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(137.57 KB 376x265 Monster_Hunter.png)
(84.37 KB 1080x1080 EmpGXMXWEAIySOo.jpg)
Monster Hunter Anonymous 04/14/2021 (Wed) 05:10:04 Id:18c568 No. 284797
Old thread reached bump limit, so it's time for another Monster Hunter Thread. Let's hook up and play some Rise together. If you don't play Rise, talk about your favorite game is better than all the rest and how shit Rise is. How many of you caved and started playing GenU after Rise came out? Fuck, Kill, Marry, Enslave? Hinoa, Yomogi, Minoto, Rodine?
(1.76 MB 800x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>284797 So what did everyone think of the movie? :^)
>>284800 It captured the spirit of post-4U Monster Hunter perfectly; it was trash.
(119.25 KB 1280x957 JANG PANTS.jpg)
Doing random hunts for a few hours. Lobby ID: EH8HKJ PW: 1337
(137.44 KB 1280x720 monster-hunter-rise-roadmap-1.jpg)
I hope that "end of April" is closer to the 3rd week rather than the 4th. Starting to feel the lack of endgame. I'm also hoping that a new trailer that shows what the "several new monsters" are is gonna drop soon. Would be a bit odd if they wait till the last minute to let us know what they are.
we see you quest ended now
(435.70 KB 464x460 sleep tight doggo.webm)
Where's fucking G rank? Where's apex hunts? Where's ANY sort of generated quests gimmick? Even world had that. I'm max rank and there's nothing left to do.
>>284840 >Where is G rank. >Anon asks this with the first version of the game. Absolute newfag.
>>284844 not a valid excuse with a mon hunt this lacking in content, frankly it feels like world had more content on release.
>>284847 It did when it came to shitty cut scenes and collecting footprints, sure.
>>284847 >Anon wants to snif unicorn shit. World at launch did not have much more content it had autistic look at glow in the dark foot print nonsense.
>>284850 As much as I like the cohoot, at least sniffing unicorn shit was a more meaningful replacement to painballing than just magic knowing where every everything is and when it's capturable at all times. They had to nerf capture materials for fucks sake.
(2.53 MB 800x450 Nice Timing Retard.webm)
A shameful display being the first to cart tonight. Good night.
>>284800 I watched it with a couple of friends and we laughed so much at this retardation. I especially dropped down from a chair laughing when the hunter leader could speak English. The ending was so shitty, but they showed a great looking Gore Magala before ending the whole shitfest.
Forgot to repost my question from the old bread. Can anyone tell me what the fuck is the purpose of the axe in the switch axe/slash axe? The mechanics of the weapon are still shit because you just spam the sword and recharge whenever possible. I saw a Jap speedrunner hunting a Tamamitsune with it. The only two usages of the axe were the wirebug L+X attack, and the Sword A>A>R combo, which is probably the strongest combo of the weapon. So why the fuck would anyone bother with the axe then?? Wouldn't it be better if it was like the charge axe? Where you attack with the axe so you can charge your sword, instead of constantly being able to recharge your sword attacks?
>>284860 That was the general sentiment really, pretty effects for monters, no fucking substance or consistently with the game
(4.38 MB 1920x1080 Get used to it, cuck.mp4)
>>284862 Wow, you mean not being controlled by wymxn is not having substance, shitlord?
(1.24 MB 976x602 Capture.PNG)
I've been hopping around between P3rd and 3U to get the taste of Nu-Monhun shit out of my mouth after doing everything I felt like doing in Rise. I never carted once in all of 200 hours. Absolute snorefest. Why must all good things be ruined by normalfags?
(2.19 MB 2404x1260 The degradation of a hobby.png)
>>284865 >Why must all good things be ruined by normalfags?
Thanks for the hunts fags
Does the game have fleets or shit like that? to see if we can recover the 8th fleet.
>>284883 It sort of does, it has 'hunter connect' which is just a basic player group so you can join games, nothing flashy.
>>284805 >>284874 Im sorry anon but I'm not playing online MP MH until it comes out on PC. I had a great time with 8th fleet on PS4 but PC gaming is an all around better experience.
>>284855 >more meaningful Fuck off, some of us don't enjoy games insulting our intelligence. If they're going to streamline a game then they should at least have the decency not to surround it in sparkles. Personally I enjoyed having to track down the monster and know their habits to estimate where they are, but if you're going to follow a yellow brick road to the monster then just mark it on the map and let me figure out how to get there. >when its capturable This does seem too easy. Most fags who join random lobbies just spam captures now because they don't want to spend the extra 30 seconds it takes to kill the monster.
>>284860 >nigger dies I am amused to see this trope hasn't left Hollywood yet.
I absolutely could not stand monster hunter past 4U, but i don't wanna replay any of the old games, is GU similar to the old games or is it more post-world shit? >inb4 retard I just couldn't deal with how much they both streamlined and bloated the game, i miss when a good armor set had 3 to 4 skills (S+1, AuL/CD, HGE/E+2, CE+3/WE) and there were no gimmicks like the spiderman shit of world and rise, even the enhanced mobility of 4U was pushing it for me.
>>285019 If you want GU to feel like old MH just use Guild style for every weapon, and Striker for Lance.
>>284860 Is this a scene from the actual movie?
>>284857 This is Rise? Why were people excited for this shit? >>284865 >Why must all good things be ruined by normalfags? The more popular something becomes, the more cancer it attracts. Unless it is tightly controlled and protected, shit ends up like this.
I've never played a MH game before, but Rise is kinda weird. I'm about 15 hours in doing 4star village quests and I've only died twice. Once to Azuros when I first encountered him during a Shrine tour and bit off way more than I could chew, and once when I got a little too ambitious and tried to kill 2 monsters during a single hunt quest before I knew you could restore stamina in the field. I still won and killed both though. The game is sort of just a slugfest. If you're willing to be patient and a little careful there's very little actual danger so far. Its all about outlasting the target, which is easy if you don't sperg. I'm finally getting the hang of the bow as my preferred weapon, I've upgraded my gear twice and fights are going faster. >>284957 I hate the monster indicators. They turn the levels into a beeline linear run to the boss and there's no hunting involved. Its run up, smash face, it runs away, run to its new spot, smash face, repeat until it dies. Hopefully online will be fun with friends once I get there, but I wanna finish singleplayer first so I know how to play properly.
>>285109 not gonna act like it gets ballbusty at any point, even rajang is pretty manageable in this game, but the village stuff IS low rank, I think its edited even further with monster stats too compared to hub low rank, I figure its meant to be the "babbys first MH campaign" before they play the game proper, as condescending as that may be towards everyone else
>>285019 It's really not that gimmicky. They rolled the weapon arts from GU into the Spiderman mechanics so they're the same system now. GU's different styles felt bloated and gimmicky to me. Why does every weapon need a counter style, for example? The wire bugs are the thing I have the least issue with in this game.
>>285114 No I think you're 100% right. I tried one Hub quest solo and even the basic 1star pelican thing boss seemed WAY harder to kill. His hits took off nearly half my life instead of the ~one fifth the singleplayer mode version did and it felt like he had twice as much HP to chew through. I still beat him without dying though.
(43.15 KB 640x360 The Handler.jpg)
>>285114 Rise is most defiantly easier than even World even the hub quests are easier but it does feel more like Monster Hunter than World as the devs are not trying to pander to the west or I will just fucking say it gay ass Sony. >Not one single NPC Nog. >No ugly fat chicks like The Handler. >Better new monster design game is not full of fucking endless dragons. I fucking detest World and I used to think it was the difficulty but now I realize it was because of the actual fucking poz World has. World has insidious poz as it is stealthy and you know Sony moaned at Capcom to add nogs and make the handler ugly. I actually really like Rise. Nintendo money actually chased off the gays and diversity hires. The one thing I hate about Rise is it has killed God Eater 3 for me I have a fun casual Monster Hunter game and its an actual Monster Hunter game.
>>285135 I don't get why Sony thinks this is what "Western people" like when Overwatch got extremely popular just by having female characters that everyone wanted to fuck senseless into remembering their true roles. It certainly wasn't the gameplay as evidenced by the lack of players now. Blizzard can't make a sustainable game to save themselves. Same shit happened to Starcraft 2.
>>285139 SJWs don't think that it's what the masses want, they think that if they shove it enough anyway, then the masses will give up and stop fighting back. It's about breaking their spirits.
>>285019 > is GU similar to the old games or is it more post-world shit? GU is at it's core like the older game just with gimmicks that can be ignored and Frontier styled bullshit stapled on in the end game. It's shit compared to everything that came before it, but it's cancer isn't fully baked into the game like what happened to MHW and MHR.
(168.67 KB 623x626 Zorah's Closed due to AIDS.jpg)
>MHW's last update comes out but I'm busy >Get fired from my job (lol) >"Sweet, time to mod MH" >Remove claggers from everything but Great Jagras (needs to be there so the claw tutorial can be done) >Fix every single monster with only shit hitzones so I don't just have to tenderize every 3mins continually unless I'm going full speedtranny mode >Make pierce ammo have a proper tic rate >Make normal ammo have a proper critical range (so it can be used with Long Range Mod) >Make SnS worth a damn without perfect rush, nerf perfect rush >Fix lance's shit damage >Fix bizarre shit like the imbalanced HH swing values and Iai slash having a retarded damage distribution >Make drop rates actually fair for decos >Nerf the OP mantles, buff a few of the shit ones >Nerf defender gear into a role where it's actually balanced >Buff a bunch of the shit skills and buff the defense meal >Cosmetic changes (Handler made less ugly, Guiding Lands gathering spots actually visible, better shiny EFX) Honest to god this game is very fun once you change some of Capcom's absolutely autistic decisions about things. I don't get how so many people hate its gameplay so much. The vast majority of the issues are purely numerical fuckups on Capcom's part and have nothing to do with the core mechanics. Clutch claw was a dumb decision but it's far from game ruining on its own. The only major flaws in my mind are >Fucking unskippable cutscenes, irrelevant story, and the Handler being a retarded bitch >Safi/Kulve weapons are the same relic weapon cancer from 4U but even worse now because they're more monotonous to upgrade >Too few monster skeletons >Wallbanging is kind of stupid even if you remove claggers to make it harder to do >Weapon designs suck visually and no gunner sets makes armor less cool I suppose you could complain about the difficulty curve too, but if I have another autism attack I might just go mod every quest in the game to fix the monster HP too. I really hope Rise is as moddable as World is because from what I've seen so far it's going to need tweaks too.
(13.22 KB 225x225 comrade dog.jpg)
>>285170 That better not be you character Anon even in jest. I dont want Pukei Pukei catching ebola.
>>285187 Who better to send to identify AIDS than one who is intimately familiar with it?
>>285187 Hang yourself tranny.
(233.29 KB 648x800 kemono hunter.jpg)
Wishlist for large monsters: Seregios, Testucabra, Deviljho, Bazelgeuse, Glavenus, Qurupeco, Paolumu, Uragaan, Nerscylla. Seltas and Seltas Queen, Zamtrios, Gammoth For Elder Dragons: Kirin, Teostra and MOTHERFUCKING JHEN MOHRAN and Poogie Stay the fuck out of the game list: Plesioth, Kut-Ku, Yian Garuga, Kecha Wacha, Congalala, Blangonga, Alatreon And they can take Khezu away and replace it with Gigginox
>>285206 >Stay the fuck out of the game list >Kut-Ku I'm going to assume this bad taste is from the lingering trauma of taking the BKKC repeatedly.
>>285207 That was a factor, but its mostly because he just looks fucking retarded to the point it annoys me, well that are even more retarded looking things in the game already like Pukey Pukey anyways, but still bothers me. I also hope they go easy on the spikes on the apex versions, but the apex Rathalos reveal is already crushing my hopes...
(4.20 MB 600x338 deviljho.gif)
>>285206 Why deviljho isn't a release monster priority is fucking beyond me. I get uninvited monsters is a benefit to the hunt now, but come the fuck on, you can't keep leaving jho out.
>>285218 They probably want to release jho with something else like bazel or qurupeco or maybe they are saving him to be the flagship of some update like Apex Rath is for the april one
>>285220 Like I said, uninvited monsters are a benefit to the hunt, quropeco isn't coming back anon, I'm sorry.
(123.16 KB 336x422 question.jpg)
>>284797 I never played a Monster Hunter game, which game should I play first?
>>285245 I'd say 4U is probably the all around best game if you don't want very slow and methodical hunting, but I also started with 4U so I'm probably biased.
(1000.22 KB 1920x1079 very hungry jho.png)
>>285218 >Why deviljho isn't a release monster priority is fucking beyond me. while I 100% agree, I think in this case it may be because of his statuses Blights can effect monsters now which is mostly just a way of rewarding the wyvern riding thing, but dragonblight has actual lore attached to it, so whatever its going to end up doing to non-elder dragons is going to create ripples in the whole "ancient civilization" stuff and have content creators screeching about the implications that along with the fact that Jho now manhandles smaller monsters means hes not just a copypaste brute wyvern anymore, so making sure all the small fucker's models all work with Jho might be keeping him waiting
>>285200 You first nog. >>285245 Monster Hunter Tri.
>>285254 >Giving a shit about 'lore' 'content creators' Same niggers probably still say the robo dragon is semi cannon, fuck em and fuck the 'lore' reaching the point where monsters have dragon element attacks used to be a big deal.
>>285289 >Lore fags Have you seen the state of the crybaby autists on other platforms. Fucking crying about "spoilers" all the time. It is pathetic as there is no plot in Monster Hunter (any game) to spoil. Every Monster Hunter ever. >Big elder dragon is messing shit up. >You kill it. >You make a thong out of it's head. Any lore that exists only does so to give map designers an idea of what an area should look like.
>>285245 MH3U runs smooth as butter on CEMU and P3rd runs great on low end systems with PPSSPP I'd say 3rd gen is a great start. You should play FU if you really start to enjoy the series though.
Doing random hunts for a few hours before bed. Anyone is welcome to post quests. Lobby ID: WVYYQT Passcode: 1337
I just beat Rise's story and took down Fagnamallow. I was wearing an upgraded Goku set and a level 2 bow made from Azuros's ass. That was actually pretty challenging. I died once, and his huge diving slash attack was taking massive chunks out of my HP, leaving me at a sliver every time it connected. I actually had to break off at one point and forage for some herbs to restock potions before chasing him down again. It was fun. I might join you lads in some online play this week, but I'm going to play around with Greatswords and farm a bit more offline first.
(949.53 KB 480x480 scared bird.mp4)
>>285503 >Thinks beating Mallow is the end of the game. >Has not yet beat up the floaty pregnant upside down dragon.
>>285503 Dude you didn't even beat low rank. In fact Fagnamalo is like Gora Magala or Brachydios as a flagship, its just a mid tier monster not even High Rank monster. You only truly "beat" monster hunter village quests once you finished all of the High Rank quests there. >>285515 Magnamalo was disappointing as fuck for a flagship, you hunt that fucker even before rathalos and I never seen a Flagship be hunted that early on or that weak maybe since 3U where it was brachy. I swear it was setting Mag to be the final hunt of low rank since its moveset is so unique but no its just another mid tier monster. Nergigante and Gore/Shagaru Magala had the best setups to their hunts, it felt like a long and brutal rivalry finally brought to an end, just just drops mag and you and its dead, just like that, time to move on people.
>>285590 He's like purple Zinogre. He's not too bad but not too special either. Everyone likes Zinogre so it was a safe choice but not very original.
(2.96 MB 1280x720 2kC5oQ8i1lDFZ-4v.mp4)
(1.79 MB 1080x1145 ClipboardImage.png)
[reee'ing internally]
>>285593 You fight zinogre after him though for fucks sake. Not cool capcom. The gameplay is fun but the monster roster is kinda shitty too. >>285617 Haha STINGED.com
Is there any reason at all to use a palamute instead of 2 gathering palicos? I almost double my rewards on some quests
>>285693 They are pretty good at inflicting status in my experience and you can ride them. Moving faster is gathering faster.
>>285694 pretty much this. It's best to have one dog and one cat, since they cover each other's weakpoints.
>>285704 >>285694 Try not using the dog for a while, when you learn to make full use of wirebugs and shortcuts you end up getting to the monster first, with more permabuffers and helpful endemic life. The palamute is an excelent tool for the new player, but once you become experienced the cats are far superior. Not hating the dogs btw, they are good boys and very cute, but thats all they are.
(110.45 KB 1280x721 hunters in MH Rise.jpg)
>>285694 Learn to HARDCORE PARKOUR and spiderman through the sky with the wirebugs. You are probably missing out on the ability to hang in place mid air and the air dodge you can do after you pull yourself into the air. You can pretty much travel through a 5th on an entire fucking map like that in one go. Also don't forget about the camp fast travel mechanic, you can teleport right next door to some monsters in the shine ruins and all it takes is to go into a quick menu and select the northern camp. >>285704 >since they cover each other's weakpoints. No dude they cover YOUR weakpoints. They are nothing but backup for you and do fucking ant bites for damage compared to a good hunter. If you want better loot and to cut the grind by a significant amount, go double palico, hunters have chased down monsters on foot since 2005 I know you can do it too.
>>285734 >You are probably missing out on the ability to hang in place mid air and the air dodge you can do after you pull yourself into the air. I know how to do all that shit and use it to dodge gay attacks like Almudron's bullshit all the time. Doesn't change the fact that my buddy's palamute gets at least one sleep every single hunt even though none of us are using sleep weapons. Riding between jewel lillies is still faster than walking between jewel lillies.
>>285739 Palico with megaboomerang skill will trigger sleep almost twice per hunt
(2.50 MB 1920x1080 Rise.jpg)
>>285590 Thing Magnamalo was never the flagship monster. That was bait and switch. People see the box art and think oh Magnamalo is the flagship when the actual flagships are hiding in plain sight on the logo. Narwa and Ibushi are the flagships and what ever they are about to spawn is the big bad of the game. Magnamalo is just a mid tier monster everyone blamed the rampage on. Capcom purposely fucked with people's head by making him harder in the demo.
Is Rise better than World? I haven't played World because I hate characters design.
(52.30 KB 471x500 mh quest clear.jpg)
>>285857 Rise takes the best of World, improves it and leaves the shit behind, except for Pukey Pukey, why the fuck did they bring back that shitty monster? Worse than Khezu.
>>285782 I know what you're trying to say, but they always do shit like this. That's like saying Gore Magala isn't the flagship monster of MH4 because Shagaru exists. Magnamalo is the flagship because he is on the front and he's in the trailers; it is as literal as that.
(1.05 MB 1613x1037 mounting in mh4u.jpg)
Just expanding on the previous post >Verticality The player has even more vertical options with wirebugs and the ability to climb any wall as long as you have stamina >Maps The maps are very open like in World, but not as large, and more reminiscent of the older maps, but without loading screens and with secrets and shortcuts to find between the main zones >Turf Wars Before world you never wanted two monsters in the same zone, their shared hatred of hunters drove them, now large monsters consider each other a bigger threat and even have unique animations when fighting each other, Rise expands this by making the loser of the turf war vulnerable letting you mount it. >Mounting Mounting is now much more than just stabbing a monster until a bar fills up, by using wirebugs you turn monsters into puppets for a limited time and you can use their attacks on other monsters, the game even rewards proper use of this mechanic by giving you up to extra 3 drops per monster as it is hit by other monster attacks >Armor Skills and Decorations The game uses the same armor skill system of World, giving tiny benefits for every point of a skill, but leaves behind the random decoration crap from World, Talismans return as the random part of gear. >Expanded movesets Many fun moves from World and MHXX return in Rise, combat gets quite over the top with some weapons, but its so satisfying, the excess of visual effects and particles is a problem right now, I hope we get an option to lower or remove those. >Ingame Monster guide No longer needed to open a wiki to see monster weakness and drop chances, but some info is still missing. >Useful Endemic Life You can capture and use many small creatures around the map like in world, these are usually found outside the main areas and require some exploration to find.
>>285879 Why do people hate these monsters? I think they're fine. I actually have fond memories of Khezu going all the way back to 4U. Are you the type of ape-brain that actually gets hit by the "touch me and you're electrocuted" attack?
>>285890 <promotional material
>>285890 >Tigrex <not angry as fuck and thrashing around Unfappable.
Rise and World made me go back to play 3G. I have just made a new game, and I am having fun even though I haven't started a single quest yet. >Begin at Moga village >Get to know everything >Get taught how to use raw meat and how to gather >You actually give a shit about the maps since you want to know where mushrooms are so you can combine them with herbs to make potions instead of being handed potions for free All the preparations aspect really, really make a great experience. Fuck Capcom and fuck the wider audience. Monster Hunter being popular is a mistake. I want my Monster Hunter 5 dammit
>>285946 Make sure you're on the right charm table, that shit ruined my 50 hour save. I had to restart to make sure i was on table 10, because my grongigas set didn't work without the awaken/handicraft charm.
>>285946 >All the preparations aspect really, really make a great experience My thoughts exactly. A good example is that they removed hot/cold drinks entirely in Rise. While it's a small thing, I like that it makes you consider the environment you're trekking into; I feel just a little more engaged. But no, gotta put that shit on autopilot for that instant gratification.
>>286020 Yeah, I do miss the fact that the environments felt more unique. They should have made hot/cold parts of the map where monsters would usually hang out, then you would have to pick up an endemic creature to mitigate the penalty and fight properly. That would have at least tied in with their mechanics nicely. Instead they're just skins now.
>>286003 >Make sure you're on the right charm table God dammit, I forgot about that bullshit. How do I know them quickly?
>>285902 No, Khezu is one of the easiest monsters in the game, but i hate the design, its a fucking raw chicken with a dildo as head, at least gigginox was fucking creepy and not just ugly. Also the Khezu theme meme is not funny at all, i hate everything about the fight >>286003 Speaking of charms anyone playing Rise right now DO NOT MAKE CHARMS The charm seed generator is broken, you are likely to get a lot of trash repeated charms, crapcom acknowledged the bug and they state there will be a fix soon
(36.84 KB 1204x809 ClipboardImage.png)
>>286050 Capcom is full of retarded niggers, so probably nothing.
>>286040 Nigganox is a better design, but I like Khezu's goofy movements. There also aren't enough monsters that climb on the walls and ceiling.
>>286040 >Faggot losing his shit about a bug. Made plenty of charms got the perfect 2 bludgeoner/part breaker two slots I wanted. I'll do whatever the fuck I want.
>>286056 >I made a trash/trash charm I am very happy Ok
>>286058 >Continue hunting monsters >have assloads of parts you aren't going to use >don't use them for anything and have no charms Idleness begets heresy.
>>286060 Just warning, if you start finding repeated charms you got the bug and you will get the same loop of charms no matter how many parts you waste. I will be saving up mine for the update.
>>286058 >Does not understand what a part farming build is. >Thinks every build has to have WEX. Listen up you little twat I got a meme DPS build and all it means is I kill a monster in under ten minuets instead of under fifteen. This is Rise we talking about meta means nothing anymore. Sometimes I just want to unga bunga parts off a monster with a big ass hammer while I listen to the banging sandy plains battle theme.
>>286063 Not WEX, but ATK 7 yes, every build needs ATK 7 otherwise its TRASH
The one exception is Gunlance builds btw
(111.83 KB 283x253 kek.png)
>>286064 >Not WEX, but ATK 7 yes, every build needs ATK 7 otherwise its TRASH >This Anon puts ATK 7 on gathering builds. Anon I admire your dedication to your cause but what the fuck did that Nitroshroom do to you?
(88.86 KB 708x838 mh felynes.png)
>>286067 More ATK gives you more minerals when you use the pickaxe my dude everyone knows this
>>286069 >I have played MH since tri on the 3DS >I know this is a shitpost and most likely absolute fucking bullshit. >I will have to go test this out to make sure regardless. I fucking hate you Anon.
>>286061 I haven't seen it yet so I guess I'll keep shitting out charms until my luck runs out. >>286065 >>286069 Just like it increases shell damage on Gunlance, am I right?
>>286073 Don't waste time with it >>286075 No silly, gunlance is the exception
(9.00 KB 275x183 happy as fuck bear.jpg)
>>286082 See thats the problem Anon with the Switch its handheld I already did. Upside to this I found that Phoenix looking mother fucker your meant to take a photo of.
>>286084 Dude i spent 30 minutes waiting for the fucking phoenix, its supposed to show up on dawn, but i had no luck, how did you get it to show up?
>>286087 >How you get it to show up. No idea anon. Just mining inside volcano and turned around there it was the gay ass bird. It was High rank expedition and I have been autistically in the zone for over an hour.
>>286094 I love how the screenshot comes with a fucking greasy mark from crapcom
>>286122 Tell me about it Anon add to that the most annoying creature to get on camera is the one with the least effort put into it. Take away the glow and this fucker could easily be from the original PS2 game. An anti fucking climax. The big ass snail is better.
>>286128 the snail is cool, it even fucking roars if you wave at it
I'm planning on marathoning the whole series up to 4: which are the best versions of each game?
(1.36 MB 560x370 GS charge.gif)
>>286187 Isn't 3rd gen the only one with real options? If you want to feel pain play the PS2 version and do a capture quest. >>284797 Doing hunts before bed join up Lobby ID: D2S1Y5 Passcode: 1337
(4.41 KB 242x209 STOP.jpg)
>>286240 >Monster Hunter on the Ps2 >Fucking attack on right stick. Don't do it Anons. I fell for this trap last year.
(38.03 KB 343x600 68654_front.jpg)
(66.06 KB 500x709 69332_front.jpg)
(137.18 KB 640x900 205165_front.jpg)
(221.52 KB 640x568 356383_front.jpg)
(113.85 KB 640x570 617326_front.jpg)
>>286187 >Gen 1 <Portable on the PSP >Gen 2 <MH2 on the PS2 <Portable 2nd G on the PSP They're different games, NOT ports. >Gen 3 <Portable 3rd on the PSP (Oriental village hub, exclusive monsters, but no swimming arenas) OR... <3G on the 3DS/Wii (Exclusive monsters and swimming arenas) Similar content to the point they're equivalent counterparts with both having pros and cons, but being completely redundant to play them both; unlike the Gen 2 games where it similar content, but completely different games altogether. >Gen 4 <4G on the 3DS >Gen 5 <XX on the 3DS I heard the Switch version has serious issues.
So about that Monster Hunter movie, what the fuck was with it? That was like something that would come out in 1995, not a modern movie.
>>286240 Not really, see >>286247. >>286243 Imagine God Hand but you're hunting monsters. Thank you for the help anons!
>>286094 >>286122 I hope there'll be a mod to remove the watermark like in dragons dogma
>>286247 >>286314 Is the PS2 version actually better than Freedom 2 (not talking about Unite) for the second gen games?
So, which monsters are you guys expecting to come out this month with the update? Jho is probably going to be added later on as the update flagship for a bigger update, so he won't be coming up now Bazel is probably going to be added together with Jho Zamtrios is probably going to show up eventually, but right now we already have high raw low affinity ice gear with Goss, so maybe later I expect more blast options, so maybe Branchydios, I don't expect Glavenus now for the same reason Jho won't come up soon The game is low on Brute Wyverns, so we might see at least one soon. Tetsucabra is probably going to be added soon I hope we get Seregios soon, Narga weapons need competition If they add a new map soon I can bet it will be Coral Highlands and Paolumu or Legiana will be added with it.
(31.64 KB 497x544 1469190061342.jpg)
Is there an english patch for the PS3 version of Portable 3rd? I know there's one for the PSP and a premade ISO for PPSSPP, but neither of those work on my console. I don't want to emulate on my PC and my PSP broke ages ago.
(148.04 KB 400x385 Pickle.png)
>>286509 Anon there was a leak and datamine ages ago. Bagel, Teostra, Kushala Daora and Valstrax are coming. Just search up Monster Hunter Rise datamine and all the info is there. Sadly no pickle.
>>286313 Right, it reminds me of barebones adaptations like the Doom movie. It really can't be that difficult to make a movie about a guy that fights big monsters with big swords; the games write themselves at this point. Crapmaster Paul WS Anderson found a way to make it garbage, of course.
Just bought the game and did the first mission. Shall I go to any online group already or should I bother people?
>>286502 Freedom 2/Portable 2nd is the base version of Portable 2nd G/Freedom Unite. As far as being better than Dos (MH2), there's no way to answer that as they're separate games. What happened was that, when Capcom first released Dos over in Japan, the public was overly critical of the game, declaring it to be "too hard". So, what Capcom did was that they took most of the assets from Dos, scrubbed the game, and rebuilt it from the ground up to make a completely separate game: Portable 2nd/Freedom 2. And, a year later, they released P2G/FU, a rerelease of P2/F2 with additional content and QoL updates. And, you can see why it cannot be said that one game is better than the other. They're not the same game with slight changes made to the stats and added content, they're completely separate entries that only used the same basic assets to make two completely different games.
>>286671 Oh, I assumed Freedom 2 was like Freedom 1, as in a port/remaster of the original game. Nevermind, this clarifies everything. Thanks again anon!
(676.60 KB 2480x3307 chef.jpg)
>>286609 >Anderson had an opportunity to make a fantasy buddy movie about The Admiral and The Meowscular Chef going on an adventure to fuck Fatalis's shit up. >Decide to make a safe movie about US army grunts stuck in the desert. >And of fucking course he had to shove his wife in. Missed fucking opportunity. He could have made something fun instead he made something dull. Thats the worst thing it is not bad it is just boring and a boring movie gets forgotten real fucking fast at least a bad movie gets talked about.
>>286509 I wouldn't be surprised if Teostra and Kushala comes back. IIRC from the datamining early on that data for Apex Diablo, Apex Zinogre, Apex Ratholos, Bazel, Valstrax, and Allmother Narwa was found. They all aren't gonna be on the same update since the Allmother Narwa is probably reserved for the update that adds the ending. I hope they are adding monster that weren't in the datamine too.
>>286593 >no pickle What the fuck is wrong with capcom?
>>286313 >>286609 Apparently, similar to the recent Doom movie, Monster Hunter was a completely unrelated script that was retooled into an vague adaptation. It was stuck in production hell for years, having been originally been convinced in 2012. The script itself is even older than that, probably being from the 2000s. The movie only came out a few days ago in Japan. I'm sorry they have to face that Americanized bullshit.
>>286706 His wife should have been the quest slut. >He could have made something fun instead he made something dull. The problem is faggots like him simply don't care, he had some trash script bouncing around and he thought "hey look this is popular with the kids today, I can slap this name on it and get a bunch of suckers to watch it."
>>286313 >>286609 >>286788 Deciding to look it up, the ENTIRE concept for the movie was based off of THIS: <The Monster Hunter bonus levels in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker: https://archive.vn/4EIyT If interviews are to be believed that is what inspired the ENTIRE concept of having the film use the U.S. military.
(41.33 KB 309x581 just about done.jpg)
>>286858 >Whole movie was based on a non canon cameo of Tigrex in a Metal Gear game.
>>286313 1995 had Mortal Kombat, which despite being the same director, was actually surprisingly faithful to the games. It had some differences, sure, but they were understandable, like Sub-Zero and Scorpion's subplot being cut for time, but still referenced. One of the only faithful vidya adaptations ever, but then he went on to do the Resident Evil movies and Monster Hunter.
(350.61 KB 562x552 Metal Gear.png)
>>286858 Holy shit, I forgot about that crossover. The only thing I can think of that seems like Metal Gear in MH is Seltas Queen. Man, I wish she was in Rise. Bugs need more love.
>>286593 They are probably saving him for G-rank then, there is absolutely no way the pickle won't be in the game, I bet my WEX 2 and my ATK 3 talismans on this.
>>286644 Finish the village quests first, so you don't embarrass yourself carting to fucking Arzuros like some morons I see online
>>286919 you would rather he embarrass him self carting in high rank?
>>286922 By finishing the village quests you learn enough to be better than average
I'll get online when I can make myself a set of armor that is not a fucking clown suit, ie when I can forge Attack Decorations and slot them into an ensemble that doesn't look like ass.
(62.92 KB 355x440 cmon son.jpg)
>>286945 I'll get online when I can make myself a set of armor that is not a fucking clown suit >>284797 Doing hunts for a few hours. Lobby ID: VC0TV5 Pass: 1337
(86.89 KB 1006x921 you.jpg)
>>286983 I fucked up my post 4 fucking times fuck it
(499.10 KB 687x1043 baka.png)
>>286983 >>286985 Nice going bud.
Why is it called a clown suit? My last MH was FU.
(31.55 KB 1353x727 ClipboardImage.png)
(126.91 KB 257x250 1425613122450.png)
>Do the charm table timing trick >It works >MFW
(358.95 KB 377x800 ClipboardImage.png)
Is the translation pozzed only on Nintendo main MH titles? Or did World also poz the translation?
>>287072 No one gives a shit about pozzed translations in MH games, just play the damn games and enjoy them like how the rest of us did. World is pozzed regardless because the handler, you cant get any worse than her. And how "Neko (Means Cat)" is supposed to be pozzed somehow is fucking ridiculous. When I played 4U I didn't even pay that shit any mind what so ever.
>>287076 "Neko (Means Cat)" was an obvious joke regarding doujin translators. The MH localization is usually pretty good. The language is often silly but it is also supposed to be in Japanese.
>>287076 To be fair, No Monhun Handler can ever compare favourably to the Guildmarm. Though World's Handler is indeed particularly fucking AIDS.
(1.55 MB 852x480 bully the nerd.webm)
>>287076 >No one gives a shit about pozzed translations >just play the damn games <Giving money to companies who don't treat their customers with the highest respect expected
>>287082 You've yet to explain what exactly is pozzed about these translations. Honestly, MH isn't exactly played for its enthralling dialogue.
(427.80 KB 329x500 ClipboardImage.png)
(11.07 MB 1875x2850 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.58 MB 675x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
>>284800 Put some effort into it! At least ask what people think of the books
>>284806 >new ending >monster hunter games don't even have a proper ending on disc anymore Games as a service claims another victim
>>287094 >monster hunter games don't even have a proper ending on disc anymore But anon the scouts are out looking for Narwa and Ibushi. We have to wait both in the game and in real life. Its the most immersive monster hunting experience :^)
>>287076 >No one gives a shit about pozzed translations in MH games, just play the damn games and enjoy them like how the rest of us did. That's where we differ, anon, and is the reason why I learned nipponese. Just see >>287078 , yeah MH isn't about dialogue, but I don't want jokes in place of translations.
>>287103 See, to me this is analogous to if I were Japanese and learned English just so I could read the intermission screens in Doom. The cat was probably an honorabru samurai cat in the original Japanese anyway. Either way it's a parody of a trope, I don't feel like I've missed anything by not reading the original Japanese.
Is Sakura Slash really that far behind Helm Splitter in damage in a full run overall? Not a LSfag, but I wanna make one excellent full set for each weapon
>>287151 Just tested it. Helm breaker does 1152 Sakura does 750. Supposedly Sakura does more elemental damage but I don't have an elemental LS to test with only Nargacuga and Magnamalo. Sakura is a lot easier to hit with so unless you are a speed troon and can hit helm breakers 100% of the time I imagine most people would probably do more damage with Sakura over the course of the hunt because not only is it much easier to land, it ups your spirit gauge level so more DPS. I'm not terrible with LS its my most used weapon in rise at 133 hunts but I probably miss like a 1/4th of my helm breakers and would probably be getting slightly quicker hunts using Sakura but I wanna git gud and get the big number so I stick with it.
>>287240 I saw many clips of the Helm Splitter simply not registering the hit when it clearly goes through the monster, does it happens to you too? The hitbox on it seems weird. it sure looks amazing when you are watching a speedrunner play, but in actual multiplayer hunts it seems too unreliable.
(7.49 KB 190x255 pathetic (2).jpg)
>>287072 >Neko (means cat) >Anon calls this pozzed. >When its just retarded. No Anon nogs in World and ugly handler is poz (mostly caused by Sony). Neko (means cat) is just fucking dumb (Mostly caused by Nintendo). Know the difference. Let me explain in simpler terms you will understand faggot. >Sony: Does pozzed shit. >Nintendo: Does retarded shit. I'll take retarded over poz any day.
>>287246 >I saw many clips of the Helm Splitter simply not registering the hit when it clearly goes through the monster, does it happens to you too? Yea that happens once in a while but most times when I whiff its because I used it in a time where I was hoping the monster would do something and they did something else. Just poor timing, execution, and judgement on my part. Some monsters hitboxes and hurtboxes are a touch fucked. Some times I was clearly hit by something or I clearly hit them and nothing happens. But that's a universal issue with the game. There was a crazy clip I saw the other day of a helm breaker on the tail of a Rajang and one of the hits somehow hit its front leg. Made no sense whatsoever but I can't say that's ever happened to me or if it has I never noticed it. I wouldn't say it should play a factor in which skill you choose to use.
>>287076 50% your self my man
(107.87 KB 404x356 1445025363389.jpg)
>>287278 >This loser actually plays MH for the dialouge and the stories. I pity you anon. But to tell you the truth I never even seen a single soul complain about pozzed dialogue in a MH game. I seen anons complain about the jankiness of the pre 3rd gen games, the fact that you start with 50 defense in MH3U, the addition of verticality in 4U, the godawful balancing in GU and endless complains about world but thats about it. No one ever gave a shit about the translations. The English DUBS in world and rise though make me want to fucking kill myself, I always play them in MH language.
(187.42 KB 600x665 censorship apologist bingo1.png)
>>287295 Are you okay anon? Literally nothing got censored. I understand if you wanted a reason to post that though. When translating games localizations often used different terms from the nip version which are pretty much the same or every similar, that happens with every game brought to the east. In MH's case I really, not even once, seen anybody complain about its localization.
(188.27 KB 600x665 censorship apologist bingo2.png)
(209.41 KB 442x505 ok.png)
>>287304 I guess can circle a few more if you really wanted to but its not really my problem though. Have a nice day anon.
>>287308 Don't you see anon? You're missing out on the crucial Japanese dialogue where the dango chef gets raped by the village elder. The game was clearly censored.
(4.49 MB 640x640 floppy ears.gif)
>>287308 Don't forget, that when you die you lose pressure in your bowls, I would recommend you spray your axe wound with as much disinfectant and deodorant as you can get your hands on prior.
>>287295 >Making the sub quest and investigation girl in Iceborn an ugly fat chested nog girl and not a cute Asian. >Making The Handler look like a tranny. Actual censorship. >The shit your going on about. Not censorship. Anon I know your game I detest Soyny Niggers and Nintendo fanbois but again I am going to have to side with the bing bing wahoo crowd for a second time and just call you what you are. A fucking Soyny nigger pissed that Rise is not on the Ps4/5. What I find fucking humorous is the fact you are trying and accuse the current year LABO company of poz. The absolute hypocrisy aura coming from you is just too strong.
(991.68 KB 326x326 get_outta_here.mp4)
>>287404 Bad localization is a form of censorship, and while it's real cute you try to distract from this by bringing up console war bullshit, the worst offender I think of when mon hunt localization comes to mind, is the bherna village's guild marm rant about the phrase 'get good' in monster hunter generations. If I could find the image that compares the conversation with the JP version I would of posted it first. Claim I am splitting hairs as you wish, but the arguments of localization apologists like you are all the same as censorship apologists, ergo the bingo working so well. Get some principles, or neck your self.
>>284797 Late Night Huntan MH Rise Lobby ID: 4UP9PV Pass: 1337
>>287520 >Bad localization is a form of censorship, The problem is that the difference between censorship and "bad localization" is intent and all English localizations from Japanese are bad depending on your standards. There can be no fully good localization for Japanese to English. You can make this argument for any game that is localized because there are linguistic and cultural concepts that simply do not carry over; it is impossible without inventing new words in English or using loan words at a minimum. If the original text is filled with silly memes that only Japanese people would get, the text has to be basically rewritten from scratch to be filled with silly memes only Westerners would get. It would be great if all international releases allowed you to choose any language for both text and audio, but I think you're just being overdramatic by calling it censorship.
>>287825 > The problem is that the difference between censorship and "bad localization" is intent and all English localizations from Japanese are bad depending on your standards <Censoring symbols, religious themes, and violent implications is "good localization > it is impossible without inventing new words in English or using loan words at a minimum. <The English language already loans innumerable words from foreign languages, but it's "bad localization" to continue this practice > If the original text is filled with silly memes that only Japanese people would get, the text has to be basically rewritten from scratch to be filled with silly memes only Westerners would get. <Any semblance of the game being "Japanese" must be removed because the American may he too stupid to understand a joke that isn't exclusively American > I think you're just being overdramatic by calling it censorship. <Wanting a game translation to be as authentic and unaltered as possible is being "overly dramatic Let's actually experiment with something here if you're still failing to understand: The problem is that the difference between censorship and "bad localization" is intent and all American localizations from England are bad depending on your standards. There can be no fully good localization for United Kingdom English to American English. You can make this argument for any game that is localized because there are linguistic and cultural concepts that simply do not carry over; it is impossible without inventing new words in American English or using loan words at a minimum. If the original text is filled with silly memes that only English people would get, the text has to be basically rewritten from scratch to be filled with silly memes only Americans would get. It would be great if all international releases allowed you to choose any language for both text and audio, but I think you're just being overdramatic by calling it censorship.
>>287874 Again, your hyperbole and drama is tedious and absurd. You can't possibly suggest that Anglo culture, which American culture is literally directly related to in the last 300 years, can be localized as easily as Japanese. Stop being a disingenuous cunt.
>>287918 > You can't possibly suggest that Anglo culture...can be localized as easily as Japanese. Apparently it can for EVERY FUCKING LANGUAGE EXCEPT FOR ENGLISH! You never hear about the Germans, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and so on ever complaining about how terrible their translations are, much more having their translators posting endless rants about how "Translating from Japanese to out native language is 'just to Hard'." On top of that, there is never this level of apologetics taking places when it comes to translating other non-Latin based languages like Russian, Arabic, Chinese, or Korean. Much more, this discussion ALWAYS discusses Japanese to English being a problem, but, apparently, there is ZERO problems when it cones to translating from English to Japanese. And, on top of that, if this level of nuisances requires a complete rewrite of an entire sentence, then how is Japan capable of operating as one of America's closest allies without an international incident happening each week as the result of a mistranslation? Why is Japanese to English the ONLY time when shoddy translations are considered acceptable?
(534.33 KB 693x851 NOA tier quality.png)
>>287825 >If the original text is filled with silly memes that only Japanese people would get, the text has to be basically rewritten from scratch to be filled with silly memes only Westerners would get. Why? Heaven forbid there be something non Japanese wouldn't understand in a Japanese game, heaven forbid someone actually learn something about another culture. I guess mgs3 is just a terribly localized game because they didn't replace 'kuwabara kuwabara' with 'ding dong don't strike me lightning'
>>287918 Yeah, you're actually the one being disingenious here because you already presented examples of how some of these "issues" could be overcome, insist on using the term localization in place of translation to hide the fact the practices you support are not translations (which is the only expectation any purchaser of an originally foreign-language product should have) and in general ignore or downplay the points of your opponent while presenting your own viewpoint as "necessary". In the end, this is all a thunderstorm in a tea cup though since the businesses that are in charge of bringing foreign products to American shores are incentivized to make as many changes as possible to demand higher fees, the companies bringing their products over don't care if their foreign market gets a fucked up story and memes so long as the game is playable (ie you will NEVER see "localization" go on in regards to info needed to actually play the game because it undermines the ability of the player to actually understand how the game's mechanics work) and the idiot players won't even notice since they just came here to shoot dinosaurs.
(440.21 KB 1920x1080 Screenshot_2021-04-13-19-42-47.png)
(278.61 KB 1920x1080 Screenshot_2021-04-15-21-58-11.png)
(436.28 KB 1920x1080 Screenshot_2021-04-15-21-55-04.png)
>>287825 >You can make this argument for any game that is localized because there are linguistic and cultural concepts that simply do not carry over; it is impossible without inventing new words in English or using loan words at a minimum. But Anon, as this Anon said >>287945 , why isn't it fine to understand new concepts and new cultural views? Even if the original language differs greatly in its linguistic aspects, it is still fun to learn about them, no? And speaking of linguistic autism, here, have some crosslinguistic data. Back on topic, I finished hunting Lagiacrus and I am working my way on to high rank. I find it very hard to go back to Rise. 3G is just so much more enjoyable.
>>287945 You're ignoring context. While I think his example of memes is bad because ultimately you focus on the meaning while ignoring source form, being hardliner about them is dumb. Memes hardly equate to overall culture and are akin to humor, not easily translated; your example is fine to preserve because of a lack of a similar phrase in English that would reflect on Volgin's lightning bullshit. Good translation is about minimizing the source language's form while maintaining meaning, with the potential caveat that commonly known or easily researched terms could be maintained as they are. Otherwise translations would be full of footnotes. NOA et al. are shit because they are wannabe writes lacking grasp of the language they're translating.
(86.09 KB 555x900 megumin explosions.jpg)
Can't wait for Bazel, I hope he doesn't deal silkbind damage with his attacks and follows you through zones to make hunts for exciting.
>>288094 I somehow wrote "for" while thinking "more"
(34.49 KB 500x375 bagelgooze.jpg)
>>288094 Pretty sure mounting damage is rigged based on hunt target, I've seen people mount a non target monster in one hit, and roaming monsters make things mountable in a single hit. But doing a multi monster hunt in the arena? No such 1 hit mounting. One would hope actively hunting monsters like jho and bagelgoose would follow a similar rule.
>>288493 The main monster(s) of a quest are harder to mount Some quests with predictable monsters are nice because you can plan the same route every time for extra mounts, for example the high rank Magnamalo always has an Almudron right in front of the camp and it can be mounted super easily.
So, my first time actually trying GS seriously, and it is more fun than expected solo, I was building my set and noticed Rage Slash and Tackle synergizes very well with Resentment, so I looked at my talisman pile and voila! I have Resentment 2 (lv3 slot), so I started building towards ATK 7 Resentment 5, but to do so I had to drop Focus, in older MH games I know this would be heresy, but is Focus even that essential anymore? Rage Slash doesn't need to be fast because you want the monster to hit you before you attack and the first two hits are cancelled into tackles anyways. Any GS mains out there to give some feedback? Also I noticed Diablo GS have a rampup skill to remove sharpness loss on block, I wonder if Offensive Guard and Guard Tackle would work well with this...
(201.33 KB 905x1280 deviljho mount.jpg)
Making another Hub for Anons. Turns. 7NSS15 Pass: 1337
>>288731 Why are you guys faggots that hate playing video games. Come play with us you fucking double niggers.
(168.75 KB 1066x1600 glow on.jpg)
>>288763 >Random Anons do not know. >Inviting Anons to a lobby. >Most likely fucking glow nigger trap.
(76.23 KB 507x542 Its nothing.jpg)
>>288766 I assure you Go- I mean Anon there is nothing to worry about in joining us for hunts.
well im in dont expect much chat from me im dutch as fuck.
>>288774 Feel free to post any quests you want to do
>>288777 Ill just follow you fags.
>>287939 I'm not stating they're acceptable, I'm stating that I don't give a fuck about monhun's dialogue and that if you care about such tiny details in a game where dialogue just does not fundamentally matter then no localization from Jp-En will satisfy you. I empathize with wanting the source material untarnished completely but it is a foolish to suggest that any localization will do it justice if your standards are that high. >What about... all those other cultures? What about them? I don't see how they're relevant at all. I don't care about Chinese or Korean games, and even Russian is much more similar still than any of the east Asian languages (which coincidentally are mostly descended from Chinese, at least in writing). I'm talking about fundamental linguistic shit like honorifics in Japanese that simply don't have an equivalent at all. What is "nii sama" in English? "My honored brother?" Bullshit, nobody talks like that in the West. It sounds stupid and out of place in an English context. What is localization really then? Is a game really localized if you take a literal approach to translation and leave the reader to study Japanese culture on their own? And then they have to figure out whatever awkward compromised translation you had to make for concepts like the one I just described? Seems like it's almost more effort than just learning Japanese. What's the point? >>287945 >Why? Because fucking suits anon. You're assuming suits will make authentic localizations instead of just trying to sell to the most amount of Westerners. Why would you assume that? If a localization happens at all, it will be to sell to the most amount of non-Japanese possible. >>287946 I downplayed the "points" because they were irrelevant tripe and extremely tedious hyperbole. If you want me to respond then contain your autism, that shit pisses me off. It is still absurd to claim that "you aren't holding Euro localizations to the same standard" when they are, in point of fact, completely different fucking standards in the real world due to the stronger cultural ties to English. Why should I waste my time with such obviously false remarks that insult my intelligence? >insist on using the term localization in place of translation to hide the fact the practices you support are not translations And the person I replied to insisted on using "censorship" instead of localization. Stop sliding the goalposts. >the second half of your post Yes, that was my point. Thanks for realizing. I was not the one instigating this "thunderstorm" by bleating censorship.
Quality hunts Anons. Pretty happy with my crit rate but I need to work on my parkour only just went full cat still not used to lack of doggo. Night fags.
(73.00 KB 960x681 skate.jpg)
>>288790 Likewise. I need to get some tigrex armor for the diablos hammer because rajang pants are a waste with it. Hope to see you often.
>>288792 >Hope to see you often. Two broken legs and I have caught that Chinese bio weapon. Right MH is all I will be doing so no doubt you will. Right I better get rest before best girl kills me.
>>288795 >Two broken legs and I have caught that Chinese bio weapon I'm sorry, Anon... Godspeed.
(15.99 MB 1280x720 Head_Pats.webm)
>>288790 Changing from dog to cat was a ruff time but well worth it. The gathering cat steals so many materials and the Endemic life barrage is great for paras and sleep. I need to learn where the great wirebugs are to get around even quicker but I don't think are really necessary especially since you get so many spiribugs running around regular wirebugging. Plus parkouring is fun and you get a lot of resources. >>288795 >Two broken legs and I have caught that Chinese bio weapon. Got damn. Sorry Anon.
>>288797 >>288795 >>288795 >two broken legs and chinese flu Are you sure you're not playing EYE irl?
>>288803 You guys should try out Wirebug Whisperer, gemmed in for max level. Using the ZR bug dash actually refills slower than using the A dash. That plus the perk of having an increased bug recovery rate being only when you're on the ground, means you no longer have to do the >ZR >midair A swing >flip trick to get around fast. Just using ZL+A dashes, I've actually gotten to places faster than my teammates on their dogs. That and using subcamps, sliding down hills, just going up walls, etc, I'm actually usually the first one to arrive. Also anyone who doesn't use the gyro for bugs is kneecapping themselves, especially since it works on ballistas and guns, too. Gyro bug dashing + Wirebug Whisperer is so much fun with the Greatsword, since you can basically always sheath with power sheath, for no penalty and always have a bug in reserve to dodge.
>>288856 He doesn't have schizophrenia anon... yet
(159.78 KB 1177x1280 hammer time.jpg)
Hunting all day! Lobby: V03Y40 Pass: 1337
>>288997 Don't destroy the seal, Anon.
Anyone gonna get this game once its out on PC? >>288795 How the fuck did you break both of your legs?
>>289050 Absolutely. Gonna double dip like a good goy.
>>289051 >Gonna double dip like a good goy I hope more bad things happen to you.
(19.23 KB 340x511 incline.jpg)
>>289053 You will never be happy if you are emotionally affected by how others spend their money.
(122.98 KB 1100x933 all_smiles.jpg)
>anon's cluster bomb ammo
(60.71 KB 637x358 corona.jpg)
>>289050 Nothing interesting. Fell down stairs Anon. Then caught the best girl in hospital. >>288856 My legs are not OK and I did not gain brouzouf but my sister randomly posted Rise through the letter box. So its all good.
>>289199 We have a slot if you want to join.
(24.56 KB 700x500 EAa7iVSXYAA7Ct_.jpg)
>>289299 Stuck with said sister today grinding that damn boss. She hates other people kinda a wierdo. Hope shit goes well today for you yesterday was fun Anon. Will defiantly catch up with you Anons soon.
(70.09 KB 650x521 pc gamers.jpg)
>>289051 I double dipped with MHW. In fact I triple dipped because I bought it for PS4 when it first came out, bought it on PC when I got muh gayman PC, bought my friend a copy for $30 on PC during that same sale. Then i bought Icebourne for like $40. That means I spent $160 on MHW pretty much. I pirated rise though so I can't play with any of you queers for now. I only clang cocks with the master race anyways.
Going to hunt for a couple hours maybe join if you'd like. Lobby: GM0PHS Pass: 1337
(187.97 KB 750x750 hunter with frenzy virus.jpg)
I made a GS set that uses Guard 5 and no focus, and it fucking works
>>289687 Guard Tackle? Because I can't imagine the GS's normal guard being all that good, but I can see a set like that with Rage Slash being amazing, too. >no focus I get what you mean, has there been any data on the charge times in Rise compared to GU? Because it feels like the base GS charge is way faster than it used to be. If anything everything on the GS feels faster and shit, and on par with the stuff Black X gave you in GU. Or at least I don't notice a significant increase in startup frames and shit, after spending the bulk of my play time in that set.
>>290752 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9BhN51LxKEMHy3JnN0ekJA This channel makes all the comparisons, charge 3 on GS barely saves 0.3 sec on Rage Slash Guard tackle with Offensive guard is great, I use the Diablos GS, the ramp-up skill negates sharpness loss on guarding, but I feel this setup is the only one that can justify guard tackle.
>>290767 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rha_YEf7GxI >that piddly amount of time saved I mean, it adds up over a hunt, I guess. But holy shit that's a lot less than I was expecting. Borderline worthless in the grand scheme of things.
>>290786 Its good if you are not using tackles to skip to the last hit tho... I say its still important for True chargelash because if you get hit you lose it all, while in Rage slash you WANT the monster to hit you before it goes off, so having it lasting 0.3 longer can actually be good
(1.15 MB 750x973 toofus.png)
>>290794 >have been using Rage Slash, and grinding for Focus jewels >realize I've been trying to make Rage Slash harder to use In my defense, I ran the numbers in the training area, and it's not really that much less than TCS, and the reason I prefer Rage Slash isn't even for the counter. It's the fact that I can aim it full 360. I still whiff a lot of TCSes if I'm not doing it on a downed monster, I rarely miss a Rage Slash.
>>290767 I thought focus felt like shit in this game. Made me not enjoy playing GS much when it has always been my favorite and main weapon.
I finally got around to playing long sword, and good lord is it fun in 5th gen. I can not decide what I want to spec into. I love quick sheath because countering is fun as fuck, but I feel like WEX 3 is a must-have with nearly everything, but keeping weapon sharpness up with LS is a problem for me. Any LS users have some tips? This is what I whipped up really fast after crafting Zinorgre's LS.
>>291313 How are you having sharpness issues? You've got all the green that was ever made with the Zinogre LS as well as two points of speed sharpening. If you're always wanting to be at blue then get the third point and use openings efficiently.
(221.72 KB 500x436 8mt9wefxfs761.png)
>>290969 Its understandable, If you used GS in previous games having focus was always a must, it would be like making a Gunlance set without Artillery
Hello anons. I got into Rise a couple weeks ago and I'm having fun. Never played MH before but I played an unholy fuck load of PSO back in the day. Currently just got to 7star Hub rank solo. Bow main but learning Greatsword, Horn, and now Insect Glaive on the side. Currently using Arzuros's Honeypot and a maxed out Bishaten S set with a couple other pieces. Once I clear out the offline game once I'll join you anons for farming runs if that's still going on. I need a lot of Mizutsune kills coming up.
>>292029 I'll be gone until Sunday this week, but when I return lobbies will be posted nearly daily. >>291499 >posts 1 video of LS >showcases a bad hit box bravo. But with LS and quick sheath there is never not and opening. Counters are insanely good.
>>292029 I look forward to playing with you Anon. >>292096 I think that was my only LS clip I don't think I've had any cool "get fucked" moments with LS like the other 3 had. I've had some death loops where the monster is laying about for a daft wee nap for a while and just repeating the spirit combo into Lai slash into Spirit Helm Breaker 3 or 4 times but that probably wouldn't make a great clip.
Gonna be playing for at least a few hours could go all day. Farming Magnamalo need an Orb and then we can do whatever. Lobby: PBJU6H PW:1776
(33.42 KB 753x493 dedede yesss.jpg)
Water Strike can parry a charging Tigrex, and you don't even take chip damage! I have to test with a Diablos after work.
>>292200 I would love to join anon, but can't for the next 6 hours
No gameplan, just want to hunt monsters. I wanted to play Nier but it has Denuvo so cucked out of that for now. Lobby: 3X45RT PW: 1776
(99.42 KB 774x1082 hunt for gods sake.jpg)
Time to hunt! Lobby: B9S6YP Pass: 1337
>>293691 2/4 We need mo money fo dem programs hunters for our hunts.
New lobby is up D05JJ8 Pass: 1337 We don't care what HR you are come have fun.
(335.18 KB 603x871 Screenshot 2021-04-26 085312.png)
I'm excited. Less than 24 hours till the stream.
(153.89 KB 1280x720 pain and despair.jpg)
>>294336 And just as the update draws near my controller right analog suddenly gains permanent drift to the left...
>>294340 Joycon or pro controller? Give taking it apart and cleaning it a go. Seen plenty of repair videos on stick drift and only very few of them you need to solder in a replacement stick.
LET'S HUNT Lobby: PQELCT Pass: 1337
>>294345 Pro controller, my joycon had a similar problem too, I already sent the controller back since it will get a new one soon, but soon will probably not be before the update...
(390.58 KB 1280x1562 pickle jho.png)
>>294336 We know of Kushala, Teostra, Bazel, Valtrax, Apex Zinogre and Diablos, you guys think we will only get those? I sure would love to see Jho
>>294624 Jho has been in every game since Tri and he always overshadow the actual invader in any game he is in. i wouldn't mind giving him a rest and putting something out of left field, like queen vespoid/bnahabra or seltas queen.
(48.15 KB 800x600 jhobrows.gif)
>>294687 Yeah sure. And I bet they will not add Rathian and Rathalos next time right?
Summary: >Chameleos >Kushala >Teostra >Apex Rath >Apex Diablos (and more) <- probably Apex Zinogre and Bazel? HR unlock APEX OUTSIDE RAMPAGE True armor transmog New rampage level which means rampage weapons get stronger
(2.45 MB 2856x1863 Screenshot 2021-04-27 073253.png)
(1.30 MB 2830x1560 Screenshot 2021-04-27 073426.png)
(3.38 MB 3374x1700 Screenshot 2021-04-27 073529.png)
>>294340 >Its everything I dreamed of and more. Never in history has an update to a game been this good.
>>295215 >Monsters I already hunted a couple dozen times in world/icebourne >no lagiacrus >no amatsu >still no fun monsters that should have been there in the first place like tebatsucabra, nerscylla or najrala <Never in history has an update to a game been this good. Are you a paid shill or something? Nobody sucked off even MH4U this much back when it was out. How did you even think about MHW? Did you think it was bad solely because of the ugly ass handler or what? It must have been that because Rise is world but even MORE easy and casualized but I just find it strange to not see any of the angry autists shitting on the newer games in these threads anymore.
>>295215 Will Rise have event quests to get unique items and unique equipment?
>>295215 >all this shit that should have been in the game at launch Monster Hunter getting popular in the west was the biggest fucking mistake.
(723.97 KB 979x1000 modern triple a videogame.png)
>>295242 They should have released the game a year later to properly have everything in the game right off the bat instead of shoving it out early, why? Because they actually have the fucking audacity to give us a half baked product then add shit in there that should have been in there in the first place and call that a fucking "update", it is nothing but unnecessary and insulting. So many poor sons of bitches went and payed full price for what amounts to an early access game and they didn't know any better.
>>295236 >are you a paid shill Either that or just an anon with shit taste. >I just find it strange to not see any of the angry autists shitting on the newer games I usually make a one off comment shitting on them. Not much to say anymore though since the ones determined to eat shit are going to do so regardless of what I or anyone else tell them.
(255.34 KB 267x380 ClipboardImage.png)
You guys are still playing this shit? I am 50 hours into MH3G and I am having a blast. When I started it in 2012 I was too retarded to know how to dodge properly during water combat, but now it is very fun. >Lagia or Plesioth does a spin >Dodge vertically >Feels good man Fuck World and fuck Rise, I want my MH5.
>>295215 Just realized this was a fucking reply somehow. >>295236 We'll find out in 10 hours what exactly the monsters the "and more" entails. Its a pretty damn good update and its still free no kikery going on here and we'll keep getting new monsters up until the eventual G-rank expansion in a yearish. I was anticipating being completely disappointed and underwhelmed but the leaks were true.Go look in the last thread for my thoughts on World, its still kicking. >>295237 They confirmed new gestures and stickers in event quests and I doubt they would not have event quests for armor and weapons as thats the bread and butter of them. >>295242 I can see the argument but the rona fucked it surely and 1 month after launch ain't bad. The rolling out of content while it has its downsides is also nice too. I think they probably held some of this content back to roll it out. Way too much is being added to have been completed in a month. I do wish launch Rise had a bit more to do have 260 something hours in it. >>295273 I wish 3U emulation was playable online. None of you fags have a WiiU and we can barely get people to play the new game. Most of the time its just the 2 of us hoping someone joins and getting ecstatic when eventually someone does.
(33.76 KB 618x120 and more.png)
(369.60 KB 832x1232 fucking bagel goose.jpg)
>>295215 I am worried about tomorrow anons. >In new rampage >Fighting Apex Diablos. >Hear a familiar autistic screeching. >Bagel theme suddenly starts. >Final gate just fucking explodes. >Quest failed. >Run over to Minoto to retake the quest. >Minoto fucking explodes. >Quest failed.
(429.05 KB 602x600 Screenshot 2021-04-27 085322.png)
>>295284 Forgot to post pic related. >>295287 >I am worried about tomorrow anons. TODAY
(30.88 KB 1280x720 doggo fear.jpg)
>>295289 Well fuck guess I will find out who the quest rapist is today then. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Jho being the invader but will expect fucking Bagel.
>>295284 You seemingly ignored my 295248 post. I didn't see world in that way but with rise I can't help but see it as a full priced early access game anymore, those aren't updates, those are base game features that are being put back into the game to entice players to come back every month for some dumbass reason. Might as well just give players the whole package all in one go but with current vidya they can easily get away with this shit. 4U was the last great and stright forward MH game and that is a damn shame. >>295284 I have a wiiu but no 3U for it, I have an n3ds and 3U and 4U for that. But I am done with those games, I enjoyed them for what it was worth.
(110.34 KB 640x480 smug Krillin.jpg)
>Only thing good about 4U is the monster roster >niggers crying about how easy Rise is then suggest we play P3rd >ignore them and just play Rise with anons >TORpedo crying about how no one is listening to them >>295236 >still no fun monsters that should have been there in the first place like tebatsucabra, nerscylla or najrala Rakna is very similar to Nerscylla and tetsucabra is fun, but many monsters fill his move set gap. Him not being in the game is not such a negative to make it not worth playing. You sound like you just love 4U more than any other game. >It must have been that because Rise is world but even MORE easy and casualized but I just find it strange to not see any of the angry autists shitting on the newer games in these threads anymore Low and High Rank has not been difficult since FU in any monster hunter. >>295273 I'm enjoying the hell out of Rise after playing 3U for a bit before, but in a few months I might organize some MHFU multiplayer if you are interested. >>295300 >Might as well just give players the whole package all in one go but with current vidya they can easily get away with this shit. 4U was the last great and straight forward MH game and that is a damn shame. Anon, at least try to know what you are complaining about.
>>295300 >You seemingly ignored my 295248 post. Because there was nothing for me to respond to. What I wrote in my post also applies as a response to your post and my disagreement with it. I suppose I could have included your post in my response but I felt it unnecessary and it wasn't even in response to me but another comment. The games DLC is free. Its not being cut up and sold separately and that would be the only thing I have issue with. The mona lisa shit doesn't apply. >But I am done with those games Fag, old monhun is only dead if you let it die. I'd gladly play 3U on Wii U and the game is dirt cheap no excuse to not buy it. Can't play 4U on 3ds since its banned but I transferred my save file to my PC and played it on Citra a little.
>>295307 Holy shit not to mention theres Zamites in rise yet no Zamtrios. That fact alone makes this game feel rushed as fuck. There could have been more fan favorites that could have been relatively easy to implement and seemingly SHOULD have been there in the first place but it just feels like a mean spirited kind of tease. Also being smug while eating shit doesn't stop it from being shit. I'll probably get the game anyways once the Ultimate version is out on PC. >Rakna is very similar to Nerscylla and tetsucabra is fun, but many monsters fill his move set gap. Anon, if you ever played MH you would know that there are similar monsters in every game and monsters who share skeletons tend to have some similar moves. Nerscylla, najralla, zamtrios and tebatsucabra were incredibly unique to the point where I thought it was fucking magic to have somehow implemented them in the game. They were all a labor of love and among my favorite fights and I would have simply loved to see them again and I thought I was going to get that with rise but then we got fucking KHEZU again. >You sound like you just love 4U more than any other game. No shit because its a good fucking game dumbass. >Anon, at least try to know what you are complaining about. Anon. Listen. You know how older games used to release ALL of the content that it had right out the door including bug fixes, extra content, cheat codes, etc, because downloadable content at the time was pretty much impossible right? I fucking hate the fact that MH has now deviated from that and is now doing that shitty I guess that "games as a service" shit and is basically cutting what should have been the FULL FUCKING GAME into pieces and giving it out to us only over the course of months and not just the whole thing at once like how a normal videogame fucking should be delivered, its unfair and needlessly manipulative. You are paying full price for a fucking early access game dude. >>295319 >Its not being cut up and sold separately They should have given it more development time to actually finish their fucking game. You are basically beta testing for an unfinished game while they add new features that should have been there from the start to bait gullible idiots like you to keep on playing over time. Don't worry I'm not immune to it, it worked for me back in icebourne.
(1.63 MB 1340x754 2020-02-32154.png)
>>295323 >Also being smug while eating shit doesn't stop it from being shit. >I'll probably get the game anyways once the Ultimate version is out on PC. <heh enjoy your turd I'll be dining on the full load >Anon, if you ever played MH you would know that there are similar monsters in every game <Anon. Listen. You know how older games used to release ALL of the content that it had right out the door including bug fixes, extra content, cheat codes, etc, because downloadable content at the time was pretty much impossible right? I fucking hate the fact that MH has now deviated from that and is now doing that Tone deaf 4U retards at it again. >No shit because its a good fucking game dumbass Worst maps, Worst HUBs, Shitty Apex gimmick, mount spam. Again the only thing good about 4U was the roster and the weapon move sets.
>>295334 >Again the only thing good about 4U was the roster and the weapon move sets Exactly. The roster in rise fucking sucks dude. Also rise has Apex mosnters don't you hate that too? They are adding more apexes instead of actual different monsters doesn't that bother you? Also I don't know what problem you have with the hubs since they're just hubs every MH game has them but whatever.
I don't think we will be getting ANY mid level monsters, so no tetsu, zamtrios and such, at least not until G-rank
>>295364 Crazy how theres a literal baby tebatsu in the gathering hall but no actual tebatsu to hunt in the game. I was fucking crazy to expect to be able to hunt one in the game wasn't I? Same cases goes for Zamtrios and zamites, but same could be said about jaggi and great jagras too though. Just having them in the game but not their adult versions feels so hollow and wrong.
(8.04 KB 320x320 Fuck.png)
Might as well ask here; Does Monster Hunter G on the Wii have an offline gathering hall or is like the Tri where you're fucked now that the servers are dead? Thinking about giving it a whirl since the series is dead. >>295273 I was tempted to start MH3U over again now that Rise turned out to be a shitty Toukiden 2 clone without the fun skill system. But that would involve me digging my Wii U out of storage. So I just started up MHFU and Toukiden 2 with friends instead.
Update live
Beatlejuice confirmed, he has arena tokens listed in armor making.
Apex Arzuros dropped regular HR stuff and the regular Apex Beastclaw from the rampage also got a single outfit voucher from the quest bonus rewards. Lobby: 8AKVJE PW: 1776
>>295662 >No apex weapons/armor Maybe when Apex Zinogre drops?
(9.39 KB 300x168 bagel.jpg)
Bagel back leaks confirmed. Jho bros on suicide watch.
>>295964 >leaks confirmed Or just talking to Fugen right as you launch the game after the update.
>>295966 We know that dipshit. Talking about the leaks from months ago.
(103.28 KB 1024x768 MT nerf.jpg)
This update is pretty meaty compare to World's first update, though it's basically them finishing the game since the leak documents from before the pandemic said they wanted 40 monsters in the game. New decos are nice. I'm surprised that Weakness Exploit, Razor Sharp/Spare Shot, and Protective Polish are level 2 decos, I thought they are extremely powerful skill that would be put as level 3 decos. People kept bitching about getting a god charm for muh WEX for that 100% crit, though now it's gonna be the Master's Touch god charm now probably since you can get that on a charm. Master's Touch did get a nerf, thankfully. >>295964 Next update is gonna the end of next month. I'm surprised it's so soon. We got 6 of the 9 leaked monsters. All that's left is Valstrax, Apex Zinogre, and Allmother Narwa. 3 monster will seems small compared to this update, even if it's gonna have an ending added to it. I wonder if they are making some monsters that weren't in the leak, since the leaked documents were outdated.
(31.29 KB 315x242 MT Deco.jpg)
>>296011 Maybe I should of looked at my forge a little better. Looks like the god charm people are gonna be after is crit boost.
(605.43 KB 1600x900 fuck.jpg)
>Take the Chameleos hunt. >I know this fucker well from previous games. >Fill inventory with not only plenty of potions and the like but the items to make more. >Think I am pretty much immune to his stealing bullshit. >He steals my permabuffers instead. Fuck that guy, fuck him straight to hell.
(78.62 KB 1280x720 qt suffering.jpg)
>followed all the joycon drift fix tutorials, still fucked Life is suffering Did any website update their stuff with the update content yet? I want to at least look at the new armor sets and skills
Does anyone know what the Chameleos, Kushala and Teostra Blessings do?
(108.38 KB 1280x720 hahahahahaha.jpg)
>Jump Master is a level 3 deco
>>296050 Just buy a horipad or something you cheapskate, joycons are complete shit.
(107.89 KB 1205x700 the pain of petan.jpg)
>>296226 I bought a pro controller, but there was a problem with shipping and it will arrive only next week
That rolling armadillo motherfucker had me wanting to chimp out and throw my Goddamned controller. What an asshole. In other news, as an ex-Gunlance user from MHFU who gave up on it after they fucked it in Tri, is it worth going back to? I just switched from Longsword to Switch Axe and absolutely fuckin love it, but I also desperately miss those perfectly-timed wyvern shots that bust a Tigrex's face clean off.
(13.43 KB 498x463 wired.jpg)
>>296226 Make sure its the wired one. Cuts down input lag.
>>296248 The Funlance is the best weapon after Hammer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1CzLHvxkyc
(500.12 KB 1192x678 Untitled.png)
>>296254 I don't know if MH supports it, but apparently wired GC controller is best.
(8.70 KB 207x244 just fucking stop.jpg)
>>296346 OK Anon I am all about the joys of wired controllers but I will stop you there. Use of a Gamecube controller will instantly register you on a sex offenders list. Its not worth it Anon.
>>296346 The GC controller has less buttons, one of the shoulder buttons and the - button making it unplayable. At least the model I have
(251.50 KB 488x490 stopthis.jpg)
They fucking RUINED chameleos holy shit. I didn't think I could be more upset at this casual shitpile but here we are. >Put him in an open area with two fire element mons in direct course for free super damage >DOESN'T GO FULLY INVISIBLE FOR HIS SIGNATURE MOVES OUTSIDE OF STARTUP >Can see the outline of where the fucker goes, even in when he shoots out mist and before horn break >If he has any blight on he glows like a god damn neon sign while playing pretend invisible >His new move spreading poison over an area gets fucked by any incline constantly >Music sounds like overproduced garbage >No goofy chameleon walk Can anyone let me know how they shit on other monsters they added in this update so I can rip that band-aid off now? I fucking loved Chameleos.
(88.97 KB 1000x1000 gamecube switch controller.jpg)
>>296513 The original GC controller for the Gamecube didn't have those extra buttons, but the new models too basically turning them into Pro controllers but with the Gamecube layout and aesthetic.
(158.13 KB 1200x638 megumin explosion.jpg)
Teostra SA >31 blast >Gets to about 45 with blast3 teoblessing2 >+20% blast explosion damage ramp up >ELEMENTAL PHIAL Btw is there a status buildup cap per hit?
Is it me or do all monster seems to have lost about 30% of their moves and just keep repeating the same 3-4 attacks before doing the scripted specials and then running away?
(283.53 KB 1413x1158 tired piratess.jpg)
>>296521 You should see what they did to Rajang. >Hitboxes that hit nothing. >Moveset is now incredibly easy to avoid >Shit damage, laser won't even do 70% of your health. >Moves that used to be checks are now weak ass shit that is also slow. >He doesn't even have the rock throw anymore At least Kushy is OK, even if he doesnt do the big damage rush he used to do as often.
>>296521 >>297351 >>297362 You guys seem to be forgetting that this isn't g-rank. These are high rank monsters, they don't have their entire arsenal and hit weaker. Rajang in world was pretty bad I've heard and they over-corrected a bit. Can't blame that solely on him being high rank.Chameloes also does have his true invisibility I don't know what you're talking about and the monsters that are on the map are random. The elders also hit like a truck especially before the armor upgrades 2.0 added but even still afterwards. >>297348 It looks pretty good. Also one of the few Teostra weapons that has any slots.
>>297512 That generally seems to be how they're balancing the monsters around the increased mobility. Namely having both hunters and monsters deal shittons of damage to each other, instead of whittling you down over time, and in my opinion it's working pretty well. If anything Rise is akin to RE4, specifically in ditching overarching mechanics like the ink ribbon that made you play far more meticulously and like the characters would actually act in universe. And while I can certainly understand negativity around increasing the action and lowering the punishment for failure to prep/fight well, I can't deny the game is incredibly fun. Though I do think this is about as streamlined as it should get. That was my main worry before Rise released (if less prep necessary would ruin the game), and they pulled it off. I understand some elements are now lost, like hot and cold drinks, but I've also never had this much fun with the Greatsword in any of the games. And it's not like it's super casualized either, with things like: >only the base camp having a supply box >only being able to fast travel out of combat, in combat you need a farcaster >none of the really good dango is available on a quest >Potions actually taking longer than the flex if you want the full healing, as your hunter has to take the whole time drinking it to do so >wirefalling lacking i-frames, leading to spam resulting in eating shit >big AoE, sweeping laser, or just really fucking fast, moves necessitating managing wire bugs to dodge Even stuff like the Hunting Horn are balanced around the increase in aggression on players, with the melody effects lasting for fuckall, requiring constant upkeep, though that one is still debatable. And again, I'm fine with the streamlining, or "casualizing" if people want to be pedantic, when the hunting gameplay is this much fun. Seriously, I'm using a set where I have Wirebug Whisperer maxed out, and that alone makes Greatsword radically different from previous incarnations. As with 3 bugs and WBW Lv. 3, you can constantly use the A bug dash and never run out, so in turn thanks to Power Sheath, Rage Slash, and Adamant Slash, the GS goes from a hit and run weapon to being even more relentless than Valor. Even crappier moves like Hunting Edge and Guard Tackle still have considerations about them, like >Hunting Edge's bug recovery is "Fast" and with WBW Lvl. 3 you get one back before the move is even done >Guarding an attack with Guard Tackle instantly takes you to the 3rd you have set Overall I'm glad they pulled it off, but this is about as casual/streamlined as the gameplay should get.
>>295284 I have a WiiU and a 3U, maybe I join later. I need to fix the drift in my broken right stick first though. I'm sick of pretending it hasn't been broken for a long time.
(417.97 KB 1250x1600 Guildmarm and Moga Sweetheart.jpg)
Doing some late night hunts Lobby: 41H4UL Pass: 1337
Hunting for a little bit 455P4X 1337
>>284797 Is this thing suppose to be a raccoonasarus?
>>300163 And badger.
>>284797 Playing for a few hours before bed. YREE2T 1337
I built a full support setup for online play and I'm having a blast. Bishaten Head and Body, Medium Hakamas, Rathian hands and coil. Magnamalo Horn. For decos I slotted in Horn Maestro, Speed Eating 3, and Free Meal 3 and my charm has Evade Extender 2 and Recovery Up 2 on it. This gives you: >Wide Range 6 (Max) so all items you consume 100% affect your party members within a huge AOE around you, and your potions heal for more. >About a third of the time using a potion or food doesn't actually take it from your inventory. >You can slam back a Mega Potion in about half a second, or a Mega Demon Drug in about 2 seconds instead of like 7. I just run around spamming horn buffs, popping heals whenever other people take damage, or demon drug+armor skin when everyone is damage racing, and smack the monster when its convenient to do so. I've also made it my job to be the flashbomb bitch who keeps wounded monsters from running away. Its especially great for farming Chameleos because my Antidotes kick on in a second and clear the whole party of venom at once. Yes, my DPS is dogshit. But I let the other players do so much better that it more than makes up for it. I can also carry teams where bad players would have triple carted and failed us if I hadn't been healing them and buffing their defenses. Rank 7 Magnamalo farming comes to mind.
(722.79 KB 1256x932 Elder Bruh.png)
>>301197 >Not using the Hi Ninja Sword and Rajang pants with max wide range and some atk up. >Thinks you need to use HH to do support. Anon you can be a heal fag and still do decent damage. Rise makes it fucking super easy to be comfy AND do decent DPS. You are just as bad as the metafags.
(32.29 KB 397x252 disgust dimensions.jpg)
>>301197 >Support >In Monhun World did this, but you are personally responsible for being this much of a faggot. Monhun is an action game where the best way to heal is avoiding damage altogether by stunning,beating down and killing the monster faster than it can kill you. In fact not doing damage makes you more of a burden because the monster HP now scales with player counts. If you are not doing everything you can to obstruct to kill the monster you are a net negative. >>301238 You are part of the problem.
>>301250 >Metafag Begone and let people enjoy their games as they please. Healsluts in MH are saints and as rare as they are I will always love and cherish them in my hunts. >>301197 I made a support build back in MHWI. Too bad most of you guys didn't like world for some reason but like rise even though is basically world 2 but with a different artstyle and no handler. It was the full brute tigrex set with mushroommancer +3 max long range and atk+7 added in so I actually did some damage too. But sometimes retards would take advantage of it and due to the constant healing their IQ and skill at the game would lower and the hunts I was supporting would go to shit.
(1.22 MB 450x450 slap_a_nig.gif)
>>301259 >Metafag It's called having any kind of fucking decency. "Support" have monsters act in unpredictably ways and bring them to do their charge moves from the other side of the map and unlike gunners or SnS they don't even try to do any damage or anything cool in the meanwhile. The last thing the rest of the party needs is the monster going from one corner of the map to another and be even more unpredictable. It also significantly slows the hunt by having the monster do unpredictable shit that takes it away from the damage dealers. >Just go ranged Fuck you nigger, I'm not going to shift my entire playstyle so you can RP as your useless self in-game and drag everyone down. There's a difference between not being a meta-nigger and being a a handicap.
(414.17 KB 800x800 bowsette milk.png)
>>301250 >Monhun is an action game where the best way to heal is avoiding damage altogether by stunning,beating down and killing the monster faster than it can kill you. No amount of good play can make up for other players being retarded and failing the mission for everyone. Unless you play support, that is. I actually main bow and glaive with a general purpose turbo stamina build that I really like. But I have meta greatsword and dual blade builds too. I just got tired of farming Niggercougar. Its not a competitive sport unless you're a speedrunning tranny. Try having fun for once in your life.
>>301272 That makes sense. Thats how I play too whenever I don't go support, but having players run around like headless chickens whenever they get hit every 5 seconds is fucking gay and it would be a net positive for the whole party if someone with speed eating and wide-range were to heal everyone whenever things get hairy. Does that not make sense to you? I don't even run off I fight too, I can just heal more and heal more than just myself so I do just that. Do you ever have any comfort in your builds? Like health +3 so you have 150 hp and what not? Thats what I at least try to incorpoate into my builds so im not some faggy glass cannon. >Monhun is an action game where the best way to heal is avoiding damage altogether by stunning,beating down and killing the monster faster than it can kill you <Just go ranged Ranged is the best way to deal damage in MH games. Use a bow, make a set with proper skills and gems on it then slap on some health regen on that shit AND THEN git gud at dash dancing, badda bing badda boom you are now an untouchable, unkillable god at the game. Monsters will stagger and drop to the floor every minute and multiple bow/gunner users can easily creamate monsters alive. I highly reccomend you try it. I was inspired to go bow which became my main in MHWI because of bow speedruns, its the highest DPS dealing weapon I used. >>301288 I tried to speedrun a monster but I realized that I may be an autist, but speedrunners are downright not even human beings.
>>301250 >>301272 >Cares about meta in Rise. Faggot I got 100% crit and full weakness exploit and plenty of atk up but guess what I still was able to gem in full defense. Because I aint a fucking nigger like you that thinks they have to go into a hunt with 350 def and die to a fucking Bombadgy to prove they are hardcore. As much as healfags annoy me carters like you annoy me more.
>>301300 >health +3 >Not evade extender 3 Nigger just learn to dodge a monster and eat your Dangos. It's not that hard, if nothing else having a full set of potions and mega potions should be more than enough to give more chances. Evade extender 3 enables incredible retardation by staying off the monsters path completely with one or two hops. The wirebug is merciful and even with the longer time mega potions give very good health and with even decent armor you'll survive if you know either the monster or your weapon well enough.
(68.24 KB 960x960 431231-b.bhood.jpg)
>>301326 >Health +3 Wholesome 27bc4d Anon was talking about the older games. >>301326 >Nigger just learn to dodge a monster and eat your Dangos. It's not that hard, if nothing else having a full set of potions and mega potions should be more than enough to give more chances. >Evade extender 3 enables incredible retardation by staying off the monsters path completely with one or two hops. >The wirebug is merciful and even with the longer time mega potions give very good health and with even decent armor you'll survive if you know either the monster or your weapon well enough. Health up aint even in Rise you dumb faggot. Anons have been replying to someone who does not know what the fuck they are talking about. So us your Rise set up Anon.
(110.48 KB 400x400 jho wtf reading.png)
>There are people who go against Apex/Elder Dragons with less than 400 def and -10 or worse on the monster main element
>>301347 Defense is a 1 slot in rise and the decos are easy to make so there is no fucking reason for Anons to go into fights like that with low def as it does not take up valuable two or three slots. It just boggles the mind. I blame Youtubers and reddit. I mean there is nothing really else worth putting in one slots anyway.
>>301347 As long as you have enough raw Defense to not get oneshotted by their strongest attack, you don't really need any more. AFAIK any HR armor with maxed out upgrades will get you to that point. The only time I've felt a need to stack defense is in gsword or hammer, because you want to facetank a few hits so you can keep (slowly) smashing face without interruption.
(143.77 KB 1026x1062 Kirby nigger.jpg)
>>301369 You don't understand there is nothing else worth slotting in one slots other than defense unless your a heal fag. If you have seven one slots left over after sorting your crit and attack buffs its going to be stuff like def anyway. Thats what is freaking me out with some of these Anons. What in the actual fuck are they putting in these one slots? All attack and crit buffs are two to three slots. Do you see what some of us are saying here. Basically this: >Use your one slots correctly faggots no need to be a glass cannon.
(67.50 KB 637x756 shit hitboxes shit fight.jpg)
>>301334 I pirated and played a bit of rise, but since im a pirate I can't play online. I just made it past the scat ferret dragon in low rank and I don't really want to bother going any farther for now. I truly plan to get into the game once it comes out on PC. >>301334 >Health up aint even in Rise you dumb faggot. Whoa holy shit its not? Then I guess its the green buggos for extra health only this time around. >>301347 Apex monsters are like tempered monsters this time around right? I fought Apex monsters back in 4U but that was YEARS ago and I just about forgotten what they gave back then.
>>301376 For some reason people keep slotting stun resistance
>>301393 The Apex are almost the exact same as the Deviants from MHXX, which is great because they actually get new moves and stuff instead of just being stronger and immune to traps, too bad there are no apex armors yet
>>301334 I also experiment with a full Narcacuga crit dodge lance and Diablos counter lance with decent results, but outside the charge the damage didn't feel satsifying outside of bullying Volvidons. I tried Paralysis/Stamina drain/KO/Bludgeoner hammer but I need more practice with it for the new mode bullshit. So far I've been abusing blast dash with evade extender with funlance and that has been fine enough for now. I used to run with a Jyatorodus set with Rhenoplos arms and a wirebug talisman before Bagel came with its set being pretty much perfect for Funlance/CB with its slots giving everything you could ever want. >>301354 >>301376 >Speed sharpening if you're a Dual blades protective polish nigger or just deal with short sharpness weps. >Flinch free for GS. >Windproof for Kushy or Rathalos >Stamina thief for hammer/Impact phials/Punish draw Armor spheres provide more than enough for most cases. If one keeps getting carted then it means that they need to stop being shit before getting into a room and no amount of defense is going to fix that. I'd include Tremor resistance but Rajang is a complete bitch this game and there's been a complete lack of Tremor. >>301403 The most use these faggots have right now is for farming Lazarus gems because the trio can be giant niggers with them.
>>301393 Anon you can still save screenshots to SD card and post em here I posted my gear a few posts back. >Thats if your PC has SD slots oddly seeing less of that of late. I got all the meta retardation (catbat crit weapon, the gay ass 2 WEX charm) and was able to slot in def mostly due to that being the only real option for one slots like I said before. Attack buffs decos are two slot plus. Thats my point against metafags. No reason in at all in Rise to be squishy. I might be a bit too moody today Anon having been in random hunts and watching LS users get triple carted to fucking Barroth of all things. I just wish LS users all shared the same body so I could grab them all at once and punch the utter shit out of them while screaming put def in your one slots.
(45.16 KB 800x450 spoderman.jpg)
>>301418 >Guard >Evade extender >Artillery >Partbreaker Anon you fucking have the same mindset as me. Attack and comfy what the fuck was with the YOUR THE PROBLEM post. You do the same shit as me (though down different routes) Well that was a wasted semi-argument. Thankfully. Evade extender is slept on too much.
>>301259 >Too bad most of you guys didn't like world for some reason It was not on a bing bing wahoo platform, now that it is the same mechanics are amazing and cool.
>>295422 How is Toukiden 2? Are you playing on an emulator?
>>301587 You don't need to emulate toukiden2, it has a pc port
>>284797 I bought it today on Steam. I don't see why everyone loves it so much, although the Russian girl with underboob is hot.
>>301432 Anon I know how to do that. In fact I was the guy from the last thread who got the game early and started leaking some early game cutscenes. I still am wearing great izuchi armor for fucks sake, thats how little of a shit I care about playing this game on switch, which I also got for free no less. >>301582 Were they mad at world because they couldn't afford it or some dumbass reason? I see you guys making hunts every so often but when I asked you fags to help me hunt the Fatalis in World the thread was MIA. I wonder why? Alatreon was also a pretty fun fight too. Damn world had some really good monsters but too bad about the lack of skeletons.
>>301607 >Were they mad at world because they couldn't afford it or some dumbass reason? remember when sony fans were always flauting dark souls as the be all end all of gaming, then when it came on xbox and PC they did a 180 and said dark souls was trash and demon souls were actually better? It's the same, but it's nintendo fans and monster hunter.
>>301607 >>301829 But World is actually less refined and more annoying than Rise. I played World, and got sick of it once I beat the story and hunted a few more monsters. The level design was more annoying, the slinger is shittier and less refiend than the wirebug, and so on. Even my buddy who is basically a hopeless fanatic that will buy every Monster Hunter game that comes out on launch day agrees that he liked World less than this game. And he has no particular affinity for Ninty, other than to buy the consoles to play Monster Hunter. One of his top annoyances were that the decorations were random instead of the charms.
>>301436 >Evade extender is slept on too much It's basically required for Gunlance now that the forward lance attack was nerfed, and it was borderline required even in the older games.
>>301839 Anon for people that know what they are doing yes but the average idiot will see evade extender and think of it "extends my roll nah I'll pass" and picks up something retarded like poison def because they are too lazy to bring antidotes. We all know but the majority do not.
(88.45 KB 768x1280 oltermannikisu.jpg)
>>301607 World's problems are numerous. >Few, boring and samey monsters pre-Iceborn. >A retarded decoration process >Handler is obnoxious and pushed as your face, takes the credit for your shit too. >Introducing not just dumb shit like moving while healing, area traps, glownigger bugs, mid hunt joining to make up for cluttered map design, >Decreased difficulty outside of AT shit, but also bringing in faggots that brought faggotry like "immortal" and "healer" that were later encouraged with Behemoth. > Shit visual design for weapons and armor and the revamped skill system made clownsuiting easy as hell to do with no downsides. >Mantles like temporal mantle creating EZmode >Monster aggression and damage was clipped for most monsters and reserved for instakill/2-shot AT's or returning monsters with DPS check faggotry or other bullshit. >Denuvo >Event quests are temporary instead of being one-and-done deals like previously I find it hard to like Rise at times but at least quite a few of the new non-elder monsters are actually neat and the further mobility from wirebugs helps distinguish it from the previous games more on day 1. I genuinely hate the lack of need for paintballs, how multiple monsters in the same map interact and the new decoration process is still aids by having the mining spots be only for account items and ores, but gems being from missions necessitating hunting monsters you don't need to get shit unrelated to them entirely. Monsters are still gimped and the new wyvern riding mechanic just makes any time another monster shows up free damage and topples. Other monsters don't even bother fighting you unless they're in the arena and that makes even fighting the old trio a complete joke with hunters just being handed hunts. It's two steps forward, two steps back while being casualized the whole way.
>>301842 I don't even consider what the majority of retards will pick when playing this game. It's one of the biggest multiplayer franchises on the market. That would be almost like caring what the average casual player puts in their Pokemon party. It's bound to be shit or arbitrary.
>>301851 I full agree Anon. I have tried to educate my more casual friends over bad choices in MHR but they still act retarded regardless of the facts. I've just stopped playing MH with them at this point.
>>301847 >It's two steps forward, two steps back while being casualized the whole way. You know what anon? You're right. They're both shitty in their own respective ways. I consider Rise to be even more casualized and baby hunter than World due to no need for hot/cold drinks, wire bugs making evading attacks a joke and yet I was baffled that it didn't get as much shit as world because of that fact. Maybe the sole reason why most anons hated world the most IS because of the ugly dumbass bitch of a handler. Crazy how one annoying fucking retard jewess can cuck a vidya out of thousands or maybe even millions of paying customers, good fucking job soyny. I enjoyed Rise while I played it but the setup for Magnalalo was one of the most dissapointing things I've seen in the seires. I expected it to be some kind of HR only or at least end of low rank tier monster but its only a mid tier monster just like zingore and what not. A monster that well designed and sucked off by capcom really didn't deserve that treatment.
>>301898 I will say that Rise is most likely easier overall than World, but World was difficult for reasons that were just fucking annoying. Like MH Frontier, for example.
>>301934 >difficult I mean in the relative sense, both games aren't as difficult as the past games I've played.
Finally got the decos I needed to finish my build for the Ninja sword. Handicraft and such does net better numbers in the long run with atk buff items, but bludgeoner is fun and I might as well enjoy it while we are still in High Rank.
>>301946 ballistics? on SnS set?
>>301964 It's because of the Chameleos helemt.
>>301842 >picks up something retarded like poison def because they are too lazy to bring antidotes. i do it because i don't want to stop attacking just to cure it. >>301847 >Shit visual design for weapons the worst part in my opinion is that the slapped-on parts are usually everywhere except the part of the weapon that actually hits the monster. >I genuinely hate the lack of need for paintballs, i don't miss them (though i was fine with them in previous games), but i do hate that the monsters are already shown on the map. i would have preferred if the monsters are only shown on the map when you have hit them (or they have spotted you) so that i can be surprised by non-target monsters. >how multiple monsters in the same map interact i really don't like how they make each other mountable, in a single hit, no less. i find it also a little conspicious how the big monsters peacefully coexist in zones until the player arrives. >>301934 >Like MH Frontier, for example. To be fair to Frontier, that had 10+ years going on, since its difficulty never "reset" like the main games do after every G-rank game.
>>301898 >anons hated world the most IS because of the ugly dumbass bitch of a handler. This is just dumb and silly. The game is hated because its shit. She's just a shit cherry on the shit whipped cream on the shit sundae. Maybe shes not even a shit cherry because that would give her too much importance maybe shes just a shit peanut but then again the cherry could be a good comparison because it steals the show and is the focal point. >>302000 <I genuinely hate the lack of need for paintballs, >i don't miss them (though i was fine with them in previous games), but i do hate that the monsters are already shown on the map. i would have preferred if the monsters are only shown on the map when you have hit them (or they have spotted you) so that i can be surprised by non-target monsters. I headcanon no paintballs as your Cohoot telling you where everything is. Maybe the game even tells you this is the case in the lore dump journals I haven't read.
So, I 've beaten magnamalo, is that all in the village? it's surprisingly short if that's the case.
>>302078 The "rest" of the story is in the hub. Its unfinished the end of the story is coming at the end of the month.
(168.99 KB 837x1024 pertrubed snek.jpg)
>>302032 Why not buff up the ballons the games already have and have it only for the monster you are hunting? They could even replace them with the owl just sitting near the camp that you can activate with a gesture or have odd placements for every zone in the map to reward map knowledge.
>>302032 That's literally the reason. Your cahoot flies over the map with a bird's eye view and relays the monster locations to you.
>>301847 >Event quests are temporary instead of being one-and-done deals like previously Ask me how I know you haven't touched world in at least 6 months.
(62.10 KB 510x680 EP1Ekk5XkAES97V.jpg)
>>301934 The ridiculous amount of health monsters had in master rank was absolutely fucking retardedly high. Fuck seige quests, fuck dps checks and fuck world fatalis with all of its faggotry. Those are the things that ticked me off most about world. >>302032 >The game is hated because its shit. She's just a shit cherry on the shit whipped cream on the shit sundae. Nigger you're basically playing MHW2 right now, nearly every aspect of that game is back in one way or the other except for the ugly ass handler. Rise is still 2 steps forward 2 steps back in regards to all of its changes. >>302082 >The end of the fucking game has to come in a god damn update Why aren't you guys mad about that? What the hell is wrong with you guys? As soon as MH came back to the switch its like /mhg/ just threw their standards right out the window.
>>302294 >Why aren't you guys mad about that? >What the hell is wrong with you guys? Call me a faggot I guess, but the casualization of Monster Hunter is like nothing compared to the other game franchises that I like. It's still worse but it's not worse enough for me to stop playing. World was worse enough for me to stop playing, and I did not touch Icebourne, but I still think Rise is a slight improvement. I wouldn't be surprised if the next entry in the series was unpalatable.
(1.09 MB 371x209 1470606979045.gif)
Do charms with two large decoration slots exist? Bagelgoose set is clearly better than diablos for gunlance, but I don't want to go with out the maximum dopamine hits that lvl3 offensive guard gives
(68.10 KB 1000x1000 Malfestio.jpg)
>>302294 MHW is hated because of many design choices not related to gameplay. Yes there are people who genuinely hate MHW for it's casualization, but the was deco farming and talismans were handled was god awful. It was also RNG to unlock augments. End game MHW was fucking deco runs and collecting shit and footprints. Iceborne fixed some things like MP monster HP scaling, but added tenderizing and the clutch claw. Wirebug is a much better mechanic than fucking clutch claw will ever be. Mantles were also gay-tarded, MHR isn't less casual than MHW, but it's end game is much more purposeful. Deco crafting requires you to actually do more than Teostra and Lunastra. Elder dragons have more valuable parts for talisman melding, but lower tier monsters still drop good parts for it. The return of village and HUB separation is also a huge plus. Power creep is also way less prevalent in Rise than it was in World. Yeah you have the god tier sets, but fucking Hunters armor and iron armor are viable to use in end game sets, Really, all I'm getting from your post is you're mad no one is playing World with you and you don't have a switch. You'll probably be posting "THANK FOR BETA TESTING NINTODDLERS!!!!11!" in 2022,
>>302294 I already posted my arguments on why I like Rise and not World I'm not gonna rehash go back and read em. >Rise is still 2 steps forward 2 steps back in regards to all of its changes. I disagree. It ain't perfect and I'm upset about hot/cold drinks but thats about it. In every other aspect Rise is far superior. >Why aren't you guys mad about that? I already made my argument on this too but I'd rather be playing what the game had to offer on launch and added in 2.0 and is coming in 3.0 and everything else that will follow it. I'd rather play the game earlier and get more content to follow than have to wait months more before I can even play at all. >>302316 >Do charms with two large decoration slots exist? I don't think so I haven't seen one. I think the best you can get is a 3 2 1 charm.
(1.77 MB 2048x2048 공명 합체! 89062942_p0.jpg)
(832.76 KB 2732x2048 공명 합체! 89062942_p1.jpg)
>>302320 >The return of village and HUB separation is also a huge plus. Why, actually? I never really thought about it, by why are they seperated and why does village stop at low rank (or high rank in g-rank games)? >>302328 >I'm upset about hot/cold drinks but thats about it. I would have preferred if they made the extreme temperatures more punishing so that the drinks are actually madatory. i always used them, but i can see how people might not be inconvenienced enough by extreme cold to bother with hot drinks. Maybe it should have drained health in addition to stamina (but not as much as extreme heat)?
I was just doing the Apex Diabolos rampage and I'm a little salty. When we finished the second wave I zapped back to the camp and ran to the last zone to set up the defenses, especially the Wyvern guns, because the Apex always just blitzes straight there at the end of the third wave by insta-trashing the first room with his nuke. So before then you set up at least bombs and the wyvern guns crisscrossed in front of the final gate so they can rack up a shit ton of damage on the Apex. This is standard procedure because you can't set anything up while the Apex is sperging out in there. Well as I set my last barrel bomb next to the first bamboo bomb and was about to jump back to the party I got fucking kicked by the party leader, apparently for not starting the last wave immediately when 3/4 were ready. The timer was at 10 seconds. I was stunned for a second and got so pissed I wound up soloing the Apex out of spite using the experimental (not meta) LBG build I was wearing and actually won. But I still want to find that Japanese faggot and tell him his mother is a nigger.
(321.36 KB 637x430 narwa.png)
>>302378 >Those images. >The twins resonating during elder dragon lewd. Actually do not think they would as Narwa is most likely already pregnant before they started resonating. What is fucked up is who resonated with your hunter during that dream warning them of the rampage? Watch Rise's opening cinematic. Something mind fucked the hunter. Calling it now the dumb floaty dragons got back stabbed by a fucking fetus. I do not think your going to fight the brat at the end of the game rather a rampage protecting it from its pissed off parents wanting to genocide it's traitorous ass.
>>302433 >Narwa is most likely already pregnant before they started resonating. No, the literal plot is that: >Narwa gets horny every 50 years >Narwa is horny as fuck and sends out a call for a fuckboy >An ibushi shows up and is like "fuck yeah, bitch, look how badass I am I can destroy a whole forest so I'm the right kind of guy for you" >Horny Narwa energy makes the monsters feel scared as fuck >Ibushi's horny energy ends up scaring all the monsters from their normal places and out of the way >Retard humans decide "lets build a fucking VILLAGE right in the middle of this dead land. Surely this DEAD LAND just isn't tilled properly and all the footprints and body parts and bones are not evidence of centuries of horrible shit happening" Plus, the resonation after you beat Narwa literally goes: >"Oh my fuckboy, you're finally here" >"oh my fucklady, I'm down to plow" >"lets have a thousand babies and let them blow up this stupid ass village" >visions at the start of the game The visions consist of: >Goss Harag >Tetranadon >Somnicanth >Rakna-Kadaki >Almudron Your hunter is getting cries for help as all these monsters are fleeing from the torture that is the two elder dragons getting their fuck on every 50 years. >>302378 >Why, actually? I never really thought about it, by why are they seperated and why does village stop at low rank (or high rank in g-rank games)? That's how it always has been. Village quests are extra low rank for a single player storyline (at least they have been since vanilla tri) and let a more casual player close out the story while being given a lengthy tutorial.
How does Rise's music stack up to the rest of the series'?
(11.86 KB 195x258 bruh.jpg)
>>302471 >Monster mass resonating with a hunter because of two elder dragons fucking. Anon my theory was out there but yours is fucking weird. I do not think normal monsters can resonate. They are just big animals. Something contacts the hunter to give them a heads up. The baby elder is the most likely culprit and IF a baby elder dragon appears (its all just speculation at this point) in the game I can not see hunters attacking it Monster Hunter is just too happy a game series for that type of shit. My theory makes sense game mechanics wise also. I am 70% certain the last battle is going to be a rampage protecting a tiny elder dragon.
>>302474 We did in World, Xeno'Jiva had just hatched when we killed it. Fatalis spawn is also know to reach adulthood in a few hours, so i wouldn't be surprised if the baby goes giant before you have time to deal with it.
(206.79 KB 1920x1080 xeno.jpg)
>>302524 But Xeno came out fully grown just and I am pretty certain if Xeno was chill hunters would have been chill with him but nope Xeno had to hatch firing his fucking lasers also something contacted the hunter and until Rise undoubtedly proves me fucking wrong (and it will) I am going with the physic fetus bullshit.
(180.23 KB 1920x1080 safi.jpg)
>>302320 >don't have a switch I have a switch. Look at my previous posts. But since you said "you're mad no one is playing World with you" you probably read one of them. I just jailbroke it and I don't give money to nintnedo cause I pirate all my games. I'm not really mad but I still see similar kinds of shit coming from Rise but anons just seemingly ignore it. I did have a bit of fun with it but honestly not as much fun as I had with MH4U. I consider Rise to be kind of a sequel to World while returning to form and casting some old features aside at the same time, the removal of hot/cold drinks really bothered me too. >>302378 >>302471 Village quests only go up to low rank in Rise? In the previous MH games I played (since 3U) they would always go up to high rank, even in base world although hub and village are fused together. >>302529 You stupid fuck if you ever actually fought xeno'jiiva you would know its a baby because of its baby like roars and its lack of control of its powers. A fully grown adult form of xeno'jiiva is in MHWI and its Safi'jiiva.
(409.49 KB 1200x1800 Kulu-Ya-kult 70238960_p0.jpg)
>>302552 >Village quests only go up to low rank in Rise? Because there's no g-rank. That'll be a new game.
(379.74 KB 700x782 qt lagombi huntress.jpg)
>I have reached the point where I got excited for a RecUp 2 Def 1 lv3-lv1 charm to make silly builds Anything to get away from the crit meta
>>302320 >Power creep is also way less prevalent in Rise than it was in World It's been out for a month my guy, the power creep didn't even get bad in MHW until much later. Given how Rampage mode works I'll bet my asshole it'll be even worse by the end of Rise's active content cycle.
(88.42 KB 309x212 mh narwa faggot.png)
>>302433 Sloppy, but I had to do it
(71.83 KB 830x738 happy hitler.jpg)
>>302588 Good shit anon.
(87.77 KB 500x333 1413382196986.jpg)
>>302588 Quite nice. >>302557 >Gechink Impact Hunt yourself.
TIME TO HUNT Join us, Anon. Lobby: BW4Q5N Pass: 1337
(76.26 KB 1024x678 skele vomit.jpg)
Does Rise have an FOV slider? Or dynamic FOV for "muh cinematic experience"? Does it have shaky cam effects and, if so, any options to disable them? t. motion sickness
>>303092 >Shaky cam No, but usage of wire bugs may qualify for your motion sickness in certain circumstances. The camera movement is smooth though. >Dynamic FOV Only on very specific monsters when they do specific things will the camera pan and zoom out slightly to focus on the monster. I know Mangamalo and Rajang both have it off the top of my head.
>>303096 Cinematic monster intros sounds tolerable. How essential is the wirebug to gameplay? Does it have to be used, and often, or can I just not use it?
>>303092 No FOV but it does have a camera zoom out setting in the options that feels like its almost a FOV change. Not a huge difference. There is some shaky cam but its not much and only on certain attacks you get hit with and can be disabled. Just watch some gameplay dood. That would tell everything you need to know. >>303097 Wirebug is essential. I mean theoretically you could not use it but you would be at a huge disadvantage.
>>303097 It basically triples your movement options when used alone. Now some of the "Silkbind" attacks that use it are pretty optional, depending on the weapon. Some are so good you'd be a fool not to though. I went ore farming in the lava caves tonight for money and got two ore outcroppings back to back. I walked out with about 600k zenny and an Anjanath kill for good measure. I finally maxed out my non meta, but solid armor sets for LBG, Longsword, Greatsword, and Bow and blew the rest making some sets I wanted like Teostra. From rich to broke in 5 minutes flat, but I have swag.
>>303097 It's core to the game, that is, unless you want to do some kind of challenge run where you play it like classic Monster Hunter. You could theoretically play around it. The Silkbind attacks usually don't have you doing much movement -- they're just the Hunter Arts from XX/Generations. Many of them are just counters, and some are relatively normal "attacks." A few do actually have you move around as you would normally use a wirebug. More importantly, there's a wirebug ability that allows you to recover from being hit and knocked down instantly, but it doesn't do any crazy camera shenanigans. It's also a bit risky if you're an idiot because you can easily set yourself up to be hit immediately again. >Intros You can instantly skip those and they only show up the first time you see a particular species of monster. I was talking about during the fight. The camera will pan and zoom out slightly then focus on the monster, usually when they enrage I think, but only specific monsters and not all the time. It's weird, I don't quite understand it myself.
>>303092 Here's some wirebug zipping, seems pretty stable but I've never had motion sickness. Hope you can enjoy the game friend.
>>303224 Nigger thats not wirebug zipping thats basic IG gameplay thats been in MH since Worlds launch. The only time you even used the wirebug is when you did the lance drop attack which was in Icebourne (still basic IG gameplay) and there wasn't even any wirebugs in that game. Try again and try actually using the wirebugs with ACTUAL wirebug zipping this time around.
should i get rise or iceborne? Vanilla MHW feels pointless now
>>303227 I've got a bunch of clips saved from me using Power Sheath to dodge stuff last second, anime style, if you want to see someone do that stuff.
(56.99 KB 620x468 garfield.jpg)
>>303227 I actually mean to type IG zipping, authentic retard moment since I was thinking about wirebugs while reading the rest of the posts.
(6.47 MB 1280x720 autistic human missle.mp4)
>>303232 Get Icebourne if you want more content get Rise if you wanna go CHRAYZEE with the combat and verticality.
(2.32 MB 854x480 amazing.mp4)
>>303502 >You can be a human missile in Rise If it wasn't for the fact that I am really, REALLY bad at monster hunter and other such games, Dark souls comes to mind, I would totally get a switch and play it.
(58.56 KB 736x736 cat thumbs.jpg)
>>303597 Icebourne, a full MH game with plenty of content is already on PC. Just wait for Rise to come out on PC or wait even longer for Rise Ultimate to come out on there, then take your time with the game. The trick to winning is to hit them when they are open as quickly and as much as possible while simultaneously trying your best to not get hit yourself. As you get better at exploiting openings and your skill and damage with your weapons increase the game starts to feel even more fulfilling and fun over time. If you're still shit just watch speedrunners and try your best to copy the way they play, if you are at least as half as good as they are then you should be fine, most players are shit anyways, just like you, but as I explained you don't have to stay that way.
>>303502 I want lv5 shelling on the rampage GL
>>303597 Meta Autists will moan but if you stack def all the way up and get at least Free Meal at level two you will never cart and as long as you have at least some affinity and attack buffs you will kill any monster in about ten minuets just keep your gear up to date. And there are multiple ways to build for this. Rise is super fucking easy.
(935.31 KB 1280x720 cat scream.mp4)
>farming for biles >get pic related Join us for some hunting! Lobby: USX5E4 Pass: 1337
>Anjanath sees sleeping Nargacuga. >Anjanath nopes the fuck out tip toes around it. Anjanath is quickly becoming my favorite monster he is just really fucking random in Rise.
(2.06 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Gentlemen! Show thine thread thy layered armor. For I wish to gaze upon it, verily so!
(371.94 KB 1280x720 Totally not gay.jpg)
>>306267 >For I wish to gaze upon it, verily so! Thats a monkey's paw wish Anon.
>>306294 >doing xFFFF00 magic pink >not xFFFF80
(914.76 KB 1191x1304 73434890_p0.jpg)
>>306296 Saturated pink is pleb tier, pastel is godly level
(467.05 KB 1440x810 consider.jpg)
>>306296 >>306297 You do not understand Anons. This layered armor has a theme. >Armor set's theme: How Speedrunner troons THINK they look. >Armor set's name in loadout: 41
(262.08 KB 1920x1080 9Vv0pg8.jpg)
>>306267 As you wish. Boy I can't wait for this to be on PC so it doesn't look so awful. TIME FOR HUNTS Lobby: BF1LE8 Pass: 1337 It's usually just 2 of us playing together. Rarely 3. I'm real lonely. Please hunt with me
>>306314 Well I'm in. I hate that big ass frog.
>>306328 I also need to say sorry for my cat looking like a lesbian.
(67.24 KB 450x450 1441188371354-2.jpg)
(114.69 KB 1042x1042 1434809618712.jpg)
>>306328 <I hate that big ass frog. >Check the wiki to see Tebatsucabra is in the game. >Its still not, only the fucking baby tease one in the guild hall is there >still assblasted how tebatsu with its nip themed set and gear isn't in the nip themed game Why would you do this to me anon? Its a shame that the 2 best kinds of Amphibian monsters were in 4U/GU and will maybe never seen again after that. I will always cherish the Zamtrios hunt, its nice mode and vore mode were fucking insane.
>>306348 Baby frog is a smug prick
(328.60 KB 831x768 5irf30k06nd01.png)
>>306314 Have to get some sleep. Seriously fun hunts tonight Anons. Good stuff and good luck with ur hunts.
>>306348 Same destiny of best bird, tho with the game getting easier qurupeco calling a jho/bazel simply won't have the same impact anymore
(276.32 KB 600x449 kid goku peace.png)
>>306450 Likewise. Thanks for joining, and sleep well.
>>306450 Good hunts and good night anon.
(123.04 KB 407x617 panic PANIC.png)
So, anyone who before 2.0 was stuck in the GOUT table getting repeated charms after the update? Just got my third Crit Elem 2 (lv1)-(lv1)-(lv1)
>>306267 Couldn't decide between which pose I like more so you get both. >>306548 I don't think I was on the gout and I never got the bug but I have gotten a couple identical talismans not sure when from exactly its either spare shot or razor sharp or something I forget and 2 small slots. I've gotten like 4 or 5 of them now. It doesn't appear that I have any others but I haven't looked much. Gonna dump some of my clips and screenshots.
(17.06 MB 1280x720 Do a flip.mp4)

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