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(1.94 MB 1400x5800 cuhrayzee.jpg)
(5.23 MB 5748x6740 PS2 2.jpg)
(4.98 MB 3028x7396 xbox.jpg)
Chart Thread Anonymous 03/01/2021 (Mon) 23:10:00 Id:e4534a No. 250310
Haven't seen one of these in a long time, post your charts.
Something that bugs me about charts is how many games they list are multiplats
(7.86 MB 4272x5044 8v essentials.jpg)
(987.63 KB 1000x3766 cyberpunk.jpg)
>>250316 This is true, I've thought about updating some of these and taking the multiplats off the console exclusive charts.
I wanted to make one for Adventure games made by people who worked at CING, Love-de-Lic, Grasshopper and Human since their games are so similar but I'm too lazy and stupid.
(2.94 MB 2763x5000 psprec.jpg)
>>250366 Yes, the charts need updating. I'm more concerned about the bad games than the multiplats, though.
>all this autism about multiplats Fags
>>250387 >all this autism The thread had four posts prior to you entering it
(3.41 MB 1675x7154 List of Great DS Games.jpg)
(3.95 MB 1680x4082 PS Vita recommendations.png)
(3.90 MB 1497x5840 new 3ds games.jpg)
I have these.
>>250388 It always happens in every chart thread or even when a chart is brought up
Instead of recommended games charts someone should take the time and autism to make a superior ports/best way to play for games from Gens 3-6. It's obnoxious to find the only comparisons done are for the graphics only.
>>250414 >Fire Emblem Fates is recommended If only the person making this knew.
Do they have one for the n64?
(2.62 MB 353x209 1383971981727.gif)
Yeah, many of these charts are outdated or were made by chartfag who just took recommendations from retards with shit taste or didn't know the version of their favorite game was inferior. >>250310 >Saturn chart <Deep Fear as a Jap exclusive when it had an English PAL release and even a leaked US version >PS2 chart filled with shit multiplats Trash >>250316 With the amount of progress OG Xbox emulation is making, charts for PS2 and Gamecube will need a massive overhaul. No one should have to play PS2 ports of third party games. >>250366 >VGM music chart is filled basic bitch shit >that fucking cyberpunk chart with fucking garbage like Watchdogs and not cyberpunk games like fucking JSRF Whoever made these needs to shot in the street. >>250414 >gamecube chart >recommending the shit GBA Player >not recommending homebrew like Swiss
>>250552 While I don't have a chart on hand, I highly recommend playing Myatery Ninja Starring Goemon. The game plays like a 3d platformer with Zelda slapped on top. There's 4 playable characters that you unlock while playing through the story, with their own special abilities. And unlike Donkey Kong 64, you can switch them on the spot.
I hate how, in these charts, a game ALWAYS seems to get in if it's a part of a popular franchise. So, if a platform has Mario, Zelda, Sonic, etc. then it's going to be on the chart, even if it's not a good game. Pokemon X/Y or OR/AS certainly shouldn't be anywhere near a recommendation chart!
>>250598 >I hate how, in these charts, a game ALWAYS seems to get in if it's a part of a popular franchise. So, if a platform has Mario, Zelda, Sonic, etc. then it's going to be on the chart, even if it's not a good game There's a Wii chart like this and it's infuriating, listing trash like Other M as a recommended game. Charts for recommended games are honestly cancer now that I think about it. Some of these charts are pushing 5 years old, and yet you still have people asking WHAT ARE BEST GAMES FOR X, etc. They're only good for instructional shit like getting into a massive franchise or modding games/hardware.
(208.22 KB 1140x641 34392.jpg)
>>250368 Sounds like a cool idea, anon. I wanted to make one about pc 4x strategy games but don't have time to make the research or play all the games. I know everyone just copied Civilization, so it would be more like a flowchart going into other similar strategy games, design like pic related. Honestly i would be more interested in charts focusing in similar games or the ones made by the same developer rather than seeing another "best games" clusterfuck.
(1.11 MB 2850x2550 absurdist core.jpg)
(7.37 MB 1735x4115 dc2.jpg)
>>250572 That too, a lot of these have some absolute garbage games on them
>>250519 The 3DS chart is a cuckchan one that basically amounts to a wikipedia list on every game for the system. >>250604 >Some of these charts are pushing 5 years old, and yet you still have people asking WHAT ARE BEST GAMES FOR X, etc. Just because people don't see them doesn't mean the charts aren't useful, since you can just post the chart at them and tell them to fuck off though imo discussions and recommendations aren't too bad of a thing.
>>250692 >Just because people don't see them doesn't mean the charts aren't useful They aren't. >>250686 >absurdcore Should be called essential faggotcore >essential dreamcast <UT <Starlancer <FUCKING SMASH PACK <shitty port of MOTW <MDK2 <Quake 3 Like I said, console charts are shit. I want murder the faggot that recommended Sega Smash Pack.
(7.76 MB 1655x6625 PS2_chart_revised_v1.03.jpg)
>Updated 2015 Is there a more recent version of this? Oh yeah, and I remember years ago an anon was saying he was making a chart/infograph about Shadow Hearts and Koudelka. Did he ever finish it?
(755.67 KB 1543x2581 so you want to play duke.jpg)
(1.60 MB 1400x3900 so you want to play thief.jpg)
(1.34 MB 1200x2268 vampire.jpg)
>>250699 I have the same one you do so I don't think it was updated.
>>250706 Couple of recommendations for the mods >Alien Armageddon Lets you play as Bombshell(she has her own weaponset), adds a new campaign, touches up enemies and your moveset. >Demon Throne Some progression/store elements, you play as a melee/medieval character or Douk himself. Is there a chart like that for Deus Ex or Descent/Overload?
>>250724 There might have been but I don't have them saved.
(1.10 MB 900x5625 spoopy.jpg)
Its a bit out of date but its the only one I have.
>>250732 Vita chart should be renamed to Vita Games for Normalfags. >another DOS/PC game chart These things really are made by attentionwhores who want to dictate taste.
(1.65 MB 1200x2600 360.jpg)
(4.08 MB 2400x1690 wild arms 1.jpg)
(3.66 MB 2400x1690 wild arms 2.jpg)
(7.75 MB 1735x6850 ps1.jpg)
Is there anything that's actually new and not already in this imgur post? https://imgur.com/gallery/Htbug
Anyone of you faggots got the chart for monster hunter where if you pick longsword you're booted back to the first step?
>>251595 >niggergur Fuck that shit kike.
>>251595 >old 4chan charts only
(269.19 KB 538x538 d8b.png)
>>251567 <worthwhile PS1 games >PE listed under survival Horror >C&C ports >shit ports of CvS, SFA3, and JJBA >MK4 >Clock Tower II >no Deception 1 or 3 >no Wipeout XL >not listing MMX3 as JP/EU exclusive This is the shit I'm talking about. Whoever made this is a retard who just listened to other retards who know fuckall about the system. That someone put Capcom's dogshit arcade ports when they have objectively better ports on anything else is embarrassing.
Is there any chart about mobile/android? Because other than emulation, every "gamelist" I've seen are just gacha, gacha and some more gacha. Is it that much of a shitty platform and/or no one has any brain to do something interesting with touch control?
>>250310 >Cuhrayzee chart >We Shall Wake I’m disappointed that the game hasn’t come up in years. The devs used to frequent 8chan and post about it and even made an 8chan birthday video that was eventually deleted to avoid any controversy that may arise. They said they wanted to make a 2D game first and use the money from that to fund WSW, but I haven’t heard anything of it in years.
>>251686 >spoiler I've been wondering if anyone is willing to play a mobile game that requires a controller.
>>251677 What is it then, a horror themed JRPG? Agree with you on the rest though, they didn't even mention you should play akumajou dracula X (which has several translation patches by now) over SOTN since it keeps the two familiars that were dummied out for the western release and removes the hidden holy sword in the coliseum (which effectively has 50 ATK due to holy element, 80 when using the special move).
>>251686 It is that shitty of a platform anon. The struggle to find a natively developed game for it that isn't dogshit is not for anyone without the greatest levels of pain and boredom tolerance. Let alone that information getting out to anyone because who the fuck would care about finding a good game on such a shitty platform. A good game is almost antithetical to the point of mobile as a gaming platform is the sad thing. >>251687 I wasn't really following curayzee threads back then, got any archives or screencaps with history or anything showing this?
>>251690 >a horror themed JRPG? Yes >>251691 Trying way too hard
>>251696 >posting a pasta is trying too hard Anon I-
>>251700 >muh pasta No >>>/cuckchan/
>>251692 >I wasn't really following curayzee threads back then, got any archives or screencaps with history or anything showing this? No screencaps that I know of. I’m pretty sure this was back in 2015, though I can’t say for certain because I primarily used other boards for that year. There were these guys who shilled their game a little bit, and it was pretty impressive what they came up with since it was their own proprietary engine. They seemed cool, made a since deleted birthday video for /v/, and talked about how they didn’t want to use Kickstarter to fund their game even though they had a really solid demo. They opted to create another separate 2D game called Robot Farm or something and use the profits from that to fund WSW. It’s something that I think about every once in a while, but it seems that they’ve ceased development and that’s really bummed me out. Their demo should still be on their site, though if it isn’t I’m pretty sure I have it on a hard drive. It was quite good and continues to serve as inspiration for my own game. https://youtube.com/watch?v=RqA-mXFbaCM I don’t know which invidious instance embeds anymore.
>>251567 DOA Xtreme 2 was not a good game, yes tits and ass but the game was absolute crap. >Too Human Was widely panned, don't recall if I ever got around to it, clearly not memorable either way.
>>252942 >DOAX2 was not a good game Turn in your benis at the door and get the fuck out
(208.85 KB 1280x1024 f9d1816c523b18ce45882124074df538.jpg)
>>252942 It's worth checking out if only for the updated "classic" models of the girls, 5 and beyond made them look more realistic and while they're still beautiful it just ain't the same as pic related.
>>252942 >DOA Xtreme 2 was not a good game, No, the volleyball and jet ski racing made it a legitimately good game.
Anyone have any pc-98 recs?
>>253768 YU-NO
>>253882 anyone else?
>>255297 looking for a chart if anyone has one
Anyone got anything for the N64?
(41.92 KB 737x723 clack.jpg)
>>251567 Alright anon look, for the record I like your PS1 chart it just has 1 problem, some questionable choices and don't even get me started on the genres, with the exception of about 3 or 4 games, all those you can find in the first page of a "best ps1 games list" search. I was hoping, given where I am, that these types of charts, would differ at least somewhat. It's not that it's a bad chart, but it's not exactly anything to write home about. I have to ask though, Tomb Raider 3 but not 1 or 2? No Poy Poy 2? No Point Blank? The Legend of Dragoon? The other 2 Syphon Filters and Medievil 2 didn't cut it? Digimon World 3 but not 1? I liked 3 as well but I wouldn't say it's better than 1, completely different game even. Where's Digimon Card Battle, Where is motherfucking Apocalypse that is such a good game it makes Bruce Willis bearable HOLY SHIT WHERE'S SILENT BOMBER HOW CAN YOU NOT INCLUDE THAT and lastly Ehrgeiz should be included for the stellar dungeon crawler side game if not for the fact that it's the only game I know where you can get Cloud and Sephiroth going at it in a 3D fighting game hope there hasn't been any since that's done this otherwise I'm a dumbass living under a rock And this is just what I can think of and I only had PS1 as a kid.
(472.07 KB 577x657 suzuki mad.PNG)
>>255505 >essentailcore >born after 1990 casual baby >most of the games were released after 1990 >PC chart >all that garbage from 2007 onward >>256537 System specific charts are shit.
Requesting early/any 2000s pc games charts
>>256549 This particular PS1 chart seems to have taken the shotgun approach there's a lot of good games but also a bunch missing and some head scratching inclusions while leaving others out.
We need an n64 list. Will some anon do the work?
>thought of doing a psycho/schoolshooter-core chart >google one of the games Yes I use google because other browsers have the same amount of datamining or their algorythm sucks >get cancerous memes instead >will to do the chart dies I don't even know what kind of software should I use for it, I suck at photoshop and in GIMP I also suck but just a bit less
>>255505 I find it amusing that Witcher 2 was snuck in
>>256678 Good riddance faggot, it clearly was too much effort for you Just post a list and fuck off, at least then you might have done something of value
>>256674 There is an N64 chart in the Imgur list.
>>253768 Farland Saga. The first six games have been translate.
>>256674 No, we don't. Charts for consoles are shit. >>256678 >psycho/schoolshooter-core chart HAHAHAHA XDDDDDDDDDD SCHOOL SHOOTER GAMES LIKE DOOOM AND QUAKE ON CHART Thank god, sounds like it would've been an unfunny meme chart like >>250795
>>256801 Farmland Saga?
>>256920 Are you ok?
>>256678 how about not doing something that will draw unwanted alphabet attention to yourself and this site? also this >>256920 meme charts are gay
>>250310 Dragon Force is some absolute king shit. There is a fan translation patch of the sequel, and it's honestly better then the first. It makes me wish it had come out in the West back in the day, but that's the Saturn for ya.
>>256674 Here's what I can think of: >Space Station Silicone Valley >Mystery Ninja Starring Goemon N64 >Castlevania Legacy of Darkness At least from a curiosity standpoint. Castlevania can work in 3d, the tech just wasn't there yet when they were making it. >Jet Force: Gemini Like Legacy of Darkness, might not actually be that good from what I remember >Chameleon Twist 1 + 2 Feel free to add to this, anons.
>>256674 Custom Robo Custom Robo 2
(222.73 KB 1600x1200 Hitman-_Codename_47_1600x1200.jpg)
>>251595 >Implying Codename 47 didn't have a much better soundtrack than Blood Money https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=XOjytp_YyQM
>>258723 >Super Mario 64 >Mario Kart 64 >Duke Nukem 64 port (one of the decent shooters) >Yoshi's Story >Turok Dinosaur Hunter >Super Smash Bros >Banjo-Kazooie >NFL Blitz 2000
(110.37 KB 512x512 chad soldier.jpg)
>>259200 Great taste anon. I don't get why people hate Yoshi's Story. Maybe it's because I played it as a kid, but I can't see much wrong with it. The only thing I can think of is that, at the time, people wanted a 3D Yoshi game, but because it 3D, people saw it as obsolete.
>>259204 >>258723 >>256674 I'd also recommend the Tribute 64 controller as a cheap alternative controller. It seems the most durable alternative controller apart from the Hori Pad (more expensive/slightly smaller). A friend of mine who had it for 8 months and I assume it's the more durable cheap controller for being small/compact/based off the Hori Minipad. This might be a pleb-tier opinion, so someone let me know. I worry about original N64 controllers because the stick can wear out over-time and needs to be greased and others get steel bowls apparently or home-made remedies.
>>259204 I'd say both Yoshi's Island and Story marked the beginning of playing it safe with the spinoffs, how many retakes of both games have been produced?
>>256674 >Bangai-O >Beetle Adventure Racing >Extreme-G >Forsaken 64 >Goldeneye >Shadow Man >Sin & Punishment >Star Fox 64 >Star Wars: Episode I - Racing >Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D >Tetrisphere >Wonder Project J2
>>256674 >Mario Party 1, Mario Party 2, Mario Party 3 >Hexen >Quake port >Doom 64 >F-ZERO X >Resident Evil 2 >Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask >Namco Museum
>>256674 I might be in the minority about this one, but I really liked Sub-Zero.
>>259236 That game gets shat on a lot. Most people talk about Mortal Kombat 4 or Trilogy I heard Killer Instinct Gold was one of the better fighters on the n64.
>>259238 >That game gets shat on a lot. The control scheme is sort of non-intuitive and and it's got a pretty good learning curve for getting use to it but once you do the game is actually pretty fun. >Killer Instinct Gold I never got a chance to play it but I've heard that it was pretty good too.
(104.58 KB 640x467 Goemons_Great_Adventure.webp)
(2.73 MB 2096x1534 1070-1.jpg)
(97.78 KB 640x468 DNZH_Box.webp)
(11.08 MB 640x492 Monster-Ock.webm)
>>258723 >Mystery Ninja Starring Goemon <"Mystery" Ninja That's Mystical Ninja, Ya Fuck! Anyway, there is also >Goemon's Great Adventure / Mystical Ninja 2 which I really haven't played enough of considering how much I love Goemon 64. >Blast Corps >Duke Nukem Zero Hour >Spider-Man 64 It might be debate able which version of This Spider-Man game is bettter. But the N64 has this wonderful last level comic book cutscene, that Traumatized me as a kid, Spider-Man also isn't yelling out Tutorial advice during the last level in the N64 version, where in other versions he's like "The Vent goes up, I Need to press R1 to zip line up" like it's the last fucking level, the player should know how to fucking Web-Zip up. so to me N64 wins for having the most Scary and Traumatizing version of the Last level
(157.55 KB 1280x720 crusin world.jpg)
(82.61 KB 500x710 n64-cruisn-exotica-cover.jpg)
How are the Cruis'n games on the N64?
>>259307 USA was a lot of fun, especially with a friend. Pretty comfy co-op. I never tried any of the others
>>259307 I remember playing this in arcades over 20 years ago.
>>256674 Turok 1 and 2 are great FPS's for the N64.Rage Wars is fair too a;though it should have been included in Turok 2 instead of being its own separate game.
>>259327 Better than Golden Eye 007? some people contest that it's overrated Turok looks like a fun game and I want to play it as soon as possible.
(11.63 MB 640x360 Fucking Videogames (1).webm)
(11.99 MB 640x360 Fucking Videogames (2).webm)
>>259330 Turok 1 & 2 got updated re-releases a few years ago, not just for PC, but on Xbone, PS4, and Switch. so there not hard to get a hold of at all anymore, unless your really going for the N64 version.
>>259330 >Better than Golden Eye 007? In some ways it is. One of the things that I like about the first Turok is how open ended each level is. There aren't any mission objectives to achieve you just have to find the keys to unlock the next set of levels and optional Chronoscepter pieces to collect as well. You can back out of the entrance portal when ever you feel like it and you can leave the exit portal as soon as you unlock it. The levels aren't all completely linear either. And every level has bonus rooms that you can access from random portals. There's a nice selection of collectable weapons too and the music is great. >>259334 While that's good that the games are more available, I've heard that the re-releases altered the maps to make them easier or something like that.
(92.46 KB 628x713 changes.PNG)
(118.86 KB 1786x970 yB0V185.jpg)
(977.92 KB 1104x872 bHXvybG.png)
(215.62 KB 1720x1728 NZKyc7e.jpg)
(217.92 KB 844x426 Gueloq2.png)
>>259336 Tuork 1 has it's Original levels in the Editor selectable. As for Turok 2 this guy seems to have gotten the changes down.
>>259349 Not big on changing things just because, but I do remember the original Lair of the Blind Ones being a fucking nightmare when I originally played it. Even the "simplified" version of Turok maps are far ahead of anything in a AAA FPS in the last decade. I miss the open objective based maps on the N64 era. Cinematic set-pieces and story corridor shit has had its day and it can fuck right off now thanks.
>>259370 >I miss the open objective based maps on the N64 era. Cinematic set-pieces and story corridor shit has had its day and it can fuck right off now thanks. Is there anything made since the 360 (2005) that actually scratches that itch? It comes off as extremely improbable for every single developer of an FPS since 2005 to have abandoned all of the older gameplay concepts that people originally loved about the genre.
>>259371 Its ridiculous, isn't it? This is a big reason why Perfect Dark fans like me hated Halo. We saw its popularity as a harbinger of things to come, and sure enough "regenerating health, 2 weapons, linear levels with lots of cinematics" came to dominate the FPS world. I can't think of a single game that plays remotely like Turok or GE in the past ten years. Maybe Ion Fury but the only objective is "find the keys."
>>255505 >pic2 Anyone old enough there to make such a list for the Commodore Amiga?
>>259448 >there here
>>259374 >We saw its popularity as a harbinger of things to come, and sure enough "regenerating health, <Started with Call of Duty >2 weapons, <Started with Rainbow Six >linear levels with lots of cinematics" <Started with Half-Life
>>259374 >>259371 Man Halo really became the melting pot of all the consolefag shits that was to come. Come to think of it Halo itself became even more consolified to its subsequent releases, trying to appease to a crowd it itself created.
>>259456 but regenerating health started with the shield system in Terra Nova - Strike Force Centauri if you want to get extremely pedantic it started with Star Crusader's repair system but that required the player to manually reroute power in the middle of a mission
(132.67 KB 950x713 Call od Duty.jpg)
>>259456 >>259456 >"regenerating health, <Started with Call of Duty Halo was released in 2001, Call of Duty was released in 2003 and didn't have regenerating heatlh you niggerbrained retard. Stop posting anytime
>>259553 Halo had health packs also the only thing regen was shields.
>>259553 Halo didn't have health regen, though.
(1.36 MB 360x360 Baby yoda eats a cupcake.mp4)
>>259559 >>259562 Shield regen is still health regen you fucking idiots. Regardless, your bullshit argument to defend Gaylo doesn't hold any weight as Halo 2 was released in 2004 and Call of Duty 2 released in 2005.
>>259567 >defend Gaylo I don't like Halo besides for the thick alien ass, it really isn't the same thing.
(70.12 KB 800x600 SOF2.jpg)
>>259621 >That's literally an apples to oranges comparison How? >Are you some sort of cuckchan shill or something? Are you trying to fit in this hard? I'm thinking you are
>>259550 >>259553 >>259559 >>259562 >>259567 >>259569 >>259621 While we're on the subject of health-regeneration, isn't the only game to get it right is Lost Planet because it's a balancing act of constantly having to find energy, otherwise you die?
>>259647 Does it right, but I wouldn't call it the only one. Regen health by item use is also a good system. The Shield/Health system in Halo is also pretty good, especially since kits are rare and it fits the guerrilla context of the game. Halo 2, that garbage fire of a game, was what really made it shit by making it complete regen health.
>>259647 i also like the tiered health regen in Resistance: Fall of Man
>>259456 >regenerating health >CoD Only once it went multiplat with CoD 2. Actually even then the first console only CoD didn't have it. >blaming tactical FPS for weapon limits Different sub-genre entirely. Funnily this is one you could have tried to pin on the first CoD since it had two weapons + handgun + grenades. Of course that would require having actually played it. >Half Life 1 >cinematics I don't even like HL1 very much but after the intro sequence there's not much in there you could count as forced cinematics even allowing for ones that are in-engine. That's more of a HL2 issue and even there they're still in-engine not cutscenes arguably worse since you can't even skip them. Linear levels is more accurate though linearity isn't necessarily bad as long as it doesn't mean scripted to come out the same way every time. >>259486 Same thing happened to most FPS series when they realised how much easier it was to sell to the console market. Though what actually happened is most of them and even a bunch of non-FPS series sold out to that trend, failed to compete for space with a handful of big name successes, lost their existing fanbase due to the change and died out entirely. >>259621 >That's literally an apples to oranges comparison. Making what is functionally a second HP bar and calling it shields does not magically turn it into something completely incomparable. You'd have a little bit more of a case if the shields were more comparable to how older games did armour systems but even then they're close enough that the term apples to oranges does not apply. That's not to say that having some sort of permanent damage isn't a far superior system to being able to just hide behind a wall and regenerate back from the brink of death and actually the Halo style system can work in a game designed around it.
>>260190 >>259486 >Same thing happened to most FPS series when they realised how much easier it was to sell to the console market >Though what actually happened is most of them and even a bunch of non-FPS series sold out to that trend, failed to compete for space with a handful of big name successes, lost their existing fanbase due to the change and died out entirely. That's why I absolutely hate the late 2000s and early 2010s, to this day I have to see the CoD, Fallout, TES and Battlefield brand be milked for all their worth because retarded consumer whores exist. At least now AAAshit is in heavy decline, tons of people are making mid sized games and the fucking recession is over.
>>260199 >and the fucking recession is over. We were due for another one in a few years time even before chinks infected everyone. Though I welcome the next one since it'll probably be the final nail in the coffin for most AAA publishers.
>>259456 >Cinematics What do you mean? Half-Life is especially known for not having cinematics and having the story be told as you play.
>>260317 Giving him the benefit of the doubt I assumed he was bitching about the idea of in-game walking cutscenes which are actually fairly rare in HL1 and mostly an issue in the second game.
>>259374 >Halo >linear levels with lots of cinematics That's HL2 nigger.
>>260582 >HL2 >cinematics What? You're in control of Gordon all the fucking time from start to finish. Not having any cinematics is what the Half Life series is known for.
>>260585 >Not having any cinematics Oh I must've been conflating cinematics with those times Alex and the other characters would talk about story bullshit while I ran around shooting scaffolding into their faces so they would shut up and let the game progress.
>>260589 Yes. Glad you realized your mistake.
>>260592 >Glad you realized your mistake. I didn't make one.
(907.96 KB 801x3650 fQ8MkRg.jpeg)
>>256674 posting the n64 one this anon >>256793 suggested
>>263925 I noticed it's missing any jp only games though.
>>258723 >Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness What's up with that game by the way? Is it a remake of the previous Castlevania game on N64? Is it a prequel? Sequel?
>>263925 >THPS2 >Duke 64 >Yoshi's Story <recommended Trash
>>263986 >Yoshi's Story What's wrong with it? It's the only decent yoshi game.
(33.19 KB 425x298 51TeTvm8cxL._SX425_.jpg)
>>263989 It's really resistive and too easy >It's the only decent yoshi game wrong
>>263991 Is it as mind-numbingly easy as New Super Mario Bros.?
>>263925 I never got what was so great about Star Fox. I don't think it's a bad game or anything stupid like that, I can see its merits, I just don't understand how some people hold it up to be this god tier game. Is it because I played the Rogue Squadron games first?
>>264079 >I just don't understand how some people hold it up to be this god tier game. It's because "Miyamoto is the Walt Disney of Nintendo", and consider the N64 to be the "peak" of said hallucinations. To summarize Star Fox, it's an arcade 3D shmup with hidden routes and a scoring system. Not much more than that. The original the SNES blew everyone away with it's (At the time) advanced 3D graphics and controllable 3D flight. SF2 was going to expand upon with this ground-to-air battles, full 3D flying; basically building the concept to what eventually became modern space-combat games. However, Miyamoto was furious and envious over how SF2 effectively made SF64 an inferior product, because Argonaut managed to make a SNES game outperform his N64 omnibus, and caused the entire game to be cancelled a month away from marketing. Then, when SF64 came out, everyone was, indeed, impressed because it did build upon and improve the concepts established in the original SF. And, like you said, it was a fun game. However, it wasn't as good as it could have been because Miyamoto has an ego that needed to be soothed, thought he could do no wrong, and has a public falling all over each other praising him to high Heaven. Eventually, after Miyamoto caused Rare to can Dinosaur Planet and make it into a Star Fox game (For who the fuck knows why, some say it's because he thought it should be a SF title because of the furry characters, others say it's because he wanted to retain control over the Dinosaur Planet property), Nintendo decided to hand the series over the Namco, who gave us Star Fox Assault. And, it is a damn good title. A proper evolution of the Star Fox formula, with making the 3D shmup into an arcade third-person shooter fully ground-to-air combat game, with even linear sections to make a well-rounded Star Fox title to please everyone. It does have it's problems, but it was a proper direction for the series to head. However, the "fans" didn't want that. They bitched and moaned about how it wasn't a "proper" Star Fox game. And, the following year, they got Command, which they STILL bitched about "not being good enough" (Rightfully so in some regards, as explained in a little bit). Well, after some years, we finally had Zero, a "return" the the series "roots" in order to satisfy the "fans". However, because Miyamoto's philosophy is literally "If you want to play something that exists, then play that thing; the only reason to make a new game is if you're going to innovate it," (I'm not bullshitting, nor paraphrasing, the guy will not allow another Star Fox or F-Zero to be made unless it has some stupid gimmick attached to it because "How dare" customers want to play more content similar to a game that came out over a decade ago, that they should buy the original game if they want to play that so badly), he shackled the game down with one of the most bullshit control schemes one could ever devise for a flight combat game. And, when the game first debuted, everyone was trying to figure out what the fuck Miyamoto and Nintendo were thinking. In fact, it got to such a damning point that Nintendo actually had to remove Miyamoto from the project, and call in favors from Platinum in order to make the game somewhat salvageable. Well, the game released, it was shit, and that's the current state of Star Fox. Long story short, Star Fox was a good series, once. However, because of so-called "fans" who want to relive their childhood on the N64 and a creator who will not give people the games they want to play, it's turned into a colossal mess of a series where you end up wondering what made the series ever so highly regarded in the first place.
>>264079 Same, also played Rogue Squadron first which spoiled me.
>>264106 Star Fox Zero was good and the controls were great. You just have shit taste.
>>264106 Thanks for your explanation anon. The Star Fox series might be in as sad as a state as Fallout. Star Fox Adventures, while I wouldn't personally call it a bad game, shouldn't have been a Star Fox game. I've never played Command or Zero, but the latter is definitely a tragedy. I think Shiggy should either retire or take a break from game development. He's done a lot of harm in the past decade. >Star Fox Assault was good Couldn't agree more. While it may not have branching paths, it was still a rad game. People need to stop with this "linear = bad" meme. >>264109 Can you blame us for being spoiled? People that have played the Ace Combat games might also be in the same position.
>>264079 It's a god tier game if you don't play it like a retard.
>>264136 Imagine being this delusional
>>263933 > Is it a remake of the previous Castlevania game on N64? Is it a prequel? Sequel? Chronologically and gameplay wise its a sequel, but its story is a prequel to the first Castlevania on the N64. >>264106 >The original the SNES blew everyone away with it's (At the time) advanced 3D graphics and controllable 3D flight. >...it's turned into a colossal mess of a series where you end up wondering what made the series ever so highly regarded in the first place. You got the feeling because Star Fox was only impressive for the SNES and N64 as console games, compared to Computer and Arcade titles of their age it was nothing special. This also puts Miyamoto's behaviour into context, he got a big ego for being the king of his own eco-system. This also explains the dissatisfaction the Star Fox "fans" have with newer titles, they are not bound to the Nintendo bubble and even if they never played them, they have heard and seen better games than Star Fox in the media. Their own nostalgia makes them think Star Fox was a master pieces, but that was never true and this false master piece has long been left in the dust by other titles. If they get a faithful remake of the original, they will be unhappy because they will feel how antiquated it is and if they get an improvement they will be unhappy because its not the glorified master piece of their imagination.
>>264659 >Chronologically and gameplay wise its a sequel, but its story is a prequel to the first Castlevania on the N64. Thanks.
(293.59 KB 680x496 Expert.png)
>>259307 They're inferior to the uncensored original arcade games. With that in mind, I'll give in a quick rundown. >USA Not my favorite and also one with the most censorship. <winning girl has a bikini top in the original arcade game but has a shirt on in the console port. <running over animals doesn't turn them into bloody gibs like the arcade <the ending of the Clintons chilling in the hot tub on top of the white house was replaced with a generic 'Congratulations, you won' ending of your car spinning on top of the white house. >World Pretty good for a home console port. Unlike the arcade where you get treated to the Clintons in a hot tub on the moon, you can actually race on it in the console port (At the exspense of the ending being changed.) Has some unlockable content and a good selection of tracks & cars. Has censorship but not as bad as USA did. <winning girl and flag girls are by default turned off, but you can at least re-enable them in the options >Exotica Completely inferior to the arcade in terms of speed and content. >doesn't have the 'Cop', 'Douche', 'Hippie', and 'Wolf' drivers >doesn't have the Ford Mustang Mach 1, Ford Mustang Cobra, Hummer H1, and Shelby Series 2 cars. Any references of the car makers were also stripped but it's more to do with cost of license >can't even change the paint job, you're stuck with what it looks like. Only in the arcade port can you have different color cars. You know you fucked up when USA of all games on the console can have you change car colors Despite its setbacks, the port is tolerable for what it is. In a nutshell World > Exotica > USA
>>250316 Yeah that really bothers me aswell. I want to know about the games exclusive to the console.
(86.60 KB 650x379 1226014742964.jpg)
Bumping this thread in the hopes that the charts that were recently posted return from being April Fool dust
>>250366 There was an attempt back on Julay/v/ to update the essentials chart but it never really got anywhere then faggotry took over that entire board.
(2.04 MB 2000x2633 1501713384229.jpg)
(235.46 KB 720x1196 hX1GsDp.jpg)
(1.94 MB 1399x1606 1466817194480.png)
(3.86 MB 2829x8386 1589387564970.jpg)
(8.92 MB 4272x5044 essentials.jpg)
>>275732 This is the most recent one I have saved but >>275941 looks newer. Haven't seen that one before though. The jpg compression artefacts are getting so bad now that some really just needs to remake is from scratch.
>>275957 >>275949 >>275947 >>275941 Thank you for reposting the charts. Now I could've sworn there were charts made of recommended rom hacks, for instance Super Mario World
(237.38 KB 640x360 disgustatfakeswedes.png)
>>275957 >SJR >EO:U Go original or go home
(548.14 KB 1034x3662 1468416054013.png)
(811.49 KB 1600x3000 1469532678283.png)
(1.03 MB 948x4953 1470411566861.png)
(873.34 KB 1434x804 1468421742802.png)
Does anybody actually follow charts? It feels like they're posted exclusively as taste-reaffirmers
(9.69 MB 5276x7216 julayEssentials.jpg)
>>275732 >>275989 I have it right here.
(2.36 MB 2829x5603 girl game.jpg)
>>276412 You're the best! I only have this other chart saved from some time ago. I think there some anons were going to update it with more games but I haven't seen any updates since then.
(22.00 MB 3181x8665 loli games 3.4.png)
>>276508 Here's an updated version.
>>275989 The date says it was made a couple days before the FBI shitstorm, fortunately someone saved it.
(50.27 KB 402x345 all smiles.png)
>>276593 Fantastic, looks way better now that I can tell what platform their games are on! Thanks again!
Charts are for people too stupid to read. And offer no discussion, context, or even quality submissions. a "top X" games chart is voted by barely a 100 people and people retarded enough to vote are often of such an IQ that the results don't even offer any reliability other than maybe how popular a game is. At best these threads will complain about the inaccuracy of the charts, rather than outright shunning the concept altogether, like you should. Talk about video games instead, I double dare you.
>>275989 >The jpg compression artefacts are getting so bad now that some really just needs to remake is from scratch. So just save it as a png you fucking retard.
>>276485 For some reason it still looks wrong compared to the old one I think maybe its the wider spacing between the blocks of covers. Also do you have the gimp xcf for the chart or at least a png? >>275941 >>275989 >>276602 Frankly the 2019 one looks like it was mostly changed for the worse. For example I can't imagine what possessed chartfag to remove San Andreas, Vice City and the ever underrated Chinatown Wars in favour of GTA:IV and that's just one complaint. >>276470 Most of them are shit honestly.
>>276470 Taste reaffirmers can be an important thing to help one know that you aren't surrounded by as many retards as other places anon
>>276470 No, they're for retards with unrefined taste and no sense to seek things out on their own , and usually made by retards. Charts covering specific games with longevity (i.e. Doom or anything with extensive modability) and franchises are somewhat helpful, but platform specific charts are all uniformly terrible and genre charts are even worse. Don't get me started on meme charts (WEIRD GAMES CHARTS BY VEEE XXD) like what this faggot suggested >>256678 are cancer, and really affirm these things are to let redditors, twitterfags and normalfags in.
>>276708 They also publicly let faggots know what SUPER SEKRIT EBIN CHANNERS play so they can infect the place. Kill yourself for being a pussy with no opinion of your own. There are games many niggers here enjoy and I think are trash. On that thought, people like you should go to >>>/reddit/. That's the perfect place for wanting fake validation for what electronic time wasters you enjoy.
>>276801 >>276804 ass blasting
>>276866 cuckchanning
>people are recommending fps games just because they're on n64 Are you all retarded? >>276801 my nigga. Charts are even worse than youtube reviews. Chart threads will always only ever be about the accuracy of the charts, rather than actually discuss games. It doesn't even teach you what version to play, what mods to install, they're so shallow, so surface-level that I truly believe just typing the word video games into google you'll get the same pictures in the exact same order. Luckily I'm not forced to come to this place for my high quality hobby discussions.
>>276593 Yeah, well, what about games that let me play as a loli and have a wholesome relationship with a shota?
>>277088 >Are you all retarded? They're charts anon, they're especially made for the lazy and retarded.
>>276706 >Also do you have the gimp xcf for the chart or at least a png? I do not because I didn't intend to add anything. Plus, the main anon that was working on it went on hiatus because he was studying for finals at the time.
(668.57 KB 2000x1737 Pokemon Rom Hacks (No BG).png)
(736.59 KB 2000x1737 Pokemon Rom Hacks.png)
I decided to be autistic and create this quick and dirty chart for Pokemon rom hacks. Please no bully. Feel free to take it and add to it as you see fit.
>>275989 >>276485 >doesn't include wind waker
(149.88 KB 1033x774 1574557442052.jpg)
>>285136 Pokemon Wack Version
>>277949 That's a shame but hopefully he shows up.
Charts are awesome, stop shitting on them. Even if only 1/4 of the games in there are actually good, that's a much better ratio than you can find anywhere else.
(58.69 KB 498x382 can you not.jpg)
>>302340 >Charts are awesome. >TOR.
>>302410 >barebacking your ISP is a virtue
>>302411 There's VPNs for that
>>264106 StarFox is one of the few shmups I enjoy because you don't die in 1 fucking hit.
>>264106 If the only thing shit about Zero was the controls, couldn't they just release a Switch version with better controls?
>>302695 I imagine Platinum is busy enough with Bayonetta 3. How much did Zero use the touchpad for though? I tried the Wonderful 101 remake, but I was put off by the presence of the second screen overlayed on the regular screen to the point that I considered pirating the original.
>>302624 Are they free?
(41.22 KB 888x558 1468922573902.png)
>>302868 because im backtracing your activity through the hidden CIA honeypot monitoring machine, the cyberpolice is heading to your home address right now to shoot your dog, destroy your property, and plant CP on your computer so that they can then proceed to arrest you for it. now seriously, TOR has a set of hubs that act as a directional gathering point for most of the content on TOR, something like the shadow tranny conglomerate in the middle east helping the poor opressed gay trans nigger muslim community would be advertised clear as day in either the hiddenwiki, topiclinks, or another such link list, and i haven't seen jackshit. its mostly CP links and under the table crypto trading
>>264079 Feel the same way about Perfect Dark games>>250366 >>250366 No love for FF games King's Field/ AC missing from the music but surprised Forever Kingdom is in there.
>>302624 Then your VPN provider has the data instead.
>>303121 Not if you use a non-shit one
>>303174 If you choose to believe them sure.
>>303674 Eh, you can see what happens in the court cases and attempted seizures like for example, expressVPN being raided by the turks but their servers didn't have logs so the government got fucked.
>>303174 >>303674 >>303679 Isn't Mullvad VPN one of the good ones?
>>303679 You can vet a VPN provider to some degree yes, but companies change and can always be infiltrated/leaned on quietly or technically compromised by competent non-roach government agencies if needed. For the average consumer you'll likely be fine with almost any paid provider (otherwise they have serious motive to make cash off you another way) of reasonable reputation but if you're dabbling in things that are locally illegal or otherwise questionable to a degree you might be targeted specifically I wouldn't trust a VPN alone. Of course if you start getting very high profile there are a few semi-practical ways to try and deanonymise TOR users too but that's really far beyond what most people need to concern themselves with. So you'll be fine if turks try a mass data seizure against your provider but if you're worth watching enough I can almost guarantee you no anons are that a western agency quietly asks or otherwise forces their way in to watch what specifically you are up to things are different. I mean I personally use a few paid VPNs myself so I should probably have been clearer that I didn't mean they're worthless, just that you're then making your provider the likely point of failure rather than your ISP. >>303680 From what I know yes but I've never really looked into them at length.

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