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(20.00 MB 1280x720 A Caves - Cliffs Announcement.mp4)
Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Difficulties Anonymous 04/15/2021 (Thu) 00:17:55 Id:153a47 No. 285249
jeb_ fucks it up again! https://yewtu.be/watch?v=6YgKUZnUyak The upcoming update is going to be split into two updates because it's apparently just too difficult for them. Whats more is that the archaeology aspect has been dropped and delayed for some "future" update. Fucking Autismblocks. Archive of previous thread mostly because of that one anon's quest to personally update Minecraft himself https://archive.ph/wip/eNf8N
Also here's the link to the old Minecon thread >>117888
Oh shit I meant to make a thread about this Mojang only started really working on Minecraft after Hytale got over fifty million views on its announcement trailer. Look at Terraria. For the longest time it had one dev (not counting artists), and he did more in two years by himself than the entirety Mojang has done since Notch left. Minecraft is fundamentally not that different compared to how it was during the Adventure Update. There are some new items, ocean has stuff in it now and there are some new mobs. The biggest change is how much they've added to the Nether. I don't know what Mojang was doing for all those years or why they're having so much trouble pushing out a truly major update like Minecraft used to get every few months back when the dev team was mostly two people. Making shitty spin-offs nobody asked for, I guess.
>>285276 I assume having Minecraft on like 20 different platforms is stretching them thin.
(26.61 KB 379x454 Midnight_Chicken.png)
(30.77 KB 442x540 Sunset_Cow.png)
(36.13 KB 333x625 Furnace_Golem.png)
(11.10 KB 560x823 Moolip.png)
(18.31 KB 865x1569 Jolly_Llama.png)
>>285276 >>285277 Don't forget that they spent time and money developing an AR mobile version of Minecraft with more unique mobs than they have ever added to the base game combined and even a new liquid juse to close it down less than a year later because they got corona cucked.
>>285276 I'm glad Brendan has found peace
(50.92 KB 384x154 Mizore chan why.PNG)
(384.34 KB 583x542 s313.png)
>>285249 Doesn't Minecraft already have cliffs and caves? What's the point of this update?
>>285276 I have to assume Mojang has been working on other projects but have a Valve-tier work ethic. They have over 600 employees what the hell are they all even doing >>285290 Most of the "new mobs" were simple reskins and pallet swaps. >>285360 >>285362 Stop pretending to be retarded desu
(294.14 KB 667x615 sam hyde (1).png)
(56.00 KB 342x342 anikek.jpg)
(23.73 KB 300x290 AH HAAHAH.jpg)
>>285369 >They have over 600 employees The fuck. I legit thought they only had like maybe 20 devs max and i thought that was stretching it.
>>285369 >Most of the "new mobs" were simple reskins and pallet swaps. That makes it even worse that they can't or won't add them to Minecraft proper.They really have zero excuse. >>285382 The more employees they've acquired the slower and worse they have gotten.
>>285382 >>285369 Since it's now a "serious and proffesional" subsidiary of Microsoft, it has to work on the latest standards, which means, having developers, testers, architects, project managers, an entire HR department, accountability, other managers and so on. This is a western compnay so they also need the diversity hires, who are just there to fill a quota to evade taxes and have good PR. They might also use the "new" hip and cool Agile framework, which means they have project owners and other functions, and that they spend a lot of time in daily meetings. plus bi-weekly backlog refinement meetings, and let us not forget the sprint retrospective, sprint planning and sprint planning meetings, there is a lot of time wasted in meetings with Agile, if you don't know how to implement it right.
>>285369 I don't keep up with Minecraft news; I was under the impression that they stopped updating the game years ago and just sold skin packs.
>>285383 >They really have zero excuse. The most logical excuse is that the mobs suck and adding them would make the game worse. If only they'd have thought of that sooner, because there are a LOT of things added that the game would be better off without. First thing to come to mind is the 3 extra, useless types of stone.
(211.41 KB 1170x500 21w10a.jpg)
(213.10 KB 700x389 Warden_concept_art.png)
>>285399 > and just sold skin packs You're thinking of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. >>285407 >I mean what is this update? The long and the short of it is that they have both raised the world height limit and the world depth limit (i.e. below where the layer of bedrock generates now) and in doing this they've added a super tall mountain biome actually a handful of technical biomes and they've also added giant open Underdark like caves. Additionally below the old 0 depth a whole new type of stone replaces normal stone and there will be pockets at the lowest parts of the world that contain a new biome that has something akin to the old removed void fog and is patrolled by these huge blind minotauresque monsters that hunt by sound. The underlying change that allowed/prompted this update was that the Nether update introduced the possibility for vertical biome distribution in the game. They also added copper ore and metal. Copper does nothing.
(51.30 KB 680x514 doomfist.jpg)
>>285277 They have 600 employees. They could have 50 different versions with 10 people solely dedicated to one each and still have 100 extra people to work on more content for the game. It's not like Mojang does anything other than develop Minecraft. >>285369 >I have to assume Mojang has been working on other projects but have a Valve-tier work ethic I think the work ethic might be another problem, when you're sitting on a money printing machine there isn't much of a reason to innovate. Another reason I think Hytale made them get off their ass. >>285448 I wouldn't respond to them, they seem like turbospergs who can't even bother to use a search engine to answer their very basic question.
>>285405 But don't you like how now they completely changed how mining metal works because there's now 3 different stone "ores". On the bright side, at least Fortune on pickaxes isn't literally pointless anymore.
>have Tinker's construct and some other mod that adds a glider >always run Hardcore worlds because I like the feeling of making a shitload of progress without dying once amd I'm fascinated with Iron-Man runs of games, have tried it (and failed many times) with Halo before >spend lots of time making a big seared brick furnace to melt ore in >spend even more time gathering weird ass materials to get the most out of my Tinker's armor and tools >go out of my way to get blocks and build up to floating slime islands so that I can get slime boots that let me jump from any height and get around quicker >spend time gathering materials for a glider to pair with the boots to make what is essentially an overpowered pre-End Elytra >spend a good amount of time on my house that nobody else will see, as well as making sure every single block in my fenced in area is torched up >always do something fucking retarded like falling into lava in the Nether after fucking up with my glider or over-extending in a modded underground dungeon like a complete dipshit I have done this several times. Why am I like this? Also one time I spent a long time on a really cool looking giant fence around my base with torches everywhere, and still died within my base's walls because I didn't realize a part of my roof wasn't torched and a creeper killed me while I was organizing a chest. It could have been a zombie or a skeleton that spawned, or even a Niggerman, but it had to be a Cabbage Patch Jihadi instead.
>>285461 >On the bright side, at least Fortune on pickaxes isn't literally pointless anymore. Fortune Pickaxe already more than doubled the number of Diamonds you get. Nice that they will include Iron in that as well next patch, which is useful to have in large quantity. Pickaxe is pretty much the only thing worth enchanting with fortune at all. Fortune's effect works on any tool, as long as that tool CAN gather the material, even if it isn't the "correct" one. So for example a Fortune Pickaxe works for crops just as well, making a Fortune Hoe worthless. Wood always drops the same regardless of Fortune and leaves don't work gather faster with axes anyway, so there's no point to a Fortune Axe. Shovels can be good if you want to gather a lot of Flint very quickly (Fortune 3 ALWAYS drops 1 flint per gravel), but you can get away with using a pickaxe there as well, if you don't mind going a bit slow.
>>285488 Falling in Lava in the nether is totally survivable with well-enchanted armor. I've had to swim in lava for around 30 seconds in a vanilla game with no problem, and I didn't even have fire resistance or anything (just protection 3/4 on a full diamond set). Keeping my food/saturation maxed as much as possible with Steak helped a lot. At very high saturation with protection, I heal faster than the lava damages. Meanwhile falling in The End is completely lethal, regardless of items. Endermen can also fuck you up quickly if there are 3 or 4 of them at once, even with maxed protection. Worse if you are using an Elytra at the time.
>>285249 Mojang should have just stopped trying to make it a real game altogether and have worked on a damn modding api. They'd be making even more free money and wouldn't have a shattered landscape of mods at various MC versions.
>>285507 Okay it doubled your diamonds for what at that point you've probably got access to mending books of some sort.
>>285512 I was never able to find Mending till I was searching End cities, and then it had to be the actual item since they don't have books. Finding Mending books pretty much requires searching multiple Strongholds, I don't know if anything else reliably has books as loot.
>>285513 Fishing you fucking idiot.
(192.14 KB 541x462 smoking dog.png)
>>285488 >>285510 The more I think about it, the more I begin to fervently wish for microshaft/mojang to finally say the game is done, and stop updating it at all. It would mean we finally get a final version for all the mods that've fallen by the wayside to be eventually updated for. We'd also no longer have to deal with Mojang and Jeb!'s dumbfuck additions and changes that come with the lukewarm to somewhat good ones. Fuck.... this is a sad state of affairs for this game if I'm actually wishing to hear about it no longer receiving updates.
>>285520 Sure if you want to stand in one spot for hours
>>285544 >this is a sad state of affairs for this game if I'm actually wishing to hear about it no longer receiving updates. No, it's a return to normalcy. Used to be you couldn't even play a game at all until it was finished, but now it's expected that everyone will stop playing it the moment it's done.
(7.37 KB 201x255 thumbsup rocket.jpg)
>>285249 >rainbow shirt with nog and trannies added to it I approve of this design, because it fanny-blasts the rest of the LGBs who hate blacks and/or trannies.
>>285461 I like how they made giant open caves to explore so that you don't have to strip mine anymore but also changed ore generation so that ore won't hardly appear next to air blocks anymore so that you are required to strip mine. Great game design decisions Mojang.
>>285520 >>285553 I also like how instead of making fishing more interesting and engaging they just broke auto fishing setups to force you to go through through the tedious process.
>>285613 That a change in the new patch, because current patch is still the same as it's pretty much always been. You can explore huge caves for tons of iron and coal, and some redstone and gold. Diamonds however are extremely rare in caves due to their height limitations. Only floors 10-15 are viable for diamonds in caves, floors 10 and under are filled with lava (10 solid surfaces might be revealed) whenever they have open space. Since caves meander around and rarely stick at one hight for long, they only rarely stay in that range. Furthermore, any time any ore vein is exposed, there's a chance that part of that vein is replaced with the cave itself (open air). So while branch mining usually gets you veins of 4-6, spelunking generally only finds veins of 2-3. Also strip mining is retarded regardless. Branch mining is the way to go. It exposes far more possible ore blocks per block dug. Strip mining is only useful if you want massive quantities of stone, or if you need to clear an area for construction.
>>285697 Man you don't even know the changes that they've made to ore distribution in the upcoming 1.17.
>>285726 >reduced air exposure >column of coal extends straight up into the air wut
>>285728 for heug mountains.
>>285276 For a long while I figured the early updates felt so much larger in comparison to newer updates because there was less content in the alpha/beta releases. So even if all you added was a new biome, a couple blocks, a building and some mobs the update felt like a significant addition to the game. In retrospect I think it has more to do with the gameplay loop of Minecraft: get resources, keep yourself fed, get the necessary parts to reach the endgame (ender pearls and blaze powder) and find the end portal. When the game was still in early development, new additions were adding to that loop. Finding necessary structures, acquiring new resources, traveling to the nether, reaching the end and beating the game. Even the change to health and hunger fundamentally altered the goal of surviving and substisting compared to previous versions. Any new updates can only add optional content while keeping that set gameplay loop the same. Sure, you have new enemies, new foods, and new environments. But the game is played the same: combat is barely any different, the only thing you need from the nether is blaze powder (which was added years ago), and if you have some wood you can do literally everything underground without needing to interact with any other element of the game world. Minecraft has the same problem so many modern games do, it's wide as an ocean but deep as a puddle. Evry update just makes the ocean wider.
>>285755 Also for AMPLIFIED worlds. >>285757 The only way to remedy it without causing a massive rift in the player base is to add on to the end of the gameplay loop. Like Terraria did. The End should really just be the end of the tutorial and the beginning of the real game.
>>285377 t. cuckchanner. >HYTALE AND TERRARIA WILL ALWAYS CONTINUE TO SHIT ON MINECRAFT AND SHOW MOJANG WHAT A PROPERLY FUCKING DEVELOPED GAME LOOKS LIKE >BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE KIDS ARE FUCKING STUPID AND ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY BUY TRENDY SHITTY GARBAGE That shows that people working at Mojang are the ones laughing. Not you. As shitty as those companies are, you admitted yourself how, from a economic point, it is a waste of time to aim for quality instead of money grabbing scams. The one who profits is the one laughing.
>>285382 >They have over 600 employees >I legit thought they only had like maybe 20 devs max and i thought that was stretching it. Nepotism is a cancer that drains the company's usefulness.
>>285616 It's not like they could have added baits, different fish for different times of day and locations, different better fishing tools like rods, nets, cages, any kind of boat related fishing, more purposes or value for fish or anything like that. Just remove the thing that does work, that'll fix the problem people have with it for sure!
>>285770 That's like legalizing knife crimes to reduce the number of reported crimes
>>285769 what do they even do with 600 employees? I don't think it's possible for that many people to be developing minecraft.
>>285773 Well no Anon, the UK (and many european countries) just sanitize their crime records so they can shriek about disarming those damn americans
>>285513 villagers trade for that shit. villager trading is hilariously op
>>285776 So much so that you really only need to find 2 diamonds, to make your enchanting table, and then you can simply buy the rest of your diamond gear after that. And that was even before emerald farming became a thing.
(186.97 KB 1051x1096 EpnVH37U0AAalcF.jpg)
That woman looks like she's doing the whole interview with a massive horsecock dildo in her ass. Just look at that pained face, forehead wrinkles and in-ability to sit still
>>285770 It doesn't even prevent AFK treasure fishing. It just means now that you have to build a a more complex, but still relatively simple, autism machine instead of the ultra simple noteblock/trapdoor/fence/pressure plate machine before. And you can still use the old design to catch regular fish and junk which you can then proceed to sell to your array of fisher villagers to get emeralds to buy enchanted diamond gear from your armorer and smith villagers.
>>285777 You can do that, but It's easier to just branch mine at y11. One involves finding villages, forcing them to the right profession, leveling them up, and farming large quantities of something to trade. That last takes quite a long time to build up. The other involve digging a straight tunnel for maybe an hour if you are unlucky.
>>285276 I miss the /just/ board.
>>285846 >forcing them to the right profession Literally as simple as putting them in a 1x1 room and putting the right crafting station next to them. >leveling them up Also simple, especially if you zombify them then cure them. >farming large quantities of something to trade See >>285843 Not to mention that if you've found a pillager outpost then you can deconstruct it and build a machine that constantly shits out emeralds.
>>285369 Wouldn't surprise me if half the staff exist just to make sure youtubers continue to play minecraft to keep the kids playing.
(41.23 KB 130x194 yaranaikasonic.png)
Since it's now relevant to the thread. What are the cool kids approved deep cave exploration mods?
>>285875 Well they have to have someone to make Minecraft: Fuck Having Borders and Law and Shit Edition
(2.93 MB 590x360 whats_going_on.gif)
>Cliffs I actually thought that low-T faggot in the video was CliffyB without fully understanding the context. He does look a bit like a turbo-JUSTed Cliff.
>>285249 A modder was able to create Aether and he didn't even have access to the source code like these developers do. How can Microshit have billions of dollars but be unable to afford a decent programmer?
>>285934 Decent programmers don't go to work for Microsoft.
>>285774 >what do they even do with 600 employees? Literally nothing. Their jobs in a nepotistic company is to be hired. Once hired, that is it. Take money for nothing while bragging about being a part of the company in order to build a fake curriculum and deceive the next batch of retarded corporate suits.
(261.53 KB 500x700 Druid.png)
(1.79 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>285249 >>286005 That fucking girl in the fag/tranny/nigger shirt's facial expressions are all over the place. Like she's psychologically tortured.
>>285726 Are they moving the bedrock down, letting you dig it, or are you forced to find pockets of diggable rock to get below a certain level?
>>286005 >>286033 They aren't called snow niggers for nothing.
>>286071 No they're moving the bedrock down to the new bottom. No word how they'll deal with existing bedrock in already generated chunks if you're playing old worlds though.
>>286071 They're moving bedrock down. By 64 blocks, it looks like. That's neat, it'll make the underground even bigger. I hope there's an actual reason for adding all that space, though. I'm still not sure on the specifics of the update. >>286085 Old worlds already have everything generated, no? The ore positions wouldn't change
>>286089 >Old worlds already have everything generated, no? The ore positions wouldn't change No, not in existing chunks anyway. It would in new chunks. The question is how will they deal with the 64 block difference in the 1.16 and 1.17 bedrock floor. They'll have to do it one of two ways. Either they will add some utility that will convert the existing bedrock into slate and generate new sub chunks 64 blocks down to the new bottom limit. This would be the ideal way to do it. Or they'll take the quick and dirty path and just generate 64 layers of new bedrock below the old bedrock in existing chunks. Either way they'll have to modify the structure of existing chunks in existing worlds. So they've got to figure out how to do that without wrecking those world files. This is probably the actual reason why the update is being split in half and delayed.
>>286104 It's easy to turn the existing bedrock into stone. Then they can generate the new stuff beneath it.
>>286033 Hide the pain Agnes.
(117.00 KB 450x735 goldpilled.jpg)
>>285767 You're not wrong. They may have money but in that video they look absolutely miserable not happy in any way at all. Notch is a fucking BILLIONAIRE and he is more lonely than he ever was before that wealth. The only reason to be laughing in the cucked existence called mojang is to be their (((overlords))) Microsoft and sure as hell they are most likely lauging it the fuck up all the way to the bank every single day. Also are you the tornigger who said that supporting any company ever is bad and that people should never support them? If so then why are you seemingly defending mojang? >>285836 >>286033 Even without crunch mojang employees want to fucking kill themselves, what the fuck are they doing to them? That woman actually looks like as if shes on the verge of a mental breakdown throughout that whole damn video. I don't pity her in the slightest, in fact, I should BWAHAAHHAHAHAHAH in her stupid looking donkey face.
>>286151 Please do not talk to the TORfags
>>286160 Yeah I don't know what I was thinking. Talking to torniggers is like talking to grown up brazillian zika virus babies who through some miracle managed to gain sentience. Dumbass doesn't even know that Terraria is the 14th most highest selling game in history and good quality games sell perfectly fine on their own.
>>286151 She looks worse of than a few months back that is true. With jews you lose.
>>285855 One of the many casualties of the pig farmer. >>285897 I'm not sure if there are any, balanced ones at least. A big problem with Minecraft mods is how off the rails they can get with little to no regard for how they play long-term. >>285909 Cliff left the video game industry entirely after his studio went under.
>>286287 >Cliff left the video game industry entirely after his studio went under. Wasn't the last thing he tried to do was that battleroyale with bikes Fortnite knockoff?
>>286033 They're probably understaffed and overworked because Microsoft is a bunch of cretins.
(18.10 KB 472x433 sad megumin.jpg)
>>286151 >They may have money but in that video they look absolutely miserable not happy in any way at all. They are miserable and not happy but so are we. And they at the very least have money
>>285382 How the fuck do they have 600 hundred employes and are only able to add three fucking biomes to the game per update?
Should we just play Terraria then, despite the tranny flag genderswap potion?
(314.91 KB 1860x2196 ElJlrvgW0AA9MDY.png)
>>288247 I would love if we got a Terraria server up, especially if we did Master mode and we could get at least a dozen anons to stay with the server from start to finish. Even just half a dozen anons.
>>288277 That could be pretty fun. I don't know how many would bother joining, but it'll still be worthwhile if it's just 2 or three anons.
>>286033 Try watching it with the sound off, she looks like a crack whore who has started the recovering journey and as part of her therapy she has to recount the shit and abuse she went through to afford her addiction.>>286033
(311.37 KB 1510x1950 ads9dlj47dj51.jpg)
>>288333 The good thing about master mode multiplayer is that no one gets ahead of the other on the server progression wise. Because every boss hits like a truck. Even King Slime takes the combined efforts of everyone to bring down. >if it's just 2 or three anons. Even with just 3 o4 for people it's still a challenge and you have to stay on your toes during a fight but it's a bit more easy going at that level. We really do need to make it a point to have quarterly Terraria servers. Hell maybe at some point we could do a golf map.
(9.42 MB 3250x3872 81909722_p0.png)
>>288341 >everyone's on the same footing Oh, that's cool. So if an anon has to do some life stuff for a week or two, it won't be too bad. Might join if someone set it up.
>>288371 >for a week or two Well not for that long but you could miss a day or two and you wouldn't really be all that far behind.
Make a Terraria thread, anons
I've been mulling it over and I think I've finally realized why Minecraft feels so empty. Yes, all of the pointless materials and lack of goals weigh into that feeling, but there's one extremely simple thing that would help the game actually feel alive: naming. A lot of open-world games feel a lot more lively solely because the characters and places have names to them. Minecraft has none. You'll find a village or a ruin or some shit but it's all exactly the same and feels that way because there's no character, no history or depth to it. It's not just names that'd fix this, obviously better world generation and design of structures would help. But giving villagers, landmarks on a map, items and equipment all names would immediately make them all feel less like parts of an ant farm and more like an actual world.
>>290698 no, it's because everything is fundamentally the same
(1.14 MB 279x219 assburger.gif)
>>285249 >Minecraft game director >A woman That explains a lot.
>>290698 >>290701 I think you're both correct. Giving villages and villagers randomly generated names, possibly with randomly generated lore books in the libraries would help a lot. So would having a fuck ton more random structures that you can encounter, including structures with random generation within them. I don't just mean dungeon or loot house style structures, but those are badly need too. Even purely decorative structures would help fill out the world. Rare mini biomes that you could stumble across too. Minecraft has exactly fuck and all reason to explore the world and nothing that Mojang has done in 11 years has remedied that.
>>290808 Minecraft with Dwarf Fortress style world generation would be amazing
>>290701 I know, I said that. My point is even if the generation and design of the game world were improved it'd still feel empty because it's all a blank slate. I don't know how to describe it but Minecraft's lack of story or background is so characteristically Swedish-progressive and autism-friendly it's hard to pretend the world has more depth and history to it even if you try. >>290808 Millenaire is an example of how to do that right, which I'll add is a mod originally released ten years ago.
>>290867 Remember when Notch literally wanted to create a 3D Dwarf Fort and then the money rolled in and the creativity rolled out? What a shame. God bless Toady's commitment.
>>286118 I think old worlds will just stay how they are. They'll probably just add it as a new world generator for new worlds.
>>291022 >gay and tranny dwarves
>>290808 >Minecraft has exactly fuck and all reason to explore the world and nothing that Mojang has done in 11 years has remedied that. Exactly and it will never have except for getting items that can only be obtained in certain biomes. I don't think there should even be that many biomes. And oceans are completely worthless. Anything bigger than a lake is worthless. The entire way water is handled in the game is completely unfit for the player building under water. If you make a hole sideways under water the water can't even fill it, only flowing water will flow in from where the hole was dug. That's completely illogical and it will even result in one rectangle more to render. What if you accidentally make a two block diagonal hole? Everything will be flooded in seconds. And water also destroys everything. It's like building the insides of your house in the nether out of wood. And who wants to build there in the first place?
Building ships in minecraft is already a giant pain because of that.
And your building speed is reduced under water.
>she has a fucking LGBTQNiggerTrannyflags-T-shirt Weeeeeeeeeeeew
(33.84 KB 294x602 unemployed.jpg)
>>291353 >>291359 >>291361 >>291362 >>291365 Anon, when you're making a post in a new thread you should read through the whole thing first then write your replies in one post. There's no reason to quintuplepost.
>>290808 Tiny streams and rivers and random hills and mountains would also help. Why does Minecraft only have giant mountain biomes? Why can't there be a random little hill in a flatland biome? It feels so forced. Books are a great idea and translating them in all languages wouldn't be hard with all the money they have. >Giving villages and villagers randomly generated names Or just having them look more like the player and having them do more than be traders or exploits for materials.
>>291371 You have to look at it in the context of how Minecraft was developed. It was originally one guy, then two. Small time random gamedevs aren't going to be thinking about a worldgen system that's ultra modular and can be fine tuned for over a decade.
>>291995 >Small time random gamedevs aren't going to be thinking about a worldgen system that's ultra modular and can be fine tuned for over a decade. They broke compatibiltiy with it at least once. Modern Minecraft has a system for handling different world generators too. They are just fucking retarded, unimaginative and lazy.
>>291358 Gay sure, tranny isn't a thing. Stay asshurt about gays existing, nu/pol/ philosemite. >>291995 >Meanwhile, Dwarf Fortress exists
(446.08 KB 549x428 the gay community.png)
(470.99 KB 360x360 you_are_gay.mp4)
>>292270 >playing a civilization survival game <he's fine with members of his population being unable to reproduce Maybe if they could give AIDS to vampires, it would balance out?
(1.00 MB 700x700 ClipboardImage.png)
>>292270 Aren't the gays the ones who are technically asshurt?
>>292343 >Playing a fantasy simulator >Wanting gays in it
>>292347 I don't "want" gays, it was a tongue-in-cheek way to remind that anon that it's an entirely pointless feature that only exists to make the game harder if you get unlucky.
>>292348 https://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2014:Creature_token#O Just edit the damn raws, you bitch about this every time DF comes up and it wouldn't take half as long to just mod it out.
>>292423 Thanks Todd, I'll be sure to buy Skyrim.
>>292423 >mods will fix it! And why should I have to take time fixing his broken game? If this was a commercial product it would be unacceptable
>>292481 >>292530 Gays existing isn't a thing being broken. If you want his passion project you didn't pay for to cater to your insecurities regarding gays existing, modding can help. Modding or impotent rage, two options.
(369.40 KB 550x709 thanks reddit.png)
>>292609 >Being into something as technical as dorf fort >But being too lazy to modify
>>292553 It breaks the laws of succeeding at survival. I'm allowed to make fun of a game for having faggot dwarves in it and you won't be able to stop me.
>>293993 >Adding armor that is differentiated by properties rather than raw tiers wow, way to get into what mods have been doing for years.
>>293993 >16 >there have been 16 of these "ask mojang" videos >this is what they do instead of actually working on development >2 cows with pull-rings in their nose, a third womyn and 1 beta male <question about copper armor/tools >well we made copper tarnish over time so that wouldn't be good yeah no shit and copper is a soft metal so it would make for poor armor and swords but that didn't stop notch from making gold armor or diamond armor that only costs a few diamonds, but they never even considered being able to make bronze armor/tools by introducing alloying as a game mechanic <how cum shoot firework with crossbows? >you could set off fireworks with your hand or with dispensers already, but lets add a third way of shotting fireworks because we forgot dispensers existed
>>294078 Thanks to stupid annoying faggots like you, the world has plenty of reasons beyond religion to hate you buttfuckers.
>>294084 >yeah no shit and copper is a soft metal so it would make for poor armor and swords but that didn't stop notch from making gold armor or diamond armor that only costs a few diamonds Dont forget that you can pick up a block of lava with only an iron bucket. Any argument for realism from mojang is just pure laziness at this point. > introducing alloying as a game mechanic That would be awesome since theres already the base for it with smithing tables and blast furnaces
>>294107 pee pee idiot
>>294078 >>294107 >is still angry and upset that most anons don't want gay dorfs >switches IDs and continues angrily posting You would think that one of your kind would be use to the sensation of butthurt by this point.
>>294003 >>294084 The really bad thing about copper is that serves no meaningful purpose. The spyglass allows you to zoom in... and that's it. The lightning rod is a little interesting but basically useless because lightning is rare anyway and really doesn't pose a threat. Copper blocks are nice I guess, but it ain't like we are lacking for decorative block choices at this point. So it really begs the question why did they even bother adding copper?
>>294156 Honestly with how popular modded minecraft is and with how many practically mandatory features it has, it's likely microsoft started getting on mojang to actually implement some new features, especially with the looming class action they are going to get with trying to defunct the Java edition in its entirety so people HAVE to buy the virtually, windows locked version.
(1.24 MB 1920x1080 aaaaaaaaaaa.png)
>>293993 I'd think it was joke, but nope.
>>294167 >especially with the looming class action they are going to get with trying to defunct the Java edition in its entirety so people HAVE to buy the virtually, windows locked version. If they try to do that then they'll just kill the community or worse for them not for us the Java version will basically become abandonware and it'll be 100% in the hands of the community for maintenance and game direction.
>>294172 What do you mean "If?" That's their plan, at least it was supposed to be by august this year.
>>294173 >it was supposed to be by august this year. That's insane and retarded. Bedrock doesn't even have parity with Java yet. Redstone doesn't even function the same way on Bedrock as it does in normal minecraft.
>>294174 And? Biggest PC game being windows exclusive more important.
>>293993 >>294170 I like how they have the three women taking up space and then one guy who actually answers the questions and writes the code.
>>294215 I thought the video was a parody at first. No wonder they get jack shit done.
(900.81 KB 1024x595 ClipboardImage.png)
>>294215 Fucker, I thought you were talking about pic related. Why can't it just be a joke, why is it real
>>294170 Woman in the top left is fuckable and looks like she would have been decent wife material in any other time period but unfortunately she's been subverted into thinking that being a Christian means she needs to be a niggerlover who accepts everyone and every thing. Top right has to be half nigger with a nose like that, possibly even Jewish. I couldn't even bring myself to hatefuck something like that, just so unappealing. Bottom left is approaching her mid 30s and has seen too many cocks in her lifetime and as a result has a bitchy condescending attitude by default towards anyone who could be even the slightest inconvenience to her. Bottom right looks like the kind of male who pretty much fulfills his gender roles of getting married and working as a wage slave for the benefit of his whore wife, but simultaneously has a liberal mindset that it's OKAY to be a cuck and get an abortion, he just doesn't want to do it himself.
(1.28 MB 800x711 ClipboardImage.png)
(236.55 KB 506x285 ClipboardImage.png)
(820.33 KB 945x664 ClipboardImage.png)
>>285249 >>286005 >>286033 Kek, she looks like Latsbrah went through hormone therapy to become a woman
(18.77 KB 223x505 DF-Animal-Poz.png)
>>291022 >>291358 >>292270 >>292343 >>292423 >>292530 >>292611 Reminder that even the animals can be rainbow faggots >just edit it out bro It's about mourning the brain-poisoning of a fellow autist, not just about modidfying the world raws. On the upside, you can make creative elimination methods for any "alternates" that dare to come to your fortress.
>>294366 >even the animals Really? I haven't noticed in the couple forts I've had but that could just be luck. Gay animals make literally zero sense becauseb animals just fuck because they're horny and a male dog/horse/dragon would just fuck a gay female one anyway. This is getting a bit off-topic through so maybe a DF thread would be best. Until Mojang adds gay villagers.
(33.69 KB 360x450 ClipboardImage.png)
>>294384 >Male pattern baldness >Big nose Are you telling me they aren't schizophrenic and degenerate already?
>>294384 >Until Mojang adds gay villagers. They would have to make separate sexes for all most mobs first which would require additional coding and probably separate male and female models for each mob so they're sure as fuck not going to do that.
>>294384 >This is getting a bit off-topic through so maybe a DF thread would be best. I was about to make one when I discovered that we already have one >>234876 As it turns out it was hiding behind Rimworld.
>>294581 Wait, you can't even breed animals in Minecraft? Jesus fucking christ.
>>294611 You can make them reproduce by feeding two adult animals their preferred food, which results in them spawning a baby version. The only ones that take anything into account are sheep (color) and horses/donkeys (mules). Nothing like breeding animals with traits for better wool/milk/meat outputs or health/speed.
>>293993 >I am curious about what you would want to hold in your off hand besides maps and shields. Torches, other blocks, food, anything that can help you with building and you can switch quickly to, you retarded fucking bitch.
(132.89 KB 600x600 Polar_Bear.png)
>>294655 Horses also have some complex coat genetics going on and pandas have different types that I really don't understand how it works. Same might be true for the upcoming axolotl. >Nothing like breeding animals...or health/speed. Actually you can breed horses for speed, health and jump height. I don't blame you for not knowing because the game doesn't tell you this an any way and you have to do a deep dive into the wiki to know and understand it. >>294611 There are legitimately a few animals that you should be able to breed or tame but you can't at all. Notably polar bears, who are completely useless.
>>294688 They're not totally useless, you can get your friend to whack the kid and watch them get decked
>>294688 Man, that bear is pretty hot
>>294688 >Actually you can breed horses for speed, health and jump height. I don't blame you for not knowing because the game doesn't tell you this an any way and you have to do a deep dive into the wiki to know and understand it. I mean, if I knew I wouldn't have even cared. Like every other "feature" that's all massively labor and time intensive compared to just running a few chunks and finding another, better horse. >>294698 But anon, it's a polar bear. Those are cold. You'd have to help her warm up.
I like most of the mobs and features in Minecraft, most of them have some use even if a relatively obscure one. Even the fucking bees are kind of cool because honey blocks can be actually useful. Piglins are fine. If anything, a lot of what Mojang added is pretty cool, with the problem is that they didn't add enough off of it. Especially that they literally have the backing of one of the biggest fucking tech corporations in the world. I could forgive that up to the cave update, because updating the Nether and the Ocean didn't actually need that many changes to become good. For Ocean the bar was low becacuse it had nothing, and the Nether really just needed a few more biomes to work. But the fucking Cave Update is a joke. Caving needs far more than just an overhaul of the generation and 4 more biomes. It's literally one of the main fucking parts of the game. Copper and Amethyst are useless fucking garbage that just bogs down the inventory and does literally NOTHING. The only use for it might be that the modders will have less to code.
(81.92 KB 258x345 disgust and despair.png)
>>285386 I had to learn all this corporate bullshit in college even though my degree was Computer Science, I am so glad I went indiedev, so I don't have to deal with any of this crap.
>>285386 I recognize like %80 of what you said from my business degree classes and can guarantee that %100 of it is a total fucking waste of resources and time.
>>294581 It's easier than you think, see: >>161756 >>161772
(756.03 KB 640x480 YAHAHAHAHAAHA.webm)
>>285386 >this is how people at my job actually talk
>>294581 >>294754 Most the shit you could think of adding to Minecraft has: A) Been done with mods (including in a lesser or imperfect way) B) Can be done with Forge (and Fabric, easily.) C) Can't be done with existing modding framework only because it would potentially break compatibility and Forge makes that a nono. Some small modification could circumvent this. The later you go in versioning, the easier it is to add shit because Mojang has been redoing code to run slower out of the spaghetti mess that was Notch's original design to something that is a spaghetti mess of Microsoft's design. Personally, I'd make the Minecraft world size actually finite or something for singleplayer and start adding Terraria-esque additions to shit. Including a replacement of fucking Villagers.
>>294330 Could we make a Poe's Law chart or thread? Like a list of stuff people only ever joked about happening but now it's actually occuring anyway? This would definitely be one, the old terrible hud with "press x to not cum" compared to modern game huds would be another.
>>294901 >Including a replacement of fucking Villagers. Honestly, the villages need to be redone entirely. They were cool when first added but they're really not that useful. Instead of continuously retooling them I think it would be better to redo them outright.
>>296243 I agree but honestly most of Minecraft needs to be redone. Most of the game was developer art or placeholder-level when it was added because it was just one guy. Instead of improving any of that when Mojang became a company they just added onto it.
(38.06 KB 195x188 ragemario.jpg)
>>294228 I imagine one guy with actual gameplay ideas coming to the meeting with design docs and such, but then a womyn interjects >But would that be inclusive tho?
>>296289 What the fuck is there to be inclusive about? Players can upload their own skins. Should there be more nigger villagers and pig men?
>>296243 >>296281 If they could completely overhaul pigmen, including their models and texture, then they could do the same to villagers.
>>296354 >overhaul pigmen But here's the thing, even that didn't get overhauled. Mojang added piglins as a new type of creature then just had them turn into pigmen. Removing the useless shitty mob that does nothing and replacing it with a threatening one that does something would have upset the autists. Their entire mentality is to add on top of a shit engine and shitty features because they don't know how to fix anything.
>>296281 If we aren't talking about old gravel, which was a literal noise texture. Fuck you.
(509.42 KB 474x355 ClipboardImage.png)
>>294389 I always assumed villagers weren't human, but now that I think about it I suspect they are. They have taller heads than the player model, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're supposed to have inhumanly large heads, and similarly their noses could just be large but otherwise human noses instead of proboscis monkey noses like people suspected. The shitty simplistic artstyle of minecraft makes this ambiguous. I doubt they're supposed to be jew analogues. The similarities to jews they have are most likely coincidental.
>>296644 I always thought they looked like Squidward
>>296645 Squidward has a proboscis monkey nose.
>>296639 >>296644 Well notch was an anon, it might be intentional that they look like jewish analogues
>>296644 From what I understand, is that they recycled a lot from the old overworld Pig Villagers that were supposed to be in the game. Said pigmen were taller than the player, but this of course was shelved until they were recycled yet again for piglin. Despite the fact, pig people would have been far more interesting, and a throughline between the nether and the overworld actually being interesting
>>296644 I remember reading that mojang intentionally made them the way they are to avoid being anagolous to real wold races. They just underestimated how many people would make jew connection.
>>296382 They did change the zambo pigmen model though. The head and skull's a completely different shape now. >something would have upset the autists If they were worried about upsetting autists then they wouldn't have changed all the ore textures or how gold and iron ore drops. Nor would they have added 4 new biomes to the nether. Nor made a stronger armor tier than diamond. What I'm saying is since they're in for a penny they might as well go in for a pound and actually significantly improve the damn game.
>>285249 >But at least he didn't hurt my fee fee's
>>296664 Somebody should make a resource pack that replaces their default sound effects with jew voicelines, if that hasn't been done already.
>>292270 >am i fitting in fellow /pol/acks This isn't even the right board to be doing that. Go be gay somewhere else. No one likes faggots.
>>300518 Shut up newfag.
>>294228 Mojang has something like 600 employees, I'm really baffled how they're getting less done than when it was just Notch and Jeb. >>297349 The girl who ran that account deleted it because she was outed as a groomer pedophile lmao
>>325427 When I was young and using the internet for the first time, I was told never to give personal info online and always be careful because anybody I could be talking to could be a pedophile And I took it at face value at first, but later thought "actually, wouldn't that be pretty unlikely? Pedos can't be that common" Now I'm an adult and I swear I hear about a new pedo every week, sometimes whole communities of them like when I learned about the bulbapedia thing I'm sorry mom, you were right.
>>325444 >bulbapedia thing DId i miss something?
>>325495 Don't know the details but I've seen anons call it Bulbapedo more often than not
>>325558 I recall an internet e-celeb exposed a pedo ring operating their.
>>297349 Notch is a bluepilled faggot who regrets misgendering Minecraft and is working on inclusive proper pronoun usage in his daily life, 10 fucking years ago. https://archive.is/yK4Zc
(58.36 KB 632x461 BFG.jpg)
>>285904 I take it they stripped pretty much all of the functionality out of the game in order to make that Migrant scenario. Because no kid is actually going to play that by the rules unless they have no other choice. If I were still in school - and they tried this shit - the first thing I would have done is knock a hole in the bottom of that boat and let it sink - killing everyone. "Now THAT's a refugee crisis". If you give the kids any kind of freedom to do what they want - they will largely do everything except what the designers want them to. That was the big meme about 10 or 15 years ago... right? The "Emergent Gameplay" phenomena developers were shitting themselves because they went through all the trouble to make games to be played in certain ways - and the players would just jump the velvet ropes and break shit in unexpected ways. Us, we just got Oregon Trail. Which very few of us played "properly". Mostly we all just chose to play as bankers for the extra cash, loaded up on ammo, and spent the rest of the class out in the woods shooting game, seeing who could kill the most animals.
>>325570 >Us, we just got Oregon Trail. Which very few of us played "properly". Mostly we all just chose to play as bankers for the extra cash, loaded up on ammo, and spent the rest of the class out in the woods shooting game, seeing who could kill the most animals. >chose to play as bankers for the extra cash You mean that's not the way to play Oregon Trail?
(221.60 KB 1900x1486 Bison skull pile.jpg)
>>325616 It's the fun way. Supposedly there's a way to not have everyone die of dysentery or drown fording an ankle deep river, but the only thing you get for winning is to live in Oregon. Sounds more like a loss state to me. I'd rather just settle down in Nebraska and carve a new empire out of the bones of my enemies, as the new king of the buffalo.
>>325635 Did you know the American bison was almost hunted to extinction? At one point there was only around 300 left, that's down from over 60 million. Their population is currently around 500,000.
>>325566 lewl. He should write some blog posts on how to remain single even into your 40s since he's such a pro at it. Part 1: why every man should have a candy room in his house.
>>325647 America was made for fat mammals grazing on grass and farting the rest of it out. We're actually lucky that we replaced the bison population with cows, the one animal similar enough to keep the biosphere from being completely fucked.
>>325717 Unfortunately we haven't managed to replace the gomphotheres so it's up to humans to take their place and preserve things like osage oranges and tree calabashes.
(65.65 KB 500x485 Wakan Tanka Guide my Penis.jpg)
>>325647 So what you're saying is that the Native Americans were killing the environment with all those Buffalo farts, and that the pioneers stopped climate change in their time?
>>285369 >They have over 600 employees what the hell are they all even doing They're owned by (((Micro$oft))), they ain't gotta do shit.
(1.39 MB 1920x1080 Caves_&_Cliffs_cover_art.png)
Minecraft 1.17 is out and proud right now. Why they didn't wait untill the whole thing is complete instead of releasing it into two parts I'll never know.
>>326316 In case anyone is confused that is the number 1.17 not some sort of jewish runes.
(12.86 MB 480x360 Sextra Credit Dub.mp4)
>>285249 I'm sure (TM) that this has been done, but can you guys for one single fucking time list the changes in the OP? Like what the fuck? That's the point: new patch, what's new? Fuck you is new! Go GOOGLE IT! FUCK YOU! Full of bullshit articles trying to ride on the success of a decade old story of a swedish shut-in indie dev. Do we have fluid pipes now? NO FUCKING IDEA! Go play this other game called close to "My Neggartf Duna Goons". I'ts terrible chatcha bullshit, that is obviously illegeal to sell to children. But it's ok for some reason. Fuck me silly and call me a clown, but something funky is going on here, Batman. And that concludes my review. Thanks anons.
>>326316 What's in it?
(537.87 KB 854x480 2020-11-17_20.57.08.png)
Punished dev here that was trying to fix mc's vanilla code, I still have had no time to dedicate to working on code, I've lost track of months with how much I've been on the go. I've been itching to get back to this though, and I may finally have some stability to do so this summer, barring any surprises. I've still been jotting down stuff in my to-do list for this when I think of something, but I'm praying that nothing happens to turn my whole summer into another clusterfuck. >>326476 Glad we could help.
(1.18 MB 634x360 fullretard.webm)
>>326507 >Glad we could help. >Hi, fellow minecrafters, I'm a minecraft dev. How do you do? Yeah, you have been doing a great job. I'm sure everybody else is also still working on "The vanilla code" as you call it, is not really the problem anymore, right? Or do you think that everyone here is retarded? There is no vanilla code, and there has not been anything like it since the first mod purge that spawned Forge. While reletively nice shitposting, I would amount you a high score of "go fuck yourself" out of 10. Not too shabby.
>>326524 Are you retarded? Anons been posting about this for like 6 months on and off and making progress reports >tornigger Oh nevermind
>>326476 >but can you guys for one single fucking time list the changes in the OP? No, you can't edit created threads newfag. Here's your changelog. Important changes since ver 1.12.2 1.13 Oceanshit updated. Dolphins, kelp, tridents, treasure loot and shit. Also shields, I think. (Shields might've been 1.14, dunno.) 1.14 Village and Pillage update. New villager trading system (its better but still gay). Pillagers added, they spawn in towers or plains, along with raids. Path blocks too, I think. Crossbows added in this update. 1.15 Bees! And dyes. That's about it, faggot. Honey blocks are slime blocks but it doesn't stick to slime blocks. Great for flying machines and contraptions. 1.16 Nether update. Adds Netherrite, which is fireproof and better than diamond, and nether biomes and structures. That's about it. 1.17 Goats, amethyst, copper, and a few new wandering trader trades that will eventually become natural worldgen. There, you're (mostly) caught up on Minecraft. The moment Microsoft slapped around their devteam is the moment actual fucking work started to be done. Jeb is a lazy fuck who got burnt out, who knew. >>326524 >tornigger being a retarded newfag Read the goddamn thread.
(53.66 KB 256x256 saxton.png)
>>326524 Wew, cranking up the baka pretty early in the morning aren't you?
How are Terraria and Minecraft even a thing anymore? There can't be enough people growing up and buying a license to keep them going. I was given a Mineraft license when it was in beta.
>>326550 Three things I can think of: 1) Marketing (toys, events) 2) Normalfags buying it on their newest console of choice (360->XBONE->XBSX) 3) New waves of children discovering the game for the first time. The game is old enough to play itself.
(1.97 MB 245x246 not_so_sensible.gif)
Nice, catch for a tor(nigger(pedo)fag)? No, I'm actually serious here. >>326528 Anons been posting for years does not make the OP any better. It's shit. >>326529 Hey, thanks for the info. That's actually really good shit. It should be in the OP, like I told you, but fuck it. If you don't care, why should I? But what is new this time? I'm gonna play your game: Goats? What do they add? milk, no, not new, meat no, horns? Do they give you Skyrim horns, this is a meme from 10+years ago right? They cannot give you skyrim horn helmets? I mean seriously, right? Ok, amethyst? Looks great, it's a new gem basically. Would you guys go ballistic on Praesolite? It depends, what does it do? What does Amethyst do? We just don't know. What does copper do? Copper points to electricity and engines? Are there any? Can we use the copper? For anything? No. It's shit. >>326542 Yeah. Gotta get these hours on the internet down real early/late, so I can go to a real work early/late. Thanks for your time guys. I think you have very good points, but I was wrong on zero big points. So suck it up or go full retarded. Going jihad only works if you have a lick of sense in your rambling bullshit, so I cannot recommend it on you fuckwits. I love you guys. Stay sane.
>>285774 The dev team for Minecraft has probably barely increased. Most of those 600 employees are just pencil pushers, middle management and the marketing department. Think about the people who handle advertisements, merchandise, the digital storefront/website, and all the multiple levels of beauracracy involved with all of that. And then throw in a big HR department full of people who aren't capable of doing a real job, plus an IT department to keep the lights on.
>>327212 With the way they present the updates it makes it look like they just have the modder they brought aboard and jeb! doing the update and worldgen and 1 guy texturing everything and a few others changing the rendering engine. Also this video about the update https://yewtu.be/watch?v=_6XjfohyyRg For those that want a tl;dw >1.19 features will be annouced at minecon >they delayed the cave and mountaingen trying to make it fit to current worldgen or something Well at least this thread will survive to shit on the next round of major updates. Hopefully
>>327248 I can think of no excuse for why the people who's only job it is to actually work on minecraft's code have not made more substantial progress when they have the unobfuscated source code in their hands, plus any potential design documents, developer tools, and probably notch's sticky notes that explain what anything does.
>>327254 When you work in a small team you can change shit yourself, show it to your buddies, and they see what you've done and understand it because they're also gamedevs like you. In a large corporation it has to be approved by middle-management, HR, PR, and QA, and nobody but you knows because it's too hard to communicate and when you do upload a change it breaks something else someone somewhere else was working on so you roll it back because transgender bees are more important than hookshots and climbing rope.
>>285276 Minecraft has always been spaghetticode and now it has multiple different incompatible versions across many platforms alongside no real direction in the gameplay additions.
>>285386 >They might also use the "new" hip and cool Agile framework, which means they have project owners and other functions, and that they spend a lot of time in daily meetings. plus bi-weekly backlog refinement meetings, and let us not forget the sprint retrospective, sprint planning and sprint planning meetings, there is a lot of time wasted in meetings with Agile, if you don't know how to implement it right. Agile is suitable only for making bespoke web frontends since there's a specific client there to give constant feedback, they'll want it maintained 24/7 and if you fuck something up and it fails live odds are nothing will explode and a fix can be deployed in minutes. It is utterly unsuitable for making products designed for consumers hence having to fake internal 'project owners' to larp as the client, for customers who don't want to pay inflated monthly fees into infinity for constant development, for regulated industries where move fast and break shit isn't acceptable or for any sort of engineering problem where its propensity to introduce failures into production and to accrue huge amounts of technical debt are completely unacceptable. If you want a team of average javascript-hacks to churn out an acceptable front end product while you have a few neckbeards do the back end serious work it is fine (not good, but fine), as is said it's a great way to make both below-average and above-average programmers trend towards being merely average just don't use it for anything else. Really it's just another management trend which IT is particularly prone to adopting.
>>327363 >no real direction in the gameplay additions. I blame them trying to hide behind "Minecraft should be a simple sandbox" excuse for a lack of gameplay additions which is the most retarded thing. Previously they used "fixing spaghetti code" as the reason why 1.8 - 1.12 had jackshit in terms of content
>>327378 The issue there is that it was a simple sandbox from the beginning, and with the game being playable in a browser made for the greatest level of exposure and users made tons of builds with what little was available, they had to be creative to make up for a lack of building materials. Anything more would have been too many toys in the sandbox, but it's not like they've been strictly focused on creative, they've been expanding on survival mode which absolutely requires some kind of direction, and has shown how creatively bankrupt they are since the features they do add are just more fluff or make no sense, like foxes holding swords, or the fucking axolotl. For players who actually stick to creative builds, I don't know of really anything that's been added for their benefit. Everything is just excuses to hide the fact that they never should have been given the job in the first place.
>>326529 >There, you're (mostly) caught up on Minecraft. The moment Microsoft slapped around their devteam is the moment actual fucking work started to be done. Jeb is a lazy fuck who got burnt out, who knew. I'm sad that it's still not enough, as with Microsoft's backing they should be adding far fucking more than what they did. I think the Nether update was fine honestly, but the Cave and Cliffs update just looks pathetic. Copper does NOTHING.
>>328347 >Copper does NOTHING. And they're scared to make it do anything because a) they don't want to raise the bar for themselves and b) they don't want to add anything that's too "not vanilla" so as not to tweak the autistic kids that make up the fanbase.
>>328347 Minecraft had this problem before getting a massive team to barely work on it. Since that's what its fans are used to I'm not surprised Microsoft would put in the least amount of effort possible. It does make me wonder if Minecraft was the first "big indie game" to start wringing updates for as much hype as they could get. >>328450 Definitely a.
>>328450 Doesn't red-stone basically serve the purpose of copper?
>>328708 Well, redstone is odd in that it's not an analogue to anything in real life. It's transmitting logic instead of power, hence why you don't actually need a form of power generation to activate a piston or open/close a door, etc, and I think to this date the most accurate implementation of electricity was from the original redpower mod, but used that stupid blue alloy ingot to make wires instead of copper. I hate that they added copper only to use it for a spy glass, a decorative block that turns green, and a lightning rod.
>>328716 >and a lightning rod. You don't even need because lightning only appears when there is rain and the chance of it hitting next to your roof and spreading to your wall is near zero.
>>328708 Yes, and I don't see the point of copper being integrated to redstone mechanics since that'd entail breaking every redstone circuit in existence. The same sort of issue arose when Notch was going to replace all torches in the game with lanterns. >>328716 It's not like any of the half dozen rocks or wood types do anything different either. It's just more fluff to make useless shit.
>>328739 I was always in favor of the torches burning out if lanterns would eventually replace them, but then you had glowstone blocks which would have made it redundant anyway. It's something that could have just been tied to hard mode as well as a bunch of other features but no apparently every difficulty had to have congruent features so it only increases mob spawns and inhibits regen.
>>285377 Hytale is Tencent owned, so chink shit. Terraria is or was the best. I saw the 1.4 was kinda ... bad? It limited the game in some fashion and added stale memes.
>>285249 Someone will update Minecraft himself? Consult with TheMasterCaver, he's a cave autist stuck in 1.6.4. 300 fps in a big forest, on a potato computer, thanks to fully rewritten renderer. Old lighting bugs like weird black blocks have been fixed. https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-java-edition/discussion/2835864-why-do-i-still-play-in-1-6-4 https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/1294926-themastercavers-world
>>328905 And much more.
>>285544 Just stick to old versions forever. Remember that Microkike said that Minecraft will be updated for 100 years: https://archive.ph/eqmYO .
>>328911 >100 years of updates Hey, maybe Mark can play it on XBL before they stop updating it
>>285934 >modder It originally was the work of about 4 or 5. If you want mastery, look at the Lord of the Rings mod. Factions, middle earth map, structures, roads, mountains where they are meant to be, trading, hiring soldier units, farm units and much more.
>>286085 You can make the world even taller and deeper. It's configurable to about 1200 Y in total IIRC:
>>328919 And 3000 or so with some small modifications (not mod tier iirc).
>>288247 I forgot if it was loot. If it is not, never craft it or buy it. Maybe you can make a mod to remove it or exchange it for something based and redpilled.
>>290698 >>290701 Dwarf Fortress!
>>291371 Release 1.7 made terrain boring and dull. Even back then people were complaining a bit that Beta 1.7.3's terrain had been the best. Or making imaginary languages.
>>294167 It's not Windows exclusive. It can be run in Linux via emulator-like programs (Wine is not needed).
>>294384 Everything is Minecraft is sexless or allsex. Consider how cows have both horns and udders.
>>294901 Nonono no finite world.
>>328905 That guy gets it. It's why I decided to only work on 1.2.5 The code base is "small" by comparison, and runs like a raped ape on mediocre hardware. The server jar only requires 50mb of ram to run, the client doesn't require much either, compare that to modern versions that have the server and client code bundled together (so great having movement lag in single player) and the ridiculous requirements to have a few mods installed.
>>296281 Fuck you. Minecraft's art is charming and lovely. But then jappanigger came and shat it up.
>>328939 You can also talk with the creator of BetterThanWolves, who is in 1.5.2. His mod revamps survival and adds industry-like things. It also has terrafirmacraft elements.
>>328939 In 1.3, the client and the server were combined into one, and FPS was halved for everyone.
>>328944 Oh you had already menctioned this sorry.
>>328942 I'm aware of both, and I've been trying not to fall prey to the same pratfalls of going full realism or full tedium in updating, fixing, and implementing things. I now completely sympathize with the BTW dev because forge was actually garbage that ruined modding, post 1.5 Forge was so bloated that even without mods it would bring FPS from 300+ down to 60 and less.
>>326529 Shields were added in 1.9.
>>328953 Can you talk more about it? Is Fabric better? It has that super optimization mod that isn't compatible with shaders or optifine at all, 300 fps in a Mesa.
>>328953 Thankfully since you are in 1.2.5 you have access to the original ModLoader.
>>297785 Schizocraft might have that by now. You can even kill epstein and travel to the moon on the Natsoc Die Glocke. >>325444 I am in the Matrix chat network and it's whispered that there's a pedo homeserver (like an email server, Matrix is federated), and recently we got a plague of chromebook zoomerniggers.
>>328959 I've never dealt with fabric, so I have no idea how it differs. Forge just had too much thrown into it, any time one of the popular mods wanted to do something unique, Forge added the hooks for it so that nobody had to implement their own classes, meanwhile Forge already doubled nearly the entire code base with all the hooks it added to vanilla classes/functions. The bigger vanilla got, the bigger forge got. A good test of how bad it got was running the FTB modpack from 1.4, then 1.5, then 1.6 and seeing how just between these 3 versions performance drops significantly. FTB for tekkit pre-1.5 could easily run at 200-300 fps with a handfull of mods, 1.6 with the same handful would get 90 fps at best while averaging 60.
>>328905 that's pretty awesome. Though in his thread for his compilation mod, he mentions no other mods are compatible with his mod, so does that legit mean *no* other mods like biomesoplenty will work at all with it? If so thats a shame, would be nice to have that optimization and features work alongside.
i just recently bought minecraft for the first time and only now catching up with all the BS with mojang, what's the best version to stay on thats the most modded? is it 1.6?
>>328959 >Is Fabric better? Yes. As anon already said, some of forges chief problems come from bloat. Fabric fares better because it attempts to be efficient, not necessarily easy. I'm interested in how the forge conversion toolkit for fabric (a toolkit that converts forge mods to fabric) fares. I'd bet that Forges whole methodology is busted compared to fabric and that's why the stark differences seem to come down to modloader bloat on Forge. Too much shitty code being ran at once. I think there are backports of Fabric versions, but the people who mod on those versions probably aren't interested in a modloader with little to no community support (for that given version)
>>285276 >Look at Terraria. For the longest time it had one dev (not counting artists), and he did more in two years by himself than the entirety Mojang has done since Notch left Someone has to tell notch about this. Maybe he left something in the sale contract he can fuck microshit over with. Having said that this thought about how little they do has to go to the mod developers. They are better off working on a clone than working with these grifters in microshit. We need to spam this message to mod makers. I told them years back to get thoir shit together and move on out because it was clear as fuck the mojang shit heads weren't doing jack shit.
>>327363 Microsoft made the classic mistake of trying to create a New Standard with the Bedrock edition. Instead of simply putting more effort into updating Java they completely rewrote the game from scratch in a different programming language (C#, of course, because Microsoft owns it). I can guess that the original plan was to drop the Java version once Bedrock was ready, but for some reason they kept both. Now they have two different engines that must be kept up to date with each other but have separate programming requirements and quirks. Instead of having a "Java" edition and a "Bedrock" edition, what they probably should have done is simply make the next major version for Minecraft be on the C# platform and quietly leave Java behind. For example, in the launcher 1.13 and beyond is Bedrock while 1.12 and below is Java. So everyone on PC would be on the same engine going forward and development would be unified. Of course this would have been extremely unpopular with the community because Bedrock edition sucks dick when it comes to modding, but that could have been resolved by just creating a dedicated and high quality modding API like Fabric built into the game. That's all people have wanted for years. So let's recap what Microsoft did after spending $2.5B on Minecraft: >completely rewrite the game from scratch on a different language >even though this engine rewrite is a perfect opportunity to implement a fully featured modding API, don't do it. In fact, make the new engine WORSE for modding than the old one >make the new engine a separate product which must be purchased again, thus splitting the playerbase in half >support updates on both engines anyways so now you need extra developers with a different experience-set just to maintain things. Fucking retards I swear.
>>328959 >>328973 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=0fAB6pJK6U4 Sodium is a major improvement over Optifine but lacks mod compatibility.
>>329157 >i just recently bought minecraft for the first time What the fuck is wrong with you why did you do that?
>>329210 Hum. You should be able to "mod" C# in the same way people modded Terraria. It can be decompiled and you can fuck with the IL. I think this library was used: https://github.com/pardeike/Harmony Is the issue that they've made provisions to maintain code integrity or something?
>>329154 None at all. >>329157 1.7.10, because it's older, "more stable", and for years it had more piled up mods than other contemporaneous versions. 1.12.2 is quite a bit newer, more bloated, and it obtained a similar amount of mods to 1.7.10.
>>329179 >clone I wonder if they would waste their efforts by updating and polishing Minetest. It lacks so much finnesse compared to Minecraft.
>>329475 if they would be wasting their efforts*
>>329210 >but for some reason they kept both People refused to move I think. Mod compatibility was one thing and possibly the C# version was either Win10 only or needed the stupid microsoft store.
>>329179 For 2 billion dollars they get the right to the game AND your first born
>>329154 The lack of compatibility I'm sure is because he's rewrote much of the vanilla code like what I'm doing, it's the only way to make real improvements without inflating the codebase with new classes to override original classes. It's why forge is so bloated, everything forge implements is made to not outright replace existing classes. >>329475 Something interesting I found was a minecraft clone written entirely in C with (I think) opengl and a couple libraries to avoid having to completely reinvent the wheel. It was written in a weekend and while it lacks most features I'd say it even competes with minetest. https://github.com/jdah/minecraft-weekend
(48.87 KB 720x511 D2FEhRmWwAI_Oz-.jpg)
(667.20 KB 1615x993 crying homo.png)
My neice just tried out the update on the switch and all she fucking did was shit on it. As a minecraft kiddie, minecraft is only one of the handful of games she plays yet she actually sees the writing on the wall about the update and she sees it along with the game for what it really is, SHIT. PICS RELATED They're anyone in denial enough to still think minecraft is a good game. >>329179 >telling modmakers to get their shit together and make their own game Thats exactly how Hytale is happening except the devs Hypixel are the owners of minecrafts largest server. The dev for Vintage Story also used to be a minecraft modder working for Hypixel and hes making his own minecraft like game, its too damn slow for my tastes though god damn. Its real telling that minecrafts most successful content creators server wise got sick of its shit and are now making their own thing due to their discontent from dealing with minecrafts shit.
>>329764 Hytale is chinkshit so discarded. I have never played Vintage Story, it may be good, I heard its admin helps you add your server to the directory if you have issues. Also you can play old versions forever and mod them. MCP has existed since Alpha v1.1.0 or so, take your pick.
>>329771 Modding and coremodding old Minecraft presents more outwards quality than minetest or whatever.
One thing we may need is alternate login servers. Yggdrasil, Minecraft's login protocol, can be implemented (it's basically open source). I know of one of these servers, called Nojang. You login into it (selfhostable too, i think) instead of Mojang's servers. It allows for setting skins, just like Mojang's servers.
>>329774 A server might choose to use Nojang, then authentication is done through it.
(413.82 KB 1280x800 Market_Place.jpg)
(185.86 KB 2220x1080 micoin.jpg)
>>329210 >even though this engine rewrite is a perfect opportunity to implement a fully featured modding API, don't do it. In fact, make the new engine WORSE for modding than the old one >make the new engine a separate product which must be purchased again, thus splitting the playerbase in half I wonder why they decided to make a bedrock edition exclusive for wangblows 10.
>>329796 >I wonder why they decided to make a bedrock edition exclusive for wangblows 10. Probably because they've hit rock bottom
>>329796 The amount of people supporting the Minecraft mod community is truly staggering to me. You've got maps, skins, content mods, visual mods, overhauls, enough shit to shove on top of your game to make it almost unrecognizable, but it's all directed at a shit game like this. May Vintage Story deliver us from this Microsoft-inflicted child hell. Please filter out all the faggots and kids too dumb to spend 30 hours making a single home with autistic and loving detail.
>>329818 Vintage Story just filters everyone from playing it by being a game that fills an unbelievably tiny niche of players for the game it's competing with instead of just being Minecraft but more open and less shit.
>>329818 >Vintage story Had fun playing on the sleepychan server Looking forward to how it progresses beyond being Terrafirmacraft with a better engine and graphics
How would you even improve on Minecraft's core formula? Because as it stands right now it is a pretty barebones action/adventure game with randomly generated world and very minor construction and automation elements. I'm not sure what could be added outside of more shallow adventuring content without the new things being completely superficial or completely shifting the focus.
>>330013 AI rpg elements and tools.
>>329749 why do these idiots not just work on one project? no one is going to play a half dozen alphas, when they could create a 1x full release. We need no get these knuckleheads in here and drog their noses through this thread. They never understand.
Have all you anons sent messages to the ex-Minecraft mod creators? The message is to all work on one project so we don't have a half dozen alphas. I mean, there should be enough indians and chinese programmers wanting to upgrade their skills to help out and crush Microshit. Even without white ex-mod creators. If not you aren't helping
>>285594 best post itt unironically. we need to get this out
(105.93 KB 800x528 oh shit nigger.jpg)
>>285249 This is what happens when hire hags and fags
>>330094 How is Microsoft surviving this? Investors must surely be angry or being contacted by ex minecraft mod creators....
>>329776 >>329774 >>329772 >>329771 A single post nigger. >>330059 >>330062 >>330063 >>330082 >>330083 You too faggot, take your meds.
>>330013 It's okay. All other additions should come through mods. >>330082 Indians don't have any creativity, they just follow orders. Chinese, too, and if your game's code is closed source they will steal it or the idea and turn it over to the ccp. It's fair to say that if you involve indians and chinese, it will turn out shit. >>330095 >investors >caring about anything else but money Sadly not. Since Mojang was purchased by microkike, its investors are microkike's. And right now (for years) they are joyful due to all the money it is generating. If you want to begin a change, contact the mod developers.
>>329460 thanks, i hadnt considered 1.7.10, i faintly remembered many mods stopping updates up to that version but needed to be sure.
>>329460 So, it looks to me like 1.12.2 is the most broken version of minecraft, it has serious hitching problems and unstable FPS. Yet it has the most updated mods out of each version of minecraft. What a pain in the ass, i have no idea what could be causing it besides autistic spaghetti code.
(394.20 KB 963x1069 1344915829211.png)
After finally getting a chance to see where I left off with my project to fix version 1.2.5, I most likely left off at porting client-side implementations to the server code. One of the biggest hurdles is to figure out how I need to change or implement new packet classes to handle the extra data tied to things. Packets are strict and have to know the size of the data being sent, so I can't just add extra informaiton to an existing packet without also adjusting the defined size in bytes. Prior to my changes, all mobs had very simple data to send to the client, like entity ID, mob type, x,y,z position, pitch, yaw, rotating(boolean), head yaw. Very simple stuff, but with making zombies lose their heads and rise from the ground when they spawn and giving animals a sex type, and all this other stuff it makes everything now more complicated, and will probably mean I need to implement my own packets for this.
>>328953 >>328973 >>329176 >>329749 Interestingly, the old ModLoader was updated until 1.6.2. Maybe you will like to reuse it, or stick to Fabric.
>>328942 >>328953 As of April 9, the mod has died. Flowerchild won't be working on it anymore. The source has been released.
>>336861 Why the fuck did you reply to the same post that you did in your previous post and WHY ARE YOU REPLYING TO YOURSELF? Take your meds dude.
>>336876 This is a thread format. I reply to myself because sometimes there are things to add.
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=dJuI9KjMIx8 >you will never have this level of amazing autism
>>337677 >his peaceful series show how utterly incompetent mojang is considering how many regular items like mob drops are impossible to get for normal gameplay
(494.00 KB 200x200 free_shrugs.gif)
>>337746 >play mode without mobs <wooow wtf i cant even get these mob drops, this shit is broken - DSP <this sucks a big fucking donkey dick out of a filipino whore's syphillis riddled asshole, what were they thinking?! get it together mojang! - AVGN <the minecraft bee is trans - previous writer for Gawker

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