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(2.89 MB 1600x1200 sonia.png)

QTDDTOT Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 22:52:46 Id: 700bb9 No. 228459
you know the script, niggers for any 8/16bit and certain ps1 games, i've been using the 6 btn megadrive/genesis controller, love the d-pad and clicky buttons, so my question is, should i re-order another 6btn megadrive, or is there a better alternative?
(79.43 KB 720x507 wattpad.jpg)

Are there any video games on the market that will let me live out my femboy fantasy without actually needing to alter my actual human physical body to understand the joys of being a pretty little humanoid?
Modded Skyrim.
>>432058 NPCs barely respond to you in that at all, much less about your appearance unless you're completely naked
>>432055 Degrees of Lewdity and similar porn games. You won't find sexual interactions in regular games, let alone of the gay kind. Also shotas are better.
>>432071 not looking for sexual I just wanna do my little turn on the catwalk
(42.84 KB 1280x609 trans ender.jpg)

>>432055 >Are there any video games on the market that will let me live out my femboy fantasy Any game in which the central mechanic is suicide.
>>432085 >not being able to tell the difference between G and T you gotta brush up on your alphabet
(46.10 KB 600x422 erp.jpg)

>>432085 >>432087 implying you don't fucking play dress-up in the games that allow it
>>432087 It's all flammable to Lucifer.
>>432076 You can avoid engaging in sexual activity in the game, but doing so makes the game much more difficult.
>>432096 that just sounds like real life
Not vidya, but I think it's been like over two months with no new chapter of the One Punch Man manga. Did the creator die, get injured or something?
>>432085 Women trans kill themselves more? I didn't know.
(3.09 MB 2480x1754 bug killers kareoke night out.png)

(417.27 KB 599x400 drive me closer.png)

How do i git gud at EDF 4.1? Im ok playing as ranger, but im trying to play air raider and i feel too sloppy and cant get the artillery to go where it needs to go, also, is there any tank that lets me melee them with my vehicle?
>>432517 >How do i git gud at EDF 4.1? Learn spawns, learn weapons, use your brain. > i feel too sloppy and cant get the artillery to go where it needs to go, Acquire proficiency Spritefall / Laser are retard proof and fairly effective overal, though the laser requries you to reposition it but on large targets that have loads of health it's a good fire and forget options. Bomber / strafe runs are a bit harder to use and potentially more destructive Explosive artillery is where you have to learn the delay before you can really pretend being decent Gunship call-ins aren't my thing, too hard to place for the effectiveness you get out of them Missiles / Laguna blaster are very involved you can't just call them and wait (Tempest is more lenient but you do have to manage it) Get familiar with turrets, support posts and decoys, they look bad but are actually surprisingly useful when used well in conjunction with a vehicle. Learn which supports you can panic call on top of your head without destroying your current vehicle. Also protip, the projectiles don't originate from your character meaning that you can hit some things other characters cannot, only large transports are vulnerable from above however. >is there any tank that lets me melee them with my vehicle? Nope, there's a flamer mech or two that's usable though.
>>431059 Start using Free software on Windows, This will make your switch to Linux go much more smoothly.
>>432544 I'm ahead on that front. I'm already with Handbrake, Greenshot, and trying to stomach LibreOffice.
(117.55 KB 1200x630 Mirin.jpeg)

(1.68 MB 2560x1440 Buy it.jpeg)

(94.14 KB 1280x720 Zyzz.jpg)

That one recent thread mentioning Zyzz and fitness got me thinking, what games are there where you can play swole characters and walk around shirtless while the women of the game turn outrageously lusty at the sight of your respectable gains? I would also not mind h-games or just porn of that scenario either.
>>433135 Encased RPG. There's a perk that does exactly that. I don't remember the description, but I know it asks you to walk around with no jacket and be admired by your swole body. there's also an asian janitor chick at Magallen Station you can seduce if you have the right stats, the first being strength. I didn't have enough charisma, so I fucked up when she offered me lunch
Welp my GPU is dying, the whole market is absolutely fucked and I can't afford a new one currently. So that's nice I guess? Anyone know where I could buy a cheap transplant?
>>433176 Look for GTX 460 / 560 / 660, it's shit and you're still gonna pay 50-100 but it beats using IGP
>>433181 >>433176 Actually I've got nothing better to do here's a very detailed guide of what you should go look for secondhand Also piece of advice if you're gonna go with the idea of getting a ffor parts model and repair it, if it says it artefacts forget it, if it prevents the computer from booting it's a short circuit which is easier to repair in many cases though it can still come from within the GPU die and then you're fucked, if it's not preventing anything but not being detected it's likely a voltage rail isn't initializing properly which might be a very easy repair depending on how willing you are to frankenstein your card with bodge wires, ideal is black screen but detected, best case is just one video out is broken worst case it's the video output part of the GPU and then you can just use the render on one GPU but output on another function in Win10 no equivalent on prior windows so not an option there, and you still need another GPU to output the video then >>Nvidia Keep in mind support for Kepler and down is nonexistent now and before you repeat the meme upgrading drivers does not cause performance downgrades. >Fermi Would avoid the following GTX470 / 480 / 550 / 550ti / 590, GTS450, half of those grenade on their own at an alarming rate (590 being the worst), the other is too gimped to be worth it (450 / 550 Would go for: GTX460 but only the 1GB models, the 768mb ones are gimped on clocks, those tend to heat up a lot so avoid blower style cooler GTX560 / 560ti, more or less the same deal as the 460 except no gimped models to avoid GTX580 / 570, those are 300w it's worth a consideration however as it's not very far behind the the 6XX gen though at the cost off eating an insane ammount of power, there's a few model with 3GB and those are maybe worth the extra seeing as the only limiting factor for those is VRAM capacity, don't be a retard and use a blower model you will regret it, 570 is almost the same. >Kepler Would avoid GTX670 / 680 / 650 / 690 / 730 / 740 , same deal half of those have really high failure rate the other is simply too small to be worth considering, the 650 is there because it being rarer than the ti makes it often harder to find at good prices and it's way worse overall Would consider >650ti It's not great but it'll be in the 560 ballpark without eating 560 power, also can have 2GB which is worth it >660 It's straight up just a faster 650ti for similar prices >660ti The original 0.5GB meme (2GB on 192bit interface so the last 512MB are slower to access like the 970), >TITAN It's gonna be hard to find since there's a ton of similarly named models but, it can go surprisingly cheap (under 150) and it's better binned and built so less self destruction than the 680 / 670, it's a blower but a relatively well designed one so it won't be completely horrible with decent paste and after being cleaned >750 Goes for very cheap because unpopular, similar to a 650ti >760 4GB models are sorta worth it but not really, usually they perform better due to higher base clocks, make very sure it's not a 192bit model >760ti It's literally just an OEM 760, it performs the same but can go cheaper sometimes >770 4GB models are maybe worth it now but they weren't back when it released, would avoid blower models besides the FE >780 There's a 4GB model which is OEM only and the same performance wise as the 3GB model, though nowadays the 4GB might be faster, don't go blower, even the FE is starting to struggle here >780ti / TITAN black Basically latter model faster clocked 780 sometimes with more VRAM, it's still not good or ideal but it's entry level 1080p/60@high material I know I said the blower was a bad idea but if it's cheap enough the TITAN black is worth it, especially if you're willing to go watercooling as many people will sell them with a waterblock >Maxwell Would not go for GTX 980 / 980ti, they're great GPU with an hilarious tendency to just die in ways that you can't repair (defects in side the GPU die), many people have ran those on insane OCs which doesn't help the situation Would go for >750 ti Yeah it's Maxwell even if ti says 7XX, meaning it still has support too, a bit faster than the 750 but uses less power >950 A bit worse than the 760, nothing special >960 About the same as a 770, same deal the 4GB models are maybe worth going for >970 Because of the 3.5GB meme they go cheap and because modenr drivers basically makes it so you never hit the last 0.5GB they run rather well, even now it's likely the best value card you can go for as they're faster than 780ti but can go for just around 100 bucks >Pascal It's where prices get fucking stupid >1060 If it's under 200 and is the 6GB models, every other model has people trying to push them at 6GB model prices and that's simply not worth it. >1070 If it's under 250 >1070ti/1080 if it's under 300 >1080ti if it's under 500 Past that point the prices are too high to be worth it and you're better off hunting for a 3060 at a decent price. >>AMD Well there it's much simpler, anything prior to Polaris is not worth going for because bad support and having to juggle drivers and Polaris is very fucking pricey for what you get, if you see a 470/570 for under 150 then it's sorta worth it and that's all, better off trying to get a 6700XT / 6800 for a decent price.
>>433204 Thanks for the guide, any advice for windows 7 as that's what I got; I can be more specific here what my specs are still AMD FX-8320, AMD r9 270, the rest is your usual okay mobo, 8 GB ram ddr3 I thought another stick I added died, turns out it is the gpu I could toss $100 at an old card but I'm Canadian, it'd still be through the roof and of course I lose my job when my GPU dies
>>433495 >Thanks for the guide, any advice for windows 7 Nothing specific to know, anything worth buying will work though AMD driver issues are much less prevalent so that means you can extend your search a bit in the secondhand >AMD r9 270 >I could toss $100 at an old card That would get you a GTX 660 / R7 260X, which is worse than a 270 but not terribly so (about 20%)
>>433495 >>433531 Oh and a HD7790 is a direct equivalent to the 260X can be a good find too You might also if you look around enough find a HD7850 for under your price point too and that would be almost exactly the same as the 270
>>433537 >>433531 Sweet thanks for the advice dude not often do you get anything besides a few insults or something along those lines. Really do appreciate the help, I'm gonna mess around with a few things before I throw in the towel and give up all together.
>>433537 >>433545 I tried a few things, made it worse and probably totally broke my gpu. I looked for r7 260X's and couldn't find much on ebay I don't really know where to look for used GPU's that aren't scams or a waste of time. I'll dig some more for some of those old nvidea cards but I still have no clue where to look market-wise.
>>433625 Ebay isn't cheap but you won't get assfucked completely as long as the tiem is listed as working Looked a bit and saw this https://www.ebay.ca/itm/324815828964 Dunno the shipping rates though but it looks to be the best deal you'll find.
>>433636 seems to be around 80~ but I'll see. I can use my laptop for right now if I do decide to purchase this, as long as it isn't over 110 I should be okay.
>>430383 Convenient for what? The trackpad is complete shit. I never use it for anything.
>>433679 I have my PC connected to my TV, so it's nice to have a mouse.
Is Blood stupidly difficult or have I turned into a weak faggot? I feel starved for ammo which isn't helped at all by the weird and finicky hit detection and the enemies make a lot of damage, react super quickly and have a great aim. There's also barely any health in the maps. Am I doing something wrong?
>>433720 Never played Blood, but I recall hearing the game's normal is equivalent to other FPS's games of the era's hard. I was also told that expect's you to lay traps for enemies that you can lure them in.
>>433720 >>433727 Blood is specially hard because the lowest tier of enemis are hitscanning faggots, the rest not so much so the difficulty curve starts high and then evens out.
>>433729 >>433727 pic related. I'm going to push forward a bit more and see where it goes.
(983.26 KB 640x800 knock knock.mp4)

I'm looking for games that are like Nioh 2, Dark Souls, and Salt and Sanctuary in that you make a character (or at the very least choose a gender and a hairstyle) and then have an incredibly wide variety of weapons or weapon types available with unique movesets. I try to use Steam's search tool to find games because it's a pretty reliable search tool for games, but unfortunately there's no tag for create-a-character. There's a tag for "character customization," but this hits games like TF2 where you can put on a silly hat and isn't necessarily helpful for this search. What's more is that what seems like 90% of "souls-like" games completely lack these aspects I desire, for whatever insane reason. I'd be appreciative if someone can help me out in some way. The wait for Elden Ring is killing me.
>>433841 >>433720 I read this after making my post... have you ever heard of Bloom? https://www.moddb.com/mods/bloom-doomblood-crossover Could be worth a try.
>>433720 Ducking heavily reduces the accuracy of the cultists. Play fast and hard, jump and crouch like a motherfucker.
(4.49 MB 568x320 a_happy_day.webm)

>>434528 There's code vein, but it's kind of shit. Though it is a "true" souls-like game.
>>434549 >There's code vein I know there's code vein. It's always in the back of my mind as a bottom of the barrel, last ditch "I've played everything else" game. It was on sale for 80% off recently and I still didn't pick it up. I just don't think I'm ready for anime souls, anon. Give me an alternative.
>>434547 What's going on there? Why is the man having such a great time with two trash cans?
>>434555 when one closes it activates the other and this happens infinitely because it's using jank old sensors
(91.04 KB 640x473 1433733088863.jpg)

>game's offical system requirements says that it's for windows 8/10 >download it anyways >it plays fine on windows 7 This has happened with OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes (yes it's really called that), Spelunky 2, Honey select 2. I wonder how many other games say they only run on windows 10 and actually run fine one windows 7.
>>434602 That's been happening ever since Vista, maybe earlier I just can't think of an example pre Halo 2 Also update your fucking OS. The Windows 7 meme needs to die.
>>434605 I have windows AME, i'm just trying to find a game that only works on windows 10 to test it.
>>434602 You have to understand that Win7 is past EOL, meaning there is absolutely no reason to even want to test compatibility as a software maker. >>434606 There isn't many, most are not working on Win7 simply because of an API call that is used to have a 3D scene inside a window with compositing, the 8.1+ specific call allows for flip mode (it means you basically have less latency and can allow tearing in the window without affecting anything else) whereas the old one doesn't. PCSX2 is Win10 exclusive now too because of that issue and an Xaudio related thing Simplest test you can do is grab a game with DX12 mode,, and run it with that, nothing has proper DX12 support besides Win10, the Win7 DX12 backport is pretty much a WoW exclusive thing.
>>434605 >update your fucking OS >Windows 7 meme It's not really a meme, Win10 sucks hard. It's going out the door now that Windows 11 is out and seemingly even worse.If anon were to seriously consider 'upgrading', I'd recommend switching to Linux. A lot of people who shittalk it obviously haven't touched the kernel since the 2000s, it's improved drastically as a daily driver OS. The main thing stopping a lot of people using it was vidya but that's largely been solved with Proton and Vulkun, according to ProtonDB over 90% of singleplayer games work on Linux now, the main ones that don't are multiplayer games and that's because of retarded Windows-only anti-cheat software.
>>434639 Proton only works with legit Steam games. How many anons do you think actually by games versus just scurving?
Do i have to make a steam account to play Dead or alive xtreme venus vacation?
>>434639 Surely, Wangblows 10 AME is a better option than 7, at this point, right? I mean, it can't be any worse than 7 with telemetry and spyware systems gutted from it.
>>434640 Proton is just wine, and it works with non-steam games you just need to make sure there aren't spaces in the path to and name of the executable. But it wouldn't be much different from using wine-ge in lutris. >>434639 Using an extremely vulnerable operating system without updates while pirating a bunch of games software which probably has its own malware telemetry built in is a meme. Retards will bend over backwards because they don't trust Microsoft yet go and install random slav game cracks. The motivation for using Windows 7 conflicts with the actual actions of those users. Which is why it's placebo privacy.
>>434647 You're likely using x86 and / or mainstream recent ARM CPUs you're already fucked.
>>434650 Something tells me that you have zero fucking clue what the actual attack vectors of the IME are if you think their existence is a blanket excuse for using proprietary spyware operating systems.
>>434651 >Something tells me that you have zero fucking clue what the actual attack vectors of the IME are Whop said anything about that? x86 is by design a clusterfuck with very large legacy support, the larger something is the wider the potential attack surface. You don't need to compromise the IME/PSP to have a completely compromised machine, and even just attacking the CPU leaves you with mountains of undocumented opcodes and undefined behaviors that can potentially lead to exploitable attack vectors And then you have the chipsets, though usually that ends up with a physical attack but still if you were to compromise that you have DMA over PCIe and that's pretty much godmode. You don't have to take my word for it, go look up Cristopher Domas presentations and open sourced projects.
>>434655 So because x86 is complicated and has a large potential attack surface it makes absolutely no difference if you're willingly participating in networks that are constantly harvesting your computer usage data? You have an insane burden of proof for what you're claiming. The kinds of vectors you're alluding to are state level shit. I'm talking about the simple act of not participating in dragnet surveillance by default. What you're talking about isn't even remotely relevant to a discussion about deprecated proprietary operating systems.
>>434657 >The kinds of vectors you're alluding to are state level shit. Why does a solo dev have several PoC attacks that can be executed remotely if it's "state level", funny too that you seem to thin that large corporations cannot leverage quasi "state level" attacks. The one thing i'll agree is that they won't bother using it against any particular person until said person shows a certain level of interest > I'm talking about the simple act of not participating in dragnet surveillance by default. Even if you don't there's this thing called correlation attacks, can you guarantee no one around you and every service you use isn't participating in that dragnet surveillance, hell as a TORfag you probably should learn about it considering it's the only reliable attack against it besides user negligence. If you care about MS spying on you, get a router with IP and DNS blocking blocking, block MS IP ranges and URLs, move on, nothing else will be more effective. If you're gonna pretend not using MS puts you out of spying dragnets you're delusional, if anything not only is there more tools available and funds allocated towards making by virtue of *nix OSes being used by enterprise people meaning having means to spy on them is more directly valuable but by being a regular user in a very small group you automatically have an higher interest level to those that would want to spy on you.
>>434663 >Even if you don't there's this thing called correlation attacks Nigger no one is making claims of absolute immunity to surveillance you brain dead fuck. Are you actually so fucking far gone that you can't exist outside the realm of hyperbole? Try to go 3 sentences without a strawman faggot. >hell as a TORfag you probably should learn about it considering it's the only reliable attack against it besides user negligence. Absolutely nothing in my posts even remotely hinted at me not understanding how correlation attacks worked you insufferable retard. Literally nothing I said implied that in any way, it's completely irrelevant to the discussion. You're the only one going on these retarded irrelevant tangents. >if anything not only is there more tools available and funds allocated towards making by virtue of *nix OSes being used by enterprise people meaning having means to spy on them is more directly valuable but by being a regular user in a very small group you automatically have an higher interest level to those that would want to spy on you. Like I said, you're creating a massive burden of proof on yourself while not actually posting anything of substance. <bro someone might triangulate your position with bluetooth and wifi man there's no reason not to just use windows God interacting with retards like you makes me start to think maybe the jews were right about the goyim after all. The average person is just nigger cattle spouting nonsense and don't even deserve to breath free air.
>>434683 >Nigger no one is making claims of absolute immunity to surveillance you brain dead fuck No but you're making claim that you're somehow dodging the brunt of it by not using a proprietary OS, which isn't the case, most of the spying dragnet isn't even on "your" hardware. >Absolutely nothing in my posts even remotely hinted at me not understanding how correlation attacks worked you insufferable retard You did by pretending you're not participating in the dragnet by default, you're not living off the grid are you? >Like I said, you're creating a massive burden of proof on yourself while not actually posting anything of substance. Do we really need to reiterate the active participation in open source from large corporations and surveillance agencies (not to mention cooperation of those two groups on those matters) as well as the massive leaks of spying tools from both of those? ><bro someone might triangulate your position with bluetooth and wifi man there's no reason not to just use windows Listen if you wanna pretend that you're evading most of the spying (and by that I don't mean state level but regular corporate tracking) by doing whatever it is that you're free to live in your own delusion about how the spying apparatus isn't omnipresent and largely out of your control.
>>434698 >still provides nothing of substance beyond vaguely alluding to half-truths he doesn't even seem to understand Does it ever get tiring being completely incapable of contributing anything of value to discussions while still trying so desperately to engage in them for some reason?
>>434700 You're to digital surveillance what Prius owner are to car pollution.
>>434704 Still riding that burden of proof dipshit.
>>434706 Seems you went deaf / blind from smelling your own farts
>>433841 I played a bit more and now ammo and health are plentiful and I no longer have to worry about missing a shot so I can play more aggressively and it's fun. >>434529 I had not, but I was trying to just experience Blood since I've never given it a try. >>434640 Pirating works just fine on Linux. Wine has run at least 90% of the stuff I've thrown its way flawlessly, with the other 10% being for the most part an assortment of games that also have issues on Windows or games that have weird dependencies which most of the time just cause videos not to play.
(75.42 KB 689x900 D5grm5AWwAAVYHy.jpg)

Got a question I bet none of you can answer. Why do black guys like Dragonball games when the creator of Dragonball hates them with every fibre of his being?
>>434753 Same reason they like fighting games, because fighting.
>>434753 >when the creator of Dragonball hates them with every fibre of his being? But Doctor Dose is Toriyama's favorite character.
(85.59 KB 278x270 Donkey Kong's a Nigger.mp4)

>>434753 Because the main character is a monkey.
>>434753 > Black guys
>>434753 >when the creator of Dragonball hates them with every fibre of his being? Can you prove that?
(177.28 KB 1500x840 Injured, Good.jpg)

What does it mean to "Fall for the computer science meme"? I'm currently studying computer science so I don't want to make a mistake and I'm willing to switch courses if need be.
>>434801 Don't let them fool you, software engineer is a good profession, even outside silicon valley. Just be sure to learn to write code beyond what they teach in class. Get an internship or three.
>>434801 A lot of it has to do with the fact that modern programmers are absolute retards who are even less functioning when it comes to writing code than your average pajeet. Also, it's because college courses are a waste of money when you can learn everything online.
>>434801 >What does it mean to "Fall for the computer science meme"? Major in computer monkeying in the mistaken belief that it puts you in the same tier of earnings or social status as engineers. Make no mistake, you are the lowest tier of STEM distinguished from the science fags only in that you are employable without at least a master's degree.
>>434801 Thinking that what they're going to teach you in class is more worthwhile than the shitty code you throw together yourself. Getting hired without college isn't sunshine and rainbows, but if you make some genuinely good shit you can just refer to, you know, your actual work as opposed to the college degree while getting hired, and you'll have actually learned how to do something to. Most class is just theory and isn't going to give you practical tips on how to solve actual problems in code with other human beings.
>>434818 >>434801 Online lesson particularly from older folks have good knowledge imparted other than basic "put iteration loop". But making programs is the best way to gain experience, which makes you a bit above the code monkeys. Be aware there is a difference between learn to code, and learn to program. Coding will put you into fixing/making it work already written code (what majority of IT jobs are), and programming is making from scratch, using good code architecture, using smooth flows and easy to understand code (which helps of you're building from scratch). Im sure other's here can tell you more
>>434801 I don't know. I'm going for computer science myself instead of software engineering.
do you think that the Voynich manuscript was just some dude 100's of years ago fucking with people?
(277.60 KB 532x758 1501358749.png)

(205.42 KB 1000x1200 Briar.png)

(204.20 KB 1000x1200 Hazel.png)

Does anyone know what game these girls come from?
>>435691 they are from Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. Unfortunate you can’t fuck them because the game protagonist is a faggot
>>435725 You have crushed my hopes and dreams but thanks for the quick answer.
(281.94 KB 1700x893 dream daddy issues.jpg)

>>435725 but what if
>>435749 I would 4 and 7. Maybe 3 too.
(180.88 KB 520x763 ram.jpg)

>>436177 Anon aint wrong though this place is like twitter the moment anyone sees a tanned girl they think its a nog. Its kinda getting out of control.
>>436242 Remind me to quote (YOU) next time a retard has a brain fart in a Shantae thread. This place obsesses over nogs the same way twitter does just for a different reason.
>>436242 >draw them white Okay can I draw your mom then?
>>436177 >Standing under the sun for a bit longer is ethnic cleansing >This makes him unable to enjoy video games I repeat my question. Why are you all like this?
(27.77 KB 264x292 1340167634443.jpg)

>>436140 >anons have thread about game >game has black people >no one complains about or even mentions it <BAAAAWWW WHY ARE YOU CRYING ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE EVERYWHERE YOU RACISTS Do twitterfags really?
(152.26 KB 834x818 1632123960625.png)

>>436314 >>436318 >Average news thread >Race baiting happens and derails thread <Y-YEAH WE ARE RACIST NECK YOURSELF FAGGOT IF I END MY SENTENCES WITH FAGGOT I WILL APPEAR MORE INTIMIDATING Why are you all like this?
(78.05 KB 801x961 Anon shiggy.png)

>>436404 >Average news thread >Race baiting happens >
>>436404 But that isn't what happened, and anyone can just look at the post you're replying to, directly above yours, and see that.
I want to give MechWarrior 5 a demo on the seven seas. I remember hearing the game is fucked without mods improving shit though. Which ones do I need or have devs fixed enough shit to not need them so badly now?
>>434749 Yeah, but without Proton, it''s not as simple as just clicking a checkbox, right?
>>436780 It's plenty simple. Run lutris, make a game entry, point it to the exe's you want it to run. If you're using GOG installers there's always a lutris script for them. If you're using some other shit your mileage may vary.
I want to "learn" more advanced coding principles but I do not want to keep burying my nose in books, I did a simple phonebook as an exercise and I really want to keep learning by creating. Any list of programming exercises/challenges I can look at for specific topics?
>>437111 such as various data structures and algorithms, for example.
>>437111 Maybe check out previous years Advent of Code challenges.
>>437116 Fun challenges so far, cheers anon.
Recommend me some games that only work on windows 10? preferably that they have small storage size.
(35.42 KB 200x313 winehq_logo_glass.png)

>>437465 there are none.
>>437465 You could go searching for Microsoft Game Store exclusive. Not like it's a long list anyway.
(554.63 KB 714x588 fuck my life.png)

I installed a pirated game that didn't have an uninstaller, and I didn't find this out until today. Now I can't get rid of said game. How do I fix this? Wangblows 10, if that helps you find an answer. Seriously, it's almost 100 gb big, I need that space for other games.
>>437922 Delete the files. Registry and whatever is in user's documents will stay as harmless garbage until you reinstall the OS/ reset your pc.
>>437924 Just straight up press "delete"? That works?
>>437925 If the game's files are deleted, the space in the hard drive is freed.
>>437929 Well, here's hoping that did something good. Thanks.
>>437922 Who ever runs an uninstaller manually? Can't you uninstall it from the control panel uninstall programs option? Assuming that's still a thing in 10.
>>437948 The problem is neither I nor the control panel could find the uninstall file. Usually, pirated games comes with an uninstaller, but this ONE time, it didn't. I don't know why. Must have been an oversight, but nobody had said anything.
>>437922 >>437949 Windirstat is your friend winblows nigger. https://windirstat.net/
>>437950 What a useful program! Thanks, torpedo!
(3.17 MB 6000x6000 Work in progress 1.jpg)

I'm looking for an image that is of a collage of masonic symbolism in video games. I can't find it on my computer, but i posted it often on 8chan, maybe someone has it, it was called "work in progress 2" and it was paired with this image. I am currently running a deleted file recovery program that will take all day to complete. If anyone has it i'd be glad to have it back.
(158.56 KB 497x387 1571707109463.png)

Is there some secret video games database that categorizes games based on the size of the boobs in the game?
>>438116 Thank you.
Shit what was that PC 2D action RPG/platformer where you get to play as one of three magical girls (and switch on the fly)? The whole thing looks like its marketed to little girls/lolicons but actually ends up being pretty hard.
>>435691 >>435725 >>435749 Wait...so the daddies you can date on the game only have daughters? Cause if that's so I find funny how writers wanted to avoid looking predatory or whatever.
How do I play videogames?
>>436802 Basically all pirated games have custom installers and cracks. I take this to mean it would be like pulling teeth to get anything to work.
>>439134 I don't pirate games these days so I can't say for certain, but I think it's unlikely you would run into a typical installer that just refuses to run over wine just because it's a cracked installer. The last game I pirated was Hades and that worked fine on linux from what I can recall. I don't remember what the installer was like but I'm fairly certain that game isn't on GoG so it was probably a cracked installer. Frankly you really shouldn't be pirating anything but GoG installers you can verify as legit. Malware is getting pretty advanced and it's simply not worth the risk unless you're properly containing everything.
>>439134 >>436780 Nigger you just choose the .exe to run and it runs. I can't put it in any more simple terms. It works the same whether it's a .exe from an app, a .exe from an installer, or a .exe from a game, it's the same thing. There are some caveats like if you're missing dependencies (e.g. C++ redistributables) or with shoddy stuff (e.g. repacks) but you can work around this. I don't even use lutris and all the stuff I've ran I've ran manually.
In the Trials of Mana Remake, is it best to save your silver and gold item seeds until the magic pot is max level?
>>438277 Answering my own question, finally found it: Fortune Summoners
>>438277 Why would a game marketed to lolicons imply it's easy?
(1021.20 KB 935x1280 fallout 1 promotional image.jpg)

(424.51 KB 586x752 fallout 1 concept art.jpg)

(180.81 KB 750x750 pls respond.jpg)

Has anyone here played Fallout Et Tu (mod that port's fallout 1 ported to 2's engine)? I wanted to know if it undoes any of the censorship that exists on digital copies of the game (the GOG and steam version have children removed since they were killable and a lot of changed icons from the original US release.) If it does not, can I at least apply that one patch that reenables children to it, or does that only work with the original vanilla fallout 1 game?
>>439572 Hello?
>>440680 Go back to cuckchan if you your PPH addiction can't handle a thread going days without a post. :^)
(9.58 KB 255x191 1442260718972-2.jpg)

>>440747 Rude. I just wanted an answer to my question and figured I'd try and bump the thread to see if it get's answered quicker.
(66.30 KB 513x513 higlyebil.jpg)

>>440752 >Rude.
what's the cheapest way to unrestrict a steam account? I want to be able to add friends from dark souls 3 but the gay anti-cheat flagged me for trying to restore my year-old save file and I don't know if or when I'll be able to go back to my normal account
Why hasn't Netherrealm/WB made a Mortal Kombat: Shao Khan game yet where you go around konquering realms and amassing titty ninjas, concubines and harems yet? Or at least any Mortal Kombat non-fighting game spinoff in the "modern" era? I know not everyone looks fondly on those but why not give it another go.
>>439134 Cracking steam games is retardedly easy for the average person if it's not the likes of denuvo. You literally get yourself a one-size-fits all zip file containing a cracked steamapi file and a txt file that you change a couple of values in and that's it. MAYBE you install steamless and go through the extra step of having the software literally do everything for you to unpack the .exe before plugging in the cracking steam_api files. It's super easy.
I have a question. Why can't the faggot called Mark keep his fat fingers off the keyboard for once and stop merging or deleting threads?
>>434528 check out the way of the samurai games, seems exactly what you're looking for
(1.30 MB 5120x5120 ClipboardImage.png)

I need a decent mic for recording audio that is also not going to cost me a fortune. Anyone have any suggestions? Something in the $1-150 range, though the lower the price the better.
>>441249 I'm no expert on audio or microphones but I bought a ATR2100 because it's both a USB microphone and an XLR microphone if you want to "upgrade" it down the line.
(172.03 KB 1076x723 Vampyre story.jpg)

(42.97 KB 419x275 1231231.jpg)

When i try to run A Vampyre Story it get this error, /t/ told me to find out what version of directx panda3d it uses, i updated my graphics driver and installed Directx 9.0 but i still get the error. i don't suppose any of you know what version of directx panda3d the game uses?
Is it possible to play PS4 games of external storage or is it only for storage?
>>441359 Yes, PS4 games on an external storage can be played on a PS4, but you have to format the drive first when you plug it in.
>>441376 OK good to know.
Any major differences between Alan Wake and the remastered version? I.E do I just pirate the GoG version or do I pirate the egs version
>>441674 You can verify GoG installers as malware free, can't do the same for cracked installers.
>>441687 I think I can handle that part, I'm just curious if the remastered version fucks with aesthetics or gameplay parts or censors something, etc.
>>441688 You going to decompile cracked slav installers?
>>441690 Why should I even fuck with slav installers? I was thinking I'd get the clean files and then plug in a crack. Look installers aside is the fucking remaster shit or not?
>>441692 Depends on whether or not the remaster has malware, then it would definitely be shit.
>>441674 If you're on PC the differences are minimal. The remaster does remove all the promotions with energizer and verizon.
>>441309 Use dxvk / WineD3D / dgVoodoo
(165.27 KB 1238x1054 download.jpg)

(19.29 KB 720x720 download (1).jpg)

Anyone know if the SN30 Pro+ controllers are fine to use or not? Heard the SN30 Gamepad one was shit but not sure if the Pro+ has improvement or if it's still as bad?
>>442653 They are almost perfect imo, the only thing that kinda bothers me is that sometimes the dpad scratches a little on the side of the shell. It's not THAT bad, but its the one thing that I really wish they would fix. I would say just order it and check if that bothers you, send back if thats the case. For retro games there is no better alternative, haven't found anything better at least.
>>442653 I have two of them. They're fine for most stuff, if you're going to play RPGs or games with very minimal or classic input you'd best just buy the SNES-like ones since they're at least half price. My biggest complaint for them to be honest is just how sensitive some of the buttons are, the triggers almost always just go on their own but the driver lets you adjust that I think.
(38.14 KB 617x540 logitech f310.jpg)

>>442653 Cross dpads are cancer, get the F310 instead.
What should I play next guys? Axiom Verge Iconoclasts Hollow Knight Valfaris
>>443031 Well, here's a QTDDTOT. How come anons don't get tired of 2d platformer gameplay? I don't get it.
(56.30 KB 432x318 OG dualshock.png)

>>442761 I had this thing, it had huge problems. Awful deadzones, felt cheap, had a really mushy D-pad, constantly had to open the thing up to fix it (the plastic things under the buttons kept moving out of place) and it stopped working working after a few months. Buy a real PS1 or PS2 controller and an adapter, they're about the same cost and those things last decades.
>>443041 I only clicked post once, why the fuck did it double post? >>443031 Hollow Knight, the game really is as good as everybody says.
>>443037 I'm going through my backlog, I'm alternating genres so I don't get tired of that shit. With the release of Metroid etc. I felt like playing 2D games / metroidvanias. Also these titles are more metroidvania than platformer from what I've seen, pure platformer bore me to death these days.
>>441921 I was going to install dgVoodoo fix again, to see if it would work this time, and i try the game shortcut again just for the hell of it and suddenly it works. Hopefully it keeps working this time, but who knows, thanks for the suggestion.
>>443031 I'll say Axiom Verge because it's the only one I know anything about, other than knowing I don't like how the middle two look.
>>443031 The only one I haven't played was Iconoclasts. Hollow Knight is really good, Valfaris is alright, could have been much better. Axiom Verge is also alright but I enjoyed Hollow Knight more. HK's fairly moddable and has a few mods that change up the gameplay quite significantly in case you'd ever want to replay it with a twist. >>443037 Because it's not like every 2D game is the equivalent of Ubisoft's constantly rehashing the same game over and over again. 2d platformers play completely differently from each other and the biggest similarity they can share is that they're in 2d. Speed, momentum, gravity, level design, combat design, enemies, how you heal, what abilities you get, how those abilities tie into combat, how they tie into movement, how movement and combat can be merged together or isolated, all of that differs from 2d game to 2d game.
Is it okay to play the Mangagamer version of Sengoku Rance?
(1004.07 KB 1440x1080 zss jap super metroid.jpg)

Recommendations for video editing software? Preferably FOSS and which also runs on Linux.
>>443569 kdenlive
>>443569 Kdenlive is really the only usable one. There are others but none are as functional for anything beyond Windows Movie Maker-tier projects.
>>443571 >>443570 Thanks, that's what I was leaning towards but it seems to be more for experts and I've never really fucked around with any video editing before. Is there a decent beginner friendly tutorial that anyone can recommend?
>>443572 If you're a complete novice try OpenShot. It's much simpler and can help in learning the very basics of video editing.
Wasn't Blender capable of editing now?
How viable is actually playing PS1 games with a keyboard through an emulator? It seems to me like most of them should be working just fine seeing not many of them used analog.
>>443571 >>443572 I recently downloaded ShotCut for some pretty simple projects and even as a complete novice to video editing it didn't take much time to learn how it works. Looks very similar to Kdenlive.
>>444086 Great depends on the game. Most PS1 games will probably play just fine with a keyboard though it might take a bit to get used too.
How many of you are like me, where you download more games than you play? How did you get over not playing games, or did you just wait till you wanted to play again?
>>444163 When i started working out and didn't spend all my free time sitting on a chair shitposting on this place. Now i'm able to sit down to actually play and have fun or enjoy what i'm doing instead of being aware i'm wasting time or that i'm fooling myself into thinking i'm enjoying it.
>>444163 >Bill Cooper This video makes him seem reasonable, but dude was crazy. He believed aliens were contacting Earth and accused anybody who disagreed with him of being CIA. He got killed by police during a shootout because he refused to be arrested for not paying his taxes
>>444163 <HW: Deserts of Karak <The whole Xenoblade series <Panzer Dragoon Remake <Kenshi <Mario Odyssey <Bayonetta 1&2 <Doom 64 And so many more, just sitting there. It's like I collect installers. >How did you get over not playing games I haven't. I keep them waiting for the day I have the motivation for them and the patience to get into them.
>>444163 >How many of you are like me, where you download more games than you play? Yes. I typically try out every game I download even if just for a little bit but most of them (~70%) I don't play regularly or ever beat and at this point I know I've got too many games to beat within a lifetime. >How did you get over not playing games, or did you just wait till you wanted to play again? When I had the free time at work I'd make a list of all of the games I'd daydream about and rank them in order of "most want to play" to "least want to play." Or if I was in the middle of one, I'd commit myself to completing it in some way or another, be it a tangible reward, a challenge to finish it as fast as I could disregarding roleplaying or personal rules, or just the intrinsic sense of determination a goal brings. Alternatively, take a break. People burn out over everything. If you get tired of playing videogames go for a walk, read a book, stay away from the computer for days at a time. Then you'll come back excited and eager to try out all of the things you've thought of instead of slaving away at the same grind you knew. It takes self-control, like anything does.
>>444187 >He believed aliens were contacting Earth Lots of people believe in Aliens, that doesn't make them insane. >He got killed by police during a shootout because he refused to be arrested for not paying his taxes Can you prove that? >>444215 That reminds me, i need to download Panzer Dragoon remake again.
>>444163 I restrict myself from downloading/playing three games at a time, but I have an issue where I find a game that plays in a way I find very satisfying(DMC, Vanquish, Ghostrunner, that P* Transformers game, Riftbreaker recently, Quake Arcane Dimensions etc) and I find myself wanting to "savour" the game, meaning I play it in extremely short bursts and never for a long time and I really hate myself for doing so because instead I find myself gravitating to very easy to digest, kind of bad games that I can just play for hours on end but not the games I actually like.
Also speaking of video editing, how does one get "effects" for video editing? For example if I'd like mimic the hud elements or heat graphical effects from Yakuza 0's fights.
>>444401 Either get or buy some plugin, or do the effect yourself in some motion graphics software like After Effects.
When i fullscreen DosBox i get really bad input delay, but only when i use DosBox in D-fend reloaded. GOG games that use DosBox work fine on full screen
(38.61 KB 616x353 They Bleed Pixels.jpg)

I bought They Bleed Pixels on sale for $2 is it worth it?
>>444401 I always used after effects. >>445091 Shouldn't you typically ask that before you buy something?
>>445092 I was interested in it a couple of years ago, forgot it, and then remembered. It's two dollars so it's not too much of a loss on my part. I still wonder if it's a fun game or not cause it seems like it is.
>>445091 I've never personally been able to get into it but it looks like it's good for the sort of game that it is. I've never heard anything bad about it from anyone else.
>>445093 Play it and find out.
>>445091 Supports shit people but the game is pretty good for that price.
>>445091 If you already own it, there is absolutely no reason to ask others if it's good when you can experience it yourself and find out in short order. What I think you meant to do, or at least ought to have done, is go to some other general thread and announce you are playing that game, so as to garner interest from other anons that have played it or may want to play, that so by the time you are satisfied with whatever level completion you reach in the game, there may be others who have recently thought of or played it on this board with whom you could have an informed discussion.
>>445169 >>445882 It's really fun, hard but fun.
(72.75 KB 848x477 mad man.jpg)

>go to download a game >https://downloadani.me/ >wait 100 or so seconds for the download link >complete captcha >error Wrong ip.
>>446001 Just use torrent.
>>446015 I'm downloading it from another site.
(61.23 KB 800x800 rg351mp_colours2.jpg)

Just ordered this beauty. Looking forward to play some kino PS1 games on its 4:3 screen. I'm wondering what PS1 games would be nice to play on a handheld, what do you think /v/? I think I'll start with stuff like Digimon World, Monster Rancher and Harvest Moon.
>>446289 I cleared FFVII and Resident Evil 2 on my PSP ages ago.
>>444444 So who won the lottery?
>>446372 Acid sniped it for an Asuka post.
(40.00 KB 272x215 AA2.jpg)

Has anyone here been able to install Artificial Academy 2 on somewhere besides C:\illusion\AA2 and been able to play it without problems? Does the registry fix on the hongfire patch fix the game if you install it somewhere else?
>>447308 Do some research on symbolic links, specifically hard symlinks. I assume your trying to put it on a separate drive?
>>447441 Yes i am, thank you i'll look into that.
I'm bored. Can you guys recommend me a game where I can just jump in, play a few hours and have fun, without much story or a lenghty tutorial?
>>448656 Postal 2.
>>448656 Creeper World 4.Has a lot of custom maps. Creeper World 3 also has a lot of custom maps. I've also been playing Hotline miami 2 maps. I got a pack with hundreds of maps.
(134.25 KB 800x1384 ClipboardImage.jpg)

<Advice for getting gold on the time trials? The Gamma tracks in particular are rage inducing.
>>445091 It's got Zoe Quinn and Jim Sterling in it. Pirate it.
What happened with that /v/ rpgmaker game??
How is Endreal if I really disliked Skyrim? I know it's supposed to play somewhat differently from Skyrim(although how different I don't know because I did not want to get spoiled just in case) but at the same time I cannot see it breaking out of the terrible combat mechanics or flawed foundation that Skyrim has. The most I can think of is maybe it has some decent dungeon design and depending on how decent I might be favorable towards giving it a shot.
Where do you guys get your PC games? All of the stuff i've pirated came from GOG, which has a couple sites with legit downloads, but i don't know where to get games that weren't released on that store. I need dark souls ptde, gta san andreas (the 1.0 version) and recoil.
>>449522 Someone who's not me uses 1337x.to for torrents
>>449522 Anything I don't buy I generally just get from a private tracker.
>>449525 This one looks good, thanks. >>449526 I ain't gonna suck up to some discuck tranny just to be let in on a secret club where no one's seeding, thank you anyway.
>>449529 All you need to do to get into decent private trackers is pay attention to https://opentrackers.org/ There's even an RSS feed.
>>449555 Oh, interesting. Thx, anon.
can anyone recommend a decent usb extender? i've had two that just don't work REEEEE t. retard
>>449596 >i've had two that just don't work Get refunds then, you doofus. If it doesn't do the thing it's supposed to do, get your money back. About buying a new one, it's a simple enough device that brand shouldn't matter, so just go to a tech shop, buy one, keep the receipt, go home and check that it works, and take it back if it doesn't. Repeat until you get one that works. You've just had some bad luck buying trash that came out of a chink factory with no quality control i.e. every single electronic device on the market these days.
Anyone familliar with STALKER Anomaly? I'm trying to get through the "story" but for some reason after being asked to find the wish granter and doing so nothing happens, I'm assuming it's just janky game design and I should be talking to someone important on one of the maps but I can't figure out who.
>>449755 cheers, they were hand-me-downs from my dad lol, no wonder he got rid of them
>>444163 >How did you get over not playing games, or did you just wait till you wanted to play again? I didn't, I hated and continue to hate myself every second I'm not playing vidya. I have literally thousands of games downloaded if you count my complete ROM sets probably still in the high hundreds or low thousand without it. What I've been finding helps lately is mindset. Pick one game and play it and beat it, don't think about all your other games. Just don't think about it. Pick up a controller and play, have fun. Experience joy. Games aren't meant to be something you get dread thinking about playing and beating em all. You can't decide on a game? Pick a few and toss some coins play the winner. Pick a short game. >>444215 Something like Bayonetta. Its a sub 10 hour game just to beat it and have blast.
(69.86 KB 743x559 cat mareo.png)

how the fuck does one even figure out what kind of video game they want to play? I know once I've already jumped into a game if I'm actually interested in continuing or not, but I can't be spending all the money required to purchase the 2 hour demos from steam.
>>451105 that still costs data and I don't have infinite of that either I mean yeah I can download maybe a hundred thousand indie games before even coming close but AA and AAA games I'm absolutely fucked
>>451107 Maybe ask for recommendations and narrow down a genre of game first? What kind of games do you like?
>>451107 Anon, appeal to us. The work has been done already. Look to the charts!
>>451268 >Sleeping Dogs >Third Person Shooter <What?
>>451281 It's a good chart. One of the best things /v/ has ever done.
>>451268 Here's the newest version
>>451333 >Visual Novel >Only 3 games >Includes Fate
(4.77 MB 720x378 Hello 1.webm)

(2.75 MB 720x378 Hello 2.webm)

(3.14 MB 720x378 Hello 3.webm)

I remember this game being worked on pre 2014. I think it was called "NEET Horror Game". Did anything come of it?
>>439572 Just download the Fallout FIXT patch: https://www.nma-fallout.com/resources/fallout-fixt-full-all-fixes-and-mods.8/ It removes all the censorship and includes some quality of life improvements.
>>451361 Oh cool, the garbageman is smiling at it, it must be good!
(39.75 KB 800x430 800px-N64-Console-Set.jpg)

Why did the N64 only have 393 games, while the snes had 1757? Seems like very little, the ps1 had 4105 games.
>>452700 I think its because it was harder to develop for and cartridges were much more expensive than CDs to make. Truth, I didn't know the N64 had anywhere near that many games. I thought it had maybe a hundred if that. The controller also had less buttons and the hardware was worse I think so mulitplatform wasn't as easy too. I'm no expert these are just off the top of my head, someone correct me if I'm mistaken on some aspects.
>>452710 You have it about right. PS1 hardware was weaker than N64's hardware but easier to work with. Plus Sony was pretty eager to bring 3rd party devs onto their side with better publishing deals. CD's are also apparently easier to develop on than cartridges. I remember hearing a developer refer to cartridges as "like stone tablets" in an interview. Probably because of the memory limitations. Nintendo never managed to put out their disk drive for the N64 for some reason, so a lot of devs just gave up on the console.
>>449596 >for the N64 for some reason N64DD disks could only do 64MB, 64MB carts became affordable before it could be really pushed forward.
I erased part of my post without realizing >>452700 Hard to develop for Pricey devkits Heavy contracts regarding said devkits and generally hostile / controlling behavior towards 3rd parties. No / poor docs on how to use said devkits Nightmarish architecture (not as bad as Saturn or PS2) with stupid shitty bottlenecks (texture size in particular) Carts being low capacity when popular trends conflicted with that (FMVs, HQ music "high" res varied textures etc)
>>452770 Carts were also expensive to produce.
Would it extend my CPU life if I put minimum process in power management below 100%? Or would it be bad if it has jumps from low power/ghz to high depending on what I'm doing?
I have always used my igpu to run my second monitor, which I pretty much only use for checking temperatures or watching videos while I game, however, lately I have been running into problems opening games or any other programs. So what I want to ask is what are the differences between using my dedicated gpu and my igpu for my second monitor? are there any notable performance drawbacks if I use my dedicated gpu for my two monitors?
How can I unlock the premium shit without actually giving ubisoft my money? Image is random google image, I didn't actually buy the stuff
>>452929 Why would you want that? It looks like shit.
>>452896 Meh. >>452929 Nobody's going to provide pirate packs for DLC microtransaction crap. This is even assuming it's a single player game. Stop playing Ubisoft.
(484.08 KB 691x587 lewd-fairy.png)

I'm interested in the Souls series and Rainbow Six Siege but all i have is a old low end PC from like 2011 and can't run any of them. Are there any older games which play like them? >>397152 I thought this was the VR Tetris clone Phil Fish was working on years ago for a second
>>453280 You can try playing the Black Souls I guess, if porn doesn't tick you off. I'm sure someone left a link to the games on another thread
>>452700 The N64 was a flop. The SNES was the world market leader.
>>453280 >'m interested in the Souls series You do realize that FromSoftware made games prior to Dark Souls, right? >and Rainbow Six Siege All the prior Rainbow Six games and the Ghost Recon games by extension?
>>443569 Something proprietary something adobe Something davinci. The creative market wasn't meant for loonix.
(456.50 KB 1500x750 kelloggbrothers.jpg)

>>452929 What game is that Anon I can possibly help you with that.
(73.04 KB 700x700 aLgOP5g_700b.jpg)

>>453459 >>443569 Unfortunately the software selection is very limited and almost no FOSS option works well without time put into it. Photoshop, Premiere. There are alternatives with less jewish practices and plenty of tutorials for them.
>>453538 is it not possible to WINE photoshop?
I know this might be a bit more /tech/ related, but I am sure plenty of you anons encountered this. When using invidio.us clones like yewtu.be I often get the error from pic related. I googled it a bit, and it seems to depend on the player or on the browser. I use Pale Moon and it should be up to date, so I am not sure if I have to use some other browser. It's so annoying, I am sometimes tempted to use youtube
>>454467 Either use yt-dlp or freetube since these individous instances are finnicky. Yes freetube relies on some of them but it has backup and it breaks far less than I found invidious does.
>>453958 yes it is possible to not wine photonshop
>>454609 What about with Proton?
>>454615 Proton is literally just wine.
>>454647 I know, but I thought Valve put more resources into it or something like that.
>>454650 Proton is mostly just game specific patches and tweaks. I don't think anything about it would necessarily help with something like photoshop. Regardless it does appear to be possible to get photoshop working under wine, it's just slightly more complicated than double clicking the exe, meaning you just run some guys script instead. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Jl3Pa8udFQQ
(234.23 KB 444x666 WebDev.png)

Another GPU related question. Old AMD RX??? series keep doing this weird crash when ever they init the 2D "layer" after the crash everything runs fine. WTF is going on? This happened to me even on HD???? old shit, so I think it's more driver related, maybe, than OS related. Anyone of you had the same problem? Found any solutions? I changed my drivers to "Enterprice legacy" versions - downloaded from ADM web site. They seem more stable, but crashes still happen. It's not a big deal, but a fix would be very welcome, if any of you know one.
Is there a game that meets this criteria?
(100.35 KB 247x142 Knowing_was_not_the_battle.png)

>>454833 I'm almost 100% sure that this is a Korean MMO. Disgaea makes it hard to pin point. Do you want turn-based combat, mix or realtime? CY+ this might be a phone game, no offence.
>>454833 So just more grindy Diablo 2 with mostly anime coating?
>>454837 Either realtime or turn based is fine, but realtime is preferred. >>454838 Yes.
Also a long time ago some anon suggested i play Wolcen as an answer to the dream vidya.
(3.36 MB 1701x1669 OneSteamCredit.png)

>>454833 >>454838 >>454839 You want to get a taste of the maybe 5 years old KMMO, I tried googling it but I cannot remember the name. I think it was originally ark-something, then they changed it, and it should be better now? I do not know. Anons had a guild, but I'm not into those, so I played single player random party - literally worst way to play, but "whey", shit was fun. Very grindy, very korean, and very good. I just cannot remember the name. Literally next post will have it, I believe in the basket weawing community.
How do you have fun when everything leaves you feeling dead inside?
>>455178 You work on self-actualization so that things feel good again. Work out, make money, etc. Feeling like shit is a symptom of failure so that others can know to cut you off from the gene pool.
>>455161 No PSP eboots are just for PSPs, PSVita with Adrenaline, and PPSSPP.
What am I supposed to do with those .n64 save files from Gamefaqs? Project64 appears to be incompatible with them.
>>455451 Are you sure they don't work? Put them in the saves folder, not alongside the roms. I had to jump through hoops as well to get my PS1 saves from a real memory card to work on a PS3.
>>455455 Tried that. Didn't work. In game save files are still empty. I'm using the latest stable version. 3.0.1. Incidentally, the emulator keeps nagging at me to donate. I don't recall it doing that back on version 2.3.
>>455474 From what i've been reading the .n64 files are meant to be games, not saves. You probably downloaded the wrong thing. Link me to the gamefags page, maybe you need to convert the save with some tool, i had to do the same (raw file to .mcs then to ps3 format).
>>455485 https://savefileconverter.com/#/n64/dexdrive Convert your save with that, can't help you beyond that cause i don't wanna download PJ64.
>>455487 Good news: It works. Thank you! Bad news: Either the save file lies or Legacy of Darkness doesn't contain the outfit based on Maria Renard.
(1.91 MB 1735x3870 Dreamcast games 1.jpg)

Is there one of these for the saturn?
(94.34 KB 188x265 Baldur's gate exclusive.png)

(15.28 KB 244x340 image.php.jpg)

I was looking at the Gamecube list image and found this game, 1st pic related. But i couldn't find any exclusive Baldur's Gate game for the gamecube (notice the exclusive sign at the corner), i could only find The regular dark alliance game (second pic). Does this game not exist, or is it some weird "world" or European version of the game?
I would like to find a video game console/system that is for me. I search > console that is very cheap and very economical > console where most of the games are 100% free > I hate physical games > I can only buy free games > only games in digital form. > my television is old without HD and without 4K or 8K
>>456162 sorry. is that I am from a third world country and I don't have access to the most modern consoles and my financial resources are very limited
>>456145 Unironically the steam deck.
>>456168 i hate steam and i also hate gabe newell
>>456167 You would need to look into used older consoles like the 360 and PS3 but modding them to play pirated games. The 360 needs physical mods done to if if I recall so it's not super economical but I believe the PS3 can be modded through the software easily. Then you should be able to use it as an emulation box as well as playing the entire library of games as long as you find them online to pirate and transfer over the files. >>456169 You probably hate sony and microsoft as well. The steam deck doesn't depend on steam for anything, it's just a relatively cheap gaming computer. It's not a cheap device though mind you, but it's probably going to be hands down the best performance per dollar for an x86 gaming machine for years to come. But if you need something truly cheap then as I said a PS3 modded to play pirated games is probably your best bet.
more /tech/ related, but what browser do you use? chrome eats my shit, i'm trying brave moon atm
(1.22 MB 2500x3174 saturn list.jpg)

>>456202 Librewolf. Is there a ambient music that has similar tunes to Panzer Elite ambient music?
>>456226 Thanks to stupid normalfag fads, it's harder to find, but look for "dark ambience". https://invidious.namazso.eu/watch?v=zYJ9AdsvAgk Just found this, so I haven't really examined it yet, but you might find relevant pieces: https://invidious.namazso.eu/channel/UChmm356a5qe1luUsoatAgjA
(564.78 KB 1600x900 de1ad311bba45038.jpg)

(99.17 KB 733x1000 6pobypai4jm41.jpg)

>>456230 >>456229 Thanks for the quick reply, I'm going to listen to it now.
(42.48 KB 474x545 gas332.jpg)

>>456226 >Librewolf. thanks
>>456235 You're welcome. >>420160 Have another Gaben jew pic.
(5.90 MB 426x240 Metallic Monks.mp4)

(20.61 MB Grass.mp3)

>>456226 Try the Fallout soundtrack. Also listen to Aphex Twin's earlier stuff, he has a lot of music like this and pretty much invented the entire ambient genre. He was actually quite heavily sampled in the Fallout soundtrack come to think of it.
>>456239 >Aphex Twin heavily sampled off Fallout soundtrack Huh that is interesting, though I'm not well versed in music band knowledge, how common is it that music bands sample their music from games?
>>456242 You got it the other way around, the Fallout composer sampled Aphex Twin. As for bands sampling vidya? That's not common but I have heard it before, it's more something you'd hear in hiphop. MF Doom, Kanye West and Death Grips all sampled Street Fighter II before. Though Aphex Twin has sampled video games before, he made an entire EP remixing Pac-Man and sampled a few other arcade games in his music like Space Invaders.
>>456140 Probably the latter or maybe just a fake cover from a warez release and also you do not want to play that version it is by a very long shot the worst.
>>456247 >>456205 Thank you.
>>456205 Was almost worried when I couldn't find Magic Knight Rayearth. Good chart.
>>456205 Also, Saturn Bomberman was the best Bomberman I ever played.
>>456242 Not quite a sample but this song takes it's main riff from Castlevania https://yewtu.be/watch?v=mEACzoMJuMA
>>456202 Pale Moon never steered me wrong
I have a specific fetish/lewd theme in mind that I want to find in an h-game and I'd rather find it myself than shit up the lewd boards or hgg threads any further. I don't play many h-games infact outside of Rance and Succubus Castle I haven't played any., so where would I search in order to find said specific fetish/lewd theme?
>>456519 Search relevant game HCG sets on sadpanda or dig around tags on DLsite.
(3.43 MB 427x240 cupsouls_parody.webm)

Looking for couple of "things". The monochromatic 4U plane scene frame by frame collab. Did it finish? Does anyone have it?. Second is the last two years of E3 squilliam combos. They seem to dodge the webm-threads for some reasons.
(3.91 MB 632x480 Vaporwave_Chip.webm)

>>456239 >Also listen to Aphex Twin's earlier stuff, he has a lot of music like this and pretty much invented the entire ambient genre. >invented the entire ambient genre >invented ambient genre >invented ambient Nah, man. Richard D James did not invent ambient, even if you sucked his dick a little bit harder. I absolutely love his old ambient albums, but he did not invent a genre. He was riding a wave of electronic music revolution, like many others. Really good music, genres, and synth hardware came out of that era, but crediting that to one person is just sucking dick. You're just gay for Dick dude. 90s microchips. I'm a little gay for those. -Every C64 Anon
>>456822 The scorpion isn't the daughter of chaos girl, is it? Sorry I can't help. Since we're asking about E3... there was, I think, a Devolver Digital ad or presentation during those times with a Johnny Mnemonic parody or something in which an angry guy in a suit is yelling at the phone and then puts on a huge helmet contraption that electrocutes him. Anyone know what I'm talking abut?
>>456877 >The scorpion isn't the daughter of chaos girl, is it? You're thinking of Quelaag from Dark Souls 1 The scorpion girl is from DS2.
(14.92 KB 300x300 squilliam.jpg)

>>456822 I went looking for it because I swear I saved it, turns out I didn't. Went looking on zzz since they had both of them in their E3 thread, only it's expired and they don't seem to have an archive. No worries though, we have one! After (manually) searching through that I found the E3 thread. Except thumbnails are all that get archived. The ourobooru? Most of the Squilliams, but no videos. Not even KYM had it, just the animated gif of this year's compilation some faggot uploaded. Shit. >mfw
(61.68 KB 637x358 download (1).jpg)

>>456883 >Mfw internalized DS2's forgetableness.
(1.34 MB 219x219 f4472580.gif)

(2.93 MB 320x248 f4464354.gif)

(2.01 MB 509x381 f35760328.gif)

(2.95 MB 290x195 f4459089.gif)

(2.97 MB 156x223 f4462090.gif)

I remember that someone made an archive of nearly all the poses from P.N. 03. Does anyone still have a link to that?
(1.46 MB 324x240 The_missile_knows.webm)

>>456904 Do you have the file names used in the threads? I am fairly certain I should have them, but I have no idea where I saved the things and my quick attempts at guessing + searching the names is not turning anything up.
>>457810 > That video < Describe a PID Controller in the worst way possible. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PID_controller
>>457810 I found the E3 2016-2019 ones now. Still no luck on the others. If I renamed them to something retarded I'm going to be pissed when I do end up find them. If I just sorted out my files I wouldn't have this problem, but years of laziness has made this an uphill battle >>457838 >describe it in the worst way possible Yep, and that is why I enjoy it.
>>456519 Some anon somewhere said he was trying to make "vndb for porn games," but I don't think it went anywhere and I don't remember the web address, if he even gave one. At least one of those sites that posts shitty click-thru ad links to every DLSite game actually happens to add tags to the links for some games beyond just what DLSite tags them as. Checking something like that might help you figure out what's out there, because that's as close as you're going to get to an autistic game content tagging web site; I imagine they do it to try to scrape up as much SEO as they can to out-compete the other half-dozen flips or hues or terrorists or whoever it is who makes those sitse. DLSite appears to just let devs tag whatever they feel is most attractive to customers, which means they often don't describe the game's content even remotely well. Sometimes the reviewers will add tags that they missed, and that can help if you just do a dumb search for a given tag term because if they use the term it'll be in the results. But then you might get just one scene with your fetish, but tags are like that. But then you have to know what the right Japanese term is for your weird kink, which sankaku or pixiv searches can probably help with. If you're the anon I think you are, try just looking for yuri and then refining that by muscle or whatever the Japanese call it, if DLSite lets you refine searches--I forget.
>>457876 Thanks anon. >If you're the anon I think you are I'm ashamed it's gotten to the point that I'm this recognizable, I think it's better off I just cut myself off cold turkey from porn altogether. I think I'm going to do that especially since I found nothing appealing on DLSite either and at this point I'd rather give up than go down a slippery slope to find something close. So thanks again.
(325.29 KB 860x1279 1587817842-0.png)

>>457974 There's real joy in discipline.
can somebody recommend me a good robust adventure game that lets you use most verbs with most objects even if that might be silly to do? Or maybe just one with a ludicrous amount of verbs to try out on things?
>>458168 Sounds like you're describing Scribblenauts.
>>458169 funny I'm serious though, a good adventure game is what I need right now
>>451361 >Katawa >Snoot >Fate >VNs at the very bottom right >implying VNs are games Anon, I'm pretty sure it's just bait. Regardless, the image in general needs work.
>>457974 Godspeed, anon, whatever you decide to do. >>458172 I don't know if there even are obscure adventure games any longer aside from indieshit that I don't know anything about. The genre is so compact that I doubt I could even name one that you haven't heard of, if you like adventure games as a genre. Even fucking Inherit the Earth is on Steam now.
(2.04 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (98).png)

>>456226 I cannot function without ublock origin, chromium i heard is not FOSS, but is ungoogled so I use it for the newer sites that don't run well with firefox (webapps, banking). I had waterfox before, but got sold to some company. I NEVER updated it, but it stopped connecting to internet one day, no reason why. Then I used Icecat, it too stopped connecting. Now am at librewolf, put ublock origin, website dark mode, and NEVER updating it. Why is FOSS/libre software development like this?
(2.04 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (98).png)

>>458172 Octopath traveller? Through its more fighting and loots than adventuring, it does have 8 characters too.
>>458651 >Why is FOSS/libre software development like this? No idea, it's pizdet fucked. Mostly its because trannys and other fag socks wearing faggots are pushing themselves to FOSS development and making the programs worse for everyone by being constantly butthurt because a person mispronounced them and other trivial shit, then surely you also have the same trannies pushing for Code of Conduct to gain moderator by proxy status like in a forum clique so that when they are power tripping they can ban and report users for violating the fantastical Code of Conduct rule.
(95.83 KB 640x800 E2AJZy5WEAI-iG-.jpg)

What are some Gamecube games that focus on big boobs?
>>458651 >never updating your browser Retarded.
>>457851 The OP file in the "Post-E3 Thread" that's archived is named "squilliam2021_2.02_post..." (presumably "postable"). There was a different one someone else made because they were impatient waiting for the compilation but had worse timing, and based on the name of that OP file there was another version of the "official" one that was larger. Why doesn't zzz have an archive? Why doesn't the booru allow webms? Does it?
>>451268 >>451333 I would say that this is a nice list but... >Character Action <Metal Gear Rising, which is literally a game where you HACK AND SLASH your enemies to death Who fucking dares disrespect MGR? Who fucking made this list? A redditor? I fucking disown that and will never download or share it.
>>459333 Hack & Slash being used to refer to 3D Beat-em-all is a journo thing, don't be a retard don't imitate journos.
(12.03 MB 640x640 squilliam2021_2.02_small.webm)

(430.20 KB 640x640 squilliam mosaic 2021.png)

(10.72 KB 165x146 shitty beast.png)

>>457851 >>456822 As a last, last ditch effort I went and took a look at /geimu/ and their thread is still up! Behold, this year's E3 Squilliam compilation! There's absolutely a better quality one and I couldn't find 2020's but hey, at least this one has like three of my contributions in it ;)
>>459355 Also no I did not make the rabbit with the sword, I just thought it looked nice.
(39.86 KB 383x750 3434.jpg)

Why anons sexualize Donkey Kong in 2013? Did they actually want to sleep with him?
>>459355 I'm the autist who posted the 3 late squilliams in the TGS thread, I'm also the guy who made the first Invincible squilliam in the 2021 vid, I only had enough mental energy at the time to make that one. Because I posted them months later than the E3 compellation I'll just wait to post them next year, even though one of them will be out of date by then.
(162.45 KB 256x363 Bionicle_Coverart.png)

Is this the good Bionicle game that /v/ talks about?
>>459472 It's an okay 3D platformer, but nothing special about it. Why do you ask?
>>459484 I remember someone hyping it on 8chan that it was really good, it was only one anon though.
I've downloaded Manhunt (the first one) to my computer, but I haven't been able to play it even after applying the crack. Is it because I'm playing it on Windows 8?
>>459894 >playing it on Windows 8 Your problems go far beyond not being able to play Manhunt
(597.12 KB 680x383 ClipboardImage.png)

Why didn't Armstrong break the sword while it was in his stomach? He could have just pulled it left or right so that the flat of the blade would be bent until it broke.
>>461710 Because mighty niponese steel is unbreakable.
>>461710 Because the blade is sharp and hot enough to slice his fingers if he tried, even in the dlc he got his arm cut off and had to resort to impaling sam with his stump because he knew he'd get cut to pieces if he got too close.
Is Link: The Unleashed Nexus - Restructured Heaven vaporware?
>>463577 Considering how I've been waiting since I think comiket 2018(Maybe 2019) for that game to come out, probably.
>quit game >freezes >"game.exe has stopped responding" How are devs in major studios still this incompetent?
>>464575 Crash on close bugs are usually among the lowest priority bugs to get fixed. Although, crashes that do get Windows to respond (with "end task" and "end process" messages etc.) are prioritized higher, though not by much.
(2.89 MB 1600x1200 sonia.png)

>>228459 hi mark any chance of deleting the second part of the post?
How shit is the Yooka-Laylee sequel?
(198.31 KB 397x795 Maria Renard.png)

I wanted to play Castlevania Rondo of Blood for the oppai loli and i wasn't able to do it. Long story shirt i couldn't install the same mounting program (alcohol 120%) to mount the iso to play it on the emulator (Magic engine). I don't suppose anyone knows some unknown emulator that can play ISOs or BIN/CUE PCECD files without needing to mount to my actual computer/virtual disc?
>>466183 I can offer a work around in the form of emulating the PSP Dracula X Chronicles, which features a 3D remake of Rondo, plus the original Rondo, both with playable Maria's boobs. You could get an 100% save file for it off of GameFAQs.
>>466186 I'm a retard, i managed to get it to work with another one of the various PECD emulators that downloaded.Thanks either way.
>>466183 mednafen. retroarch beetle PCE FAST. The wiiware version is only 40mb and will run in dolphin (just need to make an nand image). The PSP version you have to beat SOTN to unlock. I used magic engine nearly a decade ago but I can't remember what I did to get it running.
(11.89 MB 640x640 WorldsApart.webm)

>>456822 Me again. Turns out I did not have the 2020 one saved, it was this one I was thinking of (because it's my favorite). I think it's from 2018 judging by the save date.
(15.62 MB 640x640 e34.webm)

(12.45 MB 480x480 e33.webm)

(10.70 MB 640x640 e32.webm)

(7.20 MB 640x640 e3.mp4)

>>466219 Here's all I have saved. Not sure where you got yours, its a different song from the one I have saved for the same year.
(30.41 MB 640x640 e35.webm)

Forgot one, this was from this year
>>466219 >>456822 There wasn't a 2020 one because it got canceled because 8cunt dying and because of Winnie the Flu. >>466231 2018 had a couple of different versions made.
(24.94 KB 267x295 1450922338395.jpg)

How many of you can hardly believe that we live in an age where we can enjoy so many games for free? I feel like it's too good to be true.
How is Star Citizen faring these days? I imagine the incoming funds are getting a bit thin.
>>466831 I don't know. I think they just stayed in their pattern of showing what advancements they do make and generally attempting legitimacy. I expect them to be extremely quiet about how much money they have or make.
Is it just me or are Harvest Moon games painfully mediocre and tedious?
>>467449 It's not you. Some like tedium as entertainment, just like some like shit with raisins.
>>467449 Even the developers themselves thought the same, which is the reason rune factory exists. Not just that, the games stopped being "good" after they got bought out in 2013 by a western company.
What's the best way to play system shock 1 & 2, in terms of source ports or essential patches? I figure since the remake looks interesting to me I might as well play the originals since I've always wanted to but kept being lazy about it.
>>470491 Try the enhanced edition for 1, either that or wait for the remake to come out since so far it is pretty faithfull to te original.
>>470492 I actually really want to play the original before the remake in the case that the latter is as good as I hope it is, I can appreciate it more. Also I hear SS has a sick atmosphere and OST and I'd like to experience it too. Thanks for the rec.
>>470493 Just remember to always double check everything, shodan is a bitch and will try to fuck you over, even places you have cleared before may have surprises waiting afterwards.
(805.96 KB 720x720 1636594069112.webm)

Is Yakuza: Like a Dragon a good entry point to the series? Figuring that the game is technically a spinoff I wouldn't need to know much about the "lore" of the previous games. And it having a different gameplay than the main series means that I wouldn't be bothered if I went to try another game of the series and be frustrated by minor changes in the games
>>471370 Like a Dragon isn't really a Spin off, it's actually called Yakuza 7 in Japan. it's the next part of the Main line series. That being said, if you want to start with it, there shouldn't really be a problem. The main Character was in prison during all of the events from Yakuza 1-6 so he's completely oblivious to anything that happened in those games, so you'll just have the same perspective in the events going on as him Basically there is 3 play orders. You can start with Like a Dragon as an entry point, or you can Start with Yakuza 0 and play in numbered order. But the proper way is release order, Starting with emulating the PS2 original Yakuza 1&2, then the Remasters of 3,4 and 5, are fine, then 0,Kiwami 1,6, Kiwami 2. 7/LaD. You can still start with LaD if you wish but my main point is just don't pass up the PS2 versions of Yakuza 1&2. Yakuza 2 especially is still one of the best games in the series. Kiwami 1 and 2 aren't bad, but I think they make certain changes that make them inferior to what the original games were going for in some places.
Hey /v/? can't to "dualize" with me and try your hand at flying around?
>>471611 >can't to "dualize" Shit i mean Want!
>>471611 >>471615 I remember the game for the Saturn. It was fun and unique. Wish I could play this one. Yes I'd like to go flying.
I'm using usbloadergx on my modded wii and i was restarted it and i got some scary notice that said my system files were corrupted, but i restarted again and it worked fine. This got me wondering, is there a correct way to turn off the wii after you're done playing loaded games like wbfs or GameCube games on usbloadergx? Usually i just hit or hold the power button.
>>471976 >just holding/pressing the power button to turn your console off Why not just yank the fucking cord? Of fucking course your shit will get corrupted if you suddenly turn off something with a hard drive/sd card in it, we are no longer in the NES days. Exit the game properly, return to either the iso loader or the wii's menu then locate the shut down function in there, alternatively you could press the power button ON THE WIIMOTE until it asks you if you want to turn the console off.
>>471454 >Kiwami 1 and 2 aren't bad, but I think they make certain changes that make them inferior to what the original games were going for in some places. not him, don't worry if you can't be bothered, but what is it about them that make the remakes "inferior"? i haven't played any of the yakuza games, but i'd be lying if kiwami 1 wasn't more ideal to start with
(318.07 KB 660x400 mahjong not even once.png)

Is there any good Mobile Mahjong game that doesn't require to be online 24/7?
>>472023 Sorry for being a retard. When i load a gamecube game there is no option to load back into the wii menu or usbloadergx, and the wiimote doesn't connect with a gamecube game loaded (or it connects with all lights turned on for a few seconds then turns off) so i can't turn it off that way. resetting just restarts the game. How do i properly turn off a ps2? is it as simple as holding the reset button till it turns off then switching the off switch on the back?
Since we're on the topic of emulation. What are the recommened emulators for PS1 and PS2. I recall ePSXe was the recommended PS1 emulator, but people had divided opinion PCSX2.
>>472151 >PS1 duckstation >PS2 you're best off sucking a dick, but still pcsx2
(62.43 KB 247x259 Shock Pres.png)

>>472155 >you're best off sucking a dick, but still pcsx2 Why?
>>472159 my dick's dry? ps2 emulation's a cunt but rumour is, the guy working on duckstation is also working on either pcsx2 or a new emulator so.. happy days at some point
>>472167 >>472161 That's a shame. Been wanting to give a few ps2 games that are too fucking expensive a shot. I thought ps2 emulation was mostly solved?
>>472172 >I thought ps2 emulation was mostly solved? some games work pretty good (wwe hctp), but a shit ton still have glitches (burnout 3) there's probably a list of decently working games at this point but t. lazy nigger i just really want to play the bouncer again
>>472150 >How do i properly turn off a ps2? I think this question deserves it's own thread
>>472150 For nintendont you'll have to press R + Z + B + D-Pad Down on your cube controller, that'll take you back to the homebrew loader, from there you can turn off the wii. >How do i properly turn off a ps2? is it as simple as holding the reset button till it turns off then switching the off switch on the back? Yes, even if you're running games off an HDD there's no way to go back to the main menu/OPL, so holding the reset button is okay if you want to turn it off. But you should only do this when you're absolutely sure you don't want to play anymore, as turning off then turning on your PS2 to boot into another disc/OPL will kill your fan really fast, use the reset function for this instead. Now this seems like really dumb advice, but a PS2 without a working fan will turn off automatically after 20 minutes, i discovered this after my fat PS2's fan died alongside the GPU, rest in pieces and after i thoroughly cleaned my slim PS2 then forgot to plug in the fan.
>>472262 Thank you very much. One last question, is it safe to turn off the n64 running an everdrive by just pressing the power button when i want to turn off the game?
(178.40 KB 241x417 the defenders.png)

So back in the heyday of Xbox 360, when I was but a wee faggot yet to ruin my life with constant imageboard browsing, I enjoyed the plethora of indie games available on the arcade marketplace. Thankfully, I still have the same Xbox 360 I did back then, so I can go back and play all my favorite indie games I downloaded, EXCEPT ONE. This fucking game is corrupted on my system and won't play anymore, and I can't find anything about it online—no copies for emulation, no site for the game, fucking nothing, and it's probably because the game has a title that's impossible to find anything for. This game isn't even on very many archived lists of all the games that were ever available on the XBLA, so I'm half convinced it was something that came into existence for me alone to download it before it disappeared forever. In the off chance this isn't the case, can anyone at least confirm that they've seen, heard of, or played this game themselves? And if so, do you know of where I can find fucking ANYTHING for/about this game in current year? Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I can only hope my delusional ravings about The Defenders will not go unanswered. Admittedly, it wasn't that great a game, but dammit, I had a soft spot for it in my heart at one point, and just want to be able to go back to it.
>>472375 glasgow? either way you gotta go
>>472375 >The second wave is a mobile version of Dungeon Defenders. ... August 25, 2010 - Dungeon defenders head to PSN, XBLA, PC this fall. Games Rover. Looks like it's a mobile version of https://store.steampowered.com/app/65800/Dungeon_Defenders/ .
(316.79 KB 532x582 ed thumbs up.png)

>>472380 Thank you, I am not sure how I missed this collection. At least now I can die in peace.
>>472380 Now that I have a modded Xbox I should check out a lot of the weirder games I saw in the store but never wanted to spend money on. Like all those massage games.
How's Xbox emulation? Can you play Panzer Dragoon Orta yet?
>>472519 >How's Xbox emulation? getting better >Can you play Panzer Dragoon Orta yet? https://xemu.app/titles/4947002b/#Panzer-Dragoon-Orta apparently Haven't tried it personally, from what I've heard playable means far from flawless, graphical effects not working etc. see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRaiSvtpLeg
(105.26 KB 327x170 Marriage.png)

Are they just decoration for your house or do they actually help you or something in Harvest Moon games?
>Have old 16-bit game I want to replay >Apparently updated to work on 32-bit versions of modern OS's (including Windows 7 and 8) >Have Win 7 64 bit >Dont have keys for 32 bit versions or older versions of Windows I can probably track down the installer no problem, where do I even find keys for that shit in this day and age? Also, I was considering just wiping my laptop (refurb Thinkpad) and installing it. Or does anyone have a retard-proof guide for dosbox/win xp emulators handy?
>>472813 >Apparently updated to work on 32-bit 32bit applications work on 64bit systems.
>>472813 this >>472821 And if for some reason it doesn't work activating windows is trivial.
>>472830 >>472821 >32bit applications work on 64bit systems. It's not a 32 bit application, though. It's a 16 bit app that runs on 32. The installer won't even launch on 64 bit. >Activating Windows is trivial Just the same, I don't have any keygens handy, since it's been nearly a decade since I needed to hunt anything down
>>471632 The 1st game was ported to PC. Try Dolphin for the second one if it's not a GPU-less potato like mine's
>>472172 I would recommend getting a soft modded ps2 with a hdd to run your games.
>>472161 Yeah turns out it's a shitdroid fork of PCSX2 done under another name because he's skirting the licences terms really hard. >>472172 >I thought ps2 emulation was mostly solved? It's not horrible but depends heavily on what you want to play, how willing you are to deal with small graphical issues / play at native res and what computer you've got.
>>472856 I need to figure out how to connect wii controllers to the pc and get them infrared lights and shit.
>>471632 If you like the flying of NiGHTS, I suggest checking Rodea The Sky Soldier, also for Wii (not Wii U, which is a port of the 3DS version, and therefore inferior to the Wii version). It's Yuji Naka trying again and basically doing NiGHTS but in 3D.
>>472923 >Rodea The Sky Soldier Interesting, thanks. Will add it to the backlog.
What was the point of Persona 5 when Persona 5 Royal came out about two weeks later?
What's the differences between Necromunda Hired Gun and Necromunda Underhive Wars?
>>474049 One is a FPS and the other is a turn based combat game.
Is the word Ban just a short version of Banishment?
Why do anons keep on asking such stupid fucking questions?
(73.17 KB 740x870 ClipboardImage.png)

(711.80 KB 854x480 the people are retarded.webm)

>>474815 A quick search found this. >>475052 It is in their nature.
>>472148 It's semi mobile at any rate although frankly it still looks a bit bulky to me.
(3.95 MB 1680x4082 VITA_games.png)

/r/ing the PSP chart that looked very similar in formatting and style to this one I can swear it existed but I can't find it
>>475331 Oh no I meant almost exactly same formatting with the blue tile format and all, those are different
(3.33 MB 2038x6500 PSP v2.jpg)

(1.35 MB 1087x3975 PSP v3.jpg)

(982.66 KB 2000x2547 PSP v4.jpg)

(2.94 MB 2763x5000 PSP.jpg)

>>475319 Most likely it's the first pic, but just to be sure, have all the graphs I have for the PSP.
>>475363 First one is what I had in mind, assuming that's the most up to date version of it available Thank you anon
>>475368 Even if it's not the most up to date version, there's still plenty of games to choose from, plus I posted 3 other graphs, so you have even more to choose from, though I am sure 80% of the games are the same on all 4 lists.
If I wanted to get involved with the Wizardry series, which versions of the games should I play? I know there's like 20 different versions of the first game (Alone), and almost a dozen different remakes of it as well, so I wanted to know what versions are considered playing for the "go-to" experience.
(43.62 KB 400x310 ClipboardImage.jfif)

I have a Raspberry Pi set up with Retropie and EmulationStation, and loaded with full sets of every game for basically all cart based systems (since the files are so small anyway) + whatever disc games I feel like playing at the moment. The ability to automatically download (almost) all of the covers for the games is really cool, and makes it a lot more fun to just scroll through and pick random games I never heard of before, based on the cover. But the one thing I'm missing is manuals. For a lot of old games, reading the manual was an expected part of the experience, and while I can usually just go and google the manual, it's a lot less elegant than the manual being included with the game, so I could just click on it from the game selection menu, like it was part of the game, which it's supposed to be. So basically my question is if anyone knows some way to get a front end that would allow me to select and read manuals the same way I can select and play games. Doesn't need to be Retropie or EmulationStation or even workable on a Raspberry Pi, but that's what I've been using lately, so if I could get it working on a Raspberry Pi, that would be cool. Also, if the only way I could get it working is manually downloading the manuals and putting them on the system myself, that's better than nothing. I guess I shouldn't expect a way to automatically download them all like with the game covers. Another cool thing would be if I could get cartridge/disc art shown along with the box art, since you would usually see that when playing a game on a lot of systems, and even if you don't, you see it when you put the game in. It's part of the experience. Go play Raiders of the Lost Ark without context and you won't even know it's Indiana Jones, but if you're playing on an actual Atari, which is supposed to be sat on the table in front of you, so you can use the switches, and the cart with the picture of Indiana Jones and the title of the game is sticking out of the top of the system, then yeah, now the game actually does look like Indiana Jones and it's actually pretty cool. In fact, since most of the games I'm talking about are 4:3 anyway, I would make it so the cart/disc art is shown in some the remaining space on a 16:9 screen. I hate using borders, but I would like putting actual relevant material in the border space. Maybe there is some sort of system that already does this, but I don't know. Also, while I used the Indiana Jones example here, obviously there are games that have cart/disc art that doesn't match the box art. Especially disc based games. >tl;dr: Is there a way to select and read manuals from something like EmulationStation?
>>475584 Just google manual you lazy nigger.
>>472540 In like 60-70% of them, yes. Depending on the game they can sometimes make you Food and/or help around the farm. They often unlock new events as well.
(94.85 KB 1060x852 2 neese.jpg)

Does Drakengard 2 have a less retarded camera? Just gave up on the first one.
>>475856 I mentioned in my post that I can (and currently do) just google the manual. But it's an inelegant solution. Of course I can play all these games on any old toaster computer, including the one I'm typing on right now, but there is an elegance to an emulation machine with a good frontend that lets you scroll through a series of covers until you see one that looks worth playing and just click on it and play the game. It's also nice that this stuff can run on tiny computers that I can easily carry to other rooms or to friends' houses. But the only thing it's missing is the manuals, because for a lot of old games, the manuals are a very intended part of the experience. Having to step away from the machine and google for the manual on a different machine is antithetical to the appeal of a emulation machine or a nice frontend. A way to include the manuals in a system like this would be nice. Cart/disc art (in addition to box art, not replacing it) would be nice too, but that's a secondary concern.
(176.98 KB 683x1024 1571627347515.jpg)

I can't seem to copy the cover art to my modded ps2? Everything is where is it's suppose to be since i followed a guide on Youtube, i have the ART folder on the flash drive, i go to mass:/ copy the ART folder but when i copy it on hdd0:/ +OPL/ on ulanchELF v4.42e it just freezes. I've tried other flash drives and i can upload games to the hdd, so i don't know why it won't let me do this.
What's the best way of playing the (original) Homeworld games and the Legacy of Kain games? >>476311 It's much less, uh, fuck, to play(As in nowe moves faster and his attacks are faster and has a much larger area of attack to it so the combat is like a sub-par musou game instead of a dogshit one like 1 was) but the camera still fucks with you a bit. Chapter I think 4 and 8(the ones set in really narrow corridors and hallways) will really be annoying and if you're planning on 100%'ing it which I doubt it considering how it involves replaying the entire game three fucking times, each time getting harder to the point that you can almost get one shot.
>>476458 Exactly how many cover arts are you trying to put on your HDD? >ulaunch Use wlaunch. >copy and paste Cut and paste, if you ever want to put modded/100% save files on your memory card/HDD do the same, some games with anti-piracy protection (mainly tri-ace stuff, most KONMAI games on ps1 as well) shit the bed unless you do this.
>>477084 I'm trying to copy 90.1MB of cover art (some covers are already there). I used wlanch v4.43x_isr and and i cut and paste, and it still just freezes while saying "pasting...". it used to at least show the images being overwritten but now it doesn't even reach that point, it just stops till i give it a reset.
>>477084 That's 90.1MB and 1,616 files of cover art, including CDs, case edges and backgrounds. I'm overriting a lot of already added art, so it's really only for a few games that haven't gotten the art.
>What's the best way of playing the (original) Homeworld games and the Legacy of Kain games? Do you mean which order to play them in or what?
>>477271 Just what versions are the best to pick. I know LoK Blood Omen and Soul Reaver are both on PS and PC, while Homeworld I found the original game because gog/steam only offers the remaster but I couldn't get the original to work on my hardware, something about rendering engines.
>>477273 In regards to LoK, I think the first one's PC port should run okay but bear in mind I played it more than 10 years ago. Soul reaver apparently the pc port's not great and needs a bunch of fixes so you're better off emulating it. Sorry I can't be much help in that department since I mostly played the originals one playstation.
(6.46 MB 720x700 soul reaver menu.gif)

>>476945 Id say for LoK, youre better off playing the PSX versions.
>>477287 I remember playing the PC port some years ago and it had a really strange bug where all dialogue was duplicated. Somebody would finish talking, then their audio file would play again in its entirety.
>>476945 >>477287 >>477309 I've never played the PC ports of the LoK games, but I've heard the port of Soul Reaver lacks the dynamic music from the PS1 version.
>>477277 >>477287 >>477309 >>477696 So for LoK just emulate the playstation versions, cool. Any ideas about Homeworld? I know Cataclysm was re-released under "Homeworld Emergence" because apparently blizzard are a bunch of faggots, but what about the original/homeworld 2?
>>477721 Ive heard the remaster is pretty much the best version.
>>477721 >>477742 HW1 is ported to 2's engine in the remaster and the gameplay changes because of it. I also don't like Gearbox's idea of adding unnecessary "panelation" to the ship surfaces.
(34.21 KB 460x215 header.jpg)

If my fetish body part had an entire game made for i'd also buy it, but feet fetishism is comical to me regardless.
Why do kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
>>478486 What the hell is the appeal of feet? I don't have the foggiest notion as to why people are attracted to them. I'm starting to feel like feet fetishists are a meme at this point, someone please enlighten me.
>>478543 I think it's been said that the parts of the brain that recognize and process different parts of the body have the sections governing feet and genitalia close by one another, so footfags literally have wires crossed in their brains that redirects sexual attraction to T&A to feet.
>>478543 It's a kink. If you have it, you get it without any help; if you don't have it, you'll never truly get it but, at best, some distorted mapping of it onto your own sexual kinks. >>478546 I don't believe functional brain imaging techniques have been around long enough for people to make those sorts of conclusions in a definitive way yet.
>>478543 Depends on a person to person basis; honestly I think people just really like every part of a woman and some have more aberrant tastes than others
>>478557 >It's a kink. If you have it, you get it without any help; if you don't have it, you'll never truly get it but it's possible to become sexually attractive to sexual kinks that you wouldn't normally have.
(20.98 KB 244x340 image.jpg)

Does the wii Resident Evil Archives games have anything special in them that aren't in the gamecube one?
>>478486 oh god i agree with you anon feed and toes are so fucking hot ughhh your brain is defective and I feel sorry for you, but at least your not gay or a furry >>478559 I saw a beautiful girl with braces smile at me before and I immediately fell in love with her braces and thus gained a thing for them. Wouldn't even mind getting my pubes stuck in her teeth or what not.
When Mario galaxy was out, people on gaming forums would say that it wasn't creative, that it was the same as Mario 64. It wasn't new, but i think the use of gravity was creative, am i wrong?
(4.29 KB 275x183 fut.jpg)

>>478543 Here's one hypothesis: Horny loser reveres women as a concept. Women are beautiful, graceful, provocative, sensual and totally above him. He can but bow down at a distance, and "love" the lowest part of her as substitute for connection. Feet are sensitive and somewhat intimate, so it maps well to the sexual perversion.
>>478861 Feet are just aesthetically pleasing and have a lot of interesting textures and curves. I'm not surprised /v/ would read (project) femdomshit into it though, that's all /v/ knows.
>>478861 That’s basically regurgitating (((Freud)))‘s explanation for foot fetishism.
>>478868 >Feet are just aesthetically pleasing Haha what? They're weird and knobbly deformed hands. Not to mention damp and smelly.
(1.46 MB 498x382 hmmm.gif)

>>478861 Infants fixate on their mother's face and when they start crawling they should incorporate the rest of the body through interaction with her. If their mother is neglecting them they only see her angry cuntface or her feet so they just fixate on another part of her body instead? That would be much more understandable than "muh philosophy says you're a cuck".
>>478543 You know I don't like macro but I can get it, what I don't get is how it's constantly paired with death and destruction fetishes. Just have your weird giantess waifu, you don't have to make it creepy.
(264.24 KB 1200x1920 CdsQ_HJVAAEQUsq_orig.jpg)

>>478895 Because seeing a powerful girl is hot to some people, taken to an extreme it can be arousing Usually it has to do with that in some way; taking another's life with relative if not incidental and destroying buildings are immensely physically powerful acts, coupled with the natural power that one assumes with larger sizes
>>478899 To be honest I think it's as weird as girls who fetishize serial killers, creepy shit all around
>>478567 >anything special about Archives It fixed a rocket launcher ammo glitch, changed the fonts for some text, and made some small changes to voice files that never carried over to any other versions if I remember right. It has been ages since I played, but I really don't remember anything particularly unique to it beyond what I mentioned. The Wii version did have issues with widescreen so if you are not a fan of having those black borders on it then that may be a deal breaker.
>>478895 >Death and destruction fetishes It’s basically the undercurrent of a lot of weird fetishes (hard vore, snuff, ryona/guro (though I’ve never seen the japs make something where a man is the one getting erotically eviscerated)) It’s a reveling in stepping over taboos in a way where no one gets hurt, despite the real world equivalents being unrealistic or abhorrent (cannibalism, murder, and mutilation) I know it’s heresy to say, but loli is in that same niche of gaining titillation from skirting societal taboos
>>478900 Fiction is different from fetishizing literal murderers but that's fair enough It is creepy, people are getting killed at the end of the day in the contexts where that's the case
Got two questions. I am in the market for a new controller, and from what i've seen the dualshock 4 seems to be the best choice (decent d-pad, perfect layout for retro games, touch pad can emulate the mouse or just serve as 4 extra buttons), however i am not sure if this thing is plug-and-play or if i have to jump through hoops to get it working on PC like i did with my now dead dualshock 3 (scptoolkit, if a game/emulator doesn't recognize it use x360ce, if the game is so old it doesn't take x-input you're fucked), anyone here who already has one of these can tell me if it's worth it or if i should just get a wired 360 controller? Can anyone point me towards a site that hosts the original iso of dark souls PTDE? Everywhere i look they only have an "elamigos" repack, but no matter what i do, the game just doesn't fucking work for some reason either vanilla or with dsfix, i double click on it but it simply doesn't even launch. All my drivers are up to date and i've installed just about every service pack or whatever they're called, i'm using windows 10 LTSB.
>>478948 You need DS4Windows to get it up and running but it's simpler than setting it up with a Dualshock 3 one, or so I've heard. I heard the PowerA wired controller is decent for both the PC and Xbox One, comes with 2 extra buttons on the back, stereo headset jack, and detachable USB cord for under $35. Unsure about its dpad if you want to play fighting games since most xbox modeled controllers are notorious for having poor d pads for precise movement. For strictly retro games there's these USB controllers: http://retro-bit.com/sega-saturn-control-pad-with-usb-black.html http://retro-bit.com/controllers.html But I never tried any controller after using DS3 myself, so I'm afraid I can't personally verify any of them.
(158.81 KB 716x709 A Billion Wikcked thoughts.png)

>>478543 >>478868 A Billion Wicked thoughts links foot fetishism to submissiveness. There was also a pornhub blog entry that showed related search results and femdom and feet were searched together, although it's really hard to find the blog entry so disregard it if you want.
>>478903 Thank you.
>>479298 Has me curious then, is it possible to dom and be into feet? What does that look like? Shackling a woman's feet in a pillory and licking them against her will? Forcibly holding her feet in a cocksleeve like fashion and using it that way? How does one be into feet and dominate at the same time?
>>479304 I remember that there was a guy on a game forum who would post art of video game women being shackled up and forced ticked, so i guess that would be it.
>>478884 Your hands are weird knobbly deformed hands, nerd.
>>479311 I thought of that, but I think it's cheating. Tickling is it's own thing. Ticklefags are obligate feet/armpitfags because those are the parts of the body that are most ticklish. A ticklefag that isn't into a feet or pits is in the minority. Assuming you don't let tickling in, how does one dominate?
>>479314 Off the top of my head i'd say to enjoy feet from a dominate position grabbing women by their feet or some bondage that lets their feet exposed. I don't know i'm not a foot fetishist.
>>479333 Mid-sex sole licks.
>>479347 Were there games released this year? I didn't play any of them.
>>479347 I heard a passing rumor the GOTY for the Video Game Awards were leaked, and the winner was Ratcher & Clank: Rift Apart Probably because the judges are graphics whores and ride on Sony together with Hideo Kojima and the Dewrito Pope.
>>479347 Depends on the genre you like.
>>479335 That's not dominant.
(221.93 KB 463x600 1614385126240.png)

It's my first time playing through Bayonetta 1 and I'm struggling to even get a silver award at the end of each level even if I average a gold star for each battle therein...what am I doing wrong? Is this expected behavior for a first time playthrough? I find myself needing to use 1-3 items for each level not counting the bosses. The perfectionist in me is troubled by not getting at least a gold each level.
(46.29 KB 513x485 chie feet 01.jpg)

>>479586 >It's my first time playing this game, why am I not blowing through it and 100%'ing every level? Am I doing something wrong? You may want to consider altering your expectations to something less retarded.
>>479594 I had no such issues with other Platinum games - W101, MGR, Madworld, etc. Let's turn this question around on you, do you think it's normal to consistently get stone awards after each level? Huh?
>>479645 Yes. Bayonetta is the hardest of Platinum games.
>>479586 Bayonetta is definitely the most unforgiving when it comes to trying to Platinum a level. Skipping a Verse gives you a worse penalty to your ending rank then even getting a Stone rank. If you are going for Platinum in a level You need to do All of the Verses. so you can't skip any optional hidden fights, you need to find all the Alfheim Portals and beat them every time you attempt the level. It's pretty much impossible to know where all of the hidden things are the first time you play the game, they can be extremely easy to miss. Even when you know how to find an Alfheim Portal sometimes you can take a few steps forward too far and accidently miss your chance to access it and then have to start the level over again due to a checkpoint save. The game can just be unreasonable sometimes which how many hoops it wants you to remember to jump though.
(29.33 KB 712x472 you're hee-hopeless.jpg)

>>479645 For someone of your mindset, getting Enzo awards is just natural.
>>479681 >filename Maybe I have a dirty mind but it looks more like's being pleasured than him being smug
(134.83 KB 308x236 R.gif)

>>479171 So i still need a program to trick my PC into thinking a playstation controller is actually an xbox one. I'll go with the DS4 then, if only for the better d-pad. Do you know if i can remove the battery on this thing and essentially use it as a wired controller? My old DS3 died after the battery inside it no longer held a charge (despite me using it solely with a cable plugged in), swelled up and ruined the pcb somehow. >power a wired No thanks, i use dualshock controllers solely because the d-pad is on the same "level" as the face buttons, having it below the left thumb stick gives me hand cramps, as i prefer using the d-pad for everything. >sega retrobit Those look nice, but i want an all-purpose controller ie 2 thumb sticks and 4 shoulder buttons.
>>479987 >Do you know if i can remove the battery on this thing and essentially use it as a wired controller? Not without taking out the screws and popping off the back, but once you've done that you can remove it easily yes. Also the micro USB connector isn't exactly known to be reliable or secure. But I use the DS4 essentially as a wired controller and it's mostly fine. The worst part about the controller is the start and select buttons being flush with the controller for god knows what fucking reason. They're basically useless to press in the middle of a game with how difficult they are to press so you're better of just binding the touch pad clicks to start and select instead.
>>480016 >Not without taking out the screws and popping off the back, but once you've done that you can remove it easily yes. Also the micro USB connector isn't exactly known to be reliable or secure. But I use the DS4 essentially as a wired controller and it's mostly fine. That is what i plan to do, i just wanted confirmation that the DS4 works without a battery plugged in, i had no idea if my DS3 did but i used it wired all the time as i needed to either dedicate the bluetooth function on my computer to it (and deal with the controller desyncing at random) or buy a usb one and install the drivers to it (which would make the problem even worse). >The worst part about the controller is the start and select buttons being flush with the controller for god knows what fucking reason. They're basically useless to press in the middle of a game with how difficult they are to press so you're better of just binding the touch pad clicks to start and select instead. Oh right, but i already knew how shitty those buttons are, which is why the touch pad was so important to me (in dragon's dogma i could map start and select to the upper part, and the torch and a curative to the bottom), they don't look unusable though. I'll see if i can find one of the "crystal" versions, last year shartmart was selling these for $20. I could get a black one from gamestop/amazon right now BUT they're still $60 and i think see-through electronics are the best.
(16.20 KB 114x142 cannot unsee.jpg)

How many of you don't want to finish your video games? When i completed my favorite game, i feel sad, like i had lost something, i don't want to feel that again, i want to play the same nostalgic game forever.
(77.91 KB 436x413 hee kill da ho.jpg)

>>480192 I've always had the same feeling.
>>480227 >>479776 >>479701 >>479681 Jack frost looks heckin' ho cute tbh.
Best free dvd rip software? Need to rip an old movie on a scratched dvd.
>>480310 You just want to cuddle him like a cat
>>480679 Handbrake is a great open source transcoder, and apparently it can also rip dvd's.
>>480679 MakeMKV Doesn't re-encode anything just dumps the videos into an mkv file.
(234.93 KB 500x915 Solaire greets you.png)

>>480729 My guiding light.
>>479679 Turns out that was the issue, I'm missing verses in each level even though I consider myself very thorough with searching around for hidden battles. Even if I use items or die once, as long as I get every verse then my award is typically gold or silver.
(447.67 KB 1200x675 harry potter.png)

Do you think the Harry Potter legacy game will come to PC, and it will run on wine? Because i really don't want to buy a ps5. Maybe i'll get it for ps4.
>>480950 There is zero way to predict whether or not a game will run on wine or not. If it's a single-player game it's likely to be fine. If it's an online game it's likely to not run because it probably has some stupid anti-cheat. Looking at the developer history for Avalanche Software it doesn't seem like they've made a habit of wine incompatible games. But that is very loose grounds to predict anything on. The wiki for the game says it's shipping on Windows.
>>480683 He makes you give him head pats (in text during negotiation) in SMTV. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=AoXkTTgWCyY They never did that with me though they would usually try to fucking kill me.
>>480959 Thank you,
(23.01 KB 244x340 image.jpg)

I was downloading Wii games and i saw pic related and got excited, then i saw a review of the game and remembered that that the Wii had a lot of cute shitty shovel ware games. It's a shitty fetch quest with boring mini games to pad out the game experience like the tomogatchi DS games.
>>481600 Are there any tomogatchi clones? Preferably open source?
>>481600 What exactly got you excited about this anon? Tie in games are almost exclusively shit.
>>481644 I like "Be the little girl" games, like the Disney princess games, but i haven't really gotten into any of the Hello Kitty games besides a translated one on the GameBoy.
>>481636 I don't know about open source Tomogatchi games but there is a GameBoy or GBColor one where you actually feed a pet.
>>481664 Hello Kitty Roller Rescue on the PS2 was really fucking good, a beat em up on roller skates with babby difficulty.
>>481667 I couldn't fine any basic foss Tomogatchi projects after searching. There's some but they're specifically for unique hardware. I was thinking of just a little simple game or maybe even a terminal application but it seems like no one has made anything like that. I'll try emulating nintendo stuff and see how they are.
>>481668 I'll check it out thanks. >>481706 Sorry anon, i wish i knew more about open source tomogatchi clones, i've only begun to get into linux.
>>481716 Can't know about something that doesn't exist.
What do Linux users do for pirate console programs like wii back up manager, OPL mananger or WinHIIP that only work on Windows (at least by one report saying Wii back up manager doesn't work on wine) ? Are there linux alternatives or do you just use a windows VM?
>>482120 I was fucking there a few years ago when I had a 360 and Wii which both had specific piracy-related software that only worked on Windows. I ended up dual-booting windows which kind of beats the point of using Linux as your daily driver.
>>482195 >piracy-related software that only worked on Windows. You'd think that working on software to aid piracy would help them get the hint on why FOSS is important, but no. This will never stop being funny to me.
>>482219 Most of the scene-fags are Windows users who don't even know what FOSS is. It's a shame. >>482195 I have a VM I can boot up if I need it.
While the whole sale is going on, are there any games worth buying >buying games Yes I know, I'm referring to games which you can't pirate or don't get a good experience from if you do. Basically multiplayer games. Any of those on special for around 5 dollars that are worthwhile?
>>482490 >>buying games <Yes I know No, you don't. Discussion can be had on the merits of buying a physical copy of a game, however buying a game ON STEAM is a grave sin for several reasons.
>>482501 Nothing wrong with buying Kenshi.
>>482120 >Are there linux alternatives or do you just use a windows VM? Windows VM and pass the USB directly through to it is usually a fine solution for problems like that. Good to have a debloated small windows VM backed up somewhere for those occasions, can block internet access so it's basically just a chunky shitty program you need to run once in a blue moon. >>482490 Steam sales look done for now so I don't know what you're referencing. Next time there's a big sale you can make a salefag thread and I can recommend $5 games. But be prepared for brazillian hue monkeys to stomp their feet and derail for 600 posts straight.
>>482490 There's nothing wrong with buying legit good indie games where a sale will help out the dev's it's just retarding buying AAA with a gorillion sales every year.
>>482605 >Steam sales look done for now so I don't know what you're referencing Some third party services are still selling games for cheap. Metal Gear V for example is selling for 3.96 on game billet for example, but that's not really something you'd buy.
I'm finally going to get rid of my iPhone and buy an Android phone. What would you guys recommend? Note that I am going to be primarily using this for apps and games usage, so whatever is recommended needs to support those. If I wanted a super secure phone, I'd get a Pinephone, but that isn't the goal here.
>>482723 Whatever is cheapest. All will spy. If you want to emulate or something, I guess whichever has the best processor.
>>482723 If you're looking for something budget that's going to be really decent get an older phone, unlock the bootloader and install a more recent version of android on it. There is really no reason to pay more than 200 hundred dollary doos on a cell phone in my opinion especially when you can grab an older flagship phone for cheap and it will still run great with an updated rom. I've had my LG V20 for years now and I love it. Been running LineageOS on it this whole time and it really doesn't show any type of slowdown even on Android 11.
>>482723 Google Pixel phones generally, and ironically, are the best for if you want to load a more secure and FOSS ROM. They're also just better for security even with the stock OS because they get core updates for longer than a lot of other phones. Even if that isn't your goal you can achieve it without having to sacrifice much of anything.
>>482724 >>482728 >>482730 Just as long as I can install APKs and run custom applications/code, it's fine with me. Preferably it should have some suitable RAM as well. I can trade in my current phone which I've kept in mint condition and is relatively new due to my carrier's plan.
>>482734 CalyxOS is the rom that works on pixel phones I believe. It's setup to install most of everything. Graphene is the more hardcore one that doesn't work with jewgle store apps for the most part. Calyx compromises on autistic security with some back-end shit to get google services running properly so all the apps should work. At least as far as I've understood it. https://ytb.trom.tf/watch?v=heVNcdq2MKA If you don't go with a pixel then anything that can run LineageOS is fine. Security is all I can comment on since I doubt the majority of anons have any clue about bleeding edge phone hardware. That's above and beyond normalnigger shit and you would be better asking normalniggers about it on leddit if you don't give a fuck about privacy.
>>482738 The problem is that even if you have an OS that doesn't spy on you, and manage to only have free open source apps that don't spy on you on, your phone will still spy on you, because of the hardware, with all of it's black boxes and back doors. You sadly need both secure hardware and secure software, and while there are some phones that claim to not spy on you on a hardware level, they aren't as powerful, spec wise so it's not what OP is looking for. Now even if you had secure hardware and software, they would still spy on you, as long as your phone is connected to antenna, at least they would know your approximate position, and anytime you would talk on the phone with someone, they will tap on it. Of course there are some P2P services that allow you to talk privately, but good luck convincing normalfags to join you on such networks. Now am I saying that being annonymous is impossible, so just let them spy on you? No, I am saying that you should never assume that you are 100% secure, and always be wary of what you say, when you are near your phone, or near a normalfag(since he is also carrying a phone), but at the same time don't go in the other extreme and be too paranoid to function. (((They))) don't care all that much that you pirated that game or said a politically incorrect joke that one time.
>>482745 Privacy is complicated. No one is ever trying to achieve absolute 100% privacy. Being attacked in the ways you're describing is incredibly unlikely. When there is no discernible downside you should always choose to be more private, more secure, and more anonymous. As I understand it there is essentially no downside to using something like CalyxOS, only upsides. In an ideal world we would have android phones that have hardware switches for everything. Unfortunately those are limited to Linux phones which are unusable for the majority of people. I'll never stop working towards better privacy just because absolute privacy is unattainable. We now have laptops being manufactured by people who go out of their way to nuke and neuter things like the IME. It is possible to deal with the proprietary firmware blobs inside of chips. It just takes enough market demand to get it done. Defeatism is not the way.
>>482749 I agree with you, just wanted to make anons aware that a good OS doesn't fix everything and this is true for PCs as well, even if you have the most secure Linux distro. Even if we will never have 100% anonymity, doesn't mean we shouldn't strive for it, as the saying goes "better, not perfect".
So, are there any good new games where you can play as a caveman? Survival and sandbox stuff.
>>482490 not sure if it's still on sale but i bought quake live for a quid last week
>>482868 Where do you live that you can trade sea creatures for video games?
Is there a way of figuring out if a Gamecube disk still works without having to drop a lot of time in completing the games? I'm thinking a program exists where I can rip the game to an ISO file & then having that ISO checked in another program to see if its healthy or a goner.
>>484265 First, let me say that I'm pulling this all out of my ass. Having said that, isn't the usual way of doing that kind of thing to make the iso and then compare its hash to a known good hash someone else has made? I'm pretty sure it'd work that way if you wanted to dump a rom from a cartridge yourself and I'm not immediately clear on why a dump from a disk would work differently. I don't know of a place that would keep such hashes but would be surprised if there wasn't one--but not if there wasn't one for one particular game because of its unpopularity or something, which might be the entire reason you want to dump it in the first place naturally. But if the iso even finishes being created successfully then that ought at least to be evidence that there were no unreadable portions of the disc, unless the software just skips those unreadable parts as a way of bypassing that old ass kind of copy protection, or some other thing I don't know about. Of course there might well be Gamecube specific reasons why I'm full of shit.
>>484265 Rip the game using either a Wii (With GC BC) or your computer's disk drive (It's hit and miss which ones are compatible). If the game cannot be ripped, the disc is too far gone (Had this issue with some PS1 and Sega CD games that I bought).
Why are so many game devs predominately left-wing?
>>484277 Copy protection on discs is actually very simple. Consumer-grade disc readers have a laser that can vary in intensity from thin to thick. Consumer-grade disc writers have a laser that can only write thick data to a disc. The idea is that you can read both levels to validate discs, but only specific authors have access to the thinner lasers that create the copy protection. Kind of a mood point, since it's widely available nowadays
>>484289 Because game development is generally in the realm of creativity with story telling and art being major components of it. Mix that with the fact that only literal retards choose game development over any other programming job in existence since they all pay better for easier work and less hours and it becomes very evident why game developers are all cock sucking losers.
(280.17 KB 128x128 hazy.gif)

What multiplayer games have generally active voice chat? I'm sick and tired of getting the nerve up to fire up a pvp game and wanting a fun social experience full of profanity and trash talk, but nobody fucking talks anymore because of Discord and shit and the game session ends up feeling like a massive blueballing.
>>484314 TF2, source games in general.
>>484315 I just came from TF2 an hour ago and it's filled to the brim with bots. May the devs at Valve burn in hell for what they allowed the game to become.
>>484315 I know TF2 has a lot, but I'm kind of tired of bots and Source spaghetti code lighting my decent rig on fire. A multiplayer game shouldn't chug as if I was trying to run the newest AAA dogshit with an older than 5 year graphics card.
>>484318 *a multiplayer game from 2007 shouldn't chug as if I was trying to run the newest AAA dogshit with an older than 5 year graphics card.
>>484318 There's Day of Defeat. Lot of boomer autists on gun game servers last I checked.
>>484320 Fuck it, it's been a long time since I've touched that game. I should give it another spin.
how to fuck can I make a thread about a game I want to talk about (if one does not already exist) without a bunch of schizo spastics violently accusing me of being a psyop or something equally insane it even happens when I post a thread about a game that's decades old and free to play I don't fucking understand
>>484338 Frame your OP with a heavy amount of self-deprecation and cynicism.
>>484341 I've tried doing that but it's like it swings so far in the opposite direction that it makes it fucking worse and even MORE anons post calling me a psyop jew lizard reddit tumblr 4cuck cuckchan cuckcuck "Trying to fit in" I don't wanna "fit in" I just want to talk about video games I like and there's not always a thread
>>484343 Then talk about video games and ignore autistic retards bitching about things you think they shouldn't. Considering you haven't actually quoted any of these alleged perfectly fine threads of yours I'm not just going to take your on your word that you are of no fault.
>>484345 acknowledging ownership of a thread except maybe within the thread (and even then only because of this gay ID system) is gay and fake
>>484348 So you'll claim that anons are mistreating the quality of your threads while refusing to provide an example of said threads. Like I said, meaningless.
>>484349 what is the point of an ANONYMOUS image board if I'm not ANONYMOUS
>>484351 The reason for your inability to qualify your whining doesn't change the fact that you haven't qualified your whining.
>>484338 Are you the halo infinite fag? You post like him. If so then just make a general Halo topic thread instead. You'd look less like a shill that way. >>484343 >I don't wanna "fit in" You really should lurk more before posting. At the very least then you can pick up on what is going to get you bullied and your thread shit on. >>484351 >if I'm not ANONYMOUS Use Tor then. Or redchannit.
>>484357 fuck you I'll type however I want I don't care if it looks like leddit or some other thing you don't like for some arbitrary reason. I've always typed like this and I've used image boards since I was a tiny baby teenager way back in the early fucking 2000s.
What would be a good drawing for Christmas
>>484377 santa fucking some video game whore
Is there a program or a website that can generate cute sounding female robot voice?
>>484512 15.ai
(1.64 MB 400x300 [Eurobeat_stops].gif)

>>484517 >In other words, if you use 15.ai for your video/project, you may not use any other TTS service for any other portion of that video/project. By agreeing to the Terms of Service in order to use the site, you are agreeing to comply with the above two requirements; failure to abide by these rules will put your project/video at risk of termination. What the hell is this jackass going to do, sending a lolyer to me and suing me to hell?
>>484530 If you make a lot of money? Yes. If not? No.
>>484550 So then I am on the safe side as long my project is freeware/FOSS?
>>484551 You're still in violation of their retarded agreement, but they aren't likely to care. I'd imagine there would be a more permissive service out there though, but maybe not. Creative content always seems to bring out the turbo jews. Plus it's kind of an oddly specific limitation to put on use of the voice.
>>484562 >You're still in violation of their retarded agreement, but they aren't likely to care. Well shit looks like I need a backup plan then. >Creative content always seems to bring out the turbo jews. Plus it's kind of an oddly specific limitation to put on use of the voice. Yeah it is absolutely maddening that they pull shit like this when it comes to their content, I don't know those people are different in mentality than programmers who usually are more happy to share their knowledge.
(47.26 KB 319x238 Thumbs up.jpg)

>>484277 >>484283 Thanks anons, I was able to find out using the CleanRip program on the Wii. One disc had too many scratches & the program spitted out an error. That one sadly seems to be a goner. Another disc meanwhile went all the way through & made an ISO file with matching MD5, SHA-1, & CRC32 values. This will be of great use.
How shit is Chorus? The gameplay shown in prerelease footage looked sort of fun when ignoring the POC womyn. webm unrelated
>>484612 If the disc is a goner and headed for the circular file, you might as well read up and see if you can buff the scratches out. I imagine there's probably a lot of voodoo and outright bunk and a good chance that you'll just get nowhere with it, but if those scratches are just on plastic I think there's a chance you can still get at the info on the disc if the laser can get through to where it's stored. If >>484290 is around maybe that anon has some better ideas. But I'm glad that I helped a little bit.
>>484571 >>484562 >>484530 That was obviously sampled from GladOS. I don't think they have much to stand on in terms of legality.
>>484617 I think I'm going to pirate it soon and see for myself since all the negative reviews aren't helpful when talking about the actual gameplay. The ugly main character looking like something out of that gay Hellblade game isn't a good sign though.
>>484617 I streamed the game recently, here's my take: >gameplay is fucking fun and fast, it's what Redout Space Assault should have been >story is trash and should be ignored. Sheeboons, racemixing, lesbian couples somehow having babies, the only white dude dies in the second act, the main character is nothing but angst angst ANGST like some stupid OC. It's worth a pirate for the gameplay.
>>484996 Are they at least sexy looking lesbian couples or is this one of those faggy "this is art so everything's depressing and everyone looks ugly as sin, no one should enjoy this aesthetically" games?
>>484809 The scratches are on the underside of the disc. I tried using toothpaste since I read people use that & it worked for them, but it didn't seem to do anything for me. Perhaps I'm not doing it right because the directions for it seem all over the place. I also had a few more discs turn up as goners but it thankfully seems to only be games that are shovelware
>>485023 >Sexy lesbian No such thing, anon. And the one you do see the face of is a nigger. As for your other question, I have no idea about the art thing, everybody is either ugly or are wearing helmets. I just boost around, teleport behind enemies, deploy my gatlings and "pssh, nothin' personel, kid".
>>485048 Ah, a "turn all the dialog volume off, skip the story and put on a podcast" game. Cheers.
>>485050 Yes, very much so. The music is kinda neat, the main menu theme was cool. But yes, put on a podcast.
>first time trying to download from myabandonware >0kbit/s Uhhh is it always like this?
>>484530 >>484562 >>484571 15.ai itself is skirting the realms of legality, synthesizing real people's voice without permission is in a grey area. I don't think the guy behind it would have a strong legal case. Also, he doesn't want you to use other TTS software because he's weirdly prideful of 15.ai even though it's based on a neural network system he didn't develop as far as I'm aware.
>>485149 Ah thanks for providing more thoroughly explanation, I was wondering if it was just his attempt to instill fear into people so that they think he has legal rights to make such dubious TOS, something which even Games company are trying to do with their EULA.
>>485149 >>485154 That's interesting. Though at that point one would have to account for the fact that the law is going to inevitably catch up to him and therefore the people also using his TTS. Which means once people realize their voices are being used any projects including them will get their shit stomped in. I suppose you could argue that it's transformative but frankly I don't think that will fly when it comes to literally putting words in other peoples mouths. This is an issue that once people catch onto it is going to have a lot of legal weight swung around. And honestly as much as I despise copyjews, if there's one thing people have a right to protect it's probably their literal voice.
Once the tech exists all bets are off and no one will be able to do fucking anything about it unless it's released commercially, if you are making something for a preexisting product like a mod just distribute it independently as anonymously as possible. If you're kinda sorta violating copyright law with a project, don't tell anyone until it's done and already been distributed, then a C&D won't matter.
>>485205 >If you're kinda sorta violating copyright law with a project, don't tell anyone until it's done and already been distributed, then a C&D won't matter. Does that include the agdg threads here?
>>485205 >>485209 Distributing something completely anonymously and not caring to take credit or any rights associated with it is a different ball game. You would never need to respect copyjew laws in that case.
>>485217 That's why it's the ideal, because copyright law is bullshit.
(282.51 KB 269x370 ClipboardImage.png)

>Project Zomboid How is this game? Worth a buy or a pirate?
>>485311 Either honestly, it depends how much you like survival games. It's one of the best ones but the end-game is very lackluster, but it takes a long time to get there.
>>485338 >the end-game is very lackluster How so if you don't mind me asking?
>>485352 What do you do once you finish "surviving" and you have a fully stocked base that's safe from the zomboids?
>>485352 Once you've setup a fortress and got a sustainable farm going there isn't much of a reason to keep playing. Mind you, that can be very difficult on the harder settings so it isn't too much of a problem until you get very good at the game.
>>485376 >>485361 Ah, I wasn't sure if there was some kind of end game scenario that happens at some point. Sounds like I'll give it a pirate and see if it is something I'll watch for a sale on later. Thanks anons.
(115.08 KB 974x551 Subverse.jpg)

What does /v/ think of Subverse? https://yewtu.be/watch?v=SZfqh88M4-I
>>485694 >wacky self-aware porn game >shows zero gameplay Sounds like it's absolutely shit. I looked at the steam page and apparently the devs banned chinks from their game and all the chinks are rating it negative with a generic copy pasted review that starts with "As a british player.." So I guess the devs are cool for shitting on chinks, game still looks like shit though.
>>485698 The thing is, they banned chinks because they wouldn't provide a translation in the Mandarin they use in the PRC (Because China bans porn games anyway) and instead chose to provide a traditional mandarin translation (The Chinese they speak in Taiwan) and told them straight up it was because Taiwanese will actually buy their game, which made the 50 cent army flip a tit because "Muh Taiwan don't real"
I wish every dev would take a fat shit on China.
>>485694 Was this the one that advertised whoring out your waifu? >>485698 >chinks are rating it negative with a generic copy pasted review that starts with "As a british player.." Not sure why this is so funny to me. >>485707 >chinks don't understand proper chinese Those poor commie bugmen.
>>485694 There was a line in the conversation about white genocide and the mechanisms by which it's occurring. I imagine that if anyone ever points it out to them, they'll remove it (even though it's voiced), but still. Ironic since it's a porn game, which is one of the mechanisms by which it has happened.
>>485694 isn't this that shitty ntr game
>>485311 Fuck, that art made me think it was something completely different. Did you end up pirating it?
>>485716 Downloaded it, have not tried it yet. What game did you think it was?
>>485713 I don't know, can you prove it's an NTR game?
>>458651 >chromium i heard is not FOSS, but is ungoogled so I use it for the newer sites that don't run well with firefox (webapps, banking). >chromium >ungoogled https://github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium
(539.49 KB 1920x1080 sexy waifus.png)

>>485721 It's not in this trailer, but I do remember the devs saying that you would use other aliens to fuck your whores waifus in order for them to level up, I am not sure if you are forced to do so or not, in order to complete the game, but I think what annoyed people the most is that they used the term "waifu" to describe the women in the game. There is an entrie genre of porn games, in the type of "brothel sim", or "slave management sim", in which you buy whores, train them, maybe fuck them, and then use their body to get cash, in order to upgrade your brother and buy new whores. Obviously they are getting fucked by other men, but nobody would call that NTR, nor the player a cuck, and if so, it would be like saying that a pimp is a beta-boy cuckhold, which is ridiculous. The term waifu, come from "wife", so most people when they "waifu" someone they want that girl to be theirs exclusively, not fuck other males. As such, if they would have refereed to these girls in the game, as whores, then it wouldn't have been such a problem, I mean who would waifu whores anyway, but no, they had to go for the term "waifu", because that is a word that it's popular on the internet.
>>482728 Do you think the update to Android 11 from 10 is worth it? >>485719 Something closer to Dying Light.
>>485726 I cannot stand how ubiquitous and commonly used the word is now.
>>485436 The thing is, if you don't set up a fortress and get sustainable farming going, you lose that run. At least the last time I played, there really wasn't in the core rules a good way to stay alive indefinitely by doing anything other than getting raincatchers and farming going. It's almost more of a sustainability simulator that happens to take place in a zombie apocalypse. If you primarily like surviving and learning how to survive rather than exploration or meeting interesting new assholes to not be killed by, it's probably up your alley. >>485694 It's a porn game in 3D that tries to layer a real game (I mean, not one of the traditional porn game genres such as slave training or life simulator) on top, which means that it's shit.
(635.77 KB 746x583 manticore.PNG)

>>485721 >>485726 Found the quote from the Kickstarter, you basically breed dogs manticore to fight alongside your "waifus" and fuck them in bed when they feel lonely. I should also mention, that from the reviews I have seen, you have to date, give presents and do loyalty missions with your "waifus" in order to get them horny and in bed with you, so going through all that work, just to have them fuckings dogs manticore and maybe others as well just feel a bit wrong.
(123.27 KB 626x553 Optional cuckolding.jpg)

>>485764 >>485726 The Steam page says the sex with monsters is optional.

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