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(6.07 MB 4096x4096 wurmap.jpg)
(2.57 MB 1517x825 death to sneed.PNG)
(37.99 KB 1202x451 around kiwis its easy.PNG)
(467.01 KB 1920x1027 hots imperial cavalry.jpg)
WURM UNLIMITED: FUNNY NUMBER EDITION Anonymous 04/22/2021 (Thu) 06:50:59 Id:678fae No. 291293
SERB IS STILL ALIVE AND BETTER WITHOUT KIWIS IP: PORT: 3724 PASTEBIN - zyz9BmQ3 PIRATE CLIENTS: https://mega.nz/folder/SZwDDZqY#SOBwLZAq4_HuixQPZX45wQ https://www.mediafire.com/file/hclcos0toe7j4qq/Wurm_Unlimited.zip/file <Last time on Wurm Ball Z: >Weekend tournament rolls around, contenders from here destroy kiwis and cuckchanners in 1v1 duels so hard the entire kiwifarms settlement of 20+ people implodes overnight and is now an empty ruin >One insane autist and his insane autistic plan to dig a ~600 tile tunnel into the mines of kiwitown just to "check them out and steal shit laying around" actually succeeds, but he is fought off by a single pickaxe-wielding newbie clad in starter leathers >Somehow this makes everyone simultaneously asshurt and amused >The Last Kiwi™ just wants to be left alone to learn the game in peace since his faglord handlers yanked the rug out from under his feet and abandoned him >The entirety of HOTS shows up to pick over the remains of kiwitown, ignores the solitary autist, steals everything that isn't nailed down and bashes the rest >They lockpick the jewel of the Kiwi navy and then fuck off so loaded with loot the boat can barely move >Newly christened hermit politely asks them to leave a FSB and larder so he has food, they ignore him and take all 5+ anyway. He shrugs and starts building his own after they leave, but struggles to find lead. <WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? TUNE IN NEXT TIME ON WURM BALL Z Go ride by the bashed husk of Kiwitown and say hi to Excelsior, he's lonely and friendly. Surp, he even kept your armor for you.
Cum inside the pancakes You must do it
>>291293 >steals everything that isn't nailed down and bashes the rest Wrong we also bashed a rare forge to 70 and stole that too nails can't stop us
(557.24 KB 1920x1057 wurm.20210422.0011_2.jpg)
Not pictured: (Me, taking the pic) Peak Performance btw
>>291328 based hotsbros
And thus I have summoned the normies, including linking to this thread. God help us all.
>>291367 They will learn what peak performance is all about.
INFODROP ABOUT WEEKEND TOURNEY STUFF Due to population weirdness (JK and Freedom down to stragglers, HOTS swelling up like a balloon both in morale and membership), the event this friday (same time 7 PM EST, same place) will be a sort of FFA-style gimmick event. Come in groups as large as you like, and you don't need any particular skills. If we get a shitload of people and there's demand for it, maybe we'll do another building competition as well, but that's to be determined day-of. Progress on the "mega-dungeon" we've teased has been slow, due to most of us working and/or trying to fix problems with the serb. Huge thanks to all you lads who've stuck around, I think it's safe to say we've passed the worst of the burnout-and-drama threshold and we can finally get into the building-great-works phase of wurm. See you lads this Friday.
>>291483 >Due to population weirdness (JK and Freedom down to stragglers, HOTS swelling up like a balloon both in morale and membership) What's the current status regarding the 4 factions? How many are left of each?
(421.46 KB 1439x1434 87548547.jpg)
>>291367 >And thus I have summoned the normies, including linking to this thread. God help us all. >>291483 >Due to population weirdness (JK and Freedom down to stragglers, HOTS swelling up like a balloon both in morale and membership) Oh no. What's going on this time?
>>291533 I don't think it's related, it's too soon, I am not even sure anyone saw my post
Excelsior is the man I wanted to be when I started playing Wurm. Make your dreams happen mate.
Just about to sex up a suit and serb crashes, hope everyone with a recall rune is where they want to be. >>291293 While we did get 6 raring bones saccing their dumb rare collection we probably should have raided the Kiwis harder.
aannnnd it's back
>>291533 When JK dissolved, Kiwis who didn't quit moved to HOTS.
>>291815 I believe there's one single JK left, but don't quote me on it.
>>291959 Yeah he was the one who told me they all moved to HOTS. I assume HOTS must just have a better looking town. Kiwitown was impressive, to say the least, and Broenix is pretty small.
>>292187 HOTSville is like 6/10 because most of the core players are priests and there's more menial work than we have laborers for. Until the kiwis showed up, that is.
>>292207 >HOTSville is like 6/10 because most of the core players are priests and there's more menial work than we have laborers for Well that's a worry I don't have anymore. I assumed AN was giving everyone so much labor potential that nobody would ever run out of, glad to know it's not an issue.
>>291293 Excelsior is a king among men. Peasant should transfer kingship to Excelsior.
(134.97 KB 299x317 Screenshot_7.png)
[23:15:30] <Reimu> mcb [23:15:33] <Reimu> get your wagon [23:15:36] <Reimu> once the next match start [23:15:38] <Reimu> and load it [23:15:43] <Reimu> for shits and giggles [23:15:45] <Dakini> pffft [23:15:53] <Coteaulaix> Ois there something going on today? [23:16:14] <Reimu> just wait patiently on the center so they don't even guess it [23:16:15] <Mcbastardish> dunno how much space I have [23:16:21] <Dakini> yeah coteaulaix [23:16:29] <Dakini> we literally played amongus in wurm [23:16:34] <Reimu> I will expand it [23:16:37] <Dakini> now we're playing tug of war with a bed [23:16:37] <Coteaulaix> Christ [23:16:39] <Reimu> 100% sure will fit [23:17:07] <Coteaulaix> I'm actually near the tourney grounds rn, I was putting down beehives at a nest nearby. [23:17:18] <Mcbastardish> I thought we were letting them win not fuggin it [23:17:35] <Coteaulaix> Logged in and an avenger roflstomped my horse but I got wagon [23:17:36] <Reimu> BOI we get confirmation that loading in wagon is LEGAL [23:17:54] <Mcbastardish> probably [23:18:07] <Mcbastardish> they'll just bitch [23:18:23] <Reimu> will be funny as fuck, do anyways [23:18:44] <Mcbastardish> I'll try but god knows where it will be [23:19:10] <Reimu> oy, not that char [23:19:13] <Reimu> the other one, that is in the team [23:19:20] <Reimu> don't move the alt, actually, don't move the wagon at all [23:19:28] <Reimu> no, wait here in center [23:19:33] <Reimu> you dingus, don't let them get the idea [23:20:28] <Mcbastardish> so imma run over wagon up and try to load this fucker while it flies all over [23:20:36] <Reimu> yes [23:20:36] <Mcbastardish> good luck to me [23:20:42] <Reimu> as soon as the bed spawns in the center, I will keep it there [23:20:47] <Reimu> you rush to your wagon, and load the fucker [23:21:36] <Mcbastardish> then what run for it? [23:21:59] <Reimu> then go to the goal [23:22:02] <Reimu> alternatively, run with it [23:22:04] <Reimu> just leg it [23:22:09] <Mcbastardish> he did say all that was illegal was attacking [23:22:13] <Reimu> yeah
(410.34 KB 1920x1061 20210423175159_1.jpg)
(649.55 KB 1920x1061 20210423185851_1.jpg)
SUCCESSFUL TOURNEY TODAY Thanks to all the lads who showed up, we had a ton of fun putting it all together and hosting everything. For those who missed the games today, here's a recap: Warmup / waiting for stragglers with a "peaceful knife fight", where all kingdoms joined together to celebrate their culture by slaughtering gorillas in a ghetto with knives. Lots of butchering gains were made and some giggles were had. After that, participants were given cryptic instructions and told that they would be "sent down to caves to perform a special ritual" and given unique colored uniforms to wear. A pair of "CIA agents" were infiltrating the participants and trying to keep their cover, but the tourney attendees bravely put on their uniforms and ventured into the unknown caverns, all the while cautious of the impostors lurking among them. The first round had three of the six objectives completed right away while Topbob and Dakini killed many stragglers and escaped through the vents, then Dakini was deemed "sus" and summarily executed. Topbob kept his cool just long enough to stall the first round into a victory for him. The second round, several objectives were shuffled around the caverns to mix things up a bit. Reimu and Nobody were the impostors, and they cleverly picked off loners and double-teamed the last pair of players in a brutal show of dominance, netting a strong win with plenty of time left on the clock. For performing well in the AMOGUS ritual, the players Topbob, Nobody, and Reimu were made captains of their own teams in the "Bedwar League". Major league bedball has slightly different rules than the casual leagues, and these captains drafted their team members carefully: "Team Topbob" took in Janon and Ursurper, "Team Nobody" had Shoepolish and Excelsior, and "Team Reimu" was an all-star cast of McBastard and Dakini. The first round was a ferocious battle of attrition, with the bed moving inches and occasionally feet at a time. A startling new technique was seen from Team Reimu: using a combination of "move to center" and "place" commands to rapidly pull the bed towards their goal. The first round ended with a slow and steady inching towards the Team Reimu goals. Next round, all participants were aware of this special technique, and the conflict had evolved: this time, the bed teleported around faster than the eye could track, like quantum superposition. It moved so rapidly across such vast distances that it was almost impossible to push the bed at all. After a long, ferocious, and prolonged battle the bed eventually flickered several times into the goal of Team Reimu, netting them a second win. The third battle turned this super-powered technique up to eleven, instant-bedmission too quick to follow, until suddenly McBastard rolled up in his wagon, speared the bed with his cursor like a master fisherman, and then loaded it into his wagon which he proceeded to drive into his team's goal and unload. Seconds after the bed was loaded, the badmin team quietly spawned a second bed and activated their sleeper team of Coteaulaix, Doop, and Commiegator. As the other teams argued over the legality of wagon usage in bed wars, the sleeper team quietly and efficiently did their work, then the badmins announced that it was actually a "BUNK BED ROUND" and the match was still in progress. Immediately every member of every team ran off to find a cart or wagon, and Excelsior reclaimed his lonely kingdom's stolen wagon from MR amidst the chaos. Unfortunately at this point things get a little hazy and we couldn't really keep track of where the 4th bed went, but Team Reimu ultimately won, and each member of the other teams were given some sleep powder as a consolation prize. Thanks to everyone for coming, and we're thrilled that everybody had such a good time. I'm surprised the serb is still up, but I'll stick with it and keep doing events as long as there's a population to enjoy them. Expect news about the upcoming "mega-dungeon" in a few days. Thanks again lads, tonight was fun.
>>292557 >and we couldn't really keep track of where the 4th bed went, It belongs to the biggest winner of the night.
That bed war was mental, the damn thing was all over the shop, trying to pin it down to move it was a nightmare, I was fucked by the time we'd done the first round. I managed to snag/load the second bed in the Bunk Bed round too, what happened to it after that I don't know.
Amid bedwar: [03:02:46] Shoepolish pierces Janon deadly hard in the chest with their butchering knife and injures it. [03:02:48] Shoepolish pierces Janon brutally hard in the chest with their butchering knife and injures it. [03:02:52] <Shoepolish> uh no rules against it so.. [03:02:56] Shoepolish pierces Janon brutally hard in the stomach with their butchering knife and injures it. [03:03:02] Shoepolish pierces Janon deadly hard in the right underarm with their butchering knife and injures it. [03:03:03] <Nuggro> there are no rules except "no fighting" [03:03:04] Shoepolish pierces Janon deadly hard in the left thigh with their butchering knife and injures it. [03:03:07] <Nobody> oi quit stabbin people [03:03:07] Shoepolish pierces Janon brutally hard in the left hand with their butchering knife and injures it. [03:03:12] You try to maul Shoepolish. [03:03:15] You try to move into position to target the upper center parts of Shoepolish. [03:03:15] You move into position for the upper center parts of Shoepolish. [03:03:16] <Nuggro> and janon/shoe appear to be in combat... [03:03:18] You dodge the butchering knife from Shoepolish. [03:03:19] You maul Shoepolish viciously in the right eye with your staff and maim it. [03:03:20] <Topbob> this is gonna take half an hour [03:03:20] You dodge the butchering knife from Shoepolish. [03:03:22] You parry the butchering knife from Shoepolish with your staff. [03:03:22] <Bathory> uh oh, bad sportsmanship? [03:03:23] You maul Shoepolish viciously in the left shoulder with your staff and maim it. [03:03:23] <Shoepolish> Jesus [03:03:32] You try to maul Shoepolish. [03:03:32] Shoepolish tries to pierce you. [03:03:32] <Nuggro> both of you notarget please or i'll TP you both away [03:03:35] You dodge the butchering knife from Shoepolish. [03:03:37] You parry the butchering knife from Shoepolish with your staff. Maiming an eyeball as a first move is pretty nasty I gotta admit. I wish the lads who've fugged off would have hung around, they've missed some great fun (and hideous crashes). End of second round: [03:14:26] <Mcbastardish> I've lost my mind [03:14:35] <Nuggro> BUT IT MIGHT BE TOO LATE [03:14:37] <Nuggro> OH SHIT [03:14:38] <Nuggro> OH SHIT [03:14:47] <Bathory> LOL [03:14:53] <Nuggro> BED PLACED IN TEAM REIMU GOAL [03:14:59] <Topbob> WHAT [03:15:00] <Nuggro> WIN #2, MOST IMPRESSIVE [03:15:01] <Mcbastardish> it was over our line [03:15:04] <Nobody> GRATS [03:15:07] <Mcbastardish> fuck me [03:15:10] <Reimu> YEEEEEEE [03:15:11] <Shoepolish> Jesus [03:15:17] <Mcbastardish> I feel lik I'm gona die [03:15:21] <Nuggro> holy shit that was an intense game [03:15:22] <Reimu> This shit was more intense than a DBZ dight [03:15:28] <Shoepolish> That bed was fucking tleporting all over the fucking place
Wanna make sure I've not locked everyone out/in but getting a perma 'Retrying Steam authentication' with no network error. If yous are LOCKED.COM I'll be back (if it's working) in about 5/6 hours.
>>292711 >Retrying Steam authentication yep, can't play
>>292711 Has it been 5/6 hours? :(
>>292711 >Wanna make sure I've not locked everyone out/in but getting a perma 'Retrying Steam authentication' with no network error >I've not locked everyone out Good to know it's on demand, don't do it again
>>292715 >>292722 >>292776 Only if finally putting locks on our gates made the serb crash then it's all my fault, otherwise badlads or some other gremlin in the tubes.
I left my screen on "Retrying steam authentication" only to return to a crash log with the dreaded forced writebuffer entry in it...
>>292785 I have missread what you meant. Assumed it was an admin messing with configs
>>292786 >dreaded forced writebuffer entry in it... Has this happened before? What's going on?
>>292789 No this is new. Extremely unhelpful too. All the standard init stuff is in the log then bam: Gui initialized Startup Phase - Preparing terrain... Startup Phase - Connecting .. Disabling Nagles INFO: Possibly saved client crash by forcing a write of the writeBuffer_w. Execution aborted at connection 0, iteration 0 Run time 0s, local time Sat Apr 24 09:39:52 CDT 2021 Destroying game window == CLIENT CRASH == Unexpected crash while playing java.nio.BufferOverflowException at java.nio.HeapByteBuffer.put(HeapByteBuffer.java:206) at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketConnection.flush(SocketConnection.java:334) at com.wurmonline.client.comm.SimpleServerConnectionClass.reallySend(SimpleServerConnectionClass.java:1355) at com.wurmonline.client.comm.SimpleServerConnectionClass.sendSteamAuthTicket(SimpleServerConnectionClass.java:401) at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.performConnection(WurmClientBase.java:829) at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.performFirstConnection(WurmClientBase.java:741) at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.runGame(WurmClientBase.java:287) at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.run(WurmClientBase.java:1601) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)
>>292791 >Destroying game window Goddamn serb, why you hate us so much?
>>292794 It's Rolf casting black magic from Sweden. He made the game to cause suffering, he hates it when people have actual fun.
>>292557 4th Bed revelation: [03:32:09] You start to unload the extra comfy bed from the "The Tryhard Express". [03:32:13] You finish unloading the extra comfy bed from the "The Tryhard Express". [03:32:19] Excelsior starts to load the extra comfy bed.
(47.00 KB 487x377 massive disapproval.jpg)
>>292557 Are you faggots telling me that fun was had and no one made a single webm?
>>292881 lol technology is hard
>>292882 For the admins it is
(101.09 KB 1920x1080 Sad Trombone.mp4)
>>292881 Shit was too frenetic to capture, though a badmin could have filmed us from above easily enough. Gotta join in nigroid.
>>292881 Dakini here, I normally do that stuff but I was too lazy.
serb up
(3.81 MB 1425x1130 pooftas.PNG)
which one of you pooftas left flowers in my house
>>292881 hurray
Ok, I think it crashed right after Mcbastardish joined. smh
So I made a mod that will log the stacktrace of any message longer than 2 kbytes. Will flood the server with logs, but will hopefully help figure out WHAT is causing these fucking crashes. To put in perspective, the messages that load the map are 1.5 kbytes long each and the only ones to triggered this when: * it was set for 1kb rather than 2kb * opening the default adventure server. File: https://www.mediafire.com/file/66658xyguo37gw6/BufferLogger.zip/file Source: https://pastebin.com/VuDhwra6
>>292946 godspeed
has any other serb been this plagued?
(63.43 KB 225x184 12354323526276476.png)
>>292946 >So I made a mod OH NO
> serb up > serbs not really up MAH EMOTIONS
It's "back up"
>>293239 annnnd down again, I give up for today
Working for me. You bogs better not come crash it.
>>293273 I'm sorry I (dakini) think it crashed because of me possibly... Happened around 5 minutes after joining like last time. Maybe it's my brush that has coc and nimb on it? I also have runes in my inventory... aaaaaa
>>293286 *coc and woa
>>293286 Bogged again. I don't have any runes so maybe that's it.
>>293286 I'm doubting this is client side and all the other borked objects were unfinished and just became resource blackholes.
>24 hours without wurm
(12.65 KB 480x360 -_-.jpg)
>>291533 Kiwis being fucking worse than the LOLCOWS they worship. Thats what fucking happened.
> serbless sunday My soul...
>>293503 I kinda liked having a day off, played guitar, tried the nu version of Isaac, got some garden furniture painted. Sick of all that shit now though, wanna grind. Recall runes are next to useless with all these serb crashes anyway s the could be purged before a restart (if the badmins can get into it) but they weren't causing trouble before so why would they be now? Vague supposition: I fear there's a file or log or directory (or whatnot) that's filled beyond capacity for the serb to swallow and while it was being purged fast enough early on, we've caught up with and overtaken it's ability to delet or sort or collate (or whathaveyou) the old data before the new piles in and FUGS it. Maybe, possibly, I dunno about this shit.
(37.98 KB 769x600 qccy1xz6klt51.jpg)
>>293543 I'm watching the lotr extended editions
>>293543 >I fear there's a file or log or directory (or whatnot) that's filled beyond capacity for the serb to swallow and while it was being purged fast enough early on, we've caught up with and overtaken it's ability It's got to be something like this right? I mean, these crashes are only happening now that the serb has been up for a good chunk of time now. Sure, there was a crash or two early on but nothing as consistently disappointing as this.
>>293570 Nah, it could be one random player connecting into some invalid place full of trash data, The server captures the exception (thus don't crash), however what it causes is that the message processing loop is cut short at that error, so eventually that faulty player is the first one in the line of players, so anyone after him will not receive any server messages. Wouldn't be surprised if it's at the white light, anyone getting close to that could be causing the crash due to too many nearby creature datas being attempted to be transmitted to him every cycle
>>293546 Have you seen the cartoons? Those are great, I love all three. The Hobbit one has some great and memorable songs. I do find it funny that Rankin/Bass did both The Hobbit and Return of The King, whereas Fellowship and Two Towers were combined into one movie by Ralph Bakshi.
>>293628 I've always been kinda averse to the art style from the clips I've seen of the cartoon I dunno. I don't even like the movies that much compared to the books themselves.
>>293665 >I've always been kinda averse to the art style from the clips I've seen of the cartoon Oh come on, man, that's just a shame. Try something new, but old! I'm serious, the cartoons are great. >I don't even like the movies that much compared to the books themselves. Perfectly understandable. I'd even wager they're more true to the books than the Peter Jackson movies (though I'll admit I do have a fondness for both the books, cartoons and the LOTR triology). The Hobbit triology was a travesty however.
>>293610 Then how about badmins reset everyone to their town tokens, or thereabouts, that'd put an end to it, *if* it's that and *if* they're able to.
Badmins here, sad news. We've tried and tried to deal with serb issues and it keeps getting worse and worse. We have no fucking clue what causes this and although people are still wanting to play, we have no real idea how to fix this problem or what to do except take the serb down. The good news is that we don't wanna do this right away, and most everyone has some unfinished business or another on the serb, so we're gonna keep it on life support for most of today, and let it run overnight until it crashes again. Expect the serb to be plug-pulled in 1 to 3 days, depending on how many crashes and how much uptime we get. So, what this means is you can log in today and the serb team will have no qualms with TP'ing you around to see the last few undiscovered ruins, revealing long-hidden secrets of the wizard quests and the underdank, etc etc. Curtain's coming up today and the serb's going down tomorrow (probably). Sorry it ended like this lads. If it's any consolation, the main ringleader of this serb (me, you know me as a gorilla ingame) will not be organizing the next one, although I've volunteered to put together dungeons and quests and events for whatever ill-fated lad handles that undertaking. Thanks to all for playing, and thanks to those of you who contributed mods to the serb (even though some people complained about them, I appreciate the effort). I hope you all had a good time, and I hope we can see each other ingame shortly for some parting banter. On that note, serb is up or should be momentarily.
(417.27 KB 720x480 3d0.png)
>>293694 >will not be organizing the next one Man, you pulled the worst shitshow on a technical level, but you made the most memorable and fun events, so I want you to at least be on the team
(776.42 KB 965x988 1617151123439.png)
>>293694 For what it's worth, it was my first time playing Wurm and it made me want to play again. Overall, I liked it. I may not have a chance to get on today, but if someone wants to explore the undiscovered stuff and upload screenshots, that'd be chill.
My old regret is not finishing the Fort Gibroltar
(214.16 KB 396x279 fug.png)
Well damn, I thought I'd at least get my first bridges built on this serb and see the rest of the map, gonna be blue balls'd till the next.
(246.78 KB 600x334 ClipboardImage.png)
Well, here is my bot that I was holding onto instead of releasing in the wild since Nugro told me it would likely cause a black pill spiral. Since server is dead anyways now, you all can play with it for a while to learn how to use it before next serb in six months. https://www.mediafire.com/file/h7ckac58phhec6v/Mod.zip/file Source included. Main features: Replaces a bunch of mods like livemap, sortmod, actionmod with improved versions, do not use both at once adds the following commands: queue command //where command is literally anything you can think of to put in the console screen, like "/say Help!" or act 192 hover start time //in miliseconds, how often it will run each item in the queue, it will then loop back to the first stop // clears the queue and stops the timer clear //clear the queue but keep the timer running load_script path // loads a txt file and runs each line as a command command examples: stop clear clearRules addRule [world|loQL|ql<80]log -> inventory addRule wood scrap -> [world]sorted addRule plank, -> [world]sorted do_toggle_auto_select_all load_script D:\Games\WurmScripts\FoodAndWater.txt if none_to_move|stop queue act 93 with:[loWG]log@search:[all]log queue act 10022 with:saw,@search:[hiWG]log & 10022 with:saw,@search:[hiWG]log & 10022 with:saw,@search:[hiWG]log & 10022 with:saw,@search:[hiWG]log & 10022 with:saw,@search:[hiWG]log queue instant act 93 with:[loWG]log@search:[all]log queue instant wait_stamina queue instant sortInventory queue every 360|act 162 search:saw, start 100 //load_script D:\Games\WurmScripts\auto_plank.txt This one shits out planks from QL80 or lower logs from a bsb, then puts the results back in the bsb, as you can see, the mod features modifiers to the act mod that it does not previously had, like "with:" and "search:". Read the sources if you want to figure out how to use it, it's pretty nifty, the sortmod has also been improved with similar functionality queue instant every 360|act 183 search:water queue instant every 360|act 182 search:[hiQL]gulasch|pizza|dagwood|breakfast the mentioned FoodAndWater script <B-but why would you release your cheat bot mod!?!?!! To ensure Action Normalizer will have to be used on the next server :^) That way I can play the game taking it easy, even easier than the bot already lets me It even features an anti-anti bot 'add random timer with random pauses' to the action queue, so don't even bother attempting to figure out who is using it with just server logs
>>293694 ...or not. Sorry lads, serb is being even shittier than usual today and the host is on a road trip and unable to fix anything or even queue up restarts. I think we've reached the end of our borrowed time sooner than anticipated. Wish I'd thought to take pictures of some of the interesting things we wanted you lads to find, but in the meantime I'll stick around and try to reveal some of the serb's secrets while there's any interest left at all. >>293696 >>293697 Thank you lads, means a lot to hear someone say they enjoyed the serb. I was also "responsible" for the snowmap, and although everyone involved had complaints about things, quite a few lads said they enjoyed it or thought it was unique and interesting despite its flaws. In the 10 or so minutes I was able to keep the serb up and stay logged in, someone told me it was the best wurm serb he'd ever played on, and that made my day. My whole week, really. Thanks lad, you know who you are. >>293718 I liked your AN mod, I think it did a good job of making average players as powerful as bots, despite the few technical problems and WIP-ness of it. Bots will never be separated from wurm, the only way forward is to find ways to make them mix better with non-bots. Anyway, sorry for the anticlimax. Guess I'll spill some serb secrets while we're here, give me a (you) if you have some question or wanna know something.
>>293718 honestly, action normalizer made me realize that there is no way a human could ever match up to the output a bot can, since no matter what people ended up at 24x with days of saved time if it had diminishing returns and capped at 8x, but could also go below 1x if you actually started botting, it might work better or we could just say fuck it and enable fatigue next server, if fags complain about bumping into the limit then it's a sign they're burning themselves out and if they really want to keep playing they can go train FS >>293728 what was the final dungeon going to be about also where was that fucking key, this server killed itself before i could find it but i will have it one day
>>293728 I was going to cash in my counteroffer to the badmins with the server dying, a shame.
>>293732 >enable fatigue Casting spells right after starting actions will cancel out the fatigue for that action, that on average, reduces in 33% the total fatigue usage on a 1x server (my results playing on Awakening) The biggest issue with the final version of the AN was the fact that it was not exactly properly configured IMO. Using it means every player gets to play as if they played 24 hours straight, which means, to someone that actually do plays 8 hours straight doing actions, a total 3x speed up OVER the 4x server rates. The right way of using the normalizer would be to play on a 1x action speed server and let the normalizer be what pushes it to 4x Every player could start with 3 days or something so that it's not a slog once the server starts. There is much fine tuning to make the mod actually good, the new penalty parameter could probably be upped to 12 from 4 or maybe even further
>>293718 >lets all just turn wurm into an idle game I know wurm has some boring and repetitive parts, but if this is how we all start playing I'm not coming back next time. >i'll shit things up so you HAVE to use my mods I can't imagine what kind of a place we would be without your magnanimous contributions. >>293728 >liked the an mod It essentially caused rates to change 5-6 times with all the reconfiguring and timer resets from crashes. >bots will never be separated just live with them Its a server of 40 people at most, really not that hard to just not be a nigger but alright.
>>293728 "The Five Wizards" I wanted karma sorcery stuff to be easy as hell to get, and so I put together this little collection of mini-quests to gather the five staves. Most of them were unfinished and underwhelming. Black wizard was HP lovecraft, and it had you search out his tomb, solve a very simple puzzle, get teleported into a sealed cave to fight a champ mountain lion named "niggeman" who dropped a rare necklace made of leather called "niggerman's collar", iirc it just had a strong cast of nolo on it. After fighting him you went through a short tunnel and found a coffin with lovecraft's body in it, along with the key. Kiwis raided this area first, and eventually decided to give Jgwentworth the key. He brought it back to the library, explored the tiny little house, and discovered there was a secret cave entrance hidden under a pile of rugs (iirc he accidentally fell into it and started freaking out). The little house, like all others, had a bunch of assorted loot in it, but he ultimately got a bunch of sorceries, a supreme magic staff, and a set of black robes enchanted with moderate power casts of acuity (reduced channeling drain), because we didn't yet realize that it doesn't stack and only counts the highest cast of that enchant. Anyway, he took the offer for non-priests and gave up 60 levels of carpentry to become a mag priest at 50 faith and channeling, then quit over some retarded kiwi drama I barely even know about. White wizard was Terry Davis, and he had the most impressive house by far. The original plan was to make a little tomb somewhere and make the players fight off CIA niggers (named trolls) to get a key, then explore a little spire to find his coffin with the actual key, but bugs and time constraints basically reduced this whole thing to "find tomb, get key, leave". Doop was the one who took up this mantle, I think I enchanted the white wizard robes with Prowess (CR bonus). Red wizard/witch was Reimu (the character) and was found by Reimu (the player) in the most fitting match possible, also unintentional. I hadn't settled on exactly what the quest was going to be, but I thought it would involve either lockpicking the offering box, or making a small donation, then being sent to resolve some stupid "incident" nearby or collect a bunch of flowers or something. Time constraints and weak scripting tools basically invalidated this whole quest, and it turned into another "find shrine, loot key, leave" deal. Can't remember what the red witch robes were enchanted with, but some of the loot for that room was a portable ballista which you could pick up and put down at will, that only weighed half a pound. Blue Wizard was Todd Howard, and was also found by Reimu as several of you probably know. Todd's quest was transparent from the start, he tells you the coordinates to go to, you bring him 59 silver 99 copper, and buy skyrim. However, as with anything Todd says, this was a lie. Reimu showed up to the coordinates given DAYS after every other faction and group knew of this quest, and walked in on a whim. Todd Howard was dead, and next to his corpse was Skyrim, Horse Armor DLC, and the blue wizard hat. Kiwis at the time were coordinating to stock up enough silver to buy it, but Konrad's niggery drained most of that money so he could found his own kingdom, and they missed out. I think the Blue Wizard robes had omni-protection enchants on them (fire, frost, poison, acid) and most of his loot was a joke, but his house was fairly nice imo. Green Wizard was the last, and he was Ted Kazcynski, AKA the unabomber / "unacaster". His quest was WIP/NYI and it took me over a week to find the time and energy to actually finish it. His quest involved finding his book in the library ("Industrial Magic and its Future"), reading it, going to a nearby mailbox to discover that Ted had mailed you some angry summoned mobs, and then using "track" on the mailbox to get his underdank address (more on that later). Topbob and Nobody were chomping at the bit to do this quest, and they puzzled this one out together. They went into the underdank, put in Teddy's address, and TP'd out to find his lost shitshack in the middle of nowhere. Right as they found it I logged in as "unacaster" and defended """my""" shitshack with an 80ql rare club called "Disaster" enchanted with some good shit. Nobody took the green wizard mantle and Topbob moved into the shack, the loot in question was about twice as many karma sorceries as all the other wizards had, and some shoddy belongings. Also a mask that had 999 nolo on it, which Nobody put on and didn't remove for the rest of the serb (lol).
>>293732 Final dungeon was supposed to be a "castle" theme, with each faction getting a key to a different part of the castle. It was set up like a deep submerged area, with a shallow moat, and multiple >500 slope "islands" raised up and connected by bridges and ramps. MR got to advance along the castle's ramparts/walls, through mazes designed by the infamous maze-master Dan. HOTS got to explore the delightful thorn gardens planted and tended by Bathory, who was kind enough to put a lethal pitfall trap at the end of it for them. JK/GE/"kiwis" were going to get a "dungeon/cellar" themed route which was never even started. It would go through the castle's kitchens and basements, then ascend through a short barracks or hall or something. MR/HOTS routes were 90% done, and all three paths convened in the center of the area, which I was going to build up into a "keep". It would have its own underdank entrance (but not exit for obvious security reasons), a few decorations, but mainly be an open square with a dragon guarding a tower. After killing the dragon, you climb the tower and get lots of loot. Not sure what, I don't like planning those little details far ahead, but I wanted to make a "princess" NPC at the top of the tower be a surprise reward. Whoever got there first "married" the princess, and the badmins would TP her into that player's house and sneakily redecorate it and cook food / clean things while that player was out working or adventuring. Just a dumb little gimmick, but we thought you lads would get a chuckle or two out of it. When the kiwis collapsed, I wasn't sure it was worth the effort of finishing their part. If I'd had a bunch of manpower and time, and the serb hadn't been doing its deathrattles, I might have finished it then asked Excelsior and Reimu to do it, since he's The Last Kiwi™ and Reimu is still vastly stronger than most other players. I considered making some joke/gimmick about "marrying" them afterwards, but I think both players would have been annoyed by that, even though everyone else would have laughed. More about the key and the underdank in a minute,
>>293738 >lets all just turn wurm into an idle game That would make it objectively better, yes Do you play wurm for the extremely exciting game of righting clicking menu navigation nonstop or in spite of it?
>>293761 Wurm is a game about weaponizing your autism.
>>293761 >Why yes, I do prefer Idle games I'm not sure if I should take this seriously. Like I said, there are parts that are boring, but if we're just going to run bots instead of playing the game I don't see a point anymore.
Sad that it had to end this way. Despite the experiments with mods and settings and shit, and a map of endless birch and lavender, I really enjoyed the serb. Thanks for the fun while it lasted, gorilla man.
>>293772 Don't dodge the question, for or in spite of
Look, if there were issues with this server, they've been made obvious. Too many mods, too many shutdowns, and Kiwifarms being big mega babies. Also botting. Everything else was just fine.
>>293742 Perhaps an optimistic question, but I'll ask. How much of the events of the server will carry over lore wise to next time? It was a brief server but you did have enough lore happen to leave crumbs for next time. I'd consider the Reimu/Excelsior as a sort of two act tale involving a rise, a collapse, and then a rise out of the collapse. The first act got acknowledged in the game with The Red Witch, but the second act got nothing to remember it for.
>>293775 >I can't fathom people having fun in a slower paced game, the best solution is to just remove the gameplay. Ok.
UNDERDANK: It was one of the "big ideas" I had before even starting work on this serb. I had no idea how to actually make it happen, but Morarn showed me how the in-game scripting tool worked, and it's 100% thanks to him that I even bothered to try doing the underdank. Here's what it was, for you lads who didn't investigate it further: Exploring the black pyramid in the valley of the kangz would eventually lead you to the center of the pyramid, where there were four tapestries (one of which constantly bugged out after every crash or restart, and had to be manually fixed every single fucking time). It would explain that there's a magical underground realm full of traps and monsters and surprises (none of which I ever had time to implement), but you could wander around and find special rooms. In these rooms you could do special actions, and then depending on what you did it would teleport you to a known destination, or fizzle and send you to the "punishment dimension" (never implemented) which was to be a hypercube-like series of tiny reinforced cave rooms inhabited by Brad clones that scream at each other and you in local endlessly. HOW IT WORKED: Every "address" had three components: a stone type (determined the specific room you had to find in the UD), the "symbol" (determined what object you had to use/examine after performing the little ritual), and the "attunement number" (determined how you had to do the ritual). For example, MR spawn was "pottery keystone, candelabra symbol, attunement 11". Anyone know knew this (by finding the secret room near MR spawn, observing that it was made from pottery, noting the candelabra placed in the center named "attunement 11") could travel there. You find the pottery room inside the underdank, put in an attunement of 11, then double-click / examine the candelabra, then you get a scripted TP there. The attunement thing seems complicated, but it was extremely simple although tedious as hell to actually implement. It worked with the same system that valrei missions used, and tracked progress based on percentages. In each keystone room was a table with 5 types of brick and an "attunement eye". Each brick (except stone, that was a red herring) added a different amount of progress to this "mission". To get the TP to work, you click bricks to get precisely the number you want, by going in a special order (marble adds 1, pottery adds 3, etc etc). None of this worked unless you double-clicked the attunement eye first, and that started a 60 second timer. Also, to even get to the underdank, you had to examine all four tapestries, otherwise the meditation rugs which TP'd you there did nothing special. Topbob and Nobody were the first two to discover this, iirc, and Doop was the third interloper. Also props to Doop for being the first and only person to realize that all the attunement numbers were prime, and for basically cracking the code of the whole system. I wish I'd had more time to flesh it out so you could actually enjoy this knowledge more. Speaking of Doop, it's time to talk about his quest for the Key to the Heavens:
>>293778 >How much of the events of the server will carry over lore wise to next time? Not going to speak for the others but lore carrying between servers isn't really a thing. It's mainly in-jokes.
(88.32 KB 1023x600 Hellraiser - Hell.jpg)
(3.82 MB 1920x1080 16 floors.png)
>>293759 >infamous maze-master Dan I made the MR 2 floor maze because I had no clue about what monke wanted for a "castle's ramparts/walls" themed area, so I just copied Bath's idea for a maze and made it 2 floors for the first part because it was so small and 1 floor for the 2ed. The 3rd area was likely going to be the same as the first but with more floors or something similar to the "teleport maze" from Saffron City gym in Pokemon R/B/Y. After I got feedback from Chuck >[15:23:26] <Chuck> the fucking 2 floor maze is AIDS I found out later on that the max floors on the server was 16 (or 17?) using 100 fine carpentry or whatever and remember this (see pics) scene from Hellraiser. I hope in a future server with enough development time and careful planning to actually make something grand like this or a colossal cubed maze just to see/hear you suffer from it as much as it would for me to make it.
>>293783 >>293775 >>293774 >remove the gameplay Since he will be a disingenuous little shit that refuses to engage with the argument because he can see where it leads, I will finish my argument without him for others that are reading. Wurm menu work is not fun, it's a dumb busy work that tires you, it is not gameplay, it's work. It is not engaging, it is not fun. Removing the need to use Wurm menus makes the game objectively better on all aspects, hence the existence of the action mod and sorting mod that everyone that knows about them uses. No amount of gameplay is ever removed from automating the repetitive menus, you still need to figure out what/when/why/how you will do anything you need/want to do and any of it's prerequisite actions, whenever you are tasking through the grueling menus or not. This tiresome work is not 'slowing the peace of the game', it spends your brain resources in working the menu rather than thinking up how you want to play the game. All of the other systems that makes Wurm being Wurm still exist, unaffected, even when menuing is removed. Anyone who thinks that removing menus don't make the game more engaging is definitively lacking in imagination required to play the game and probably just follow orders from other people on what to do next.
(51.09 KB 1215x542 ClipboardImage.png)
>>293732 >there is no way a human could ever match up to the output a bot can literally a solved problem with a solution inside the game
>>293790 >>293792 If possible, rates should only be increased for a select few skills, and even then only slightly. Being able to instantly complete a task was kinda lame.
>>293792 >literally a solved problem with a solution inside the game it's faulty and a bot will still outperform players with a stupid trick explained here: >>293737 I also believe that performing actions while the stamina bar is 100% will net more actions per fatigue spent, further making bots even more proficient at using fatigue, potentially never actually hitting the 8 hours per day threshold while players will keep being harassed by it
>>293794 >Being able to instantly complete a task was kinda lame 4x server rates already let most actions to take only 0.375~ seconds already, the mod only pushes it up to 0.1
>>293797 Lame.
>>293794 I liked having it for digging, a lot of the terraforming we did wouldn't be feasible without it, I think.
>>293778 If it were me running the next serb, I'd 100% throw in some references to this serb, and other past ones. the black pyramid in the valley of the KANGS was my handiwork, and is the resting place for every notable king/queen of HOTS, as well as several other notable figures from wurmian history. Morarn will probably host the next one, and he's given me a reluctant "maybe" when I asked to help, so it's too soon to tell you more. The Last Kiwi™ and his saga were extremely memorable to me, if I get to do more with future serbs you can probably expect to find a set of gold plate armor buried in a humble little tomb somewhere with Excel's name on it. Continuing on about KttH like >>293732 originally asked: The second tourney had a set of four keys to equally-valuable treasure rooms (by my definition). The winner got first pick, second place got second pick, etc etc. The only information the choosers were given was the color of the room (for organizational purposes mostly) and the name / "theme" of the room (much more significant). The four keys were "Envy"(green, taken first by kiwis); "Potential" (yellow, taken second by MR); "Nostalgia" (rose/pink, taken third by HOTS) and "Bravery" (purple iirc, taken by freedom). The Envy room had a stack of enchantment-shifting crystals, several disintegration rods and shaker orbs, and probably a few other things I forget. The idea was stealing things other players had and ruining whatever you couldn't steal (like ore veins and mines). I desperately wanted the kiwis to use this back at MR in a mirror of what Ursurper was doing to them. The Potential room is probably the one you lads heard the most about, it had multiple stacks of high QL fantastic building materials. 5 fantastic planks, 5 fantastic shafts, 5 fantastic handles, 5 fantastic nails, etc etc. I put a shitload here. If any of you lads know where it ended up, can you tell me how it got used? HOTS took the Nostalgia room, and it had "coupons" for no-drop items like spyglasses and sunhats and several other premium-gifts in WO. No-drop tags apply to admins as well, and they're forcibly on all gift items. There are ways to get around them, either partially (trading) or entirely (too complex to describe here), but there's no easy way to deal with it, so we used a coupon system. Also in there were a bunch of rift items, rings and bracelets and the like. Things that would make WO boomers happy (I think?). Freedom taking the Bravery room was the best and worst possible outcome for them and that room. I had to wait a day or so to track down one of their lads, since they're all hermits and don't play constantly or often. The key ended up going into the hands of Nigbose, the surprise tourney contender who killed one of the HOTS lads in a 1v1 (by several of their other members loaning him non-starter gear). Inside the loot room was a stack of CR potions, a flask of supreme vodka labeled "liquid courage", and a pile of coupons. There were three "boss coupons" that you'd trade with any admin for them to spawn a boss/unique of your choice, but ONLY in friendly or neutral territory, no warcrimes allowed unless you want to manually kite them hundreds of tiles. Then there was one coupon for the Orb of Doom, because I love that artifact and I feel like actually using it in a fight takes courage that borders on suicidal. Whoever had that coupon could trade it to any admin at any time to just be given a free orb of doom, even if it had been previously located and claimed (as several free agents were trying to do). The last coupon in the Bravery room was the "God Gamer Checklist". It was a note that read "trade this coupon along with proof of slaying a dragon, proof of draining an enemy token, and any single artifact EXCEPT the orb of doom, to be given a single-use key to the heavens". I'm fairly certain that Nigbose didn't know what it was, because he read the note, said "cool" and then logged off and I didn't see him again. He was online more, but never when I was, unfortunately. Multiple people were told that a means to get the Key was in the serb, and Doop showed the most initiative and cunning in trying to find it. He was 100% on the right track and probably would have figured out where it was if any of the freedom lads had stuck around. "Bravery" room ending up with them was sort of a bummer, though if their intrepid diplomat Futanarious hadn't been bullied into quitting by the kiwis, I'm sure he would have acted as a "boss broker" or something, those lads were trying to be a friendly neutral party that hosted a nice tavern.
>>293789 Made me think of a cool idea. Sort of like a battle tower where you fight your way up or down and things get harder as you progress, and it's essentially an endurance trial that gives cool rewards. Also contains some of the rarest and hardest mobs towards the bottom, eventually being pretty much impossible to kill at the end. Would give people something to strive for and a way to visualize your progress.
>>293806 >high QL fantastic building materials. 5 fantastic planks, 5 fantastic shafts, 5 fantastic handles, 5 fantastic nails, etc etc In my hands they would have been instantly sacced for bones for weapons/statuettes
>>293806 Surp here Serb was excellent - would build towers again. Ready to mine my way to valhalla in the next serb!
>>293790 >I don't like how you have fun, so you don't have an argument I came here to play video games, not watch an idle game. Simple as. >Anyone who thinks that removing menus don't make the game more engaging is definitively lacking in imagination required to play the game and probably just follow orders from other people on what to do next. >botter calls other people robots Like pottery.
(308.04 KB 1360x768 Almost Quen.jpg)
(317.76 KB 1360x768 wurm.20210418.1650.jpg)
(4.70 KB 131x49 bod.jpg)
(240.32 KB 1360x768 early.jpg)
(359.25 KB 1360x768 wurm.20210415.2310.jpg)
Oh well maybe next time I'll get to be Kang, this was the closest I ever got.
McB, I'm sorry I never got to explore the capitol properly. Next serb, I shan't dawdle.
>>293806 >fantastic building materials sacced for bones would be my assumption because thats what id do also keep the server files and add a password to log in. Someone has to get in to take pictures of the deeds as is customary. I already have the pictures for Kiwitown so donw worry about them
>>293806 Will you give up any write ups of any of the other non-mission/unscripted storylines that happened? Even a sort of recap of JK/MR/HOTS or any other tales for people who didn't keep up fully or weren't able to play. Part of what I'm curious for a reflection writeup is how JK despite having tons of development on their town and plenty of autists, the leadership failed and they were a zero member faction. For example I knew Konrad was a piece of shit as mayor of Kiwitown, but I never knew he embezzled the town funds for his own pet project.
>>293814 >I don't like how you have fun, so you don't have an argument Right back at you, you completely ignored the whole post just to repeat your same non-argument because you dislike how I play the game and that I am sharing my way of playing with others You even had to lie about me saying you had no argument, not only I considered your argument, I also completely destroyed it in my post >play video games I objectively played more wurm than you, if you disagree, please share your definition of 'play' so we can objectively break down who played the game more or less >botter calls other people robots Again, ignoring arguments and simply calling other names Rather than explaining why you think the menu navigation is 'play' you simply call other names and cry about it on the internet, pitiful really
>>293806 >If any of you lads know where it ended up, can you tell me how it got used? unfortunately our keylad never told me, but my assumption is they got put in a BSB or something unfortunate to hear about the checklist, if it wasn't drop-on-logout i would never have gotten it though
>>293823 i dont recall anyone trying to save up for skyrim and all funds were donated willingly on the basis of "its gonna be great". I knew what I was signing up for when he was going on about needing 1 gold but i think others might have been surprised but no one was complaining about becoming a PMK
>>293809 >a battle tower where you fight your way up or down and things get harder as you progress IIRC, spawning mobs doesn't work that way, they only spawn on either ground floor or inside a cave. As with triggers and effects I'm not sure about that, it's likely that it's similar. I may be wrong on this and if so, someone correct me. >mobs towards the bottom if you're referring to caves, they're not the same as buildings either so you can't make a multi story dungeon cave where one floor overlaps another due to Wurm's cave mechanic and having Livemap gives away how can it could be completed unless it was a large room with building walls inside it. One of my ideas I did have was to make Pokemon Gym where it would have NPC Trainers and stepping on a tile would summon a mob. Due to my lack of experience of effects and triggers, I don't think something what I had envisioned would be possible without either compromising the way it worked or without supervision. Overall, it's better to have an understanding of what can be done in Wurm and it's limitations before coming up with ideas that may not be that practical or possible to implement properly.
>>293829 >i dont recall anyone trying to save up for skyrim and all funds The quest was bugged, instead of stopping at the signs, I just walked in gamestop, low pole fences don't stop movement and the door was even unlocked
>>293821 I was gonna build a bridge to link us to the east then another to link you to the mainland if we'd stayed up :( Don't worry you didn't miss much, it was a bit of a ramshackle mess to be honest, Cote's builds were cool to see popping up, the dock was ace, he and Caius had cosy houses, Klaus' satellite bestiary was nice too, shame he didn't stick around. My room was of course the happening spot, as usual but really the scope and design of your place outdid us totally, we need an autist of your calibre in-town beautifying on a grand scale next time. (and goddamn you need someone making better tools for you too)
>>293823 He also shunned Excelsior from their village for weeks and made the new player live alone in the wild unsupported. All because he suspected he was a spy.
>>293832 >(and goddamn you need someone making better tools for you too) Are you challenging me to do a 1 ql playthrough?
>>293829 I did some 'creative saving' and had the money for Skyrim a couple of times but knew Reimu had nabbed it so I spent it on rods.
>>293835 I both won and lost the game when this happened :/
>>293836 I'll hunt you down and force better tools in your inventory by hook or by crook!
Make your own deed again and I'll learn to build a trebuchet just to fire 80ql steel rakes over the walls at you.
>>293823 I think a brief retelling of "the Chuck Saga" from the high-level vantage of a badmin would be a nice start, but I also should spoil what some of the other secret tourney rewards were, assuming I can remember them all. Chuck appears to have been a wurm vet of some kind with 2-3 close lads who joined him. In the early days of the serb, I TP'd around and checked out lots of happenings, and I almost always saw him riding with his posse. "Lovecraftcat" was one of them, and he had an apocalyptic nuclear red-hot asshurt meltdown right in the middle of tourney 2 I'll mention later. I don't remember for sure who the other "Chuckers" were, but I think Gesith might have been one? Anyway, he joined and immediately slurped up 3 depots (because we didn't realize the spawns worked on a "charge" system), netting this one lad and his posse and absurd amount of moonmetals and dragonscale and stuff. I dunno how he distributed it, but he used some of that money to found a deed fairly quickly and without consulting anyone else, apparently. He also at one point rode several thousand tiles into JK's lands to PK Morarn, which is hilarious but quite rude. JK retaliated later by catching him solo on a riverbank somewhere and ganking him to steal his boat. They also named several things after him in their town, statues and carts and bridges and possibly even a building. He wasn't a boogeyman to them like Ursurper was, more of a violent hyperactive clown. I rarely dealt with Chuck on a personal level, but never had any problems with him. Apparently he's a stubborn and impulsive shithead who doesn't play well with others, but this is only what I've heard from several people. From anyone who has stuff to say about Chuck, really. He decided to defect from MR to HOTS after a while, and convinced his buttbuddies to join him. He made an alt to meet secretly with HOTS (their biggest priest, Nobody) and I knew what was happening. Badmins can see client/IP information, and Chuck took no measures to circumvent this, so I clearly saw he was making an alt for diplomacy with the same IP as him (I'm not releasing it here, that's immoral). He never admitted who he was to HOTS on that alt, so I assumed it was some kind of psyop or revenge thing, and turned myself invis to watch the meeting, kind of gleeful to see some genuine player interaction like that. Unfortunately, as you know, he was sincere and didn't betray HOTS. But he did bring over the same set of problems, and he was so stubborn and obnoxious that several of the HOTS oldfags quit and cited him (and AN) as the primary reasons for leaving. Thankfully the man himself quit, but not before logging out with all of HOTS' tourney prizes from week 1. It amazes me that one player caused such widespread asshurt, but on the other hand it's extremely fucking funny and he provided me and the other badmins with a lot of entertainment in the first week alone.
>>293825 >you have to come to consensus with me on what good gameplay is and what should be cut by my botting, which is pointless since I declared myself the winner of the argument anyway Ok. >I play more than you, so my opinion is more valid Ok. >Wahh stop being mean, only I can do that! Yeah this isn't worth my time.
>>293843 >but not before logging out with all of HOTS' tourney prizes from week 1. ban player, then redeem their inventory to reclaim all of their items that they logged out with
(7.94 MB 1280x720 ssj3reimu.mp4)
>>293823 Here's one of the most pivotal moments of the server caught on film.
>>293845 >Yeah this isn't worth my time. <posting anyways Imagine liking being wrong so much you constantly have to prove yourself so
>>293845 > Yeah this isn't worth my time JK detected
>Morarn will probably host the next one I'm thinking about it. I have a neat server theme in mind that I think would be fun to expand out but I wont promise any time frame for hosting it so if anyone else wants to build a server go ahead and do so. tentative server name is currently just Brocean. dunno if i want to do 2k or 4k, currently thinking about doing a target focused 2k server and reducing the factons from 4 to 2 if I can get that working
>>293857 I've got a UCS that could put up a VM, but: - Its on a residential connection - I don't know how to admin a wurm server. I could keep it "up" as best I could though
(364.79 KB 512x288 ClipboardImage.png)
>>293857 >Brocean No mountain ridges splitting the map, I take? Archipelago?
>>293859 after this server i disapprove with the idea of the host not being the headmin, or said admin not having remote access somehow
>>293862 Frankly I'd be on the server the most... :D
>>293859 I used Vultr.com server hosting to run Braurora and that turned out pretty well imo and I'll do it again too, but i also have plenty of money that i can throw around with exploring hosting solutions >>293860 my thoughts are 2 larger islands for the spawns on opposite corners (1/16 of the map each) and setting them as non PVP zones then one central and valuable island (1/4 of the map) in the center that i would hope people would be exploring for the majority of their time, maybe make only the starter islands able to be built on so the goal is to go out, collect your resources, then bring them back to your island.
>>293866 > but i also have plenty of money that i can throw around with exploring hosting solutions Well alrighty then lol, I'll see myself out
>>293866 >maybe make only the starter islands able to be built on so the goal is to go out, collect your resources, then bring them back to your island. If you are interested in making diverse islands with a purpose to go there at all, I can cook a mod that caps the resource quality of zones, so the 'forest island' is the only place you can get 70+ QL logs at, stuff like that. It always bothered me that any place is just as good as any other for EVERYTHING in Wurm.
>>293843 When the Kiwis ganked Chuck so hard he went HOTSfag: [03:04:59] <Senorcardgage> KIWIFAGS AT THE VILLAGE [03:06:03] <Gigachad> where [03:06:11] <Senorcardgage> south of the ships [03:06:13] <Senorcardgage> armor up [03:06:23] <Coteaulaix> Oh no [03:06:31] <Carkel> prep [03:06:39] <Coteaulaix> I'm at like 40% health I ain't ready [03:06:56] <Gesith> Mount up and head south [03:07:23] <Carkel> healed.com [03:07:41] <Chuck> slain by Dancinlawbster, Mongolianjoe, Jgwentworth, Konradtheunwise, Giovannimozarella, Gazerbestmonstergirl, Polyboros [03:07:55] <Coteaulaix> thank [03:08:00] <Carkel> IDS HABBENING [03:08:02] <Senorcardgage> 2late [03:09:01] <Gigachad> maybe they were just passing by? [03:09:10] <Gigachad> were they in a ship? [03:09:12] <Senorcardgage> they killed Chuck who was just screaming in local [03:09:29] <Gigachad> oh shit [03:09:42] <Senorcardgage> yeah instead of running away on his horse he just did nothing [03:09:51] <Chuck> I did run away [03:09:54] <Chuck> retard [03:09:59] <Chuck> They bowed down my horse [03:10:00] <Senorcardgage> [x] Doubt [03:10:05] <Mcbastard> oh lawds [03:10:24] <Carkel> where exactly in the south are they? [03:10:38] <Carkel> oh shit [03:10:40] <Carkel> I see them [03:10:43] <Gigachad> im still 20 fs, worth for me to suicide on them? [03:10:44] <Chuck> just go south and try to get them to follow youi [03:10:47] <Mcbastard> 7 or so [03:10:55] <Gigachad> ill watch [03:10:57] <Doopenheim> so uhh, is the town portcullis locked at all [03:10:57] <Mcbastard> we're in trouble fs wiese [03:11:17] <Gigachad> yeah locked [03:11:26] <Mcbastard> they're moving off? [03:11:45] <Carkel> we should gather up before going at them [03:12:03] <Doopenheim> >ql20 walls [03:12:05] <Doopenheim> oh that's not good [03:12:09] <Carkel> otherwise we'll probably get individually picked off [03:12:24] <Doopenheim> my gear's good but i've been focusing on channeling/faith grinds rather than FS [03:12:27] <Gigachad> let's be diplomatic [03:12:38] <Chuck> can you guys gather up [03:12:41] <Chuck> so we can go pvp [03:12:57] <Carkel> botes at 1128 2017 [03:13:06] <Chuck> don't get too close [03:13:08] <Chuck> just taunt them [03:13:16] <Chuck> they have bows [03:13:26] <Doopenheim> and we have no chainfag [03:13:39] <Carkel> I should've probably invested in a shield [03:13:40] <Doopenheim> or FS [03:14:05] <Mcbastard> 2 on the boat I think the rest are elsewhere [03:14:08] <Carkel> actually I have 70fs [03:14:51] <Carkel> I'm only seeing in their caravel [03:15:02] <Carkel> one in [03:16:32] <Chuck> where [03:16:48] <Mcbastard> they all went off I think [03:17:00] <Carkel> it seemed to be parked a bit south of our own boats [03:18:01] <Carkel> could it be that they stealthed? [03:18:06] <Chuck> no way [03:18:07] <Mcbastard> well my timing is awful here but I'm gonna have to go soon [03:18:49] <Mcbastard> hope we don't all get effed up the a [03:18:58] <Chuck> we won't they're too pussy to attack town [03:19:36] <Chuck> seems like they left [03:19:38] <Mcbastard> seems so, maybe they've been set on a mission [03:19:46] <Chuck> no they're just scouting [03:23:53] <Carkel> do we have any long bows lying around so I can grind archery or should I just go make one [03:24:35] <Mcbastardish> So you lose all your shit? [03:24:52] <Mcbastardish> looks like it [03:25:02] <Mcbastardish> gr8 stuff [03:25:06] <Gigachad> are halberds pure trash? [03:25:30] <Gesith> go 1h and shield [03:25:36] <Gesith> 1h and large metal shield [03:25:43] <Mcbastardish> Chuck vanished and his HH went with him [03:25:44] <Gesith> I have a bow carkel [03:26:07] <Doopenheim> muh horseshoes [03:26:42] <Carkel> Thanks m8 [03:26:43] <Mcbastardish> suits on the stands [03:26:45] <Gesith> bow strings in the bsb [03:26:47] <Gigachad> could someone make me a longsword and shield? [03:27:11] <Mcbastardish> oh my life [03:27:33] <Mcbastardish> I'm guessing they niggered your body Chuck? [03:27:39] <Gesith> We need a ranch wit horses to make mounting up easier [03:27:48] <Mcbastardish> resi stones [03:27:55] <Mcbastardish> always get resi stones [03:28:18] <Mcbastardish> oh great now I've got some illness [03:28:59] <Chuck> obviously
>>293869 i think the way to go about that, if you can make a mod for it, is to make it happen through the Wurm zone tool similar to how you can set specific areas as HOTA, non PVP, etc, and have the cap configuration done through the ingame UI instead of a config file. this makes it accessible for the admin and editable per zone inside the game
>>293843 [16:07:01] <Caius> hey mcbastard [16:07:34] <Caius> dunno if youve seen what happened to the village [16:10:37] <Mcbastardish> I see a bit of wall is down [16:10:44] <Caius> look at the front [16:10:47] <Caius> the signs [16:12:04] <Mcbastardish> was wholly suspicious of him and this place before coming here [16:12:18] <Mcbastardish> so I guess helived up to the suspicion [16:12:30] <Mcbastardish> so then [16:12:39] <Caius> yeah, I wasn't sure, I thought I remembered his name from another serb but idk [16:12:59] <Caius> but yeah I dunno what everyone's doing, I imagine some nigs ragequit [16:13:48] <Mcbastardish> I guess we'll see about getting deed perms moved to someone else [16:14:09] <Mcbastardish> just cos he's a faggot doesn't mean we're finished [16:14:14] <Caius> true [16:14:27] <Mcbastardish> guess I'll get rebuilding the walls [16:14:54] <Caius> I repaired a few that weren't completely destroyed earlier [16:15:00] <Caius> before I figured out what happened [16:15:11] <Mcbastardish> typical that he spergs out and leaves when he gets killed [16:16:07] <Mcbastardish> he looked like he was brooding like fuck in the mine afterwards, didn't say anything really but I could tell he was pissy [16:16:18] <Caius> do you know what happened? [16:16:26] <Caius> like, why he chimped out? [16:16:54] <Mcbastardish> He pulled a Scientistdad minus the mag hammer [16:17:04] <Mcbastardish> went to fight 7 people at once [16:17:18] <Mcbastardish> got ass ravaged and lost all his shit [16:18:06] <Mcbastardish> looks like he took the suit I left on the stand though [16:18:17] <Caius> of course [16:18:27] <Mcbastardish> oh and the other one is gone too [16:18:36] <Mcbastardish> maybe that one was legit [16:19:49] <Mcbastardish> I had him nearly back up to spec with gear in about 20 mins butclearly wasn't enough [16:20:04] <Mcbastard> niggeder all my backpacks [16:20:19] <Mcbastard> that's fucking low [16:20:39] <Caius> wait, maybe I don't understand, he fought a bunch of enemies, got raped and then sperged out on us? [16:21:05] <Mcbastard> looks like it, he fought a JK party that landed south of us [16:21:10] <Mcbastard> last night [16:21:13] <Caius> ohh okay [16:21:16] <Mcbastard> died and now this shit [16:21:21] <Caius> wow what a fuckikng faggot [16:21:24] <Mcbastard> 5 fuckign backpacks full of shit [16:21:49] <Mcbastard> that stings more than anything cos I had to make alts >combat blackpilling >repair damage left by asshat >get made mayor and go out for a ride on the night [01:09:17] <Mcbastardish> I guess I have to lern to tame too [01:09:42] <Mcbastardish> since I found a fucking CHAMP HELLHORSE [01:09:49] <Mcbastardish> oooooooooh kiss me [01:10:04] <Janon> no way fag [01:10:16] <Mcbastardish> This nigger is your mayor [01:10:18] <Dakini> anyone need a 96 ql black opal? [01:10:26] <Doopenheim> is it female or male [01:10:32] <Janon> I would rather emigrate [01:10:39] <Mcbastardish> Male [01:10:41] <Doopenheim> damn [01:10:55] <Mcbastardish> he can fug all the other ones [01:11:02] <Mcbastardish> but his ass is mine [01:11:27] <Caius> goddamn that's a big ass unicorn [01:12:04] <Doopenheim> what's HOTS gonna do, hit me from up here? [01:12:06] <Carkel> giga nigga [01:12:21] <Mcbastardish> we're gonna be a right pair when I'm set up [01:12:30] <Caius> yeah i gotta get my taming up too [01:12:43] <Caius> I wanna ride a scorpo or a croc [01:13:13] <Doopenheim> why stop there [01:13:16] <Doopenheim> get a wyvern [01:14:14] <Mcbastardish> this day started out a little rough and turned out nice
We found THREE Champ HHs on this serb, I've never seen that many, usually there's one on the whole map that's jealously squirreled away by some sperg who leaves it on a cave tile to fucking starve. Sadly the sole male could only shoot defective loads but we got some cute babba HHs out of them at least.
>>293878 Yep, we bred two champs together to produce 5-6 babies and didn't get a single champ offspring. I really wonder what the "drastically increased" chance actually is.
Some info on the undisclosed tourney prizes since that was brought up earlier: Week 1 tourney had two rooms, "cursed artifacts" and "gimmick items". IIRC hots claimed the gimmick room, it had a few strange joke weapons in it (80ql zinc huge shod club with 200+ WoA on it, making it faster than most single hand weapons), a pair of glimmy shortsword "parrying blades" with prowess cast on them but other spells disallowed I think, a fucking belaying pin with [999] mind stealer on it called "the baka stick" or something like that. I only remember two non-weapon items in that room, there was a "ship in a bottle" that was some strange scripted item that never got used, allegedly you forced the "open" command on it despite it being an empty in-inventory container and it would spawn a sailboat with a bunch of supplies and shit straight into your inventory. I think it got put in the cart of one of the oldfags who quit and then forgotten about. The other thing was a sausage skin made of gold that had some "the gods are watching this from above" text, and there was a deal that you'd cook it into a sausage, then trade it with a GM for a seryll lump of the same rarity, QL, and weight. The dedicated food autist took it and got one of the priests to drop a whopping 130 power expand on it, then stuffed it full of fat and baked it. The result was a 26 kg sausage that was 80something QL, and it got traded for the promised offer before the food autist got asshurt and quit, taking the king's bounty of moonmetal with him.
The cursed artifact room had a bunch of shit in it, there was a set of unique silver plate armor with 50 power protections for each element on every piece, and I saw that one dumped into a nearby trader for like 1.3s per piece. Kinda sad it never got used but oh well. There was a unique tabard called "the tarcloak" that was no-drop, so it stuck to whoever picked it up. It had 99 power blaze and -99 power fire res on it, we genuinely have no idea if negative numbers did anything with spell casts, but that's just part of the mystery. I think there were a few other pieces of armor but I don't remember them. There was a set, a warhammer and sickle, one of which had insane levels of mind stealer and the other one had insane levels of life transfer. There was a special "warcrimes" chest that had a handful of 10 QL no-repair glass daggers which each had 500 pow RT, there was a single ballista bolt named "warhead" that had 999 power enchants of a bunch of things on it, and there was a fuckhuge stack of rare "burdening arrows" which were only unique because each one weighed 10 kg, and getting shot up would slow you down to a crawl instantly. No idea if any of this shit ever got used, but I guess I'm in the right place to ask.
>>293883 >>293886 Where did the Cavalier Helmet come from? From my understanding, that's one of the few Kiwi artifacts that remained intact until the death of the server.
(66.75 KB 718x529 godhand.jpg)
>>293886 >I think there were a few other pieces of armor but I don't remember them. there was the elephant's foot, a drakehide boot that gave a massive boost to fire damage with a blaze enchant but couldn't be taken off, and the "mechanical arm" made by god, which was a supreme glimmersteel dragonscale gauntlet that gave 80 endurance and industry, and was unbreakable and undroppable its model broke and never showed up, but i wore it the entire time after i realized what it was supposed to be unfortunately, the other room didn't have a matching arm and it didn't buff weaponless fighting or anything because wurm scripting sucks, but that could have been fun there was also a full set of 50ql silver plate "templar armor" with every elemental protection enchant on it at 50 potency, i think we gave it to a newlad
>>293888 The jousting tourney in week 1. Everyone competing in that was given a 50ql leather set with a cavalier helmet. HotS fielded Chuck and Nobody, MR fielded Reimu and Mcbastard, and JK attempted to field Konrad but no one else was willing to join him. We let him keep the helmet because we felt sorry for him.
>>293881 random mobs had a 1/25 chance of having a condition with 1/250 chance being a champion or something. i dont know how this would affect breeding outcomes on hostile mobs though
>>293890 Makes sense. Konrad wore it while at Kiwitown before getting the crown, since >>293847 has the crown.
(22.97 KB 680x368 nkolp.jpg)
>>293886 >silver plate armor with 50 power protections for each element on every piece, and I saw that one dumped into a nearby trader for like 1.3s per piece >a pair of glimmy shortsword "parrying blades" with prowess cast on them >There was a unique tabard called "the tarcloak" that was no-drop, so it stuck to whoever picked it up. It had 99 power blaze and -99 power fire res on it The game only check for rings to see what's the power of the enchant it will use for the player I somewhat regret never having an opportunity to test my Mini Hakero (0.6 kg 60QL rare balista)
>>293694 Ah seems i missed the end of the serb just want to say good work on it even if it did go to shit i will see you on the next one hopefuly
>>293886 >silver plate armor with 50 power protections for each element on every piece, and I saw that one dumped into a nearby trader for like 1.3s per piece. Eeeeh I guess I *could^ have imped that up later on but 50ql silver wasn't grabbing anyone's attention. Shame I never got to make my much craved 1g coin, only kiked the tourney traders out one time too.
>>293843 When I explored Old Kiwitown I saw the "Chuck Memorial Highway" spanning the entire river. That's pretty funny. I guess it should be expected from any autistic game--there will always be one.
>>293866 >hope people would be exploring Can you add injuns so it's like the real age of dickscovery?
>>294093 my "never happening" dream server would consist of a single playable WL/BL alliance kingdom and 90% of the map being taken over by a hostile NPC faction, with the spawn area having shit-all for ore QL and resources progression would require fighting the hostile faction to get a good place to settle and plan from there the problem is it would need actual AI capable of long-distance pathfinding, reacting to nearby shit, and combat, and that can't be done in wurm
>>294178 >my "never happening" dream server would consist of a single playable WL/BL alliance kingdom and 90% of the map being taken over by a hostile NPC faction I've once started a mod for that, decided it was easier to make a new game instead
>>294253 Might be easier indeed when the next Unity version comes out with all the new multiplayer tech
Sad to see this serb die. I had fun even though I only played like two and a half weeks before burnout and missed nearly all events. I swear I am gonna join Quig's village next time that guy makes some sick swastikas. t. ssssss
I definitely got some inspiration for what I want to do next time. This serb, I just bounced between projects like maple syrup plantations, or the docks. But with a better idea of what you can do in the game, I have a proper RP in mind for the next. I already wrote my text doc and spreadsheets for it.
Would anyone be so kind as to provide the list of server mods on this to the public? I saw the picture with them but can't find a good chunk of them anywhere. I am hoping to reboot this particular feel we had on this serb, including AN and such
Yes this serb was (almost) a realisation of my fever dream of a somewhat living Wurm world, with mysterious builds, mad quests and incentives for the lads to get out of the autsim bunker once in a while. I barely saw a lick of it though! As much damn sailing as I did, I was *just * on the cusp of doing some hueg builds that would have made the world a bit easier to see for us too, shame I always blossom late, gotta be stuck in front of a forge for 3 weeks getting swole before I seriously get outside. For all the plagues the badmins were more than willing to apply head to wall to resolve what they could too they put some serious effort into the thing. I'm gonna be aching till the next.
>>294511 i've got a collection of server mods here: https://mega.nz/folder/fEhj3JDZ#Z2HFX2xmsneBns6Ojuwe_w theyre probably mostly up to date
>>294794 You are a gentleman and a scholar.
(699.08 KB 589x711 bear.png)
Instead of Wurm this is what I did in GAMING today.
>>294770 Despite the fact that I didn't really explore at all I agree, I like how there was actually shit to go out and do from the beginning. For the next serb 6 months whoever sets all this shit up should definitely take some inspiration from what was attempted to be done with this serb also I actually liked the AN mod, I'm probably in the minority here since I also don't give a shit about botters Also I was only able to to participate in the maze event but having weekly events at a badmin-built tournament grounds is also great. The one thing I would say about that, though, is tone down the amount of free shit lying around there. Good prizes for winning an event is cool, but being able to walk away with 99ql materials and shit if you just walk around and loot shit kind of takes away some of the progression from the game. Honestly I'm a bit mad about how I had to wait a fucking week to ferment wine, and the goddamn day before it was ready we had 99ql wine from the tournament grounds also GODDAMMIT i NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO DRINK MULTIPLE BARRELS OF BOOZE AND GET THE DRUNKARD TITLE >gotta be stuck in front of a forge for 3 weeks getting swole before I seriously get outside If you're who I think you are it was much appreciated, taking up the mantle of niggersmith, chef and mayor kept us alive. Broenix rose from the ashes of a town burned down by a duplicitous nigger faggot, and despite the town center having a few unfinished builds and a small amount of garbage lying around I think that this was my favorite town layout I've ever been a part of. I'm happy we were all able to keep the place alive, really felt like a home.
>>294978 I agree with AN being good, and also not caring about bots. The free stuff left after the tournaments was pretty funny at first. I thought we were being really slick when we loaded up the 99QL ovens and ladders on week 1. But the BSBs of 99QL cotton, wool, etc. kind of spoiled things. My dream would be a serb where trading is worth doing. It sounded like it'd go that way for the first little festival, but nobody was really prepared to bring stuff to the faire that time and susbequently the trading and crafting aspect of the faire wasn't played up. I guess I like the boosted speed for terraforming and building but letting people train up craft skills extremely quickly made specializing less worthy.
So which kind soul wants to hand over that AN mod? I'd like to use it :) Guys, I only half wet my appetite on this serb. I was building a huge deed near white light, large mine system, the works, and I didn't get to finish. What would the gang here think about a dwarf fortress themed serb? Large underground cavernous mines to explore, with bosses and loot (like an abandon fortress on DF). etc etc
>>295181 I like dorfing but the/a issue with underground places is they fill up with mobs like mad, bugs, bears and lava demons clog them up after a while you get sick of killing them and just roll by. Plus getting out *now and then* is nice, mine madness can swallow a (pansy) man. >>295059 Some of that was kinda my fault for rolling round swiping it all, but leaving it there felt like another kind of crazy. I reckon trading between factions would be more likely to work/happen through proxies, like actual player merchants with fixed positions we couldn't mess with, that way you're not so worried about getting robbed/ganked when you go to restock a load of gear. I just thought of Faction Merchants, an untouchable NPC a whole faction could supply with goods to sell to the others, maybe with a quantum inventory for convenience, so a player could give a FM near their deed token the goods and they'd appear in the inventory of the FM(s) positioned much closer to the other factions, same would go for picking up the cash they took. Also knowing what the other side wants or is trading themselves in advance of in person trading is essential otherwise we'd both just end up making the same shit or shit no-one wants, if we're not talking cross kingdom it's gonna be a scattershot attempt every time doing it the normal way and most just won't bother due to risk and lack of trust.
>>295259 I get that - it would be wurm in all it's glory just with DF style dungeons to explore and loot. No gimmicks to force a more underground play style.
(4.71 MB 2048x2048 wurmap caveworld.png)
(1.53 MB 942x1176 reimu and jesus.png)
>>295181 I'd play on a dorfworld, but please be careful how you set it up. Pic related (previous serb) was intended to be a caveworld and was an utter failure, though a novel and fascinating one. Whoever hosts the next serb, please consider a BUTT NEKKID START. It's fun and interesting, takes cooperation, and it might give actual players a bit of a headstart, since bots would need a set of tools before they start grinding anything except forage. Reimu or other java wizards, if you're still around here's my wishlist for simple wurm mods: *True global chat that doesn't rely on IRC *Mod to configure/disable mob spawns, particularly underground *Something that makes cross-kingdom trading and diplomacy actually possible (maybe a way to "whitelist" certain enemy kingdoms/villages/players with your token or towers, so your guards don't attack them by default) *for the love of god, more robust / functional mission ruler. This tool has amazing potential but barely does shit at all, it's hard to explain in detail but something that adds more triggers / effects, or ways to repeat the same effect multiple times, or ways for one player to affect another player's mission progress, etc etc. Anything else I missed, lads? anyone making wurm mods here should consider setting up a paypal or some other way, I would pay $10 for a better mission ruler without even thinking hard about it
(9.97 MB 1280x720 2021-04-27 14-25-04-2.webm)
>>295324 >I know this was gone over in the last thread but could someone who has successfully gotten the cracked client to run an offline personal Wurm serb explain what they did plz? (webm) >>295181 https://www.mediafire.com/file/kinnzlbkdn44lkq/ActionNormalizerv11.zip/file Latest, shouldn't work well with single player servers though >>295312 >True global chat that doesn't rely on IRC Should be easy, therefore rolfcode will make it almost impossible >Mod to configure/disable mob spawns, particularly underground Need to check the spawn code to figure out how hard/easy it would be >Something that makes cross-kingdom trading and diplomacy actually possible (maybe a way to "whitelist" certain enemy kingdoms/villages/players with your token or towers, so your guards don't attack them by default) That's a fuckton of work, could try to replicate the Auction House thing from Awakening (wurm server) >for the love of god, more robust / functional mission ruler Never touched the thing, could try to see if it's trash or not so trash, the issue is that I really don't want to touch wurm DB and this is the most likely of those features that would require me to , as everything else I can just save in a .txt in the machine root :^)
>>295354 Mine hits a fault at loading servers and just shuts it down.
>>295359 Well... dunno then
I'll have to do a recording and see if the dos error reveals anything, tried screenshotting it but it's long and the damn thing vanishes too fast.
>>295312 >the caveworld map Oh boy. I didn't hate playing on that but let me just remind that the vast majority of people really got pissy about it. >more mods Because the mass of mods we already had weren't already breaking the game, amirite?
(1.67 MB 991x977 ClipboardImage.png)
Dorf world (Slaves to Arnok) is coming along okay. This is maybe the 20th map, and it is pretty nice. Dense and deadly forests you should avoid, wide open plains, clay and other resources in strategic abundance I also sprinkled birch in dense chestnut forests (and vice versa) to prevent the tree variety spergouts
>>295457 I forgot to ask - how the fuck do you set spawn points? Somehow the coords on server config mean nothing, so I managed to get JK spawn to a permanent deed. Got the same for Freedom Isles, but I can't seem to make a new MR kingdom player to turn into an admin to set down a perma deed
>>295354 > Latest, shouldn't work well with single player servers though Thank you! :D
>>295312 we tried an "absolutely nothing" start on a previous server which had other issues such as being 8k basically nothing happened for a long time except for people dying to trolls because forage spots hadn't populated, and getting branches is a total pain in the dick even then as for mods i'd want: -one that makes stumps either take a few seconds to bash, or makes them decay quickly, the first would probably lower global bash timers so it's not an option -more unique magic items, i had a bunch of bad ideas for some, but being able to have actual cursed equipment that isn't just "now you can't drop it" or magic items that aren't just enchanted would help with ruins -skeletons as a mob not tied to the sorcery tome so they can be used in dungeons -a "sigil of immortality" which makes a mob never age or need to eat, admin-spawnable for dungeon mobs -nerf natural armor on the stronger uniques and shit such as rift warmasters so they actually take damage, non-red dragons sit at .1 and they were still a manageable threat, i think there are mods that can already do this though -meditation mod that sets the path raise timer to a specific amount, so that the higher tiers can be reached within the server's lifespan without making the lower ones instant i also thought of one where casting courier or dark messenger on a practice doll would make it into a mob for an amount of time based on the cast's power and the doll's ql, it'd be nigh-invincible and attack often with extremely weak attacks, to offer a way to train weapon and shield skills without cock torture
>>295359 i have a cracked server client available as well you could use: https://mega.nz/folder/HdpkSQwC#XOYkjEJcw0xzEfAkzSmAbg
>>295457 Need a dusting of snow on some mountaintops, bit of tundra, bit more steppe, patch of desert wouldn't hurt.
>>295488 Thanks I think I have this too but I'll give it a whirl anyway.
>>295457 Also the only viable sailing route is around the perimeter
>>295457 the terrain looks way too noisy, take a look at it in game, especially around the mountain ranges i'm seeing the kind of shit that gave one player a fucking conniption and made him quit an earlier server because his horse got caught on terrain every 4 steps >>295499 oh right, add "snowballs can be collected on snow tiles year-round" to my mod suggestions, so they actually have some use and aren't a completely worthless tile that slows you down
>>295504 Not nearly as noisy as it looks. Hilly, sure, but horse movement was easy. How does one generate maps? I'm relying entirely on randomness within bounds that I set. Which sucks. I'd rather paint it.
>>295508 using the wurm map tool, really this server's map was made in GIMP but that led to the lavender issue, and there was a point early on where all grass was actually kelp wurm's map tool is the worst shit ever made, but if you don't use it something will go worse it'll take you forever to make a map and if something's slightly off you have to start all over again, so have fun
>>295519 I'm thinking I just rip off my mid-point displacement map generator for another game I'm making...it supports a lot more granularity with the noise generation, smoothing, and erosion (can dig canyons, rivers, wind, rain)
>>295488 You diamond! Thanks man it works, just needed a little IP refugging, been trying to get this going for ages.
>>295465 >one that makes stumps either take a few seconds to bash, or makes them decay quickly, the first would probably lower global bash timers so it's not an option cultivate the stump tile
>>295549 >leaving shitty dirt tiles everywhere that's even worse than stumps
>>295542 Now if I could port over my characters and their inventories from the serb.
>>295508 i used a freeware tool L#DT to generate the heightmap but it took a while to learn how to use it well, then took the heightmap to GIMP and smoothed it to prevent jaggies, then ported that to the wurmgen tmap tool to add layers and biomes
(360.43 KB 750x750 ClipboardImage.png)
>>295529 You could make the terrain in Unity and export it to whatever is it that Wurm uses. Terrain Composer 2 can make unity terrain heightmaps by stacking noise functions with terrain stamps, but it's not free Mountain ridge stamps are like like pic related. Image a wurm map that looks like a place rather than a noise blob, fuck, you could for instance, steal the great canyon height map and use for the map or some shit, maybe mix a bunch of famous landmarks?
>>295564 > You could make the terrain in Unity Funny you mention unity - that is where my MPD map generator with more features that I wrote exists. I just have to modify it a tad to work for Wurm. I tried using Terrain Party but it was shit. I think I just have to play with it a bit more
>>295457 Pretty cool map but it lacks rivers, has too many mountains all over the place and too many large bodies of water scattered all over the place.
>>295564 >>295748 It's pretty clear I have to change my approach. I couldn't find wurm map tool for the life of me. Right now I'm using Wgenerator. So is it called wurmgen tmap? I'm happy to use GIMP I just don't know how to drop dirt or add biomes post heightmap.
>>295519 >there was a point early on when all grass was actually kelp God I wish I'd saved screenshots of that, was funny as hell seeing endless fields of kelp. >painting biomes in gimp
(19.77 MB 4096x4096 CRV test15.png)
(88.41 KB 1255x934 CRV overhead.JPG)
(2.96 MB 1918x947 gorge.PNG)
(1.68 MB 4096x4096 biomes wip.png)
>>296040 I guess I should go into more detail about how I made the last map in gimp. At this point pretty much everyone who played or especially worked on last serb knows how cursed this knowledge really is, but wgen and its variants make the most boring maps imaginable and I'm really sick of playing on them. Just make sure to do lots of testing and double-check the colors in your biomes values. I started with an IRL river that I grew up next to and wanted to capture the some of the feelings of. I found heightmaps of it, but I could tell just by looking at them they wouldn't work well in wurm. So I traced the outlines of the rivers and made up my own heightmap. Set gimp to grayscale 16-24 bit color,I forget which, single layer PNG. This is hard to work with if you're using a real thing as a basis, so you can just manually export one single layer at a time as you work. I suggest starting with not-quite-black and painting the rivers over it. You can mess with the opacity of your layers and your brush to get better views and softer edges. Do some google searching for "scatter brushes" or "dust/particle" and download some free ones, they're more useful for biomes but you can have fun in the heightmap too. Most IRL rivers flow through the low point between hills and mountains, and this one in particular is a bit south of a very famous gorge in the pacific northwest. Use high-opacity fuzzy edge brushes to make nice pale smudges beside your river, maybe leaving some space for floodplains or lowcountry (another place I lived near was a flat coastal marsh). Narrow and harden your brush over several passes and try to bring each mountain to a ridge or a line. IRL mountains are most commonly ridges like >>293860 , not singular pointy things with snow on top. Even then, they're usually much more rounded and less pointy. After lots of tests in-game (about 15 for the heightmap alone) I eventually used lots of blurring and smudging to make the terrain flow together more naturally, which took out some of the hard ridge shapes. I figured this was okay, mostly because I'd already spent like 15 hours on the heightmap and wanted to move on. Painting biomes is even more cursed. One of the wgen variants I don't remember has an "import height map" button. The biomes map I included here is an early WIP version since I cleaned my desktop a few days ago and deleted most of my work without bothering to back it up first (oops). Most wgen programs can export a png of biomes when finished, and you can easily color-pick the stuff you want. There's also a forum post somewhere that has a huge list of every tile type and its RGB values. The pitfalls with this method are obvious, the colorcode for kelp is almost identical to grass, and somehow the two got mixed up in an early build like I mentioned in >>296134. Another one was the birch tree / lavender bush issue. The forum post I found falsely listed a "generic bush" and "generic tree" color, which I assumed meant "put a tree/bush here and randomly generate which one later." I liked that idea, but also liked having some homogeneous forests and biomes, but ultimately failed to make a mixture. I wish I still had the finished biomes image we used, because you could clearly see that some biomes followed the shore and height very closely. This was deliberate, wgens usually include an "elevation map" too, much like what livemap uses on that setting. I opened one of these in gimp, put it underneath my WIP biomes image, and used fuzzy select around the conveniently-placed elevation demarcation lines for most of the biomes I painted. For trees and bushes I used free scatter-powder brushes like mentioned earlier. Once you've done this, plug your heightmap into a wgen program, drop your dirt, then import your biomes file confident that fucking up at this stage might only cost you as little as 30 seconds of time. Or more, if you do the kelp thing too. Oh, and certain things like clay and tar are much better placed with the wgen tool, or in-game. I sincerely hope some of you use this knowledge better than I did and add to it, something that desperately needs researching is hand-painting the cave layer. Anyone want to know anything else, or just want to point and laugh at the guy who spent weeks >painting maps in gimp
>>296160 Thank you for all of this knowledge. The good news is I got half the way there since my last post. I'm currently using some land features from Colorado and heightmap data from the USGS to generate a "base map" you could say. Just something to get started with. Then I play on painting it in GIMP to a better state. The biome painting sounds like shit. I'll look for that list of RGB values and see what I come up with.
>>296164 <DO NOT paint the biomes in GIMP. thats how we ended up with the last server with kelp grass, lavender bushes, and one type of tree everywhere. only use GIMP for the greyscale heightmap (if thats how you choose to do it) then import that into the wgenerator map tool to paint your biome or make quick land edits
(1.33 MB 1388x1271 ClipboardImage.png)
>>296661 I painted it in GIMP >:] I found the CORRECT color value for grass. I did hit the same kelp issue but quickly corrected it. Whaddya think wurmbros? How should I tweak this guy? Please tell me not too and that it is perfect because fuck wurm map making.
>>297318 Generic blob map not too dissimilar from everything we have been playing on for the pat 15 years
>>297322 > not too dissimilar from everything we have been playing on for the pat 15 years I'll count this as a minor success, but I haven't cemented any of this in stone. I tried to add some nice boat paths across the map. All of the valleys are easily traversable. All biomes present, clay is easy to get at with sand etc etc
>>297318 The circular pattern of the islands in the northwest corner is neat. as a noob I'm curious about how islands play out. Are island fortresses meta, or boring?
>>297340 > fortresses meta, or boring Not boring >:]
>>297340 >Are island fortresses meta Tried making those twice, but the server died before it was finished, twice
>>297322 >anon trying to learn how to make something <HURRR THAT SUCKS LET IT DIE
>>297611 he asked opinion, he got opinion
>>297318 way too much snow, that big mountain off to the left is basically unusable due to the sheer amount of it it's a garbage tile that does nothing but halve your movement speed, actual WO doesn't even use it on maps any more
>>297673 WO is shit, tho.
>>297494 Yeah it seems logistically difficult. Lack of space, having to bring wood and dirt in on boats. Terraformed terraces like what we had in Broenix would be difficult to make.
Build your fortress on a peninsula then when it's done hack it off from the mainland with a digger nigger.
Why not just steal a good map made by someone else and use that?
>>299349 Seems like that would turn off fags if they have played on the map before.
>>299349 what part of autism sandbox do you not understand?
Thanks for the opinions on the map anons! >>297673 > way to much snow So don't go there. 90% of the last map went pretty much untouched, so I don't think I'm going to go nuke a little bit of snow because an anon thinks "too much snow". Even if I go steal a great map, there will be <insert autist issue here> so, honestly, this map is pretty chill.
>>297318 I think there is too much water on this map and too many useless islands as a result of this. Better than your last map for sure but if you made the bodies of land slightly bigger where the masses of water is or atleast reduce the slopes of the islands I think that map would be acceptable provided there is actual wood variety.
>>300836 > Too much water on the map I was going to add that in my previous post, but decided to go with <insert autism here>...I should have stuck to my guns. I'll grant you I may have damped the heights a bit too much and added the water a little high. Oh well, maps are a fucking pain to make and I'm going to live with this one. Notes taken, though. Next one will bear this all in mind. The most important thing? I know how to stand up a server and get all the mods running, can copy paste this VM
(24.79 KB 610x584 map.png)
Maybe something like pic related, but obviously with desert and tundra and steppe and mountains and blackjack and hookers.
>>301176 I think that's very close but I would add these landmasses. This way all the continents would be accessible without a boat (albeit with heavy swimming) but boats could still pass through them.
(36.90 KB 610x584 h.png)
>>301217 Added, also the north east island looked a bit nothingy so island bay it is. Also I guess snow should be north, south and mountain tops.
(40.14 KB 850x431 Wata cool idea.JPG)
>>301261 Looks good to me. Can't wait to play on your server anon.
(29.12 KB 610x584 ClipboardImage.png)
>>301261 Needs an ∞ Also what does red represent?
>>301433 >Also what does red represent? Cancershrooms I assume
(41.60 KB 610x584 30f.png)
Yeah mycelium, could make the central regions desert and steppe too. I'm gonna stop now cos otherwise I'll have to put some actual effort in and actually make the fugger.
Is the serb over?
>>301586 >slowpoke.png Aye, it died amid a crashfest of epic proportions that got progressively worse to the point where you couldn't get on for 5 mins sadly.
>>301589 Thanks. I didn't play much this one, I wanted to drop by to see how the towns have progressed. Do the admins at least know why everything went to shit like that?
>>301589 That's a damn shame, I wonder if the custom-made mods had anything to do with it.
Any progress regarding the server? Haven't heard any news in over a week.
(4.22 MB 1280x720 2021-05-14 15-20-24.mp4)
>>309243 Come back within six months
>>301589 New server when?
>>310032 6 months
If there's a new serb at any point post info elsewhere too.
>>309464 >this game looks cool >this shit happens one way or another I'm interested
(11.83 MB 2600x4000 MRcollage.png)
(9.32 MB 2600x3608 hotscollage.png)
(11.61 MB 2600x4000 jkcollage.png)
(8.73 MB 2600x4000 hermitcollage.png)
(7.90 MB 2600x3834 admincollage.png)
We got the server to stay up for a few minutes today and managed to fly around and take some pictures for the end-of-serb collage. Serb is kill, but hold on to these and remember what we had: https://imgur.com/a/Jiz5GRe
Any reason why hostfags insist on a strict 6 month rule? If this one ended prematurely and people want more, why not just try to fix whatever bug killed it and set another one up? Personally, I'm approaching my "don't even bother" threshold because it seems all serbs end quickly either because of retarded badmins, shit map design, bugs, there's always something so it seems pointless to even participate.
(34.89 KB 193x230 derp (2).jpg)
>>314427 Its not a rule dude its a meme
>>314413 Did you manage to find the 4th bed in the process of looking around?
(4.67 MB 1467x832 Civilized.png)
>>314413 The Three-Legged Wench looked sick--way more developed than when I first stumbled across it. Glad someone documented it in the end. Likewise I was pretty impressed while picking over the ruins of Kiwitown. They seemed remarkably civil, at least towards each other. Everyone in Broenix was pretty generous and excellent, but the Kiwis seemed more ... formal.
>>314413 >the beer I was brewing had medium strength If only the badmins didn't leave ql100 wine lying around you niggers would've been drinking MY BREW. And I didn't even get a chance to drink any of the booze I made...goddamn. For what it's worth seeing that view of our settlement makes me happy, we had a good layout and I'm happy we were able to maintain a damn good village after that nigger betrayed us. Mcb if you're still checking the thread thanks man, you really took up the mantle of mayor. To the badmins, let me say this: every new serb is my new "favorite" serb since I learn more and more about the game and do newer and newer things and I look forward to the next one in 6 months I actually think I might try to be the village chef the next time this game rears its ugly, autistic head because, surprisingly, I actually rather enjoyed slaving over several hot ovens, mixing up ingredients in different cooking implements trying to get that exact right mix. At least if I decide to go hot food cooking I'll be able to use a tool to figure out how exactly to make some useful affinity food for everyone . Also Ursurper, I'm not sure exactly how you came to be involved in these serbs since you don't "use the chans" you're a faggot for using that term btw but you provided us with some damn good entertainment by being an absolute nuisance for the kiwi faggots in JK. I eagerly await the next serb, despite this one's short lifespan I had a damn good time.
>>318327 I think its actually good that most anons are working out in real life, even during kung flu. Places like these are our second home, and we put a lot effort in here as well as real life.
>>318327 Dakin her. Ursurper is my RL friend that plays Wurm that I invited in.
>>317370 Excelsior nabbed it in the wagon he swiped back from Cote after I unloaded it in our goal >>292802. I imagine it ended up in HOTSville somewhere
>>318327 >Mcb if you're still checking the thread thanks man Aye I'm only on here for this now and cheers! I live to imp and love kitting my crew out with primo gear (and dinners when pressed). I like being so busy that I'm constantly working in Wurm so I very rarely find myself at a loose end and never tire of it cos there's always something that needs doing, unless I'm on my bastard lonesome of course. I'll certainly keep an eye open for the next. >>318988 He was a solid lad, I enjoyed his hi-jinks, hope we see him again.
>>318327 >but you provided us with some damn good entertainment by being an absolute nuisance for the kiwi faggots in JK. I find humor in that JK bragged about being such an efficient town, only to alienate the people around them and having everyone there flee to other factions after Konrad proved to be a truly abysmal mayor. The biggest irony of JK was that the outcast of JK was the only remaining member of JK at the end. >>319270 Remember that Excelsior was The Last Kiwi(TM) and the only person still in Kiwitown. Must be there somewhere if the admins ever looked around at the map again. >>319313 >He was a solid lad, I enjoyed his hi-jinks, hope we see him again. The only one I don't think anyone will miss is Konrad really. Even all the dumb stories and autists added some sort of story dynamic.
(17.30 KB 383x355 43434343.jpg)
can we please get a new serb I really miss playing this
>>322574 I am a little disappointed that I dropped Wurm so quickly because I didn't get to witness all of that unfold in real-time.
>>328729 A yes, just 6 more months to go, just be patient

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