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(1.84 MB 1920x1200 Bond Mission.png)
(355.41 KB 1917x1077 Gal Gun Returns.jpg)
(1.68 MB 1919x1078 Fuuraiki 4.png)
(90.00 KB 1200x791 switch.jpg)
Switch thread Anonymous 01/04/2021 (Mon) 12:16:38 Id:74598c No. 196508
I'm assuming there are Switch users on this board, so let's make a general thread Useful links >eshop prices tracker https://www.dekudeals.com/ >homebrew guide https://switch.homebrew.guide/ Latest news >Monster Hunter Rise Devs Will Share New Info in Early January https://archive.vn/hZFHz >Monster Hunter Rise ‘Teaser’ Japanese TV commercial https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/monster-hunter-rise-teaser-japanese-tv-commercial >Tsukihime remake launches in summer 2021 in Japan for PS4, Switch https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/tsukihime-remake-launches-in-summer-2021-in-japan-for-ps4-switch https://archive.vn/pEyMY >Buddy Mission: BOND overview trailer https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/buddy-mission-bond-overview-trailer >Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection – 10 minutes of gameplay https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/ghosts-n-goblins-resurrection-10-minutes-of-gameplay >Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny details Disgaea 1 characters, Item Worlds, Team Attacks, and Giant Units https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/disgaea-6-defiance-of-destiny-details-disgaea-1-characters-item-worlds-team-attacks-and-giant-units https://archive.vn/KquBy >Super Zangyura delayed to “around spring 2021” in Japan https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/super-zangyura-delayed-to-around-spring-2021-in-japan https://archive.vn/syLB8 >Fuuraiki 4 debut trailer, gameplay, details, and screenshots https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/fuuraiki-4-debut-trailer-gameplay-details-and-screenshots https://archive.vn/Nk2Yz >Marchen Forest: Mylne and the Forest Gift ‘Original Music Introduction’ video https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/marchen-forest-mylne-and-the-forest-gift-original-music-introduction-video >Densha de GO!! Hashirou Yamanote Sen for Switch launches March 18, 2021 in Japan https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/densha-de-go-hashirou-yamanote-sen-for-switch-launches-march-18-2021-in-japan https://archive.vn/aFg9C and most of all, watcha >BUYAN' or PIRATAN >PLAYAN' >RECOMMENDAN' >WISHAN'
>>196508 >WISHAN' That the New Switch model becomes CFWable so I can dump my roms and not need this piece of shit for Switch games anymore.
This board doesn't need a thread dedicated to the Switch thread, hell this isn't active enough for a "dedicated console" thread to thrive. A homebrew thread would be nice,but the ship has long since sailed and this generation isn't particularly moddable like the PSP and 3DS were.
(156.30 KB 1200x1515 mv_cielnosurge.jpg)
(198.67 KB 1200x1515 mv_arnosurge.jpg)
(581.81 KB 1080x1920 kv.jpg)
>>196515 which one? The v2 model? I've heard rumors of a hypothetical Pro model but I'd honestly take that with a grain of salt. If you need roms, there is nxbrew or switch-xci, which I both used to try out the switch emulators. But neither ryujinx and yuzu-ea are viable alternatives to the actual hardware for the moment due of many issues, and I don't expect to see a reversal before another 5 years realistically. Ryujinx will be the emulator of choice in my opinion since it focuses on accuracy firstmost. >>196516 >hell this isn't active enough for a "dedicated console" thread to thrive The /v/ board is slow indeed but I do not think that should be seen entirely as a negative? As long as vidya discussion is possible. The console itself is quite active and considering Sony's current state (censorship of japanese games and the PS5 seemingly failing to sell in Japan), this current gen very much favors Nintendo. Also I forgot some recent news >The Quintessential Quintuplets ∬: Summer Memories Also Come in Five announced for PS4, Switch [Update] https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/the-quintessential-quintuplets-summer-memories-also-come-in-five-announced-for-ps4-switch https://archive.vn/TMkGQ >Ciel nosurge DX and Ar nosurge DX delayed to March 4, 2021 in Japan https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/ciel-nosurge-dx-and-ar-nosurge-dx-delayed-to-march-4-2021-in-japan https://archive.vn/e6xfN >The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki coming to Switch, PC in summer 2021 in Japan and Asia [Update] https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/the-legend-of-heroes-hajimari-no-kiseki-coming-to-switch-pc-in-summer-2021-in-japan-and-asia https://archive.vn/A0qum
>>196516 Oh piss off
>>196526 >he hates the inklings and maybe the octolings How come?
>>196519 Fair enough, anyone got an idea of what's going on with Bayo 3? I heard something like Kamiya getting an inspiration from GoW and TloU or some shit and changed his mind, but the development time has been unnaturally long since it's announcement.I smell a shitshow, but I'd love to be proven wrong. >>196526 This is not console war, just stating that general console threads are specific and effort made would better fit specific games.That and the console has been out for so long people already talked about the console itself and Nintendo's jewing.
(95.17 KB 600x337 Bayo2.jpg)
>>196531 Bayonetta 3 is still in development according to the Famitsu dev interviews https://www.famitsu.com/news/202012/26211799.html >Hideki Kamiya >Keywords for 2021: “Do my best.” >What’s New: “First off, many people are worried about Bayonetta 3 considering there hasn’t been any new information since its announcement, but verifications of new systems have been going great and development is going very well, so please wait with peace of mind. (This is a copy of my 2020 comment.) Also Project G.G. (title tentative) has finally started moving, so please look forward to it.” I do agree PlatinumGames shouldn't have revealed it years ago if the development was taking this long. I checked about his inspirations and only saw articles from 2008-2010 where he stated he was indeed inspired by God of War. Nothing else otherwise.
My mom will buy me Switch
I'm playan' Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition (got it as a Christmas gift). The musou bits are fine, though they can wear you out if you're doing a mission with an underleveled character, but it's the collectathon aspect that's got me hooked. Between hidden characters, puzzle pieces, and a shitload of weapons and alternate outfits to unlock, it's somewhat daunting how much time I'll have to sink into it. Not to mention grinding almost 30 characters to level 255, even taking into account the option to pay (ingame obtainable money) for levelling.
>>196542 Maybe he was inspired by God of Wars 3D camera and air combat? I love DMC3 as much as everyone, but air combat wasn’t exactly it’s specialty. Unless you get the style switcher, hoo boy.
>>196553 Just get a lite, it’s around 150 for a used unit on ebay.
(309.63 KB 1280x720 phantom_express_phase2)
>RECOMMENDAN Cuphead is, like, the best game ever. I'm now working towards beating all the bosses on Expert (S Rank). When the game says "Expert", it truly means it! Another good - and never mentioned for some reason - game is Mary Skelter 2. The first one was a decent game but with many flaws - which 2 all fixed. >WISHAN Cuphead DLC can't come soon enough. Also Kingpin: Reloaded.
(763.67 KB 1537x900 Anon SLap.png)
>>196557 >>196559 >Multiposting >>196562 Everyone here should have already known about Cuphead by now unless they're a complete newfag, like you.
>>196563 Was there a rule that we can't mention popular games? No? Fuck off then.
>>196572 >Was there a rule that we can't mention popular games? No, but there's not much point in recommending a game that almost everyone and their grandma has either already played, pirated, or decided not to do either.
>>196556 I thought they reset the max level back down to a reasonable level with Definitive Edition and re-balanced everything around that.
(242.87 KB 1280x720 aa_accusations.jpg)
>>196574 If you say so. IMO - in this age of shit games - if a game deserves praise, it should be freely given. Besides, I gave another recommendation. Can I also recommend the Ace Attorney Trilogy? It has nothing over the original games except the updated graphics and soundtrack. But it's a good introduction to the series for anyone who hasn't played it yet.
>>196556 Hyrule Warriors is pretty great and it's one of the most "un-musou" game with how much quality and content there is compared to other titles in that genre. It's truly a love letter to the Zelda franchise. >that part in the story mode where you play as Ganon for three chapters by taking over Hyrule and beat the crap out of the heroes It's however best to take breaks from the game rather than getting burn out by the sheer amount of levels you can play and stuff you can unlock. One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is another great musou on Switch but I can recommend it only if you like the manga serie. The fourth one wasn't that great though (on PC) as there was no incentive to play more once the rather short story mode is completed and the roster was a downgrade with missing characters like Eneru, Garp, Magellan, etc. Isshou's meteors were also nerfed to the ground. Age of Calamity is pretty nice but I would hardly qualify it as a musou in spite of the "Warriors" in its title since it plays rather differently. The mobs do not actively move to attack unless they're scripted to do so and outposts have no value. It's more an action-paced Zelda than an actual musou. >>196559 I can't exactly vouch for the Lite because it loses too many features that could be deemed useful depending of your personal use, and the battery life is arguably worse than the normal v2 model. The screen is also tinier which might be a problem for games where the text font was already kind of small.
>>196593 I played HW on Wiiu, so didn't get it again for switch. I only have Fire Emblem warriors on switch; it similarly has a lot of series fan service. Would recommend that one. Never played any other games in the series. They all seem pretty cooky cutter to be honest.
>>196626 Are you refering to musou titles? I only played HnK 2 and Berserk. It was the exact same game in both cases and released almost a decade apart.
>>196593 I want to pound Linkle in the stinkle
>>196592 >updated graphics Those are the same "updated" graphics as the IOS port from way back when. I still think they look like shit and you are better off playing the DS version of the games.
>>196648 That was so stupid i I actually had a legitimate smile and laugh
>>196648 profound
Oh nice, a new emulation thread
(27.21 KB 964x995 ridleytoobigswitch.png)
>still no DUMP of EDF WORLD BROTHERS would prefer if people talked about actual exclusives not ports
>>196691 I mean we're still waiting on Nintendo to announce their Q1 lineup. Most people are hoping that they're holding games for the Switch 2 or whatever its called.
>>196694 Im honestly surprised nintendo hasnt contacted more 3rd parties to remedy their current drought of videogames, you dont even need to give them mario/splatoon/fire emblem, give someone wario, F-zero or any other mistreated IP.
>>196626 Main issue of the musou games are the tons of DLCs they sell alongside, but the Switch ports of Hyrule Warriors DE, OPPW3 and Samurai Warriors 4 (only in JP however) have all the downloadable contents present by default. They also run much better than I remember the Vita for doing so without the heavy gameplay downgrades such as the lesser amount of enemies on screen. >>196691 >EDF WORLD BROTHERS It's on my wishlist and the Switch version seems to be pretty decent for what it is. Just the framedrops when shit really gets really busy from some clips I've seen, but that's the usual behavior of EDF on consoles. It seems the same dev team who was in charge of Iron Rain learned from their failures, considering how well it is received in Japan. For the moment, I'm going through Luigi's Mansion 3 as a exclusive which is quite fun to play even if rather easy. 51 Worldwide Games is also much better than I expected and it is very family-friendly. It's also the best way to play mahjong, hanafuda and shogi at the current moment without dwelling far into the shovelware realm
(135.66 KB 1600x1600 wooden switch.jpeg)
How come there isn't a D-Pad on the joycons?
>>196863 To make them functionally the same for when they are used on their own instead of as a pair.
>>196653 Is there any difference between it and the DS remakes, aside from the visuals?
>Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed launches May 20 in Japan for PS4, Switch [Update] https://archive.vn/6m2zG https://www.gematsu.com/2021/01/akibas-trip-hellbound-debriefed-launches-may-20-in-japan-for-ps4-switch I wonder why they bother making a PS4 version considering how likely it's going to be censored even in Japan There is also a Monster Hunter Rise digital event set for january 7th with >>196893 According to what I've read, it's multi-language (including japanese), has a magnifying glass option that let you know what you should click on next, and there are multiple saves states available. The english version was reported to have been modified with less typos and translations changes but I dunno what exactly are those changes.
>>196589 They probably did rebalance things. Playing once through the campaign was enough to get my Link to the level 60s and most of my base roster to their 30s. There are still achievements obtainable for raising a warrior to levels 200 and 255 though, so I think they just decreased everyone's power and made leveling easier. >>196593 One Piece is fun, but I think HW:DE will scratch the itch for quite a while to come. Like you say, it's probably better to take breaks and chip away at it over time rather than try to steamroll through. I'll try to pace myself and limit the number of missions played daily - not an easy feat when a mission with a hidden reward usually means playing two other missions first to obtain a Compass and a required item to reveal the reward. It seems a bit silly to further pad out the game like that when there are already easily 500 missions to beat.
>>197143 I wondered what happened to that port.
That guide you linked is shit, i don't know if they removed it already but it used to shill the discuck server that ran a paid google drive depository that mirrored links from nxbrew and switch-xci, and the trannies that ran the scam had the audacity to use the money to fund their HRT. That and they don't mention the advantages of emuNAND (play online on sysNAND, pirate on emuNAND) or the disadvantages (there's no need to set it up in the first place if if you're gonna keep the switch offline and pirate everything), and advocate for using SXOS (paid CFW), fusee (outdated) and tinfoil (developed by a huge leftard autist) over the superior atmosphere, hekate and awoo. Use this one instead: >https://nh-server.github.io/switch-guide/ >BUYAN' or PIRATAN Rabi-ribi and luigi's mansion 3, maybe pokemon once gayfreak pushes the final update if only to witness first-hand how shitty it is. >PLAYAN' Rabi-ribi, luna nights left me craving for another exploration platformer with anime girls. >RECOMMENDAN' Touhou luna nights, fantastic game with amazing spritework, great music and gameplay, i just wish it wasn't so short, it's my first exploration platformer (metroidvania?) and i beat it 100% in a little under 10 hours. Switch version has extra content (cirno fight), but it's coming to PC in march iirc. >WISHAN' Honestly, i'd kill for ports of code vein and the rest of the neptunia rebirth and senran kagura series. Every other game i wanted on this thing (phantom breaker battlegrounds, dariusburst CS, gun gun pixies, deathsmiles 1+2) is already available or will be available on switch this year, now i don't have to sink another $200 on a vita or dust off my 360 solely to play a loli SHMUP.
Can anyone recommend me good Switch fanservice games?
Can the Hori taiko drums for the Switch also be used on PC? I've seen conflicting reports on whether or not it really works and I would like some confirmation.
>>196710 Agreed, although the Kung Flu really fucked things up for them. or so it seems.
>>197159 >not an easy feat when a mission with a hidden reward usually means playing two other missions first to obtain a Compass and a required item to reveal the reward. Maps in HW:DE have shops where you can buy as many of such items as your rupees will allow. Just need to find them the old fashioned way once first.
I reccommend steins gate and megaman zero/zx collection. >>196519 I think nintendo would be better off weathering an extra year or two and then releasing a fullblown successor rather than a pro. >>196542 I have a feeling as to why bayo3 is taking so long is that parts of astral chain were originally gonna be part of bayo3 but they felt were strong enough to be in their own game. >>196556 Hyrule warriors makes itself a slog with all the chars and requirements for getting a ranks. I had fun with it but its till a slog at times, and could have used a branching story where in level choices drive the story forward. Also how they made cycling through items sucks and thats where the wiiu version excelled. Calamity handles its items better, though feels very bare boned in side content.
>>197455 (check'd) You're right, I've seen that option. It's the "as many [...] as your rupees will allow" part that's the problem. A single item costs 10K Rupees, and I'm still in the early game with no way of quickly or reliably pulling in that kind of cash in a single mission. Not to mention that money's probably better spent on leveling underused characters when faced with a difficulty spike, or on filling out skill trees. Buying from the shop as a shortcut might become more viable as I progress through the maps (and higher tier weapons become available to sell), but for now I'm stuck doing things the hard way. >>197459 Branching story paths with different endings would've been cool, but the main story already feels pretty extensive with 2 side stories (Linkle and Cia missions), a postgame (Ganondorf missions) and a post-postgame (WW missions). And yeah, item cycling sucks. Luckily you usually only need one kind per mission.
(233.58 KB 1353x605 a-train characters.jpg)
(196.51 KB 1684x947 a-train.jpg)
>Monster Hunter Rise limited-time demo launches today; ‘Wyvern Riding’ trailer and latest details https://archive.vn/jz0Ee https://www.gematsu.com/2021/01/monster-hunter-rise-limited-time-demo-launches-today-wyvern-riding-trailer-and-latest-details >The limited-time demo for Monster Hunter Rise is will launch today for Switch via the Nintendo eShop, Capcom announced during its Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event. It will only be available until February 1 at 12:00 a.m. PT / 3:00 a.m. ET. >Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed Japanese debut trailer, screenshots https://www.gematsu.com/2021/01/akibas-trip-hellbound-debriefed-japanese-debut-trailer-screenshots >A-Train Hajimaru Kankou Keikaku launches March 12 in Japan, includes English text support https://archive.vn/7tvUN https://www.gematsu.com/2021/01/a-train-hajimaru-kankou-keikaku-launches-march-12-in-japan-includes-english-text-support Pics related are the characters designed by Himukai >>197284 Oops. I'll try to remember that next time I do a new thread but I admit my knowledge in the Switch hacking scene is next to zero besides the mentions of discord drama. >Honestly, i'd kill for ports of code vein and the rest of the neptunia rebirth and senran kagura series. Every other game i wanted on this thing (phantom breaker battlegrounds, dariusburst CS, gun gun pixies, deathsmiles 1+2) is already available or will be available on switch this year, now i don't have to sink another $200 on a vita or dust off my 360 solely to play a loli SHMUP. I wouldn't mind those ports too but I'm mainly hoping for titles I liked on Vita such as >Vanillaware games (Muramasa Rebirth, Dragon Crown, Odin Sphere) >Utawarerumono trilogy >Deception 4 >IA/VT Colorful (probably a never ever though. Mega Mix replaced the previous Project Diva on handhelds however) >the remaining Disgaea (2 and 3 Return) and older NIS games if possible (La Pucelle, Phantom, ZHP, Hayarigami) >some high-quality visual novels (Fate, Island, Nanairo Reincarnation, Amagami, etc) which would make my own Vita just a fancier PSP at this point
Captain Toad is a fun little puzzle game so far. First two books are quite easy (18 levels each) but the difficulty starts to ramp up progressively on the third book and if you also try to complete the challenge objectives
River City Girls is pretty cool.
(202.60 KB 1500x2597 Kyoko River City Girls.jpg)
>>201556 It certainly looks cool. My autism itches about it because it isn't Kunio but it looks perhaps fun.
(94.26 KB 850x684 D06aEiLU8AABIoG.jpg)
>>199506 >A-Train Hajimaru Kankou Keikaku launches March 12 in Japan, includes English text support >a week before Densha de GO!! Hashirou Yamanote Sen's switch version drops Rail autist world order
>>201574 How can you enjoy ddg, A-Train I can understand since it has a sim aspect to it but Densha is just driving trains in a straight line.
>>201587 Densha de Go! is basically an arcade simulator in which you have to drive a train from one station to another within the time limit, any mistake (driving over the speed limit, going over the stop line, braking too hard, etc) or going overtime will reduce your time bank that will ultimately result to a game over once it reaches zero. The earlier games made for the 5th gen consoles were especially known for being balls hard, no idea if the difficulty remains this hard on later titles. Game Center CX had two episodes dedicated to those games https://youtu.be/L6jUuV-rbDs
>>197143 >I wonder why they bother making a PS4 version considering how likely it's going to be censored even in Japan Because it will be censored from the ground, up. It's coming from Marvelous, so they're going to globalize it. Avoid.
>>197397 >RPG Omega Labyrinth Life Mary Skelter Nightmares 2 (includes part 1) Moe Chronicles Moe Crystal >Shootan Waifu Uncovered (I THINK the west version's still topless graphics) Gun Gun Pixies Panty Party (gag game more than ecchi, still kinda fun) >Laughs Night Trap (cheesy as fuck and worth it) Senran Kagura Reflections Senran Kagura Peach Ball >Beatemup Fate/Extella (warning: Type-Moon shit, Marvelous shitty DLC practices) >Fightan SNK Heroines (warning: NISA)
>>196508 >BUYAN' Maybe that Mana Collection given how cheap it is. >PLAYAN' Momodora when I stop being lazy >RECOMMENDAN' A lot of fucking liquor to drown out the noise of all the assholes in the US losing their goddamned minds >WISHAN Aquaplus would stop dragging their feet, kick Atlus in the ass, and release Dungeon Travelers 2 on PC and Switch. There's no more reason for the series to linger on the now-dead Vita.
>>201715 The sole changes confirmed so far are the lost licenses such as SEGA and Liba that were in the PSP versions. But I'd rather wait for the game to come out (or an article that could detail differences between the platform versions) before commenting more on any censorship. >>201727 Aquaplus porting Dungeon Travelers, Utawarerumono, To Heart and White Album would be pretty nice yes.
>>199506 >A-Train Hajimaru Kankou Keikaku launches March 12 in Japan, includes English text support From what I can gather, it looks like the game's an improvement upon A-Train Classic (which, in turn, was a port of the A-Train 3DS game). I've been playing a lot of that game recently, so here's a quick list of things to watch out for before buying: >Train and vehicle routing It's only possible to set one condition for departure for every stop or station. That means that it's impossible to handcraft a particular daily schedule, and makes it incredibly difficult to make use of depots and sheds. I'm glossing over how clunky it is to make use of the Deadhead system, too. >Map size and design The trailer shown at the 3rd-party Direct shows a dock area and the overview of the scenario map it's from. It looks roughly the same as Classic. They've used the additional horsepower to replace sprites with clean-looking 3D models to make free map rotation possible >English translation They better have noticed the translation errors in the English releases of 3D and Classic, like translating yearly periods to "Quarterly," or weird misspellings like "execpt" that pop up from time to time. It looks like they've taken feedback into account, since they asked for some at the beginning of 2020.
>>201587 Like many arcade games; it's all about getting the best score and time. and that all depends on; weather, timing breaking correctly, obeying various rail rules, lining up at stations perfectly and dealing with hazards like a truck blocking line, careless passengers, ect. Think of it like a rallying racing game but instead of racing opponents you're just focused on getting to checkpoints on time and have more variables to keep track of.
So is there anything new on the Breath of The Wild sequel? I saw that there is a high chance of something happening in February on Zelda's 35 anniversary. But has there been any kind of leaks since then?
>>201788 I'd recommend nabing a copy for your PSP or getting the rom. Waiting for a 1:1 comparison will take even longer. >All dat Leaf Switch has turned itself into an everyman console. There's already assloads of VNs never even ported being released, and I mean things that were on PSP like Abyss of the Sacrifice. Given the surge in popularity in Japan, Ninty would have to be crazy to not court more ports. DT2, TH2DT, DT2-2,. Utawarerumono, etc would all win big.
>>202507 VNs aren't games
(584.17 KB 758x1341 wv796nl.png)
Is Paper Mario Origami King worth it? Its on sale for 30 euros in my country which i am planning to get along side xenoblade chronicles, that is also in the same price.
>>202542 Absolutely not, the battle system is the most tedious and boring battle system I ever had to deal with. It's fun during the first round in boss fights, but that's it. Just pirate the OST and pick up Xenoblade.
>>202542 Where did you come from? 8/v/ has been saying for years that Paper Mario has been shit ever since Miyamoto fucked the series by meddling with the development of Sticker Star.
>>202551 >>202547 Thanks, i might borrow it from a friend and save money instead
>>202514 >(You) Best I can do, chief. >Xenoblade Chronicles Asked in the XB thread but I'll ask here, too: How "definitive" is the Switch version of XB1? And why is there a XB2 expansion put on physical? Is it a 1.5 sequel or something? Trying to get started on this thing and gauging to see if it's worth any time at all.
(128.56 KB 1920x1080 1606957424921.jpg)
(1.35 MB 4096x3291 1609899317378.jpg)
>>202643 I think Definitive is the best version of Xenoblade 1, both visually and in terms of gameplay/ quality of life. Absolutely worth a purchase if you already own a Switch. As for why 2's DLC is available standalone, it doesn't really connect 2 to 1, it's just a prequel to 2 detailing history mentioned in the base game of 2, that you can buy as a separate game for 40 bucks, or extra content for 2 for 30. My advice, try out 1 Definitive, watch a bit of early game 2 if you are on the fence, people generally are more divided about 2, since it starts out slower and is a bit more tropey. Though 2's DLC also fixes a lot of the problems people have with 2, the pseudo-gacha, the English voiceover not lining up amazingly with character movements.
(121.72 KB 819x1024 Rabi-Ribi on Switch.jpg)
Just started Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, I main Puyo Puyo but am getting wrecked by Tetris online. Either I need to just git gud or make smaller & faster chains. Also shilling Rabi Ribi on the e-shop as one of the best games ever made
>>203689 >Rabi Ribi Is this bunny?
Nintendo continues to fail to deal with shovelware gaming the eShop charts, institutes a minimum price-point for non-F2P games: https://nintendoeverything.com/switch-eshop-games-can-no-longer-be-sold-for-less-than-1-99/ https://archive.fo/wip/rwtAZ
>>204316 This is their own damn fault, they wanted to have something like 40 games per month. There aren't that many legitimately good games coming out that quickly. They refuse to go back to manually approving games for some reason and still want that really high monthly count.
(423.18 KB 1920x1188 mario kaiju.jpg)
>Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury ‘A Bigger Badder Bowser’ trailer; Switch ‘Mario Red & Blue Edition’ announced https://www.gematsu.com/2021/01/super-mario-3d-world-bowsers-fury-a-bigger-badder-bowser-trailer-switch-mario-red-blue-edition-announced >>203689 It's also the most complete version so far compared to the previous Vita port which lacked the final DLC, in-game achievements and suffered performance issues. Speaking of ports, I'm surprised Risk of Rain 2 runs rather well on Switch though it does have some micro-stutterings which are similar to how I experienced the game on PC when installed in the HDD instead of the SSD. Transferring the data from the microSD U3 to the internal memory of the console doesn't seem to give any improvement on that small annoying issue. I still have to do a long Moonsoon run yet so far I didn't last above the first 30 minutes on that difficulty, only finished the game on easy mode to know how well the console handles the game at its worst, both in handheld and docked mode.
(1.13 MB 1355x607 what the fuck is going on.png)
(227.76 KB 680x680 fucking what.jpg)
>>204512 >Super Saiyan Kaiju Cat Mario VS Final Aeon Bowser. I have no idea whats going on anymore.
>>204512 So bowser's fury is just a big open level with a big ass bowser fucking shit up after awhile?
(115.65 KB 2048x1187 uh oh.jpg)
I stopped the libusbk process from running in task manager because I thought it was useless. I let my switch die a little while ago and now when i inject my payload the switch after recharging it stays on a black screen. Is it libusbk's fault or should I reformat my SD to exfat? If that doesn't work should I just go ahead and inject a different payload or what?
>>204582 Seems like it.
>>204604 Let the switch charge for at least 10 hours, then enter RCM and send the payload again. That's why most guides warn you not to let the switch die.
(433.30 KB 1020x797 smug.png)
>>204582 That does sound kinda awesome. >Trying to grab what ever collectable it is this time around doing a tricky platform section. >Bowser: I'm going to ruin this mother fucker's day. >Blasts you off the fucking platform with a big ass laser beam.
(28.99 KB 474x675 super_sanic.jpeg)
>>204519 I did not expect a cameo to Super Sanic.
>>204714 Is that Goku?
(126.62 KB 854x480 Cranky-Kong.jpg)
Even though I like how Bowser's Fury looks it would have made more sense if it was Cranky Kong's Fury. Hear me out. >Mario runs around a level avoiding attacks from a giant monster. >Good chance you will need to do this several times. >Sounds like a 3D version of Donkey Kong. Cranky Kong was fucking robbed I tell you it should have been him.
>>204512 Huh, the camera in Bowser's Fury is conspicuously not as static or pulled out as it is in 3D World. Given the open map, as well, I wonder if they realized a lot of people weren't fans of the whole "2D Mario in 3D" design of the original game. And why is Jr. the co-op partner? Does it have something to do with how inky Bowser seems to be? >>204582 >after awhile? I can't tell if it just happens with the passage of time or if possibly getting enough of the main collectibles causes it to happen. He does seem to make platforms up to otherwise inaccessible places. Also that music for Bowser is pretty damn good. >>204751 Shut up, Cranky, you're literally old and busted. You'd hurt your back trying something like that.
>>204751 Ok cranky
>>204677 I have autoRCM on. Whenever I turn my switch on it automatically boots into RCM mode. Then I injected my payload as usual which usually works but this time I terminated the libusbK for switch process, that was the only difference this time when starting up my CFW and may be the source of my problems.
>>204831 >I can't tell if it just happens with the passage of time or if possibly getting enough of the main collectibles causes it to happen. going by the video they posted a few hours ago it looks like bowser will just go periodically berserk https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1349355526241492993
(9.14 KB 266x189 you sound gay.jpg)
>>205735 I cant watch NOA trailers they always have shit tier gay sounding voice overs. They should just use the Japanese ones with subtitles.
>>205801 Yeah I should have just posted the info so people don't have to listen; <3D World: >Picture Mode (you can use the old miiverse stamps in your photos) >Amiibo functionality (Cat Mario amiibo gives gives you the game journo powerup while cat peach amiibo gives random powerups) >Online functionality up to four players (only the host's progress saves in co-op >can do shit like two players on two systems for online apparently <Bowser's Fury: >Fury Bowser awakens every so often, once he reverts to his shell form, the area becomes calm again >Bowser Jr is playable via co-op >Plessie can be used to traverse the huge area and skid on land >Collect Cat shines to break the seal on the giga bell so Mario can transform into Giga Cat Mario >Bowser's fury is described as "a short but action-packed standalone adventure."
>>205820 I thought he was called God Slayer Bowser
(186.61 KB 540x431 Gabe newell in the traffic.png)
>>205820 <3d World >Nothing else but a new level where you have to grow a bigger cock just to kill Bowser. So they made the game more forgettable and mediocre? I just knew those leakers are so full of shit and were just shilling their precious warped console. >Get ready for 3D World it will have the best updates despite being a port from the Wii U. <Playable Wario, Waluigi, Daisy and what fucking not <Crosspromotion with Odyssey <Yadda yadda yadda more levels It's one those games that should've been buried with its respective debut console.
(46.77 KB 600x450 aska.png)
>>206550 >Americans are faggots It's an old tradition. Please respect their culture.
>>206697 >>206701 >>206703 Anon are you okay? Did Germans rape you or something?
>>206701 We aren't the best country on Earth you delusional faggot. Any problem you have with Europe is either already multiplied by 100 here or is going to be when the new kike puppet arrives in office.
>>206705 He seems to be a polack who unironically fell for the American exceptionalism meme. That or he's trolling, which is probably more likely considering he came into this thread starting shit.
(788.09 KB 1280x720 Super Mario Souls.png)
>>204519 Nintendo should just make Mario Souls already.
(905.57 KB 2083x2944 Pyra and Knuckles.jpg)
>>206710 >>206687 It was NOA that censored Xenoblade X its well fucking known and documented a quick internet search brings up plenty of info on that. Like this interview with the head of fucking Monolith. https://nintendoeverything.com/monolith-soft-on-xenoblade-x-western-changes-nintendo-europe-handling-xenoblade-2-nintendos-localization-process/ NOA localized Xenoblade X NOE localized Xenoblade 2 Riddle me this What game got pozzed and what game had chest touching?
>>206728 They really need to port it to Switch. Fuck the WiiU and everyone here that defended it
>>206729 >No one was arguing otherwise. >>206687 Yet you said. >Prove that Eurofags didn't censor it too, then. It was proven and now you are changing your tune. Also. >So how is Xenoblade 2? Is it weebshit garbage or actually good? Its good because Americans did not butcher it now fuck off back to Resetera. >>206733 Stealth niggerpill troll confirmed. Filter and report.
(21.46 KB 273x252 slav laugh.jpg)
>>206733 >Virtual Console
(95.66 KB 880x690 Boss of the gym.jpg)
>>206710 >>206729 >>206733 >>206739 >>206723 Hey, pal I think you're in the wrong image board, >>>/cuckchan/ is two miles down that way.
>>206741 His crying and denial about American censorship is so frequent he is even too soy for Cuckchan Anon. He is an actual SJW troll. Must have been banned from what ever board he uses for misgendering a dragonkin.
(8.39 KB 285x177 you fucking faggot.jpg)
>>206751 Last time I ever respond to you you little troglodyte. America is not only hellbent on censoring and cucking all their own popular culture they are hellbent on trying to do the same to the pop culture of other nations. Fuck they even try and rewrite the history of other nations. This has been well documented for years. To try and deny this is just retarded. Your inane ramblings are why cops shoot people like you.
(1.65 MB 903x821 favorite video game.png)
>>196508 There have been some rumors that Nintendo will launch some kind of "Switch Pro" during this year or the next one, it makes me curious since both Sony and Microsoft have already launched their own consoles last year and Nintendo hasn't launched their own in this generation. I get the feeling that the new SOC will have to be incredibly powerful because I've read some articles from a Nintendo representative that told devs to upscale their games at 4k. >>206733 > Wii U has a better VC I don't know if this is true but the Wii had a better quantity of library of their VC compared to the Wii U, also that people were tired to buy the same game at a higher price. >>206739 >using the faggotposting to quote someone's sentence instead of using greentexting Is that you King Nigger?
>>206762 Shame what happened to Steve
(164.53 KB 800x800 habsburg thumbs.jpg)
Look at him go, the sperg king
(191.25 KB 1920x1080 Fury Bowser.jpg)
>>206250 >I thought he was called God Slayer Bowser He's not
3D worlds is fun but god damn is the world generic as fuck. They got to "another kingdom" and it looks the fucking same as the mushroom kingdom save for a few sections. What pisses me off the most about it is all the references to SMB2 and yet they didn't bother to just set it in the Subcon world.
>>206914 Not like that's new for the franchise. Super Mario World takes place in Dinosaur Land, and the game tells you right up front, but I bet most people who ever played it don't realize that it's not just the Mushroom Kingdom again. It looks almost exactly the same but with some dinosaur enemies, which was to be expected anyway because of course there would be new enemies, and Koopa is already close enough to being a dinosaur that all the other dinos just seem like more of his mooks.
>>206728 NOA is known for being a bunch of shitters when it comes to localization. Case and point FE Fates. https://youtu.be/1wjaX0orUSM And really, removing the breast slider in XCX was a crime.
(91.23 KB 1024x655 nia...jpg)
(638.26 KB 1200x1024 nia-suicide.png)
(112.86 KB 1280x720 nia.jpg)
>>207001 NOA was demoted to doing Youtube videos because of XBCX's flop. Apparently it was expected to sell 1 million it got no where near that and Nintendo funded games still hit well over that mark even on the Wii U. NOA fucking ruined the chances of a good game and it was NOA to blame as XBC2 as of now is over 2 million. So the IP was not to blame the Xeno series still has its market.
>>207059 XBX was the last Nintendo game I ever bought. That censorship that I seen from the game was the breaking point for me. I still play nintendo games but I pirated every single one over the past 4 years. I don't know why a good bunch of you guys don't do that as well? Do any of you even use Nintendos shitty switch online service?
(59.99 KB 1080x717 EoGS5nfXEAERtWR.jpg)
>>207061 I only used the online service when they gave the 7 day trials for free..Most of the games i buy for it are mostly single-player games whcih are mostly discounted. Its a shame that they went for a downgrade with the switch s functionatily, compared to the other consoles that continue to improve their own, and their online still continues to be based on shitty p2p netcode.
(94.35 KB 1280x720 1609825968719.jpg)
>>207061 Never bought a Wii U, and only just recently got into Xeno. Most of the really poorly localized titles I wasn't into to begin with. I also have an arrangement with some pals where we all chip in like 4 bucks a piece for the Online family plan, and thats for a whole year. Much better of a deal than the standard 20 a year. And like I said, my real issue with XCX in America is removing the tit slider. Lin's outfits being toned down makes sense, she's fucking 13. But removing the breast slider is sacrilege.
(91.82 KB 828x943 fuck nintendo.jpg)
>>207076 >>207078 You good goys are still giving Nintendo money? Why? You don't have to. They don't even see their customers as people but mentally deficient bags of money instead, they hate it when they show their appreciation with fangames or tournaments and always shut them the fuck down, the switch is made with shitty ps3 era hardware and a constantly drifting fucking joycon with the bare minimum amount of software there just to deter piracy. Their games are almost nothing but rehashes, remakes, ports and now actual fucking sets of games running on an emulator. You guys know this. Shame on you fucking faggots I have no respect for you in the slightest. You both deserve to have your balls removed.
>>207088 Better still than pirating, don't play their shit games and miss out on nothing.
>>207088 I play what I think is good, and if I don't like it, I don't buy it. Yeah, their practices are getting shittier, and I think they need to lighten the fuck up on copyright and fangames. Eventually they'll either see the light by new blood in upper management showing them the way or get burned by more consumers by being dickheads, enough that they realize "hey maybe this isn't a great idea to be like this". Until then, I'll buy something if it's worth my money. If not, boo hoo for them.
(3.49 MB 1280x1820 switch library.png)
>>207061 I've been more a PSP/Vitafag since the early 2010s I was a regular in the Vita general threads in the old 8ch, the 3DS didn't exactly pick up my interest because I wasn't fan of the low screen resolution (especially in the XL/LL model in which the jap fonts were sometimes rather difficult to read) and the software region-locking was another drawback considering the hijinks of localization from any western branch >Bandai Namco releasing two separate cartridges full-price of One Piece Unlimited Cruise 1&2 in Europe while the japanese version had the two games in one cart >Squeenix censoring Bravely Default >Nintendo of America in charge of localizing the Fire Emblem games >obviously no Taiko Tatsujin, Kenka Bachou 6, Toshi Toshin, etc in the west In that regard the Switch removing the plague that is software region-locking has been a pretty good move, not to mention the easy ability to buy a game from a different regional account and play it on your main profile. This wasn't possible at all even on the Vita where we had to stick a single PSN account all the time (changing the account midway meant the system and the proprietary card both had to be restored to a blank state, with the saves lost for good along the way) and that was a rather annoying issue before h-encore became a thing far late into the console's life. >>Do any of you even use Nintendos shitty switch online service? I've been using it and the mileage greatly vary depending of the games. It's quite garbage on Smash Bros Ultimate, but I've been having fun on Mario Kart 8, Taiko Tatsujin, Mario 35 and 51 Worldwide Games on the other hand. Their NES/SNES apps are not particularly bad but it's obviously missing a bunch of games (like Mario RPG or Mother for example) that are taking way too long to come out and people with actual hacked Switches or hacked Vitas have obviously the upper hand thanks to Retroarch. I'm a very late Switch adopter so any chances to obtain a launch model without any possible complications have been greatly reduced. Especially after a few Corona lockdowns.
(50.91 KB 508x434 half aids hero.jpg)
>>207132 You sure showed Nintendo Anon. Continue to fight the system on niche image boards that has users (dont kid urself Anons this is the unofficial Nintendo board) that will buy Nintendo shit regardless that will show them.
>>207204 How many retards in this place already bought the fucking cardboard game, Wii Fit 2, PokemonSw&Sh and SuperMario3dAllStars?
>>207507 >never owned gcn or wii >got wii u because expand dong 1 was good and i wanted to play dong freeze >never got a switch nor do i plan to
>>207132 >Better still than pirating Nothing beats pirating faggot.
>>207507 Wait, what's wrong with the fitness game? I understand the rest, but nothing about that game seems particularly heinous or bad to me.
>A-Train All Aboard! Tourism official English website opened https://www.artdink.com/games/a-tourism/index.html >Buddy Mission: BOND demo now available in Japan https://www.gematsu.com/2021/01/buddy-mission-bond-demo-now-available-in-japan >New Pokemon Snap launches April 30 https://www.gematsu.com/2021/01/new-pokemon-snap-launches-april-30 It's apparently developed by Bandai Namco, not Game Freak, so it might turn out better than the shitshow that was Sword/Shield >Island coming to Switch on April 8 in Japan https://www.gematsu.com/2021/01/island-coming-to-switch-on-april-8-in-japan >Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 update adds four playable characters including Sonic, co-op boss battle mode, and more on January 14 [Update] https://www.gematsu.com/2021/01/puyo-puyo-tetris-2-update-adds-four-playable-characters-including-sonic-co-op-boss-battle-mode-and-more-on-january-14 >Yomi wo Saku Hana version 1.10 update now available, adds new character portraits https://www.gematsu.com/2021/01/yomi-wo-saku-hana-version-1-10-update-now-available-adds-new-character-portraits >>207622 I don't get either his attitude towards Ring Fit Adventure. It's meant as a cardio thing to do exercises which people have been craving a lot lately with all the lockdowns going on, hence its massive surge in popularity some months after its initial release. On a related note, it was fun to see Arino (and his childhood buddy Hamaguchi) playing it https://youtu.be/byxI-adh7wg https://youtu.be/QoPKafQYdLs 3D All-Stars isn't bad by itself but I can fully understand not appreciating at all the whole time-limited exclusivity as an anniversary title, for both the physical and digital format.
>>207601 Show us your pirated collection and how you yourself do it then.
>>207601 <I'm too much of a faggot to not just stop consuming the product of someone who's willing to sell shit and in some cases, support tyranny from certain governments The absolute fucking state of some piratefags.
>>207150 Theres absolutely no reason to be smug about that. Its like being married but having your spouse nag and beat the shit out of you and allowing it just because she has fat titties. Its just not worth it man, you can have both your bang for your buck if you pirated and didnt even need to waste your money on that shit. I think you have stockholm syndrome or are just a complete and total retard financially. >>207657 >3D All-Stars Its 3 games running on an emulator being sold for a full fucking $60. Meanwhile I bought games like MGS legacy collection and DMC HD Collection for around $20 each. You could also play those games on an emulator on your PC instead of forking up a whole $60 for em for no good reason at all. You were practically getting scammed by industry standards you fucking idiot. >>207750 What? Its fine if you consume them as long as you don't finacnially support them. Giving them your money is the real problem and by voting with our wallets and not giving them shit they don't get our support at all.
>>207846 >What? Its fine if you consume them as long as you don't finacnially support them. Not only was I not implying that's a bad thing, just that implying piracy is better than going cold turkey is fucking retarded. But in any case, why even pirate when they've gotten so far down the fucking drain at this point? Better to not waste for your time at all when a game company goes to shit.
>>207854 Becaused their games are still solid dipshit, despite their corporate execs.
>>207871 Why fucking care if their games are still solid when they're otherwise fucking dogshit? And besides, even that is debatable.
>>207657 >3D All-Stars isn't bad by itself It kinda is, though, especially compared with the last Mario collection to receive the All-Stars title, which is completely fair to compare to as Nintendo was deliberately trying to hearken back to it. Sixty bucks for three games all over a decade old, with barely any enhancements, and they don't even include Galaxy 2 even though it should have been as easy as including Galaxy 1. Oh, and Sunshine loses some control from the lack of analog shoulder buttons and launched with vertical aim inverted from the original, with no option to turn it back. Meanwhile the original All-Stars included, not ports, not emulated roms, but full on remakes of four games from a single generation previous, including enhanced graphics and sounds making use of the better hardware.
(184.37 KB 400x400 1610564932206.png)
>>207846 I wasn't trying to seem smug about it, I was just explaining my thought process. The point is, I don't just throw money around because I think I might want to play a game. I wait for sales, and even then, I'm still a cheap fuck. It's why I don't bother with VR or other gimmicks; I don't fucking care enough to buy extra shit for it. And again, I'm a little less jaded against Wii U ports because I never owned one of the damn things. Doesn't mean I won't shoot someone who tries to get me to buy the fucking cardboard.
Bing Bing Wahoo
>>207932 I mean Italians are black.
(13.47 KB 282x178 f4Scofb.jpg)
>>207507 >How many retards in this place already bought the fucking cardboard game, Wii Fit 2, PokemonSw&Sh and SuperMario3dAllStars? I only need Ring Fit to finish that list Anon. Fucking hard to find though.
>>207854 >Why do i still pirate their games despite the company being shit I'm not even going to answer your question you fucking troglodyte. You fucking know why. I also am looking forward to Monster Hunter Rise and SMTV which are coming out soon. >>207937 That one cute italian girl from The Godfather was tanned caramel-ish with pink nipples. I will never get the sight of those nipples out of my mind they were wonderful. >>207928 Oh. You're either gay or a woman. Understandable.
>>208220 >I'm not even going to answer your question you fucking troglodyte. You fucking know why. My answer is obviously going to be a lot different than yours, you dumb cunt. Unless it's, <I am indeed a co-dependent acting fucking fruitcake who can't just read a book instead of play the shitty games of companies who support socialist organizations then I don't fucking know why, you retard. Also, SMT5 is the perfect example here; maybe it'll be good but what's it fucking matter now that Atlus pozzed out?
(347.56 KB 430x640 Italian and therefore white.png)
>>207937 >Italians are black Araki seems to think so.
>>207657 The Japanese site for the game is more appealing to look at than their other language counterparts, but it's missing some in-game screenshots (which are in the trailer anyway). Additional info: >8 scenarios A-Train 3D has 3 tutorial scenarios plus 8 other scenarios in the base game. The PC port has these and 12 extra scenarios which were DLC for the Japanese release. >The ability create, share, and download user scenarios in-game This wasn't exactly in the 3DS release (you needed to find the images yourself), and the PC port required using the Steam Workshop interface instead. I hope there's an option to toggle the type of numbers/dates being used. Seeing >678B345M198KJPY instead of just >¥678,345,198,000 is absolutely frustrating.
(12.94 KB 400x400 moon man.jpg)
>>208505 I mean sure you get the occasional black guy there it is just across the water from Africa but consider this. Its really close to Africa but still has less nigs than America.
>>208666 Wops are niggers, though.
(35.73 KB 629x629 CyzxY3kUUAAL3gl.jpg)
>>208701 Still more niggers in America though. Americans are the last people that should be allowed to moan about shitskins in other countries.
>>207950 >buying Labo The rest I get, but Labo looks retarded.
(483.62 KB 1200x900 labo-vr-blaster.png)
>>209033 But Anon do you not want to shoot yourself in the face with a Nintendo brand cardboard shotgun?
>>207622 Its accessory is a one time gimmick, just like: >ROB >Super Scope >DD64 >Gameboy Printer >e-cards >DDR rug >Wii's buttplugs >The 3d on the 3ds >Wii U itself >>208701 Wops are mixed race jews, hence why the look like walking caricatures who manage to age better than (((them)))
These feel like the old Vita threads, too bad I don't have a Switch to play niche weeb shit.
>>209654 Then use your PC
>>209652 >Its accessory is a one time gimmick So was Steel Battalion's controller, but you don't see anons condemning that game for it. And, going by your examples, your definition of "one time" seems rather loose and inconsistent. You've included things that only work for one game, but then also things that worked with multiple games and even entire console libraries. It comes across that you're just criticizing Nintendo for not keeping up every single hardware feature and peripheral they release until the end of time. And are you seriously condemning Nintendo for a DDR game having a dance pad? That's just part and parcel for the series, completely independent of Nintendo.
Buddy Mission Bond was pretty nice so far in the demo. William Luke is a young rookie trying to become a good cop hero in service of the populace like his adoptive dad used to be, even if it means attracting the anger of his superiors (with the local police force more focused in catching a criminal thief rampaging around). The game is mainly a visual novel with a lot of prompt choices (and sometimes QTEs), but it also has 3D area sequences where you have to navigate around and interact. Some paths during your mission can be unlocked depending of your previous choices when interrogating various characters and analyzing your findings. The art and character designs are managed by Murata Yuusuke, which is one of the main selling points there. Maybe it will be translated in the future for an overseas release but not anytime soon. >>209654 I believe lot of Vita users (myself included) jumped to the Switch considering the Nintendo console is pretty much what the Vita thrived to be on fundamental levels. That and not wanting to deal with Sony's current bullshit for japanese games.
>>209745 >>209743 I hope the game gets a western release
is hacking a switch as easy as the 3ds?
>>210082 Not from what I've seen, you need an old-model Switch with v4 firmware to be able to use CFW on it, newer ones seem to be SoL, especially new-model Switches.
>>209654 I feel like we should merge Vita, 3DS and Switch threads into "handheld general" since vitagen is pretty much dead, 3dsgen never took off and i guarantee this one won't reach bump limit, plus people still buy and mod devices like GBA and PSP. >>210082 It's just as complicated ie not at all, you just need to have an unpatched switch/a switch on FW 4.0.0 and either a pre-made jig or a piece of tinfoil to make one, once you access RCM and dump your keys/NAND the rest is just setting up files on the SD card, takes like an hour and even then only because the NAND takes up 32GB.
>>210132 >handheld general Not a bad idea, since I'd like to see how anyone would think about the Analogue Pocket (FPGA machine that can play Game Boy shit and some other handheld carts with addons) as they dig into it.
>>210141 Ehh, i'd exclude those soyboy traps and the thousands of chinese retro machines as they don't really offer anything that you can't get on say, a vita with emulators. I don't really get the point on the one you mentioned, emulation gets you the exact same thing except you don't have to carry multiple cartridges+adapters everywhere, and if you're gonna use it at home why not use the actual console (or a PC) instead of this thing?
>>210146 > I don't really get the point on the one you mentioned, emulation gets you the exact same thing except you don't have to carry multiple cartridges+adapters everywhere, and if you're gonna use it at home why not use the actual console (or a PC) instead of this thing? The reasons would be >muh original copies and >muh hardware; other than that, not much. They would just be interesting to fuck around with, though there's a slight chance they may be more usable than some emulators on various handhelds.
>>210150 Yeah but aren't those things ridiculously overpriced?
>>210160 >Yeah but aren't those things ridiculously overpriced? Pretty much, yeah. >$200 for what's essentially a really good GBA clone when VBA-M exists for free You can almost certainly get a GBA and mod it with a backlight and rechargeable battery for a cheaper price, if you're autistic enough about the hardware to prefer using it to play your GBA games instead.
>>196515 SX Core exists. Just hard to come by and requires soldering.
>>210082 >Have a switch made before the summer of 2018 or an ipatched one in version 4.0.0 >Put a few necessary files from http://www.sdsetup.com/ into a micro sd(exfat) >put that into your switch. >Inject the corresponding payload into your switch using a usb-c cable >Badda bing badda boom youre done You now have jailbroken your switch in a method that takes mere minutes to do. After that though you need to get signature patches to play the games, put the sig patch files in your atmosphere folder on your sd card and THEN you are truly good to go, free games faggot. Although I currently am having issues due to tinfoil and goldleaf not working in 11.0.1, so I can't download the MHR demo for now.
>>210262 Do they work on newer model Switches? If so, up to what firmware version? Or does the method make firmware version irrelevant?
>>210283 Works on any switch, any firmware. It's a hardware mod.
Apparently I need to downgrade atmosphere to version 16.2. The retarded trolodytes developing atmosphere really just went and broke both goldleaf and tinfoil so everybody with the most recent versions are all shit outta luck when it comes to downloading new games via nsp.
Sorry for double posting. Any way I can get the nsp for the MHR demo on my switch without using tinfoil or goldleaf?
>>210298 Does Awoo work?
(328.49 KB 1280x1658 ErwUH7NUYAAd6JT.jpg)
(171.26 KB 1008x1008 ErySQUSU0AAEMEJ.jpg)
(978.69 KB 4096x2748 ErYN8sLUYAcBiim.jpg)
(219.38 KB 1692x2048 ErnU-utVkAIezih.jpg)
(1006.71 KB 1000x1606 ErNuiFTUUAcCr4H.jpg)
>>210309 Anon you're a fucking saint for the suggestion it actually fucking works! Have some new years big tiddie anime cow girls as a reward.
>>210150 Yeah but if you want accuracy there's nothing better than playing on the original console, and i don't really see this thing as a handheld when you have to buy 4 separate adapters and carry multiple cartridges (depending on how many games you wanna play) at all times, i'd rather buy a cheap PSP and fill it with emulators+full romsets, or in the case of GBC a GBA with a modded screen and a flashcart. >>210281 There's one very small downside to having an ipatched switch, since you're gonna run emuNAND whether you want it or not a couple games will break due to being installed in the sd card, daemon x machina and dragon's dogma have a pretty annoying audio bug that makes the combat theme loop endlessly until you reload your save or die, they never patched it so the only fix is moving those games to the switch's internal storage, which you can't do as the emuNAND's internal storage is still the SD card, and running the latest atmosphere on the ancient 4.0.0 sysNAND breaks even more games, like monster hunter GU and sakuna of rice and ruin, they outright don't boot if your FW is below 9.0.0. >goldleaf It was always shit, people only used it because old versions of awoo and tinfoil didn't let you install unsigned NSPs. >tinfoil Legitimate trannyware, you can't even use it if hekate's also on your sd card. Just use awoo installer, if the dog girl with huge tits bothers you you fucking faggot go to options and tick the "hide anime" box.

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