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(63.65 KB 799x599 Not dark enough.jpg)
"Gamers" boycott Genshin Impact for Racism and Pedophilia Anonymous 04/07/2021 (Wed) 02:25:56 Id:8dc04f No. 279524
https://archive.ph/KUsKD They didn't raise an uproar when they censored Hong Kong and Taiwan in multiplayer chat but now they're boycotting the game because it didn't make 2 dark characters dark enough and made a the race, the Hilichurls, "The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses. They look very similar to humanity but seem to have lost both their intellect and spirituality. Their presence on the continent has been recorded for over a thousand years, and yet they have neither history nor civilization. "Since the pitch-black calamity from five hundred years ago, they have begun to spread in large numbers across the land. They are not very strong, and they lack organization, but they nonetheless bring sizable trouble to humans every once in a while." There's also a confession to a child NPC accused of pedophilia which seems like just a mistake since they were an adult in the beta but the line wasn't updated when they were changed to a child. I would like it to work because I don't like the game personally but it's a free-to-play game. I think free-to-play games are immune to standard boycotts. They made $1 billion on mobile alone in six months just recently. If riot games can get away with farting in their employee's mouth, what makes anyone think this boycott has any legs to stand on? Also, these "gamers" seem like journo buddies to me since their accusations are progressive left 101. They'll forget about with next controversy next week. I haven't heard about #freemelee in a while so this will probably be similar in uproar.
(53.23 KB 453x720 EB2otUjXYAAzb-q.jpg)
>Chinese game makes some dark CHINESE characters. >American Nogs can not understand that Asians can have dark skin automatically think it is chimp POC characters. >Chimp out because not chimps do not look like chimps. Sadly this does not surprise me in the slightest.
I doubt anything will come of this. It sounds like standard twitter bitching. Hillchurls are not going to get anyone motivated, that would be like saying that wookiees are racist. Plus no-one got sad that John Boyega got censored out of star wars, why would this be different. I 'finished' Genshin in as much as is possible and it is OK. Not great but not terrible, and with some remarkable points. I don't really have a desire to go back. The most striking thing to me was how unnecessary the kernel level anti cheat was in the game. I played on Android on a burner phone so it didn't affect me, but the game seemed like it honestly didn't need such a strict measure.
>>279524 These fucking Baizuo retards, the Chinks don't give a shit and will just laugh as your impotence, hell they are probably planning on how to fucking use these useful idiots to cancel their competition.
They should boycott Genshin for being a gacha game.
nigger those aren't "gamers" those are women on twitter. Even the article's headline is funny since it doesn't even say "Genshin Impact Players", but "Genshin Impact critics" Its a chink gacha at the end of the day so you shouldn't be playing it, even if they did outsource parts of it to the Japs so they could lure people in because its slightly higher quality than the rest of the literal skinner box cookie-clicker shit its competing with.
Both smartphones and social media need to be uninvented before they destroy humanity.
(12.89 KB 266x239 captain.jpg)
this is the kind of stupid nothingburger that you post on the gamergate thread instead of making a thread for. nobody is boycotting genshin impact. you made a thread over a gaming journalist article over a twitter trend. do you realize the layers of normalnigger you're on right now? its already bad enough that half the board is anchored niggergate threads.
>>279588 Dubs without even rolling. Anyhow, it might be interesting to see if China can be forced by the outrage mob to change that confession to a kid mistake. But then again, if it actually was a mistake then they can always just say "thanks for bringing it to our attention" and sidestep the issue.
>>279588 >Please shaft this nothing burger news thread into the goober goys thread. >But it's also terrible that this boards most active threads are the one's where I wish things like these were forced into so that the 7 or so other posts replying to it bump those instead See how counter intuitive your thought process is? The sheer fact you don't know where the email field is goes to show how much of a faggot you are.
>>279588 Videogames are serious business
>>279550 Forgot your tor, Luciano?
Fucking pathetic, but I expect nothing less from the Shitter crowd. They won't chimp out against China's actual ethnic cleansing or their annexing of Hong Kong or their tightening grip on Western media, but they will for some tanned animu character from a fucking gatcha game. What these paste-brains don't understand is that China actually does not care. At all. The devs are probably looking at this shitshow and laughing.
>>279550 You glow too brightly, CIA nigger.
>>279524 >They look very similar to humanity but seem to have lost both their intellect and spirituality. Their presence on the continent has been recorded for over a thousand years, and yet they have neither history nor civilization. Seems like an accurate depiction of niggers.
>>279639 Everyone who wants to censor the GG threads is like this You can move the cuckchanner from his home, but you can't take away the cuckchan within.
I'm still not sure what this game is besides the gacha elements and the malware tier anticheat.
>>279524 >I would like it to work because I don't like the game personally >it ok when it happens to a game i dont like. FUCK YOU YOU CUCK Censorship, cancel culture and "progressive changes" are an evil that has to be completly eliminated and this dumbass actually is saying <i hope it works.
Why are these people spreading blatant asian hate? I thought there was a whole movement to stop that I wonder if they will even give a shit, chinks tend to ignore SJW leftist culture
>>279697 >don't point your gun at the enemy goy >just let them shoot you
>>279716 oh yeah sure this coming from the >lets give the enemies weapons, nothing bad will come from it fucking retarded
>>279697 >>it ok when it happens to a game i dont like. Yes, it is okay. Good things are good and should survive, and bad things are bad and should not survive. It doesn't really matter how it happens.
>>279718 and who desides whats good and bad?
>>279720 Me. I support bad things happening to things I don't like no matter who's doing it.
>>279721 >Me you can go fuck yourself then
>>279722 Cry more. If I dislike A and I dislike B and then B decides to attack A I'm not going to demand they stop.
>>279724 and then when B decides to attack C and you like C you, wll just bend over and take it in the ass like the faggot you are
>>279728 No, that's just you.
This whole idea of standing up for something you don't support just out of principle is based on some ridiculous assumption that they would ever stand up for you when it's your turn. The world doesn't work like that.
>>279717 What the fuck are you talking about kiddo? You are the one who lets them have weapons. And you are the one who doesn't want to raise yours against them.
>>279728 >>279729 Look retards, A won't succumb to B because it's a CCP backed corporation that might hear Western influence but won't bow to it.
>>279733 I know it's going nowhere, but it's still fun to laugh at.
(614.27 KB 414x325 consternation.gif)
(167.28 KB 1852x823 troons.png)
>>279551 They already funded BLM; from their Africa colonization and their efforts to emulate the Kabbalists they figured out that niggers were the soft underbelly of the Amerimutt hegemony to strike at. >>279665 I really want to find that preexisting theory that describes why niggers both literal and figurative cluster around urban port hellholes like pests that breed by laying eggs in bodies of water, but I'm too fucking stupid to come up with anything besides "urban consolidation." At the very least somebody should have drawn together the dots that human parasites migrate to areas of success and development to feed on and tear them down (their nonexistent intelligence and lack of pattern recognition as well as projecting their boorish and self-destructive behavior onto others "durrr muh Appalachian rednecks/Irish/fuck whitey/cultural analogue"), before moving on to the next center of opportunity. They all share the contempt for the natives and their cultural practices even though they're visibly shitskins themselves through their actions. Of course you could just say "rapefugee" or "invasive species" but someone must have a formal theory for this, especially considering that we were designed to live in small, tight-knit, tribal communities. Considering that nobody has been documented as practicing aggressive intolerance in order to stave off the urban fruits, it's more than possible to conclude that humans are just fucking too stupid and/or get cucked by the war brides phenomenon and Kabbalism to learn. >>279541 Nigger, most games don't require always-online or anti-cheat, just like you don't need to pay for or use antivirus software if you follow basic opsec and check digital signatures of files, or fuck, to shoehorn in current events, you don't need the (((vaccine))); the devs push it so they can get an unique thumbprint of your system profile as well as its running processes and all the files you've stored on the drive. Then they get buddy-buddy with state surveillance and sell that data to them, while normalfags defend the practice because if they can't see their house burning down in front of them, then it's OK while dammit their insurance premiums rose again for no reason damn the bankers and politicians!!! For fuck's sake Douyin got caught recording MAC addresses, not that it solved anything aside from people who refused to touch the POS "service" because smartphone users are tech illiterate. Nogs still pay up to NordVPN despite their entire server network getting compromised and their connections to Tesonet because it "doesn't matter to them."
>>279733 >A won't succumb to B because it's a CCP backed what about cases when B is not backed by anywho? did you retards actually think this will be a one time thing only and it will never happen to ANYONE else? where are all these dense motherfuckers coming from? its almost they didnt lear a damm thing with the shitshow that vidya has been in the past years
Chinks getting jewed, ironic.
Didn't that game make some chick's tits smaller in game?
>boycott a money printer Good luck with that.
>>279697 Genshin Impact should have been boycotted from the start, because it came with a rootkit, that was active even when the game wasn't, now after the backlash it's only active while the game is on, so normalcatle think they have nothing to fear anymore.
>Don't boycott it because of the predatory gacha system >Don't boycott it for the fact that they've got fuck all security for accounts >Don't boycott it for the fact that they'll let hackers keep stolen accounts if they spent more money than the original owners >Don't boycott it for the dev's connection to the chinese goverment >Don't boycott it for all the info it scraps off player's devices >Don't boycott it for being a really shitty unfun game <Boycott it over brown skin and lolis >not even a day later the same people are already dumping their cash into the gacha machine
(138.17 KB 1200x1200 1018316866 (1).jpg)
(169.06 KB 864x500 f130924ns051.jpg)
(203.49 KB 750x1121 9781618118943.jpg)
>thread about a bunch of people on Twitter being angry >OP was a (1) and done Boring, though I 100% foresee this thread getting to 500 posts solely from political shit
All the parties associated with this should disappear from vidya. Chinks, gacha shit, niggers, faggots and women.
>>279697 >you're a cuck if you influence the market by refusing to buy products from companies who want to see you and your ideals extinguished Found the CCP shill, knew this thread would attract some. Reminder to literally fucking NEVER install software on ANY machine that has been even glanced at by the CCP. You will get your machine infected with a rootkit and will have to destroy that hard drive completely to be safe from their malware.
>>279797 The lolis are the only good thing about the game.
(34.88 KB 640x354 Ant-Man-thumbs-up.jpg)
(500.17 KB 300x268 Das Rayciss.gif)
>>279524 LOL at twatter retards thinking niggers need to be everywhere. I bet no single nigger gives a fuck about this shit, it's either soy sjw faggots or kikes that make a fuss about stupid shit like this.
(3.01 MB 600x600 224_20210402181514_0.mp4)
>>280093 Fine, here.
>>280089 Paimon best girl
>>280089 Although a person who enjoys fan art of particular characters from a game isn't directly supporting a game, there is a knock-on effect that helping to make characters from a game popular helps promote the game indirectly by, for instance, influencing artists to draw more fan art of the characters, which spreads them around, which promotes the game, which gets more people playing the game. Yes, it's a very indirect effect and probably small, but if enough people do it then that adds up. You can give attention to whatever you like and nobody can stop you, but please dole out your attention responsibly.
>>280303 No way Overwatch would've been as popular without all the SFM porn it had.
>>280303 I see where you're coming from. Still, the real pro gamer move isn't playing gacha gaymes, it's looking up porn of the girls and boys you find attractive.
>>280721 Especially the boys.
>>280762 Yeah? Which ones do you like?
>>280721 >>280762 Fucking Gaymers
>>280775 All of them.
>>280781 But shota and loli aren't cp, anon.
>>280787 WSWYF?
(1.22 MB 1400x1000 84613186_p0.png)
I'm a retard. >>280805 I guess Arthur Pendragon, he pulled out Excalibur, making him the king of England, you know.
>>279524 It's Chinese wallet trap anyways, unfortunately it will not crash and burn just from some journos talking shit, if anything, will probably get more popular
>>280814 I thought he got Excalibur from the Lady in the Lake? The Sword in the Stone being an unrelated Sword.
>>280828 You're right! I'm a double retard.
>>280828 The sword stone was Caliburn
>>280828 >>280845 >>281103 >Excalibur >Caliburn Sorry to be full autist on you guys but they are, in most tellings of the legend, the same sword, which should be obvious if you simply look at the words themselves. There are so many versions even in the 12th century, much less before fucking pedowood got a hold of the story, that it's fucking hard to piece anything together, but it's accepted I think by most Arthurian scholars that Merlin, via his association with the Lady of the Lake, arranged to have the Sword in the Stone appear as a test of the right to kingship, and later on Arthur had to re-earn the right to wield it (again the reason why he lost/broke the sword changes) and was gifted it by the Lady once again. The whole myth is interesting, especially if you look into the pre-Christian versions and the original "Holy Grail" which was in fact the magic cauldron of Annwn that, if you put a dead person into it, they will be restored to life and full health. Anyway, point is, Sword in the Stone and Excalibur are usually the same sword and have the same etymology (one being the original Welsh and the other being Latin).

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