual one that does the reviving.
>>185527 >Yes she is, but cute Thistle knows the truth
>>185520 I can already predict precisely how this thread is going to go, so there’s no need to look at it.
>>185520 >what game has the best elves? Elder Scrolls. They make for a good vehicle to explain what drives a man to hate an entire race of uppity pricks. The Dark Elves in that series seem alright, they're not a bunch of faggots or cannibals like the others.
>>185560 The dunmer are almost universally backstabbing assholes with the possible exception of the house redoran. House hlaalu and dres are extremely capricious, house indoril are the worst kind of zealots, and telvanni is ancapistan. House dagoth might have been okay if not for the lovecratian monster transformations and madness.
>>185520 >what game has the best elves? I couldn't tell you. But I can tell you which series has the worst. Dragon Age, where they're a mixture of several hamfisted allegories shat out of Bioware's writing department. Namely, feather indians and niggers. Yet they still have the knife ear superiority/"We Wuz Kangs" attitude which checks out if Bioware really did want them to be stand ins for watermelon Americans
>>185626 It's worth mentioning though that in Origins they were just conquered slaves. There wasn't really any hand-wringing bullshit about it, that was just kinda the way it was. It wasn't until the later games that they really started shoehorning in a bunch of gay muh noble savage retard shit.
>>185588 You make it sound like they're skaven. Most Dunmer are just normal folk trying to make a living. It's mostly the elite nobility that get all backstabby, which is not a problem exclusive to them. Mister netch rancher isn't going to be plotting how to screw over anyone he meets, he's going to be concerned with the welfare of his livestock.
>>185648 >You make it sound like they are skaven Skaven are more like vermin and act like niggers rather than backstab each other. >Mister netch rancher isn't going to be plotting how to screw over anyone he meets A few exceptions do not automatically excuse the fact they behave like mafioso families.
>>185700 >they behave like mafioso families. Aren't the Hlaalu directly connected to the Morag Tong?
(27.38 KB 550x281 best_elf.jpg)
>>185520 >the best elves The best elf is a dead elf.
(119.95 KB 507x387 elfroles.png)
>>185734 Yes they are. It's just that in game the house was split between one brother controlling house hlaalu and the other controlling the commona tong. Usually the house hlaalu grandmaster controls both. >>185748 Elves have their roles.
The Adoring Fan might be an annoying cunt, but at least his ears don't shoot out sideways from his head.
(71.22 KB 330x800 XII_Viera.JPG)
(71.84 KB 720x848 1550100830-2.jpg)
(188.57 KB 1314x1096 Viera.full.10963.jpg)
Do Viera count as elves? God I want to fuck a tall bunnyelf so fucking bad.
>>185700 >A few exceptions do not automatically excuse the fact they behave like mafioso families. Again, you're acting like the mafioso families are the majority and not the elite few in control of some of the Houses.
>>185734 >>185757 Morag Tong and Commona Tong aren't the same thing. The Morag Tong are the officially sanctioned organization of assassins that don't like the Dark Brotherhood budging into Morrowind. The Cammona Tong are the criminal syndicate.
>>185808 I meant the Cammona tong, I just forgot the name and substituted it with the first Tong I could remember.
>>185808 I also read morag tong as cammona tong so it worked out. Also dunmer are so retarded they got their asses kicked by retarded swamp liggers because they absolutely couldn't stop fighting each other.
(481.89 KB 648x617 Cute headpats.png)
>>185538 Thistle is a QT too. >>185824 The argonians are also under the direct influence of the Hist which helps them out. >>185804 Yeah I agree I wouldn't really say that the average dunmer peasant is the exception and the ruling nobility are the norm.
>>185824 >Your biggest city gets destroyed because no one thought "Hey, having a fucking meteor hanging above the city that relies on one guy to keep it there may be a bad idea if that guy ever dies or stops holding it up." >Most of the core territory of your province is destroyed because of volcanic eruption >Get invaded by literal demons from hell >After all that, the Scalies come in to kick you while you're down and proclaim a great victory >Half your people go to be filthy refugees in Snownigger Nordland At least Redoran got to be the one clan reigning supreme over the ashes.
(549.53 KB 952x1648 gravityinTES.png)
>>185839 >Redoran now reigns as the only great house left. That has had unfortunate side effects.
>>185824 Gee, they were invaded by Daedra and didn't have eldritch trees or a death jungle to use as a crutch, and a meteor then crashed into the biggest city on Vvardenfel, which then caused Red Mountain to erupt and make most of Morrowind uninhabitable. It's almost as if they were massively crippled by the time the lizards invaded.
>>185868 House telvanni was fine with the exception of their holds in vardenfell and they got BTFO. Again because of all the infighting and lack of solidarity. They were incredibly powerful mages some hundreds or thousands of years old. I greatly doubt the liggers could have beaten them in a straight fight even with hist helping them.
(217.10 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)
(2.94 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Monster Hunters versions of, what are essentially, elves are really inconsistent in how they look. The latest versions in Rise are cute. The ones in World are.... kosher.
>>185913 I mean, the only defining feature of wyverians in general has been the pointy ears and the fact all of them seem to shrink when they get old. Other than that they're basically just more humans.
(542.70 KB 592x774 ClipboardImage.png)
>>185919 >only defining feature They have digitigrade legs... with claws.
>>185824 >>185868 >>185873 If Bethesda ever decides to stop porting Skyrim and make a TESVI, then it would be nice to visit the Black Marsh and what's left of Morrowind. >>185913 >that nose pig disgusting
(1.99 MB 1200x1262 ClipboardImage.png)
>>185969 You've seen nothing yet.
(49.58 KB 500x652 Corvus-Heretic.jpg)
What games have the manliest elves? Not some tree hugging faggot twink who can't satisfy the babes in their race but a manly man who takes shit into his own hands? and the jawline of a greek god?
>>185520 Night Elf girls are great but it's the massive futa horsecock that really brings the whole thing together.
(71.08 KB 580x800 Old_Elf.jpg)
>>185520 The Elves in Warhammer are pretty good. They are very strong factions and gameplay is good. If you like traditional play the new Lodoss game with deedlit. also read the Frieren Manga for good depiction of an elf >>186150 Again the Warhammer lore has some pretty Manly elves. Otherwise Maybe Baldurs Gate?
(956.80 KB 500x418 contemplative jazz music.gif)
>>186158 Damn, here we were, miding our business, just enjoying our elf appreciation and impregnation rights, and you futafags had to remind us how much you love cocks, you ruin perfectly acceptable elves by adding a penis on them.
(65.61 KB 625x407 Elf.jpg)
(88.56 KB 576x402 Rackham elves.jpg)
Do any games depict elves as they were in English folklore rather than the Tolkien depiction?
(71.19 KB 599x502 1460312124775.jpg)
>>186189 English folklore elves have just been renamed as "fairies' and they're identical in most interpretations.
>>186150 Tyrion from Warhammer is pretty manly and has a repuation for shagging anything with a pulse. Unfortunately, he got cucked by GW like everything else about Warhammer fantasy during the End Times.
(326.26 KB 640x360 goi.png)
>>185913 >that nose
>>186190 It's my understanding that faeries came in all shapes and sizes. I think it's more of a category than a race, though maybe that's more for other places than england.
>>186150 warhammer fantasy elves are pretty fucking manly, they go around waging war and acting as not-britain, they also used to be in a mutual genocide with the dwarves. >>185522 Dont talk shit about marcille you cunt.
(800.87 KB 976x1384 highelves 7th edition.jpg)
>>186292 Fug, forgot pic.
(8.09 KB 228x221 download.jpg)
>>186292 >Dont talk shit about marcille you cunt. Mules are shit
>>186310 Kerillian deserves only friendly fire and getting trapped by hook rats. >>186314 Ill fucking fight you, fag.
>>186314 What now?
(26.19 KB 340x255 Marcille.jpg)
>>186316 >>186325 They're fucking shit
(285.02 KB 547x525 155350.png)
>>186292 They are more like not-Atlantis which makes it even better. Also Marcille: >Lies about her Mutt status to her friends >Gets really embarrased once exposed, claims she doesn't care >Quotes (((Modern Science))) as excuse >Gets compared to a mule >More barren than the Sahara
>>186292 >>186316 Are there any 40k eldar games, or good Warhammer Fantasy games? I kind of came late to the party on Vermintide 2 when apparently all sorts of shitty updates ruined the game, and Total Warhammer 2 feels phoned in in a few ways since the last TW game I've played was Medieval 2.
>>186502 >Are there any 40k eldar games Rites of war, apart from that, most DoW games have eldar campaigns. >good Warhammer Fantasy games? Vermintide and total wawa, theres also bloodbowl if you like fantasy rugby.
>>186339 her butter-knife ears are pretty cute though.
>>186498 but have you played her game?
(1.63 MB 1447x2039 2018-05-01-960819.jpeg)
>>186517 Nobody has played her game. Also, posting pic here, but technically catgirl so not sure if it counts. Nobody who plays PS games these days thinks of them as anything other than generic space elves thanks to Sega
>>186557 Today's PS games are literally not yesterday's PS games. They look different. They're a different genre. There's no connection in mechanics. If there're story connections, it's pandering to old PS players. Fuck Sega.
>>186288 No what I mean is that in general wide media and videogames the english concept of elves has been supplanted by the term "fairies" if you look at almost any modern media that portrays fairies you'll instead find what used to be known as "elves". What I'm saying has no bearing on folklore just on modern interpretations.
>>186339 >Gets compared to a mule Hinnies don't get enough attention in my opinion >>186513 I would have prefered elves to just have a variety of ear types then for "butter knife" ears to be half elves. I guess if she just had shorter ones it would be too obvious and the author wouldn't be able to make it a reveal. >>186502 From my admittedly limited understanding of 40k, eldar are among the worst elves in fiction. They think humans and presumably other intelligent species are sub-eldar animals. I think only the Thalmor are worse since they actively want to genocide humans whereas eldar only kill humans when it suits them. I cannot conceive or comprehend of anyone unironically liking them.
(138.82 KB 987x1024 imperial dickplomacy.jpg)
>>186747 40k eldars are indeed posh cunts, but theres a faction of them that got their head out of their ass and is trying to work with the humans since from the moment the timeline finally moved forward, the galaxy got split in two and theres a major shittening going on, its why there are so many jokes about guilliman having an eldar girlfriend.
I forgot about the one game with an elf that I actually like, Popful Mail. I should actually play it again at some point.
>>186747 >too obvious and the author wouldn't be able to make it a reveal. I remember there was one anon that simply refused to admit marcille was a halfelf and there was a huge argument that went on forever. I don't have any screencaps, wish I did. For those who were not so emotionally invested it was obvious during the nightmare chapter that mulecille was a halfy. > I cannot conceive or comprehend of anyone unironically liking them. Eldar players are the most insufferable cunts in the 40k fandom.
>>186761 >Eldar players are the most insufferable cunts in the 40k fandom. Those are tau and you know them. >hey lets play killteam <neat, ill place all my troops in this corner and never fucking move!
(97.34 KB 880x1200 fucking_tau_can't_read.jpeg)
(213.24 KB 460x600 fucking_tau_colored1.png)
(2.48 MB 2435x2485 fucking_tau_colored.png)
(87.96 KB 1280x1280 fucking_tau3.png)
>>186762 Oh yah tau players are awful to. I still maintain eldar players are worse after the absolute bullshit that was dawn of war balancing.
>>186753 How do you play this anon? I was never able to get it to emulate right.
>>186779 Elven men being twinks was just fags fagging shit up like usual. It worked in dungeon meshi though since that was funny. Elves in tolkien fantasy were very fair haired and fair skinned with good complexions but it was obvious who were males and who were females.
>>186781 Nigger you keep saying Tolkien when you just mean the Peter Jackson movies. Tolkien didn't actively draw the characters out himself.
>>186788 You act like tolkien didn't give descriptions of what elves were like. They all had long hair and were exceptionally fair, but the men were not weak or effeminate. Unlike what we often see now in a lot of popular culture.
>>186788 >Tolkien didn't actively draw the characters out himself. Anon, there are these things called words, that can be used to describe things.
(2.25 MB 1200x915 ClipboardImage.png)
(13.55 MB 1968x2772 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.19 MB 852x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>186789 >>186798 Descriptions do not equate to pure visuals. Unless he spent 2 pages describing every minuet feature of Legolas you can't say for certain he does or doesn't definitely look like any of these depictions. As he wasn't in The Hobbit, featured last here, you can just assume he'd look like the rest of the Wood Elves.
(285.43 KB 974x885 anon_tired.png)
>>186804 Anon I am talking about how tolkien elf men were not effeminate lady boys and that is based on how tolkien described them as a race and individuals in his books and letters. You are talking about something completely different I can only assume due to autism.
>>186806 No I am not. We're talking depictions of elves in Tolkien here. He didn't draw them out. You only have descriptions & I gave you 3 vastly different depictions that were based on that. You can't say for certain that Tolkien intended for them to be manly men like Orlando Bloom or weird sprites like in The Hobbit. The autistic one is you. You clearly can't grasp clear concepts.
>>186804 Anon, no one claimed Tolkein described how each and every one of his elves specifically looked down to the last detail, just that his general descriptions of them weren't the effeminate girly men a lot of modern media depicts elves as.
>>186809 He must just be shitposting. He is saying that words cannot accurately describe something's description.
>>186781 >Elven men being twinks was just fags fagging shit up like usual I'm pretty sure that's entirely a japanese thing not a fag thing. If it got spread over to the west it's because it comes from japan. Remember to them the twink effeminate man is sexually appealing to their women so when they want elves to be attractive they make them more on the effeminate side. This then spreads and becomes a meme of sorts within their media to where elves then are equal to effeminate twinks.
(734.13 KB 600x589 198.png)
(88.66 KB 640x190 Phantasy-Star-Legend.jpg)
(225.96 KB 958x958 5e41305aedd41.jpg)
(365.36 KB 836x1905 Nm2011.jpg)
>>186657 >If there're story connections, it's pandering to old PS players. I'm still going to buy the Nei/Rika/Eusis outfits when they hit western servers Assuming that leotards aren't too lewd for modern progressive audiences Fuck you Sega for no NM-2011 outfit
>>186779 Tolkien depicted Elven men within the books as to being manlier and stronger than humans in ways. For one many Elves are physically stronger than most humans, most Elves except the Green-elves of Ossiriand enjoying hunting animals, and some of the greatest warriors within Middle Earth. If that isn't manly, then I don't know what is, but Elves are not definitely twinks as shown by the books and general lore. >>186826 >I'm pretty sure that's entirely a japanese thing not a fag thing. If it got spread over to the west it's because it comes from japan It's both actually, I've seen fags play as Elves purely, because of muh androgyny. But at the same time I've also seen fags mostly play as humans, orcs, goblins, and dwarves.
>>186768 I used RetroArch's build of Genesis Plus GX at the time, but using Kega Fusion seems to work fine immediately (though I renamed an md file to be a bin file since Kega Fusion doesn't except md files as BIOS files).
(121.47 KB 411x559 SMTI Elf screen.jpg)
(413.57 KB 922x414 SMTI Elf img.png)
Imagine's Elf is the best Elf.
>>186809 Okay then actually post the description. >>186892 Attractive & fair? Is that it? Because if it is then it's completely up to the viewers imagination.
>>186747 >They think humans and presumably other intelligent species are sub-eldar animals Those are pretty much Shadowrun elves too, right? I don't particularly care, they look fairly cool and the women are all lithe and fit which is exactly my fetish
>>186839 Strength does not equate to being a lumberjack Chad with a square jaw & rippling bulging muscles.
(54.54 KB 858x192 ClipboardImage.png)
(7.46 KB 601x105 ClipboardImage.png)
There now shut up about Tolkien elves. They're fair & beautiful. You want rugged rough dudes? Go to the dwarves.
>>186747 Eldar players have a hard life. They still play with metal models from 1993 in a game where nearly everyone else has their range in either full plastic or at least resin. They occupy the trio of "Last to get new models" with Tyranids and Astra Militarum Imperial Guard. They were overpowered in 6th and 7th edition, which gave them a bad reputation akin to Tau players (Indeed, the dreaded "Taudar" tag team was the bane of 7th ed) and have never really lived that reputation down despite taking a beating with the nerf bat. I will still say that as a race, Eldar are some of the worst in 40k, they're high elves from fantasy with shittier diplomacy and no redeeming factors. Hell, the High Elves had Tyrion, Alith Anar, and the White Lions to shore up their manliness. The Eldar have Eldrad, who acts like an asshole most of the time and then is shocked when people ignore his dire pronouncements.
>>187219 Still total badasses though. Look at Fingolfin or Glorfindel.
(1.57 MB 906x1180 Fuegan2_7th_Ed.png)
(505.34 KB 1024x1323 Asurmen_Cover_Art.jpg)
(141.46 KB 672x893 Maugan-Ra_Maugetar.jpg)
>>187223 In their defense, their phoenix lords are pretty manly.
(41.67 KB 334x500 making another clone_wife.webp)
>>185588 >telvanni is ancapistan You're saying that like it's a bad thing. Semi-immortal ancap wizards with a severe morals deficiency sound great to me assuming you aren't one of those gimps that can't into magic
>>187236 Even the devs clearly agreed because Telvanni got WAY more good shit and content than the other two houses. Their stronghold has unique features like the dungeon and local enchanter npc, their quest rewards are fucking busted (poison nuke ring, Aryon's stuff, weightless Daedric stuff from Therana) and they also get minor benefits like the most reputation points from quests of any house.
>>186779 I was under the impression the Noldor were described like that
(188.56 KB 493x529 Celebrimbor.gif)
>>187301 It was mainly all the elves, but the Noldor were particularly a manly bunch.
(15.40 MB 480x360 Azura's Star.mp4)
>>185771 That Bobby Hill lookin' motherfucker is alright in my book.
>>186517 I have it in my to-play pile of games. One day I surely will...
>>186838 pso2 < nova <<<<<< ps 1, 2 & 3 < pso < pso ep 3 ;^)
(133.92 KB 504x651 1602104536632.jpg)
Is dragon's crown truly a good game or are people blinded by fat thighs elf and DDD breasts witch? My local FUCKING GAMESTOP has a copy of dragon's crown pro battle hardened edition (comes with a steel case and some cards) brand new for $25, is it worth buying? The only other vanillaware game i've played is muramasa on the vita, which i dropped halfway through (iirc right after the giant oni bossfight) because the combat wasn't doing it for me.
>>187534 It's a legit fun game. Better if you have someone to co-op it with. It's Final Fight but with big fat anime tiddies.
>>187534 It is good, and a lot of fun. It does however recycle it's content about a dozen times. Just stay clear of any meta gaming that makes characters like dwarf boring to play.
>>187535 I don't have anyone to play this game with, or rather i only have one controller. Not like i'd play a game like this with anyone i know. >final fight with big fat anime titties So it's a beat em up? I thought it was a action rpg/exploration platformer like muramasa. >>187537 Recycle how? Do i fight the same five or so bosses over and over again? I don't really mind it if it's supposed to be a beat em up. >stay clear of any meta gaming that makes characters like dwarf boring to play What do you mean?
(999.55 KB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)
(293.77 KB 291x534 ClipboardImage.png)
(11.48 MB 640x360 DAGOTHWAVE.mp4)
>>186766 >the absolute bullshit that was dawn of war balancing Damn it Satan, why do you have to remind me of that Dawn of Eldar shit. >>187223 >with shittier diplomacy They are pretty much just different flavors of backstabs waiting to happen. >>187330 His music is great.
>>187551 >fight the same 5 bosses over and over again Yes. >What do you mean? The dwarf just isn't as good as some of the other classes in terms of fun. He is fun to play, but at high levels it's just about abusing his hammer slam iframs. I had always wondered why so many dwarf players had nothing but hammers in their inventory.
>>187551 Dragon's Crown is pretty much a spiritual successor to the D&D Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara games. It's a fantasy beat'emup with rpg elements and looting.
>>187534 I felt the same way about Muramasa (on the Wii), but Dragon's Crown was a really nice surprise. The game is a pure beat 'em up with RPG elements: you equip yourself, sell and buy items, pick up quests and then head for one of the dungeons. Each dungeons is fairly linear, but later the branch up into two routes each. There is an end boss at the end of the dungeon, and you get rewarded with loot. Repeat the process until you are strong enough to advance to the next dungeon, and keep repeating that until you unlock the final boss. There is a hub town and a story, but it's really just window dressing. The story is narrated by a narrator, like a dungeon master in a D&D session. You can play alone, with AI party members or with other people locally. I am not a fan of RPG mechanics in arcade style games, but it was OK in Dragon's Crown. The moveset and animations are really nice, but the game is too beautiful in my opinion, it can make it hard to see what is actually going on. Or maybe that's just me? Eh, whatever, for 25$ if you like arcade-style beat 'em ups and don't mind RPG mechanics and replaying the same stages you'll definitely enjoy the experience. Cute elf and busty sorceress are just a bonus on top.
I'm surprised that Dragon's Crown still isn't on PC. River City Girls and Streets of Rage 4 are, so why can't Dragon's Crown?
>>187626 Also, amazon is best girl in Dragon's Crown.
>>187633 She's a bit too muscular. I really like fit women and all but that's kind of overboard. Still, great body
>>187575 >>187534 Dragon's Crown is fairly mediocre, I consider it the weakest of the beat'em ups that Vanillaware (and especially George Kamitani) has produced. The game's mechanics fail to properly capture the joy and nuance of dungeon delving, the statistical elements are intrusive and rarely provide build options that significantly change how a character is played and some of the characters' designs have elements that I feel are lacking in aesthetic appeal all compounded by certain befuddling technical limitations exist. Basically, the stupid diablo-style loot system means you often don't get what you want or need out of chests, you don't know WHAT you got out of a chest because the loot doesn't hit the ground for you to pick it up you just get the grade flashed at you, since you never ACTUALLY loot any chests (an NPC does it for you!) the game sucks dick. Once you get your stuff identified in town prepare to be amazed by random affixes like '+12% damage to Reptiles' and other assorted pointless bullshit. Also all your equipment has durability so you will eventually be FORCED (unless you're running Dwarf with a certain passive skill) to stop fighting guys (ie. HAVING FUN) to engage with these elements. Only endgame gear has anything comparable to the good loot from Diablo (things like bonuses to certain skills) and then we get to character designs. NOTHING except your weapon changes your character sprite, Link to the Past was able to change Link's clothes to show you had better armor but Vanillaware just can't be assed to EVEN THOUGH ALL THE SPRITES ARE COMPOSED OF LAYERS AND YOU START WITH SEVERAL PALLETES TO CHOOSE FROM. Additionally, the Amazon and Witch have crappy looking footwear, why the hell is nobody wearing sandals especially the GODDAMN BABARIAN? Just play The Tower of Doom and Shadows over Mystara, they're significantly better games that Kamitani worked on which have branching paths and all kinds of secrets that are not concealed behind children's-phone-game tier puzzles. The only thing Dragon's Crown does better is variation between characters and it comes with the pitfalls of one character being comparatively useless and other able to screw themselves over by choosing perks poorly. After that if you still feel like it give Dragon's Crown a try if you can do multiplayer with it, otherwise check out Princess Crown.
>>187690 Out of the three that I've played, I probably enjoyed Dragon's Crown the best. I tried to get through Odin's Sphere twice and lost interest before I finished both times. Muramasa seems like it should be great but both times I tried playing it I couldn't get into it at all. Dragon's crown I finished all difficulties and a good way into the post game infinite dungeon.
>>186339 >More barren than the Sahara That's the real travesty. What's the point if you can't caress or pregnant belly or make lots of babies with her? >>187633 Amazon is great, but Tiki takes the cake in my book.
>>186747 You forgot the part where they once ruled the entire galaxy and fucked it all up just because they were bored and became degenerate in the most inconceivable of ways, thus spawning one of the Chaos gods who now seeks to devour every Eldar soul that isn't trapped in a magic stone so it can be put in the Infinity Circuit. Coincidentally that was the nickname of old 8ch since it was the place anons went after they "died." The remaining degenerate Eldar sacrifice other souls instead and became the Dark Eldar. After all this and what should have been a massive dose of humility, they're still insufferable cunts who think they're somehow wiser than everyone else.
>>187561 Ah so it's just abusing i-frames and the like, i thought the game had "builds", don't worry, i won't even bother looking up which character is the best. >>187575 >>187621 Haven't played those games either, i do have them loaded on my modded 360 though, i'll give those a try before i go and buy dragon's crown. >>187690 But randomized weapons aren't necessary, right? Like, can i beat the game with whatever weapons i pick up along the way or will i have to stop and grind some dungeons for weapons shortly before the final boss? >princess crown Just looked it up, it's a saturn exclusive and its untranslated, so i don't think i'll ever play it.
>>187830 That sounds a little like Melnibone's backstory. I wonder why there are no Elric games? I'd expect his brand of whinecore angst to have become popular again some time in the last couple of decades, but it never happened.
>>187969 >I wonder why there are no Elric games There were attempts, like 2 games that was was a Diablo hack and slash RPG for the Dreamcast and a CRPG like Baldur's Gate, they kinda just quietly pulled the plug, now the most famous could-have-been an Elric game was Blood Omen Legacy of Kain, you can really see the influence running through in that game >Kain = Elric >Soul Reaver = Stormbringer On the later post-Silicon Knights games, they doubled down >Vampires = Melniboneans >Elder God = Lord of Chaos >Scion of Balance = Eternal Champion But it's probably for the best that Elric stays down low, CURRENT YEAR adaptations cannot fucking do him justice and Michael Morecocks is a fucking twat.
>>187979 There's also The Witcher series, which straight-up plagiarized Elric.
>>187993 White Wolf is an incredibly common & easy nickname to come up with.
>>188010 It's more than just the name. Spakowski literally took the rough draft translation of The Weird and the Wolf that he worked on, changed a couple of names and details, and published it as an original work: https://invidio.us/watch?v=TkiP64adGjY
>>188018 I really doubt that.
>>188056 >without him looking like a trap faggot But that's the whole point of elves (male)
(2.03 MB 962x913 ClipboardImage.png)
>>187219 Honestly Orlando Bloom as Legolas is the perfect elf. You definitely can say he's fair and beautiful in those films without him looking like a trap faggot. It's the perfect representation of what is meant by fair and beautiful without being effeminate and I think that's what gets lost in most illustrated depictions of elves these days. >>187330 I'm upset because I was playing Oblivion recently with some mods and one of the ones that make people less ugly changed the adoring fan's hairstyle.
>>188058 I won't deny that I do enjoy trap elves but as I said earlier that's more of a japanese invention and you can't really blame Tolkein for that.
(742.84 KB 1157x1410 _traps.png)
>>188059 Holy christ. It's Oblivion. It couldn't be easier to just fix it yourself. >>187979 Hey, that actually makes sense. And I guess Elric really did feel like a product of his time and wouldn't do well in the modern market. Or, maybe, a product of the wrong time, like a writer from the 1920s-40s who hopped up on something and started writing rather than a guy from the 60s or whatever it was. I dunno if Moorcock just was trying to write a few decades outdated or if he organically bumbled into it. Can't even really say what exactly feels that way about it--maybe because Elric and company are demonstrative and straightforward about things. You can't read the equivalent of "and Elric's foe said 'oh no don't take my soul!'" too many times before you either snicker or make "it was a long time ago" apologies. Anyhow, a straight up Elric game would be a little challenging mechanically. I guess it would be less about fighting and more about not running out of power between combats or letting all your allies get killed. That sounds like a musou and not a very good one at that.
>>188136 Niggerdick wrote about it in Wizardry and Wild Romance, his book on writing sword and sorcery. He tried to subvert the themes of the old pulps using their style, but, being a retarded commie, he failed and accidentally wrote a classic of the genre.
>>188136 >Holy christ. It's Oblivion. It couldn't be easier to just fix it yourself You're saying that like I haven't already fixed it, it was just disappointing that after winning the arena I was waiting for that goofy retard with his dairy queen hair to show up and instead I get gavin mcinnes with shaved sides.
>>188198 Oblivion era Gamebryo is the best engine for modding because of all of the neat undocumented bugs you will encounter along the way, if they only occur infrequently all the better for annoying the shit out of you.
(261.68 KB 1280x1679 1552895234541.jpg)
(830.49 KB 996x1200 1531183514381.jpg)
>>185520 Here you go OP you may touch yourself now...
(117.12 KB 848x1200 0022.jpg)
>>188244 >implying i dont already have those >Implying I made this thread to get more porn.
>>188244 >>188246 literally built for ___
(199.05 KB 363x363 ClipboardImage.png)
>>187246 >devs agreed Eh, not necessarily. If anything, they just stuck to the lore and world building instead of "balancing" factions are remove all the fun and variety. Telvani are described as rich ancap wizards, with dungeons full of rare magical artifacts, collectors of exotic curiosities, casually messing around lesser deadra, dwemer creactions, and so on. Their quests and rewards reflect that. In contrast, as Hlaalu you get the possibly best located keep and loads of cash, since they own some of the best reals estate and have a grip on trade. Redoran is a house that is struggling but still respected due to their past deeds, so you just get some extra reputation (if I remember correctly), do most to help common folk, and earn dogshit rewards. >>187979 >>188018 >Razorfag He takes mostly generic aspects of the Witcher and bends the truth to serve his point. Of course, he does not mention much more numerous differences that exist between Elric and Witcher. By Razorfag's logic, Elric could be considered a plagiarism of Le Loup Blanc by Paul Féval: >Same nickname - white wolf In Razorfists' eyes this is a damning evidence. Animal + trait are extremely rare for nicknames after all. Moorcock is very likely ripping off Le Loup Blanc from the get go >Elric's secondary nickname using X of Y scheme, just like many characters are referred to in Le Loup Blanc Even more blatant. Moorcock has some explaining to do. >Political intrigue and power struggle are a big part of character's backstory >Main character is a ragged mercenary with mysterious past >Grim and dark mood >Moorcock is a well read author, that includes niche myths from foreign cultures and historical fiction. Le Loup Blanc was translated to English multiple times, and it is highly unlikely that Moorcock was not aware of it. He simply took the character, ditched the peasant uprising aspect, gave him a magic sword, and tweaked the setting to make it dark fantasy. He does not even acknowledge Le Loup Blanc anywhere, meaning that Moorcock deliberately tries to hide his plagiarism. Truth is that the similarities are superficial. Geralt and Elric have different personalities, origins, worlds they live in are vastly different, their character arcs, and major plots, and supporting casrs are different too. Other things like conjunction of the spheres are taken from Celtic mythology by both Sapkowski and Moorcock. Witcher books are full of celtic influences, and they are mixes with Slavic myths. Do you know where else conjunction of the spheres appears (or planets depending on translation)? In "The Manuscript Found in Saragossa" written by Potocki back in 1805. There are references to that story in Witcher series, tone of Sapkiwski's work resembles tone of Potocki's, and both works have aspecs of genre parodies. If the case was as clear cut as Moorcock fanboys claim, he would have filed a lawsuit long time ago.
(2.02 MB 854x480 Dwarf vs Elf.mp4)
(6.06 MB 1280x720 Dwarves vs elves 2.webm)
(4.45 MB 640x360 dwarf 4 lyfe.webm)
So much smut and scantily clad knife-ears in here, and not a single beard anywhere. How can you elflovers fap to that kind of filth? It's a good thing you fucks don't live around stout and proper dwarven women. You would know one or what to do with one if you met one anyway... >>185757 The only role elves are fit for is as axe fodder. >>186339 The real irony here, is all the human men in this thread lusting for elven booty while at the same time decrying how awful and degenerate the spawn of any such union is. Do you want a woman who can bear you children or not?
(399.25 KB 480x704 Order.png)
Not explicitly related to elves but still.
>>187837 You shouldn't need to grind out dungeons for loot, but keep in mind ALL loot is randomized meaning your armor and accessories not only might have pointless affixes but the stuff that you looted might not even be for your class. You level slow enough toward the end that you shouldn't wind up with weapons or accessories whose numbers are too low but it could happen. To be fair not all the affixes are pointless but in my experience a lot of what I found was at best "useful" and even then I was never in the position (as far as I can remember) where I wanted to keep a lower level item for its affix.
>>188300 Dwarves are mary sues
>>188453 >Dwarves are the mary sues Elves (and Drow) are 5% of the population and yet make up more than 80% of mary sues. Remove elf.
>>188453 How so? >Lotr Dwarves get corrupted by their rings but not enthralled to Sauron like the Humans, just curses them to be really greedy most times we focus on the dwarves they're getting kicked out of their mountains by dragons and balrogs. >Warhammer Get backstabbed by Mama's boy Malekith, starting war which causes generations of enmity with their former allies the High Elves. Help out Sigmar and pals, should be the closest allies of humanity, but are so stubborn they only focus on hoow humans can be corrupted by chaos, so they're all untrustworthy. Not to mention they keep getting fucked by goblins and skaven. Which is still better than the dwarf analogues from the other Warhammer, who got fed to space bugs when their creators deemed them a mistake. >TES "Dwarves" are just another kind of elf, scientifically advanced but with the personality of your average user of r/atheism. In addition to this, they tortured another race into devolution, waged war against any other race around them, then became so enlightened by their own intelligence they removed themselves from existence. None of these are what I would consider to be Mary Sues.
(648.34 KB 549x913 G.R.R. Martin or Alan Moore.png)
>>187979 >But it's probably for the best that Elric stays down low, CURRENT YEAR adaptations cannot fucking do him justice and Michael Morecocks is a fucking twat. Aside from the usual sperging about some other guy who you never mentioned, thanks fags who ruined any chance of talking about Elric without derailing to bullshit about Witcher vs Elric. Michael Moorecock is a fucking pitiful and bitter hippie faggot against Tolkien. I remember him going on a tirade against the Tolkien Estate who promptly ignored his ass when the LOTR films were the hot shit on the block, fucking amazing, like the commie piece of shit he just needs to attack a dead man and start the "Tolkien was a Cryptofascist!", over and over because he didn't like his politics. https://archive.is/U4a9z Also, trying to find those LOK fan interviews on Dyack and Hennig where they discussed what influences they had when making Blood Omen and Soul Reaver, not surprising they used a lot, and there's Elric in between.
(266.62 KB 2000x2000 necromunda squat.jpg)
>>188495 The squats are back in 40k though, they have a named character in necromunda with a model.
>>188499 >Also, trying to find those LOK fan interviews on Dyack and Hennig where they discussed what influences they had when making Blood Omen and Soul Reaver, not surprising they used a lot, and there's Elric in between. Well, on Dyack's case, he and Silicon Knights were influenced by Elric as mentioned in this interview for Eternal Darkness https://archive.vn/Oo68N#selection-921.0-931.188 Now in Hennig's case with Crystal Dynamics, they don't know much about Elric yet https://archive.vn/mxHHn#selection-175.1-175.434 but they had Silicon Knight's Development Bible/Design Documents to expand and add, as seen in Soul Reaver which was a different game planned altogether, but as said, in Dyack's case it's blatant, and in Hennig's it's half and half coincidental and incidental, one of themes in Eternal Champions and Elric is the Meta of the Monomyth, so there.
>>188475 Dwarves in specific settings and specific dwarf individuals may have flaws, but popular conception and as a whole do not have any meaningful character flaws. Nobody thinks of them as being greedy or mistrusting of outsiders anymore, at least not in any capacity where it would actually cause problems. Being short isn't a character flaw either, but regardless it's rarely depicted as inconveniencing them in any significant way. So we have a race of master smiths who are tougher and sometimes stronger than humans, with no real character flaws. Meanwhile we have elves whom people thought were mary sues and as such decided to give them some "personality depth" which just made them into assholes. Other people took this further and made them into strawmen of racists
>>188554 >but popular conception and as a whole do not have any meaningful character flaws You mean other than being violent drunks? A big difference from typical mary sue's though isn't just in "is this character hyper competent?" but "how did they get so good at it"? The root cause of many of the origins of the "mary sue" where fanfic self inserts by inexperienced writers writing power fantasies. These stories where about a characters journey and growth into someone heroic, but power fantasies about how cool the writer thought this new character was and how great everyone else in the story thus saw everything the character did as. Thus, the problem of the mary sue isn't that she is hyper competent, but that she usually becomes so not through hard work, effort or anything else like that, they just are special. Special talent that lets Rey use the force without training for example, have unique skills or abilities that no one else has, like that dual wielding skill the main character in Sword Art Online gets, that no one else in the entire game gets, because he's just that cool, is the only member of their race. The real hallmark of the mary sue isn't just hypercompetence though. Han Solo was a kick ass pilot and Luke made a one in a million shot the first time he flew an X-Wing. Heroes often preform great feats of skill after all. The real mark of the mary sue, is that the writer is using them as a focus for their own desires, for being skilled, getting approval and acclaim, being powerful, loved or whatever else they dream of happening to themselves and they try to experience by proxy through their character. It shows in the mary sue always being right, according to the story, nearly always being special or unique in some way or another, often taken to extremes. Since the mary sue is the most important part of the story in the mind of the writer everything in the story will also revolve around the mary sue and she becomes the single most important thing in that world by merely existing. This mindset also shows in the typical mary sue having no or only superficial flaws, since the writer is more or less in love their their own idea of how perfect this character is. In fantasy terms, your basic tolkienesque elf with naturally inherent magic, beautiful effeminate physiques, since most fanfic writers are adolescent females at heart in not in reality, have perfect fighting skills, can some how draw and fire a bow with 100kg draw strength or more, since few of these writers have ever tried to fire such a bow, and lead long lives in perfect balance with nature, whatever the fuck that is actually supposed to mean in practice since they still seem to get enough metal arm and armor armies and enough food to feed them from somewhere, and so on, is far closer to such mary sues than a dwarf who has to spend decades of hard work in a dark and dirty mine to learn and master his craft by the sweat of his brow, grit, determination.and bloody minded stubbornness.
>>188507 >Geedubs starts listening to it's community at the same time every major hobby is flooded with tranny and faggot parasites Fuck my life
>>188554 You don't know what a Mary Sue is.
>>188499 >thanks fags who ruined any chance of talking about Elric without derailing to bullshit about Witcher vs Elric It was never possible to have actual Elric discussion, at least on English-language internet, since Moorcock fanboys are retards who can't stop themselves from sperging out. Back in 90s and early 2000s I have seen them constantly bitch about Tolkien, Conan, and cry plagiarism over anything that contained multiple realities, dark elves, forces of order and/or chaos in any way shape or form, or anything ever vaguely resembling the chaos symbol. That includes things like Morrowind, a Song of Ice and Fire books, TV show Sliders, X-Men, Dharmachakra in Indian comic book, and arrow crosses. Every time that happened, Moorcock had to make a post on forums to try calm these retards down and say that he does not see any plagiarism or that he is ok with artists borrowing his ideas since he himself does it to others. Witcher is just Moorcock fanboys' favorite target right now, but eventually they will move onto something else. Wait until WH and WH40k get more popular and Moorcock spergs will start barging in claiming that everything games workshop ever put out plagiarizes Moorcock word for word. Besides, French Elric comic books are the only Elric stories worth reading. They cut out all padding, navel-gazing, emo shit, ignore all shitty ideas they can, and fix ones they can't. Even Moorcock himself admitted that comics are superior to his own prose.
>>188676 >You mean other than being violent drunks? Violent drunks? No, people envision their drunkenness as an endearing character trait instead of a flaw that actually hinders them in any significant way.
>>188676 >than a dwarf who has to spend decades of hard work And you just assume that elves, who live for thousands of years or indefinitely, have not done the same with bows and anything else they're skilled at. In some settings elves take a hundred years to reach adulthood, meaning even ones that have just reacted adulthood still have had at least a few decades of being teenagers to become proficient in whatever skills they have.Though to be fair, lots of mary sues have backgrounds stating that they did decades of training like dwarves for example. Before this derails into dorf vs elf territory, it's important to note that even if elves in general are mary sues that does not suddenly exclude dwarves from also being mary sues > and lead long lives That's a biological trait not a character one, but I suppose mary sues can have biological traits that make them better, I was more looking at them lacking personality flaws. The thing is, dwarves live longer than humans too.
>>188756 Look, dude, just because the general public finds certain personality flaws endearing doesn't invalidate them as personality flaws in the narrative. A Mary Sue's personality flaws, if they have any, are superficial within the story itself, often being another method intended to find them likable and never really causing them any harm (or even benefiting them to some degree). Dwarves are typically brash, stubborn, and short-tempered. And these traits often get them into trouble, whether for a single dwarf adventurer making things harder for his party through a foolhardy action, or their entire race pissing off another through poor diplomatic behavior. In the narrative, these are genuine faults of the race that costs them. It doesn't matter if the audience finds these faults endearing, that has no bearing on what makes a character a Mary Sue. A Mary Sue is entirely defined by their role in the narrative and how the rest of the setting and characters react to them. How much the audience likes them has nothing to do with it.
>>188748 I've never read the Elric books but reading that interview with the author and your post about his fanboys bitching about Tolkein. What exactly is their problem with him? Michael Moorcock seems to not really understand the point of the hobbit and lotr. He says “In Tolkien, everyone’s in their place and happy to be there. We go there and back, to where we started. There’s no escape, nothing will ever change and nobody will ever break out of this well-­ordered world.” but most of the point of those books is characters breaking out of the mold that they were cast. Sure a few go there and back but they end up fundamentally changed and the point is that you never can go back and journeys change you as a person. I guess I have nothing to contrast it to since I'm not really familiar with this guy's work but he just seems like a retarded old liberal who can't think outside of his politics.
>>188783 midget needs to drink more milk
>>188788 He got more than enough
>>188059 Legolas was never supposed to be "beautiful", but just handsomely manly. The beautiful thing is wrong and misleading, because Elven female beauty is what makes elves known for how attractive they are. >>188300 >The real irony here, is all the human men in this thread lusting for elven booty while at the same time decrying how awful and degenerate the spawn of any such union is. Do you want a woman who can bear you children or not? Have you tried getting out of your /tg/ level of cringe? Dwarves are a race specifically designed for being bullied for their short height and their retarded obessesion with iron and gold. The only people who really like Dwarves to extent that they make cringey insults are manlets, because they finally have a fantasy race that represents them physically. They're just as Mary Suey as elves, because their is no reason at all for them to be able to defeat a 6ft orc who has way more physical strength and numbers against manlets who are heavily depended on material goods to fight and almost everyone universally likes them just like everyone likes elves other than Dwarves and orcs.
>>188776 >I guess I have nothing to contrast it to since I'm not really familiar with this guy's work but he just seems like a retarded old liberal who can't think outside of his politics. That's a decent summary of Moorcock, although he is a lefty anarchist to be precise. >What exactly is their problem with Tolkien? Elric of Melnibone's fanboys are fanatics who blindly agree with nearly everything Moorcock says. Moorcock himself is bitter that writers like Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and so on had a big impact on fantasy. This is supposedly a big problem, because many of these writers were conservative and are espousing conservative values through their work. What Moorcock claims to have problems specifically are: >messages expressing concerns over industrialization, urbanization, and loss of countryside >"Anglican" and "Toryist" values of the authors and their works That's especially rich since both Tolkien and CS Lewis were Catholics >while at the same time being hollow escapism that does not offer a social critique >Sentimental, moderate nature. Moorcock claims they make Tolkien's works infantile. >Writing style used by Tolkien and other writers >They are "reactionary" Moorcock wrote a full essay on this, called The Epic Pooh - pdf related. It exposes what an idiot and hypocrite Moorcock really is. My favorite part is where he calls Watership Down a comforting lie that's meant to soothe and console. In his essay, Moorcock also shows that he either did not read (and is pretending that he did) or failed to comprehend many acclaimed works, like Ulysses for example. What's ironic is that Moorcock engages in many practices he criticizes in Epic Pooh. Elric himself was actually created as a reaction to Tolkien and Tolkien inspired epic fantasy - as Moorcock's middle finger to them. In addition, Elric is just hollow escapism for teenage edgelords, has little messages besides nihilisic "nothing matters," and nearly all his stories follow the same predictable pattern.
>>189025 I bet he cut off his other leg so he can have two long automail legs.
>>188748 >Wait until WH and WH40k get more popular and Moorcock spergs will start barging in claiming that everything games workshop ever put out plagiarizes Moorcock word for word. GW hasn't been coy aboout cribbing the ideas from other sources.(40k is one big exercise in taking bits and pieces from Dune) The first chaos books, Slaves to Darkness and the Lost and the Damned had a byline that read something like "With thanks to Moorecock, whose fault this all is."
>>188776 He's a fucking commie boomer of the same mold as fags like Alan Moore and Roger Waters, they grew up in the aftermath of WW2 (and were born during it) so their entire lives are spent with their big boogieman being "The Fash". They can't understand why a man who fought through hell on the Western Front in WW1 might write a story where people go on extraordinary journeys and return home the same yet fundamentally different. How could they? Instead, they label anything they don't like or can't understand as "fascism" doing exactly what George Orwell (Socialist that he was) told them they shouldn't do, lest they make the word lose all meaning. I just want these old hippy fucks to kick off already. >>188783 >Edward ELRIC >There's a pilot in Gundam whose ace title is the White Wolf Japan shamelessly plagiarizing some old limey, for shame.
>>189047 Alan Moore is a commie boomer? Can I feel free to hate capeshit completely now? What is it with these fuckers trashing older western writers' publications anyways? What jackasses.
>>189047 I fucking hate how cynic postmodernists are about tolkien, the man literally merged old tales of lore and his own terrible experiences in WW1 in a way that was innocent enough to tell his children as bedtime stories and had a good message at the end, yet all faggots complain about how hes naive and too christian.
>>189124 I wish Tolkien told us about aragorn's tax policies.
>>189129 >Theoden should have just opened up Rohans borders to Uruk Hai immigration and removed the old racist views on innocent orcs who where only trying to escape the dark lords tyranny and only wanted to share their peaceful culture with his people. >Instead he chose to act like a literal nazi. How do commies always arrive at this kind of conclusions? How does the logic that "the orcs are literally trying rape, murder and eat everyone in the country, not necessarily in that order, trying to stop them would be racist against the poor innocent orcs", even compile? >>189027 >a fantasy race that represents them physically >people can only identify with characters who are exactly like themselves Why are you trying to push SJW logic? Why do you assume everyone else is so myopic they can only empathize or sympathize with others who are physically similar to one self? Should have figured someone so intellectually stunted would like elves though. Go figure.
>>189031 Man reading that essay he just seems so fucking bitter about Tolkein that he makes bold claims about lotr like that it ignores death or that it fails at being an epic while not really explaining about why he thinks those things. He just states it and moves on. Like he spends multiple paragraphs complaining about how Tolkein as well as just common people idealize country life ever since the industrial revolution. >Novels set in the countryside probably always outsell novels set in the city, perhaps because most people now live in cities Like wow people hate living in cities and yearn to be around nature. He then goes on to complain about how it's xenophobia that people want to go to the countryside and how they don't even like rural beauty anyway. It's just a bunch of nonsensical half baked thoughts that you'd expect out of an off the cuff drunken rant. Not an essay where you have time to collect your thoughts and express them succinctly. Overall he just seems bitter that Lewis and Tolkein's works are far more memorable and successful than his and he uses a bunch of shitty excuses that don't really amount to anything as to why they're bad. What a sloppy mess of words that don't really amount to much. I could go on about this essay but I don't feel like picking apart the stupidity and non arguments Thanks for the essay anon. I really appreciate it and the context behind this guy. He seems like a big faggot. >>189047 Yeah really, he also just seems upset that pioneers in the fantasy genre isn't as subversive and edgy as him despite basically creating the entire genre.
>>189027 >a 6ft orc I've been re-reading The Hobbit lately, and I could be wrong, but I'm getting the impression that orcs are actually quite short, and around the size of dwarves, if not hobbits. I know The Silmarillion says they're basically an artificially selected breed of elves, corrupted by Melkor, but they're also generally supposed to be all fucked up, mangled, malnourished, etc., right? I don't think orcs are supposed to be very big.
>>189190 You gotta remember that goblins are also called orcs. Uruk Hai are the super rape baby orcs that are huge.
>>189190 Yes they are quite small, the Uruk Hai are a big improvement on them physically. >>189191 As I recall they aren't they're just said to be really similar if I remember correctly.
(80.77 KB 858x281 ClipboardImage.png)
>>189109 Alan Moore, and Frank Miller, for that matter, are basically just contrarians, or perhaps you could say anti-authority. For what it's worth, Moore has many times stated that he regretted that his deconstruction of superheroes in Watchmen became so influential that it basically became the norm. He then wrote many other books trying to re-construct the genre, but they've never been as popular as Watchmen. Also, his earlier, more typical capeshit stuff, like Saga of the Swamp Thing, or Tales of the Green Lantern Corps, or even Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, is good, while not really being deconstruction at all. They're quite respectful. I wouldn't accuse Moore of trashing older writers' publications. >>189192 >As I recall they aren't they're just said to be really similar if I remember correctly. Goblin is considered the English translation, while "orc" is the untranslated Hobbitish term.
>>189195 >>189196 Oh interesting, I guess I remembered wrong.
>>189197 To be fair it's not a detail you'd pick up on just from the movies.
(104.77 KB 768x1024 Commie Moore.jpg)
(66.79 KB 859x804 Hypocrite faggot.png)
>>189196 Alan Moore IS a fucking Commie piece of shit. His flailing attitude against comics seems to float around between current socio-political events. Pretentious fucking faggot whose failures to break out of his comic reputation by being a super serious writer of his shit retarded marxist dicksucking religion has made him a bitter boomer faggot. >>189197 >>189198 The LOTR and Hobbit movies has Jackson just simplified it by making them all different subspecies of the same race.
>>189198 I read the books a few years before the movies came out but I was a little kid then and got it mixed up in my head. I thought they were just cousin species.
>>189196 >Frank Miller >Contrarian Frank is just some dude interested in gritty story telling and not contrarian, Moore is straight up "Fuck the rest of this childish industry I'm the only one of any value." >>189047 Don't forget Tolkien.
>>189129 The only response to Martin's stupid question would be "I don't know what Aragorn's tax policy was but I would imagine it was a damn sight better than Sauron's tax policy."
Talking about Tolkien and the butthurt that still rages today on commie fucks like Alan Moore and Michael Moorcock, there's a literal fucking Soviet propagandist Kirill Eskov who tried to do the "history is written by the victors" shit by making his doconstruction plagiarism of LOTR with "The Last Ringbearer", by writing that Mordor was Peaceful land and that Gondor were just jealous that the industrial revolution meant they were gonna be left behind, it's fucking amazing how butthurt these commie fuckers are, and this piece of shit went with Free Peoples of Middle-Earth = Western Capitalists and Mordor = Multicultural USSR, fucking delusional prick. And its not just Tolkien he wants to deconstruct but also his fucking religion.
>>189653 That doesn't even make any sense when the USSR was trying to make a fucking LotR movie themselves along with their own live action film. What a cock.
>>189129 >>189124 Honestly does it matter? Besides Tolkien says in interviews why he didnt do it, its boring and got him depressed. >"I did begin a story placed about 100 years after the Downfall, but it proved both sinister and depressing. Since we are dealing with Men, it is inevitable that we should be concerned with the most regrettable feature of their nature: their quick satiety with good. So that the people of Gondor in times of peace, justice and prosperity, would become discontented and restless — while the dynasts descended from Aragorn would become just kings and governors — like Denethor or worse. I found that even so early there was an outcrop of revolutionary plots, about a centre of secret Satanistic religion; while Gondorian boys were playing at being Orcs and going around doing damage. I could have written a 'thriller' about the plot and its discovery and overthrow — but it would have been just that. Not worth doing." He saw that Aragons dynasty would deteriorate into assholes, the policy would have been tax em all >>189653 >Elves, Humans, Treants, Dwarves and Hobbits not multicultural, sounds like soviet's are worthless incompetents when it comes to books too.
(80.63 KB 750x781 lotr1.jpeg)
(600.25 KB 2250x3000 lotr2.jpg)
(49.04 KB 570x490 lotr3.jpg)
>>189653 >Free Peoples of Middle-Earth = Western Capitalists Ironically /pol/ made the same joke, only with Mordor = Muslims/Mexicans
I like elves. They're soft and curvy.
>>189683 >elves curvy >not thin and angular
>>189685 WoW elves seem very curvy.
(3.78 MB 1500x2138 ClipboardImage.png)
>>189683 >curvy I don't know if that's exactly accurate.
>>189687 >>189685 Tyrande is pretty curvy. I'd love to get into her curves if you know what i mean.
>>189691 I don't know why but that pale shade of pink gets me more than the curvy body.
>>189196 >re-construct the genre I feel like My Hero Academia is doing a better job of that than anyone. Just heroes being big damn heroes.
>>189280 >Frank is just some dude interested in gritty story telling and not contrarian, Moore is straight up "Fuck the rest of this childish industry I'm the only one of any value." Have you seen MIller's modern shit? The stuff from the last couple years specifically. SJW as fuck, and given how different that is from The Dark Knight Returns, it feels like he's just going against whatever he sees as the dominant culture at the time. I'd disagree with what he sees as the dominant culture recently, but it doesn't seem like he fully drank the Kool-Aid, either. It seems like he's just a retard. I'll be honest and admit I don't know anything Moore has done in the last decade. I was basing most of what I said about him on the '90s and 2000s at the latest. I know he is a literal commie, but he also just seems like an out of touch old man that says most of what he says about comics out of sheer bitterness at the industry for what he sees as himself being ripped off and for their general greedy corporatism (the latter of which is absolutely true). At least he mostly stays in his wizard cave and leaves the rest of the world alone. At least he isn't the one making bad sequels to Watchmen right now. >>189653 >Gondor is jealous of an industrial revolution so does things the author perceives as evil to try to catch up But that's what the USSR (and other commie countries) do in real life. Also obviously it doesn't work with how industrialization is consistently shown as bad in the originals, so Gondor would, if anything, want their enemies to destroy their own way of life, since that's what they see industrialization as being. Books like this are fine when they're done jokingly. To take this one seriously means to think about it deeply enough to see the flaws. Also, it isn't plagiarism, is it? Seems a lot more like parody. >>189702 The closest western comics have come to doing this, sadly, is Kingdom Come, which is very much about it and was successful and influential. Unfortunately, Mark Waid has the subtlety of a child throwing a tantrum, so the message doesn't come across very artfully, aside from Alex Ross's paintings. Also, somehow this work that was made specifically to re-construct superheroes and show why being ridiculously edgy is bad actually seemed to moreso influence even more edgy material in the future, like Injustice: Gods Among Us, where instead of Superman just retiring when Lois gets killed, he becomes Super-Hitler. They clearly read Kingdom Come, but clearly missed the point. Fun Fact: In the 2015 multiversal crossover, Convergence, a Brainiac who gained complex godlike powers used those powers to start collecting cities every universe and timeline and putting them in bottles, because he's literally autistic and putting cities from each planet in bottles was his hobby before he got these powers. Anyway, it's all well and good, until he sees the universe from Injustice: Gods Among Us (or I guess Injustice 2) and it's so gay and shitty that he changes his mind about collecting cities, his entire autistic motivation for everything for 60 years, and decides just to kill all but one of them. So at least it's canon in the comics that Injustice sucks.
>>189691 Night elves were just for sex and not much else. Which is all elves, but night elves especially.
>>189689 >you will never knock up an elf
(76.05 KB 680x962 malon.jpg)
>>185520 So is no one going to say which game has the best elf girl?
>>189769 Aren't Hylians technically humans?
>>189798 Pretty much, yeah.
>>189798 According to the Zeldapedia, they are, just like the Gerudos. Hylians and Gerudos being humans sounds pretty lame and sort of confusing to me, it would be much better that they would be their own species of elf-like creatures instead of being magical humans.
(55.37 KB 720x600 Jak.jfif)
>>189769 Jak 2
>>189816 The Jak series died a sad death.
>>189819 Jak X was fun.
>>189819 It's for the best that we don't get another one considering the state of Naughty Dog.
>>189821 it was and Dark Frontier was objectively shit
>>189825 That a psp game?
(209.01 KB 640x1104 111117_front[1].jpg)
>>189826 sorry, meant to say Lost Frontier. Still shit PSP with a PS2 port genius mechanic and de facto love interest Keira decides she's going to be the new green eco sage and J&D are along for the ride. Meh gameplay, dumb concepts like Dark Daxter, very disappointing overall
>>189827 I didn't even know this shit existed. I think the last one I played was X.
>>189829 you were better off. Jak X may have had questionable characterization in the story (why are your friends and allies across two games suddenly so bitter and unwilling to work as a team? because the AI as coded wouldn't support it) but that was some top-tier racing gameplay and the tracks were huge
>>189833 Yea I remember X being pretty good gameplay wise but story wise being shit. It's a real shame Jak and Daxter is gone and dusted, I kind of wonder if it will get the crash bandicoot treatment but then again it might be for the best if it doesn't.
>>189822 Fun fact, Crash is referenced in The Last Of Us 2. There's a stash of porn some characters find and one is titled "Smash Brandi's Cootch"
(145.00 KB 731x1094 ulikeyjak.jpg)
>>189708 >Books like this are fine when they're done jokingly. To take this one seriously means to think about it deeply enough to see the flaws. Also, it isn't plagiarism, is it? Seems a lot more like parody. Reading about who the author is (Some Ex-Soviet Professor who gets his kicks deconstructing from Literature to Christianity) what he wrote wasn't a parody and is more of the point Deconstruction Criticism that we've seen from jealous faggots like Michael Moorcock, but with more malice this time, there's implication that Tolkien was naïve and he should have died in the war if he still had those "Childish" thoughts when writing a fucking story for his kids, and holy shit, that Last Bullshitter book didn't just make Aragorn a greedy bastard who wants to be King of the World or Gandalf being a bloodthirsty warlord who wants to take over the peaceful lands of Mordor, but goes beyond the point of actually deconstructing the mythology of Illuvatar and the Valar by making Morgoth poor rebellious Satan from Paradise Lost, "Orcs" is a goddamn slur, hahaha, and I now know where that piece of shit Martin took his "Aragorn's tax policies" from, the book has a economic miracle where after Aragorn's death, Gondor and the resulting lands managed to recover from this senseless war, fucking amazing.
>>189973 oh, almost forgot, this guy had the same fucking reaction but worse as Michael Moorcock on attacking the LOTR films, on the dehumanization of the poor Orcs, he was in the "Tolkien was racist and Orcs were the good guys all along" https://archive.is/VeL23#selection-2709.61-2713.337 this is not fucking coincidental.
>>189977 >>189973 I have heard about this but i thought it was just a parody of Lotr. Didn't think it was a serious critique. >>189666 >USSR was trying to make a fucking LotR movie themselves along with their own live action film >666 Well satan i dont know about soviet lotr but i do know about "mio min mio", its a movie made in co-operation with the ussr based on a swedish book very similar to lotr. I really liked it as a kid, didn't even realise it was like lotr until years later despite growing up with the jackson movies. I don't know why i am even bringing it up. I saw "soviet lotr" and thought i needed to tell someone about "Mio min Mio"
>>189666 >That doesn't even make any sense when the USSR was trying to make a fucking LotR movie themselves along with their own live action film. What a cock. They didn't get that far with their Hobbit TV Special https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7Sab9LgUxg&feature=emb_title especially if most of the cast are portrayed as drunks, and of course it's from a bootleg translation of the books. And one more thing, this is a year before the Fall of the Berlin Wall, so they were already doing their Glasnost and Perestroika thing but good god, they seem to miss a lot of the point of the books, and that Kirill guy is fucking hardcore commie even with the USSR gone, really hated peasants being under a King so much that he killed Aragorn, childless.
>>189801 Is there anything in the setting that would be closer to normal humans? Because if not you could argue that what the setting calls "human" is just elves with a different name, because they are clearly not human by real world standards.
(1.94 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
I am surprised that no one mentioned elves in Divinity series yet. In it they live in tightly-knit triebes and are aloof towards anyone from outside of, elf or not. They do tend to be more tolerant of other elves, but not by match. Stereotypical tree-huggery is blended in with primitive tribal ways and abilities based off of it. For example, elves can see memories of animals or sentient races if they eat their flesh or blood, have various blood rituals, their religion involves live sacrifices and so on. It gives them that ancient, new world tribals falvor instead of being completely reliant on Tolkien or faggot templates. Elves in Styx and Of-Orcs and Men are pretty interesting too. Treehugger element is pushed to the max. They live nearly exclusively around mystical, magical world trees. Elves themselves are magical plant race that spawn from cocoons produced by world trees, and they drink world tree sap to communicate with the tree, and are a telepathic hive mind species. World-trees and elf relationship is like a more extreme version of Hist-Argonian tie in Elder Scrolls.
>>190317 Sounds like they're just generic edgy dark elves.
>>190317 I'm more interested in the longevity aspect. Said aspect often feels like an afterthought when it should be the primary focus
>>190333 There's a manga called Sousou no Frieren that is about an elf that goes and kills the demon lord and then outlives her party, it's pretty interesting.
(98.17 KB 512x724 Emiya4.webp)
(36.60 KB 518x600 original.jpg)
(15.93 KB 360x450 Eru_chitanda_1.webp)
>>186826 >Remember to them the twink effeminate man is sexually appealing to their women so when they want elves to be attractive they make them more on the effeminate side. Tbh, Japan is pretty good at making any type of body type pretty attractive to begin with. Tomboyish muscular girl which are just fucking amazonian in their looks, cute shy feminine girls, manly but handsome men that would make most women wet, feminine and ephemeral boys as well as masculine men that are built like a fucking tank. It's like an actual version of body positivity, instead of promoting being a fat ugly lazy fuck, the make any bodytype jealous that they don't look like this. Whenever they make a character they draw it as the most idealized version of archetype, I definitely prefer it than the "making everything ugly" that shitty "progressive" artists seem to go for.
>>189838 Don't be sad that it's over, be glad that it happened. Let's pray that Soyny doesn't rape it's corpse. Last thing I want to see is any of the Jak characters spouting newspeak.
>>190396 What bothers me about that tomboy is that it feels like the abs belong on an entirely different bodytype. The rest of the body is not as defined.
How OP would Elves be if they reached adulthood at 14 years like D&D orcs do and at the same time and are able to live forever?
>>190422 Not impossible unless photos I'm seeing on the internet are fake but there are musclegirls with more refined bodies in anime too and they are still attractive.
>>190446 Avoid click, it's a virus from a spammer. >>190441 They are already pretty OP in a way. Elves aging to adulthood at 14 would only mean that they are able to age faster and experience more things at a younger age than humans, but that wouldn't matter, because I believe that even as an elven teen they can still fight at young ages like human and orcs.
>>190477 Is it a virus? I thought it's one of those shitty link shorteners that somehow generate revenue.
>>190478 It is, thus why I call it a virus.
>>189827 >genius mechanic and de facto love interest Keira decides she's going to be the new green eco sage Wait, was it green? Been years since I played it, so I forgot, but this pisses me off not because it's random, but because at the end of Jak I Samos implies that Kiera is going to be the new Dark Sage, to replace Gol. Doing a plot where Kiera becomes a sage makes sense then, but they just had to fuck it up. The Lost Frontier was made by the team that made the two Ratchet PSP games, which are actually good, but it shows that they basically tried to mash Ratchetesque gameplay ideas into a Jak mold, and it didn't quite work. >>189833 >>189838 Story is good for a racing game. Is there any other racing game with a story that even comes close? The gameplay was cool, too, how it made the combat an even bigger part of the game, but still functioned very well as a race at the same time. The battle mode was a lot better than stuff like CTR or Mario Kart, and almost felt like Twisted Metal. Good balance there. Speaking of balance, I liked how you could customize the cars, and balance would actually matter, even though it's not like it was a stat that you were ever explained or anything. But if you built a car that was tall and/or narrow, it would flip easier than one that was low and/or wide. Cool mechanic. The customization was better than most driving games I've seen.
>>190631 >samos implies I don't remember this, but it's been a long time since I played Jak.
>>188300 Dwarf women need to shave.
>>190664 Divine Divinity had a bunch of funny jokes about this, where dwarves can't tell male and female humans/elves apart because the men shave.
>>190664 >Asian dwarf women
>>190664 I'll never understand Dwarf fags when their women are so ugly and their entire race is nothing more, but a bunch of greedy manlets who do nothing, but mine all day. >Chink Dwarf For what purpose?
>>190760 >>190763 Does that ching-chong make your ding-dong get wrong-long?
>>190763 >their women are so ugly Subjective and depends heavily on the artist. There's a reason shortstack has always been a popular genre, once you move past the gnomes, gobbos, and halflings, you can get some cute beardless dwarf women. > their entire race is nothing more, but a bunch of greedy manlets who do nothing, but mine all day. You can boil any race down to that >Humans are a bunch of boring backstabbers who do nothing but trade all day. >Elves are a bunch of arrogant lanklets who do nothing but study magic and feel superior all day >Orcs are a bunch of stupid brutes who do nothing but pillage all day. People like dwarfs because they have some redeeming qualities, their stubbornness (which can be a detriment) also means they are quite brave and steadfast, some of their depictions also gives them a culture surrounding oaths and keeping them, which makes them seem honorable. At the end of the day, the dwarfs are brave, honorable warriors who also happen to be greedy drunkards so essentially they're all the best and worst stereotypes about Scotsmen rolled into one small bearded package.
(4.49 MB 480x360 Da Ork Song.mp4)
>>190779 >Orcs are a bunch of stupid brutes who do nothing but pillage all day. Not seeing the issue here.
>>190779 Honestly, dwarves are so popular that I like them less as a result.. Doesn't help that normalfags overused all the related memes. > a culture surrounding oaths That was how we were in medieval times >>190763 >For what purpose? Mongoloids are short
(122.81 KB 1582x505 Many varieties of Dwarf.jpg)
>>190763 >Chink Dwarf >For what purpose? You can make dwarfs out of any race. Sure, we think of dwarfs as Northern English/Scottish manlets But what about Mongol dwarfs? Trading picks and ale for ponies and kumiss? Warhammer had the Chaos dwarfs with their Babylonian motif. The Chinese used to call Japan the Island of Dwarfs, so what about Samurai dwarfs? honestly, the depiction of Japanese being obsessed with honor and martial prowess wouldn't be out of place for a dwarf. The only limit is your imagination.
>>190779 >Subjective and depends heavily on the artist. It's not subjective, if you would fuck a midget with a beard then you must have lame taste in women objectively. Your technically just fucking a midget dude with too much body hair for a female. Most dwarven women are ugly even by official art. >You can boil any race down to that Yeah, but other races are still as less shit and boring than elves and dwarves. Your point is meaningless, because orcs pillaging and humans being untrustworthy is still far more interesting than being greedy for gold, especially when it doesn't cause much of self-destructiveness to actually give the dwarves a major flaw in their character that can destroy them. Unironically the gnomes and hobbits are more of an interesting race than the most basic bitch elf or dwarf, who are the Sues fantasy medias. >some of their depictions also gives them a culture surrounding oaths and keeping them, which makes them seem honorable. You do realize that every race including the humans and elves have that as well right? >>190789 >Honestly, dwarves are so popular that I like them less as a result.. This is also the case for orcs and elves as well, but dwarves are probably the second most popular race.
>>190807 This might be a cliche sentiment, but I think all the stock fantasy races should be used a lot less. Writers should make more oc instead of aping what came before. This is one area where science fiction better.
(100.39 KB 902x885 A Huge Dick.jpeg)
>>190813 >This is one area where science fiction better. HERE COMES SPACE ELVES
(779.99 KB 788x900 Heresy.png)
>>190819 They're coming alright.
>>190819 >>190821 In four flavors no less. Space High Elves Space Dark Elves Space Wood Elves and Space Clown Elves
>>190825 You forgot the Space Pirate Elves.
>>190819 40K is mixed genre so it doesn't count
>>190789 >Honestly, dwarves are so popular that I like them less as a result The hipster defense. A brave stance, considering it makes you look like an ignorant douchebag who takes effort to act like a contrarian at all times. >>190807 >This is also the case for orcs Aren't you just exited for WotC redesigning orcs to be less racist now? They more or less have to change every single thing about them if they don't want to offend the progressive crowd. Do you think they'll make them wakanda knockoffs so they are a "positive" nigger stereotype or make them vikings, so they aren't nigger stereotypes any more?
(525.71 KB 840x630 saltzpyre sees some heresy.png)
>>190843 I dont even comprehend how these people are so un selfaware as to not notice how racist they are. LotR orcs are a stand in for industrialism (and uruk hai are not-germans), warhammer fantasy orks are mongols, 40k's are space hooligans/chavs, warcraft are a mix of barbarians with native americans, but no, they are all poor dindus according to the progressive folks.
>>190843 I don't take any effort to do it, it just happens
(257.62 KB 1076x924 lotr orc slavery.JPG)
>>190844 >LotR orcs are a stand in for industrialism (and uruk hai are not-germans), warhammer fantasy orks are mongols I think you've got that mixed up, Tolkien himself said his orcs were "degraded and repulsive versions of the least lovely Mongol-types" >>190850 Journos always say dumb fucking shit, don't even waste your time posting their drivel. If that image even remotely surprises anyone then they're either retarded or haven't paid attention at all over the past 30 years to anything they've done.
>>190887 The issue is that journos spout what the kikes in media want to push. This isn't just journos saying dumb shit for clicks, though it's part of it, most ot what these cunts spread is usually pushed in AAA Videogames, and is without a doubt pushed by movies and television since these journos are owned by the same people who make said movies.
>>190850 >white boi knows slavery is bad >Does one final mind rape on orc before putting him in his rape shed
>>190843 >Aren't you just exited for WotC redesigning orcs to be less racist now? What normal and sane person who actually plays tabletop or enjoys fantasy medias in general and understands their themes, would be okay with this crap? Normalfags and journos hate the ugly and meaningful depiction of goblins and orcs representing everything wrong with the modern world is, because they have much in common with them, except they are puny physically and intelligently retarded. >>190887 >Journos always say dumb fucking shit, don't even waste your time posting their drivel. This. I don't know why anons haven't figured out that journos do this shit only to get clicks and create outrage on both sides. It's better off to point and laugh at mental retardation. >Journos always say dumb fucking shit, don't even waste your time posting their drivel.
>>190843 >The hipster defense. A brave stance, considering it makes you look like an ignorant douchebag who takes effort to act like a contrarian at all times. Apply that logic to wojak
>>190850 It genuinely sucks how much wasted potential is in Shadow Of War. >have a sneaky stab game where you go around turning orcs into your puppets and then using the combined army to siege forts, and turn more orcs into your puppets >NO FUCK THAT WE GOTTA HAVE THAT BAMHAM ASSCREED MONEY SPAM THE COUNTER BUTTON TO WIN, INSTANT KILL ATTACKS, ENEMIES SO INEFFECTUAL YOU CAN HOLD SPACE FOR 10 SECONDS AND YOU'VE RUN AWAY, "EPIC" BATTLES WHERE ALL THE WORK IS DONE FOR YOU, EVERYTHING BUT THE ACTUAL GAMEPLAY HAS TO BE EPIB, EBIC FOR THE WIN Fuck AAA games.
>>194264 >Sauron, the Deceiver, Lord and Master of the One Ring, is fought via three QTEs on an empty rooftop. What an embarrassment.
>>194362 >in order to finish the game you have to take control over all forts as well as do defence missions for the fort, which are some of the most boring things imaginable in the game that lose their charm after the initial "Wow look at all of these orcs" >Like 12 or so times which takes hours >The grind for good loot and orcs was so bad before a patch because it was made with microtransactions in mind, and it was so incredibly scummy it started a whole controversy about the game's microtransactions and had to be temporarily removed I'm glad I didn't pirate it on release.
>>190843 >Aren't you just exited for WotC redesigning orcs to be less racist now? I'm less concerned about that than the fact that they're doing the same to the drow. You could easily make orcs non evil chaotic barbarians/shamans and still have the party and the setting treat them much the same way. Alternately you could just jettison the previous concept entirely and just rip off the behavior of Warhammer orcs/orks. It doesn't really derail the orc aesthetic. Worse comes to worse and you can just slip orcs out of your setting and replace them with hobgoblins. You can't fuck around with the Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk drow the same way without completely derailing their entire existence. If you try to "rehabilitate" them you just end up with elves but with black midnight blue skin. No one would give a fuck about them because there's already 40 different varieties of elves and worse yet there's no faction that they can be replaced with.
>>194362 >>194369 >Massive lore rape towards deconstruction and author is dead levels of bullshit >The frog director literally made Shelob into his waifu because he's a commie piece of shit and he took the analogue between Galadriel and Shelob too seriously, and promptly made "Shelob was a good guy afterall, she stopped Frodo from taking the Ring all alone" >Warner Kikes and Monolith are still second-rate Jewbisoft wannabes That game made me hate them even more so
>>194394 Don't forget Sauron boned Shelob
>>194394 I think the dev team had access to woman modeling for Shelob, but didn't want to make her another character because why make a sexy lady for whatshisname to meet when you can have Shadow the Edgy Elf and the annoying "warrior woman" cunt with the blond cornrows. At least there was this cute gondorian lady you meet at the start of the game. >>194397 Oh yeah, she was outright raped, right?
>>194394 >>Warner Kikes and Monolith are still second-rate Jewbisoft wannabes >monolith I wish they were independent again, ever since being aqcuired by WB they've gotten worse and worse. Granted I only played through FEAR some 5 or so years ago but looking at their history its pretty clear where the rot started.
>>194399 Can't wait for WB to dig up Blood and bastardize it to capitalize on that Bethesdoom money.
(21.06 MB 1280x720 Assmad Shelob.mp4)
>>194398 >Oh yeah, she was outright raped, right? No, they were in a relationship but he dumped her
(9.88 MB 1280x720 Go Pro Alliance.webm)
>>194446 I don't remember the memory scenes looking so retarded, it's like that Dark Alliance go pro ad when she's killing the soldiers
>>194446 Why is Shelob a human?
(28.24 KB 600x602 I posses a desire to.jpg)
>>194451 Probably because they couldn't make a monstrous spider a "tragic character" if she didn't have an attractive human form.
>>194452 > they couldn't make a monstrous spider a "tragic character" if she didn't have an attractive human form Then they should have picked an attractive human
>>194394 It's absolute aids. The only good LotR games are LotRO and Battle for Middle-Earth 2. Also the M&B mod.
>>194477 The Third Age wasn't too bad.
>>194394 >>194397 >>194446 Lord of the Rings has been raped by these horrid games. People eat them up regardless. Now Amazon is next in line to fuck this franchise.
>>194572 >Amazon What now? A tv show with WEWUZ?
>>194573 A free to play MMO, co-developed by Tencent. And a TV series.
>>194592 A woke MMO? How's that going to work? Will all players be required to meet quota's chars in the game that are black, trans or what ever? Maybe they will simply score all characters on a victim index, for their race, skin color, sexuality and preference and give bonuses to characters that score high enough.
>>194599 It's tencent so I expect less woke and more rootkits in the anti-cheat engine that spark a controversy for a week before being forgotten. I'm still livid about Genshin Impact and how everyone just forgot about that. Yeah the game looks somewhat interesting but the fact that it's a gacha and a chinese one at that, I'm not getting that shit anywhere near me.
>>194477 Return of the king was a pretty fun beat em up. What about that three player action rpg that came out years ago? I don't hear anyone talk about that. >Tfw the movie for fellowship of the ring is going to be 20 years old this year >Tfw we never got that segment in the return of the king movie where the hobbits returned to The Shire and Saruman was smoking all their weed
>>194573 Heard nothing about an MMO but the Amazon show has been in development for a while. And yes it's gonna be filled with niggers & mutts.
>>194479 >The Third Age wasn't too bad. Turd Age had potential if it wasn't hamstrung by the fact that the ex-Westwood guys couldn't make anything outside of the movies aka EA couldn't get the rights to Tolkien's works that weren't just the adapted films, and it was fucking linear hallway JRPG shit, but wew, at least they still secured some of Howard Shore's music also that fucking trippy and abrupt transition as shit final boss fight. Also, "Co-op", hahaha
(4.38 MB 640x360 Trolling Saruman.mp4)
>>194697 >Return of the king was a pretty fun beat em up. What about that three player action rpg that came out years ago? I don't hear anyone talk about that. Bretty gud game, fucking coop in that hack and slash was fucking fun, it was funny that Peter Jackson along with the Tolkien Estate hated that game for being too focused on the violence, but oh well, worse games like Shadow of War still haven't happened. >Tfw we never got that segment in the return of the king movie where the hobbits returned to The Shire and Saruman was smoking all their weed Been discussed to death, a lot of book fans hated that they didn't include the battle for the Hobbits' home, but if it was gonna be there, it would been as said as many times before, would have been anticlimactic in the film aspect if after the trouble the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth had gone through beating Sauron, the Hobbits come home and find Sauron became a crime-lord and industrialist, and there's the issue of Saruman/Christopher getting impaled in the extended version of Return of the King, gotta hand it to Peter Jackson, he knows how to cover his bases.
>>190158 Nope. Normal humans don't exist in the setting. Japs also call elves 人 regardless of setting.
>>194446 I didn't even know the damn spider had a name but here the game is making her human like some terrible teenage girl fanfic.
>>187690 I highly enjoyed Dragon's Crown. I'm guessing Princess Crown must be shit, just because it's on Saturn, the shittiest joke of a console ever made, Sega's 3DO/ Jaguar.
>>194933 Is that all it's based on? I would have assumed the word 人間 was used. If it's just 人 then all they are is "people", which applies to all races even Gorons and Zoras
>>194836 A television series would have been a better adaptation than a movie.
>>195118 >a television series In the early 2000s, they'd have been severely limited in the special effects. They'd also have general problems with television budgets limiting their sets, costumes, and action scenes, among other things. If you waited until modern day, you'd get better special effects. Well congratulations! Now you're getting a modern tv series! It's going to be great, right?
(1.98 MB 480x397 HMU8.gif)
>>195118 >A television series No. Aside from the problems >>195126 listed, you'd also have to deal with heavy handed FCC censorship and fucktons of editing for the 1 hour time slot that is then further chopped up to make room for commercial breaks. Just the pacing edits for those breaks and time limits would end up creating an entirely different product. There's a reason why Television is a dying medium. Lots of reasons, actually.
(309.55 KB 1095x1200 tigh booty.jpg)
Bumping with more Night Elves since I dont want my thread to die.
(94.75 KB 753x268 yes this very good.jpeg)
>>206516 >those pubes peaking out in 4
>>195118 Wish granted, thank you for using the monkey's paw. Amazon's making a LOTR Prequel(Second age) tv show.
>>186150 Sil since they're proper Tolkien elves.
>>206529 That was already announced ages ago
>>194452 Sounds more like lazy writers and meddling executives
(412.00 B 512x512 icon0.png)
Speaking of deconstrucftion, deconstruction isn't a bad thing but holy fuck is it fucking overused and praised for no reason. The most important thing of deconstruction I think, is to always deconstruct something you ACTUALLY LIKE. Deconstructing something you dislike is basically showing your fucking jealousy and that you are insecure about something people enjoy. Say what you want about Undertale, but at the fucking least it came from a place of fucking love. Toby likes JRPGs, he doesn't want to shit on you for liking them. In the end, good deconstructions are made by people who want to understand the genre they are writing in more, and bad ones are written by people who hate the genre. No one ever made a good deconstructive work by just shitting on the thing they're trying to write about, that's because when people who do not like the thing they are writing about write deconstructions, they just screech autistically that "the genre needs to change for my sake". If anything, it's no wonder that shit deconstructions like that are popular seeing how popular screeching that things need to change due to one's own selfish reasons has been.
>>216095 Too bad Toby's "fans" are just tumblr incarnate shitheads who barely plays JRPGs and just latched on it because of the artwork and memes, good music though. But lets be fair, Undertale was barely an JRPG, even Moon: Remix RPG Adventure where Toby got his "inspiration" was just more of an Adventure Game in JRPG aesthetic/execution, and that was the better game overshadowed by meme shit and streamer retards, can say the same to Dokodoki Cancer Club, Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi with it's mindfucking deserve more credit than that shit.
>>216099 The fanbase is awful but that's hardly his fault.
>>216114 Everything about the game, from its visuals to its gameplay to its story to its music, was all obviously designed to pander directly to that audience. So yes, it's 100% his fault. It's 100% on purpose. These people existed before Undertale, and he wanted to make a game specifically for them.
>>206516 I had a dream about a night elf woman who wanted my seed to bear children because I was "just right." as she put it. It went where you'd expect it to go, light femdom as we went at it & she complimented me the whole time. I awoke after we finished and scratched my head going huh to myself.
>>194452 You don't need a human form to make a spider attractive.
(169.93 KB 1024x1280 f9379922bce84740d5183e604056ae60.jpg)
>>216211 That's still a cute furry-ish face, not exactly a spider. Also that's anatomically incorrect, a spider's oviduct is the underneath the abdomen towards the torso, not under the spinneret.
>>216257 Giving is humanish facial features makes it more appealing to me, I can see how it thinks/acts instead of looking at some inhuman beast that wants to fug me or eat me I'm prefer the former thanks
>>216350 >I'm prefer the former thanks Filthy casual.
>>216353 >He's into vore back to deviantart
(102.91 KB 677x1400 015.jpg)
(85.53 KB 500x570 MoonPriestess.jpg)
>>216157 You know if a child has a hole in the back of of their neck it means you got cucked by an elf. I am not saying your dream was real or anything im just saying if you see a kid with a hole in the back of their neck it might be yours.
>>194935 It's exceptionally retarded even aside from the immediate, obvious reasons. Shelob is the last known child of Ungoliant, a colossal fucking Lovecraftian shadow being in spider form that even Morgoth was frightened of.
>>185520 > I like Night elves in warcraft Seems as though you like their fanart, instead of how they actually look in game.
>>217148 That's pretty much par for the course when it comes to Warcraft girls.
(1.39 MB 1920x1080 booty 2.jpg)
(1.45 MB 1920x1080 booty.jpg)
>>217148 You say that but even in vanilla Night elves had some nice booty.
>>185520 TES IMO have great lore about the Elves but gets fucked by toddy >DE(Dunmer): DE who exiled themselves into a miserable Land where the greatest lessons in life are Learned through hardships. The Tribunal lore is amazing how they turned from mortals into gods and how they their greed, ambition and Pride fucks their people. Dagoth was a bro and shame that he became corrupted out of loyalty to the Nerevarine >Wood Elves(Bosmer):Although steryotypes from tolkien is evident (Attune with nature, best archers and so on) but makes them carnivors and cannibals due to the green pact treaty. High Elves(Altmer):Insane mother fuckers because they got salty that their god made the world hell with suffering instead of eternal paradise. So they try to nuke it to "Restart" the world and make it "Better"
(245.13 KB 1017x371 Dragon.png)
>>217572 Those ears are ridiculous.
>>217610 >steryotypes from tolkien Are they from tolkien? >Attune with nature I can see why you'd say this, but elves and other faerie types have always had a connection to nature haven't they? >best archers I wouldn't call that a tolkien trope, I would say other fantasy writers looked at Legolas and decided that all elves must be good archers and wear green. So the sterotype comes more from modern fantasy than Tolkien.
(142.56 KB 1024x789 Night_Elves_-_Concept.jpg)
(39.76 KB 500x568 Nightelfmalebustsamwise.jpg)
>>217843 They're even longer in the concept art.
(49.75 KB 2176x964 You call those big.png)
(750.21 KB 1024x768 hopes and dreams.jpg)
(500.33 KB 1453x869 Rafale.jpg)
>>219354 Why is it that everyone but the US has no issues with long ears?
(199.04 KB 1200x675 1398167574100.jpg)
(117.04 KB 600x800 smug elf.jpg)
(158.43 KB 636x900 1462853304088.jpg)
(580.11 KB 872x1000 1426080572565.jpg)
(794.17 KB 1060x1500 1426080307904.jpg)
(1018.58 KB 540x360 elf_threads.mp4)
>>245262 Look at the tiny wings near the cockpit of the plane, US fighters dont have them usually unlike most other plane producers.
(1.14 MB 1024x1512 Griphen.png)
>>245322 >22 oh those are the "ears", I thought for a moment those things at the back pointing up was the "ears". I dont know shit about planes.
(55.31 KB 640x517 spock.jpg)
>>186781 What actually inspired the the modern Tolkien elf? I know that a lot of it is rooted in Dungeons and Dragons, but I feel that Vulcans had a fair share of influence on defining the look and culture of elves.
>>245625 >What actually inspired the the modern Tolkien elf? Tolkien? But the comment you're replying to says they weren't like modern elves, so why did you refer to them as Tolkien elves?
>>245625 I love the concept of male elves looking like female elves except for the lack of developed breasts and the presence of male genitalia. Immortal and beautiful, truely the superior race. Vulcans probably took some inspiration from the Tolkien elves.
(13.51 KB 480x360 Angry Zorak.jpg)
>>245631 He's an invalid that thinks elves/orcs/dwarves = Tolkien.
>>186789 What qualifies as effeminate? If an elf is functionally male butt can appear as an elf female, and yet is stronger than a bearded heavyset dwarf, is the elf really effeminate?
(490.09 KB 323x559 ClipboardImage.png)
>>245635 Faggot
>>245641 Enjoy your bearded men.
(90.87 KB 796x581 Eldar_Oneechan!.jpg)
>>245625 How much influence did Vulcans and Romcoms have on the creation of the Eldar in WH40k?
(4.08 MB 498x348 smug_elf_mocks_you.gif)
>>245625 Tolkien predates both, canonized the plural spellings for elves and dwarves, and popularized the tall, effete, detached demeanor associated with them. In short, Vulkans are just Space Elves because Gene Rodenberry is a hack, but because idiots who watch Star Trek have never read a real book they wouldn't know.
>>245643 "Enjoying" men at all is homo, you homo
>>245649 >because idiots who watch Star Trek have never read a real book they wouldn't know. Nigger are you retarded? People have called vulcans space elves for decades.
Bump with elf queen.
I do night not understand the appeal to night elves. They're literally just women with blue skin.
>>266726 People don't care about you thread.
>>266778 Purple. Personally I see no appeal to WoW elves in general. They've got giant ears which I can go either way on but it's the fuck off eyebrows I hate. Why are their eyes always glowing too?
Elf waifu's aren't all they are cracked up to be.
>>266778 Original ingame models for female nighelves had full hips, longer legs, and round asses and busts. At least compared to other races. Their dance was the lewdest with its hip-swinging, ass and chest wiggling, belly movement, and twirling. Their underwear was the skimpiest too if I remember correctly, and their hairstyles the girliest. Big eyes and full lips helped too. Other female models were either too bony (trolls, undead), stocky and small (gnomes, dwarves), literal cows that look just like male equivalents, or bland (humans). There were orcs too for fans of muscle girls. People naturally gravitated towards elves, and that's why so much of WoW fanart and porn has to do with them. Blizzard noticed nelves popularity, so future races like draenei and blood elves had attractive female models too.
>>267111 >Blizzard noticed nelves popularity, so future races like draenei and blood elves had attractive female models too. Aw, fuck. Does this mean Draenei Horse Cock Futa is destined to be canon, and included in the next graphics update?
>>267117 Nelf futa is superior, so what would be the point?
>>189241 Damn I had no idea, this makes me rethink the way I view Watchman as a whole. I love Watchman both the comics and the Zack Snyder movie but not the god awful TV series.
>>267111 >Too stocky and small (gnomes, dwarves) Shit taste
>>189241 >"Superhero Movies "Blighted the Culture.'" He's not wrong. >>267175 Moore, and even full on SJW writers from the 20th century, were generally good enough to at least try to show both sides. Even Green Lantern/Green Arrow, which turned Green Arrow into a hippie author avatar and Green Lantern into an ignorant strawman of cops and by extension conservatives, also dedicated about half of its issues to pointing out Green Arrow's flaws as well, like the famous example of his hippie attitudes leading to his ward becoming a junkie. Watchmen in particular is all about grey morality, which you can argue is a commie argument, which means that even as Moore made Rorschach as an over the top reductio ad absurdum argument against The Question's/Mr. A's/Steve Ditko's objectivist philosophies, he still also went out of his way to show his redeeming factors as well. Moore comes across, at least through his work, as the type of guy you could have an honest disagreement with, but who would treat you respectfully enough to actually debate it, and not just call you a nazi or whatever. He personally disagrees with Rorschach's philosophy, but he does not cast Rorschach as a villain. Rather, he's a flawed hero, just like the rest of the characters in the story. Even The Comedian, who doesn't just represent the politics that Moore clearly despises, but is also a rapist and murderer, is still portrayed with sympathy and humanity, while his "rape victim" is shown to be equally flawed. Moore is clearly not the type of person people here think of when they think of "commies." Not only have things gotten exponentially worse in the last decade, but Moore in particular, and Watchmen in particular, is very much against most of what modern SJWs build their lives upon, that being black and white morality.
>>245322 Front canards. You usually need two sets of roll and pitch control surfaces for better maneuverability and on US and most russian planes those are located on wings and tail. Since delta-wing planes don't have separate horizontal tail they have to add these. There are some more aerodynamic advantages to having them, so most Su-27 modifications and Su-47 prototype have both front canards and tail, but they add drag and turbulence so plopping them on is a tradeoff.
>>267224 >Defending a Commie who's most cited as inspiration by Capeshit writers >Long screed of Commie Moore having a point in his "Superhero Deconstruction Parody" Only took close to 4 months for the zoophile apologist /co/mmie to appear in this thread.
>>267246 >criticizes Moore for being cited as inspiration by capeshit writers >also criticizes him for writing a deconstruction of capeshit Which is it? If you dislike capeshit you should like Watchmen deconstructing it. If you don't, then you should like capeshit writers citing him as inspiration. Of course, one could make an argument that it's bad that so many works copied Watchmen, but the wrong parts of it, and badly, but that's hardly the fault of Watchmen or its writer. Also, I don't think anyone ever claimed Watchmen was a parody. And you never actually argued against my point that Watchmen's nuance and central theme of grey morality distances it quite far from modern SJW. Again, it's not like Rorschach or even The Comedian are villains. Perhaps one of the key lessons of the story is that you should sympathize with even The Comedian, who at first you might be lead to think is the villain. Even though Moore's personal politics would mean that The Comedian would work well as a villain (as far as those politics would be concerned), he goes in the other direction with it, and the story ends with us supposed to understand that he is flawed, but human, with human sympathies and virtues. >zoophile huh?
>>267279 >Which is it? This is a false dichotomy. He wrote what were deconstructions at the time, which every hack writer then copied and made the norm. >Of course, one could make an argument Why did you even make the previous statement like a retard if you already knew how chimp-tier it was?
>>267310 >This is a false dichotomy. He wrote what were deconstructions at the time, which every hack writer then copied and made the norm. Oh, so you like capeshit, and thus don't like how Watchmen's popularity changed it. I wouldn't say Moore's imitators are deconstructing, though. They were mostly just being edgy for the sake of edgy, or sometimes for the sake of comedy. >Why did you even make the previous statement like a retard if you already knew how chimp-tier it was? You literally stopped reading halfway through the sentence? Because the latter part of the sentence is "but..." The point is anticipating possible counter arguments that may seem obvious at first, and showing why they would also be wrong. You should try reading entire posts, or at least entire sentences, before replying to them.
>>268439 >Oh, so you like capeshit, and thus don't like how Watchmen's popularity changed it. Which projecting nigger has reading comprehensions again? You literally put your fucking retarded words on his mouth. >and thus don't like how Watchmen's popularity changed it. I wouldn't say Moore's imitators are deconstructing, though. They were mostly just being edgy for the sake of edgy, or sometimes for the sake of comedy. Gotta say, you have no fucking clue on Alan Moore or just trying being a retard who thinks Alan Moore's previous attacks on the Superhero genre is him being a broken clock and not a fucking hypocrite. >You literally stopped reading halfway through the sentence? Because the latter part of the sentence is "but..." The point is anticipating possible counter arguments that may seem obvious at first, and showing why they would also be wrong. You should try reading entire posts, or at least entire sentences, before replying to them. Anyone who uses "But (insert retarded ass covering argument here) is fucking pathetic, you got two positions and you won't stand on one, and covering your pathetic ass with another, I suggest you kill yourself before you go into another sophistic retard shitfit.
>>267015 >Hangs out with a Drow Elf >expects to be anything other then a servant Hell the fact that the step sister even loves him is an anomaly
>>190763 >I'll never understand Dwarf fags when their women are so ugly They're ugly but I respect them for their industry Fantasy settings need more exotic jungle Elves that do strange rituals and know esoteric sex magic imo
>>245646 Very little since they were just copied over from Warhammer Fantasy's elves originally and those originate in classic tabletop elves.
>>278662 No, fantasy needs more oc races.
(143.88 KB 364x273 Elfbowling.png)
>>185788 Me too. I'm not even a furfag, but I might switch just for her. There's something about a Playboy Bunny/Klingon hybrid that I always loved. I'd always put her in the party so I could watch her cute little battle-lingerie ass wiggle. >>185520 >what game has the best elves? Pic related >>188499 >Elric's daddy badmouthing a great man Is his middle name "Gimme Even" by any chance?
>>280402 >Me too. I'm not even a furfag, but I might switch just for her. But anon, kemonomimi, monster girls, and monster boys, are not furries.
>>186175 >Manly elves They're not mainly by the definition of not being men. They're also cuckolds by both their nature and the virtue of their setting. I maintain that there's not a single elf worth a bullet in the entirety of the DnD proper let alone Baldur's Gate games. Honorary mention to Irenicus who hates being a poncey fairy so much that he continually mutilates himself on both physical and metaphysical level to shock the gay away. Mike Pence would be proud. As for WHFB, if you can ignore the whole phallic dildo imagery in their architecture, way of dress or elementary anal attitude both their canon satan and savoir, Malekith is the proverbial angsty edgelord who's origin story is that his witch whore of a mother had chaotic sex orgies with mutants, demons and cultists and had the greatest elven hero Aenarion the Defender refer to him as his wife's son.
>>280448 >Irenicus who hates being a poncey fairy Irenicus' whole self loathing thing was because he *wasn't* a poncey fairy elf anymore.
>>280451 I thought it was the immortality he lost and contempt of his peer that made him hate being an elf
>>280448 >They're not mainly by the definition of not being men Most people would use the word "manly" in a colloquial sense, and refer to many nonhuman characters as manly if they have those good qualities traditionally and correctly associated with men, such as courage, strength, and spirit. >>280448 > if you can ignore the whole phallic dildo imagery in their architecture That was GW's deliberate intention? news to me. >their canon savoir GW can't write good lore anymore. Anyway, kind of seems like you're just cherry-picking. I could easily apply the same methodology to any race and get the same result.
(111.59 KB 889x621 Half Elves.jpg)
(406.65 KB 1000x1000 cockatriceboss.jpg)
>>281115 dude is that a cockatrice?
>>281628 It's an Elwetritsch, the crossbreed of water fowl and woodelves. You don't get generic Half-Elfes of Human/Elf origin in German Folklore, that is more a British thing, instead Elves are huge horndogs that fuck almost anything they get their hands on and their mutant offspring populates the wilderniss.
>>281714 I thought the bird parts were from the elf
(384.89 KB 356x640 furry Fuck you, Diana.mp4)
>>280406 >But anon, kemonomimi, monster girls, and monster boys, are not furries. You can lie to yourself, but do not lie to me.
>>281764 >zombies are furries
>>281811 not precisely, but they're equally degenerate. you're all jerking off to cartoons anyway. kemoniggers have become objectively worse than furfags in that they just cant stop themselves from being defensive about their retarded porn.
>>280698 >any race Perhaps, but it's not a stretch to call khajits furfags or elves literal fags. On the contrary it's so natural that even regular depictions have them riding rainbow colored cocks in WoW or fairy being the common alternative to fag. >colloquial I really don't care if it's the current zeitgeist to call a blubber whale a zhey instead of she or lardass. Same approach to calling you a nigger. I don't reliably know your skin color or even care to find out but I can apply nigger, blighter or nigglet as an adjective to your general persona as it fits the bill.
>>300321 What is it with this thread that makes it so that every so often there's one or two posts bumping it, but then it goes back into obscurity immediately.
>>300346 It's the closest thing to a porn thread. Everytime it gets bumped is a representation of anons busting a fat nut.
>>300346 usually I just dont want my thread to die so i will bump it when its about to get recycled. This time it wasn't me though.
(127.80 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)
I want faerie characters to look inhuman, as in, I want them to look like a wholly other species from human. Giants, Elves, Dwarves and the like all look like human beings with a few exotic features that change one or two things about them. Fae are supposed to be creatures from another world, far beyond humans and human understanding, they are basically aliens and gods in one package. At most, they should be imitating human forms, but imperfectly, and bearing "faerie marks" that clearly give away their inhuman natures (a "faerie mark" could be anything that humans do not typically have, for example, animal features, like a tail). Is there any fictional media that actually makes non-humans look like they aren't humans (or closely related to humans)?
>>301471 All I'm saying here is that faerie creatures are not of this world, they are far removed from humans. They aren't supposed to look similar to humans, they are supposed to be obviously some other kind of being. Yet what we get is: - tall, skinny, and pointy ears - shortstack'd, roundfaced, and hairy - like humans, big bigger - like humans, but smaller - like humans, but they aren't human, even if they look just like us
>>301471 >>301472 I guess, if the writer wants to throw in some science fiction, they could handwave that all the sentient species in a fantasy setting share a common ancestor. But yeah, I get what you mean.
>>301471 Your opinion is based on modern sensibilities.
>>281714 >You don't get generic Half-Elfes of Human/Elf origin in German Folklore, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skuld_(princess) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hagen_(legend)
>>304427 Anon Skuld is Scandinavian, not German. There is a difference between German and Germanic. Germanic is shared by all of the Ethnic groups who come from the Germanic people from Antiquity, but German is only shared by the Ethnic groups that make up Germany. Also if you go with Germanic Mythology and Folklore, you also don't get generic Half-Elves, because Germanic Elves are already different from the generic Elves of modern Fantasy.
>>304477 That's a modern dichotomy, retard.
>>304484 Germanic ≠ German, mouthbreather. In fact, in most European languages Germanic = German, but German = something else entirely like Aleman, Sachsen or Duitsch.
>>304477 >>304477 >Anon Skuld is Scandinavian, not German. German and German folklore and mythology mostly originates from Scandinavia, because Germany used to be nothing, but a giant colony for Nordics. In fact the Elwetritschs were found around the time Germany was first transitioning from their original faith and into Christianity along with being forced to speak Latin after Charlemagne conquered Germania. The oldest reports may come from Christians, but it doesn't negate the possibility that they were written or talked about way before the Bavarians found them. >>304486 >Germanic ≠ German Yes it does, while Germany today is a mixture of Latin and Germanic, while German language comes from Germanics, but uses different dialectics. This is like saying Anglo-Saxon is not Germanic. It's quite clear you don't know what you're talking about.
>>304486 German = West Germanic Aleman, Sachsen or Duitsch are not different languages they're West Germanic dialectics that transitioned into one unified language known as High German.
>>190008 One thing I like about WoW is that they're elves at least look somewhat distinct from humans.
I think the best elves and dwarves come from the old world of darkness in "dark ages: fae", where they had many varied appearances, but every one of them could be easily distinguished from humans at a glance, you could easily tell that this was anther species entirely, humanoid, but obviously inhuman. There was this "features" system, you see, and your faerie would have a "faerie mark" that would distinguish them as something not of this world, features could be anything, it was basically a "build your own alien" system. The features would also have gameplay effects, to them, like how having a tail could allow you to use it like an additional limb, you could tip it with a spike for use as a weapon. Or how being a giant would incur the bonuses and penalties that come with having prodigious size. Basically, "features" would grant you free powers and.or weaknesses, and as your faerie got more powerful, they could take on more of them, which also would grant them more vulnerabilities, moreover, the more powerful your faerie got, the more vulnerable they were to the universal weaknesses of their kind, like being cut with or pierced by iron. I liked the magic system as well, it basically worked a lot like "dark ages: mage" except the faeries were a lot more powerful, but in a lot of ways their magic was essentially another "mage" pillar, similar to the "old faith" faction. They came in three main kinds: firstborn - who are the true fae, and tend to have more power, but also more vulnerabilities. changelings - who are a mix between humans and faeries, and at thus more able to interact with humans, since they get a free "mein" to use to mask themselves as humans. inanimae- who are faerie spirits who got imbued into something that was formerly inanimate, thus they can hide away in their "husk" and sleep in it to recover themselves, also they are pretty much immortal unless their husk is destroyed (but you can die by accident, like if your tree gets chopped or your rock gets split, or your fire gets put out, or your water gets drunk).
>>304827 >>304835 I think you double-posted
>>304497 >German and German folklore and mythology mostly originates from Scandinavia,... Anon Skuld does not exist in German Folklore and Mythology, she is a character in a couple of Scandinavia stories that revolve around the right of inheritence and politics between Sweden and Denmark at a time when Germany was conquered by the Frankish Kings of the Merovingian dynasty after the fall of the Roman Empire. That Germans and Scandinavians share a common history in the Germanic people dosn't mean anything when you come with a story after the West Germans and Nord Germans split into distinct people.
>>300350 exactly, now post more knife eared babes
(156.63 KB 1100x961 Knife-eared babe.jpeg)
>>305155 Weird thing to be interested in but alright
(250.34 KB 523x372 sjw hair.png)
>>189241 Well he doesn't shave and think he looks good so he kind of gives off the same vibes as a rainbow haired mustache twirler. These people either put in way too much work with little thought to the consequences or none at all and think they're beautiful for no effort while being in denial about it.
(11.17 KB 300x300 syl.jpg)
(10.27 KB 249x300 tyr.jpg)
(9.74 KB 248x300 ill.jpg)
wait what
Can someone tell the story of the thuatha de danaan and the aos sidhe?
>>189241 >Superhero movies "blighted the culture" >superheroes a 'cultural catastrophe' He's right though. Also, your pic is labelled "living with his DC retirement money," but didn't he get screwed over by DC and not actually get much money? Comics creators in general get fuck all for royalties, and make more money from conventions and cameos in movies than from royalties from their books and characters.

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