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(1.40 MB 850x1182 ClipboardImage.png)

(830.27 KB 790x1061 ClipboardImage.png)

(60.01 KB 387x960 1465113879150.jpg)

Granblue Fantasy - /gbfg/ Anonymous 12/28/2020 (Mon) 09:59:00 Id: 15e119 No. 191653
Touch the Cow Edition Crews 1.Infinity - 692908 2.Kihou - 740471 3.Sky Lords - 733000 4.Raven Nest (Dead) - 1024216 5.Heaven&Hel (Dead) - 933194 Guides and info https://gbf.wiki/ >How do I even play this shit? You can play it from your browser by going to http://game.granbluefantasy.jp/ >I'm not going to use google botnet to play this. You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don't like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome. Relink http://relink.granbluefantasy.jp/ Versus https://versus.granbluefantasy.jp/
New flash gala NIGGERS
>tfw no cow short stack gf
Cowy is coming after the 31rst, right?
You already have a gatchashit thread. Please go back to you home.
(48.43 KB 632x354 EqPl9x6U0AE8rre.jpg)

Yandere Lily in the latest Granblue TV Channel
How is she still not playable?
>>192105 Oh hey, I remember you. You used to complain about your waifu not being playable years ago back on 8ch too. I don't even play this game, but I'll give this thread a bump because I'm glad to see an anon I remember from 8ch here. Anyway, I'll try to contribute some discussion too. Any news about that Platinum developed Ganblue action game?
>>192214 We got some new footage during the year-end stream, but they still don't dare to give a release date. The game has stagnated somewhat in terms of grid weapons to upgrade. I really expected a baha/ultima weapon uncap by this point. Instead we get gimmicky RNG AX skills to grind for. Oh well. At least the events are still fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fz-gwzyJEPo&ab_channel=GiaHuyTr%E1%BA%A7n
>>192105 >How is she still not playable Because you are a fag and the devs hate you.
>>192105 >>192227 Now that I think about it, Edgy Faggot Angel opens the door to a whole host of normally unplayable characters that can be added to the gacha Fenrir NEVER EVER though
(1.40 MB 1280x725 ClipboardImage.png)

Official Caundhula detail art
(358.40 KB 450x659 Nyanpasu~.png)

>>192238 >Caundhula That doesn't seem to be her EN name. They normally go for sanskrit derivatives for the EN names but it seems a little different this time. According to that image, it's Catura. Not that it matters, she'll always be Shatora to me. Anyway, I still mostly like her design. I didn't notice some details initially like her hoof-shaped sleeves, her double stockings and their 'cow print'-effect and the fact that she's wearing a thong. The tweet and the text in the image reveal some extra info we didn't know yet. Her little cow buddy is named 'Moo-chan', her bike 'Milk-chan' and she was born and raised on a ranch though they don't say which side of the fence. Her outfit, expression and the names she gave to her companions makes me think she's aloof, eccentric and probably a bit of an air-head/ditzy. Since she has a tail, that probably means she also has a strong lineage like Yuel, Anchira,etc. At first, I thought she would be somewhat of a delinquent, due to the bike, and that she would rebel against her heritage as a shrine maiden with her outfit being somewhat ironic. Now though, I think her outfit is something she would wear 100% unironically. Some of the sillier aspects, like the hat and the transparent coat, are probably things she genuinely likes to wear. Whatever the case may be, I look forward to rolling/sparking draph Renge.
>>192238 >>192300 >>191653 Nice, can't wait for the NTR oneshots.
(699.21 KB 929x683 Draph Whore.PNG)

Pulled Sturm (fire), Grimnir (wind), and Anne (water) SSR's just now.
>Still no Rayearth collab >Still no SSR Almeida why the fuck do i play this?
>>192227 But I help keep them afloat
(31.26 KB 614x389 Ea5YdJmWAAEhvWq.jpg)

>>192615 That is why they hate you anon. You keep the nightmare going.
>>192615 Fenrir will get in the game soon, but it will be revealed she has a dick.
>>192214 Well, for starters, they dropped platinum from the development team. The game is being made solely in-house from what I've heard, and the gameplay has definitely suffered from it. It's not a complete abortion of a game, but it's definitely not to the level of a platinum game. In addition, it isn't releasing until 2022, which makes 6 entire years since it was announced, if I remember correctly.
(96.30 KB 550x680 164.jpg)

(497.59 KB 850x1200 043.jpg)

(436.32 KB 783x1000 008.jpg)

(430.18 KB 1045x1700 003.jpg)

Best girls. The order is now set in stone.
Honestly I feel like gaming has regressed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TERA_(video_game) Released in 2011. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blade_%26_Soul Released 2012 Why is there no GBF MMORPG? They have an audience more than large enough.
(1.25 MB 707x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

Naru reclaiming the title of top cow
2021 will be the year of Levi-chan! I can feel it!
Is it me or is Sandalphon a fag?
>>194761 Everyone in this thread is a fag so it's probably just you
>>194635 >They have an audience more than large enough. Do they? They like to flaunt the 27 million players number but that is just the number of registered accounts, most of which are dead, used as alts, or one of those 10-20 accounts someone made when first starting to get some good rolls. If you look at the number of participants in Guild Wars, or the amount of shrimps that were gotten during the latest global event, I don't think there are more than 1-1.5 million active players, most of which are just casual players, and not hardcore players(probably bellow 500k). Of course I have no way of verifying these numbers, but I don't think they actually have the numbers for an MMORPG, supposing that the same people who play the gatch will just switch to an mmo.
>>195278 It doesn't help that MMOs are pretty much a legacy genre at this point. Making and maintaining one takes way too much effort.
How did everyone's roulette go now that all that's left is the 200 rolls on some normal 3% banner? I got a few grands (Grand Jeanne, Lucio, Shiva, Pholia and Rackam), but none of the new characters unfortunately. The summons I got were mostly worthless except for the (not) snake. Hoping we get the same Legfest discount like last year during March so I can fill in more of the Zodiac bingo. >>192105 Fenrir (Another) soon bro. Probably won't be any good for waifu stuff though since, like Sandalphon (Another), she probably won't be canon and won't have any seasonal lines.
(1.01 MB 850x1305 ClipboardImage.png)

Shatora's mother
>>195541 mine were pretty shit Got entire rolls filled with R and SR stuff Got enough to spark Cow. From the rolls got Red armor Gawain, his sister, ice dragon girl, the Wolf and the idol girl team...and a ton of SSR reapeted weapons.
>>195572 Made to tenderly NTR
>>195603 I will NTR & ruin everything you love.
>>194696 If only this was a full-body image.
>>195655 My only love is NTR
Grimnir is built for BWC
>>195541 I got a pretty good haul overall, but I'll wait for tomorrow before I post it. >>195603 >implying you can NTR her away from the BDC
I drew Filene guys :)
(800.18 KB 595x822 Spark10 (Almost free 3% rate).png)

(632.59 KB 606x752 Spark11.png)

I managed to spark twice during the free draws. Wish I had a higher SSR rate and more summons, but I'll get what I can get, especially since I drew Shatora for free. The final 200 draws were just a gold moon mine. Didn't even get any summons. At least I'm ready when Forte and her weapon get an uncap
(533.51 KB 491x654 ClipboardImage.png)

>>196374 I got a good haul
(1.46 MB 744x1075 ClipboardImage.png)

(819.35 KB 615x835 Untitled.png)

My bubs dark setup. Unfortunately, the only 2 real choices for MH are the Qilin bow and the Diabow, unless you spend moons.
(719.16 KB 636x645 Untitled.png)

Forgot the summons. Death is used exclusively to kill off Nier T1 and maybe to kill off Rat if you think she's not going to survive the turn.
(647.11 KB 493x592 ClipboardImage.png)

(596.12 KB 598x445 ClipboardImage.png)

(903.00 KB 610x600 ClipboardImage.png)

News https://granbluefantasy.jp/pages/?p=34633 Tower of Babyl on the 3rd, which will add the 7th and 8th floors. Dread Barrage on the 10th. It's earth favoured. There will be in-crew leaderboards like GW. There will now be GW pots, clear herbs and revive tinctures like GW. No time limit on the harder fights. You can now disable special backup and just call normal backup for the crew Last time there were rewards up to 600 badges. Now the rewards go up to 1000. V.Shalem skin on the 14th Spagheti Syndrome rerun on the 18th in preparation for the anniversary society event on the 26th. 6*s for Sarasa and Quatre this month. FLBs for a bunch of character gacha weapons. Permanent home screen character will be added. Some changes to the character section in Lyria's journal. Something about farming weapon shards or silver relics, so expect more of that in the future 6* uncaps. Versus will get more story chapters at the end of february. Anniversary Livestream with be on Sunday the 7th at 6pm JST.
February 2021 schedule 1/29 - 2/6 = A Tale of Kindled Bonds 2/3 - 2/9 = Tower of Babyl 2/10 - 2/17 = Dread Barrage (Water bosses) 2/14 - 2/28 = Valentine Campaign 2/18 - 2/26 = Spaghetti Syndrome 2/26 - 3/22 = 7th Anniversary Story Event The Anniversary event will be split into four parts. The 4th token draw box will have a gold brick in it. The second part will expand the honors rewards, and include an Evolite.
(508.87 KB 619x693 Untitled.png)

This isn't the first time I've felt challenged by a lack of *certain character* or *certain tool*, but this is the first time I'll admit I can't do it. At least the reward wasn't crystals or tickets. Anyone else struggling with these?
>>228010 You cleared one of them??? I can't clear 20-1 and -2 either.
>>228010 One strat is warlock choke the first wave and then ougi the second. S.Mim helps with ougiing the second. The other strat is main Haunglong and use cry double ougi on the first wave with the haung call on the second turn, then ougi the next wave again. With the amount of hp the secon dguy has you're kind of stuck in doing ougi damage. As a tip, remove all echo as it wastes the hits.
>>194757 i really want my SSR Levi character, even if it is another of "imaginary" characters like Katapillah or Freezy
>>228101 28-1 is actually fairly easy, the trick being to use Gachapin because he is the 11th Eternal. >>228673 Yeah, I spent hours on this shit but I can't get it to work with what I have. Guess I'll give it another go next round.
(952.90 KB 1070x860 Spark12 (Valentines).png)

I caved, but wew what a spark.
March 2021 Schedule 2/26 - 3/22 = Home Sweet Moon 3/14 - 3/29 = White Day Scenes 3/16 - 3/22 = Xeno Cocytus 3/22 - 3/29 = Rise of the Beasts 3/29 - 4/6 = Story Event
I still have my mobage account from back in the day because of you fags, really considering jumping back in.
>>249708 Anniversary is soon, so you might as well. And the Anniversary event has a Gold Brick in the store and once the story ends at Part 4, you'll get a free brand new Row IV Job.
i got Threo to lvl100, the trascendence requisites are some fukken bullshit
(185.79 KB 594x175 tfw one off.png)

>>249708 Do it, fagget.
(121.64 KB 498x383 1467915560649.png)

>summer boar >and summer monkey >only have 60 draws
>>254821 what? WHEN?
(304.44 KB 2560x1440 monkey.jpg)

(258.32 KB 2560x1440 boar.jpg)

>>255049 Announced on the stream this morning.
>>254821 We just got 50 draws for free from the stream, so there's that at least. If you luck out in the roulette you'll be able to spark. >>255056 How the fuck is this legal, god damn. You can SEE THROUGH the swimsuit, except when it goes down to her hips where it mysteriously becomes opaque.
(111.12 KB 1333x1000 EaHRgdCUYAA26PM.jpg)

0641DC for luciHL, 4/6
>unlucky again today
What do you think about the Timelessness of GBF? Do you like it? Gran never ages. He is permanently the hopeful teen full of potential. I wonder how many people have played this for the last 7 years even if just for the events?
>>256332 I personally dislike it. If they really wanted to make him a perma teen, they could have said something like "since he is soul linked to Lyria, and she doesn't age, he won't age either" and make it into a plot point, however at least make the other characters age. I am not asking for anything major, just make it so that if a character was 23 when he was first introduced, and they make a new version of him 2 years later, make him 25, and not just 23 again. It's a small detail, but it would reflect how the character had grown over the course of the journey and became stronger, especially if it was an R who became an SR and later SSR,
>>256349 en mobile gachas decline and this game dies we will get a sequel where you team up with all of Gran and his bitches daughters. And double D older Lyria will be the villian.
(1.84 MB 1295x1812 77298949_p0.png)

>>256349 This is a good idea. Personally, I think the gatcha system would be better if you had to first get the youngest/least powerful character version first. Once you have that one, you can roll for the others one tier above. I feel like the chronology is the most messed up thing about GBF. If I was to design a gatcha, I'd want to establish a loose chronology, where a year passes in the game after a year IRL.This would require more focus on the core storyline. I also feel like many of the side stories should have been integrated into the main story as well.
>>257769 Some characters would only be available for rolling for after certain quests would be completed.
>>254821 >>255056 >they'll be added on the 31st after roulette rolls are over So fucking Jewish. They have always added the March Summer characters during the anniversary roulette.
>>257772 >Some characters would only be available for rolling for after certain quests would be completed. Not necessarily, you could still have it the way it works right now, in that you get the character, but if you want to do the Fate Episode, it says, you should first play X Event or reach Y mission in the Main Storyline, so you don't get spoilers. I don't really mind getting characters our of order, or playing events out of order, but at least pretend that time actually passes, and not just when you have the summer events, which canonically have been an yearly event, proven by the last summer event with the shark girl that got PTSD from all the summer adventures.
>>258094 Aging up all characters every year would be insanely confusing to new players, and would cost a significant amount of resources that I'm not sure would be worth it.
>>258195 >would cost a significant amount of resources Almost all adult characters wouldn't change all that much after 10 years, all I am saying is that when they release a new version of a character(which already means a new design), acknowledge the fact that time has passed. The only character who might need drastic changes would be Funf, but considering she is a Harvin, she would probably still look the same as a 17 year old, as opposed to a 7 year old. The bare minimum change would in their Bio, which is just some text for the character description, I am not saying they need to grow a grey beard or have their hair turn white. Something like Thelonim would work, if they ever decide to free him from the R prison, make his new version, much older to show that he has grown in experience after traveling with the crew for years. >would be insanely confusing to new players I don't see how it be any more confusing than getting characters out of order(say getting Dark Jeanne first, then getting SR Jeanne, then regular SSR Jeanne), or playing an event with characters you don't have.
>>258203 >I don't see how it be any more confusing than getting characters out of order(say getting Dark Jeanne first, then getting SR Jeanne, then regular SSR Jeanne), or playing an event with characters you don't have It's already confusing enough as it is. I can't even imagine new players playing this anniversary event and keeping up with what the fuck is going on. It would also be tough to keep up with spoilers, like characters that are cursed or something getting uncursed and so-on. 5* uncaps are a way better way of addressing the issue, rather than light Sara for example.
4D5815 for luciH.
>>258030 Yeah, it's really lame. If we don't get any surprise Grands/summons, the flashfests are going to be limp too. 2 non-limited SSRs and nothing else would be a pretty poor celebratory banner. At least the other stuff that's releasing tomorrow will soften the blow a little.
>>260366 I'll put money on water Bea. She has gotten new armour in the anniversary artwork and we still haven't seen it yet.
(722.11 KB 585x719 Isaac_Bea.png)

>>260372 They already revealed the 2 units I was talking about. They're water Isaac and earth Bea.
>>260373 Oh right, I forgot about that. Well, maybe we'll get a surprise Yatima or Gywnn or something.
34AC1C LuciH
>>260366 >2 non-limited SSRs and nothing else would be a pretty poor celebratory banner Well, unless they plan to introduce some new Grand in part 2 of the flashfest looks like just 2 new ticketables is exactly what they're doing.
>mobile games
(53.45 KB 578x482 31ewi1uxh0p61.jpg)

(151.63 KB 720x960 rf2wsefc55p61.jpg)

(1.66 MB 1372x1818 Narmaya_(Versus).png)

Cygames pls
(7.23 MB 1536x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

>>269373 Higher quality pic of the second one
(1.12 MB 1206x896 Spark13.png)

Fantastic spark to end the free draw period, and really nice free draws as a whole this time. I've even managed to hold onto 70 draws to try and fish for the new summer zodiacs.
(1.92 MB 1500x1500 naru titbox.jpg)

2 spots in Infinity
>>270241 Very nice. Who is the artist?
>>291735 minaba hideo
4/29 - 5/7 = False Heroes 5/8 - 5/14 = Xeno Diablo Clash (Rerun. 5* for the Xeno Katana) 5/13 - 5/20 = Rise of the Beasts (one new Gold Brick) 5/21 - 5/28 = The Other Side of the Sky rerun 5/28 - 6/5 = Story Event Grand Eugen will be this month's 5* uncap.
(71.17 KB 640x360 tamamo baka.mp4)

26 spots in Infinity's Uma Musume Circle
F666D1 for luciH
>>302127 80AB22
June 2021 Schedule 5/28 - 6/5 = Showtime: Legend of the Blue Yonder 6/6 - 6/12 = Xeno Vohu Manah Clash (Rerun. New to this, and future Xenos, is that all Xeno weapons dropped by bosses will have AX skills) 6/8 - 6/14 = Tower of Babyl 6/13 - 6/21 = Seeds of Redemption (If you got a free Eternal from this event's original run, you'll get 50 Crystals instead.) 6/22 - 6/29 = Dread Barrage (Fire Favored) 6/29 - 7/7 = Story Event Athena will be this month's 5* Uncap. Siete and Okto will get their 6* Uncap. Belial's new ride will go live on the 16th. His loot will give new skills to Dark Opus weapons that are separate from the Pendulums you can use. QoL: some weapons and summons will be uncappable and upgradable while still equipped or locked. This will apply to weapons in the Weapon Series section of the shop, and Arcarum summons. Update to V2 fights to make it easier to see how close you are to breaking an Omen. The Daily Point shop will get a new Zeta skin based off her Dark version. She uses the Sunspot Spear instead of Arvess.
(594.52 KB 1325x1865 IMG_20210615_132636 - Copy.jpg)

(617.05 KB 1859x1161 IMG_20210615_132647 - Copy.jpg)

Got my Karteira SSR when valentines in the mail. These things are really nice, embossed and all that fancy stuff. I don't recommend paying extra for a forwarding service for these, but if you live in JP it's a nice thing to have.
Arcsys/Cygames must be smoking crack with the price for GBVS. Selling this shit at $60 with 2 character passes at $35 (Pass 1 having 4 new characters instead of 5) on top of having a fucking $8 battlepass is a straight up scam. It's a damn shame too because game is definitely fun & well put together compared to the shitshow that is STRIVE but the price for everything makes me think they're actively sabotaging they're own game. With RAGE finals coming up hopefully they'll have a decent sale but if they announce sandy a character pass 3 is definitely not happening and they're likely done with the game.
>>346328 When are they gonna add Sandalphon? He's like the most popular Granblue character. I think this shit is overpriced because they're using the money to continue developing Re:Link, whenever the fuck that's coming out.
(3.90 MB 1920x1080 78978480932874.png)

(108.14 KB 986x792 2021.06.24-00.39.png)

>>346347 He definitely making it in at some point but not sure when. Could be the final character of character pass 2 or 3 if it happens. Grand finals for the RAGE tourney is july 10th so we aren't gonna get a character announcement till then. >I think this shit is overpriced because they're using the money to continue developing Re:Link Hope that's the case but I think it's likely because of the chink flu and EVO imploding the same year the game launched that really fucked it over.
Speaking of VS: >Six is the next DLC character and final character of Season 2 >Next character reveal in August
(75.38 KB 1320x1080 E2AkTNvUUAEs5QQ.jpg)

>Most Cygames titles are down Maybe I'm free from this mgacha hell.
>>346347 >He's like the most popular Granblue character Maybe amongst the minority female base.
>>359365 If you don't think he's the most popular then who is? And don't say Percival.
>>269373 The third pic doesn't look like a mistake, maybe it's just bad perspective. >>346328 >Selling this shit at $60 with 2 character passes at $35 (Pass 1 having 4 new characters instead of 5) on top of having a fucking $8 battlepass is a straight up scam That's modern fighting games for ya, I hate what the genre has become. Every new fighting game wants you to pay more money than older fighting games but for less singleplayer content, less characters, less stages, less multiplayer modes, shitty netcode and even shittier gameplay, they also have a fuckton of DLC, most of which are just low effort palette swaps and paywalled content from previous games that used to be free. >It's a damn shame too because game is definitely fun & well put together compared to the shitshow that is STRIVE GBFVS is pretty shit in its own right, it's a very simple game and was clearly designed for retarded casuals, it also has some shit gameplay mechanics like your special moves having cooldowns and super moves having their own separate meter which gradually fills and when your health gets low enough you get a second, more powerful super move.
>>359807 Third pic her thumb is on the wrong side of her hand. Try to hold on object like she is, see which side your thumb is on.
(1.52 MB 1006x726 ClipboardImage.png)

(467.32 KB 532x658 ClipboardImage.png)

(459.73 KB 751x788 ClipboardImage.png)

Will Cygames redeem itself with this power move? Granted, the new Catura skin is already a step in the right direction.
When the fuck is ReLink coming out?
>>359919 What are you talking about anon? One hand is palm down, the other is palm up, so both thumbs should be on the same side.
>>373387 Hold your left hand palm up. Your thumb is on the outside (your left). Hers is the opposite, it's on the inside (her right).
>>373389 Her hand is turned 180, with the back of her hand to the front, which would again reverse it. Hold your left hand up so you can see the back of your hand, the thumb's on the right. Hold your right hand up so you can see your palm, and your thumb is on the right.
>>373389 It's hard to see, but her thumb is actually visible on the correct side, it's just mostly occluded by the katana. The issue is more like they drew the katana impossible deep into her hand, or like her thumb is just kinda long.
>>373399 >The issue is more like they drew the katana impossible deep into her hand Looking at it again, that's probably it. Her thumb isn't connected quite where it should be because the katana is in the way, so it looks like it must be on the other side.
>>373399 The issue with that is that it appears that her little finger is larger than her Index finger on that hand, which shouldn't even be being caused by perspective in this image.
>>191653 Are the crews in OP still alive?
>>373471 Wait, whos dante's baby?
>>373471 Yes. You can find out by pasting the crew number onto the end of http://game.granbluefantasy.jp/#guild/detail/
>>373384 I am getting increasingly sick of the fagpandering in this game.
3/6 for luciHL, come get your tickies.
>>378458 29AD35
(110.72 KB 621x453 get your shit together.jpg)

>>378459 AF96BF
(18.66 KB 564x204 zowu82arrtc51.jpg)

>>378536 AE71A0
(555.30 KB 470x608 Capture.PNG)

>>379264 >no seraphic Anon what are you doing?
>>379301 sucking really badly at killing luciHL to the point im thinking of selling my account?
>>379308 We'll try again tomorrow. Crew 3, if you're reading this, same time, same place. >>379308 I absolutely won't give up on you, so don't you dare cop out now.
(2.64 MB 264x240 1392927303783.gif)

>>379308 >sucking really badly at killing luciHL Faafaggot doesn't exist. Endgame is still UBHL. I won't try again, it's bullshit and it's bullshit.
(1.49 MB 1536x804 Spark14.png)

Could've been better, could've been worse. Unfortunately, I'm still 1-2 off from any connect 4 that would've been useful.
>>379332 I'm honestly content with faasan prayer crutch. Is there any benefit on doing luci without the crutch?
(549.54 KB 2494x1441 EwW8umOUUAIASvx.jpg)

>>379449 You get to skip a bunch of grind, since you need halos for the prayer. Best to just suffer with us. FA3782
(891.58 KB 991x1297 59740860_p0.jpg)

>>379907 3386FF
(1.85 MB 850x1133 ClipboardImage.png)

4948D0 LuciHL
(1.72 MB 1770x508 Untitled.png)

New story update just dropped PLAYABLE FUCKING WHEN
(371.12 KB 547x745 wew.png)

I'm never going to draw an SSR ever again
Anyoboy else having problems with the game right now? All the in-battle graphics went to shit and became a glitchy mess. After reloading many times now the characters, enemies and healthbars dont appear. you can proceed with the battle but those items wont load. Logging out and trying to log back in and now the mobage log-in page goes to shit every time i try to use it.
I'm feeling good about my summer fortune cards bros >>386417 No I haven't had that problem. You're not a mobilefag are you? I can't think of anyone having that problem unless they're playing on a dated phone or a real shitty toaster.
>>386417 WOMM. You can try deleting cache and trying again.
(5.77 KB 170x39 gbf.PNG)

Is this enough to spark when the flash gala comes?
>>388225 A spark is 300 rolls, anon. F
>>388233 Fuck it I'll still dump it on the flash gala
>>388640 just wait til december so you can roll it all up for this year new Zodiac grill
>>388640 Yeah, there's no point in playing this stupid shit if you don't gamble for jpgs every now and then. Sparking is for gays.
(139.96 KB 1024x512 Jeanne d' Arc.jpg)

>>388749 I pulled the best girl in a free 10 roll draw a few days ago
(70.11 KB 500x500 grimnir.jpg)

I love this boy
So did anyone actually get anything from the lottery tickets? Seeing lots of people that just got a few tier 4 prizes and that's it.
>>390283 Got one Tier III and one Tier II. Will wait until the end of summer(when I will spark) to decide what to get.
>>390283 Personally I got one tier 2 prize. The 100k crystals obviously makes the most sense, but not having to wait until next year to get Vikala is tempting...
>>390283 I got two tier IV
(1.21 MB 587x851 shiva.PNG)

(36.79 KB 138x79 tickee.png)

(292.75 KB 321x459 suckee.png)

>>390283 Yeah and a surprsie right after with a premium ticket.
How rare are class distinctions and champion weapon drops from co-op missions? Shit feels like forever to farm. Does the item drop rate boost from journey drops even effect them?
>>390311 Good to see I wasn't the only one assraped because I was given the wrong numbers. Who the fuck saw the Tier 4 list and thought "Yep, this looks fair!"
>>391010 There are better uses of your time, just buy them with pendants. Do you need a crew? Pretty sure all the anon crews have slots open.
>>391016 Yea I'm not in a crew yet. How do I search for a /v/ crew?
>>391019 You can paste the crew ID from the OP onto the end of http://game.granbluefantasy.jp/#guild/detail/ or just paste your profile ID into the thread and ask to be scouted. Crew 1 are the GW autismchads, Crew 2 is the casuals, and I don't know what Crew 3 is, probably safe to say casual.
>>391021 Alright. I'm more of a casual player so I sent an application to Kihou.
>>390283 Apparently the complaints were so bad that they just gave out a free T3 ticket to everyone.
(1.49 MB 1248x1284 CDascdcws.jpg)

>>391578 What do you get with that?
>>391582 You can get an SSR character of your choosing. Pretty nice.
>>391637 Like the Sierokarte pick-ticket?
(564.88 KB 572x809 tier 1.png)

>>391693 Not like, it is a free sierotix (or a gold moon weapon).
>>391832 A gold moon weapon is a lot more valuable than a Sieroticket in terms of value, but a Sieroticket will let you get a character you can't otherwise easily get (like fire Vira and light sword Zoi). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NvTBb7s7iU
>>391884 They're pretty comparable. Ticket is 150 moons and a 100 moon weapon is, well, 100 moons. Three dama bars to uncap it, so 3*20=60 moons if buying the bars with moons. Really, the best prize in the pool was tier 2's 100k crystals, unless you feel that you really need to ticket some promo character.
(130.12 KB 1024x512 EILOHF3XYAAq5FO.jpg)

Would you?
>>391892 He's pretty cute so probably yeah. I didn't really bother reading through that event though since I find the fox chicks annoying.
What are the best weapons to buy with the daily points? Mainly for Light/Dark grid.
(1.18 MB 850x1202 ClipboardImage.png)

>>392686 Pick up all the ones that don't restock monthly. Then nothing's really worth it for light as you want chev swords, but getting a mainhand dagger and bow is worth it. For dark get 2 flb abyss spines.
>>392686 That depends on how new you are and which jpgs you use. The M2 weapons require you to host the raid they drop in to 4*. Light spear and dark harp are the hardest to drop, but the harp won't do you much good if you use enmity characters, while it'll be difficult to reach 100% crit rate with the spear and a 3* Lummy summon+5* Luci summon. Safest bet, if you're <rank 150 and don't have them, is probably to grab the xeno weapons first.
(887.37 KB 587x753 dark.PNG)

(888.16 KB 587x760 light.PNG)

>>392694 >>392696 Actually how are these grids for a rank 80 player?
(1.15 MB 850x1250 ClipboardImage.png)

>>392706 Both grids need a seraphic weapon and an EX weapon. The other anon is right that you should pick up the Xenos as they will give some EX. A simple grid combination is 1 Baha, 1 Seraphic, 2 EX (later when you get an astral, you can just run that alone), and later on 1 opus.
>>392707 And I forgot to mention the rest of the grid would be magna weapons
(1.05 MB 621x779 ClipboardImage.png)

>>392706 They lack EX and seraphic mods, which is important because the damage formula is multiplicative, so a character's attack is (manga mod+1)*(normal mod+1)*(EX mod+1), which then gets multiplied by the character's (attack+grid attack). This is the basic version, you can toss in stamina and enmity, but it turns into a fucking nightmare to properly calculate. Seraphic is important because it boosts the damage after magna*normal*EX while ignoring the damage cap. If you want a comparison this was my dork grid at around the same rank, minus 4/5*s, light and dark didn't have seraphics at the time. Also, for light if you have any free SL 10 guns in the crate swap out harps with them. Guns have a higher attack than harps, and are even better than <4* Lummy swords. Please tell me you didn't brick the dork sword
>>392712 Note that that was a double Baha and BahaXCele grid.
(462.95 KB 1280x1842 09.jpg)

(385.75 KB 1280x1854 12.jpg)

(449.47 KB 1280x1854 11.jpg)

>>392706 Apart from what the other guys said, you should also take a look at Cosmo weapons. It's not really applicable at your level, but in the long term you'll really want them, especially for light magna since it lacks damage cap up.
>>392712 For the Seraphic weapon how far into forging it does it become a real grind? I don't remember using a brick but what should I use them on?
>>392722 The SRs are pretty easy since they upped the angel anima drop rate, your largest issue will probably be fragments. SSRing it and the upgrade after that are somewhat painful, but you don't need to worry about that yet. Just shit out as many SR upgrades as you can for now. You should also do the same for the non-HP arcar summons, since they provide a seraphic boost too.
>>392722 >I don't remember using a brick but what should I use them on? Forgot this. Mostly grands, when in doubt don't do it and ask you crew or the thread for advice.
How important is G. Naru to wind in general? Is her damage that broken to not have any sort of replacements? For example on earth I went Eugen + Alliah to dish out damage and I feel like I can work with that and skip C. Naru for now. Also any S. Cag replacements on water? Can I work with Troue for the Keen buff upkeep instead?
(1.34 MB 520x1332 wind grid.png)

>>397096 >How important is G. Naru to wind in general? I go with a skill damage setup, so for me G. Naru is useless. She is mostly good for her guaranteed triple attack for Lucha memes and other shit like that. >Also any S. Cag replacements on water? Can't answer that, since I am using an ougi setup for water, though looking at the skills, I guess Troue is a decent replacement, but nowhere near as good as S. Cag in a crest team, since she needs those crests for her S1.
(1.88 MB 1090x1562 ClipboardImage.png)

>>397096 >Also any S. Cag replacements on water? It depends on your setup and other characters. His crit supplemental doesn't stack with S.Kolulu's. Is it an ougi+crit focused grid? If so you're probably better off with Izmir's 60% keen uptime and her 3% boost to crit damcap support skill. Without decent DATA or other charge sources Troue's keen uptime will probably be similar to Izmir's 60%, ougiing every other turn with Doggo memery works, but keen is kind of smothered here as keen works best with high TA and lots of echos. tldr: Twink for setups with ougis every 3-4 turns, Icy Draph Tats otherwise. This is my high TA+echo setup for reference.
(1.25 MB 639x852 ClipboardImage.png)

>>397096 >How important is G. Naru to wind in general? Gnaru is so painfully broken it's ridiculous. Her + her weapon singlehandedly catapulted my weakass grid into space. She's a fine spark target for any occasion. That said, wind is full of all sorts of broken shit so if you're missing her you can easily make do. >Also any S. Cag replacements on water? The short answer is no, but there's a specific setup that does very well with pic related, in that Katalina and Romeo can protect Izmir so her shield can stay up while she provides buffs for them. It's a very well-rounded party.
(356.84 KB 596x792 gamewith grid.png)

(1.59 MB 1276x824 water grid.png)

(1.15 MB 1272x876 water characters.png)

>>397098 >skill damage setup Guess I could try that since I have the characters for it. Just need to farm my wind dragon swords. >>397112 >It depends on your setup and other characters >Is it an ougi+crit focused grid? My water setup is very incomplete both with the grid and characters. I don't have, aside from S. Cag, Lily or water Zeta to properly use it on most of the game's content. I started this highlander grid a long time ago along with my titan and hades grids as a sort of budget setups since back then levi grids were just for CA with Bonito and Kengo for a long time. Both hades and titan are doing very well with 2-3 grand weapons each, while my varuna has been sleeping in mediocrity. I wanna try and salvage it in some way with a grid I saw on gamewith, modifying it with some compromising equivalents like Izmir's weapon that I rolled 4 times instead of S. Cag's mainhand, and auberon instead of europa's weapon. I have a spark ready for summer characters but I'm not sure if I need anyone. A setup I was thinking for my party that wouldn't need much change from what I have is Vajra, S. Andira and S. Lucio, but that's just a theoretical team comp for medium-long battles with ougi focus. >>397115 Interesting party setup, looks like what I once planned for my water team to go someday as some sort of ultima sword team comp after Izmir's uncap. Maybe get Maria too since she's sword proficiency.
>>397126 Water has never really been a highlander element. Before the 6 dragons ougi setups were king and after wham spears just became better than 10% damcap. Consider the 50k crit supplemental, without echos that's an 11.1% of an auto's 449k cap while being +2.9% ougi's 1.65m cap. That might sound worse than HL, but assume you do 7 autos per ougi it becomes: (449+50=499*7)=3,493,000+(1,650,000+50,000=1,700,000)=5,193,000 HL looks like: ((449*1.1)=493.9*7)=3,457,300+(1,650,000*1.1=1,815,000)=5,272,300 But, wait, we can do HL and wam spear for: (493.9+50)=(543.9*7)=3,807,300+(1,815,00+50,000=1,865,000)=5,672,300 But what if we get sick of HL and decide to do double spear?: (449+100=549*7)=3,843,000+(1,650,000+100,000=1,750,000)=5,593,000+(100,000*7*# of echos) All it takes is a single echo for double spear to beat HL+spear, when you start stacking echos and other sources of supplemental it gets insane. Farm your spears, pick up another Aub and drop the Scales. For a frontline try Shura, Sandals, and Societte
>>397126 This is what my current crit setup looks like with Highlander. I would suggest getting that Opus 5*'d as soon as possible as that's a boost in damage. Water primal is also a pretty grand heavy reliant grid along with Fire and Light, with wind primal beating being the highest one. It's just that unlike the other elements, magna water is kinda shitty.
>>397410 Water Magna is now objectively better than Primal when it comes to ougi comps, though.
(234.18 KB 750x556 E99zK4eUYAAl65c.png)

>>402279 If she's not playable then there will be blood.
>>402279 >Black nails >Tall woman meme she's shit, and you're an emasculated fag.
>>402279 >>402286 Honestly doubt she'll get a unit this soon. Pretty sure the next banner will have another Naoise or something. Maybe we'll get a Six Dragons event in the future with playable Fediel, and this is just a teaser. Then again... Cygames has designed plenty of sexy women only to never give them units.
September 2021 Schedule 8/29 - 9/7 = The Dragonblood War 9/8 - 9/15 = Unite and Fight (Fire Favored) 9/16 - 9/25 = SIEGFRIED (Rerun) 9/21 - 9/26 = Tower of Babyl 9/27 - 10/6 = Story Event Cerberus will be this month's 5* Uncap. The Sub Aura slots will be up at some date after GW. Charlotta will get a new costume in the Daily Points store. On the 24th, you can fight the White Knight as the new Pride of the Ascendant boss.
(1.04 MB 1287x878 Untitled.png)

Remember to get yourself vacc'd and checked for GW! #stopthespreadofBrank
(397.26 KB 643x1079 wat-03.png)

>>410321 Anon, what the fuck is this??
(168.29 KB 512x369 GBF.PNG)

What a brilliant start, 10/10 networking.
>>410321 What is GW?
>>410331 Crew captain, wants to make sure that the next GW, everybody will attend, so he wants everyone to get vaccinated, because he thinks this will stop them from getting sick. Why does he care that they might be sick? Because if they are too sick to grind in this week, then his crew won't be in the top 1000 or something, anymore, and that's bad for his ego. >>410335 GW stands for Guild Wars(also called Unite and Fight), it's the only PvP content in the game(though it's still mostly PvE) and some people take it VERY seriously, because it's how they measure their edicks.
>>410321 >get jabbed and have the right to grind away in a shit event for a dead game >no jab and skip GW The choice may seem simple, but I know there will be idiots who still make the wrong one.
>>410337 That is fucking pathetic. How's the backlash, if any?
>>410339 Not part of that crew, so I can't say.
>>410344 I hope the others fucking riot.
(692.92 KB 1638x911 Untitled.png)

Geo's power is too strong and crashed my GIMP as I was making le ebin 9/11 meme
(103.76 KB 466x798 911shitpost.png)

Show of hands, who sparked for Lich?
>>417079 have 92K crystal but i am saving em for ths year sky general. Also, it says Lich is a from the Grand character series?
(104.38 KB 310x126 ClipboardImage.png)

>>417079 I am seriously considering it. Those 200 draws were awful for me, the worst luck I've ever had in this game though.
(1.01 MB 1638x911 Spark15.png)

>>417260 Squeezed out the spark. Only 1 new character and 2 summons.
(457.19 KB 1090x505 fucking grimfes.png)

>>417079 I got her on the way to sparking. Still considering who to spend my spark on. Probably Orchid, but there's a non-zero chance I'll get a second Lich weapon since it seems broken as fuck.
>>417860 Keep in mind that while you can slot one P&S into your grid without uncapping, an additional one may not be feasible without uncapping at least one of them for cap up, otherwise you may run the risk of shorting yourself on grid space and/or cap up.
October 2021 Schedule 9/27 - 10/6 = The Strength to Wield 10/7 - 10/14 = Proving Grounds (Fire Favored. A new harp will be added.) 10/15 - 10/28 = Collaboration Event (Some are speculating it could be Lupin III due to the fact it's the 50th anniversary of the series) 10/29 - 11/6 = Story Event (Lunalu will get a 5* Uncap in this event) 10/31 - 11/15 = Trick or Treat At some point this month they will add the Job level 30 to all Classes.
>>430816 >At some point this month they will add the Job level 30 to all Classes. It would be hilarious if they put level 30 to rank I-III classes, and give trophies to completing them, as you would briefly see rank 250+ player in Tier I classes.
>>430876 that sounds like some sort of nightmare. >10/15 - 10/28 = Collaboration Event Fuck, Rayearth collab never ever
>>430885 It was Gintama all along. I'll take it but I'd rather have cute girls to counteract all the gay shit from last month.
Ready for the upcoming GW? You have G.Naru right?
(862.95 KB 551x830 Untitled.png)

>>455504 I do, and I almost wish I didn't. She's just so fucking broken and auto slots in to so many things that I'm sick of it. Diversity wasn't worth the powercreep, damnit. Looking forward to Rosetta FLB buffs making her even more ridiculous
>>455583 >primal wind You poor thing
(1.25 MB 1201x925 these fucking orbs.png)

I hate this grind so much.
(64.41 KB 691x622 ClipboardImage.png)

>>475155 If you want a Chinese release you basically have to go through Tencent. CN versions of games are often different and ran by different people than the international versions e.g. Warframe, Dota, WoW.
>>475180 Granblue has attempted and backtracked on censorship before. I wouldn't be surprised if censorship from the CN version leaks over to the JP side. This has happened before for other games.
Super Baha is on the 3rd alongside the 5* Uncaps of Baha and Ultima Weapons. Doraemon Collab is on the 8th.
(35.09 KB 231x232 fen3.PNG)

Tomorrow is the day, boys. I can feel it. She'll get a stealth release.
>>479633 >Doraemon collab >Still no Rayearth collab well anon, fuck
>11th weapon slot is locked behind Super Baha clear >Mega whales are considering a full Qilin Summon Grid+respective Dragon summon is the only viable option as far as Summons go with minmaxed Primal Grid >Super Baha has a lot of the things you hate about LuciHL and all other endgame bosses while adding shit like 60-hit Omens or dealing 50M damage KMR should be happy Granblue Fest is online only or else he'd have people out to get him.
>game is 8 yrs old >Nothing but Gacha and Grind Grind Grind >Even if you like the characters they are just glorified jpgs with a limited voice track How do you keep on going? Just waiting to pick this years new General girl and then probably fucking off
(1.53 MB 850x1352 ClipboardImage.png)

>>483240 unlike other gacha games, this one feels more like an mmo with the guild system and group raids. It's the same reason why people keep playing mmos after many years
>>483240 You stop giving a shit about the game and pop in to shitpost with crew now and then. Basically >>483432
>decide to come back after a few years >forget old account on random email >have to start over >get Lady Grey as signup SSR so off to a good start >collect free items >they fucking give one of each omega weapon at max level and skill for fucking free now AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Why wasn't this a thing years ago??? Guess they had to do something to keep new players hooked, this gacha is 8 years old and kicking already completed the Stars event, why the fuck were there no battles, also did they speed up the combat I remember it being slower but now I can join a raid and get a hit in when before I couldn't Good to be back, lets see if I actually stay this time
Tell me the truth, I can handle it. A whole lot less people play GBF compared to a few years ago, I'm watching a raidfinder and that shit takes forever now, before it filled up quickly with no end, did people find a way to share raids without alerting raid finders or am I using outdated shit?
>>484327 People are getting tired with the grind, guild wars, and some of the bullshit that has happened, like the BINGO. I heard that this GW participation is the lowest it's been since 2017. It is an old game, and being a new player is probably hell, even with all the free gibs, and graphically some new gatchas have appeared on the market. Personally after 3 or so years, I got tired myself, and just left the crew(who already got burned down, and said they would not be doing GW anymore) and now wasting my time with other gatcha that isn't chinese.
>>484339 Dam Guess my itch to come back was for not, I'll keep playing for now but I won't invest too much time into it like I used to Thank You for the honesty
>>484327 People stopped caring because cygames only releases new content for end endgame players while at the same time releasing what new content there is in drip form because some nips complained when M2 was released.
>>484304 Yeah, a few years back they switched philosophies in event design to not need a fight every chapter. Now you get 1 midway for the first boss, 1 at the end for the second boss, and sometimes a scripted character battle near the end.
>>483240 I don't even really play anymore. I just check the wiki for new character releases, and if the game has given me enough free crystals and I like the character I'll spark.
(187.98 KB 395x383 fen.PNG)

I'm not giving up on the game until I get what I fucking want
(113.67 KB 960x540 FGZyL7vUcAQDNDq.jpg)

Uohhhhhhhhh! 😭
(251.10 KB 2048x1152 Christmas Cock.jpg)

(563.54 KB 1068x591 Christmas Satyr.png)

(623.06 KB 1044x581 Fediel Unit.png)

(120.34 KB 960x540 Tiger Zodiac.jpg)

Here are the new units announced. Not pictured: Grand Lancelot I think that's all the units announced on stream.
Your yearly relink news.
>>490435 You forgot Christmas Altair but it's okay.
>>490435 >Fediel They really wanna draw players back to the game, don't they We're also getting an Uma Musume collab (wow I'm shocked) in February Special Week, Silence Suzuka, and Tokai Teio will be playable while Goldship and Mejiro Mcqueen will be a summon
(665.04 KB 960x540 uma1.png)

(779.26 KB 960x540 uma2.png)

>>490628 Forgot to upload pics
>>490429 new General is a double tiger loli? i just wanted a brown tiger tomboy, not fair
>>490646 >Falling for the meme
>twitter.com/granblue_en/status/1473275928365215750 >every player is getting the exact same results for roulette now (probably because the lotto disaster) announced some hours prior to each reset And I didn't think this shitty mobile game could get more soulless. What is even the point of having the roulette wheel anymore?
>>496622 roulette was never a problem. The effects of the lotto just keep worsening the game
>>496623 This could all have been solved if some faggot at Cygames sat down with all the prizes from the lotto and thought "You know what'd be better than Gold Moons for the best Tier IV prize? 5 character weapons from the 5 most used permanent characters per element during the last GW." But here we are. At least Gachapin and Mukku are more involved this year.
>>496623 >>496915 The whole Bingo fiasco was an unintentional, but nonetheless interesting experiment in human behavior. From a detached point of view, which is probably what CyaGames was thinking, is that players were too entitled in that they complained about not getting as many free goodies as others. Now this is not what I am arguing, and yes I know that Tier IV rewards were shit compared to Tier III and up that contained a lite Siero Ticket. The obvious conclusion to draw from what happened, is that if you want to give players people free stuff, either give them all the same amount(everyone who logins today gets 200 crystals or 10 draws), or at about the same value(The Christmas and Anniversary Roulette) or give them a choice between a few prizes, bu everyone gets to pick from the same prize pool(everyone gets to pick one gala character from the same pool of gala characters). Still there is something that I do not understand about what happened. I understand that people got frustrated that they got shit, while others got gold, and I can understand things like "envy" or "salt", but I don't really understand why it applied to this scenario. Here's another scenario, that did actually happen with the game, a year or two ago. There was a lottery in japan(think you had to register you JP phone number), and only one person got the prize, something like 10 million moba coins, so he could spark as many times as he wanted, buy all the gold weapons and make Primal grids on all elements, while the rest got nothing. the disparity is even greater in this example, yet nobody really complained and whales didn't delete their accounts, because they didn't get the 10 million moba coins. So why did people complain with the Bingo? Was it because it "taunted" you by showing what rewards you didn't win? if that was hidden, would the salt have been less? Was it because a certain amount of people got Tier II and Tier I rewards? If it were just one person that got Tier I and only 5 that got Tier II would the salt have been less? Or maybe if more people got the Tier I and II rewards, then it would have been better? but then, if even more people got Tier I and II rewards, and a whale got Tier IV, then his salt could have been even greater. Why do people complain about getting shit during one type of lottery, and be perfectly fine with another type, especially when in both cases, you pay almost nothing(in the Bingo, you had to login at least once during the period to get a Bingo ticket, whereas with the loto you had to register a phone number, none of these things required grinding a boss, or doing X amounts of missions)? Sadly I don't have an answer, but it has been some food for thought for me. Maybe some other anon knows the answer. And before anyone asks, maybe I am this indifferent, because I had a Tier II and Tier III reward, plus the pity one after the backlash, so maybe this is why I am so indifferent, but even if that is true, I still think it's worth analyzing, as human behavior is a fascinating thing for me.
(111.12 KB 1333x1000 EaHRgdCUYAA26PM.jpg)

Gonna put up a luciH room in an hour or so. Keep an eye on the thread if you're interested.
(10.58 MB 1280x720 x93p2Ns8MxFVK6Fe.mp4)

(381.71 KB 769x991 18.jpg)

(406.90 KB 634x787 63608707_p8_master1200.jpg)

Bit of a long shot but I'm gonna try a run right now. FBDBA3
(1008.68 KB 839x1190 60353434_p0.jpg)

>>498267 Alright, same time as >>497717 tomorrow if you want to catch the next batch of runs.
(1.17 MB 1080x1660 FFl_NFCaAAAPHSz.jpg)

>>498290 Cerberus asserting her dominance by being in the game
They need to fucking STOP with the 'Help out 5 raids' shit. At this point I just do the ticket missions and stop there since it's nearly impossible with the amount of power creep in this game in the last 2 years.
(349.22 KB 1280x1811 cow.jpg)

Where are the lewds you addicted faggots?
(2.72 MB 850x1483 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.74 MB 689x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.36 MB 850x593 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.58 MB 850x664 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.83 MB 850x1368 ClipboardImage.png)

>new years eve >roll a fucking 10 roll Happy new year I guess fuckers. I'm planning to try more luciH runs on Sunday at the usual time, by the way. Keep an eye out if you want in.
>>501726 207028
(4.85 MB 1414x2000 95225103_p0.png)

>>502073 0E4890
https://twitter.com/TamamoMamefu/status/1477100173335871492 Guy pulled 2250 times (that's over 7 sparks) and didn't get a single Beelzebub summon.
>>503720 7A6FFB
Fuck this piece of shit game. I hope KMR and FKHR get stabbed.
(720.28 KB 1149x627 Spark16.png)

>>504453 Pretty miserable spark this time, for a pretty miserable roulette overall. At least I finished my Unheil. Good luck to all on tomorrow's 200.
>>505136 Fuck that. I really can't wait to see how they're going to make anniversary miserable for everyone.
Sparked again on the 3% banner for the floof. Really lucked out on Satyr too, and got a pretty high SSR rate even though most of them are garbo. This lack of generosity looks like it's going to be a trend for a while, mainly because the nips aren't angry enough to raze twitter over it, and everyone that would have been angry already quit due to the lotto fiasco. Dark days ahead.
(17.41 MB 6065x2630 ClipboardImage.png)

Magisa has been dethroned as biggest bust holder. All hail big titty dragon Fediel. Which is odd since she's mostly bone.
>>508837 Isn't it kinda cheating since she is fuck-huge?
>>508837 Justice for Daetta when?
>>508837 Wanna know a little detail about Fediel that kinda ruins her?
>>509039 Wow, into the trash Fediel goes.
>>509039 >>509044 >robots are other >but robomi is still female I reject this inconsistent logic and follow my heart (dick) on these matters.
(52.57 KB 1280x720 BANG.jpg)

>>509044 >letting localizers decide what your dick likes Into the trash you go.
>>509039 Anon, shes a huge skeleton dragon, what are her pronouns, Bonerself?
>>509047 I mean, she was a pregnant woman before.
>>508862 That's an extremely relevant question that's largely ignored when talking about breasts. Does a person, when just looking at a character drawing, compare the size of a character's breasts relative to some absolute standard metric, or does he subconsciously compare them to some arbitrary standard based on her non-breast features ("wow, because of her proportions, her big breasts look even bigger than they would on a shorter/bigger/thinner/fatter/etc. character!"), and does the technique change when another character with breasts is nearby? Cup size and bust measurements are reasonable things to use for saying who has the largest breasts in an absolute sense, but, for instance, a shortstack-ish character with breasts larger than her head is very likely to be more attractive to a breast-size enthusiast than a giantess with breasts smaller than her head but which, in an absolute sense, are actually larger--especially if the two characters are NOT shown next to one another. Questions like these can almost get into "that's not REAL big" territory and is probably why smart breast size tags use the fairly proportionally standard head as a metric for comparison (e.g. "big" becomes "huge" once they're larger than the girl's head).
Anyone else having slow animations? since yesterday all the battle animations are fuking slow. Already tried fixing my chromium shit and the monitor refresh rate. All other sites act normal.

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